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lint Know
-If of hi. hld-
., - -1 ilcn treasure, ays
the New York Her
4 ii there-cold, yell".
bttrlcd fnr yur be
nd mold of Mexico,
' llrclea pattenr of
J'u to nel out on hi
wlih IhU fortune,
'.'tigers to overcome,
h cold iml famine,
l pleasantly he will
hl h li the rlche
i wealthy nun fur
" Is statement li
y Is at present
,ay asserted thnk
i lace where )"!
' nj that V-in
f s he w'i set out
Ih .irh will lo
'it hi of patient
i a lirrmnn, a
as one of thi olil
Cspt. May. th way h
k'in Irsck of th uoncy
mt here In 1W3 an oil
J 1 1 ! Itioln. Hiram Pennoyer,
)'n i ii in mi win waa marrl.'l
' Iht of an ll veteran of
" war. living In Chicago.
itl till I Pflmnl-ff fb.t .MIa
campaign III Mexico In
irMtit whn money
ng to th government
out of t!i wairon ljr the
. . in wni. ami that th
4 n buried lijr a companion
1 s companion, a crgent.
I n a flu Jit a few day afir
'ionry, a
f In al
ami th old vet-
about It to hla ail
s' 1 1 s . raing aown or
f V' 1 U 'ossing th river In
'.( uniw for the
ine ioi.
' r rliwicd in veteran
... iillfiirnla. where he vn paid
i ff and then rtnrn(t hi. if in
Ch!io. On account of bla ht.okn
lie.nlth the woman would not let him
return, ao th man waited for a aon to
grow larj noiih to go aftr th (old
('a th inn attaining manhood the o'J
nun flttd hint out and nt him on
the Journey, but the fad went aatray.
and, apndlnf all the money, turned
Into a liW. On the marriage of the
daiiish'er of the veteran with th aon
of ivnnoyer. the veteran told I'enno
ycr Die whole hlntory of tha affair and
aM him a plan of th apot wbera th
gold wa biirid, aa well aa full direc
tion how to locate the place.
When Pennoyef told May the glory
May offered t" g" and get th money
for a phsr In the reatilt. So, equipped
with a map and full hlatory of tb
event, he r'a'-hed Vera Cnii, aad act
out on bla Journey toward tha direc
tion of Jalapa. It found that th d
crlption given by Pennoyer waa cor
net in th main, but thar waa a alight
error In bearlnga that at Drat puttied
him greaCy. Pennoyer had mad ft
tnti'ake In th placing of a landmark,
but th gnral Ilea waa right, and,
knoalng the Spanlati tongu perfectly.
May t-an to glean Information from
the Mfidani who lived at th place,
lie found one old man who had lived
In tile eame adob hut for yeara, and
who remembered distinctly the time
that the American troop bad rroaeed
tha atriam. He gav an accurate rte
acrlptlon of the event, apok of the
breaking down of the waaona, and aald
that the Americana had luat aome
r'iTc, thuugh none of the Mealnna
nicrlan1lng KnglUh. none waa
aar that two Nnea if gold were
among the thing apllled, nor would
they eer he known of their being
burkd there by the rgcnl. even had
they known the money tumbled out.
From thla old man May got inch an
accural account that, by pulling I'
Willi the one given him by Pennoyer,
he waa able to bcM a apot who de.
tcrlptlon tallied In every reaper! with
the !rr given by th veteran aa the
place hcre the coin lay.
lie burned that the troopa had left
,Ye ("'" '"f march norih and on
rea'bliK hf banka of the (inadelupe
river tb' Infantry had frrwaed over an
ancient atone bridge while the calvary
and waamia ent down one aide to
rroM by a ford. On the left hand of
the bridge on the eolith bank waa a
fort and on the rlisht hand nn th other
1-ank wa ano'her fort, while at a ahort
di.tanre l"d a hill. Penncyer had
tnld Ibe waaone holding the money ha I
crrd the bridge and In thi hy hi
frror fim truth waa that the horaen
(vn taken down about a n.'ii-tr
t( a ml' ffm the brbU' and rrned
wb'-i the water waa ahallow. The
Mexican pointed out the ford where t!e
wii:n ir.ill cromed and even the p0;
,hrr, one wagon bad broken (loan and
lout a wheel.
0 looking al-otit May aaw at one
that It lux Ibe Very Iot ilearrlbed by
There a t doubt lit May'a mln.l
that be bad found the treasure at la!.
Hut one thing Hopped him-he waa
watched. For d.xya there had bi-n
nien dofirlng hi f.aitatcpa. pereona who
had evidently heard or me onject ot
t,la carch. and It would not be ajfc
to dig. With men mKiiltatu; of every
movement It would hav been Impo
,!!,)c to do anything or get the money
nut V the country, an he l!pid away,
mining bark hens to make better prep-
amtloiit for bringing, home the trena
il re.
On reaching home May found hla per.
.oral buMneea In tangle, hla land
wound tip In legal tanglea In hla old
place In CMir,"l m' ul" "'I hlrn
yi ad out for trade In th Gulf of
Mexico wreiked. Then cam legal
cnrcpllrvlop with the government and
the bard I'm ' ,n" ,wo
that the raptaln baa leen detained from
returnlr.g Vtc a ,n f,M
Dut h h met dim who tU4 ih
i m
i of the veteran, men
y in inn Mexican war ai.J
f th lima of the money, the
Yiow imw1j to go to Mexico
Vew weks and la confident of
k with the $1W,000 In gold.
aln will take with him an
Vsting of a diamond drill,
1 he will prospect all ahou
r of the apot. lie believes
be hut the wink of a few
the boxes, whlrh were of
rapped with Iron band,
'm will lie made on the
, Mexican government ha
4 .w. but there la no ructoin
'in of any realm being car
a foreign ronniry. Neither
be undertake to any what claims
Vlilted filafea would present
arnlnst the gold. The money waa sent
to Gen. Taylor to pay off the troop".
and Ita amount U mentioned In the pa-
pera of the war department of that
date, the captain asserts. The fact that
Ita loea waa not reported U accounted
for by the captain by stating that the
superior officer aim ply did not report
It. aa It waa not lot In a fight, but dur
ing a atorm, and the loea waa not
known till after the troops bad reached
A Aarlral llrllUh I'aatlm XThl.h lla
Iaa.le4 America.
- Rome of the big athletic rluba whoe
athletic committee are alway on tha
lookout for new gamea bxv recently
taken up "bowling on the green," a
very ancient Ilrlllh paatlme. In Ita
proent form It hatla fmtn Canada,
where baa Uen played In a quiet way
for antiie time. A aet of balls for grn
bowling conalala of one round yellow
ball called th "Jack." and eight bow la,
which are egg-haped balla of lignum
vltae. pe'hapa all or eight Inc'iea lon j.
with a small plate of metal l"t In at
on end and a larger one at th other,
ao that the bowl can alwaya bo rolled
In a curve, which la In or out accord
ing to the poult Ion of the hand and
that of the larger atrip of metal.
In the American game two or four
can bowl. One throw the Jack away
on tha turf, and all bowl at It.
When a ball lie In the way,
the bowler altempta the curve.
The pl.xyr whoa bowl la ltearet the
Jack when alt have bowled, win one
point, and It la then hla privilege to
throw the Jack aa far a he like In
any direction for a new bowl, tn thta
way the game ran wander over an en
tire golf courae and fornlh lota of x
errla. If four player are In the game
they ran chooae aide or not. aa they
like. The game la aubatantlally like
the old Kngllah game of bowling, which
waa declared unlawful under Henry
VIII. The law remained a dead letter
for many yeara and waa finally re
pealed ao lately aa HIS. In th Kng
llsh game, the playing U repriced to
a green about alxty fret atjuare. ao
that th player wander back and forth,
and a klp or raptaln la named on each
II Wa III !.
Th Milne man who recently ued
hla neighbor for occupying three Inches
of hi land found by a aurvey that he
himself waa th treapaer to the ex-
tent of two feet and eleven IncVa Th 1
neighbor told hire he needn t move the
fenew but h aa a different sort of
Isaacs "Ilaf a cigar. ("ohn?"
. !
hn "Vita der madder mil It:"
Truth. I
Clerk "Tou ay jm w ill take tbl ;
kammwk. ml?" Phe "Ye, but It
want two of them." Clerk "Very well,!
madam "- l.lfe.
Itenedlit (proudly) "My wife kl.c (
m giKl ntgnt reg nariy. ii"" i
(bitterly) "Women are iupliioii
ciatur. aln t they?"- Huston ll-rald.
CfTi, man-' My boy. do you know
It's wicked to Ah on Ih Sabbath?"
Youngster "I Isn't Ahlng; I'm teach
ing thl ere wurm to awtm." Tit -lilt.
Gallant Handlt trobblng a oung
women's Jewelry )-I a.aure ymi. niii.
a diamond ring on sm h a lovely hand j
la ebuoltitelr niiwrflunu".-' llegen.J i
Got trt Mr. ltrown-J inea-"I
married my husband for proteclloii.
Jones llrown-Did you get It? Mrs.
Hrown-Jones-No; I d'iln'1 even r't
reciprocity Truth.
Cook (to policeman)-"How revtly
you carve that gmisc!" (With a su l.len
outburst of Je.vliiim) ) "Y' U have de
ceived me! 1 m not your TtM 1 c."
Fllegende ftlalter
First P-onrder "l wonder th land
lady leta blm star; exerjbi dy cm ee
how he drinks" Feionl It wider --Yes,
but lie nerr ha any apj-evte in
the morning "- lib k.
"Why. Gcrte. )nu baeu'l sr.m'.cd
any of tht agar I gJ )". lor a
birthday present?" "N'. !,-ir 1
couldn't And It In n.v bcirt I bum
anything ycui gave me."-.lui.d.
"Well. Gn'.lghtly. dul jo.i hue any
fun wearing a tel hr.'rn on .ur
whee"" "Ye; about fl"ccn men
thought I was a drug stoic ar, I th.w J
me ten blo kt "-!-trolt Kre Prrsa.
Pained - Patient - "Vol ? Hu dol
l.:is for t iklM' omI iIciii teclh. pen
list Two dollars if yo'i lake K ... I'.x
llent-Y'cung man, I t'cikbt ) ou vh a
deiitut. I didn't know yoi o a sa
foinbnnv Puck.
liny bad been ilrifiliiu uboiit In a:i
op"!! bunt for ecn d.ns and In I al
tnoHt glvin ll',l hope, when the lookoal
rrled, wildly; "A sail! a silir The
only womiin pawengcr look. .! up. n:i".
oniy: "Ob. Is It a barren sale?"
TH liila.
"I bav all the woild liefore me!"
shouted the young politician who n
addressing an au.lniice lu the noiih
eaatrrn part of the seventh wind.
"Y'rs." shouted an enthusiastic listener,
"and Tuckahoe at your Imck." Yonk
er Stalenman.
Marriage as a l f. :.sle Art.-"Two
dozen old nialda up In Kaunas hive
organitrd a bras baud. As soon a
on marries sh ha to resign."
"They'll hav no trouble In getting
married after their Arst appearance."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Thy were you discharged front
your last plareT asked the merchant i fai0r In the destruction of plant lire,
of the applicant tor a sltustlon. "I i , both th adult and young feed rav
waa disihsrged for good behavior, j nonaiy upon them. There I a notion
lr." "Wasn't that a singular reason , prevalent In om rar' of th stt
tor dlncbarge?" "Welt, you see. good ' that ladybird. In i"tti way or other,
hhvlor took Bin tvinth oit tny a- produce plant lice. Natural las will
isB." Ur rot permH imb a tt ot affair. IJk
Basse tp-to-llats Hint Abnal tlll
tloo of the Koll and VI.I1 TberMf
llortlraltara, Vlllcallar aait riort
allar. r.k- t'otloa I'laal.
appeared In the N.
Y. Sun what pur
ported to be a tele
gram from Atlanta,
(ja., telling ot a
wonderful cotton
plant that had been
Introduced from
equatorial Africa
and waa to revolu-
tlonli the cottctt
growing Industry of the world, li waa a
moat marveloua plant, towering to th
height of twenty feet and covered with
mana of downy cotton balla. Th man
In Georgia that la growing It would veil
aeeda aa low aa Ova centa apiece. The
Farmers' Itevlew ai-nt the clipping to
tb Georgia Experiment atatlon, and
received a reply In tb line It expected,
namely that the ao-called wonderful
plant wa merely a v. ordinary cot
ton plant that waa probably pulmcd
off on tb present Ceorgla enthualaat
by some local Joker. Ilelow we glv the
letter. Parenthetically we would cau
tion our reader against believing any
of th wonderful yarn that ar con
stantly appearing In th dally pre
bout new agricultural planta of great
value. Tb propagatora ar almply
Ualng the gullible city reporter to help
advertise some worth lea thing that
they hope to make money out of by
aales at fjbulou prlcea. Tb letter fol
io a:
Experiment. Ga , August. 2. 187.
Editor Farmer's Hevlew, Chicago, 111.
I have your of the 21th thla a. m,
eniliwlrig clipping from a Chicago pa
per. In reply to your letter I beg to aay
that tha article baa almply a naked
baala In factsomething to build upon.
There la a gentleman named Jackson.
who runa a aniall farm near Atlanta
and who la engaged In booming a ao
called African variety ot cotton, etc.
etc. After aome difficulty I succeeded
In getting a few seed of th cotton,
ot undoubted purity, and hav now In
progress an claliorate. competitive teat
Including 21 varieties of cotton, em'
bracing most of our popular, prolific
varieties, aeeda of which ar elly ob
Ulnabl at from 10 rent to $1.10 per
bushel. Bo tar I not nothing peculiar
In th cotton. Th planta hav an up
right habit of growth, and the trull
I produced on abort fruit apura, each
containing from two to Ave bolla. I eu
ally there la one or more long aid
branch that proceed out from the
main atem near th ground. Thia
habit, however, la not ao very remark
able. In fact It ao happen that on
ot the vartetlea planted In the com
petit lv test, and In row adjacent to
tbla "wonderful" cotton I very similar
to the latter, but not growing ao tall.
At the clime of tb eaon I will make
an exhaustive report of the test, which
will be published In bulletin form. At
preeent there M no Indication that the
yield will be even equal to the average
yield of the other 20 varieties. A few
boll hav already opened and ahow a
staple ot fair length and Oneness, but
pot comparable to Sea Island cotton.
There Is now no possibility ot any ma
terial Improvement In the condition
and promise ot any of the varieties. In
other word th crop U practically
'made," and tb final reeulta will be
practically th tame (relatively) aa are
now Indicated. Very truly,
PS. Th claim that the variety of
cotton belong to a different eenui
c,n,rt (r a moment, be allowed. It
, nut even of a new epecle. but stm-
ply a variety of G'tasyptum herbaceum,
and very probably ot local (domratlr)
Mtefclgaa trail (.rowers (IrgaatMi.
lb fruitgrowers at Pentwatr.
Mich, have taken the Initiative step
to protect their Interest in the way of
handling fruit. A stock company haa
u a rapim oi j.wi,
the management to make contracts
with strictly reliable de-tiers In such a
way aa to protect the grower. A de
tective eervic I contemplated to In
vestigate all complaint ot unfair treat
ment of ihlpper and cans for com
plaints by th commission dealers
against th Urmera for any aharp or
underhand practice on the part of the
shipper. To make the work of the
company effective, farmer ar being
organitrd Into local unions. Th local
union report th name of their mem
ber to th company and pay over a
membership fee ot on dollar each.
Th tecrtary of th local onion ascer
tains tb dumber of acre and condi
tion of th different kind of fruit to
be (hipped. Ail these facta will be re
corded by the company'e accretary. who
will designate th markrti to which
shipments should b ruad from each
local union, so that Don aha!) go to
an over-Blocked market Th com
pany I determined to ecur th beat
price possible for union member, who
ar to pay on dollar each every three
months to the company. In order to
continue It beneAclarle. Several
strong local unions hav been organ
itrd In Mason and I Wan a counties.
Michigan Fruit Grower.
l nrailM mt I'laal l ira.
Plant lice. Ilk most Insert, hav
certain natural enemle that tend to
keep them In check. Prominent among
these are the parasitic and prcdaceous
Insect. The former ar very minute
creatures, resembling wasps, which
usually lay their eggs upon the lice.
These egga hatch Into small maggots,
which enter the bodies of the He.
wh. they feed upon the body Juice
until they ar full grown. They then
transform to pupae within the body of
their host, from which they Anally
emerge by cutting a round hole through
the body of the louse. Cloe examina
tion of a colony of nni any louse will
reveal several yellowish or brownish
remains of Individuals which have
succumbed to parasitism. The prrda
rcous Insecta live by actually feed'.ij
upon the lb. The ladybirds or lady
bus are, by far. the most Important
7'"'h - sp wrM
peralatenlly aa It dcKa In the hirVr
at;"!-- T- t .? a trb'i i:
alw.ya ii Indyblrd like the r!- l.i-
aect. The young of the M r - how-
ever, look f . ry cl.T'Tcr.t " fn the i
U Ml U
In fact, the younc t eum
specie rcaemblo minute alligators la
general appearance, and are gully col
ored. They feed almost entirely upon
soft bodied Insecta. Among other In.
eect that feed upon pltnt lire, th
young of the Syrpbua fly must be men
tioned here. In nearly every colony
of lie tb cue little alug Ilka worma or
larvae can be seen. They move aliout,
raising their hi-.i'H IHrIi In the air,
and atrlklng here and there. When
ever an unlucky louse I touched It 1
selied. held aloft until Its Julrei hav
been aucked out, when Ita empty akin
la cast aside, and the worm aeeki
Iiulletiii 4,, Maryland Experiment
llenilrrlng lla
Many who have only a few bees and
do not own a wax extra' tor. saya tha
Iluay Hee, nils one of the aotircea of
prod! In bee keening by not aovlng the
ut I.ik ..f I. ti, ..I, i enmtn
Ih.i fc i J .... .1,-
nu ,i..-r "i a..? ,
bees. Have a receptarlo Into which all:
may be thrown until the end of the
season, or until ther Is sumdent to;
wake a good sited rake of wax. Pome ;
day when you have a fire tn your cook! HTr M !.
tove. and will not have une for th T" mt,'ol crop was ahort thia year,
ovrn. tie these piece of comb up In ""1 wlbweet Georgia farmer who
an old cotton cloth. Place In the oven "" practically "cornered" It In his
a tin or granite Iron pnn with about i neighborhood had Buffered seriously
an Inch of water In It; lay two Blender i frm the depredations of om of th
stick arrosa the pan, and on them tb ' hungry colored brethren, ho he gav
cloth containing the combs, In auch a It out that he had poisoned bl mel
way that It will not dip dow n Into th ( ona, and after the new went forth h
pan. ror drip oiiUM Into tho bottom 1 ceawd to mla them,
of the oven; ahut the ibxir and go about ! Night after night an old negro who
your work. Take a look at It occas- lived nr the flnt melon patch had
lonalry to see that all is going well ; gated at their green sides with hungry
The temperature of Ibe oven should b eyea, but the thought of the poison kept
modi-rate, if (he wuter boils, It la tot , him hungry still,
hot. Il Kiilute th Are or rinmtiera. oi ' One moonlight nlrht hnr M
leave the door open a littlu way. 1 bi appetite got tb b-st of him. Ha look
beat should uot be great enough tc ed lu tho direction of the melons long
scorch the stliks or rloth. When th and earnestly; then, shouldering a
wax seems to he all dripped Into tb ck. be started off.
pan. remove the atl. ks and cloth. II ( -jn de name er goodneaui. Ilufua
p.all.le. let the fire die out. shut thi hlir you WD.- n)i wlf,
oven and leave the pnn of wax to coo j Th, oM , lrnd Mn,,d ,0 th
In the oven. Thla will Insure a alow j hl(.on p,,ch and aald. alowly and eol
and even ciMiliiig of the wax. and wli: emriT.
ri1"" l.h: dlrt,,l'"t. n'8r ""T! ima gwlnewh.rd.mm.lonnar
i"""inn me mull in aeui unit iiif
water In the bottom ot the pan. Ilul
If the fre Is ued for other purposes,
remove the- pan carefully and steadily
cover with a tin pot cover, or anything
that l!l He closely over It, but wil.
not touch the wax; thn place over al
an old blanket or quilt, folded severs,
time, and tucked closely around thi
pan. to prerent the best from rapln
too fast. On this, more than any om
thing, depends the quality and appear
ance of your wai. If It coola too rap-'
Idly, the particles of dirt, propolis, ani j
honey will be rauitht In the maaa. giv
ing It a sticky feel and a mottled ap
pearance. If the aurface hardens to
quickly It will crack and open aa th
Insid cool. lk not uncover until th
pan Is no warmer than your hand
V hen the rake la thorousbly cooled, II
will loosen from the pan easily, but U
you attempt to get It out before, ever,
though th wax seem hardened, yov
will not only have your trouble fm
your aln. but you will rra!;i ai
never befire, what It man to "stick
aa tight aa beeswax." Scrap off wltt
a ca knife whatever acttllngs ar ot j
the bottom of tb cake, and you!
Ih.uI.J hav a clean, clear, smooth rake
that will bring the highest price In the .
market, ir, tor any reason, tn wax
Is not satisfactory, the rsk can b
broken up. tied In a rlran cloth, and pul
through the ssme procre again. If It
la desired to make small rakes, pout
from the pan while hot. Into cup or
melal molds and rover closely, lleri
an a few don't to hang on the walis
of yojr memory when rendering wax '
Ikin't allow the wax to come In con
tact with Iron, aa It will blacken thf
Pn't grease the mould. It Is not
nrrrry, and Injures the appcaranc ,
of the wax.
Pn't move the molda In-fore the wax
cools. The wax that slop on the aldet '
will harden there and gite th cake
ragged liMik on th tdgr.
lHin't let th wax boll. Thla tend tc
make It brittle and crumpty. ,
IHin't spill any melted wax on the,
floor. If you do you will be sorry. i
Pon't epend precious time trying to
crape and scour off any wax that may ,
stick to the pan. but take It out of
doors, away from tb Are, and apply a
llttl gasoline. It acts a a certain
brand of pills are a.vld to art on a weak
atomach like magic. ,
lv.n l rush off to town and sell It to
the Arst bidder.
Hegin now to watch
the market reporta. The prlre of wag
Auctuates with th change ot scaaona,
and you can soon barn what tlm ot
the year la the highest. Then sell.
These directions are for those who
have only a few pounds of wax to b
ret-dered. A Urge quantity would, ot
course, bv lo be handled differently,
but for small lots I prefer thlt method
to any I have ever tried.
rtswartitere tar Agrlraliara.
Farm Newe: The following table,
compiled by the Ilrltish government,
hows the sum total and the amount
per capita expended by varloua rouu
trlea for the advanccnu nt of agricul
ture. While the lulled Stale bead
th list In amount spent, th sum per
i. i.. i-.i.. i l,i ... .
capita Is far bvlow that of many ler
nall.ina K me ml tnr. foe rl. .. I. ...
Sum voted Hate per
Country. annually Inhabitant.
Vtilted State ....:. 0iH).0iO d
Franc l.kTo.mij t;,
Hungary l.TOO.tKH) 2.1J
Austria r,o.ood likl
Prussia . CmU'Ou td !
Italy SM.OoO 3i ;
?wtxerlnnd loor-oo u.i j
lblglnui 112.000 41 :
Irnmark Ins.ooo uj '
Hav aria :,0vo j
Wurlemburf , ... ti.OuO d !
Holland tfi.ooo j
It will be noticed In th abov that i
EuaUud appropriate nothing. j
Sowing Winter Wheat Winter ,
wheat la praotlcslly a blimnlal plant.!
for It require the best part of two s .v !
aon for maturing. Purlng half of this '
tlm It lie dormant, nor d.- It grow
much during the hottest part f th
year. It doe lis iet during tho ni I ,
rte temperature of the sprint; n i
fall, and this Is a guide aa to Ih,. ,
time of sowing this grsla In sj'ff, r,,.;
Iltu.i.4.-K. I
Tha ritwU ( lalmloatlag Muale Tea
Traalila wit- tlaaloa A Martyr ta
Melon rtoUaaa eig'Jetaasa from
Hi Till.
A "Krap O' nw.
Ii AK srt'a heard It
my wording
may b nw
Ilka liny Lla4a 0'
On lis sin pur
(trap u dw.
Tbla uM taring t
414 ecn.
A am Jeanl If
ba kew
!,. hk a bud
.1 Vli --
o grass
Ws4 sh m my drsp o' Jwf
Trter-'en her snawr cam
hwel and u. r. Ik my tsssi
"In Ilia way o' eolnr, Rob.
Y ar lik a Llad ' gra
n V t STowlns: In my hart.
r raiim wrni nTr ui
i,m ,ft,r ,,,, ,hr.
Com an1 take your orap o" nw "
-ii.iu u. tai.nna in udi' Horn
"Ilut dey'f polaonedt'
"I know dcy U! Put I'm f win let
take my death. !ray fer toe!" At
lanta Constitution.
Hungry JUgglns-' V Clnh dal w
k't'pcd dat fre concert laa' olghtr
Kmpty Edwin "WyT
Hungry Higgln "Dl hrw paper
aay d musle waa IntoxIratlaV
ss UI4 l.la.
"Hiislne," rxclaJmed th canager
who had J-t come back with a aum
mer company. "My boy, you never saw
inch enthusiasm. Why. only night be-
,or u,t D4(1 nou" 'hat actually
forced the orchestra out."
"Yes." returned the man who had
been there before, "Once la a whlbj
an audience dor get unnecessarily
Uolent. doesn't ItT
Th man who had Just com back
gave the man who had been there a
e old. hard stare, but he didn't try t
explain. hlcgo Post.
Ih ( t a4are
"I'll never buy candy at that (lore
again! Never!"
"Why. what'a the matter?"
"You know they have the e.mdlee ot
the counter In front, and the ecalci
on the shelf back of th counter?"
"Well, they have looking glasses
back of the acales. so that when the
girl turna around to weigh I centa'
worth of candy she can watch jou to
see whether you take anything pf th
f"nter or not. Chicago Tribune.
Ml Ma4el
"Pld you get a new bicycle tbla
year?" Inquired the newspaper man.
"Oh. dear, no," replied the artist "I
couldn't afford It. I am still tiding th
on I got last year."
"flat I heard jroq speak of your t'
modi 1."
"Ye. Ph' a novlc who ha Just
begun to pose tor m this summer.'-1
Chicago Post.
j A CoeaforteM ('esnpaelnw.
I "poesn't your wife annoy you by
asking question at th base ball
1 gvme?"
"Neer; shs Is one of this women
who always Ilk to let on that they
h. ., ,
l ." '"" r...ji...t. -tiivn
know all about
' Fire Pteva.
I Awtat
Frlnk -"Well, hnw ate thlnt la Bo.
Ion' Hat thcr named ay new pie
tier sit t ill )et'"
.Jink - "No-o Put I beard
there ak foj a Pladv soup."
j Ml4 a TreaU
( i ' ii' I
! I i- I
TOW A 175,000.000 CAKAi
A Fr.'Jf, la flrre th riiirl.: t'olo
..... t.-.i-r-'.'r--.
Florhli, i.r. behlnl hr-T net'.bor
In repct to material irv!opmnt. ba
lncteei her f!!rii.1 m!!c-4e n1 f.i
added to her ateamtxiet trado recent'y.
Florida ha a roam Hue of l.""0 Dili ',
and th area of water urfare 1 I, 10,
to 64,01)0 square mile ot land aurface,
aaja the New York Bun. lor a atnte
having so mu' h water ara Florida La
a very Inferior canal service, the chief
canal of the elate being the Santa Fe.
ten mile long, completed In HV), and
costing $70 000, between Waldo and
Melrose. With th Increase of lb
railroad business of Florida there ha
bn a like lncre In the demand for
canal communication, and recently
there haa aprx-ared a project for the
cutting of a waterway through Florida
to connect the AtlanMr ocean with the
Gulf and to be of aunVient capacity for
the passage of ocean going vessel. Th
article of Incorporation have been filed
In thla rlty. The capital la ITS.OOO.OOO.
The projirtora aay that th canal will
be of th greatest Importance to th
commercial Interest of thl country.
Tho width of the waterway will he 200
feet through Ita entire length, and It
will be Ave yeara or more before th
canal can be completed, provided that
there are no serious difficulties In th
way. A Tj.Oio,ooO canal would be an
ambltlbiia enterprise for Florida, es
pecially when the fart la taken Into
ronalderallon thnt the grat Cue canal
representa In all a toial expenditure ot
llOl.OoO.Ooo, and the Erie canal, which
has contributed so largely to th pros
perity of New York rlty. only $S1,
OoO.ftOrt. n , believed by Ih project
ors of the Florida canal project that
no Insurmountable obstacle will b
met. The assent of the Tallahassee
legislature haa Veen secured.
lla 114 It sf4 l rrle Hlas fraaa
Rail. li al Moooalilaer.
J. W. Woolen, on of the Ilreathltt
county's. Ky.. contabl. haa had o
msny cloae rails while assisting rev- j
en ii agents In ralda on moonshiner
that be determined recently to take i
precautions for tb future. He ha 1
been ahut In the cheat several time, ;
and was near desth for several month j
on a certain ocral-jn when a tooon-
shiner's aim waa nnuaually accurate. J
Woolen had bn reading of coat ot !
mail, and he determlnd to hav on
made that would turn bullet. II went
tn a Arm In Cincinnati and explained
md explained I
of th flrm'al
!e of making
od of mall I
what be wanted. On
rtlana conceived the Id
blm an undershirt composed
s(ee rings lapping each other aume-
thlng on the order of the feather of
bird. Woolen told the manager that
be would buy such a shirt It It wa
guaranteed to b. bullet proof, and If he
waa allowed to Are a YMncheeter at It
at a aiatance or nrty yarns oevore we- i
cyred th
the idea of making the shirt
lold the manager that he could afford
to take the risk, and accordingly the
shirt waa built. It Is thre-pty. th
ring being adjusted so that the gar
ment la flexible, and yet th steel wire
of whlrh th rings are composed resist
ed the Impact of a forty-four raliber
bullet Ared from a Winchester by Con
stable Woolen at the specified distance.
The constable now aay that the moon
shiners will fasve to shoot him In th
head before they ran kill him. Near
ly all the ralda are made In the bight
time, and the constable thinks It will
lie difficult for the shiner to hit blm
In the head.
MmVi Fit.
A mac named Moon waa presented
with a daughter by his wife recently;
that was a new Moon. Th old man
waa so overcome with Joy that he got
drunk; that waa a full Moon. When
he got sntwr he hsd but twenly-Av
cents left; that was the last quarter of
the full Moon. Imt when the old lady
met him with the rolling pin thre waa
a total rrl!pe ot the Moon, with myr
iad of aiars In the acenery.
fral fa aa Ariut.
Visitor (contemplating picture of
country residence) "Ijet m congratu
late you. old fellow! You've strti'k
)our gait Bt last." Artist (proudly)
"Io you reslly think so?" Visitor
"Yes; I sissy said you would make
a Burccst as a house painter."
A (a4 :sea.
Mis. G .na m ta she came In from
,-hurch)-Some!lmea It la very hard
word to lltn to Pr. Thlrdlj'a aer
mona. Mr. ("..imam -That's th reason
I don't go to church. I don't believe
In working on Sunday.
Ilia HlasMi,
First Mosquito Why are jou look
ing si blue Second Mosquito I m
Ju-t after dtri'ig on that Knglish lount
who's stopping at the Hilltop Poo.ae.
WtM fhey Waal la Ha
.He There I on class of people
which Is very expert at fortune telling.
Sh Gj psles He No assessor.
Julia Arthur s t; raiment In New
York In Mrs. Ilium-tt s "Lady of tjual
Ity" w 111 la-t six weeks.
Ilsrold Frederic's novel "The Pm-
nation of Tlieron Wsre" is br:n( Ur
ma'ud by John K. Kell-rd.
Harry Miner I making arrange-
menta to prefent ".-ihore Acres" In
London, lth Mr. James Heme In the
leading role.
Paplnta, the myriad dancer, has
bonsht a California ranch. It rontalua
liH) acres, and e ist ti:.o.tsj. when she
has acquired a comfortable fortune the
Intend to retire to the rnnch and en-
JHjr ll-
Anthony ll.ii e Hawkins, author if
- .
"1b Prisoner of Zemla. Is on of lb
handsomest nu n In Kngland. six feet
tall and .J ye.ir of Ins 11, ... ..to.
ci el In a schiHil founded exclusively
Uit tb ona of clergymen and graln-
atcd from Oxford In li.
Anna Held, who will app-ar l" h
lltle role of "I. , Poiip. ." will a!l for
America the last of this month. At
piesent she m. 'xipn .-r r'' U".ier
Ihe gul-larr of Au.lrii. O" composer,
st his summer V' In Frsrc Miss
Held ts bsMj t.l "' "T 1,1 B'r
.f re; " oKti
l.i learn, .-e,., bn to her contract.
How a ti yaMic vvoffcj i
wittingly lMllni.uh"l 11"'
Arrl4alll Urllr a l."l
f Wild B.lu.ent l'il a
N I'urij! i h t-:e , '-lk-
work sr, 1 c' It
er 0"! artii.esi'a a: a
d'-periderit on the
ei-libiint for a li.r,; :
amount il ! iv'
lab -.r. Vy thi K-n-
i 1 it. Unt 'rei,a'ii
JJ man la a hi tg -eomp'U!.h
wi:h eao
Unit wbl. h would
liMT IFH. win. u ,m,t Inuiua
!bl without him. Any on whu U
seen these cleverly trained anirn; at
wort In the fore: and timVT-jar l
of Hurman will at once rvalue their
utility. Sometimes harnea-d to huga
teak lo, they drsg them where er
they are riulrd; or a nvmstrtms
tuaker may be aen tr-indlln a 1"K
wtfh hla tuska and placing it la C-7
position he U ordered it eaa'ly and
with apparently as little exertion a a
child would handle a tennl bull.
Th Illustrations are from snap
shot of on of these useful creature,
with hi mahotit (driver), at. work and
at leisure. In one yon ace the mahout
anointing lb elephsnt'a frhad wi:a
a cocoannt-oil, whu'i ,'a uppie1 trt
keep the heed r - l,.'o working 1.
tbe hot un. Tb "Jf 0 m.v'aa on th
heed ar mad with c ilk. with whb li
tb mahout delighta o decor bis
pet. So much for the . phant tamd.
In hla wild stat h ta ancUier rns
turj. Th most ticklish and dir.. nt
part of elepbant-cti hlng opirs'ion Is
to drlv the herd into the kh-'Mah
prepared for It reeptlf,n; httre th
catch which was made In the Mysore
Jungle a few wek ao r trika as
unique. A natlv public works i,r",.i,
on th way to Innpect a brllr In b r
TL y
- i '
- j - , ' S f
.1 - S ": 4 - I
i "' A f. ri:"--'
f -1. . '
the MortMNr. toii.i.
, iUtr,
t .Brln.r S
heri of elephants i
near the gate. IVlng alarm-!, nate-
t Pke). he Ared Ms g in an t shoo'e ) f.r
all he waa worth; th herd, eq-nlly
alarmd, Aed Inconilncntly-lo'o the
khddah, who gale stod opn!
Whereupon th engineer recover-1 I i-
It and made hla coolir bw-r le gate,
capturing th lot. That vanm
lelayi gav the elephant time lo b-cw
down the ur.gardc 1 ocla-'e, w h v
th majority escaped, t'd iclrg tV.e
a umber actually secured ft 10. do t r-v
iCfect the cap'ure a perhaps the r '
remarkable ta th annal of i i-'.y nt-
-etching. i
The court circles of Swe.li a emu 1
l eevere shock severs! year as i.-u
t wa announced that Irlrc t' .it.
I nephew of tb preent Vir,f a
ibout to marry Msss I:: ha M-r k. a
roung lady of patru'au birth, l a fr
elow tb piiiii-e In si.v'i n Tb? k!-g
jrotested and refused to jirni t the
Ttarrlage, whereupon Prjiwe (' nr -glared
that he would i-ld h's tlt:
, nd resign all rlgtita of u.vet.n, -at
'.hat marry Mls Monk b c:'s;i. v
would. The n.atr'.a- wit . ' r a' 1
in due time and Prime 0; .u bis s't"
been seen In tho roval c': I1 mi,i
The klr.g and q ieen hive rnv.nnm !
! friendly hut d.stant relation w ith t! elr
, iemi eratlc nephew, w ho Is kii" u -ply
Be Prince Onr nl who u I-:i-
mensely popular wl-h the -e..p te
cause of hla philanthropy
j I'rlnee Oscar and his wife haie l-u
,devoted to cai'sea of rhsrity end benev
olence, but recently btve crei.tr J s -
t ond sensation by Joining the ranks cf
the Salvation army.
The prince r. I
hla wife hold regular cp'-u-sir m-' -Ing
according to the methods cf ti;
PKINcr. th-'i'AIt.
xrmy. The prince cUo-m ud l.
Vl wife In the stre-l o-. oi
Ctvte iTuaTsbie l"pe
Pres den, the i .
a B'.nsuUir pi' i t i
ing newspsi r, the 1
Thl dally, upon
pn'pt letvir, '
noon the cot, '
ii I' ll a
I ins therfr " -: :
! public pn". hJ' 1
i k- ...r r.ii.t!nti-
. a
to h
II li
i 1 UP -
...... f the c
tens, for the trim h.(
uu carried out In l' '"
' I ihe poer has nexrr le-, ,.m-
r. I I
puoed to fo'cr any . a v
!vlal. poiltil r r,,s!
i! -f !! a:
I.kl lwe4.
i ai. ,, -i. ri rrcclved h ie from Ch'co-
pee. M.. says that Klaard P- r.n:.y.
author of th book ' looking Pa, k
wrd" n' "Fqiulltv," wli! so. a r.tov
frm to- nty to l.nvcr Mr. 1 I
laSiy' health hs been por f m
tlm. and hi Mr.d think lk .:..!,
will restore htm.
St' i f
eT jr
I .
A I-

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