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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, August 30, 1896, Image 3

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I'twt at a (lull -as t'e-l lto riah
N:ur - ItulTalua Haul Nail" Ik
Jlabr liuaa - llaatkuli.y UlrUsAa
ml a I al.
OME they Lrouglit
her wurilor.
Shu. nor swooned
nor ulti ifj try;
All her insiders
watching said,
"She Mill 'il weep
or she. will iliiv"
Thcu they pialsc.l
1) i lit Soft Ul
rnlli'J him worthy lo be loved.
Truest friend mill nnlilc.it toe;
Yet khe neither spoke nor moved.
Biol maiden from her place,
lightly tn lln " iin lur slept.
Took thi grave-cloth from III face.
Yet alio neither moved nur wept.
Roso a mi r of ninety years.
K't lila rlillil upon lur knees;
I.Ike an in nit-r I in if-Kt rnmc her tour,
".Swiet, in y rlill'l. I live fur tho."
Tke Mat, la'. ., l ii,. riaaalas
The linfr.ilo In used as a brut of bur
! Id Java. Kverywhere you see then
Ki ulng laaily in the IMd or dragging
carls op plows. It la clumsy animal
Third folds of superfluous fat and skla
han about lla net k and llinba, anil a
(oiulMnt stream of perspiration mu
rrom In almost hairless body. A beati'
llful pair of crescent-shaped horn,
adnrn the forehead of tbla troplraj
horse. Kin. In of flamingoes and whits,
cranes atrut and fly In and out anioi)(
these brant .
On on occasion I aaw a beautiful
fl j in In no parading up and down upon;
tho buck of a buffulo row, which al
lying almost immersed In a mud hula
by lhi road.ide. Thla bird was feaMIn
hla tropical appetite by picking Insects
and other unwelcome visitors from lha
shining h,nk of tbla mammoth beaut.
Thla kind of IhoughtfuliHiui on the
part of th. flamingo la much appre
ciated by the row, and I am convinced
th.r.i exists between thctu a pure, pla
Ionic friendship.
lion 114 . AOaUad hf Ik Mm
111 ah latll4 Tssl Ik Canaan II
lee 4 lb twrar IL C I p
Ik Laleel llarsla. .. ' B
A run smrr.
Tin re la an old darky who can he
found any day perched on rurh freight
as may rent on the plnieWm of the
littlo station at H up In Maine, ilo
hna n rheerful word for everyone that
will greet him. and was never known
to lime hi good hiinior except on one
accnalon. (ii morning he was, a
usual, perched on bale of straw but
Instead of . It 1 1 1 1 ina: at piece of r.tkk.
a hal.lt or hi, he Ml with his face In
hla hands, gazing nuiiiriifiilly out over
the little like (hit stretched awny
among the hill. It was then 1 noticed
that hi nose had assumed enormous
proportion!, almost shutting out hie
"Why. Ike, what's the matter with
your niiae?"
He ph.wik hla head rail!)' nnd tn
ijuireil If I had a little "barry." I
handed hi iii aiuiie and walled fur an ex
planation about hla uor.
"la neher gaan ter flhli n mo',
aah no, aaht nlr no mo'; 'caiiM1
ilat'a whar l a got dat Im'. oue nee."
"How did It happen, Ike! Te'.l in;
pcrhapn me ran tit you up."
"See dnt little nick fr-ruiiiitn' out
pat de tic tiiuiintaln olwr i!ar? Well,
round dut neck dere'a a rove, and deie a
na fine er trout atre.iin ruin in dere
aa dry hna 'bout dla place. le wn
rr-flnhin' der de o.ler day, when l
rued er big one 11 It 1 1 n by a rock d.il'
dere. lae thra.hed dat ipot by i'e
hjur. ar.d dat trout he done come nn'
look at de fly, an' den yea. ah. den
ilat trout laugh at me an' !..) 'hk
I n trleil elieryt'lng to ket. h lilui. but
"twnn't any ime. lien lne grew er
ttiinkln'. What he do 'round iUt . n
nll de time? ivi Ue ratel very qui.-t
a I.. I watched dnt atone. I'rvtty wjo.i
Im ee r Ixe hiimniln' 'round elo e to
de water ami ncir de utone, and Ic
ace de trout m.'.ke er leap fcr hi m.
"Ii.it rcti le.l It; 'pP knew what r
l.etch llil w'.il. 'ar Ju't raught er
Ue an' put de boik III hctwi:ti '.
wlnga. where It wouldn't hurt him
Ien le cate.. Yah. yah' he! he"
I kit ir.Mit he iii.i .Ic one leap an' he li i I
de tee; hut de f.iht was awful. II"
dune pal. I ito 'tuition ter n:e, hut -nn'
de bee win er-h'ivlu' It out -'iii l
how dey did fight le gut him on d
bank at laat. and dere'a whar my
trouble came In. Ue opened hlx mouth
ter get de hrok out, whin out few da
bee. and he wui mad. Yr. tah, he
Jul ben rr wiUIn' fir me, ie know,
tin" he landed plumli nn my nnae.
You ne de nm!t. I'ut d.it'a only
l.irt oh It. IV trout he m.lir.t up iip
tame way. lie wui five pnutidii when
lue flrrt kctilml him. hut when r.c
wa done awellln' he wan ton hi my t-T
carry home"
We e.lently left Ike to continue H.i
n oiirnful contemplation of the l.-.ke -
Harper HoiKid Table.
Al) there not been
a gallant raptaiu a
daughter on the
Norwegian bark
Julie o me. If not
all, of her tart
might now be In
Davy Jonea' locker,
aaya the New York
Mall and Exprcne.
Winn thla agiMl
craft waa prepar
ing, at Holyhead, to go to Weatburg.
N. the young girl, who bad Iohi her
mother a few we-ki before, prevailed
upon her father, the mater of the craft,
to take her along. Hallora, aa a rul.
do not like to have women In the ahlp'a
company. They are auperatltloiia about
the presence of the gentler vn and they
quietly grumbled when they heard that
the captaln'a daughter waa coming
along. Now they are Meaning their
atara that ahe did ahare the Interrupted
trip with them.
The Julie la at the bottom of the At
lantic and her lack tan are aafe. She
, waa abandoned on April 19, with the
rea up to her main deck. The ateanier
(taear II.. another Norae craft, that
came to tbla port, aaved Capt, Nirlaen
" wa long thouithl laaya a writer
IB f'haniher'a Jomaall that hunimlnar.
birda would not live. In ronflaement.
and thla idea hi an far correct that, al
lliotiRh easily lamed, they will not live
long In captivity If fed only on ayrup.
If .....!.. ...... . . '
'MHirii h, nn ,0o(J t bi-jr le tn a
month or two. apparently atarved;
whereaa. If kept In a email roim, tne
windowa of which are covered with
fine het. o aa to allow Inaeel In enter
they may be preaerved for a ronnldera-'
ne lime in health and hevity. Thelt ul, ,mKher ,nd ,he utr, n miUtr of
or.. ,ery cunoua; many or thetn ,. rrfW. The Julie left Holyhead
are cup .hat ed and very email, aome- April 1 and encountered a iiicreaelon
time, no larger than the h ilf or a wnl ! 0f violent weaterly galea on the IrUh
in" aueii, uitu uwy are o.'ten beaut I- j coaat and aprung a leak. The crew
urn) uecorateii on the outal.le with . worked and pumped, and although Mla
nn ens, an ut exactly a r rahle tht Nleleen Jumped Into the breach and
nran. ii in the Turk of which they an ! manipulated one of the pump bar
ptarcd. Thev are form( d of cottony itib j when the men were tired out. all efforta
atin.ea and are l!nl Inal.le with flben were vain.
ai fine and aoft aa allk. At laat the vcmI begnn to break up
The neita or ether upu lea a.-e ham , and Mla Niclacu, Itiatead or alttlng
mock-ehajied, and are amended ti down and having a gnod cry, aa other
creeper: the Plchlnrh. hurumlng-bln, ! maldena might have done under the
lina ben known to attach l a ncd ti Mme rondltiona, had the men cluaterej
a a:raw mie hanging In a alied; thelt n1 un" merry aonga of the green
raja are white, and they never Uj ! of the Norae king,
inure than one or two. "ut ,yfn "',"l'' wou'l auothe a mar-
Once, when on the Amazon Mr Wal.i lD,r mUrtt dMln v01 luevltable, and
lice had a neat of young humming-! ,h n"n 0n"y P H hop -f
liir.la brought to him, which he trlej
to fe-i on ayrup. euppoalng that thej
aould le led on honey by their parent.
T - Li. .
iu in eurjiriae, onwcver, tney not on
ly woiihl not awallo the Kniild, bill
marly choked thrmre'tea In their er
f irta to Je, t it. lie then caught mm
very email fllia and dropped one I lit i
the wide-open mouth oi the poor llttli
orphan humming bird: It cloned In
being aaved. They were three daya
huddled togrther, f.iml.hed and ex
hauated. when Mlaa Nlelaen. looking to
the aoutheaat, aaw a apark on the horl
ton. The men looked nnd looked In
the direction Indicated by the girl and
book their hea.la. aaylng: "There la
nothing there." The girl' cyea were
hot aa dim aa Iheira, lliourb, and prea
ently ahe aald:
"1 am aure ll.nl I h'n Plra i
itantly wl'h a ta;flej gulp a?d openec pun! rlre the gunT"
apaln for mote. Th? little treat una j Half doubting, the veteran brai can
he found, demanded fiftem or twenty ' non wa primed and charred H.lng,'
fliea each In uccelon lHfore the) It went all different tlrma In rapid
aire ala(l. d. and the procen, of fee,) ; auci-eaalon. I'.ut the itf-ck on the hori
ing and flr-ca:. hlns together requlrei , on grew no clearer to t.ie girl end
Kl'i. h lime thai he waa reluctantly , Anally ahe told the men that II waa
i-nmiM iicj to abandon thi-ii to thelt heading out of their courac. Still ahe
Wtaiwaala Maa Tlla af Maaj laaiaaeaa
r ratal KacalU.
During the paat four yeara a larg
nutiiber of borara have died In the
uoilhern part of thla i'- from the
ravagea of a diaeane whl.fi haa baffled
the skill of veterinarian and I have
D-en called noon to make Inveatlgatlona
uk to the cauae and nature of the mal
ady, aaya a Heaver Dam (Wla ) letter to
harden and Koreat. At flral It waa
thought to be anthrai and aumploa of
the blood and section from the apleen
und other Internal organs were aent to
the bureau of animal Induetry and to
Ir. Kuaaell of the State 1'nlveralty for
hicterlologlcal examination. Numer
ous bacteria were found but the bacil-
lim anthraala waa not preaent The
horaea affected were In the majority of
rae heavy draft horses from the lum
ber camps. These anlmala were brought
from the woods la the spring, usually
lu good condition, and turned out to
pasture. Moat of them were fed grain
7. bile on pasture. On the farm of
M. C. F. Keynolda. Hay ward. Wis., over
seventy horses have died during the
paat four years from thla peculiar mal
ady. The paature contained about 4i0
arrra, 300 acre of which had been
broken and seeded to timothy.
Adjoining thla waa 100 acres of
"slahlnga." or land from which the
tlrn Ur had been cut but which had
never been broken. Thla was thickly
covered with golden-rod. On one aide
of the farm la a lake with clean
gravel bottom and shore. The lake la
fed by aprlnga. There lu no marsh or
low land on the farm. I'pon Investiga
tion I became convinced that the cauae
of the trouble waa to be found either
In (he food or water and watched the
horaea rlorely for several daya and aaw
thew eating the golden-rod greedily
sjme of them, especially thoae affected,
teeming to prefer the plant to anything
else. 1 alo vlalted the farm of I'eter j
Truai, near an Clair. There la no
go!.lcn-rod to be found on this farm and
the disease has not made lu appear
ance. During the past summer Mr.
Truai placed ten horses In paature near
by where the plant waa plentiful and
eight of them dlej during the summer
and the remaining two are affected.
When the healthy horses are taken
from the paature In the fall the disease
disappears. None of the animals at
tacked by the malady has recovered,
and medicinal treatment doea not seem
to produce any beneficial effecL The
appetite remalna fairly good during the
rutire course of the dlnease. Death
takes place In from two weeks to two
mouths from the onset. I am fully
convinced that this dWea e Is due either
to tome poisonous principle in the plant
or dome parasitic fungus upon the sur
face of the same. It la no too late In
the son for any Investigation to be
carried on In this direction thla year,
tut I intend to have the matter thor
oughly Investigated next summer.
Inalated that the cannon lie fired and
I finally Its echoes scurried down to lie
j ward until they were heard by the
i speck on the rim of the horizon.
"I think they have hi ai d us," rho-i'-
ed the girl presently. "1 am sure they
A 11 ntnrjr.
Many strange auevdutr hare beei
I -l.it. d wV.lih te m to show almuM hu
man Intelllgejce ami tcj. mlng poaeri have ahlfle.l their whcd and ore tnak
in animals; but the fulljwing true In Ing for us."
jcident. furnished by a cotropanJeni The girl was right and thus It teal
of Youth's Companion. sug;cta tbi ; 'bat the speck grew larger and larger,
j pnafin of even hljher qualltlea: i Bually developing Into the Oscar II.
(in a farm In Indiana there were twe ; The crew or the bark left their vewl
I -alK. and In the barn cadi h id a neat In their own host, the captain taking
of klllena about the same sge. on op , hla daughter and seven men in one
jvnltca sides of the haymow. One ol' n' l men going in the other boat,
the rats fell sick; she ha. I a little They saved nothing and will have to
cough, and wasted away till It becanu rnt rk to Norway at the expense
srt.arctit that he would not Ions bi ; ' 'be Consul.
aide to take csre of her family. I
One day the two ol I rats were notice' j WHALES
anting on a ueam in tne uarn. and tai
The aim of civilization la to unify
the race, and the most potent factor In
civ llitation has ben religion. Jew,
ChrUtlan. and Mohammedan agree
j that there U one everlasting and true
Co.l, wormy ot worsnip. wnowe lawa
we diaobcy at our peril. lie v. J. T.
iihm-rver wsa lli'.pieel by sumethin,"
iinuaual In their actions. They iv:re.
to be almorhcd In the roiial.!er.itliin o
aonie Important question.
Aft) r thl '. ha I hated for some tlmi
Tak Their
They ft
ra4 a4 TSa
t Sia.
Ixin.lon Spectator: The food of
shales has long been known to consist
of minute sea crustacea. Mr Cray was
The devil la very wicked, false and
untrue. The extent of Ma power and I ilimitflitfiillv.
knowledge Is not known. He Is a per
sonality. He cannot be conceived aa an
abstract Influence. I!e goes to church
and thrusts himself upon the company
of the salnta. Rev. I. F. King. Meih-odlat.
Xslleil lb Hhv Hew
Tommy Tm'e waa jie-t six year o'd.
Today was liU birthday, but Instead
of having a good time to MWinte
such a grand event he had to take enr
of the baby. The mother hid gone out
on some errands and left him all alone
with his little sUter. Tommy felt very,
very h.vtly to think such thing had
to happen on h!s birthday, and b.'sidea
'Itlle Nellie cried a great deal.
He diil no know what t.i do w:h
her, of coiire. he loved her dearly, hut
did not en) v taking rare ot her when
the waa fretful.
Aa he stood at the window Nid
II row n came nut In play on the al.le
wi.!k. "Come out. Tommy!"
"I can't." shoutel link the little prln
ner. "I've got to If t.d the baby."
"S'liut the door tight, and she can't
ret out!" ei-rea Hied Ned.
Tommy thought It over. He knew
more about liable than Ne 1 Itrown
did. He thought Nellie nil;lit burn her
elf. or pull the rover off the table and
brisk the limp, or s.ime other thing
that balile eevni to Inve to do. Ah!
I bright h! came Into Tonimy'a head.
Ik rail qillcklv to the closet, got the
hammer and tacka and then went over
to his baby sieter and drove thtee tacks
right through her pretty little dresa.
tautening hrr down tlRht to the floor.
Yhn thl wua down he ran out of
I'ocrs as fnt ax his little fat leg could
iarry him. In rwh a hurry was ho to
' . L . L - ...1 ... .!..
fet to p. ay inai ue ncgirvicu iu .iui
Li door tightly.
In about an hour Toiumy'i mother
returned, and much to her surprise she
fonud her baby daughter out on the lop
Itep! Hoth her chubby armn and dim
j.led ne-.'k were bare, for she had no
dress on. Her mother picked her up
end carried hrr Into the silting room.
There was the llKle frock nailed to the
floor, In torn condition, ahowing how
very hard baby m-int have struggled lo
get away, and of course. It had lo be
Viil Into the rag bag.
Tommy cam? In soon afur and wa
very much it'onlnhi d at what his mo
ther told him.
"I never did see such h baby." lie
nld. "1 thought yml only wlehed l
kep her out of mischief, and I (elt sure
Ih- natt would do that!"
Tommy's mother klunik lur hrad. n
in iu li a to say. "I uevrr lld ec s.'cu t
Iml" gaa Ftanclsoo CU.
the will and strong rat got down fron I '"" "" ,un ,mvi-
the be..,.,, su.l going to the n.vt of hci' b,,, """'ed l n.anner of feeding and
.mt. lel frlrn.l nro-eeded lo carrv Ih. 1 th' ,n h,rh ' " "P
kittens from It one by one to her owt
neat on the other side of the haymow
The dying mother watched e.crj
meal. "No doubt." he wrot "whales
are very particular In the quality of
their food, for they are never to be
motion of h-r sympathetic friend untl . , " " ,. T. , "
... . - . . i . i Dl" almoat Invariably In clean, clear,
the H.t kitten had ber. is.fr y trans I lUrk.bll, of M lnyf.fTrrahXrr'
fcrrcl to the home of the other am j Tne m,y , mhph
,. ..... ...... ". --- f,,j, I. t choose spot where the f oml
Is plentiful, and swim backward and
the beam, went out of the barn an
n never seen again.
The o'hir cat brought up bnth fam
Hies as one, treating !1 alike, untl
they were old enough to snlft fur them
t. Ives.
Umi s tnll lliil,
rorward for ?oo or SiXl yards, with the
nose JuM undor water. They Invari
ably swim rrom one aide of the beat
back again to where they started from,
with thr'r mouths open. They then
rloae their Jaws and swallow the food
Major John tl. Ilourke. formerly alf "Tl"''p wnl on ,hl" r feHlinj
lo tieii. ral Crook, once showed hlnis- l . r(,r n "T or '. fr hat they
an efrertlve peacemaker. He persimd Uopper under the heareat Ice.
cd a lond of Apa. hea to go back tt! ,n'' '1mP hen l,nll thrV r,m, owl for
their reiervatlon by prrsentlng a doll exercise or another niial. fnllke other
to a pnptHise. The rtory. as told In thl warm-blooded animals, they do not re
Portland Oregoniaii, Is as follows: ; I"1"1 ,0 breathe through their noetrllc
Ceneml Crook was trvlna to nut n'l,, "iIP- H' do not do so.
Every step the good maa takes tueani
i ini'thlng.
The man who rules himself will be
king to others.
Time spent In watching a hypocrite
la time wasted.
Whoever fights against truth la sure
to lose in the end.
True faith can never be destroyed by
being disappointed.
If wc love our enemies It la certain
that the devil hates us.
Character building la bigger work
than building railroads.
We were living Ihe life of tame g..id
llnJies III the little town f MMIVer.
for Vlvrette, baring declHntl that the
limit i-oiiii.oli.hii'e renlli-in would la
I hi' only c-irrei'i divers.oii for such a
ruiiiiilitii' couple n we. bud ii't all
my pinna for willivlliig ber properties
at Ibe tlrst uiiliilercstlus tutl-u on Ihe
road, iiu.l ended our wedding trip In
forty iiilnut.nl.
A week after the clolienscut she
drifted ii.lo the liieukfust room with
ib-nu .luk clii- ks un.l a rose lu ber
hair, shimmering cap -a pic iu s June
UioruiUjt U-auiy such that uo suftpti
l.le iii.-iu could I "k at w ltu impunity,
tihe had excited eyes, aud the anticipa
tion of a smile louxiiiit a corner of l.er
limiith. and n gleeful tilt to ber beud
that pi'i. Ki'.l the w ind Lnd vecivdl. and
she wns nlni'dy itl ou amitlier ri'iieh.
"I. you knuw." ah aald. after up
turning from ti' v side of the table, "I
haven't hnd a letter for scveii days.
Such a thing? hiian't bnp-li'l altwe I
lelt li. y l-iirdlng mli'K.I. We must
Lave I .i n having a ridiculously B d
"1 tli.iiulit you want. (I a eliiinue, or
I klu.uld buve r. ritteii you," wild I.
till, ihin'tT' she ciliil. "None of
jour ll.Vilcgiei. Willi Iwllid letter this
niclltll. pIl'UlM'. 1U lllllliltll nilHJ'
ainute Uie now. titili-es you seut liL-e
;ld '.Mother'!! belter we'ie rxr-'H'tlug
jlin -on r llday-tell ine all bIkiiiI yoiir
s.'ll' kind. I'en le coliipuilu so of their
letters. I'm suie I never got a stupid
one Itl my life. I snpHw.e niiuniii-e Is
only sulijtiilve. nfter nil. but rewlly.
ltol.lii. I've beeu fairly uttBU'il with
adventure ever since I wa Uiru."
"True.'' saul I, "Jou weie a found-llxi:.-
"To this day." ahe continued. "I nm t
go down the sticet without srt'ilU a
ruimuny hoise or a Cbluese fuueinl;
It s fate. Itolilu."
"And jet. you want letters which,
while iiiii'iic.l. tire the most exciting
things lu life If you nte sun" lliey Die
uot bills."
"Kilt If they were from real le'I.le."
said Mvette, innsini:; 'f I culd gi't at
their rinl selves, not ll.ciii through
tluit ilii ui -m im- bait' that surround
Hie. but know their real thought nnd
ailil'lli"l.:;.le;id ll.elll iu the urigiiuil UU'l
not triumluted Into the diiilo't of my
owu f.M.lih In tin -nh. wliat delightful
noliitiu that woiihl le!"
"Why not advertise for n.ne"ioinl
eiiis In a luatrliiioLial agency?" I sug
gesteiL 1 1 r oiilvi- imd imuml like Hie
shadow of a chin. I Iii.iii a stiliny I. II
m.'. I'-e fore the w.nil weie luet ")
t th she I ml sprttnu for a tclegroph
blank nn. I Xuitl U tiui lo s-rillilc i ib
scr'ptiou of ber rlisruis. I am never
q'.llte so much 111 b.vi' with Xli.'lte as
a lien die 's willing. Th alwunl in-ni-licr
In which lie hobU her a-n that
mciiin to guii'.o i.ilh. r tl.nii le InvcU
.y l.er ijiui-uly la la I f.renngi'r-tlielr
Intl.- liiiiriiei to ti e Ink well ami hur
ried acTainldt, to overtuke br
thought a the ln-w Itchliig nlteniita of
her put-Mil Ii.h u s'll iiuii.aiiagenlile
wonl. the thy riinuis to variorum
lllnl Unii the i:id-hcr lui.utli lit
Kiiin.- with the eii-vler-her tllna
tH.us with the blotter and i:fc) other
tiny tricks and i.eeluie. make
Yivet c's c Hurts 111 eu!i..iiibli u cap
tivating .'i'forimiii e. I lan over tii.il
klsre.1 the top of her bead for her.
"I don't iiille know how to ile'rllc
tuy M ir." sin' oiil. lefliljuotlllg a llllle
tint of l.n.wn hair tluit had ou.v li'ii
In r lann:. "Of ii.uirc my foit'liead I
ni.v ami inj eyes aie all right, cx.vpt
they're not the same color, ami I'm
Hi t altogether niluiii ed of my iic."
and she felt ot it with n stmight liu.-er.
Wli.-it do j..u think of
lit) n.oiitli :
it's a deal tii lui'tty," said I. tryla
"Would you my mythltig about mr
itirs?" sn lil Ylvette. tryllis to stretch
t belli a lltth'.
I la-g.in a link' k'lilli'. but sli' li.tcr
IHiitcd tin'.
"tif i-oiirae I can't put that in! I
think II will have to go as It U"-nlid
she t':nl H over, U-gluiiIng: "A sark-
dug, grin ile bruiielie of twenty-thice.
who migt.t 1 I lie daughter of d'Ar
tagi.nli and l.lnli' l.rrlll"-nii.l I'lid
Iml. tMiJe-'t. tiintriiui'iiy. Adiliess
llox UL Ma Ml era, I, u."
Thla. with luy own inlvertla.'iiient.
which she did very n-ttily, !. twrlt
Ing me down a Klihiiig licro i f lite
tiiiiila hortl. aiN-nnil In the next liuiii-la-r
of tin' "Matrliuoiihil Tin e." and
we g.ni.l'l.d wildly over the issue of
tlie exploit, lu I In days the ivturus
la-guu to arrive. ai:d by Ihe eiiil of llw
w-k I had rviflvcd f..ity-tliie ic-dii-s
lo ber lifty-ol.e. but by n curious
oillH Lieu, c wo eoi b lo.i'lveil twnty-
! quurrel over the nilsalllsnce. I say
iiu.'irrci iron v iv.nie -one is oo one n
tntere'iwl In leiiipting the hew It. I.uig
smile tli.it rti. keis III her eyes. th-H
catches her lips, when the current of
humor swirls, and If her mol fU
Into a .1 1 ID u re iuletiie, that registers
Ihe minimum degn-e of vlteaae c.n-ili-iit
with her tcincriiiiictit; and.
tliuiigh I have nu her s rli.us. It bo
never la on my provoking.
Hut wlmt i I "Hying? We obtywd
at i-naui ptirMnu's, for the novelty of
the thing -what would we not do for a
new sciuuiMon'i and. with ItJichet as a
war cry, slip swirled into a fanlnatl.:
sortie iiiu my pretended Jealoiuy.
1 fell fsllly III of the name of liacbet.
which she' flung at nie rdgewtse
tiiniugh the owii il.Kir. as she left ine.
nud tw litenil through Ihe keyh'ds bi--f
;iv she enter il. Mo smiib. "Thou art
in jr KuclH't, bidleve me" "promlM
thou ne'er will diii-lve ni'" with sui
eiliitive vnrl.ill.itin. She tunned the eat
Kim het. and ahe l-rllail the waitress to
ask every niomlng: "Will you have
lU. het un.l eggs or b-efteakr hhe
gave remarkable Imitations of tbo
iinine with a huge watchman's rattle.
She wrote Kai.het oil the mirror with
I U.re It all meekly, lieing mere
aiMiM-d than 1 pn'tended. It Is one of
our lilies that you mustn't return pie
In the mine wnl : I. lit I wns liiiI.-r.Hlga
rrla Srne la a Inn.ln 11,11 tl
! T. m-'lrn.
tendon T"1"rrph Thr w? 3 c
narkahle s"ne at a Norihiml"-rlsii I
a i.niie hotel on Thms'liiy. It ee!i.a
that a party of nealy snivel Aniifi
istik, tno.it of thi 111 itr..i.r r to en ii
sute you. 1 other, wi re rlttlng al luncheon, at !
one or them was with an K:iii!l
fi lend. who hod t illnl to fee him.
The ron'.enutli.n between the tuo
naturally drift, d ba. k to the war time,
and the Amerirun, who ha. been a fed
eral, dem rlliei some of his adventure,
and how at one place the opposing sol
diers used to work so near ea. h o'li'-r
In the trenches that they were able to
engage In conversation, and surrn
titioualy exchange tobacco and tea
the Northerners having plenty of th
latter and none of the former, while
the Southerners were In exa. liy the
opposite condition. Hut, he continue.),
the most curious "swop" he ever ma !.
was a small packet of quinine for a
pound of tobacco, to which the con
federate addeil a curiously carvel
wooden pipe. That pipe he had kept
ever alnce, be-caune he regarded It and
the tobacco as having saved his llf";
to my vMi.'li- adorsilon of Mies 'or somrhow or other hla superior of-
l eiitln'rlHitie's ix.rtn.lt. and lur name.
lend. Uk' Itself to sj iiilmlW ul r'pr-eiitn-t
Ion. I niliini.il my hat with chicken
feather and w Islilmin- and flaunted
the tokens l.cf..re her rival.
After wveml das of the fane.
Vlwttc .r -xi a i. tiirn to the city.
I -vas nwiililng this and had my traief
Hi t mid iMilled with It.'i. hel's addn-as.
We weie In tow 11 forthwitli. and at
our lilUcheoll nt Ihe iafe. Vlvelte
ani'tiiil a .iiner of a table 111 a wli k.nl
little Imtiiict of ber own fiiliiieutlon,
iimiieiivteil lh oiivr:itioii In an
oeit Jtt.-mpt toexelt'' my curiosity.
t heie Is 1 'hosier tn et ? ' slie sske.l.
Two liiili.lnit Olid eleven Cheater
slni t was the alleged leaiitemi' of Mr.
"It's out by the CoLwtviitory of
Musi"." I rcid iil. "a small liotiee on
ll.e (nnuT o Hiklle lie ifii.ciery."
Why. how do you know!" said
Yl tic.
"I've known Arthur U.kIh'1 all 1:1 jr
life." I still.
"You're a horrid thlns-yoii mm jour
ol.l ri':itheilM.ner said Mvette. I
ilni'l iH'lleve )ou."
"She i Hot old. I cxelalliml. foe
la o'.ilj liiiiel.i 11. bns the i.iiiib-xloi of
nu lufiinl and cull sin-nk r'H'iuli. I
hot' she ha U-tter manners than
your. I sluill call and see Ibis after
liooll." "; nl.mg! I shall la" busy myself,"
K.111I Ylvette, out of the side of her
111. null.
"Where an' Jen going" I anke.l.
"I'olifi'Ni you'll Jc;..llr "he ioUled.
iinhe.1. I am." I snid. aud Ylvette
was ben-clf ag.'ilu. She gave tne a
iiiliil'ort.lldi' d.-ni"l.strliili. and left
me. saving: "I'siewcli: I hall see
jou at illnncr ll'iie."
I was sute of It thai I Imd It or
dered r.lted at '.'ll Chester sin-ct.
w Iik-L. It Is time In confess, had b.ng
U'cn a pncrty of mine a haunt In
the old days when 1 was Weliming t.
make my reputation In Hie Komnuce
nsM-lNiioii. nnd hnd many au out-of-the-way
I niiiHt i-onress. l-ai. that I had Sla nt
aevernl hours lu an Ineffectual ss-andi
for Ml r'cntlicrliolK'. wlei bad. it
sii'ined. M-nt li'i a fill address end
tlM.imti I sliimlitnt h.i-" iiiIimIihI ile-s.-ril'tlU
the Mil to Yivelie If It had
l I'M au.-. vast ul. y. I I f'lt very y.c.ng
nt the pno.,ait of Idling her Imw 1
lu.il Ih-iII s.Ml'illcd. tlio.lull I had Uo
suaplcli.ii of her hniid in tlie game.
I got to mr hoitae t.i.ne t. oou; for.
as I piilhl up Ihe front shades aud
e:iv. IliV Itiatrilcllol'S to Jl.e' I-. I ' a
familiar little ilguie coming up the
walk end curiously ni-oiiisiitertiig the
i.irh for the unnila-r.
Jn.aili met her at the ibxir. ""'I ttx,t"
my rolgli. 1 heard an 1 liilauate c..ll.niy
lu the hull. Atior a lew iiiomeuis 11.
came to me and sni.l'
-It can't I the lady joii'te rxi-.!
Ini? at all. sir. She wants to set" Mr.
lio.l.ei nil rltlit. end mad' out she
unnt.1l to sell Itl 111 some si vli ted eoap.
lr It;. 1 line' the liauie, air; nud
wluit kball I mvY"
vn.l Jii.-oli hniidml Hit a card i0
which was engraved:
I'll Cheater Street.
And Ylvette. dlin ling gaily, with ber
hni a lut atilt. eiitenil ami compti
nieiiietl the pirlio carive. giving me
four kisses; one for lieravlf r nd one for
Mls rcnlherla.i'e to me. nud two fnnu
the same vivacious pair for Arthur
lUigelal'iirg Uachet.-Tbc Mrk.
fleer had come to know that he pis
aeased a quantity of "the weed," at. I
ordered him to report himself concern
ing It. Ih-rore he could r'Kaln his p.ist
a skirmish occurred, end the man who
was In his very place wns killed.
At this point a tall, sunburnt Ameri
can with white hair and beard, w ho had
been listening to the other with con
siderable emotion. Interrupted with,
"Excuse me, though I am a stranger
to you, but didn't that Southerner t' il
you that the quinine was for his ilt'i"
daughter, who was down with fever?'"
"Yes." said the other, "and didn't the
Northerner aay that his little g.rl st
III of fever, loo. but he would shar he r
medicine with the other little one, even
without the tobacco"
"Why, yea." cried the original nir
rator, "I believe ho did, and that 11
"And I was the Southerner." cried th
Jther. "and here Is my daughter, wbnue
life you helped to save, and here's oti
of my grandchildren with hr?"
The Englishman who was pn-ri:
says that there was then such a scene
of handshaking. Introductions and con
gratulations as mint have made people
at the other tables think that the com
pany must have been visitors from Ih-d-lam.
The Northerner ha 1 also a daugh
ter with him, who Is a widow, and the
embrace of the two women who ha I
never seen each othfr before, but whose
early lives had so closely touched, was
peculiarly affecting.
"And to think we should m-et each
other so far from home, and In Eng
land, too." exiaimed cnc.
God bls Kng'.and for It. c.iy I." re
plied th other.
Ta wVarlrf'a Sew paper.
A statintlciun has learned that tha
annual aggregate circulation of the
papers of the world la calculated to be
i;,iaai.0i.0til copies. To grarp any Idea
ot this magnitude we may state that I,
would roter no fewer than li'.Ci
square milis of surface; that It Is print
ed on 7SI.IV) tons of paper, and. fur
ther, that If the number (I2.o0.o-i.v""l
represented, instead of copies, second-;,
It would take over 3-3 years for them
to elapse. In lieu of thla arrangement
we might press and pile them vertical!
upward to gradually rea- h our highest
mountains. Topping all these, and
even the hlghent Alp. the pile would
reaih the magnificent altitude cf V'i.
or. In round numbers, 10 miles. Cal
culating that the average man spends
Ave minutes reading his paper In thi
day (this Is a very low estimate), w.j
And that the people or the world alto
gether annually occupy time equivalent
to lon.noo yeara rending the pap-rs.
tluffalo Commercial.
We please God bos, when our live. - J"-; ; -f,
point airaigui iu vimm.
The peace that la unspeakable la al
a ttnoKK. miKuiiiir.
hand or Ap.n lies back on the rrxerv
hut couldn't catch them without killing
them, nud he wouldn't do that. Dm
day 1 hey raptured a papoose and took
W hales ran sleep aa well under water
ks they do upon the surface, as I have
often seen them disappear under solid
Ice and remain Ihere for many hours
ways speaking for Itself.
The man who lives only for himself
couldn't be engaged In any smaller bus
Iness. The mother of Mosra did more fot
her whole gnllcry 011 tl.e llr over
against nine, ami cvutctiiph.t.il them
very sorlmie'y. Shi was sitting la'toiv
inc. with her clilu on my shoulder, so
I lint her Jaw ilrttii.il Willi delicious
little Jumps on my clavk le aa l.e chattered.
""Aicni th.'V niiil.llile! she sold.
her to the fort. She was quiet all dey ! Rl " ,ln"" "''" rim aaieep
but her black beads of eyes watcl.ig wUn XMr n"a'U dl,mn ni oni' ll'0lr
everything. When night came all. "" """'"' 'h water,
broke down nud achbed as a whltt; vaiuiag 1. oblige,
child would. j "popper." asked the yottnx weman.
The fort waa In Oct-pair until Majoi 'why U It that you have never done
Ilourke had an Idea. From the adju ' anything to make you fanuiusT"
tiint a wife l:e borrowed a doll that ha.i "Never thought of It." Mid the old
ionic- to the adjutant s little girl th ni;,. ' What had I better do-bolt the
previous Christmas. When the youna ,,,.Up, or uk wU, o( pfnt
Apache underrtood It was hcra to k.-ci Wedlclnc?"-tndlanspolla Journal.
ner sous reascii anil sue leu asleep.
When morning rnme the dull wai' erjr :.
still clasped tightly In her arnw, Sh' "On what ground do you want dl-
played with It all day, and seemingly, trorce?" asked the lawyer ot hla client,
all thought of ever getting buck lo tin "My wife graduated from a cooking
trll.e had hit her. ! school and la doing her own work."
Several daya pinunil with no alga el "There will be no trouble about It at
overture being made by the tribe, ar.d nil." Detroit Free Tre.
finally In despair tho papoose, with 'he
the world than the king who built th I "Aren't tl'cy n lo get along with,
pyramids, t;,.uigli Every ol:e bus a rev.initiieinl.
The tin that will stick to you la the ml""' ' " T'i'-t girl a reren iuvs.
n,.,.,...u,.ii.......i.k . Sueh an Bggrt gallon- all stars. t.i.
. , , . 1'ia.r Ihliiga! 1 li't marry llieni all
i ..urn v ui.ot.
The faith that will move mountains
after awhile la moving a good many
smaller things now.
It must he a s. tiled principle with
the Christian that hla life In Christ
shall be a lire ot faith.
The world la robbed by the mat. w !io
Uvea In It and goes out ot It withaul
having lived for lla good.
One difference between heaven and
airlk l thai In heaven eva.rtKii.lw K.v
....... .... I one," and Ylvette set two together.
O..IS. ,u i.ir .,.,r ,. Iil(.,it w ,,.r ,
The woman who gave the two mites i.u-im-is. mating up Ihir tciniH-ra-
didn't do anything more than every I 11 cuts, nualit es nnd moral ttiwia. an l
II Ah TevaalasleS r ) Mallet Is
I'raatlrr Tsvts.
It w.is lu the early days of a town
In Souvhwrrtern Kaustia. The dead!)
j:V was the iiHvst navtcd law of
I the l.Li'f and dally !nd ulghtly '.u lb
! hulf d.a."U rulo'iis which the embryo
'.city aupia.rted was i-tingregatnl as
ri.i'gh a set of men ouM le found
' In nny tow n of the sir- west of the Mla
! sis: 'ppl. spending the time lu gambim
' si-1 tart'Ua'.n..
Mounnli of all Ihe roughs was E.I
.......... 11.. 1, ,.i ntrl.i unti tle III the
chii I. Holdn? It s Ha. Uid thev .nu t ' ' ", , . .. . .....
I mlivd ofT. sunehow! Ileu s one l.anoie 01 ui. ....... . -
who is inHl.ll-nszl. Ii"l lid, bill j by bis laud tight hiltniiu lalng ua.l
ls the ola t - pn fer hulv w ith In- !) ., ,,t to thcii long h ni.'. I'riilher'a
,le,v..d. nt fortuni'. but would la. L,d j , i,.
,0 liuvt lntelllge,,. ktleahul,. U K.hI .
i kiu-Just ll,,' thing lu ...y tollec JaccVptatne of ti e
tin,..- I ciVd. "berv-lvautlful a l''II.M ''
ralnla.w lace l.oto.. al.le M .uru her I lliese two ili-cja-rudia . ' J J
ow lit ...g and enjoys i.ui.ic.- " mvu the o.I.er was "
"That match mil la made lu Mul ! m- got l".o r-oilde the 0..1. r waa al-
illv. iw. .f not lu hc.iv. ti: tn' .be liv.l wayaon uan.i ... .,
DUa'l Na4 la Mar 1 1 l'rinl4
"I never will forget the queer Imi
Jenta and experiences I had when I
first bought a typewriter and sent on
In print my correspondence ar.d bills
lo my cuatomcra who lived In the rus
tic regions about me." said a merchant
from a backw-oods town. "Several of
my patrons dmptcd me and I was at a
loss to account for their manner, which
changed toward me. At last the mys
tery was solved. A burly young farmer
drove up to the store, tlej up his ox- n
and stalked Into mr oHi. e. "Mr. lilank,'
laid he. id have you to know that I
know how to read wrltln' and yvs
don't hae to print your letters an I
bills when jou ten! them to me. I
don't propose to tie Insulted in such a
manner.' He then threw down the Li
ter on my desk and stalked out."--Ixiulsvtlle
lover of Christ should do.
ilotl still In her possession, was sent
bark. When the child reached the
tribe with the priie grasped In bet
chubby hands. It created a ansatlon
among the native Americana, and het
mother later went back to the post
with It. She waa received In a hoi-
..liable niillinpr an it Itliotlv li-eutn an, I
the effect tf her visit wsa uuch that I
through her ovcrtuni were made to- i trsiss.
tho ttlho, wlib the leaiilt that soon "You soem to h.we somclhlng wc'.ja
klterward the whole band moved bar. IK yor nii''. Teddyr
on the rcfirve. ! "Well, 1 haven't. Io you think my
! mind It a pair of scutes?"
lain"! let snv siwtie iM 'it- -, I "Oh, wn; scst sre evenly M"t
llaaa Safferlao
Suffering la partly the product ot aln.
partly of Ignorance. It Is designed for
correction and perfection. It stimu
lates men Intellectually, thus leading
to discovery. Invention and universal
progress. He v. J. II. Crura.
.he eyrs.
Pugilist James J. Corbett now re
joices In the possession of a gold plated
Th llran.l t)uchaa nf lecW tenhurs.
Schwerln has given u, each member ol , J- TTaV."isV oX . '
Tliou' ri'tinlueil two ptiotograpt
hovever. at the ci'd of the gauie. that
iieltlier of it was coutenl to assign lo-
liaUticiiic une clsinicterlstii' nnd an
oilier Willi a iiiliu li lies" nnd laii na. y
that L. lis nalniok with e.Jety Miitil
teiitv-l aiuorou intiides had Ihvu
paiitai ..nr. ninl 1'ie'r k-tiers sppro
prmlcly tf.-ubliraiied. Thus wore llie
I.h.m' strings of destiny tied lip In Mai
lt, vclt that 11 1 tilt lV Itoblii ltc.lt. oth
nnd a very pink yoiiiirf huly. with her
ami ha mis
ber suit a bicycle. Thirty-nine wheoit
. 1 1
were rryyucu.
Scrvla Is waking up. and several
modern cycling tracks are on the tapis
Bether. Mine, the sender claimed, wns
- . . . ..... M . l.lu.
. ... . i. 1. . ., - K, II l.ivseii.me.ii oi ioe ii-nn.cra "i .1 .aa
A. ra.ng Aiea.uii r .. . " 1 Aliclrt Eeath.'riaine. ami this, with tho
affair does not lack tho sanctlun ol . , lWritii... of her mental nt-
fashion. tribute, waa so lw Ilderlng revela
tion f feminine tranacendence that I
could by uo means feel that Mr. lltuiiet
There would never be a straight fur
row. If farmers plowed aa aimlessly as I was worthy of her.
some professed Christiana live.
Mrs, Caary: "Harrlgan a daughter U
Arthur Itagi Islmra Unrhet. VWctte'a
iet tMiTsaiiidcnt. had what she l-
tiH..v.ti.-tw f--vlt.-.l a "at .n.ii.ii' liend
tuiulu out lor a medium, .-.is no us alM, tiHtneik iA, nir ivason for u.t
hear in' volcea In the up-ivr a.i, tucy ij, J.altts. Jet her barefaced, w r
tell me." Caaey: "I lnv U i. svery ship of this jet;... Ad"tii eroM tut
r li. ...! I.... a )... Tctta to rvt.1 1 1 R t ll. Slid I C i ill '. d 111 S
- .. . ; .w. ..... ..... .. I,,., .la.mi ,
. reckleafl eillerV er an rrionrminr u.-..-. . .... . .-...v..
rV b.o vr i a t:r t i.v I I res lTia.
Hio tragic end of tins trien.iaiup
cuiri' one summer morning. I tamer
had Just siuveaafully "stood otT" a
sheriff and hi iv, and the crowd
..f loi'.'h wa eoiiregutitl lu hi sa-
l.a.n conmlulatiiiS blm. dtlliklug to
bis health aud celebrating Ihe oc
casslou by llUlnS theiua. lvea up Willi
what la known In Western veniai -wl.tr
n "forty nal." picpanitory to lerror
Ixiim the town. Suddenly 1'rather
drew hla revolver frot.i Ihe snllaltl.
and saying: "t. watch me put a
bole through lUllv's hat," tired.
Then' v n a yell of agony, and WeRs
fell lo the rl.air. wound. tl to the death.
"Mv God! bave I killed him?' were
rrather'a tiist words. Thell. throwing
down bis revolver, he sprati,; to the
aide of the wounded num. Jut as tho
last quiver came over the prostrate
form, nnd the soul went to reiiuer it
Kor the tlrst time ta years a solitary
tear coursed down over the hardened
feature ot the man whose bauds were
liewiy stained with blood of a fellow
creature, but, ashamed of Ihl momen
tary vUlenit of emotion, he hastily
brushed away the tear. and. turning lo
the bir, called "Prink f.r the crowd
ml ll.e c.ir..c.il went on,
I Tint waa one in. re chapter a.' b 4 to
A Caatluaa tlaanrler.
During a winter vh.lt to Florida An
drew Carnegie attended sctvLe In a Ut
ile negro church. When the contribu
tion plate came around Mr. Carnegie
dropped a 'i bill upon It. Af'.ir th.'
contents of the plate had been co.m'.rd
the clergyman aioae and atiumitnni;
"Hretheren and sisteren. th roll.'crlun
this evening s-ems to figure up )ii 44.
and If the li bill contrlb ited by the
rcntl "man from the north I g.-nulne,
Ihe repairs on Ihe sanctuary w ill begin
Immediately." Argcnaiit.
A I battip
First Summer Girl "I haven't anv
Ore for that young Mr. Atherton th .t
you Introdviced to me." Second Sum
mer Gitl "Why not?"' First Summer
r.lrl "Oh. nothing; only he ask'-d ns
:o taken walk with him down the ba. h
last evening and w hen he came a!t I
oie he waa carrying a cane." Soinrr
vllle Journal.
Tks lam Thlnt.
iMIsa Jelhia Uo Miss Mature, wh-i It
indsome. but not so young as she u l
i be I t.ei." ... ."' . ... v., i ,
ail j.u'.iitK m l..'" ..
Rates, Marssml f.t'l n f -n. -t . v
be chct'tlu'ly giv.-i "i i ;
.ltl tlH.
Vrt M,...,..Kv .'-i
I'lr; o.i W.;h )uur
Ki.er V.'.s: ? r c'
I o-.-t t ;':'f
wv. tti.t hn I
.j.t...- .I..-.' -
. .,.1 . .
I I ho.
V. liu
i vtawO ktiuu.i.

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