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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, December 16, 1897, Image 3

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i a ai.ii'v
In statement
I la at pre
, iy asserted
1 lace wher
nd tht aa
?. he w''d
v,... c-la'en
t of tha en-
n tt nrariy two
The aim of Mra.
,r a
tavx'-t. and thl
j runrniai ni" -
worka are atlll Intan Tha
liul arthle In the make up of
t li i itrlng, ai the old one
J "Uie time nail. The weight.
4 hni. ate till th-te, and
th- attrnttnn now and aaaln
V k aa II do you credit " The
V fare ii'Ul rarrl' In alnio.t
Vile lettera th mini of l
er. (iro. Alllwrn, or aorne-
It. The original artange-
ir ir ine Bwimn i"
ami the (lay ot inr numin
department e out rf mm
pn-wiit, lint the r'tulnd'r
k ! aa r-W for tuainrea
v urn It li-f t Siotland In all
h U n'W work and caae.
Xj' le tif tho old rlo k rewta
ni hllie whlrh baa a
OC It'ijV atltrh every
the Inn
f the oprrator
In aplte
1 Trr. the little niM (V lal.le.
fiat d.a It matter XJ I "ly
itht lu he long and !f b!V hrn
It ran boaat of lelng th flrat laX ie
of Ita kind In thl part of th woiW?
And the claim 1 a Jut on. tM e"ii
to be fully auhalanttateil. A aomewbat
old fafcion-d array of cog connect
ing the hand wherl with the ahutll
drive the needle reluctantly through
the matrrlal to be ewn. Th nerdle
In the machine at preix-tit loka to be
,very old. Indeed, a do the il of th
worka. but neither date nnr makcra
' name appeare on thla tcillwini fure
runner of the iedy and eaaily run
aewlng niai hine of mn!frn tlma. A
aplnnlng wheel of great aite In the
corner to the l ft of the eniraiice to
the houae la another Intertatln ar
I!, If. Aa h..a alrea ly lwnal l. It w.i
iiaej f ir aexrr.il yearn In the produc
tion of "The Old II in-'.uJ." and hn
,r ,Jlirv.CWft
"V ' V If1'1!1''''
XNA' X' V.
OLD SITNMNtl wiin:!..
..a...jf of romance attache.! t, t n
hat accminL It waa oiii th property
ut Jir. htuart. tne former owner of
the plc. but inatead of bumming be
ceatti the foot of thl lady'a great
gramlmother, and turning raw prod
uct into artlclea of protection. If not
of comfort. It now haa the eay tank of
lending ad llilonal dignity lo the hall.
Ita woik and Ita travel are fc!, over.
The worn treadle ahowa how mil. h i
vy ha been put Into lh turning cf
. wheel, but now It real.
'.ne al.le of th wheel real a
Waa an Inalrnnient iib.I
ix to a niore convenient
ng than It Hiaaeae r
of It prcparr.ilon for
It waa detluril. The
.oiild do for Sfte gljnt
r-'Ult of long, thin
1 aiirfhgeii around In a mrt 11
,-aux de friae. The aplkea atlck out
ooiit four liichca in length from a
backing of oak. Thee were the mean
ucd In dretamg the flax down proper
ly, and It l ife to venture that aflcr
one iron 01 inre apiuen me nax give
lip all lib of reabtatne, ani aulinilt
ted peaceably. A a protiH-tion, pre
aunialily to the young children of the
prlol. there waa a caae which fllle.l
over the aplke. The aide and top of
thla. like the Uli which form th
backing for th aplke. are mad out of
rough piece of Wond, ptlt out of Killd
nk with th old fahlnned mnllmk.
l'nder the clminiatancee. th alalia ar
remarkably (mooth. and the Joint of
lh box doe not rvfWt il!crei 00
th dead and gone Joiner. The hi
thing la put together with hand made
nail, which look very o-U I.. ...to the
clen-cul nail of to day. A few rm'y
tain on the aplke auggeat that per.
ha pa th box wa not r-ough to keep
little finger nut, and even a aerloua
accident may be conjured up by th
Imagination Home of th relic In the
Old llomeatead are no relation to th
peaceful riiM k and the plnnliig whccl.
Hey nrry the memory of old not
' tie with them and the trail of vlo
' 'Iceilk I ipon and over them. Th
' 'V' thl rl I an oi l horae.
i "V 'iin H.k hvtmleaa ejamgh
- - tin' llien
r aa
? , of
v: s k
The, chair la a unV.i ani man
y and bora th weight of tu
.a thrust upon It In becoming
mrr. it iin r..;; cr.;:r .
y In a court of Jiuili'c In the eoun
,of Suaaeg anil Kent Thor li a
j"ll record ol t lid criminals (W U
Jo death from this chair, but
";Kh to Bay tint their nam
''lur.lerer, robbera, aod ait
W criminal that xltd
old dura when llila per-
world wan In an unaarttle1
Mood before thla chair anil
J entence pronounced. Tha
Viaif a great Influence on
is and custom ot tha peo
y inhabited the surrounding
si. anO now. It a good work ac-'oinln-d,
It Ij nticd only aa an orna
rvi, aad Ita present Idla rondltlon
give no hint of tbe BUrrlng time,
th rou Kb which It ha pan"!.
Gyvea for feet and hands that wer
worn by aoma of tha mora famooe and j
desperate of the criminal broiiKht for
trial before the rurula ml ar at 111
ahown. Tha ankle manacle, are sug
gestive of a very had quarter of an hour
to the person wearing them, for they
are amaller than the smallest ankle
that ran be Imagined. The Idea of them
waa to have them preed Into the fleab
of the felon to hla additional diaeom- j
fort. A hinge on one aide of th man- .
'lea permitted their opening wlda j
noiigh to admit the anklea of tha eon-
lonined; then the aide were preaaejd
slowly togothr, and wh-n they bit
leeply Into the rlcah they wre taken i
to the prlaon amlth, who riveted there
on with Mr warm rlveta. Tha lit of j
thrae ankleta would have pleaaed th '
taale of the moat faddy paraon that
ever lived. Ilut they were a bit too
rlli. King fur anything like permanent
wear. The handi-uff are lea brutal
In their make-up. but they beld th I
wrlata quite tight enough for aafety ts
th atat. I'ullke th modern wrlt
conflnera. they did not permit th mov
ing of th hand. llog mad In one
piece. A aprlng lock of ancient pat
tern and boundlea ruat atlll holt the
cuff linked, but a woman with aniall
hand i i an raaily allp them on and (IT.
awmlna'y Indicating that the ill of
the buninn ban I I decreasing, or elae
that there were no feminine trngre.
ur In the daya of old.
The lant numler of the rollxtlon of
antique la the mt griiemn.e, and
heme, perhapa. the nit Inlerta'lng It
It nothing le than the nn.ilcl ,f the
gsllo trce up. .n whlih the n-alefac-tma
were Inii' d for Imle u- -- .1 1 1 1. a
l.Ke niuril'-r and ao on The mode) la
very lit ar nl'Hiv the frame la HkM and
t-'rMtig and cmv !- au'ion la taken
that the rHirt ara I le a i ttint tan
ired fur mt'i'iif hut the t-rl.
1 I. . ...... ... "
M M' Ihe j.a.V f T'--,:,.,pc
r. preme. hv a fl-Mlne. I.
I underneath the rcpe I. a an-a!l
, unnerne:h the rape . , t,M
pu( irm. hlngi-,1 to the wltntowalll and
artVVJ.ite.l by a cord running up t ,he
t.ijTTif the framework and l,.n Into
the room occupied by the condemned
kl.H W'ltnta all . - 1 . . . . .
' " " iea.iv ior me exe
cution the rr1ri.lti.il waa le, out cio
the platform and a ie, i:4 f ,h, ,,ni
for whlih he waa to lie nr u ...
given, men at a algnal the rope which
anpported the platform wa. . J tnA ,h
Prisoner wa. 1....,. he I Illo rl,rn((v
... ....... li. . .rn"-
" i"in itiB'ir 1111 1 llllal niii.Tnl aw...
In active me In Canada until the bill
4.prm t.Ung for private etvcutlon
pae., and then the.e ol.l den'h-ma-
rhlne. m-eiti m.t ,k......i. . .
replincd by more modern m.iho.'i
Apart from the grucim fin, lea
that lneilial.lv ding arn nd relic f
thl. sort, there 1. . rte, .t,,! f r, ,1 1
lnl,.r... In I... I.-..
" mw ' iii.il... in me conienipia-
tlon of antlqii. and a little aear.-hing
n and around Sand I h would lonM
le reve many other. rqual r, n.
tere.tlng a. tho.e f Mr. j,nlr, M,,r,
Alklell,. As..., lh. r,,K,,
Acciimimnyliig picture, .how a form
of w-retlUg callcl (khl.ai.d very p.-pu- i
lar In Ikoae parte of India wher thi
re,-ent maaaacre of Ilrltl.h troora ne.
curied. pefor comnieuctng a bout,
es.h wre.tiir grp hi left fmit with
hi rlcht hnd. and during tho bout
he must retain thl hold- if hi fool
slip from hi hand, be hf loat thl
bout. '
Th prison of Germany co.st th em
p'rti ffl a year.
The Worn !:; on
They believe on the frontier, that !
Apache Kid la dead.
It la over a year now aim the bloody
body of murdered man or luanglcd wo
man brought dread word to tho world
of hla activity, and no aurh pM lod ha
elapeed before ajnc Kl I and bla fellow
mtirderere on tJudr. way to execution
alew their guarda and escaped tu the
mountalna, anil that waa a decade ago.
Tha frontier baa reaiion to pray that
tha tale of hla doath la truo. lor yeara
be bna been a. turrlryliig ghost In tha
mountalna and on the plalue of South
am Alaona and Northorn Mexico. Hla
bualnew baa been munier. bla aport
aaeaaalnallon. TU artnl of two
great countrlea hav warred with biro,
and the grave of thosw who were a nt
again1 him ar aa plenty aa the gravea
ot ihoiie he him data while they alept
or while they traveled unconw loua of
bla aearawM. Hla Ufa baa been that or
a tiger, not of a maa. During year,
ther baa been hardly a day when b
aa aot the dangeroue quarry foe.
wbhh men hunted. A price waa pat
upon hla bead and man-huntera train
civil Ufa left their vocatlone to try and
win th $'.000 that wa bid fur hla life.
Civil offlcera and oldinra-he aat
them all. And neither the men la anl
form nor the men In plain clothe have
ever been able to capture or kill blm.
Wall they brought hi brother to fol
low hla trail over a deaert he murdered
behind them. When they auilghl him
there they heard of him tweeiy league
away, ahooting a teamr from am
buah bealde the road, braining a child
that had wandered from a ram-h houae.
cutting the throat of a woman who wa
alone In a cabin. Nobody know how
many Uvea be took. The pigeon hole
of the war dcrartment bold the musty
voucher for hundred of thouaand of
dollara apent In the vain attempt to
alay till apecier of the deaert. On the
other aide of the fllo Grande, the Mex
; Icana bav the aame aort of atory of
failure told by archive and military
' reporta. In hla war with two great
', nation Apache Kid atanda victor. The
1 reaaon for the belief In th death of
Apache Kid la the report of two proa-
pector. Ilurnett and ItonKall, who
found the cave In the Hiperatltlon
, Mountalna that alieltered hi in during
aome of hi dlapwarance. Several
t time the oldiera preaaed blm rloae In
the 8iipr' It Inn Mountain, but there
i alway came a time when no more foot
print cou'.d be found, and the aoldler
. bad to return to their puata with lb
uaual tal of unurcea. The prope t
ora watched th bole for mop'h for
' the coming of the man wolf who
! denned there. He aid not come, and
! ' 4 ' f "
. ' r "
they at laat ventured Into the hole and
"Pi"rea 11 entire extent. They foun 1
M " ldcn. of It. o,c,pan, y.bu, their
judgment wa. that no man h. l pa,.e,l
. , ... , ,
' wi i.iat a m a ilia ina iiitr
a year ago. It wa an Ideal
' ,r,"hold for a hunted nun. 1 he on-
' Iy "l''"r"' 1" it on an almoai
rernerullrii'.r Muff h:.i ni.rt.L... .k.
country for mile. oe nun with a
rin' r"uM n",J ,hr ,,,'' agalnat an
Ta ammunition held
h nere me Mil .nej. ir .led he I.
no man can aay. He knew how It
would delight hla enemle o know of i
hla death, and he had wit enough to
hide hlniwlf If he felt death coming.
Tke ainiv mt Ike k4
San Carlo. Indian Agency t'orreapon
den.e: fp to ISM Apache Kid w.
well-liehaved an Indian aa ever came
on to thl reservation. He a acout
and trailer un.l.-r General frooke. .nd
helped that officer to run hi
Geronimn to earth In the Sierra Ma. Ire,
... ...
He grew up on the reaervatlon Ilk anv '
other Apache tioy, and the only atten
tion he attiacled during the flrat
I year, of hi" life waa Wau.e of hi
J wonderful r-'owea lth (w and ar
row and with Ihe rifle. When he wa
11 year, old he con'. I ontuh.wit any It -dlan
on the reservation, and he waa
frequently called up to ahow hi .kill
i.eiuie ui.iinguiane.1 viaiion. Wnn
he grew up he naturally went Into th !
a-.iiit. and behaved hlmeelf; that l,
he helped the white hunt hi peopla to
death whenever he waa o commanded
bv Thief of Kcniita AI Slelier. Tha
Kid ro to be ergent of s.-outa. la
I a Pima Indian killed the Kid
grandfather, and he asked hla chief for
leave of absence long enouch to kill
the Pima. A refuel to permit thl de
tarture w a aa If a bu.lnea nun ahould
refuse an employe a day' leave to at
tend hla mother'a funeral. Sleher made
the reniie.t the tcvt for s .ermon nn (he
' -w- . : T ; 1- v . ! , .
! wrongfulneaa of kllllns, even though
'"n ren'urle of amestor commanded
". nd refused the request,
1,,n ,,!t lhout leave,
"!n '", " 'ii'. .f hi .j.in I with
e''''' the p.ma and reported buck
,,r ,,ulv- 4 arreted, but e-
ripd the amie n!ht. and with a fe
l an. !rte. fur o!i Me.l.-o In th
'e 1" no Mountains tbe f.ulilvex c.ime
b; ,-i ts i pro;., or iliv-jing r.t. a
Ai! tec- t:sr.
claim. Tho Indian erep the mouth
of tha ahaft where the wlAle men were
digging and. ahot tueta. Hut tha sol
dier win uloe behind them. Tby
were cut off from old Mexico, and,
doubling oa their trail, came back to
the reaervatlon. where they were again
arreatod. Several of the band were
hanged ftir murder, but Kid and four
other wer court martinled and aen
tenced ta Impriawnnient In the military
prlaon 'in Alcatraa laland. In San Kran
claro Itay. Kid during hla Journey
through rallfornla got a clear Idea of
tha number of the white man. lie
ii gn rraaclaco and the brick fort
anil the big balterlea on Alcatrai !
fni be waa locked up there. I'reeU
duot Cleveland pardoned Kid out Jf
nriaon aad returned hiiu to th rrjtor
aatlon. Rut the civil anthoritU ot
Arizona did not Ilka the Idea of hn ln-
J'.an guilty of a cold bl.MxInl i mur
der aa that of the two proxpectora, aiid
th grand Jury Indicted Apiu'ho avid
for annrder. Grand Jurlea were a
oa the Indian book. All civil pro-ci-eaea
ar m)terlc to them. Indeed.
Kid never could underatiinl why h
waa let out of Aliatraa. K rua a aew
way of making war to him. Well, th
civil authorltiea ran Kjl tbroagh th
court mill Ilk any other criminal,
found him guilty and ventenred him to
be hanged. Sheriff Glen Ileyaolda.wlth
a deputy and a teumxter. atarted for
Yuma to deliver three primmer anil
a Mexican at ta penitentiary. Ihla
waa In November. 1SX9. The ou'flt
came to a hard pier of road, and
Sheriff Itcyuulda made all bla prnon-'M
but one lame one walk. They wet
ahackled la ciuple and the aherlff anc
bla deputy walked with blm. The laine
Indlaa wa left In the wagon. gii.v.'d
by th teamcer.
Bii'lilrnly the ah' klcd prtiouera
aprang upon their two guard. At the
aame moment the lam Indian
anatrhed the platol from the teamater
and hot him In the face. The aherlff
and hla deputy were beaten to d'a'.h
with atone.
The atory wa told by the Mexlian
prlmner. who eecaped before the
Apache had got ridden of their aback
Tbey found the keya to the lion In
the iherlff pocket. They look all the
money the dead man bad. and with thla
and the white tnen'a arm they Bed to
the mountain. Her begin the real
atory of the life of thl human tiger.
With hla fellow prlaoner. a band of
cut-throat under a devil leaderahlp,
t,hey raided b k and forth acroaa the
Mexican frontier, killing men and tor-
Hiring women, while the oldler and
T o.
1 a volunteer . . .
!,.,.,,, 1 1
, Tr, Z j l ' Z "1,,
! ,, ' ""J 1 ",rr M
I hunt, and Ultimately vrrwA th.
' uumireu
( "
-ana so close, that they had to
catter. Moat of them drifted back to
the reservation, but Kid never came
I . T0''Mr" ' 'T'ah h awooped
n ln "",',lrta of the rc.erv.
I1"" n'' arrled off a young quaw. He
1 p' n,,r ,n th mountain with him.
reaaing of hate
'"r ':rr 'hfh he racaped and
nMlrnpd to the reservation.
Since that time he haa at.tien several
om.-n, sometime killing the buck
to whom they belonged; Inn olher
squaw haa ever returned. Whenever
the K!d wanted a new woman he killed
tbe one he had with him.
A I.e. rer nit v I.
. . '''Si.vron horae-
I li . l.f I ..n I ... .
!... but linn last
ck I had never
'Tn ,rm'1 heela, ay a writer
In Sketch. had lenetrate.t Int.. it..
fa.tneM t,f DartniiM.r. when he ludden
l.v appeared over the brow of a distant
foot-hlil and came coasting down
toward me very rapidly. When alHiut
ten yard away he !ackened eed aud
denly and. without even allghtli.g,
craved relief, lining muttered a few
prayera and flung the fellow a guinea
P1"'. I hade him be of good cheer, and
he quickly left me. Certainly our o
clal democrate hav little t wish for
when a tramp In raga can afford to be
atrlde a Heeaton Humber' Exrhange.
Jspe.es l.l.erarr ai.ll.lles.
Jap.n I. a llterar) country, with a
history of writing and lileuim, ,in.e
at e.t A D. 712. U.t year tAe aum
Iwr of b.M.ka published waa iii.Cl. of
which M.iaio wer translation, or com
pilation, lii M with 4.M0. religion
followed with 1.181. painting and sculp
tor had 3.1X10. mtlalc Ifiit, Jamnee
poetry sj. and work" In helle-rtter.
novels, stories, cri'J. Isms, etc., 1 112
tlllea. -
tmmr I rrs .1 it,. I.asse.
"How do jiii su:uvse the miner In
""aing tV.s time"
frwie-o.it. It's a dead-ear-
n; th're. 1 1 1 "-Cv. -hanrfe.
"w -li V""- - 1. 1 1
!ali re
re t g,.
A it mm Tt.Tma Mm TIP l"orUi ;
" JNT.RE9riNG'
fiprlngl'-y aul I took a long riwu'jrw, Qvn RUf
Urge imt attVt country, ay( inn De
troit Krc I'r. At leant. It : .
pleaaure trly. ir M. Ho made m a
good big w&gur before atarting that h
could have, a gtorioua lime without Ho
ping an on during tha whole tlma
we wer gon. He waa tg enjoy tht,
benefit ot my generoelty, but to act a
though traveling alon when w, ev.
couii!-tei tboa wbo expetted to M
Thie rat night on the aleeper-be
fftit very well. In the roornlne; he
put oa hta neatly iMjilnned ruaae'a. bad
hl iituthe bruahej. and men ' "'r
hi back on the bowing porter. Then
the trouble began. " received. nn at
t:utVoa axcept of th mint aggrvatlng
kiaJ. Every one la awhll th porter
would appear w it a a waiter, for the
dtalng car and they woulil look at
Sprlngley aa thoh viewlni? ofli b'
man curiosity ut piece of waxworka.
It took an ho1ar of threteulng Mid
blustering for aim to get, a table and
a deck of car At dinno- he waa pt
waiting till ly ever. one el, waa
done, and t'. . bla f.K)j waa btvc1 In
a hean aa a 10-cen aoup-anJ-haab
cafe. Ther waa notb tig palataXIn and
each attempt to get aomethlng bettor
waa futllfa. though h',mde enengU fuaa
to attrai everyUw'f'a attention. TV
other puiaenger t'sxan lo leok at hlaa
aakant. That nlg'jt be alept In a howl
ing diaft. with a le In th top bUakt
that a could hi.re crept through. Next
motalng he locked like a matt la tha
latter atagea 'ef bay I er and tt took
h'-m an hour to get a matutinal drink
that would relieve hla breathing ap
paratua. Ill ahoe looked aa though
he bad len out t a atorm and hla
breakfiut waa on tftat would not tempt
a harvest band, much leaa an Invalid.
After valuly tiding lo ll the bet off
Kprlna'ey pmj it. Krom that or. h
w ruymreni in ni upa ami nc wai
cared for aa thc-igh a prima donna.
It la iiWeaMinabla to expect a maid
to be clean and neat if the I given a
tiny, dark room, full of raat-ofl furni
ture and bung with ragged curtain.
If ber peraonal belonging are bright
and freb hf will not only take bet -
ter care of her own quartera but ahe
will reaped ber mlitrea more and con
4quenlly be leaa likely to allp out of
her du Ilea. It la a lamentable fact that
many a mltra put ber aervant In
room which would Imply that ah
had forgotten all about lb maid be
ing flh-and-llood women, with llttl
preference of their own. Bom peti
I of tb houeebold ar houaed better that
the men and maid of many eitak
liabaicnta. Tour.g and Inexperienced servant,
e.pecl.llv ar carelesa aU.ut ventila
tion If po.,ble. a tm, ventilator
hlch eannot b .hut down ahould b
flx'd In one of th window, .nd. If the
bedstead I not directly u.l.r....K
he current of .Ir will be beneficial
U- h winter and .un.in.er. There .houid
not 1 . v.Unc either to tb. window
or bed and all th.t the former re
quire, .re a hort niu.lin curtain aod
ptetty. washable colored run tut
te!n. woiking on a narrow bra, r.d
me n.xr should be covered with a
rlan.lfWL la !. a.
- - j , i ' f 1 i
.m. "noienm or mat- acroaa the Atlantic atat that the trad,
ting, w ,h a rug by the bed.l.le. an l for Hereford, thera la UndoubteTill rl!
ahou. be scrubbed .,, ,nd th.t m nuuroTbuyeT;
a weeg. men the bedstead ho.ild be cmtemplallug coming over to Ens'and
a email Iron one, with wove wire mat- In the spring to make aelectlon. per
tress .ml a g.. wool one and should aonaliy. Pom of th niit aanguin
have In addition to the ordinary sui.- borne breeder think tber . about' to
ply of blanket g w.shsi.ie colored ' le another American boom, only on
counterpane. ! more reasouabl line than the last
1 for extra aire oa ranche. wher tb
The furniture .b...i'd be of painted 1 "''"''"'l 'rala ha mad Itself fOB.
ood -cheat of ilia.e.. dressing table 'lruoUk'y Profitable, for the Introduc
with looking-glass or a bureau wa.h- I of lWr'(" am.mg.t cam
Ing atand With all n.cary fitting. !., ,h'',llr not b"a Prevlou.iy
towel rck and tan cane ch.llra. If
ll.ere I. a re.'e. hbh can ! se,
for dreta pega, ao much the better, and
a cretonne curtain may tie arranged
to CJer It. Wherever possible, er
vtnt ahnuld be allosed a separate
room, but If the site of the house itM
not pern.'t of thi It I wle to have
separate bed.
T.a.el I aee Ik. Il.s.hw.
The 1 nu ie I to have a tunnel
.e -
nealh II bed. The Hungarian govern
men! ha Ju.t completed the nece.s.r.y
arrangements for the con. (ruction
without delay of a auhway heneaih the
river at Iludapest, on th aam princi
ple aa that of ihe new liiackw.u tun
nel under th Thame In London.
Ther U lo b a footpath for passen
ger and an electric railway. Th up
per way will be reserve.! exclusively
for vehicular traffic, an I ventilation I
to be provide-' by electricity.
An om.aw, three m mtishlner and
two other men were arrested at the
Sunn-lt n ramp m.s-tlng at Klnsnood
V". V
Ham fciMmaful tuaur. O. ,
Ilepartmeiit ot b Farntr a
IllnU a to tioa Car at I.im
r.ipfwillh to artldrl! Ili4a-blng.
T li onlj recently
that operator ot
Incubatora have
come tu. tully real
ize tho. great itur
por'anc of proper
vmitll il 'fin fkf In.
y ciibatora ana tiat' w
'JJ Ing sima. The
following (Vol. XU.
4 f J No. W, Keprt
parUnenA f Agrlcuitiut!. taken from
the raoorta of lb Krch miniver of
agriculture, ahow co;tii"lvcly tjk ne
cwtfty applying vttallzlng air to the
rhlefe. Tie aenalble hn aoola aad air
hwe rtsx aa niuat aneeeaarwl Hicu
baUer operator. "U waa alao finnd that
kW of fowl which were at liberty
aatvt4 better than tboa ot fowla
whtra were cotLlned. In teeta mad
wlta an IncubMor It wa found that
gg which we repeat Jly cooled aad
warmed batrltad much better than
taoa that wr kept at a warm tern
acratur all tha time. In on expert
aient the tsa wer cooled by exptjaing
them to la air tor oa and on-blt
hour daily during whole period of
Incubation, Th' atment retarded
tba period of for tU'ree daya
The ga bee a in qulta cold and It re
qu!rd about twclv hour to bring
them up to 101 dtg. ".. th temperature
of Incubation. In the experiment, thir
teen out ot alxteen hatched vlgorou
chicken. Th incubator haa been pre
viously uacd with enatlafactory re
uila Crnm a aeooid exoerlment It wa
,nferr.d lh.. tn, gradual brat of th
W(l M,pntial aa tu prneea or
cooling. Twenty-flv egg wLI bad
been laid on very warm daya rer
placed In an Incubator and expo.ted to
th air, la th preceding ca. Tba
trmperatur waa auch that th eggs
wer warmed up to 101 degree ta two
or tbre hour. Thla temperature waa
maintained until th brood batched
Th chlckena pierced tb tbell. but they
wer o weak that they died b'for
; jf,vlng tha egg. It waa found that th
UpoB which a fowl la alttlng ar
not all of th aame temperature, thoae
upon th outalde being cooler than
tho that 11 Intld." --'
Oatawa fee FMlIrr rwavt
Tber la no vegetable that grows ot
mora valu to tb poultrytnaa than tb
onion, aay American Poultry Journal
Doubtleaa It waa on ot th food ot tb
fowl In Ita natural atat. aa It la found
growing wild la aeveral part ot tba
world. la I'.llnola and Mlaaoarl w
t '
Ikhava found It. both In nn".;'-
ji laaWaial..' Ju,. -g-- "-ZZ?
j ". .... :. k and rrlp
r. early In th aprlng, that would lengthen
and toughen a th aeaaoa advanced, to
bear a tuiall aeedllng onion or "button"
Vat In the fall. W never tried plant
ing any of th "button" onion of tb
wild variety, but doubtleaa If we had
they would hav produced tb ame
c!a amaller In ail perhapa ol
Otiioc that th "aeta" of th cultivated
aorta do to-day. De that aa It may, tha
onion of rommerc la a valuable addi
tion to the lUt cf vegetable that are
conldered good for fowla. At thla aea
aoa of th year when tb fowla ar run
down by th heat of tbe autumn and
tk uraln of moulting, tb onion will
bt found a flrat-cla tonic Where
ther la bowel trouble, with greentah
dropping, and daentery, onion cut uy
tolcrbly One and fed a often a three
time a week will prove of great bene
t, anJ where the chicken hav bad
icccm to any unclean food and becor.:
aSccted by It, aurh a decaying inUiI
aiattcr, whlih load to llrobrrnecit 0t
ol.l-tlme ebl. k.n ,t,i ,
I tb. feeding of onlong will b fo.jnd iera-
I cflcial; althottjh when a chlckea get,
1 tod tbanc at aucb atuff. aad geu a!
tig do of It. It la about ai tjod ai
,. 1 recaution ahould b liken to
1 r nothing of tb kind oa th prem
1 lae. Onlona IkiIIctI la with the warm
I wah for tb hen I gid. and by in-
v.corating anj atlmu.'ating them cauje
them to lay better, la fact onion
a tonic and a food 1 on of the iimpl
protla'.ou of natur that any one can
keep bandy at a ma.l cost. Don t fail
to luclud ti'n. la yur poultry bill of
tar two Of tare time a week, and
oftcnet If ti chicken ajpear d( oill-
awlii Iwiaa4 fee llereferda.
After a long calm, during which th
asportation of Hereford rati! hav
been few and far between, home breed
er are once more hopeful of a good de.
niand from Canada and the I n'ted
State, eart 1-ondon IJv Stock Jour.
eaL letter from people n authority
..... .... ,rrsa diooj m p-d!gre
berd. The tienund I coming very op
portunely now that th depre.alon In
agrlcultur I more eeverely felt even
In fruitful Herefordshire, n 1, jub.
lie of th Hereford Herd Book e.wie.
ty. which haa don ao much tow.rii
m.lntainlng th purity and pedigr of
th Hereford breed. Next year I th
centen.ry of th Herefordshire a.ri
cultur.1 .oclety. which wa oric'n.ie.1
for th expr-. purple of Improving
!'rf?!.V":. - - '
.......... ... ,,.. . 0Plp tn n,rfm
ford C.ttl. Ureclera- ...Nation,
r.I". .M M'fU, h0U,n f""'
P Itlon. for th comparlaon of young
ball, and In brlnjing to notlo th
ot promllng animal. Ther u
quit re.pes-t.bi consignment of
young pedigree Hereford, now going
acroaa th Atlantic, th genuine char
acter of th trad being Indicated bv
th diftcrenc of purchaser, snd the
variety of herd which hai b-.a .
Itcd frtun.
TK lu.fl Hart.
Within the next three or ftr ve.us
It Is probable that two-tM;,. of a;; (..,
iaft hor. no d.t.r.fi t' e w.u of t' .
amntry wU! b i,oM ;a tv, ',!..
prWe Ij. v
other h-.
heavy, ahow
th market f j.
that borae of thla s
the work well, but ar
vertuernent of their tu-.
there much pronilw that t.
found In tha near future It X,.
Ing aopply of ciiim. Karrwra ai, .
atock grower are l.xkln,:,iiWl tJ ''
aom Una of work that l ntt ov.-r-donei.
No one convemaj; lth '.he f -
utlon ha any apprehension about t..
draft home bui!n-e b-li:g over lt-i. i
bow. The only thitiK. th.U at rwr.x,
prevent a genuine d:..'t ho" fatvla-i
li tb general biialnf depe!'n th'
eilpt throughout lh cour.try. wV.-'
limit the demand. If the d. nur.j tu
normal, the aupp y wouM !i
Inadequate to It. Tha breeding l e
draft home wh oever ona ha n
ultable for the work, i. Uen '"'-W ,
far aa It I pi.iili; tor ac.yune y r
Into th future aa good an open'i.g a'
th llv atock, grower ca ti X,
It I aI that 'J-
de.term!rJ t"-' i v
tb entJKnv."'i, '
In the, atat cf M .
Dairy Kepon. It
Icr and dealer of t
Itker Utterly lost to 1 . -
rlgkt and Joatlc or aro ao
with their own wUdorn in r--ir
Interpretation of tbe law that t;
are njonth ahead what the d
the court w ill ts, and therefore
law breaker rather than In
citizen. Tbe dairy coniroU
tbat lb law will be fj t-u ... i
lata of Michigan. A a u-aitUfj. t'irerv
and dealera In olco to the c.ir.T-y r.
wltbatanding. Tba dairy comtn.-: 1
er will have tb who! common'
to aupport him, and wa b"P l.
earneatly that he will aucceeil in c
vlnclng theae violator that the U -meant
to be obeyed and not dlaobeye
Th aalry coinmlasloncr and aa'-H"'
tlea of that tt bv. o'. course, .
advantage or tb parttca who ar
deavorlng to enlur' th law :n '
atat of Ullnola. Tb'r no
tion waa tnJ nor cF.car l
to tnforc th law eitil In
way, and yet we belle tb
la bWng put up now in tur '
reault tn driving out of v
manufacture ot oleo color,
tion of butter. '
iiu. a... 4
coaventloa la Ji.
Dennett aald, among other
th ear of cam, they are ,
clean and fr from rust. "
b waahed aa atioa aa t '
being used. Hina Crt
ter, then arrub tbor' ''
brush both In-
xa ln
,y .
warta wa:
good aoap
Giv particular 8
and r'on'i f'!
know ta In-. '. '
outlde. ria:.-k
Turn your rtn$ aj iJt
nough t a-"!"- to ,
leave th'U riiM .le up, or on !:.
aide In tii froi air, ar.J y.jj
have f'fja. et ran. It I a v.ry
coTnnua error tu Icav thrtn over a
Cike. or oa a t"rl Th: li a ark"
;;:. a Invariably th can w::i
h at thrre!'y. The bt a r or :.-a:a
riee and baa no ape, rri-'i i
cBdenr In th cm and .j-ir. .'.! i j
.ik other l well cared fur if (. t
' !intJ from 80 O.def rraa..!l. A ru
ho,,M B,n u ,E 1:"-"'4rU
r".a CartoKi.k.
iBg m,u,,.
Milk. If iui or tioissh cn.-i-
talnlcg It ar kept iM and clear.!. v.
may with advantage be kept (ti
fowl can get to It at any time. vir
kind of food houid be givii. r. ": 1-
lar time and only ln the qiian-'i'ie
tbat will l then coninirned, av. .n rx.
change. It I lmply wanvfu! t 1 t.'iru-'
out to them a large quantity of f,,.) 3
order that they have It withiu r-a. i
all Ihronsh the day. Mmh of It wUl te
cattcred about, lo;, or o f : v jj
your fowl ought not to eat It. li. ' ! -v
thia, ail poultry ren'.r a rerta -amount
of xerc! la order to t
healthy, and Ibla exerclae they wt: m
take unlea driven by ajpetit ta br.t
for part of their f1Kd. And It I pr,'!,
abl that needed qtmliUe of f
taincd by to hunting aid In the a! inf
lation of th ordinary feed given t.i
them. The careie. feeJlr.s of cnn,-.
ary quantltie at a tlm prev-i.u hc-,
fnim Ujlng aa they wnu!i If n"t err--fed.
and thoe Intended for the uble or
market, ar fattened beat by giving
llu aj only o nimb a they w,;i :
Up at racA meal.
Tasir ( leser aee.l.
Crlm.on clover I a 'pert.!, kit'v"
kind of plant, with very weil d.f.n'd
aoilon of Ita on about where It w.;i
or will BiH grow, aaya We.tera Kaim.r.
Fonictlme w hen It seem, to have every
facility it doe. not amount to anything
Nothing lr,.t xpviiiu-8t U..wa.
many cams, whether crlm.on c'ir
ran be u,vfu!:y grown. It .hi.: i t.
added, though, that the p r q; ;,
of clover ! o ot:ea on t;, ;. . : ,. ;
ha a.mi W.M jeal to do w.th t..o
poor rlover v S - . ,
tlea. Wh.;..-
Indifferent. tr e..
d. l!!crately j u; c' 5. 1. lbf
tbat they kn r
naxtn-r for lad . n .
tain It 1 th.:
or p.H.r qu.s'.i'y 1
tap! on tb ni
mandej f..r cl n.
awl buyer a
tbey if tor.
'' Mnnd
Gutter f r
lnd, the ,rv h
very h..t -
u s. r " m i k
'Ai colon
1 -v r
tt l.n :.r to tv.s 1
fold It t the !: s!.'
, t'
It as raise
I .1 i 1 u ,
lu l"e li...;
. 1-; .: u
'1 V
I t.
1 A

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