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Malaria and tata. TIIE anticipator.
tram tha Journal. Wilmington, Ohio
A tw lv nln.-e a rrjrwnlllv of
the Journal drove out to glelvin to are
Mrs. Jnhn Arraamlth. In tho course of
III.- conversation. Mrs. A. detailed tho
tints of hr cure:
"Last July." Mid Hi, "from undue
xtoeur In my work ahout the farm,
I contracted malarial fever and rhru
giatlsm and suffered fiiuu the lllu.as
trratly. I could tint throw It off. and
lltliouidi couaiantly atwn.lrd by local
l.liyeleluna, continued to (ruw worse.
In tV.lemler I raught a severe cold!
fciileh greatly liu-iruwd my other
tnuiblra, and taking to my 14 thera
I lay fur montha Th. rheumatism
rf more aggravated, and fur otght
hiii wk prior to iaal t'hrlntmaa I
aaa rfr.tly hrliilft. my llmln below
the lila l.elng ua If paralysed, and I
having no uaa of thrm whatever. I
:ould not help myaeir in any way. and
aaa not a III.- to even turn over In r4
uiil. au my hual.aiid or some on elan
am. n. I turn.-1 me. Mrdli lites which
the disllaha left did no good, and
li.tMng- I rnuld take afforded any re
li'f. I wna rtlaeouiagrd and feared
that iiev.r again would I lie up and
iixnit the house. It aa anything but
brlitlit prospect, for I waa but Iwen
ly years old. and had been married
wly two years, and niy 11 Itefora
un and to go through It u helpless
.ripple .a burden to my friends, was a
fearful fate to think of.
"I bad I end In the Wilmington Jour
nal from lime to t . urn. e-a telling
f ll wiiinl.-ifiil ruira whirl) had been
ifTn-ted by In-. Williams' I'lnk tills,
and hud become liiipn-iiscd with the
"'" where they had milord persona
lo till and recover who had been a
Olplesa aa I waa. t'onsultiiig my hua
band, we determined to give them a
trial ho he drove Into Wilmington,
tnd. going to III' drug More of (irorg
IV llrown. bought three boles of the
,Mlla. I brKHii taking tin in Inunertlata
iy on hi return. Ihnt .m alxiut the
lira! of the pira.-nt year Hcfme tho
liral Ion waa gone I hrKHIi to realise
Unit I wua getting belter, und by the
llior I liiii-h'-d ihe second Imh the
lain allli whlrh I had be. n aulicilng
lor marly als montha and thr dla-aan
Mhlli hnd ma I.' tiic bilples foi right
Wecka On... euicl rntnrly, ami I got
'J I took, tin. third box of the I'll)
' nd have never f-It a talngr of rheu-
I, . at iiin since, and I am doing my dally
oik mid let ling aa well aa anlidy."
Kwoin lo b. fore ni" and auha-rlhrd
In my i.ieaeiKi'. M Wllinington, uhlo,
l hia .'.dli day of June. I
I', q. lUU'KIUtANT. t'leik of Court.
It Wlllhina' I'lnk I'lIN for I'ale
'eo.e ate now glM Il to the pllblli- aa
in untitling bl'H.I t ! 1 1 I . r ainl nerve
lentorer. ruling ull f.'tiua nf weukn.a
' ilalug from a wut. ty i.nplitlon of the
bio.. I ..r ahaiteied iimii-k. The
aro noil ly all L iilera. or will l4 eent
. at j.iitd on M i. l.t of .i i. e i:..i criita
a box. r nx box- g for l:.'.o lin y are
n. ver aol I In bulk or by the Km) by ad
ilreaalng I r William Ninth Ine Com-
any. K-I.i n m -lady. N Y.
Il i-u'l ilr.t li tlisl iari' Hunt inru;
III tli nill.iiiirf and iii;!ri Ihkl
reteili il.
Tli ( u I : i n artii lo in tin- July Hum
(rr l '1 l.o ( rnltirr i li Marinu
Cranioril, II v lliir.l ni hia gii r t n
Koiiif. '1 lie Irtntiapiri'i' of lnr hum
lrr ! ioi trail of I'.ulow, I lie piaiilal,
to gi'i-oliiiauy )i rrtf n I'ollrrliuUl
'ni a:u I'lloice ol one ol hia upl ,
li ruar.l lloi Li Iiiitui, whli-li .lari g
llulow iu a Uui.Vy I'n'.t- brfoir I he
I'tiblir. A iiovrlrtie by H. K. How
tl . u -!'! I of. Saratoii," ubijiun,
and ll.rre ia a ilirt ol Ihe Cluurae
i larler ot hi I ram ir i by ( lirater
II. ii py Krrnal I, rtnilinl -I be Pot ol
I ribl ul I loom " 'Hie lonl. ula of the
iniiiibcr l.o ni. In. b g nuiiibrr ol
lujiict proinitirul in the ibiic luiuJ
Hit ulill Lata are ho louyr worn
by any oi.r but I'rraibrrt u I vil'ianJ
tm tlio lxr.
hatleeal liulit Caaveaiiea ai 4)1
I iiii., Jaly tta l. lawn.
Oil ib n llllt of III.. aleiVl lueiilloll. il
attrmlloii the Irmi Mount. nu Uoiit.'
l!l a. II tl. ki la from nil ioiula on t It
lu.e to Kl. l..ou for one f.ile for tin1
round lr:;i. 'I i. k is ill n on a:ilf
July I'.nh. I'oih iiiul J t -1 . ultli lliml
I. inn f. r I. turn July L'Tlli. Wrlle
i r t :i II on ii ut niittlvf of I ho l oin
i u.y for full Inf. .in. it ion. J. ('. l.i wl.
I nnellnc r.i'. iv. r A;i iil, Atlatlti,
I l.n.
l iar aip I n-o ttii n i o nuiiirroti
'.ml niter k nliile a in.in w iil ioprou
li Um e in liiiiui'ir.
t T3 I tr- rn l . . I r r- r a
.l..rnf.t... . ..! r KIOM-'a i. ai era
fceiMrr. r i - e J . . .... . . ai -e a.
iMi. a. .a. l4.ku.k.4iAriiti. I i.i a r.ra
A rnli'. lieu a iiMii l:k well, bo
Ulkt too lii'i.'li.
llali'a 4 ataria 1 era
ii a conitUuti .nal cure. I'.-io TV.
Willi many .nl tirtiie i tioUiiiig
uinrp tlmti Uarof lie in; louinl out.
I - J
Gladness Comes
With tt tu tler U!n!rp.t.mliiip of tb
truna'i'iit n.ituiT nf the many liya-li-al
blss vhieli vuntsli U'fore jr.'r r(
furtN -nentl.M'lTiirl'. -plrasanl rlToi U
rik'btly ihroi'tril. 'llific U comfort in
Hie kiiole.lrr, tliut . many (..riuttof
i. Unrv air not ilue to any ui tual ilia
nw, but aiuiply to o imstinliiliHiiuli
ti.ui of llm m 'tom, whirli tbe pleasant
family laxative. Mrupof Kip- rnmipt
ly r'iiior. Tluit ia wliy il ia tlio only
remedy Willi tinlliouaof f.imilira, and i.
every where csU'i'iiu'.l ao lij;lilyr by all
vlio'ra'.uf k' "'l ! U!i. bem-m-lai
rffeotg re tine to tl o fart, thai it i th
pne remeily wlii. li pmnioteg internal
rleanliitr' withoul Uol'ilital ingf the
orgun on which il u't- It it therefore
all Important, in order t pet Ita Wne
ll.'ial eflei ta. to note when yon ptii
clge. tlmt you he tlio renuine arti
'K n liti'li i ingnttfactmrd b tbe Call
foruia I if 'srrnp Co. only anj aold by
al! ri'putable cb turrfist.
It In Hie rnjoyment tf tr"ox health,
and the ayntem l re(,lar, laxatiTot or
other remeiliea aro then not needed. If
Btllioted wllh anv aetnal iliaease. on
mny bo eommrnileil t the niot akllh'ul
phiaifiana, but if in need of a luxatire;,
one should he the lieat, and with t.C
well infomied eTerYwherc. Syrup ol
l"itfUnlg liiaTst aud U ntt largely
ad and gWe moat geuera wtu-factiou,
linR. "What a queer rteyll I am! My
tin mli atitehtom pipe oddly In me. It'g
gtr.'inr.". devlllhli at ran p;e; ninn'a bill a
mouth plere. and eraiy at that. How
long hag Mill laxt thing been balrlilngT
The glory Ig old, yet new. Gibbon
hall have It It wilt ul gult blm.
I.lltle begat, little horror, little bog.
with a divine gold ring of appreciation
Iu bin prubblng nnuut."
lie drunk half a tumbler of whliiky
and tumbled Into bed. Ilia uilml rgn
"My ego'g a bit flMiiireil." be aald.
"1 oucht to be ean-ful."
And ere he fell galeep be talked
roll wluiia noiiMehae. InroiiKruuilg Idea
linked thetnw Iveg together; he gneered
at hlg brain folly, and yet be
'raid. He uaed morphine at lagt in
ui h a big doae that It tourhed tlio op
tic center and ubjeetlve lightning
flaKhed In hi dark room. He dreamed
of "At Home." where be nut big,
bmtal llurford wearing a great dia
mond In big hlrt front.
"llouglit by my conveyed thought."
be gald. Hut, looking dowu be per
ceived lhat he had a greater Jewel of
big own, and goon big goul melted Into
the conteiiiplatlun of itg ray, till hi
cunacluiiHiii'Ng was diaxipatcd by a di
vine abkorptlun Into the very Mrvan
of Light.
When he woke the next day It wa
already late In tbe afternoon. Ho a
ownonie by yeaterday'a labor, and,
thuiiKli much lea Irritable, he walked
feebly. The trouble of pouting bla
atory to Gibbon aeenied aluioat too
uiuch for him. but be gent It, aud took
a ab to hi club, where be gat almoat
.otnatofe for many hour.
Two week afterwarda he rerelvid a
note from the editor, returning the
lory. It u good, but
"llui foul aent me a talo with the
mine motive week ago, and 1 accepted
Kaplan gmaahed bl thin white band
on hi miuitelpicre, and made It bleed.
That nltsht he got drunk on cham
pagne, and the brilliant wine aecnied
to nip nnd bite gnd twlat every nerve
and bmln-eell. Hi Irritability grew
o extreme that he lay In wait for
auhtlc, iinranrelved lliiulta, and medi
tated morbidly on the gte-t of Inno
f lit atraiigeri. He gave the waller
double what waa necegiary, not !
came It wa particularly den rvej, but
bi'iauae he fell that the allghteat lign
of discontent on tbe waller part might
lead to an uueoiilroilablv oulburat of
uug r on hi own.
Next day be met llurford In Picca
dilly and rut blm uead with a bitter
"I daren't tpeak lo him I daren't,"
he inutti red.
And llurford. who rould not quite
underatand. felt outraged. He hlma.ll
hated Krplan with the hatred of an
outpand. oiilij.ll.d rival. He knew hi
own aork linked the diabolical cer
tainty of Esplan'a- It wanted the fine
phraae. the right nd word of color.
the rush end onward mirth of due
finality, tbe bluer, exact conviction.
the knowledge of biitnaulty thai lie
lu inheritance, the exalliu experience
'.but prove received Intuition, lie
waa, he knew, a aiurea.'ful failure, and
bin nmblili.n wa gieater evtn than
K: Lin'. Kor he a a gnedy, gia;i
ing. eriirlent, and bla hollowneaa waa
ubtlit' evin b foie I'fi'lau proved II
ttllii hia wntii'li.g tomb.
"He tki ali.it I have done, and
due II better. It malice, traiice," be
tirg.d to hmi!elf.
And whia l'-sjl-.n placid hi lant
htuty and the wurld renieiubt red only
lo lurgct lu It while-hot brllllanie the
ni'il inaie of Ittirlor.l I'arl jewil, he
frit hill .ure within liiui. Hot be
in at bi thought down for aabile. and
unit on Ii! llltlo, labored way.
The amviaa of this a'.ory and llur
ford blttrr eclipae help) d Kaplan
gtcally. and be might have got aatier If
oilier influence woiklng for tub cry In
bi life had not hurt biui. Kor a crr
:.i:ii ei:ic.n d.t .l. cue whom none knew
l.e km, and be iluni; lo morphine.
ahlcSi. in it lniteae. hi lped to throw
hi:n I. iter on. It work a one ho
build n tin iu higher and bli.iier )ct
a-.i.UKt the riMir.g aatcr. und tbe
inah uuisl ictae.
And al lj-t it dl.l come, for llurford
had two rtnrit. teller I ir than bl
usual wurk, in a ni.';.:iliK' that Ki plan
almoat bM.kcd on a hi.; own. They
re on Kaplan' ery motive, be had
thim almort ready to wrlle. The gllng
of Ihl lnt bitter blow drove bint 1 0
j Iiis lotttlitig bajance; be conceived
iniudir. and ploiied It brutally, and
Ihen aubtly, aud became dominated by
li, till hi life waa the flower of thr
! Inanne motive. It altered tiethlng
j whin a rev Ira er pointed rut the clote
; rcM'tnulance between the two tnen'g
work. and. exalting Kkplan'g gciilu.
placed the writer Ixyoml ull cuvil, the
other below all place.
Hut that drove Hurfurd rrnxy. It
aaa o bill it ly true. He ground h'.a
ticth. and hating bl own work, haled
worae the man alio detroyed bin own
roncei:. lie wauled lo do harm. How
choulil he do II?
Km Ian h.ul long alnce gone under
He wn a homicidal maniac with one
man 1 fo.e blm. He cmierlvid nnd
wrote m heme. Ill doileg ran lo
1 1 .. -n. .. ,.,
, t ii i , i . , . 1 ill. i. i. I. nv i.do n.i.i inii,aio..i ineaiia.
diH'g I Khali feci that Huifur.t U very I .... , . ....
to i i. .. i i i .. ........ . i . .. i r...
lir liiui uii. nii; none wie in', il. .u.
wild day he almost i;ar blmaelf up
V eotirae, admit
It lati't plagiarUm,"
if, lil Carter lplan
gavagely; It' fate.
It'g the devil, but
Im It Hie le Irrl
lalinx on that n.:
coiinl? No, tin!"
And he tan hi
band through hi
hair till 11 Ktoo'1 on
end. lleahooU with
f. hrlle excitement, a red it burnt on
either cheek, and bla bitten lip l"l
tred. Confound llurford. and his par
ent, and bla ancestor! Tbe tooU to
him that can handle, them." be added,
alter a pauae, during which hi friend
Vincent curiously conaldered him.
"ll'a your own fault, my dear wild
man," an Id he; "you are loo laiy. He
r.lde. remember thee Uilng-th""
uiillona, Diotlvea are In Ihe air. Orlg
Inallty I only the art of ratching early
worm. Why don't you do the thing
a anon a you Invent tbm?"
"Now you talk like a bourgeois, like
a coin menial traveler." returned Kap
lim angrily. "Why doeanl an apple
tree yield applea when the bhmnomi
are fertilised? Why wall fur a-inmier.
ami the Influence of wind a-d ky?
Why ilon't live chicken buret new
hid egea? Khali parturition lr-d ud
ilen on eomi plion? Iildu't the motin
laln labor lo bring forth a rnmi.-?
j and hall "
"Your work of genltn not require
ig portion of the eternity lo h!ih
I Ihey are demluod?"
I "Stun"" marled Kaplan: "but you
! know my method. I rat. h Ihe ugge.-
Hon, the floHling thiatle -down of
thought, the till.., maylie; gnd then I
i leave It, perhap without a note, to
jthe brain, to the aubllmlual concloii
1 lien, the iilii-oiia loiia gelf. The atory
jgroa In the dark of the Inner per
i petnal alrepleaa aoul. It may be reject-
e.l by the artlMir tribunal altling there
j It may he bidden to aland ashle. I.
Hie outer I, the huak-caae of herel
jllin. know nothing of It. but one day
I take Ihe pen and the hand write It.
Tbl l the automat im of rt, gnd I -I
I m nothing, the laat only of the eo:i-
eeae4 Individuality within me. Pir
jhipg a dumb anemtor allalm gprerb.
and yet the t'ompb g Kgo Kplan muat
be anticliialed In thl way."
Ho rofe and pared the lonely rlub
nioklug-room with Irregular gtepg.
Ill nerve were evbbnlly quivering,
bl brain wa a lid. Hut Vln -enl, who
wa a phydiisn, Mt deeper. Kor
Kaplan' ap.-e.h wgj J.rky, at times
he nu axd the right word -the loco
motor reu'en mere not un.br control
"What of morphine?" he thought.
"1 aonder if he Ig at it again, and I
today without hi quantum?" Hut
Kaplin burnt out once more.
"I ihoulil not rare io much If Hur
forl did them mell, but he doean't
know how to write a ttnry. !ook at
the !.mt thing of mine of hi. I Mw
It b aplnt and alive; It ran and gang
g very Maenad; It ha 1 red blimd With
blm It aaan't even born dead. H
iiiraka puppetry, and leak aaadtiat.
an I moven like a lay fcurr, and nie!li
of nint tniinil. at minufartnre. Hut I
rin't do It hoar. He h.m gpn.lt It for
eier. It'a the thud t.me. Ciirar hltn.
and my I'l.V I aoik when 1 must."
"Vo.ir I'.iKIng H ie;y f rl.. I.; to jou."
i aid Villi-, nt lazily. "After all. a hat
diK-a It matter? What are ftorlei"
Are they li.it op: it-a for cowar.ia'
litea? I Would rath- r Invent aome lit
tle lna:runi ni. or bu l l a plank bridge
11 :-M
, g.'ior..' a tii-.id ly alivaui. Ilia.) ailiu (lie
: beat of them."
KM'hltl tutted o I blm.
"Well, well." ne alimvt nhotncj;
I "Ihe nun who invent) d c'lilarofurm
! a great, and the matter of It are
Uielul. Call morlcj ihloral. Riorph!a.
hritinldcg, If you will, but they give
' When It might be belter to ue
blUlcr "
"Itot!" answered Kspl.m. r-bli ly "In
anv r.iM-, vour talk la bile. I am I, i
'and wiitern tire wilier-i mnall, f you j
! will, but a result and a force, (jive i
me a nil. I'on'l talk Ideal poppy-
I lie otderel liipieur brandy. Af'.er
; dunking It bis apnt (handed a la He.
: und !) milled.
! 'Irh:in II aun t occur again. If It
much In my way. I shall bav
"Stay, enough, enough T' he cried to
bla gepurate mad mind; "11 la already
And tbe shadow were very dark
alto ut blm. He turned to go borne.
Then came Immortality to htm In
gtranga ghgpe. Kor It aeemed a
though bl ardent and confined goul
bunt out of hi narrow brain and
aparkled niarv)''"ily. Klghta ghow
ered gbout him. .-nd from a rose iky
lightning flauhed. and he heard awful
thunder. Tbe heaven opened In a
white bluae, and be agw unimaginable
Iblnga. He reeled, put hi hand to bla
atrbken head, and fell heavily In a
pool of hi own blood.
And tho Anticipator, horribly afraid
ran down a by-gtreet. The Sketch,
gartloa af Btreet That
taal I'arpelaal
"Itemove blm?" gsked Vincent.
"No, but work quicker. I bavi rome.
thing to wriie moil, It would Just
anil hl.il to spoil."
Tin talk changed, and onu nfier
w.inl.i the fiiendi p.irlrd. Ksplan
cnt In bla chamlHi In Hloouisliury.
lie paced hU Ittlnit roum Idly for a
few minute, but after nhlle he begau
'o (eel the Imotilsi' In hi brain; h.i
finger Itched, the reml-autoniatic
mood ca nu. mi. He rat down and
for thl i proleptlc death. Thus bla
imagination burnt and flamed befoie
bis I'onrclvi d path.
"HI do It, 1 11 Jo It," he muttered;
ami t the club the men talked about
"Tii-uionow," be wild, and then he
put It off. lie must ronslder the art of
it. He led It to bmirgcou In bl fer
tile brain. And at laat. Just a he
wrote, action, lighted iiii by gttange
A section of 2i'.th gtreet. New York.
daily rujiiyg censatiun ilmllar to those
rails, d by a constant iii-i eshl(in of
earthquake ghoek. gay the New York
Journal. Kverythlng In the vicinity
tremble aa If guttering from a mild
attack of Ihe ague. It la really per
petual motion. There I a clubhouse In
this ieetioti right In the center of the
trembling district. A recent visitor,
one who had not been there before, no
ticed that object on the mantel or else
where always moved slightly anil that
he himself felt a strange vibration. The
friend with whom he was dining
laughed at hlg uneaslma. It'g alway
that way here," he gald. "It'g only a
little shake, perhap the hundredth
part of an Inch, but it' perpetual. Some
t'ay I fear the building will shake to
pieces all at once. Just like the 'wonder
lul one-hok hay.' The cause? (ill, It'g
thul !) trie light plant oppottltc. Kn
glni and dynamo running all the
time. Knough gleam power I exerted
to blow the block to Jericho, enough
electricity generated to light a iuaro
mile brllllnntly every night. All the
hous.i around here shake. I remem
ber when thl block waa a moat ex
clusive residential neighborhood. Now
at least half of It the half that shake
most I given over to small shops gnd
cheap theatrical boarding house.
There' one plcasanter aspect, how
ever, to this vibration." Then the
clubman perform) d a pleasing experi
ment. He requested the caterer to
bring him a gian or milk, gome rum,
b-e and ugar. These he blended, after
which he placed the glaag upon the
window gill. "In three minute." said
the clubman. "It will be a perfect milk
ahaUe." It wa no exaggeration. The
vibration, though annoying, at least
supplied one want.
Waaler Ha Haaaaaaberral Ilia Graa4
taoihar'a llwalal apeerhaa
t'nrle Ilanlel waa one of the char
acter of the Faro valley. He waa
always bubbling over with droll
peetiie. aay the Youth' Companion.
At one time he adopted a city-bred
boy who gave him gn-at annoyance
by not falling In with country way
Vncle Daniel tried hard to teach him
to mow, but In vain, and after a time
the old gentleman waa heard Inquiring
at the village for a "small boy about
4 year old "
"What do you want him for?" aome
one asked.
"I want him to ride on the heel ol
George' arythe and keep It down,"
waa the answer.
Again, when It waa the custom of
the neighbors to "change work" In
dressing their pork, the wrgter bad
cooled somew hat before I'ncle Isxnlel's
bog was Immersed and the bristle did
not yield readily. Tbe other men. at
a little, digiance, were succeeding bet
ter. "Ig your 'boat ready to Mhg up,
Daniel?" Inquired a brother butcher
acroH the way.
"Ye.i, Joe," wn the disgusted an-
w-r. "If you want to hang him up
by the hair of hi bead."
lil neighbor complained that the
squirrels were eating their corn, but
I'ucle Daniel boaaled that be had no
trouble at all.
"Hut how do you prevent It?" they
"I never plant any outside, row,"
he answered wisely.
Then It was remembered that he did
not plant corn al all.
A gentleman onre asked him if be
could remember hi grandmother.
"I gur-ag I ran." gald I'ncle Daniel,
"but ot.ly gs I saw her onee. Kather
had been awgy all day. and when he
came home he found I had failed to
da something he expected of me. He
raught up a rough apple-tree limb and
walked up to me with It. firgnd
niother gppearel on the doorstep with
a amall. g'ralsht gtkk In her hand
gnd Insianlly handed It to my father.
"Here. Joe.1 aul J ahe. 'lick Daniel
with a smooth stock!" And he did.
Who wouldn't remember urh a grand
mother a that?"
Campaign button are now on.
True nobility shows Itself, In doing
Mr. Pare Ig a Katuaa hora buyer.
He'g htrd to beat.
The lovernmeni houM gerve not the
palltlcla&a but tbe people.
Emperor William bag taken 100
bookg oa the financial queitlon away
with him oa a crulae. After he ha
read them all "01J Subscriber" will
explain to him what tbe facta really
cpala wan: f X'-tttx ay ana i
needg It If gha excreta to hold IlnTf.....
Some folks make a specialty of
Ing out crasgeg
for other p1
r of i : v -"Vol
It would be too bad to have a r"
with Spain, Juat h3 the base art ail
ing at their bet.
Her la a decision that abould atstjl
A Washington JuJgg has deedd Us!
twUUnc a cow'a Ull I cruelty to asl-
Sarah Ann Angel of ftouwa Point,
N. Y., claim that ghe wag married to
the late Jay Goula" away back In April.
1813. and therefore la entitled to a fee
of the mlllUn that Jgy left Sgrah
'Ann haa certainly taken her own lime
an revealing tbe secret.
llalll j
f t., n- ., 11
It was 3 In the afternoon when be
I began work. At 10 o'clock he was st til
i at his diMl;, and the big table on which
It stood was strewn with tobacco asheg
; and many pipes. Ill hair ggaln stood
: on end. for at Intervals he ran hia
; damp bands through It. HI eye alt
, ere. I like opals; nt times they sparkled
n. almoitt blaied, and then grew dim.
He changed at each aentrnco; he
mouthed hi written talk audibly;
r.-.ch thought was refle.ied id tils pale,
mobile fare. He InughsM and then
groaned; at the rrlsi leans ran down
and blu.-red the already Indecipherable
script. Hut at 11 he rose. gil.T In every
limb, nod glaggenua. With dilbcully
l he picked the unpaged leave from tlv? J
The karalaa Jw
The Karalm Jewg number 3.000 oi
l.ooj gnd live principally In the Crimea
They apeak a Tartar dialect among
tbemseln. and ethnologlcally are
much more like Tartars than Semite.
Their own legend. In fact, permit the
assumption that they were Khazar
gnd were converted to Judaism In the
eighth century. Their fcrm of Jmlalnu
itinera from that of the 5.o.Ki.ooi) or
more orthodox Kusslan Jrwg In reject
ing the talmud and traditioual theol
ogy altogether gnd confining Itmlf
g'.rlctly to the Mosaic revelation. Il
has been a favorite amusement with
the l:uklatg for geiiergtlon to pretmd
the greate-t admiration and affection
Tor this obscure little trllie. Mme.
Novlkoff bad her Joke on the luhjert
here In Ixndun Jheu she gravely as
K'lreJ an Intervhwer some year ago
lhat there never bad been a law of any
kind l.-stird In Kusrlg against the Jew.
When thin amnring assertion wat ques
tioned rhe coolly explained that she
referred to the Kataim Jews, as In Hua
ng they dtd tint consider tbe dlselplrg
of the tulmtid were Jewg at all. Inas
much as the Karaites constitute only
a two-thousandth part of thr- Jewiah
raie-lf, I ml. ed. It be conceded that
they belcng to It at all -the Insolence
cf the Iiuestan attitude toward them
is peculiarly exasperating to Hebrews
In getierul i.nd the ipectnrle of their
Ih'Hi,: brought forward al Moscow g
ihe sole representatlvcg of Israel will
smart and rankle Just a the genial
Slavonic character delreg It should.
Saturday llevlew.
I'aa's llaiM'g faaallT.
C. 0. Harnea baa a cat at his home
In tiiildendale, N. J., which I suckling
three )oiing squirrel, whlih were
caught mar town. She also guckles
one kitten, the others havl-g been
killed to make room for tbe squirrels.
la that Dst.
Shade of the 1'erlod "In your day,
as I uiiili rstand It, there waa no glori
ous death exi-ept In battle." Shade of
Achillea "That Is HibMantlatly cor
lect. They did not operate for appen
dicitis then."-Detroit Tribune.
a Chiana rtaheraaaa
ear Aga.
Old halitatir.ii are to be found ll
over California, gayg the San Krgnclgco
Call. Sometimes there Is good reason
for th"m bilng old. but often It la the
regult of gome crank Idea. On tbe
beach near Cypresg Holnl. In Monterey
county, there Ig one thgl cannot come
under the first head and hardly dndr
the lust. The residence belong to a
Chinese flfhernisn and I part natural
and part the work of hi own hands.
The natural portion of the house ig a
small eave In one of the many rocka
that gib k np all over the bearh. The
other part la a scrl of wooden shed
which hag been built In front of thU
opening. The lumber used Is of ihe
roughest kind but the esthetic Chlng
nin overcame this objection by cover
ing the whole outside with abalotie
hell, the hnllow side being turned
out. The Cblnamgn evidently did that
n any )car ago, when the shells were
plentiful and had scarcely any market
velue. Kvery shell used haa been de
stroyid as one or more nails have been
driven through them according to th-li
size. Sime of the shellg are magnifi
cent In color and enormoug In glge.
There la one at least fifteen Inches
In diameter, and a dupllrate In
good condition could cot be bought In
San Kianrlaro for any price. Most ol
the larger shilla. If they were noi
punctured wllh nailholes. would real
l!y sell for from 3 to $j aplee. Hut
that lxe cgnnot be had In tbe market
now. and would be dlfllrult to And on
the rockg of any part of the coast. Tbt
general effect of the house, when th
gun strike It at the proper angle, l
dazzling. Tho polished, pearly sur
f?ceg sparkle with astounding bril
liancy and flash with all the coiorg r
the rainbow. It ig a pleasing and gur
prising sight gnd the only pliy Is that
so many beautiful shell were de
stroyed to produce It.
It hag been aisrovrrcd thatJohn Mc
Donald, who tag surnt six yearg in th
Marquette penitentiary for a murder
at Ontoiiagon. la the wrong msn.
Kvery llttlo while we hiar of similar
esses, all of which shows that clrcum
alantlal evidence frequently eonvlrtj
when it ought not. Tbe state abould
pay McDonald for tae time It com
pelled him to lose. Hut It will not.
Alter a woman discovers that the
nieu do not admire h;r she becomes s
run hater.
,.! .lf i!cyvisrn-i it
I rVTt 1 lIf 5
ar fit only, (or naked sav
aifea. Clothe are the tnarka
of civilisation in pills aa well
a people. A good coat data
not wake a good pill, any mora
than good clothes make a good
man. But as sure aa you'd
look on a clotheslcsa man aa a
triad one, yon may look on
costless pill a bad one.
After fifty year of test ad
fill ataud higher than
Cathartic Pills
f Mm
Tbe Lighcst claim for other
tobaccos is "Just as
ficoj as Durham."
cry old smoker
knows there i. none just
f 1 'aa4At
iidSL -JX;
i 1
' . 5 f
Tim. ;- r.-.i i.'.t L
Lv n one eoopon.lnaid
. '. cacti twouuncc biff and twnnm.
j SsaST k t'-ud'''!:'ccbiR,an.ltwi
f VV V 'CJ ,:,,i,1e each tmr ou
-v f y i.. -A l"gcf Llackweil'sDurhs
t if , SvfT 1 1T bag of this ce
I ilj,' I ruled toliacro aud read t
li.A ".; " foupon-whu-h give a
i Durham.
aud read the
gives a list
t of v Jiulle prwen'j cad how
io tct uicm
K o tev uicm.
f "f )
Tha 6oa of Kr. Kumeaheuner. Ceneral Merchant, Ldaort, L T.. Lit b
Daiki. Texa. at the Point cf CoUapge-Could Tot Leftte HU tU or
Hove Without Pain-Suffered Terribly Until Veno'g f
Keiicines Cured Him CompleUly.
Jleaa- the rIUwl.g Ir, .f ,h. rmrUm Umml x riaalrl. FiaU aal
6 v 1
At .... V.no . teWi,,,. wieaTn.midA bTT "r,
lollowlnc reaiill
I'll If of lllaa.
Co.iniy ef I 'alias.
Mala ef Tnaa
'""llr a.iHarl hefcr me,
The pessimist la a freak. Heoaimlsm
la tbe child of a day or a mood, opilmlarn
Is the great under current of human
lite. IVsaimtsm is abnormal. It 's a
disease of tho mind. Itev. D. II. Overton.
-i i . ., . .. . . . . . . . t.. . ...
, m , , . i . i . i ! ........11. r, iM-gan io loom ing wmii
, -io..-, i ..... .io-.,. ..iu .a.i ,u..- l)m Su,.h . ln,ir,ir. ,., m.k. ,
vivid world and lie nn epiM-h In crime.
If the red earth weie convulsed In war.
even then It would stay to hear thgl In
credible, true gtory. and, aollclilng
deeper knowledge, aeek out the method
and growth nf means and motive. He
chuckled audibly In Ihe street, and
laughed thin laughter In his room of
ileeting vision. At night he walked
the lonely squares near at hand, con
sidering eagerly the rush of hia own
Jlvlded thought, and, leaning against
the railings of the leafy gardens, ha
taw ghosts In tha moon shadowg and
beckoned theru to converse. He be
came a night bird and wag rarely aeen.
"To-morrow," be aald at last. To
morrow ha would really take the flrat
i finer and sort",) them In due order.
, Ml Into hia chair.
... I ... ,..l u ,-n v
ate?. 11 rubbed bl hand and laughed
as ha pondered near home. In hi own
mneiy rn'iare. the Encr liit flctilla
I o'iaIl'u uia iuiubiuauon tmuupiif d.
Straw bat show which way the
mercury go a. Huston Globe.
A man' Idea of a dull time I to I
piny rard with women and nothing
up AtchUon Gloe.
Kvery man who make a fool or a
knave of himself hate the new up i-per.-Kansa
City Time.
The Ixird helps those who help
themselves. That la probably the rea
son be Is not more lavish with hi fa
vors. I'p-to-Date.
The average theater bat I a bltd
1st uffed I, a whole lot cf tlowcr (arti
ficial) and a blooming nultmnce (genu-l:ie).-U
A. W. Hulletln.
Muny Kuropran scions of royalty are
Insured for very large amounta. This
Ig probably at the Instance of cre.ll-
tor. Iulsvllle Time.
Tbe fool killer never trouble him
self about the man who rock th boat
or the one who grabs a loaded gun by
the muxxle. Philadelphia Ledger.
A crying need In gome circle of al
leged statesmanship Ig a systematic
course of Instruction In the art of be
ing tunny without being tulgar.
Washington Star.
A deacon will pasa around the plate
and get more buttons than dimes, hut '
a highwayman can hold out a gun and !
co'.Uct avvrylliliig a matt haa. Tht
go.- io show that a man will give up
rere to rt-re hfs bniy ttan to gave hia''
aoui, at, iiu.g llUUHHial.
A boat flliia.
Don't "s" anybody In your will
It la in bad taste. Those who make
their own wills frequently feed and
fatten lawyer. Remember the law
may not deal out justice and equity aa
you understand H. Make ample allow
ance for shrinkage In your assets and
time to convert the same Into money.
Don't ggy you are "mindful of the un
certainty of life." for that might be
used to establish your Insanity.
If you are satisfied you are of "un
gound mind." don't try to make a will!
It will Jimt chew up your estate. If you
have properly of any kind and are of
age. better make a will, unless you
prefer a statutory distribution. No ne-;
iaslty to gay In your will that you shall '
be burled and that your debts must be'
paid. The law will attend to that. I
Your will Is validly written If a pen.!
pencil or typewriter la used. Heller j
not use a pencil unleag you are in a '
great hurry. Ion't be afraid of getting j
too many witnease to your will. Hetter i
ha.e a surplus than a shortage. Have;
their residences stated opposite their I
ngmeg. lHm't make a fool of yourself '
and put even a fortieth part of your es-1
late in a monument. If marble la the I
only thing upon which you depend to
be remembered you aren't worth
thinking about. Spend your money on
your children In their education and
moral training and then let them hustlo
for themselves. Your money will not
always Increase their chance for aue
ces without these. American Invest,
ami for II.. Ht... and l., ,f7t M na
. . ftn.l tatarai (H.e g . . . 7
with li.n.n.matnrf rbeumauam lorTiraVVeTa. an-i
I waa conr.,,.4 to hi. b,, tat liv. UayiTiW "r g
;.Lya waa antirelv unal.l. t ..o. ' '1'
ever Ittllit an.) .... vi. .
in.. s KleetHr Kt.ild and Vihi ' ( urtnn Kri:
n lluee .lava .flrr I... .-t "
to he out of U t ,n. walk around ao.l "now t, ii
ntni. t.l.lirl) Irr rrom all i.fria and ar.k.
r HI. father la II' u li, ...... i...
rrrhant al Ar.lrr.it-. I ' r i J 1
knoan by J h. frr. Jr." a broimnrnt mf.
my. who In.luer.l Mm la tir iui
W XII Mf.llILll,U
auhaerlhed fr the aaui W w......
prravnea thla vl, day nf Voema.r.
' J K VA.NH. ;g .
,vUVrl.,r'.,'"r- I1-" ' Tag.
IV r. PTKt I" la II.. Ku.. .nrf ..i-
Iterrranrnllv niM. , i , . ....
. .. i..i ii-t.i i im iiiurQUKinx n rfi r trra. rt,un.iait.
end llvrr lioubl. It rnsihm. th, tirrv,. rlw. th. brain lolt'Z ?
alcmaeh and nil.i Hi. I.I mki. leaving no ill (te,-ia Thla me.ii. in. aaa for n7tLr
h.iii?lI,wnin',rlB'lfcJ ,b rrm, '!rrm u,ro ami l.lol pwiiirr. aT..
VIC.H KIXTRIi' KI.CIP will rure Ihe woral and n.o.t dr-rat. ra. .f
rbeumatuu. i.aiv., aeiailra. M.i.alala and all art,., and Pa.na Na hSnt.
sl...ul.l I w.'f.ni.t three rtr.li.mra Thry are sold at lai ,-ent. raoh. iwirt te?
A."Vr.'v'"',.''!'!,,V Vn "'" 'r"v "d Vrno a Kle,-tre Fluid f,ylou
).l IIA.S )'i;a.l. liKK pwu-.lvrly sio( cluil. In one night. Ka- At djj.
tit - -X.-'- "'rtr
Cr-" - ' j-t i"v
.'4l'r' '. '-'.-- 10 e ,
- . . HfM. lailirl'
- yv ' m" '
' 1 a grnrial n.n
" v ; ntsii la r km
... . 4 j l..iny of :bla
L jJ In ' k' t-aorn to and auharl
F J f I V shrinwr In Mr rrr..nc
fclf KMi'B rinTlVK
2f -J ttiittr pur, It fwrir
Kaakar as Haggaga Wagaaa.
A Persian regiment on the march la
a alrange gpeotacle. Every threw aol
dlrra have a donkey, for there Is
neither baggage train nor commis
sariat. On this donkey la placed the
worldly wealth of Ita proprietor and
their muskets. Occasionally the veiled
wife of a soldier bestrides the begat.
A renvt. ef tro rur!;lun cafo c'..an-
tanta ha Wen UV n. There are fifty-
five of some prrten'.ona and t'.3 smalt
ne,; the number of varirty perform-
era emnioved In them runnte. Inm th. t
th.voa1tn.i4 i
"Out and away
the most popular."
The New York Telegram recently organized a
monster bicycle parade in New York, ottering a
bicycle each to the best lady rider and the best
gentleman lider in the procession. The prizes
were selected by popular vote of The Telegram's
readers, and, as was to be expected, the result
was another triumph for
In the lanjuaje of The Tel.
be "out and away the mo
course. No othtr bicycle has I
Yew ma fcava a t
Columbia at asca "9
tf ya gic yur
aW pni Uy.
rOFE MFG. CO, HirtfJ
sVatxk Iwieaa an4 Af anciaa in ilmial t
aara, t( Cohimaiaa ar set prooaity 1.
yoa; vULIy, Ul as kaow. .

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