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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, March 04, 1898, Image 4

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THE 1)111.1 EAGLE
tha rostoStes at Bryan. Texas. M
taeaso i'Um nail matUr.
.1 : : KU TIor. I IU'E .
Per Week, lie, . . Pur Month. Mv
II. JC r. C Tlmo Card, llrjan.
Worth bo md N. I !: .n . in
g 1. bound No 3 4.0i pm
NorlLt ouod No I 2.0! a in
Southbound No 4 1:37 in
t. At u N.Time Tabic, ll.uriie
No. 1 leaven. 12. It
N I I leavei 8.31 a. ni.
i aociiii.
So. 2 leaves ::;ifl i. n
Ho. 4 leaves 4 :3V p. m.
Ko. 0, leavi a Hi arnr ". i p in
Mo. 10, arrives at lleur: e 11:55 a. ni.
II. T. V. I Urn- liiiilu II came
"Kill Wll Mi.
No. I arilveg 1 2:50 p u.
No. 3 arrives .... 2:15a in.
See Ikt heantlol Sat ger'. M
"A Tramp I. tick" u the next tin w.
J. A. Myeia waa on tic -ick lift )'
Stylish new shirt waists at Sanger
very rhe.ip.
Coning- -Beet Ihl g out "Seal of
Anuria loo
Dr.. Harlow f Kurten was in t wn
Jill. Cllti-ti.in r. in i r 1 iroiu 'ni iii ii
ft. E. Danlaj was here from Mi n im
Mre. Si l'.irkadol liania ia here vis-
it i ' I .it . I"" .
Just ri-c-ived a Imautiful lot of i lie.
tkirti at Sanger a. 1 1
Itoah Hickman ca:ne down from
Mtxla jeeterxlay.
hor Sale An extra goo.1 gradaO Jer
a. i w. Apply to O. L. Tt.lor. :
J.T. Ha l relurnrd fiom a 1'Uniue a
trip ofeeveral wc k- yenttrday.
1 h.ive ju t ii ei iw.l u i.eu In . i (
flow.-i oUfiom Bt op. Tyler II an well. 83
Thx Acti'Mior Jenkina of llurli ann
county h In the ritj reiterdejr.
Ik ,u re and call at J. M. Caldwell'l
and (tl one f tli iao line u Arm
locks. H3
Mist Chtlitoliel Montgomery in viait.
Inc Ml"- Chwlolle Hlod lard.
For Beat-Five and one-half acre of
0. L Tabor. n
0, W, D dd, T. A. Aycra, UeiaTe,
1. atolieri, Mnita and otln ri were i.eie
from ola ye terday.
Km lie: ' Alter Mam Ii Mil tin' r i.
tau next '" i: home. Ap!y to U
it ll'il i.
per with M U
' any dowa
Enletl ami
rt I '.n Willow
ter pipe or tin
i Lr pstehworl
mi rbildran 0f
.f wa :
rlhnr Hurl'
I tan repair yo
'liter. Send in
u Mrs. . ii.
MmNi Md rll.
I i Briny
arkn and little
BMM ei erday
n I Mrs. F. M.
Ha I.
home i ide IlihbnnCanc sirup. Try it
Jor Bale by Samlrrs Hio-cc Co 80
' The Roberts' n county p j.u i - have
dec ic I lo P ike Do nomination or en
doM metit for comity oilier this
, Tb.elitdiee ere cord I lv invited lot
It B nr's. U c s ive ii, .. shop
pin: aiV'd pi a.xitrc hy p Ii and care
lul ntleution t' the wants of a.l cu.
i in ri
HEi E !
In Florida the Mil road give notiflca
ii ii : -i.e. i I fro te hy wliiathng i
nala, by sn arrangement with the gov
ernmen'. weather hureau. Six long
hia-ia ol Ave a.'eoud- eti h in given v
er, thre' m.l.a ss the trsln pa.-ea
lOIW t',. , ...try. and thia m li
Jt" that fn.atran leexpec!ei that r
ff fullowlnt nignt.
Secretary tiag.' i opposed to war wi'.h
'pain "aimply fjr tho -ake of a r-iined
lattilaeUp aad :00 dead soldiers," and
i " . Hunna says "the lat thing to If
done is to drop the question as oon an
;. oesible." If thia be troe if llm na
opaosea it tin re will ! r.o war if the
a'iim,ii-treu m ran help it.
I i. ii- i.ilhiliht ihapter ol the
Alpha Phi 'rati roily met at the opera
house yesterday afternoon and Messrs.
Waiter Wi.,re. ht, II. O. Khrxles snd
W.J. Coulter were appointed a a coin
aflttM losoiiiit uhncripli ins for the
fund to i reel a Itoaa mouument on the
ca'nptii t College.
Cap'. Sigabe- aaya that it is too I, . t
Otabt to M Miiiiulants hut be MtM
ool lv lining ii Wonder lee Creimi
Im Mi It reiaea while you wnit in
live I'.lnnlea Try one. For sale l v
jren PheM Itff. hi.
Dm A Dffiy'l .nloon ia Uing ma
terlally impn ve.) this week. The walla
reiiing are to he male white which
ill give a betler light In the interior,
iiii'Uh w I . better advantnge the bar
i. xlu.es which nre handnoine snd ex
pensive and have every convenience.
Ir. t I! Bm4 ei Hen.ler.on, Ky.,
ha beta m ti, city ibe past two d.iy-H
prospecting with a view to engaging in
he drag b isim a-. Dr, Iteed IMMW y
Inediiiliiv n iwcnty-four years ago,
win ii he waa ipiit.. a young man.
The panial I m of the grape crop in
California thiayearcau-ed by the heavy
rains, Isettimated to exceed $l,000,ouo.
ftnM and vine) ar ia all over the
i.onherii part ol the state have snf
f.r I
BaMMf! .t,,..K (J( furnikhiliK goodii is
BMaf te and up t ,.,late. The young
1 ' ' iite : i" c i I and he how r
mat kably low we ell t beat goods. HI
ii ty Hopi) in every 1,000 are to
day MM-teg len.iona and sixty fiie
MiSMMI lAfl are fed at the pie
c mntsr nay. the BilUbMa Mirror.
Sanger'. ibM departmeiit has been
i t I up and contains a well eieced
MMftof l.ien' and gi ntlemen's lo t
.v.ar. 84
W gbt C in. y, tin. well known ne,-ro
P 'I" ian, ib ijmg at the point of death
in s iii Aiitn.iio. l imp con-uinption
Mad pnralynia.
' Mftil the place where quality,
md alyle combine with the lowest
I I M to make customers hsppy. s
FlBablag and tin moling, guttering,'
mdallkiniN of tin and pipe work a
ipecialtv. Phone llfl. Mvera. s i
TbOpopo of Rome OH Sunday
OOmplttfd ill-1 v. iiti, th yar of bil
ponUfaeat, it is u bt4iwiiD
hot Unit Uioii the tiny of hi ,.
h m a ni ml. r of the liroiingu nlii
joking; referred to tho fad that
otntofhii pradMMMri hail Mrtt
bal !iort poriorll as supreme txtiitifT
and to tlii. the new pop. replied
'hat he would live to celebrate the
ii ai.niverfiirv of hirt elee-
Uo to Um atiOMI. Sunday saw
id" IViltUinCDt of bin prophecy.
Jarrstq Battw?,
Until tartbM notice I will sel I rholee
I ay Imtier at H cents pet poMdi
Muck P. Heai d.
'Ve h i,e R. ceivi'd our .New
Stock of
Now C"l"t., New Fringe ainl
t0f Klb cK
.1 Good Clotl Shade mr 30c
- - 15c
s e on t e k in Con' bnjltu
S. 4070.
Merchants and Planters Na
tional Hank.
At llyun. In llii Kittle) of Trin,
ut Ihf Close ol lliisliiee,
Feb. I v I HUH.
Loan- an I discounts tin..'... l
i v. ".rslt-, ured ur.l n
si nir.il
V, I. lln 1 1. It Ml MW circu
lation Stark, .ecnriiiea, etc
Italikilig-hoUsf 'ilt.itu'e, i r 1
I " t" Naional kn
(not Reserve Agint)
Due from approved r. sene
Age ' -
H. 79I .7
.VI I ir,
I, 'kT. .Ti'
.ii.wi oi i
MM :n I
I !l 1
6.0UO 00
("lie. kM and other ca-h it' ll,
- of other Na'ional
Fracti mal paper 1 11 r-- ,
ill' Ir- '.'I i Ms " HI
Specie 1 1, MA 00
Legal-tonder mdes 32,141 00 4.1.007 OU
Redemption fund with 1'. S.
Treasurer, (5 r ceni of
circulation) 119 00
. ..:."..,...,
Capital tock paid in 1125.000 00
Huridua fund 2i),0U) IK)
Undivided iirollta, lea ei
nees ami taxes paid 1,022 68
National Hank notes out
standing 22,500 fO
due to State liankn and lUnk
en 528 87
Individual dep. mi'.. il'Ji 1 1 to
cheek 125 '57 74
Demand t 'ertitlrat of Da
pmil 3,hH4
Total a8,H73 3ti
State or Txiah, Coivktv or mam , as
I, J. N. Cole, Ca.hier of the
ahove-narned hank, do aolemnlv swear
that the shove -tal. iu Bl is tr ie to the
bat ol my knowledge and Mief.
I, N. Oota, t a-hii-r.
Kuhsi-riU-i and IVOCI to btfeM me
this 4th day of Main, IM,
it m. Ammmmm,
Notary PvbUt llraxos Co., Texas.
CoukXt I Attest:
.1. W. Fi.ioUM,
M. D. Cole,
W. A. JoiiNSoV,
l'irector .
The old homestead of the laic
COL. A. C. L. HILL, near the
Grated School Building, and con
taining about one Acre o! land.
For Sale by
Attorneys at Law.
yHUlM1 Mivtinif.
C.imp J. II. Koherison met yes'erdai
afternoon with a good attendance, Com
mander It. K. Chulham in the a air,
i in motn u Mayor A lama. Cen. II. B,
S ixldard ami Jii'lge ll.iimaii wi re ap
Kinted a comuiittee to conf. r aid a. t
in accord with the daughters of the
confederacy and ascertain bow much
money ran be raid for the Kohs m n
uments. Me-s s. J. N. lo.e, J.J. .tdaius, 8. M.
Hcu'eii, J. W. dee, U. K. la-man, M.
Parker, T. P, IJoyett, W. II Hak. r,
Chaa. Patt rson and Ool. K K. fjbab
ham were appointed a committee to
communicate with the committees at
Waco and College having in charge the
Koms monuments and to report Pi the
camp ss to tl e disposition of the (und
I 'etweeii the two committees.
Cap!. J. J. Adam, (ien. Ht...ldad
Md 11. Parker were appointed a com
mittee lo draft resdutinns on theileatsi
M tien. W. II. Savers.
Hy vote ol the camp the commander
waa inatruited to confer with QffJi
Moorman and through htm with (leu.
liordon respecting the BjJ)BOlntMMt of
a succesaor to (Jen. Mayers.
The committees were instnn t. d to
eport to the commander next riitiri
day, and the next regular meeting wa
was et for Saturday, March 10, I p, aj,
in city hall.
l.ot A Shetland pony bridle, return
10 liobt. Tabor Jr. 84
rtiin ami iiaii in. BteM Paaaasji m
ilia Ciaftt OssavAW.
BnekpMti T. x , HMeb a. The wor-t
electrical s orm that ha visited Utts
section took place hep. Tuesday night,
and for several hours the lightning kept
the Ii a ii- a. light ai ilay The storm
was nccompaineil by rnin, the heaviest
in parts of this ami adjoining counties
ever known, and the gMMM of tin,
si-ctton sntTered sevi p ly by bail.
At AlIlllKlt I'aas lilele w a a p'gular
''."in 'iirat. the uit, : standing -wril
turl.fi deep all over the ground; tho
Mi'tioiihou-e wai tr,llk by lightning
and mills und outhouses blown dmvii
and nt ln r damage done.
At Fulton the schooii' r Pox ami sev
eral smaller tswt- ivi nt ashon.
N" rap ut of tang in "titer adjoin
ing t.iw ns has Iximi r. c ived.
I'rinrr Alkeri Oeeatag i1"'.
Imdoii, Map'h :t Prince UbWl of
Brighun embarked for Ani"riea Wed-
llc. lay on I he Kill., r Wllhellll der
Cnirse, accompanied by Colonel Jung
blutte, Dr. Melts, his private physician,
and two servant Colonel .Tuiigblutte
says the tour of the prince u i. mop' for
for Ktusy than pleasure. He axpeol 10
study the United Suites government
BMthods, to vlit the factories, mines
and farms and to obicrve the people of
Ibe United States in their habit, though'
and manner of living, all of which he
added, would be useful for the prime'.!
The Secretary of War Kiplains rVc
retary biag Aaaerlion.
tocmarr lr Says tha I rnni'iil
! eegtOg i k ft. Kasr. rrom
tha I'aopla la Krfar.l la I ha
M rr.h of Ilia Malua.
Washington, llarrh .1 -The Wah
Inpton Pout jirinfs tho following inU r-
.: with Si en tary of War Alger :
The statement of Secretary Ixmg
that .Spain's otllrial rticiatum in the
I.. A-i. r to the Maui" lias ravn 'prncts
rally i Intimated' waa men-ly an exprea--ion
of TMiual opiniiiii mi In- part It
i an tnjnstioe to htm as well as to the
admit. i trat'im to give an official atgnifl
cam .' to hu expr .:on, when he waa
pnrtU'u'.ar at the time to emphasize the
fad tluit he waa s nking simply as an
individual. In the absence of official
tm '. 1 can repeat wliat baa bnn said
hertofiav, tluit the public IS equally a
well informed as the administration.
N i member of the cabinet can make of
tu tu ii.-.-lai iiimi tniu'hing Strain's re.
sponsitiilitT. oral or otherwise. There
in re t an iota of information as to the
'.in irori.'Ui of th cxpioatou on which
the bovi riiiuciit can, at thin tune, fonii
a con -ltnio'i or .w a dii-ision. The
venlicr of the court of inquiry on that
point must lr patently awaited."
H-'yoinl thii Sii-ntary Alger would
not Im qmited, bur lie authorized The
I'nat to tate positively that no official
information was Iring witheld frun the
pnblir, that the adtntnistrati ni wa al
Mtfag -tnctly to the jsilley ailnpted by
Scere'ary Iong with the approval of the
pnanletlt, to give the fnll"st aiailile
poUWty to nil fn't coming officially to
las .' !'in uts I. aririgupon the Iims of
the M utie and '.'"n I ran amen.
SeeS la VA'.irk mi llir Wreck uf Ih
Vlalaa al llataua,
Havana, Man-li tl The wrecking tug
L J Merntt of the Merritt & flmpnian
Wni'kmg ami Dn dgiiig comiiy, com
maudol by Captain I) A Wolci tt, lias
arin.d hep- from N'.-.v York mid com
nii ic cl v.rli Fn d .1 Sharji is here in
charg" for the company The Merntt
l a ;e. rftil tit, but atiothi r and big
ger tnu is expecteil here shortly. The
Mfkl Ann will p main a long as she
cau be naefni. Tho wrecking NMJJMkJF
exim ts to kli p four expert livers at
Two Srsminh divers wep, at work
alsnit the wpfk veatenlay, and it is un
d. rt.l they will report to the Ssiiiish
UxipI of inquiry. Captain I'etnl ispp's
id' ut of the Siainli iasirl of inqniry
It is P-Lrtud that Captain Sigslam
(lit k not exset to tiinl any of the ih-ad
in the Wines of (he eXplinlon. but lie
still Ivlieves that llie w ill ls recov
cp d from portions of the wreck as the
diver, remove the debris.
Th" diver, who are working steadilv
t" tin forw apl. ap' i ncountering BWHf
tinl difllcnlties. and it i " rtain that the
new tugs, ndiittniial men and a com
apinratu will hat u the Work of
ITM kllllns uf -i. .1 OfSei ami llir.a
BtaavaUss in tsan.
To s ka, Map h 3. Several leading
Kansas have sent letters to Washington
asking the Federal government to dis
miss imli' tm. nts pending against six
Stevens county men sentenced to death
iti Paris, Tex., in mm. for tiieir com
plicity in the fun ms Haystack mur
der. The I'nit' .l States supreme court
several years ago, p versed the Texas
court d" . inn and r inamlnl the u-c
The ruies had never la-en trml situ-e,
and it was supposed that they had lsi-n
dpipil. It.. ntly Sam Hobiiison w ho
was cone rncl in the murders, but whoJ
escnjsil to Colorado, where he was
landed in the s nitenti:irv for mbbtng
the mail, wui paplonul, p tnrtnil to
Ti xas and was arrested on th" oil
charge. This re-ojs'netl the cast.', mak
ing it very ppibahlc that the six con
rl I'd men, K i isik. Unit Conk,
Cyrus I'ii se, Jack Isiwr. nee, and John
Johnson, would again have to stand
trial. The ':! is one of th,' most fa
mous in Kansas history. If originated
OB the AlteneoesKaMM Implcr m isyi.
It turned on u county seat war and ended
in the killing of .'.In rifT Cpms and thp'o
depsttee, After the dobvIbUm of ti,..
ix men named, public si iitimi ut )
came strongly in tin ir favor and Inter
many Kansi. state i, gi-lators an I others
ilskeil the president to pardon them, but
without avail. However, the cases had
ii t conic to retrial.
It i. probable that KohinnDii will Isi
tried, but the other men have been p
I, ' d from jail on Isind nnd ap em
pl"i , d in various pursuit, some in Kan
sns, the Cisiks in the east. They have
many friends in Kansas and elsew here
Who up anxious that they should not 1st
BOBipoPei t stand MMMM tnul.
0MM Will Dtfeeoeek
Albuquerque, N M March 3 Jllllgi'
OlMBpMln r BUted an absolute divorce
to Mrs. Lola liemnr Hutler from Walter
C. Uutli r Their manuigu iilsmt a
year ago was a surprise. Almut n month
later the city was surprised to hear of
their sfpar.tt ion, followed by Puller's ar
ret on two charge., marrying a girl un
ib r the agi of consent and cruelty. He
wua hound over to the grand jury fit"'
admitted to hail, his sureties being h
mother and Harry Hiillanl. He fled (i
Mexico and when his case was called ..
the lust tenn of the district court Ui
bond was fnrfeitfil
Tha ll.ei.r QleSM Ilia l. l,.,U on llir
l.oiiil llraxirr.
WmIUmJIMi Map'h I - DtlMM on the
Loud bill, relating to second class intill
mutter, rinsed in the house Pslay
The bill pMMd to author. M tM kD
isMppi. Hamburg and We.ti in railway
to construct a bridge acpiai Ih" l anni
at Hariholowew, Ark.
White, (ltiqi., N. C. ) the only colored
memlsrnf the house, nsked uiinniinous
oonsent for the consideration tif a reso
lotii ii ui'tipipnating K) for uiui." i
ate relief fi- tha family of the colored
' pnatmastrr at IMM Otty, B. O., who
' was aaaaolf-d and kiiW by a mob.
Speaker Keed pat the pe,uest fur
I White
Mr. Burtlrtt (Hem. (ia ) ilemamled
th p-gular rsrder. Many Republican
' members cned oat, "No." "No!" bat
Ibe (ieorgia menila-r did not yield
"Tho gentleman fpim (oorgta de
mands th. regular order," said the
"That l equivalent to nhj.vtngj "
Washington. Map h I . . .'
the resolution providing for congp --. c
al investigation into the mupb r of the
postmaster at jxkn City, S. C , and I, is
family and the burning of his home,
was laid 1 for- the mo. at
Mr Intge writ to the i lerk desk to
have n-ail. a rommenicatiott frun Will
lam Henry Ferris of Hananl Divinity,
acbisil, giving the prorecditigsof a iuumi
nieetuig of colored eitixi-n at Ilonton I
lie Id on Feb. 2H, to express abhorrence
of ti a te n of the South Carolina b
Mr Alb n cliargui Mr Iaxlge with
intPalucltlg politics ItltO the illM'tlsalon
of the P solution, ami thought the "in-mnuu-atiou
ought not to 1. pad ly the
clerk. The communication was P'ud,
however, end then Mr Islge snd there
was no question of polities in the com
un: a' ion M far as be was aware.
Mr McLaunn of South Carolina said
be hop. I the P'wilutlon would go to th"
committee without discussion The stale
authorities were c ii-ccitmgly active in i
their investigation of en me ami he was
siaauriil every effort was Is-iug made to
bring tin i-rs trat' i-of the outrage to
jtit ce. i. then had pa l a clipping
from u Columbia (S C. ) newsnqa-r to
show the js .,p if South Carol n i v. r
not only not in sympathy with IhOM
who ronitnitt.it the cr.tne, but keenly
reprolflti it it
Mr Haw ley of C.mtifctirut s.-.id the
cntne cl, arly brought within I'uli nil
juriMliction by th" fact that it waa Fed
eral offiriai wdio hud lsin inupiipil
and the government pros rtv tint a.is
destpiynl He expn-ssi ,1 th opinion
that th Feii ral anihortth'S ought to1
maintain a closn watch tqain the pro
cmlings. The resiilution wos then referpil to
the coiuiiiltli e un contingent i i;s iim's.
Wauti I ha i i.tillrinallea "I Wl..lcr
rialiagan llrlil I'p.
Washington, Man h 3 In th" execu
tive session of the senate s nator Hale
movnl to P'cnnsider the vote by which
the nomination of Web.ti-r Fl.iu..gau to
be collector of intenial revenue for the
Third district of Texas was continued
In entering the motion Mr Hale aid he
had received letters, saying that wlola
Mr Mr. Fiaimgati bad l ti coiillniml,
he im p ly askul ci'iisidi rati hi in order
to permit nn investigation. Senators
Mills and Chilton of T. Xas oppoaiil the
motion, saying that w hile they did not
agpe politically with Mr. Flanagan
they thought his .-outiriiialioti should
stand. The motion was not acted iijsm.
The Mxlnation of James Haynea to
Is- collector of customs for the district
of Corpus Chnsti. and Moses Dillon to
Isi collector of customs fur the district of
Kl Paso, urn- also included in Mr
Hale's motion for p-consi.li ration
xx'h.,1 i iititiniiiaa tgaiust isaaeaa
Washington, March 3 The senate
eommitteti on commerce dec dul by it
unanimous vote to pqnirt niiverwdy the
nominatioti of Henry D ams to I., naval
offic. r at New i irle.xn
MMSM I'm. I'm! of I alrr.
Washington, March 3 I in- house
eommittee on wavs ami minis made
favorable p irt "ii a bill making - i im1
Pa, Tex , a port of entry
The llpimwell internal revenue bi.i,
which has MM attracting gnat atten
Hon nmong distilling inti p-ms. w is
rusMil The general opmi xpressiil
was that the latter outrage and allow
mice was iiiMqsirablely connected with
general internal revenue legislation an I
that it was not advisaMc to take up th..
matter until the committee should 1st
pp'lKiP'd to i nter upon a gen-nil p-Ms-ion
of the intenial reven i" system.
Illair limit.
Knnis, T, . March 3. The Hot. 1
Main, K J. Faull proprietor, was Be
stp.yi d by lire yestenbiy. The builnm
was of brick to the third fhsir; the top
story was of sheet iron The building
and furniliiP' wen- owned by A. M.
Morrison ami valued at iilsmt glu.is si ;
insured for t'ssm From the hotel the
dp' spread to H.tiui.toii ic Co. 'a feed
.ton' and wup house, which waa dam
aged ittlsi by lip' and Wuti r; loss uinp.y
A Murage houae Isilongmg to the
Houston ami Texas Central loibood
conisxuy, and abm a cotton Mod MM!
by the railroad track, were I urnisl Tim
fp'ight depot caught dp- in sei. i. ,1
places but wus saved from burning
iiraiirt x.w PresMeeai
lllo de Janeiro. March II - Seiior I 'am.
;"issale has lai n elected president and
S nor Hosasilvo has Isen elected vice
president of Itr.i.il by a large majority
The opH,.itiou in Km do Janeiro ob
.tinned from voting. There was M dM
im r
Ilslil llrrlaml off.
Little K s'k March tl -The I.Vrotllld
glove contest Is'tWeellKld McCoy aud
Nick Hurley, scheduled to take plac . at
Hot Springs, ha. In n declariil otf 011 1
aocounl of interfen uce by the state am
thoritii -
Swearing .01 llliurioliif.
Austin, March li. The condition of
Statu Health Officer Sweaeingeii is mi
ptorad and he is able to sit up for a
while It is intended to move Hr. 1
Swearing' ii to (lalveston to undergo al
surgical up ration at the Scaly Ins-pitul.
ralallr auhha.l.
Houston, March 8. A fatal and des
perate light invurriil lu re over a game
of curd 111 a saloon on WasMngtOO
stp'ft lstween two 11. gro men, In which
Ia e Iliiuu was staid ed twice II" died
Km unit.. Olppea In I tnrliU.
Clncititiati, March 3. Two tens of 1
dynamite were shipped fpim here to i
l'cnsucnla The -in mr tlrin deelmea
to say wh. tier it wn. . nipped on gov
n. mi ni account or to private dealms.
! J
Having purchased THE
tl I la wa ta
.UK .l.'IIN It. Mii.t. 1 liuve f. .ml it to the ,h
where I am pTtBMMl to do all kind. ..f REPAIR WCi.K
UNDER GUARANTEE and on Short notice.
rui: BKMT i v
I Rrti'lfallr ask imir tii.rias.
II ' 1 1 Y II Al l. I I 00
.iii.- lo I.iitlrat iirrrf.
Iloaton, March 3.- The Southwi -f. i i
lasa.'tigi r a -is ;ation ha- I'rant. d to tn.
Christian I ii ' a , .. . I i
States ami ini.i.a a.l tie unci. -..ml
desinii 'l:i y inciiice tie -a if of te ..
et to RothvttM and n-t urn for tl.t
Christian I. deuvor com niion at i.rnt
fare for tn. round tnt. July I to 0 in
elnaive, witii filial limit July 31, :.ud
With pnvili g- of ixt. iisioii to Aug 15
lliirnrd In BeMlk
Big Sandy, Tex . March 3 WfjnM,
5-year old son of V Ii l,r.Ml!y, liv
ing six MMM northwest of h.-p-, w i
Mmd to ib nth His clothing i
Are wlnle btiruiug grass in his ralhrr.
field. Hi two eldi r bp it In rs wen- with
him. They ran for their father. MM!
distance away H.- arr.v I to late T lw
chlel Brad :i iut two h"ur
( harlrs ku4,ll M i. I llanf.
Dallas, March St. The court of crimi
nal ap als las alllnn d the ca- uf
OhafV Kiu'.ult, from Washington coun
ty. Ktigaiit miii given the death pen
alty for tn.ir i'-r, tie virtlm ls-.ng the
later of the end ,lid 1 1 ill He Mai
convicted on i rcamstntitnl evidence
solely, and the case waa bitterly con
tested. aha.1 an I Klllr.l.
Hnntavklle, Tex.. March .: A eolopsl
w iimn n natiieii Carr e Mi t .ti waa shot
ami killed at her home in K ig- r-vil.e. a
colopd suburb of HunlsVllle Her Ili ad
wa literally blown off her Issly A m
gni 1 1 rouvu't limned Aslwrry RgOMM
was arp slid a! out a tulle from town
and lis'krd up in the inn ntiary.
U'rlahl I n nar U'lag.
San Antonn. Mar. h 3 Wright 0
ney is lying at the p KB) ' death in this
city. All hoa of In. ! rv ha. Is., n
alsnidoii'il an I lU.ith i- .p. t- 1 ,t any
nioiinnt H I I.. 'i suffering f"r
years with consnrfcffcioii, lait reeently ha
has MfltMd an attm k of paralysis and
ia unable to move hi hMM
i iiaitrs OaJvi aeotata
West Point. Mus , Man ii Cm .
Calvert was hanged hep- for tlio muphf
of his wife He was raftrelj -if ma-
aeesed ap to the last ami made a .p . c
from the gailow. confessing his gniil
and saving bi ib svrteii his mnishm nt
Alaillt tWss, . o.'le. inoatly co.opii.wlt
nesseil the . , ii -,ii
Deewaee lllmsair In a llaptlalry.
Peoria Ii.- . Man ; ti J ,,t i n
janitor of tin- Cnristlan l.ur n.off'ut,
Ills., was iliiovi ml in the . apt .trv "f
the church w In re he ha I drowned him.
elf. He u.i-;o vi.ii- ', ige Md leorai
a widow and nx .du.itr ti No cause u
assigned f.,r iht Mknae
1 ha lAoeaej w nn.
Topinto. Mar, h :'. I o I iteal r Mini
I el. etl 'il thO I that the
tsa-n sii-taim d by a ma
Tin tl .-ur. -a.e Forty
i !' i. i'i,, ..I Patron
LiU r... i , ci
jority of tor iv Tli
eight Liberals, JO
ami I Inns penrk nt
tyn an lBcr supply our feil la Jttltrt If
II again. At tllff -.nine time, .my
iie wi.ii h is bought our teeJs ol the i
;nci j. . ncr uurin either iNjocr ir i Lf--
our Mani.il ol "Etcrytkht lev tar
'laresa 'ferltW nppc rrovi Jrd the-,
ipely iiv letter rlxl-E anj ivr "
A th? local merchant frnt m.i
hey tsmbt. To all others, th . rt
' Hiniisl. . very copy of MrhldlCMUU
ii) cent to place In your hinds, will be xrn
"er on rcitrirt of '0 teats (t.iniiv.) tocovei
istije. Nothing; like th: Mseasl h.
vrr hren seen here or abmad ; It la a bool
l e ires, r mt.nns MO enrnvines i
M. iKo be sent without charge 1 1 ill
nts. tidin2 10 cla. lor the Manti..l i
Utta Wnett thrysaw tills BflVeTtiM
ll .iti Irslksilss Wilt Usui'. Ka Ml '
mil Rjrdraulio Bo.
Bm v oj Ing : 1 d Draught
503i MIAN ST.
-III N (H It
Bread, Cakes Rolls, Etc.,
Full uueight lovea
of the Beat quality,
Aluiays freah, and
Fair treatment ia what
I guarantee
-' - - 1 1 m 1 I, mm
Phone :i0
CHA8. IvXidM.AH'H.
ill Kit 1 h()!
Th- very Height of the
Si asnll.
I. A t;. .
Special Excursion.
L i C. X.
March 10 th
Call up n in an tt Ticket Agent Intel
national K m e, I ,v ii N ( ;,,r
large hai. U Bktl) ill i.trat d bill de.
a. ri. Hie ! II t - ,,n Igg and giving Mil
mforii uti-.t i, n : r to tickets, rate!
I D.J. Pice.
P A I A.. Pa t-atine, Tex.
I it : I -i r ,w ,. .
R. R,
sin ri an I Qnb k Uft BetWtM
North and Booth T- xi-
i -l
in i w i ts
Via I Ball an I Kt Worth
,s Hun. i.iu and Patla
s Hi on. i I n,,,. ai.il I'silt
1 ' r, ei lo a I . .1 .1 a ,.n.
Houston, Hieiiloim, . t.', ,,0,
Cor.uai a, si. I 10 I. if. I ,. A , rtn,
Ha las. plai I, kit K . ii-i , , n
Slid Pens. t.. ai .1 gin a lilst as
Ma vi, . .
JA jkn, v 1 it.
Trail! VI at,. 1 , 1 1 , I ... I ,.,
U'i Uooetaa.
10, 1'
Thos. H. Hairston, M. 0.
Brj mi. I . na
f) "aa
ii 1 1
nn I'lsi s- s nr .
fil l M L'UIIKI)
without I.., ,, or Kf.li ' na
I"'. Hsi n . -1 i -1 s i S!
u m cou
with bmIi loartoMd
' ' tdlilf I C
ihat i i gain iii i mi , h
'''""' i in in 1 1 pntiiu ,atiowfag
, am I, tl, i , n, t, , , 1(
bin a ir ted x hiii ty whtcfa l a
through the , rod I Ic of n H dsjtl
ami Iborongh le tin all p rtaol on!
ronadlag oooatf ibe past
suiinneis I am m, , a ,
- tie roiiiiitiai lo ti pom i gn ,ro
.. , f a o
"I' HI 1 " "I ''III i 1 1 1 1 l V M Ps i
..,.11 ...I , .f sni'i III
.. . .. .. i 1 "' 'i' - com. It
i-i in. ii . it wi i .,. r, lllir,y
earln t Ih in our na lea C.
by uM.id all dangei of being i i,,,,
ii me.
"aui, ii 'i in- ii,, o di,. r.rmi-,
mm lop iatb. .crop will t a,llluo.
" ol
r ' n"' mippy to u i rin
"i" n geueril. i II m ,,l
otwreaj v irlotleoofaorn pim.t
' rt
i nt tlit
.'" ' ""'te In Ibis ci untv
corn Ho i i ,,., i,, . .ii
I',., . . ner.
s,i e , nly s
0 a ti 1
1. S I linve li. .1... L Ik.
II tr V I v
ii XAB.
ieiman Mlll. i , (,. H ,
lllh tent
...e ns i tnl II ,. u,., uil, Ij.,,
" "' 0. F . M04JBB,

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