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Vol. Ill No. 81.
Price 6 cents.
If you want the IJest,
Ih the favorite report of al! tfcMM who like
fff4 iritik skillfull) mm. I and Uate
fuily nerved. Wt handle only the beet
hrandr of . . .
LaSpolaUatj of OUT plM is due to ..ur untiring 'Aorta to
east W'i prehotu everybody, and treat all alike at the 'Mob
T.VM.OH .v OX, I'roprlrtora.
Patrons and Friends
Of Uranus. Mndiuin, innn , Kolsyrtson and
Ktlrletoill Counties :
Ths so .bined Capital and asset f nnpenn a r. , 1 Ann f(0 HHO
r .. nted bv m aa I,UUU,UUU,UUU
fhe aapllal and of 1 mean sent OR 000 000
fit .t,s .n re than .. WjVWfUfV
I jtiifolentlv believe that I ran nerve you bvilM MMl lieaier
than any one .!" in lay Mae of Risks, In- :hey City,
: iwn or Country.
I liar- an efficient flic.' force, tin- affairs of whirh ;ire under the
mmammi of FRANK W. Mi-coNNlot
i alun rmpvButmi
E.tiitab!e Life Assurance Society of WtW York;
Paflififi Multial Life; Am Union Life;
Fidelity and Casually of New York,
t t wilt a I am tha til anlhnrlae. airat la Brjran I rers tf'illy ollcll ami will
I'prrrlata ) our bullosas;
CjU. P. Fnklin & Son,
Butchers and Meat Dealers.
ffi Buy Hides, Wool and Pelts.
Mar lets under Academy of Music and next
door to John Mike's store.
"We keep good cheer in bottles here,
Good whisky, wine and brandy;
They're pure nice, and low in price;
You'll find our place is handy."
rsiirk llav Oy lei' erved in any
yie- im
ask sal swaalets stock ol ,
Uifdits, Fruiti, Cigars, Eio.
Temperature Veatetday Maximum Mir-
intuiii I'.'.
Have You Tried it?
trv the ahove brand.
Chocolate Bonbons,
I'av Wo
Lowney's Fine CWates.
Captain Mam Speak of the Maim
Invalidation at hv Wot,
I In m Not S7 tha Main Waa !.
alrnyad I,, ... i iurul l.iploaloo.
!,. Iba Impri .aluu
u.1i Waa tin Cass.
Key West. March o.-ffcptain Marix,
before sailing nn the Msngrove with the
Maine hoaril of Inquiry, n-ferrwl to the
atab-iiifiit ttiat the nnut'a lnvmtiiratinn
faUul to prore the Maine had been
blown up from ti . ontaioV. "That'a all
boah," be aaid. "Whjr can't tbry atoji
thnxinK until we fret ready to report?
Th'n, I aaaun- yoo, w ahall aunin
reaoinx for American paopln that will
b lnt trail n "
"Will it mean war?" wax axked.
"Tliat'a a fiu-atinii I mn't atuwrr
now Wait."
N.(,llall,M, Ouantl Ia I . .. I:
In I i" ,n ahlpyarda.
Ni'W York, March Ii. A apiial to
Tin- Kiralii frutii Witthinffton sayx:
i'ziiy rrahjfisjj :Ue insportance of
pniaratioiw for any emergency, tlv
prvaidt-nt liaa ilin tt the nary ilcpart
iii, nt to 0JM nirotuitiona UnktuK to
the parchaac abroad of warahtpa. Thta
i.i' ' ia uiiw n,r aapl nni lime aXWaa jmo-
,. ivi ,., . . I
uu, , iwvimmj -..."1.1 n'ii ii.tm' inn.-
pirwl at thta jancvurw bat for the rt'-ttr-
nii-nt mnacl tiy tap aun-ment puDlulwxT
that Spain had arrba1, or wax neo. j
tiatiiiK for uatahilM U iiik built by the
KNwu k "iiiipanr f KiiKland, f-r tic
Hrail awl for irthiT ahtpa under con
atruitiou. With a VaW of aaeertaintna; the facta,
your cnrreapiMilpnt calll npnu a liiffh
offlrml of ii..- ailminmtratioa and oh
tauuil an oftVial admuiaon, mal for
tin' Mn't time, that while tlae pn-atili-ttt
Uoea not antictiate war, he rrcoRma
that there la a poajnutlity of hiattllitiea
irrowiiiK oat of the t'ntn xnhlcm and
the Maine diaaater. and that he propiw
Cf to be prepared far it.
Kiht men-of-war, whieh are prac
tically completed in fnri-ijru ahiprarpa,
i n. I iii offereil for aale in Un- Cnitwl
Statea. The pn-aident haa (,iTen conxid
iTjtinu to the ad inability iif plat inK an
option on them.
The naty lUpartnatnt haa ln
folly watchtnit the construction of
hipa atroad thmaxh the eyrai of ita na
val attache at London. Pan a, St. IV
teraliurB, Berlin, Vienna and Rome.
The anrveillance liaa been maintained
for two months, lint more eapecially
ainca the Maine dteaater
Through theae naval atfachea and
from the abipbaildera tbemaelves the
wi n'tary of the navy haa learned th;it
be ean now purchase two amall t attle
ahipa, two armored crnlaen and four
torpi'dolaata, all at a eomparativelr low
price The tattldi-ra liave pnmitMil that
they ean aell the veaaela to ajp-nta of thxa
iri'M-rnmeiit at thta time complete in ev
ery respect, aud all that will be naoas
aary fur the administration to do will la
loonier the ueopssarr d, tail- of offlorra
and men to pna-eed to the, ahipynnl. iro
on i.ainl the veasrls and take them to 1
anv .,int wlni h may ! ilemnii
The buildera nnre that the purchases
1.' made at one. as they say tho daclar-
ationof war between the t'nited Statea
ana Smin would result in the infon.
nient of neutrality laws and pre vent the
sale of the dhipa
1 he tail tie. hips and armored cruisers'
liaie t.s ii Itult by Knglish and Cienuaii
uiiii. o, ii'o ,-i nun-Hi wiiiru are now
unable to y for them, so thai thi gov
ernment would have no difficulty in ob
taining the vessels by simply putting
down the necessary annmut of .i.-h.
The four '"i j o 'it. have been offeml
by the Tbornycroft Shipbuiliiing coni
pany, whiaMi iamts are m-ixniZiNt by ex
pert, to 1. among the W't in the world
While yotu correaponpent waa unabla
. . .
to harn the names of ship which havo
la'ii offereil to thia government, them
l n'aaoii to ts'licve that among them
are thnv jaiwerful shii tiinlercimstrnc
tion at the V ill. an work at St. mn.
Oermany. for the Chinese government.
Theae three ahips an' of Mi tona dia
placement, constrnctel to make ! ;i r
knot, and will t able to carry not less i
than I'"1" tons of coal in their Imnkor.
Then1 i. iilo reason to llii . that in
rase of (rouble tin government could
purcliase fnim Jhin the Kaiag. and the
Chios which ar' ii 'nnng eomrlction at
I'hibuh'lphu .mil the Union work Tho
official with x.liom your coiTeapoudeut
lalkid, bad no doubt (ha( Japan wonld
! Milling (o aid the I'mtiil Si.it. . Iiv
selling the warship la-fore the coin
nn ini'iiietit of war
Tnrlairi. May Ni lie
a Una
Ua Hiailnn Agsln.
Washington, Man-h iV The pmasul
tranafer of Dry Tortugaa, which i. n--ga
rdi d ns the most uniitiint ipi.ir.iii
tine atation on the southern coast, to the
war departnieiii would niii'aaitate an
Imtueillate M'iivtiou of another location
for a statiou off the MOOt of l'lornUi.
Tl' ipiarautitie - .i-"ii .' wm ih. t rta
infi-ctnl with yellow f. ver and other
infection. illsensc la'g.a- April I, so
that it tho war department divided to
reauine contnil over Dry Tortugaa and
Fort Jeffora n, which i located there,
no lime will is' lost by the Murine ho
pitnl oftlciala in fitting out nuolher sta
tion. Already some oorreH,ndenit' has
U'ii lud with otllcuila of the service on
the Florid coast, mvl several Florida
keva have ben nggeeted a amiable
place to which the station ought be
The nam advantage -burned for Dry TfWhiipi Kilurational Co
Ti rtnga a the point for th quarantine . , , . a
atat.onan. ci,lm.l for ftttlrtrat.-gi 11 ,0 JnB'
point for the taue for a fleet operating
(,ul- u WM 0wl ,lunn ,bo
c - iv il war a a taw of op ruiiiai. agam-t
the 'mifi derate state.
rtl.am.r .,in. I.,- N.w lorfc
Kay Weal Wllh rro.i.lraa.
Xew York, March 5 Tin: Mai lory
MM oteamcr Ifneoea aailel twlay for
Key Weat w ith 7.1 tona of relief aupphm
for the dititnte lit t:uba At K y
Weat the atnrea will ! traiifem!d to
the Naahrilh- and MotitRouiery.
A Uh-nrara wax received iwv- fmrn
U K Lewix. aseretary of the tr-(rn
relief committee, aayina; the flrat airtion
of the Cnlaui relier train. oarryin(t !,
000 poandaof food, left there Friday.
M ,.. r.lpeaaa s..,r .
Hty of Mexico Marrh A lndT of
aorrow held by Mavm- PrWlar titcht in
honor of the Mam. who nea-nlvl in the
Maine exploaion wax rerr nutnerooaly
attended. It h Id in olipdwiice to
tin1 joint call iaueii by tho native Spam
bh laifi and Mexican ltidr". The bail
wa ilr.it-l in 1 U -l. n: I -'aaaaaai made
exnrtMiaivB of armpa'hy for tlie Unitd
l l-i lt Trrat,l im t" l,m.
Madnd. Mach -The Ipafa, tba
Conaerratira paper, aaya :
"We believe that in jnat the r-M
manner aa the Waatwinrton ifovi riinviit
in the caae of S-nor Dnpnv de i
Lome, which wai I m- mnrh lea i
arare. an alionld S tir 1 oillon a' t in the ,
p,. ,t( Chm
i ti... . .r
B". il- ',
"fBi-ial with the innnrptioniata
hi maint. nni"' at !l.i:ina are
ptejndical to the )roit ndationa la-1 ween
Spain and the United Statea."
fcpaalah Ctala.r Itearliea llaiaaa.
Havana, Man-h, I, Tha Sonih Crt
c'aaa ernlwr Alnnraiite I t tt -1 ! . irrn d
in Havana hmrbnr eariv tin. niortnnir
from Spain. sh- neatvai a hearty
welcome from the ferry iaaita and tur.
on Urd of whirh wef eivil and irnli
tarr anthontie and dinVrent ua-ietiei
which were waitinit f'r t!.
amval. The d-cka wen- rrowd'l w.th
attfht.eT. na-keta were acnt up. and
flair and otre-r d'- ' rationa were dix
pUrnd from reaael. in i rt. the pablie
liaildiiiira and plaeea.
FitxhnKh Leie. Jr., aon of the mnaol
KciieraJ. waa amonir the paMaWgM who
arrived hi re on lrd thi Hivettc.
CI. !'. Kf,r III" Maheil.
York. Marrh S The central
couneil of the Red t'roaa will ta (rin a
liranch of the rel.ef work, inakiag rar
mint for the Cuban auff'-n ra. tboo
sand of whom. Mksa Clan liartou lias
declared In her letfcra, an in rajf.
Spain fttftj'atnaahl Tliaas.
Iindon. March ." Further iuqniricx
made on the anbji-ct eotiflrni tho report
of the two enil- ra to Stwili whu b the
Arin-trouira lam !shH bui.dinR for Bra-
rr BMMaxj Mawa
Hirminfr'uim. Man-ii "i The J. fT, r
wu ( "iintv ifiainl jtirv n ttinn l a true
bill agaui.t T- in Collm. and Hugh I ra -
xerol lt, m.r. A '.a. charging them
with munler in the tint degree. Iu Da,
! ceinU-r lat
.1 H. Howell, a young
lute man. fiu-man of one .,( ti.. ; , ,-.
Ueasemer. was arnsfd f"r an al-
sicd ii-" '
hwiil :n.-i.t t 'ol.in daughter Oat
bns went to the prn-m when Ho. il
was locki-d up atal shot him dead in the
! cell. Fraxer was with him. At the
mhrn.,,... fn.-il Cul.in. ua. not al -
lowed ball, and Frawr was gruu bond
, the sum of feOOO.
After the III runvrnllon.
Chicago, Man-h S. -Chicago will he
the meeting place for the Ug interna
tiomU coiiveaxtion of Christian l'uii.aor
unions in Jnly, 1SW. if the efforts of
haul union gJ0 a suocas TaM J
liminnry coi.i: It. has a In ady !. n
appointed to ur. a guaranty fund of
tao.ttnO, the ainonnt tKH-.sairy for the
iil.'rtailim. nf of the vifltor It I e-
I timat. d tl.it r : people will at-
I . . ..
lend the convention
rak.r OataSJ aa t:uriiis.
New Yi rk March - Kichanl I'mker
j announivit it ia hi intention to go to
I Ktiglaml iu April mid remain until
Augnat. It ia aaid on gxsal anthoritr,
' that diininj his absence John F Carroll
will I' acting l".nl"r of Tammany Hall
Oil Will snp,,,
New York. March
Man Aialn.
.'1 -llettmnu
" " " " "
1 Tl. s I I 11 11 I.L
mm 1 ' an tiia-a 1 1 , nii'i 'ita 111 .it a ill at IH
banc, V. Va , hnvo mailt' nn aMtiu-
nn ut to hmamiel . Hlooiuiugilale
Ajnount involved I anid to la' f.HSI,(Kal
Herman Mark Iturn. al Sea,
Uartaidia-, Man-h ft. The tierman
, lark C'llade de Forte. Captinn Kauf
man, last reported at Fcmatnbuco, Jan.
0, from Rio de Janeiro, wa. nhnndoned
at aea on tin- and her crew have landiil
hi 1 it gsxenag iaiii.
JosluiM, lc., Miin-hft.- Tlieil inoiiiha
old child of John 1 'on way, living near
this place, crawled into the lire while
it mother w a. attending to outdoor af
fair, and was so ludlv burned that it
i ran 1 l r Hanalar.
Sun Diego, Cnl , March - At a un-et-
ing of prominet Ki publican step were
lu to promote the i-nndidacy of U S
(inint for the 1'nit. d St.it". senate from
tMwaril T.ittrraall llaail.
l,ond"ii. M p i F. Iliiund Taltataal)
head of the luusc eichaiigo aud of the
tlrui of Tatti rsall i diau
Aaaasasea kg BaaMasaea Sduut
1.1...,. I .1
klMla al lb l i. .i
at Tracblaf
ten ta of the atatea poxtictpattng in th
TratwrniMUMppi expnaUKm. and wUl ba
held in tbia nt y on Jane Ti, 19 aad Zi.
It aima to (rive tearbera and aeboolmea
the brraftlta aecruinx; fnan a (rreal gmtU-
runt "f repr wntalive educaiora uxtr
chantrinir idea and iiateninx; to addreaa
ea of reooxruixcd Uadera in the diflaaaxaxk
branehea of -,lafMioc work. Whiix)
fnUowinit in irenenl aoopa tha nxaate
liilfa of the National llacattoaal aaxa
ciatioo, it aeeka to aapplement ita wan
aud i-xttnd it iiifiuenre. The plan and
object of the aWNaatlta have been in
doraad by teaoluiion of the State Teaeav
era aaaooiatuma of Netwaaka,
Katiaaa. Miaeoori Sooth Dakota.
tana and Oiiorailo. ami exnecU indori
' i from Texa. and other ttatea.
The date of the conventwm haa been
fixed fur the but three daye "f alaal
Tin. w ill (five ample time for ftniahi (
op the cloainff work of tue acboola. far
tn inlina tlie convrntion, f- vuuunat
th expteitioii. and, if ilreirable, to o
i.iim-' f'T tin- N.iTi'.ual M
Tin-convention w.ll cit of
ifi in : i! mil tinK and numerooa
of ait'tiona, departmi nts and
Fr the fi neral meet.nrx the pnarnunme
will provide address- by adacatora of
national repotatioii r.;m bipica of ra
mi educational interest. Tho cmf r-
- '. ... I. i.n .. r r tun of Uailina
pe laliat ill each field.
A-i-li- fnim th" prirram oat lined the
Tran.uilaaissippi and International ex
position will be the irreat attraction.
1 hi ' xpoaition will taj opened at Omaha
June- I. In it will lie trprenented not
lea than U itatea of tha Union, lamtde
many foreurn nation. Unv of the spe
cial features will be the educational ca
ll ll.it. now iu KVuntion by the acho4a
of alinisit all the western atates, Ulua
tr.itinir the metbiala and resnlts of ad-vatiii-l
iducational ayatem. Exhilnt.
of ti xt tmk. M'honl farniture, literary
apparatu. and of the printing and book
making trade promise to excel anything
ever N'f'ire attempted
There will la? no special expenae what
ever imjd upon lattora tcept tlie
niiab rate charge of fi cents for the
l.audxiiu,' ofncial lavige, which will n
title the bolder to all privilege of the
Spi-cial niloccd railroad mtea will be
put in force for this conveii'ton iual to
the U-at ever accordiil any other edu'-a-tiiiiutl
gathering Iu addition, litu.r.
condition ami depo.it privilege will b
armngiil miait favorable to thins who
wUh to attend the Traumiiippi I d
rational convention en rootn to oil er
pomta and have their excu:ii'ii ticki ta
' avaiiam- mi ine mum .rip mot
in tii
. aoniuier or fall.
The general meeting will la, hud in .
the t 'oli-um. in wincn ine national :
in Inch the tuitiniial :
j conventiim "i ine rvnpie a part, raaoa
. . i ....
"a m .min.it i..n ' "so naa
.seating capacity ..f u mi inn Me-t'.on
, me. tings ami congresses wai ne neui in
! the smaller hall, with which the oity La
abnudantly supplieil
I Tim chairman of to- . . utten com
mitteeiaC. l. l'.arse .ujnuendtnt
of i uy . e hall, OruAka.
I Irraa. f'asa4lan. flraota.
New York, Mar -h 5. La Preae. (he
leading Fn m h Canaduui daily here.
aevendv criticises the grant recently j
made to A M. Merrier in the Yukon du
tm t. allowing him to dredge '.iiOO yard i
in the Yukon river. Acconiing to La!
: - no grant can lawfully , v,-e i ::.xj '
yards t.. one claimant. Aii-onlnii; t6
the iwiaT Mr Mi rrier'a grant n,wn
; ' ' -.v r In the
1 Klon Ilk,, reirion V,H.,trt1n, ,l...
h. ! 1 AciMinling to the of.
tlcml report i.n taire.1 Iv William tiil.
t- w - rv . 1 . . t 11 7
we lai i-p-sc .iavs tueir minium vnloc
nU: nni It .iv. tie., ii .
- 1 " V - - n ,4UI
I. 11 L'lg.intic jo!, and contend, (hat Mr
Merrier can make a clear tl lasi one 1 .,. .
(lisp. Ming of hiarightto capttali.ti It
(.'irat privileg- s over the ordinary nun
1 r-
t lm.s.l win, suallni Ore.
t npple 1 reck, C0..1 . March ." -Six
prrson wen1 taken to Colorado Spr.nga
from hen and jilncisl n the county jail,
charged willi -teal ing ore. They arc 0
II Tliomp. hi, Joh'i Muuisev, William
Shuck and wife, Samnel Drantorff and
Stanliy Fmchi'l The arrests wore
made by J, 0 Frar r of the Fiukertou
Dctii'tive agency, w ho ha Wu work
ing on the caae for several months It
is claimed that a vast amount of tlm
richest oris has lavti tuki n in the post
year, mid that other arrests are to bu
made, v Inch will cans,' an immcuae
sensation The officer refute to give
auv I. I ill. lis yi l
Twanijr Maaaa rrruh.
Bii hluti, Iru..ia. March ft. - Fire atart-
id in the Saturn and Sonow ic miue
In iv tialay. Twenty dead bodiea have
so fur laa n recovered. There are mori'
iu the buriiing mine.
St. 1.0111a, Marrh 5 Cattle - Itocetpt.
W0, unhiding 100 Tcxaua; atea-lv
Tuns steer, 3.7Sid4.50.
Sheep. Keceipts, M0 steady.
Chicago, Mttreli A - Cattle Maocip
:i000; dull and mi hanged
In the Grocery line to day.
Try our Roasted
nf"rt xrH af I laam TTf
.TNO. B.
The Provider Ami Original Cutter.
G0uD 1
Mate a Uad
If atoi for
El rr) tkloc jao
If yon "drop ia to tsk a driak"
doing an. Yon (eat bvt ; tbat'a a
a good rnaaon. Yon are! kind o,
The food Wikry sold by
a Oood Renaou for taking
Rerembtr 'this
Young Han, Young; Lady
Get a
Here u a Chance to Got ono.4s
aw rfi
Without Cash Outlay.
We I, v ii ale arrrnzemt nta to give away the famona Al A MO
SlICYCI.KS aa pteniinni lor
Here is the Way to Do it:
Got TEN new Cash yearly
on'0f hum nr on oor Hat at
eit caah rlv P'e. (0 Fr
u ' .
N a'l i mi etiarges, a man
an (-.-I i .. 'tjr Wltn nr
or ... ...
IJrvsn i.-..i. .. . " Witb
rt'gbt tires.
"i:.trIIP . .
. .,1 ,' .' '-A. MO. A
Kr, a lliViBl A in..
for eight new mm
.ww., in,
,r--Two ai
ix-mor.lh snbcribi
inldnsik... ansi ...
""""' at i L i each, will WInt ..,. .
ilor, nm.,i, ..... -oi.eje
- - , -.,"...,,11. ,
the Daily Kso a
TlIK AL V M ( ) UlCVcrw
. 1 ' 15U LI'..
From the Chicago Dispatch.
l.icago. III., jtn a, jpUsj
To Whom il May Cor cero :
Tha Alamo Hi ycle llou-e of
bia rily are making a spectalty o(
Hheel.iornen-paper premium
Thay hare ahei'l tb d hn.givl.
en urne al snti-favciuui duru g tha
Peat year. M a Mtea .,.
publi-bers to niririiom aat
nua lot nea inb-iriptiona l,i.
em to I a popular thing .nu ,
mcrasaiug each year. Their gen
eral manage, la sail ,,. favorably
known to na. and any eonira. t- ..r
Hatem.nla he may make mnv 1
railed upon. 1
Yotira V. rv Truly,
I he Chicago Dlapatch.
(Hrlttaal . npT on flls.l
only on. can win We can f u m-h g manv aa mi
to Work. If I..,, -- --- - .
.,,7 f ,mnn
. nigral cominla.ion
Uae. Wa will I,. i.
II Villi liW fltresl.k
sant i r nei'il m.i i.,
'"( Hi.'iug iniormstl li
Yours for Business, - -
a mmm M t
ba an re yon have a good reason for
food reason. Yon feel good , that'a
"So So;" that'a a splendid rtasou
IH'NN A DALY la in Itfattf
a Drink.
Good Advice.
Do you wish to ,
Wheel ?
now anb-ctibem ' i The Taiwaje.
Subscribers to THE DAILY EAGLE.
this data, Feb. I V 1WH, at onr low.
' ,Dd wiM rtl,ver
.... . . aai
a or lauy a aj.huu n j ir.
... . i.i i j ,.rt.
WIU. ' nr aorciai urauu, io
each wheel goea sn
a.u.yorltttlagirl aa-i araota a
lltt. na.,,a.iity. mnk th. Mm
. aiinae a. . .1 ..
caa,ar riaar luiar-nionm
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riy auiasc ilicr in the
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From a Texas Editor.
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