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a. lAa ur HAltt. :"'",,"r" ' "' HIS 1 A . 1 (KIMKS. " b a-rusations were l mam t im nuonmi u rws rr of raamita. t m of ww.se
wm lining oo
log opposite the
poetnflre, waiting
for the coming of
tbe stage that
brlngi mall to the
peninsular villages
II looked at mo
with frank curios
ity. 'You ara a
reeo r t r, a 1 n't
you?" be aakrd
"resorter" U the penlniular tltla for a
summer boarder.
I admitted that I waa Mm Knut
Oleaon't resorter and bad arrived on
tba Klchgood boat.
"Every summer we have m." ha
aid proudly, "l-aat year there waa
alt reeorters In Abraham, coming and
going' Won't you act down on tbli
logr be asked "The stage' 1 1 be her
In 'bout twenty minutes I can hear It
Jingling along the bay road now."
He waa the picture of venerable old
ngs aa lie sat there In the sunshine Ilia
hair waa like the whlterasa oa the hay.
hla rolor waa of the rich brown that
cornea im a fair ikln long exposed to
wind and leather, and hit aye ware
yet of a brave blue. He wore an old
coat, tut pantaloons and gay ear pat
allpprra tba favorite footgear of tba
pen. ocular tailor when ashore
"You've been a tailor" I vestured
a he was looking arroaa tba bay to
where the cliff came up from the water
Ilka an uncouth giant freab from tba
"Been a tailor' Well. I ihould aay
o." he aaawered with good natured
den. Ion Tm (apt Zenx Hall, and
boy knd man I Mllgd 'he lakei for flf
'y yem I net to ha maater of tke
Qtilst kf Juaet. tba beat three-maater
that ever pu! Into thla itsrbor iSbe
aa a boat' Von don't tea ber like
Ince them blamed meamen are tpotl
Ing the lake trade It doa't take no
Mat to rua them luat ttaud un the
bridge and tee that you daaVl rua In
ahora Now. there a Bae p Inte about
running a tailing veetel you doa't
bave an old propeller churning away
whether there't a fair aind or a calm "
"Ton mutt have bad ttrasgt adven
ture in vour day"
"Adventarea and wrecking and every
Vlnd of a time." he reaponded "I've
leen on a achocmer that caught afire tn
the middle of Superior and I waa
wrecked In the wutt squall that ever
blew on Erie, but about the queerett
thing that ever happened to me waa
right over there it Kagle Itland " He
jinte to the low, crenrent ebaped It
land that l:.y near the eniranca to
Abraham bay. "That It waa true
makea It all the queerer "
I antwered that t ttue torr wat oft
en atranger thtn thoae in the mage
tinea "Now you're talking tener' he re
plied heartily, "for there never waa no
truer ttory going than thla one and
ag'ln there wasn't no queerer one Hut
p'raps you wouldn't rare to hear It."
he cone luded artfully.
I protetted that my life would be
Incomplete until I hid heard hla yarn
"Well." he began, eettllng blmaeif
omfortafi1y on hit log. "about fifteen
years agu when I waa tailing the Cal-
Itty M Jonet. I wat running between
lireen bay tod Ksranaby. carrying flour
and provlelont I waan't living bere
In Abraham then, but I tiled to put In
at Kagle itland whenever the weather
got rough, for li t the beat harbor In
the a hole lireen bay Inilde that haaln
you're Jutt aa quiet at If you were In
the irmi of your mother We wat on
the down trip, light, mil out by Chum
tiers Itland the wind went down ind I
aaw It waa going to be a dead ra'm.to I
aald we'd put Into Kagle harlmr for the
night, it aat dark by the time we'd
got our anchorage ami et mpper. but
the mate and the crew took the vnwl
boat ind went ashore They hadn't
more'n got out of hearing when the
rook tald be wit about out of butter
and be pulled ver to the village in
fhe dl ii gey to g t tome more.
"1 Mat left ah ne and I let on lop of
the ttfeta i tir.oklng and looking at
the pn'li the moon made on the water,
tor the whole biy wat aa itnooth at If
oil had been poured on It I thought
I beird a nolle forward a aplaihtttK
and gurgling I llttened a btt and then
I went at far at the foremaat I ain't
Ufeard of squalls or human ligi. Itr
I taw something that made tne ihakc
like I hart a chill. I taw two h.tncla
gripping the gunwale ind they wit
dead bandi They wn little, but they
hid long. CfWfcl I Milti i-nd a broad
thumb that looked at if It BOWM
choke the breath from a man'a throat
watched m clutching the rail and In
a minute n l.cnd came up and the eye
looked ttrtlfkl !"to mine At I laid
before I ain't M coward, but them
eyei Jutt drew out my grll. They
wat long and not yrry wide open and
the rolor of blue tteel Mut the mouth
wat wome. for It wat the anly red In
the while faie and the upper lip wn
ihort and showed the little, tharp
teeth the month wat smiling, hut It
made your heart tick And the head
had long, yeller hair that wai dripping
wet and all tangled up with weedt and
ihclli While I waa ttarlng It came
over me that It wat a wo-aan a dead
When ihe'd got on deck the walked
aft. paying no more attention to me
than If M been the capstan. Then
two men came crawling up the Hid.
They wasn't preily to look ill and one
had a blue rur clear arro hi cheek,
but after I teen the woman 1 could
aland them All of em had the facet
of drowned folki and where thay
walked the deck wai tloihlng with
water 1 crept behind them at they
wet tit and I taw em all go down
tba cabta ttafra Tbes I
out oa the roof aad looked 'krowgfe tkt
They waa sluing round tba table,
and their mouths moved like they waa
talking, but they didn't make no sound,
though they understood what each oth
er waa Baying All at onrt tba tallest
man he waa old. with gray hair
reached arroaa the table and Uracil the
other on the cheek and the blue srxr
opened and bled like it waa a freth rut.
though there wasn't soy knlfa that I
could see The woman slipped he
bind the o, man. and the put her
haadi round hli throat to that her
thumbs pressed deep Into the flesh He
triad to get free, but the preaaed hla
throat till her fingers lorked round It
When the let go he fell with bU faea
on the table; then the and the man
wltb the nit cheek dragged him up
ttalra and I rould hear tba thump of
his hoot-heels aa they hit I waa hid
behind the mluen mast, but ! peeked
out and aaw them beave hlra over
board, aad thtn I beard tba splaah.
Then the woman laughed out loud
It waa the flrat sound that had come
from their lips and her laugh waa
c-rs than her far it waa tlnkly
and clear, ik the high notea of a pl
anner, but It frota your blood Then
ahe turned, and she wiped the mans
bloody eheek with her hair, and her
eya tbon Ilk green starboard lights
on a clear night
"Juit than I could bear the click of
the ..are In the rowlocks It waa tha
cook coming back I can tell you It
waa mutlc to my eart The man and
woman ttarted toward the tide and I
follered em I caught the woman by
ber hair, whipped out my knlfa and
rat off a ttrand just In time. too. for
tbey were over the thlp tide Ilka a
"When the rook had raited hit boat
and huig it from the davlta he came
aft and found me holding th bit of
hair In my hand and a'arlng at It like
I waa craty. We went below and I
bad a nip of something, then I told
him what d happened He gave me a
tbarp look and naked me If I hadn't
never beard the yarn I said that I
was drsgglag without anchorage and
If he knew what it all meant to tell me
he waa an old feller that had rooked
In half the gtJteyt on the laket and
knew every craft from Duluth to Buf
falo He aald he gueieed 1 hadn't never
heard the early hlatorv of the Callity
M Jonet, and I had to admit that I
didn't know anything nrept that ahe'd
been built about eight yean when the
HIlea ilrothrs bought her ind made
me matter He tald two or three par
tlei md owned her before, ind that
her flrit laptaln wat an old feller that
utt to take hit daughter wltb him in
the summer Hit mate wai young, and
h md the girl took a liking to each
othr. but the old man wouldn't hear
of their marrying and wai going to
discharge him at soon aa thsy got back
to the home port Before that, though,
they waa rammed right here In Kagle
harbor and In the evening tha crew all
went aahvr Jutt aa mine did. Tha
old man and the mate had a quarrel,
and the . siitaln nit the mste with a
long knife, then the girl crept up be
hlnd the father and choked him to
death and ahe and the mate dragged
him up the atalra and chucked hlni
overboard Then tbey taw the rsbln
boy a-peeplng at em from behind a
maat bed leti avleep when the oth
ers went athore ind had teen th
whole killing. He run from 'em and
hid In the hold, and they put oft in
the second yawlboat ao'te to he gone
when the crew came back They waa
never teen again, for In the night a
white squill came up and they waa
thought to have got their jutt detertt
by being drowned The rook tald It
wain't M uncommon thing for tha
dead folki to return to the placea
where they'd did deedt of wrong, to
that when the Callity M Jonea put
Into the harlior where they'd done
murder they waa Jutt drawn to her Ilka
Iron flllnga It drawn to a magnet.
might a believed that It waa all a
dream If I hadn't had that lock of
hair In my band, but that waa evi
dence wain't It?"
I anawered that It was moat convinc
ing evidence but t waa unprepared
for the neit move of the ancient cap
tain Tve got It right here In my wetklt
pocket, and I'll show it to you." be
tald. drawing out a imall battered
loikrt. which he opened and hinded to
It wai an old faahloned locket au h
at used tn ! etchsnged by tweet
heartt. under the round glut v. at a
wltp of pale, roarte hair, tied In a
allor'i knot "H i a very Interesting
relic." I aald feebly, ai I handed it
"Yes, It It." the captain replied snap
ping the lid ahut. "and a queer thing
abOwt it la that It la the tame Identical
rolor aa my flrit wife a hair that't
one of the queerest things atiou! the
whole business. ' and the good old man
arefnlly deposited his relic In his
walstcout pocket
aw .lulea Verne Works.
Long before Jules Verne ever thought
"f turning his talents In tbe direction
In hi h he has been so successful, he
was fond of taking notei and of mak
ing cuttings out of bjoki. magatinea.
and sclent I Ac reports Whenever bj
had a spare hour or two he clatillli J
hla correction according to ubjecu
ar.d these have proved Inv.iti.Vile to
hint. A freth plott ind ideas orciirr-.1
to him and he now hat some 'hlrty
skeleton note la put away- he Jotted
down much as does Sardoii. the dram
atltt. hit Initial Idea, and at time wen'
on. whenever he found anything whe-a
could be cif value In working out a plot
he sdded It to the envelope Inscribed
with the title of the ttory At a rnn
cicntiout worker. M. Verne ran haw
few rival Me begliia by elaborating
Hie head of each c hapter of a nw
book, then he writes a rough draft of
the whole, and sends It to the printers,
ami not till the appearance of bit Aral
art c f prooft does his real hard work
begin. He It never NitlAed with Iris
thin doxrn revliloni, and to th ds
tpair of his publisher, It often happens
that the laat proof of all bean hardly
any trace" of the original manuscript.
Icirrtilxi ruled.
"1 rode twenty-five miles on ay Mew
bicycle last night observed Brook,
"nd caniti home perfectly freth."
"I have no doubt of It," tald Rlvsrs
"I heard your wife telling my wife this
morning that you seemed to h raw
ail ovsr ' Chicago Tribune.
bagganWBsl mt Iterh Traear Howe
bf loravri "trlffabon The mt
l:.....r i rinala mmtt I ulU( llrrd
Yet He Became flew.
HE longest man
hunt on re ord waa
brougbt to light re
cently ID Seattle
upon the arrival of
the it earner lort
t land from St. Mb-b--'
aela. Alaska. One
' of the passengers
wat Krank W. No
vak of Walford. la .
who is accused of
he cold-blooded murder of a young
armer named Murray and the burning
if Un.rii . ' ... il. t il-. Am.
uroyed Novak s ttore and atctk Fab-
uary 9, 17.
I'trrtne trailed hit man to Juneau
tnd there learning that he had gone
iver the pass was compelled to return
n.d lerure the proper papers for brlng
ng bli man bark from .nglitb terrl
ury. He then followed Novak over the
jaii. ar.d when the latter waa building
)ls boat at Lake ller.uett l'erriut waa
-midlng hla at Lake Mnderman Her
rlsg had the advantage of sails and
.aiied Novak on the river without
knowing It. However, be arrived at
DtVNaw fully a month before Novak
turned up. but the latter had not been
In towa but a day before the detective
lotted him The aid of the mounted
l-oliie ah., ;,y t,e way ate not
mounted In thla country wat called In
'51 the arrest made Novak hat con
fessvd to the fommim.oii of the crime
ItSfg th nes. of the arrest In Alas
ka B Krank Novak reached Belle
Plaice, la., this yoqiv man's Ufa It
being reviewed by ill the residents of
Hrnton county and an effort Is being
nude to connect the prisoner with sev
eral --tirr.es wtAch have startled tin
pliln rountry people in the paat. If
half of the charges made agalntt htm
re true he li worthy of a place along
tide of Holmes. Hayward and other
arch fiends In the mnali of crime The
little town of Walford. where the young
mm has spent hit life, la now being
vltlted by many rtirlout people, and
the career of the young man la freely
dlsruteed by those who bave known
him from boyhood and observed bis
rite In the commercial circles of the
little town until he was considered the
wealthiest man In all the country
round. John Novak gave his only ton
the Ijest education that money could
terure. Krank hid a variety of accom
plishment! Besides a collegiate educa-
tioa. ha wat an exceptionally fine
muiidaa. and waa very popular among !
the entire community. Prosperity, j
however, proved hit ruin. A few yean
ago he wai married to a popular young
lidy In Cedar Rapldt. and the bringing
of the young bride to hit village home
waa an occasion of great rejoicing
among the simple country folk, who
were honest and hard working. In j
j rompany with his father, he engaged in
the general merchandise butlnett In
Walford and enjoyed an exclusive trade
for mllea around Everything he '
too hed seemed to turn to money '
Prosperity beyond the drramt of avar- I
Ice, a rmall private bank waa added to I
the ttore. ai in accommodation to rut- I
tomera who had acrummulatrd by
thrift and economy
In a few years the father retired
irnni arrive participation In the hutl
nest and a well-to-do countrvmai..
lieorge Dolak. was taken Into partner
ship and the builneii continued to
grow until it become one of tbe meat
extensive institutions In the state Unr
!na the World t Kalr young Novak and
his parturr. iKilak. planned a trip to
the White Uty While going from
Walford to Chicago Dolak mystertoutly
dlaappeareil from the train The next
day the young man's mutilated remain
were dlcovered near th railroad tracg
Tbe body waa taken home for burial
and Novak teemed overwhelmed with
torrow It waa not generally known
st the time thst by Oolak a dsath young
Novak aa enriched tlu.OOo. a fm
montbi ifter Dolsk't death. Jamet
Havluek dlipoeed of a Itrg bunrh of
hog tnd rtttie tmounting to St.ooo
The firmer had made many plant for
the dlspotttton of the money he would
receive from the isle of his ttock, and
he aat bipy In hit prntperity. li
wii a large sum gf money to be l-erd
In s country home, and llavllcek wat
troubled for Its afety He applud to
Novak for permiss.c I to deposit It n
the firm t aaf until other arrange
ment! could be made for Hi safety, of
course. Novak would sccomroodate
htm. and In the eviii;:k- the great doora
pf Novak Son'a safe e'osed on the
golden treiiure and the farmer return
ed hotnr to talk over the good llniei n
lore for hi family. That night the
sfe was blown open by luppoird burg
Isr snd all the money within It Iron
wall tnlen. It wna considered atrante
that none of the hooka were destroyed
They were unharmed Note and mnrt
gages were s uttered about the little
'flic, bin none were mining. The dar
ing burglar teemed n. d with the
told nnd the Arm s valuable papers
were left behind The Inn to the farm
r wat a terrible blow Krk dreama van
Ithed like sands on the aeaahore. The
lepotlt of the Tmni-y In the Idg safe
vf Novak ft Son sua merely an accom
modation and. of course, the firm could
not he expected to compensate the
farmer for hi loss Thl event In
roung Novak'a life created conalderahle
tdvera; comment Some hsrth thing
wtr tald by the inhabitant! of tbe lit-
village, bat the accusations were so I
grave that they vara aooa smut ber edj j
aad la tha couraa of time the affair
paaeed ftvh public attention aad tha '
natter was' forgotten. Novak plunged I
deeper Into 'social enjoymenta and nit .
One home waa the scene of many gath-
eringi. to which every neighbor In tha
community was Invited. He soon be I
'am an eitravagant extertalaer. and It
waa not long before be bad ra-stab-
llshed himself 'n the affenlona of thoat
who were prone to believe ha knew,
more of the robbery of the safe than
j waa generally believed. He waa tba
moving spirit in all the aortal affairi
! occurring In the community, gave lib- I
I erally to church and school entertain
ment, and. being a muiiclan of more
than ordinary taate, hit time waa given
uncomplainingly to all tuch entertain- 1
menu, and bis nee was the synonym
' of all that was good and chivalrous. He
had reached the summit of the com
munity's adulation, and In his new xen-
Ith it was a daring piece of recklessness
to point 'he finger of suspicion at him
1 "u 7,r' D UTm or .-ovaa at son
prepare! ror increased operations and
new buildings were erected and new
1 goods purchased. Insurance . to the
amount of tl&.Uuv waa taken. Of course,
builnrta Judgment dictated tbli life
guard it was claimed, but the greatest
rant Ion would bt eiercieed la looking
after th Arm's large investments The
large issurasce waa atmply a precau
tion agalntt posalble loss from fire or
the elements One night, when the
whole community was stilled in slum
ber. the inhabltanta of the village were
awakened from their peaceful dreamt
by the piercing cry of "WreV No one
seemed to know where the Are waa
raging, but from tome raute the people
tn their excitement naturally rushed to
ward Novak A Son a bank and store
Their Intuition carried them In the
right direction, but they were too late
to be of any tervlce, for the discovery
of lbs Are bad been made after all
hnper of saving anything had vanished
The big building!, the plies of goods
and everything In the bank waa con-
turned by the devouring flames and
"bat a few hours before wai considered
one of th most extensive institution!
In the itate waa a black, tmoklng
charred pile of rulnt. In a few dayt
the big Iron tafe waa forced open, but
nothing of value worth mentioning was
found In t. A few old books, withered
beyond recognition by the heat, and a
f papert aud bllla of account were
there, but not a c ent of money.
A few dtyt before young Novak had
transferred the Arm's money, notes and
mortgages to the bankt In Belle Pltine
and Cedar Rapids at a aafeguard
agalntt robber, who had once before
forced It to yield un It treasure. At
before, utteranaet full of tuiplrloe were
rife la the village, but at the time It
waa not believed the Ion taaj fuy
covered by insurance, and the mutter-
; Ingi of fhe people were soon hushed
and the wordi of ceniure turned to
sympathy. The Insurance companies
Investigated, bill, of course, the Ion
, waa complete and there wat nothing to
, do but tet il the claim. In a few
montbt the Arm of Novak Son re
I established Itself D bigger and better
quarters than ever, equipping the ea
! tabllihment with sll modern convenl
etce. Soon there were talea of heavy
lottet dliaatroua peculatlona and ru
( men of vn aailgnment of th Arm of
e.ovak Son. During MM Novak had
taken out life Insurance policies to the
extent of fJS.OOO. psyable to his wife
The morning of February 3. 17, th
new establishment was burned to the
ground, aud In the rulna were found
the charred remalm of what waa sup
posed to be the one popular Krank
Novsk. The young men i fslse teeth.
iupenderi. identlAcatlon oliecka. ring
I of keys acd even a rjll rc.nlfe were
found r.i. the re.alm. 'wining ret
aor.ably certain evidence that Krank
, Novak had perlibrd In the Aamet The
roiOhtr i Jury however, n turned a vrr-
diet that the dead man waa Kdward
Murray, a well-known young farmer
i of the community, and that Krank No
, Ttk wat a fugitive from Juitlre, a price
on hit head, r.lth the charges of mur
der, arrun and theft agalntt him.
.1. -toi Wallers lakei IVrulUr ties of
Kin. Mm III. Bnatei
The sad cxprr.rnce of King Lear
after dividing hli kingdom lias uo g
flueme upon at least one resident of
Ilrown county, Wl. John Walters,
one of the earliest settlers, and now a
resident of Duck Creek, hat followed
In the footstipt of the old king, snd
has divided hit ettale among bis rbll
i.ren. Mr Walters la getting well ad
vanced in years, and he called hla fam
ily of nine children urouud blm. and
proposed that the rttatc be divided
MSI them now. and thus save future
litigation The plan agreed upon was
that the estate should be divided Into
nine parts of aa nearly equal as possi
ble, and that corresponding Humbert
should be drawn To this all agreed.
The number were ac cordingly thrown
Into a hat and the drawing progreased
good-naturedly to the end. when all
declared themtelvei aatltAed The on
ly llpulallon made by Mr. Walters
waa that each of the beneAclarleg
hould contribute I5 per annum to a
fund for his private uae The value of
the estate li about 111 ,000
Death Hair. ! l.onctun llullilliiCi.
The Uindon Chronicle ralli atten
tion to the death rate in many of the
mtvdel dwelling! in that city, lb par
ticular there it found in the bouiei of
the Metropolitan Association for Im
proving Dwellings of the Working
Classes a death rate of only U (4 to
1.000. The Inmates of these bouses
number fi.t.lo. and are housed In four
teen blocks In different parts of ths
city. This rale Is only half tbe rsls
for the whole of London.
sua aKisiT ato raaaav.
That baad work oa wash t'rrlasT la tar
asara daatrahsa sbaa ea aUI aad velvet, at
pep a lar a few years ago, taaait be ctewbs
MJ yea euay woman eota plain that Ua
colors fade aad diaga so aooa that Ua
work Is labor thrown away. Bat tail at
aa error, far li properly laaadrlad, waaa
silks may be kept fresh aad bright until ,
tba articles tbey adorn are past usefulness.
Tha doing of the eat broidery is so daintier
work tfcaa that of keeping it lagood order,
and only by doing it herself can tba tasty '
woman have ber fcuicy linens kept bright
and pretty.
Wbaa ready to do tba work, select a '
I right ilav fill a small tab nearly fall of
warm water and add a little Ivory soap to
make sods, put each piece la aad wash
carefully After each article la rleaa,
rinse la slightly blue water, to which a
little this starch It added, wring and bang
la tba shade Whoa dry. spriokis, fold, '
and let stand half aa boar. Iron oa the
wrong tide, pressing down heavily to
throw out the stitches of the embroidery,
Una restoring tastr original beauty.
l-Ulk K. I ,.iu
Tba tnirty-eixth anniversary of the i
Battle of Wllaoa'a Creak, ona of th
early and Important engagement! ol
tha Civil War, wat observed by a re
union of vet er ana of both armlet. The
Confederate aurrlvort preaent far out- .
numbered tba Union men. It waa hard
ly naceaaary for tha reporter! to ity
that tha beat of faellng prevailed at
tha met'lcg. Tha man who fought gal
lantly a generation ago set an evampli
of Judleloua forgetting. It It usually j
from man who took no part In thai
mighty atruggie that wa learn that th
war la not yt over.
It it reported that the court phyil
rlan In Persia baa been put out of the
way by tha thah, beeauae ha waa tha
repoaltory of too many court aecreta.
A little knowledge la proverbially a
dangeroui thing, too much knowledge,
It teernt, may be equally dangeroua.
The Rises.
TVsts s rvsoaym for Ihsl gtonmr. bsrrsased
teaditioa of the stlad watch has lis ortiia Is
lytpspsls. AU Us ugly spirits thsi. aider
Ike aasss of the blues." "kiss JetUs."
' megriau " asd nsilJliraka" tocmssts th
tytpeptis slasost ..... . viaub when
ttlackea wiu Uotietur't siomach BltUrs,
leal, moreover. eaaJuistse b.Uoetasss. roa
UpaUoa. sbllktaad fever, kidney complaiats
They nasi a dynamite explosion
acroaa tba border from Buffalo tba
other day, and Immediately the Buffalo
paper claimed a local earthquake
That It tht clearest ease of ittallag
thunder w avtr heard of.
There it still great activity In tha
'heat market, Incident to the large de
mand for American wheat to make up
the ehortage In other countries. The
market baa been peculiar to a farmer!
market rather than a trader'a: that It.
It haa been a market the advance In
which caate at a time to benefit tht
farmert. tome of whoa old wheat waa
till on hand, while their new wheat
eat Jutt beginning to be harvested The
cheating tpeculator got left this time
Read the Adseniaemesls.
You will . ujuy tblt publ.caiioo much
better If you will get Into the habit of
reading the adrertlaemenft; tbey will
afford a inoat Interesting study and
will put you In the way of getting
aoine excellent bargains. Our adver
tiser are n liable, tlicy tend wai Uiey
Tbe Wilmington (Ohio) Journal aayi
that ' the squirrel hunters hsvs been
busy since Sept. 1. and soon there will
be none of the little fellows left In tbs
woods." If possible something should
be done to prevent them from shooting
sch other like thst.
Some women of s New Jersey church
pslnted with their own fair handa tbi
fence lurtaunding that ealablithment
They did it to shim their lazy hut
bandt i but the men mean enough tc
permit that tort of thing are not tut
reptlble to any emotion of that kind.
And. bciidta, It wat a thoekingiy bad
in Bsssrawa, aioo.
The rrsders of this psper will be
plessed to h srn thst there Is at least one
(treated disease thai science has ten sh.e
te cure tn all its sieges snd thst Is ca
tarrh Hall e'atarrh Cure is the amy
positive cure now known to tht medical
fraternity c stsrrh living a constitution
al disease, requires a conttltutlonal
trestinei.t Hall Cstarrh Curs It taksa
Itit enaliy. s. una directly upon ths tdoo4
snd muuui surfs, ss of the tyattoi,
thereby destroying the foundstlon of tha
disease an l (Ulng ths patient strength
by building up the constitution and ss
slating i, sure in doing us work. The
proprietors hsvs so much faith to its
rurativs powers thst they offrr cine Hun
' dred Iiolisrs for sny rase that It falls le
i cure Bend for list nf Testimonlsls.
; Address V J CIIENKT A Co.. Toledo,
old by druggist! T!c.
HbII'i Fsmily I'll a sre the Lest
Our Idea of a chump Is a man who
.artics i.Hjtb lruli ttl klt.g out of ht
Don't cxairgcrnte'; If you repeat a
story as It was told to you, your arc
cxaitisc ruling enough
You fan apt Advertise money out of pen.
I ,vle s iKx keta all the time v on may do it now
and then lull If you don t jive them some
thing of siiso'.uie merit la returu, advertis-
will never prove sucraasful. Tbe kind
of advert! nor that ya it advertit.ng a
I good tblor Aa It hat Ibe merit people will
use It senile and sgsin Never has It la-en
latter illustrated than in the great aucre.s
j of Cascarets. e sndy i sthartic that ws bave
leeu lately advertising in this paper All
Druggist! . all i aicarets repealers that is,
people buy them, like them aud hov them
sgsiusnd recommend them to their friemls.
t'aacarsia sre gnsrsntee.1 tn cure constipa
tion or money refunded, and are a delight
ful laxative snd liver -mnulaiit the I est
medtciu ever ms.1 We rccomtuend all
oar readers to try Ibriu.
Mi-cause of the depredations of whe-'l
men, iwo very beautiful rountry placet
a.ong tht Hudson have rec-ntly beet:
cl.ited to blryclltti. Rare llowcrt hsc'
been plucked, fern dug up bodily
bought broken from the HMM tire
peanut shells scattered over th lawns
snd the very owners of the grout. di
warned by the Insistent bell to nam'
aside. No irlitocracy ran compare it
"effeteneai" with auch manners si
these The arrogance of unbridled lib
erty Is even ruder than the exclusive.
nsss of wealth.
Take tawstlva Itroiao Quinine Tsbleu Ail
Druggists refund the mosey if It falls lo curs Be
Nothing will make a good house
keeper Btt so quickly at the tight of
a moth.
Wis Xslsslew'a Moatfelag Syraac
far rkllSrea li-ecsiar.aortes. the suM.isvlaesii intaas
sUsa. sllajs asla. carta aia wlk. St etsu a laiula,
Dop who have had the least luck,
bar most faith lu IL
TOf ArTT Of rTtnONfMO.
Whea ws t-oxaa to deal wltb tba art
of reigning at dona quarter It la ob
viou that aa outalder can aay little
aa to tba details, aaya the London
Spectator. They are naturally kept
a a ktad of trade secret a secret not
etpteaeed la word or written In
tdm. but to be learned rather by ex
ample aad Imitation than by direct
precept Still, a itudy of th method
of kingship dlKloee certain main
principles of action. Conacloualy or
uncor.acloualy. th king "bo are uc
teasful In th art of reigning act on
th text of icrlptur that tell ua "the
xingt hetrt it laaerutaMe." Its
clever king is most careful to heap
big opinions more or lea veiled and
unexpressed. Ha Is aollcltoua that the
naa In the street shall not be able to
say the king takes this or thst side or
wants this or that or believes la this
or that solution. It it far better that
till the absolute need for a decision
cornea the king's view ihould be un
knownthat one man abould say: "I
wonder what the king's view Is"" and
that the other should be able to reply:
"Nobody knows exactly, but, depend
upon It. be won't Jump to any conclu
sion, but will keep a free bead aa long
aa he ran.' The king, la fact, re
mains uncommitted until the time for
action arrives, in this way there is
no leaksge of popularity Each aide,
however vehement, la able to feel:
"It'll be all right In the ead. The
king Is uncommitted end when he sees
how things sre going, or whea he gets
properly Informed, we ahall have him
with ua." Tbua the party or sectional
battle la fought out without the king
getting aplathed with any of the mud
of the arena. Of course. In msny
caaes the time ultimately arrives
when the king hss to tsks a side, or,
rather, to act. We sre ipeaklog not of
strict conttltutlonal monarchies like
England, but of monarchies In which
the sovereign wield direct power
When he doet to, however, the fart
that he haa been up to that moment
uncommitted enables him to break the
fall of the losing side. The king acts,
in fact, like a Judge, aad. like a Judge,
if he Is wise, only gives bis decision oa
tbs points directly before him. Ha
never allows any deviation Into obiter
dicta But though th- king commtta
bimaelf a little aa possible snd guardi
an tnscrutabls besrt In regard to the
thoussnd snd one things over which
hit subjects are battling, be la most
careful to keep hlmeelf cloaely and pre.
claely Informed on all matters that
bars the allghteat concern with the
exercise of hla functlona. There Is no
precept more tskea to besrt by kings
tbsn the precept "Knowledge s
power." Initlnctlvely. kings resllas
that If they are to succeed In the art
of reigning they muat know the true
truth about everything.
An old msn's idea of a bright and
intelligent woman is one wbo enjoy
bearing reminiscences.
mrr. imdirtaht mntg atiow
To men plain envelope i How, after tea
yean' fruitlese doctoring. I waa folly re
ttorH to full vig ir and robust manhood.
No C. U I fraud So moner accepted.
No connection with men al concerns.
Heat alsHilately free Address, Lsvk Hog
i bicsgo, 111. heud .'cent sUmp If
Ths aversg woman will let nothing
prevent ber from putting up winter
Two bottles of Ptto't Cure for ( ootump
lion cuied me of a bad lung trouble Mrs.
I. Ntcbol. Prlaeetl.in. wL, Mar. 38, 1SX6
A man who hullila a now bouse at
trsctk attention and crtil.-lain.
EXCLlidVK l -l, e.r Till. WiiRH " CASTORIA," AND
. DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, pf wnf, Massachuutt.
wat th originator of "PITCHEP'S CASTORIA," tht gam.
Oiat has born and doet now STjf yeyy .r" " 'very
bear ths fae-timile signature of 0tffl&jUilC wrapper.
This is the original " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," u hich hat btt
used in tht hornet of the mothers of Jmerica fvr over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at tkt wrapper and tee that it it
tht kind you har- always bought . , on the
and hat tht sijnatur 4cCAUe wrap
per. ,Yo one has authority frc.n mt to use my name tJceepi
Tht Centaur Company of a:Uh Chat. 12. Fletcher u
Pre i dent, -
March S, 1S97. Q&-t C
Do Not Bo Decoived.
not endanger the life of youi child by accepting t cheap utwtitnte
which tome druRKtat mav tiler tou (bXUM ht mtkm a km man pennies
on u), the mgredienis ol which tMN he docs not know.
"The Kind You Havo Always Boucht"
Insist on Havircjr 1
The Kind That
A pretty matd on a Columbia bicjclt is the
comlicst sight in the -world ii.; U tter the
wheel the betttr you look ar.d feci.
r,tw i
N ZColumb'as
r-T ilffwhn . r- t-rr. t f . . Jf
Hartford Bicycles
A lube like ikes M lu.t tSMM
uawl is c ,lea- .. ua lilt law
I KWnI II C arbon 1 1 Carbon 1
" strtrrt hart
required la tba
to eat an oyster.
I .! the
FITS PsSMeo, .ts Liiooma
IcSlcci iwelli. Saw. i.,ac iMcrse
Sea Im PBgg ss.ae uul Ser.te cwl
be. a. it Bust Ua.. an asa ss- Wile)
A big boy wbo Indnrea little hoy to
flgbt, la alwayi
! i tot f t
01 the Knife.
Mr. I.incc.:aNclon,r f MaMhfieM.Mc .
writes: "For sis years I hare beam a
sufferer from a srroluloos aftoctiosi ci
tbe glands of my neck, awl all effort
of uhyticisns in Waan.ngton. D. C ,
Springfield. 111., aad St. Loota failed to
reduce the ealarwraient. After aim
months' constant treatment here, tww
phvsicisa nrged me to submit to a re
moval of tbe gland. At tbia critical mo
ment a friend recommended1 S.8.S..
and laying aside s detrp-rooted fareta
dire against sll patent medicine. I Se
ra rj its as. Before I bed need one bot
tle the eolsnrrment began to disappey mat
snd now it is entirely gone. 'hoar4bjg& f
not t hrnncrh with mv second I '
Had I only need yonr - fiTlnd
inclined over livj."
This experience it like that of all who
inffer with deep-seated blood troc lea.
The doctor csn do ao good, and i vest
their resorts to th anile prove cciher
fruitless or total. S S S. is the only
real Mood remedy; it gets at tba root of
the disease ana forces it oat perma
nently. -c ;uaratetd partly vegetable")
A Real Blood Remedy.
it a blood remedy for real 1.1 ood troubles;
it cures tbe most obstinate case of
Scrofula, hrema. Cancer, Kbcamatit-',
etc., which other so-cslled blood rrtt -dies
toil to touch S.S.S. gets st t
root of the disease and force it owt per
manent! v. ValnaMe books wi.l
b sent free
to anr addrrss
by the Swift
Specific Co., At
lanta, Ga.
AUBr ktcj atmcM a urr-.c mxkab
Never P-r: id
better thtn toy
exiept tc lumbits
S50J4S. UO.
Whe I. is lura t
usl .ec us u
CMS list law CM
Popt Mfg. Co.,
If CuluentMss see aat
proper 1 1 reeaieU
11 yuur v.cetcty. 1st ua
eprg-- r7CrV7VtW'lt
vSJ-i'cTDr-' 1 I I If
Vj? JSr
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