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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, March 08, 1898, Image 3

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1 lake
o wlu
iibur M ,
Religion and reform all
over thb world,
t artat,.alf ... Maaera I.I fa-naiad af
Mlf at Maaraluc (.restart Tan I- ik. I
Hllla tkarlty aa4 I arl aaraara- Al
Mf Wat her. .
W,u, .t Mt Mmhar',
UK trembling .. i
er tri,l fall
T V . , . " '''" lb ah-lttl
V' , J Ho war : III
auula al ft I
The atata th.ni
glnrbiuaiy, and
Have ma, art I lerL
Moihtr, I lje Itiy
Th violet, a tl!l II
b!o- ,m I lui
r v
anil m Id.
Wave, o'er Ihy head, when ahall It
Abvvt Ihy rhlldT
'T: sweet flower. l muat
brlithi I. .v.. to lha runili.g lnil
L''ar nuiher, 'Ha ihln amb'aia; dual
la tin ihy bru.
And I rnuld nva to l a;
To Lave untaeled lf.- dark, tlllrr
!!y hv, aa mi in rMIdh-Kd H,
And el,.i ihy itreuina.
And mux linger here.
To plain lha plum.. a uf my s.nlesa veara.
And mourn lha hi ca to chlMlnevd
With b.iter liara.
Ay. I mmi linger here.
A lonely branch umm a wllliar'd tree.
W hiM U..I fp, )r,f uiitlmaly are,
Ur,l iloan a lib lha!
"ft. freirn llfe'a wither'.! bower,
lit ai II I ommiiriKin with lha fiat. I lurn.
rl muee i,n thea lha i.nly lluwer
In niemiiry'e urn.
n1. when lha evening rala
lluwa. Iik. a innuriiet, uu lha illm, hint
I atray to hrar lha nlirht-wlirfla anil
Around Ihy grata.
WhfT-a la Ihy eplrt! flown
I im almveihy look l Itnaaed tr;
I Helen-and Ihy centle Inna
la mi ilia air.
O, rnma. ahlle Kara I tee
My lirow uikhi ihy (rata. and, In thaw
And thrilling tnnea f ten.trrneea
Illm, Mill Ihy niM'
Vaa, Ilea ymir we,ln child:
Ar.-I ur ihine ur-i -rligl..n a he),4
O, giv Ma epirlt iindafilMl
To Hand aim thin.
hrUilaaliy .n4 Harfara l ira.
If I have un any aul,J-. t u innvirtlnu
i la that iKaj.ety, with ull l! wroiiK"
and vexatioua priililema. un only Le
niteneraled by an Infualon Into it of
the ftndametital prlnrlplea of c hrl-tl-atilty.
Society I. governed by lawa an
alcKntia to (he In, gnvi-rnliis himui.
w-l:ia. I'a roiiHlitiieut frt. ami will,
Krlety.aa Willi ua, hrliiltin ImpurlHi-a
Into the ayt-in, iaiisaa diB
a'limittliiii Tlie l ine f(ir mm IP, .,
in pure nn.l natural r m.'d Von
mi. I know well enu'irli tin; i it ti im-t'l-ra
of atmne nun wlm n :in tin
e.iriha tiMK I e.'ad, who rout nil
lt lomnii-rie ; nd polilirn, x.k ii;m.:i
MUMon n- a ihlna for ilnatn'Tv, w-uk-luica
and ntlini tit.ilMn.
l-rt relUloii I... Haemal. If , will
enter the nftlii. nni; rmintlin lioiipe
with the rllirl.:i (.f e.;itj. a,
Ir.fme new life Irto i.i.:it Ion. i.ImI
i tiieililtig b!t. r than f ;ir or tralti Into
the eatalillahniriit of ln!i rti.ntlniml I;i
l! will purify the atn'e. It will ilirft
and roii'rol the omnlpri-aent aaplra
llnna uf n.fti for llollir hi. al. ai,d life
ai,.l work; It will nuke nmie c ihermt
ml riitlotial our w Inl ii lutlnna; (
furtiMl a natural himla on whlih cov
Ml.tl:et:t nnd (oterniil. amlety uml It
rhonn. ran l!e ami . live. Tlie
hunt) whlih ri'tnalt.a within In font,
walla, r:iuKi kinK the ilrv Imnra i,f the
nil ay. will be tiMn.-il "bllmi ..,,.i(.r. or
the blind." Hut tiie i luin h whli Ii truly
micYirtatiila ami lilinllllra l:i.'!f with
I he aplrl! of llie a'e will ra.ae up ie.
Union from He iluai of tha earth,
hmithe Into It tbe breath of !fr. und It
will become a 'ivlng amil. -- Jio'.irr! y
' nf II., hi Mitarnlaa.
Sono la fitting r. I pnirt-r in l:a
plaie When In Col a prov Iib-nc.. wr
are lieic.i.nl ami illrt raaei It right
for ua lo grieve Cod would mil have
aa rrfialn fiom wteplug or mourning,
when he lakia from ua I hut wh'ch
hrve Ii inud to value and reju'.r In if
t gift from Hint. Hut mourning .r
now l no m 'ine fur a nt-.-ln i of our
duty lo other a or to Cod. If we i.it.
not do our pre.alng dully duly wt-lli-we
miiiirn, then we ehmilil icfruin from
uu urnlng. A mother mitat not nenln t
her living child lncaiti-e of l.ir antrnw
over one who ba died A aoldier mua:
Hot fall fro, ii ble. place tn the re like
while the battle ri ea on to allow hl
srlif for fallen comr,ir. o erann
ouitht to be falthli'K tn Only iu any
r alhiie la-rauar of lila liuiglii' f . . r one
,whom (ami h.ia railed aw:iy fitun bli!
Ide. fndrr hr livlllial law a high-
WW-al. who bad dally dutlea for all the
taiple, waa lint prrmllted to no iritu
aftirnlnK even fur lila father or moth
, however hla liecrl might U atrlrk-
Ilia own aorrow muat not aland
.. ke way of hia mlnlatry of love to
rg. Jn a aatiae, every one of ua
il;h-prlea to othera, In oiirapher
fn"nce or example. No one of na
rl'ht to be ni'Klerlful f hl
TV dutlea of aympathy and love
V of hla grief In bereavement or
-..-.. v'l...l TO.,...
.tinning ' 1 ""-
Hew la) lha aaaahlae.
fV'ce through glaaa darkly.
.. v1- i lime
II over tha tre.
lha grnaa, la depoalted
uilature of the air; a'l I
are on every flower and
hi go and look nt (hem
or night there la n
aa In tliem; but by-
wheeled the ami
It hhall look over
e moment Ha llar it
dropa. anmll Mud
glow aa If
nature, aha!!
nd Area, inch
lh Divine
Unit 4 avVl,,n' "
ViV (t!n: that
V hlaied
WW w. Wk a
. 1 1 1
a fallal
Mar wl.k 1 .Alll
upon A!t, and in work of this genera
tu rn la hinged upon that of g.rertlrn
to rorae, and that Cod ait. In sublimity
of roiin.al. PatiU,t Van wS;b pari, ao
hat Whan wa see th coniicVUJ whot t.
th th!na that DOW aram BI'Mt InJU
nlflant i: fhin out In wonderf il
luiy in1 ma?nin'nif.-ll. W.
Tha laaal Offar.
To i a followarar of I'hnat la to r
AIM ml!b ih vrry J.pjr of alation, it
l to llv In thff nilMirl. of the r-Hmtlal
'Ity. K la tn walk lth Him at wh'e
rlxbt hand ar pli-anura for arnira.
Ma forlilda no anjoymant that la pura,
no Un'hlar that romaa from Ihnrlaar
il-l-ilia of an uiipolluiad brt. -taka
from ua nothing but thoa ml
namad Jr,yt whl h, liylng ua moment
nt Inlml. ailnu, rat out tha heart an1
life of our manhood, and then puiilnh
with tha uelng, and In enhange for
Iheae he gltea ua a peara that ;iaaelh
huowledna and Dlla our Ufa with Ma.a
edneaa till our rup runneth over. I In
not only pcrnilta u, he rnramamU ua
to tej.iln evernioret The ChrUllan
life, la faaal: "Hut, O filenda; ilrlnk,
ea. drink abundantly. O beloved." To
l lila (he uplrlt ami ih rde Invite u.
Would have that r alilr h :h
world known b nui. the atnndih of
I'verlaatInK irmi bt'niath iu In the time
of trouble, the hope of life and im
mortality, n i ron tint f.deth not, a
analon In tlin Kather'f houxe? Will
we have th'-m? Not to ay "yea" in to
y "110" Delay la rfuiil.-Davia
Janus llurrell, l. I).
Maea Thaa Italy.
The brat lb If Kh ul life have hffn glf
' ii freely, not frrm a vnu of duty. Vmi
an never rm-amire out f ri -ril h tj I p ; you
i an never le how murb a man oimht
to do for hi country; you ran never
tell what In- eboiild do for (iod. There
1. alwaya that overflow, that abiinJ-
lira, which la rl.lrffy valuable for Da.
and la valuable irj (i,d, aa It romea a
the free-will offi ring of our hearti. Von
ay of certain peraon that ba la Juat,
linplyli.g that you don't quite like him.
Von aay of another peraon that be la
generoua. meaning that you do Ilka
him. It la Uerauae of that which lie
"li.ea l-eyond what ha la obliged to do.
If there U i4t,y Uf, where thla n
I'H a with the tiimoet force, It ia lo tha
rellgloua life Vour piety muet tak
the run overllow. If yon do nartly
T"ur duty, and notMt.g ele. your Ufa
' no romfrrt to yotj. and little help to
anr ore ele y,m Win, aom-tlilrg of
joyoiirne,, and freedom !n ll and lh -B
It lella Aleaamier Mi Kriule.
eiarlly aail farliearaaaa.
Wa may. If we chooae, maka tha
wont of one another. Kveryona baa
l.la weak polnta; everyone haa l.la
faulta. We may make the worat of
tlnne; we may fl, our attention run
lui.tly Uem thie; but we may alao
tnake iI,h brat of oi.e another. iu,y
foialve. even aa we tmie to be fnr;lvi-,.
limy put ournlvia In lh place of
' thcra. an-1 iik vvhar we ili nild wl!i lo
le du.e to ua. and tli(iuj,:it of u. v,,.r,i
In their pla e. It) loving wh.iiev.-r
Ik lovable III tliooe tarulil.il U4 l,,ve will
;'ow bm k from thi tn lo ua, and life
will (nil. me a pliuaure inatcad of a
piln; ati'l c.irth will la-ionie lik.' li.av
en; and we ah.iil ln-ome nm un
iorlby follov iri ( Mm: vrlio-..- natut i
Love --Arlh'ir IV Stanley
(Oica an I Inrever.
Our own are our own fnri.fr, Col
taketh m t back hla gift; th.y may
!ua beyond our vleloii, but our auii,a
hall fin I ttii-m out. when ih' waiting
la nil Hi'MimpliaUed. and the deathly
ahadowa lift. And glory la giving f,.i
Krlevlng. ami the aurely f c, fr
loubt. We may llnd the waltltu bit
ter, and lount lha alienee lung; Cod
kiiowrth we aie dual. and he pltleth our
pain; and when faith haa grown to
fiilneae. and the all. m changed lo aung
we ahall eat the frull u patience, and
nlmll huiiger not analn. ro, aormw
Ing hearta. who liumbly In tlaikm-aa
and alt alo.ic. alt mlaxlng the dear loat
pieaenre and the joy of a Vaillahed day.
I coiiifiir'a I with thla mcawige. that
our own are forever our own, and C-i.l,
who tava the uai loiia gift, he tnket
It never aw.iy. Simnn t'oollilj;n In
Siimlay H. IumiI Tlmia.
(.rraleM Tetl la lha 1111,1a.
..-GOD ,15 L.Oi
-.r. ..i.-'&
l ove la the blghet experlenee of tlie
hntn.in aoul. Kalth and ho.e, it in
Hue, are glfta from CmmI to man. Ilui
love la the very raence of Cod llllli
aelf. Cod la five. hen U.hl Imparla
1 o to ua e Imparta lllui-cir. "Kv
everyune that Uiveth la born uf (io.l.itnd
knoweth Cod."
There la no altupier truth In Serlptuit
tbnn Ihla of Cod a love tn man, and )f I
I know of no mure dlU'.eult aubjei-i to
pieeeiit to the world. Could I but makr
the world undcratand nnd believe tluil
"Cod la love" I ahould never preach
from any other leit. Mv li-t d,i
avould be devoted lo proclnltnlng Hint
ore fuel In every part of the world
nnd I know Hint every day would be a
veritable I'enlrroat. for If llie world
were eontlnred 1 eiii t tlod wua love, a
Cm) of merry, nnd not of Judgment, out
prlanna would tu empty, nnd the king
dom of (iod would be irtnlillalied In
our mldat. For love hege'.a love; mid If
we ran nake men really believe that
Co d Invea them many will love Illm
In 'eiurn. We are apt in Judge other
by ouraelvea. If a man la rovetoua be
Iblnka every one eUe la rovi'loua; If
lie ia haae everyone la bate. And an
men would think of Cod aa like them
aelvea; and becaimo Ibey lovo thoae
only who are lovable, they think of
Cod aa only loving thoae who are good
nd who are (learning of Ilia love.
Dwight U Moody.
In an aerial railway recently do.
igned a metallic rnll la tnaulalrd on
polei wllb a rlggrahaped balloon hold
ing a carriage above It and attached to
the rail by wherlti running under It,
the cir containing a motor with a large
hladcd propeller at the rear to drlvt
the car by an electric current takes
from the nipportlng ralla.
The unulleit humming bird weight
20 gralni.
lae lha Tail. Iiealal u, 3i "Thay
Thai Tara Meey la lll(hlaw
eaa kall khlaa aa IK Mara tureaer
aaa ar."
VKitY man baa a
4 1-tj 1 tlioiii:and ruota i
vVv'fc--. --
fV-v,., hraiuJiea. Ilia to
l tl.om ami ruota and
w n
through all the
earth; bla bran bca
apriad through all
the bravrna. lis
apeaka with volie.
With eye, with
bund, with foot.
Hla alienee often l loud aa thunder,
and hla life la a dirge or a doiulogy.
There la no imh thing ua negative In
fluence. We are all poaltive in the
place we occupy, making the world
he'ter or making It worre, on the
Ird'a aide or on the devll'a, making
up reaaona for our b!eaaedn.t.a or ban
Ixhment; and we have already donn
ork In peopling heaven or bell. I
hear people tell of what they are going
o do. A man who baa burned down a
"y might an well talk of aoine evil
that be expect, to do, or a mm who baa
aavnl an empire mltbt aa well talk of
aome good that he etperta to do. Ily
the fore of your evil Influence you
have already roruiuiiiid Infinite valiu-a;
or you have by the power of a right
Infl'ience, won whole klcg.lotua for
It would be abaii'd fur me, I y elab
orate argument, to piove that the
world la off the Haik. Vou mlKiit a
eil rti:d at the foot of an embank
ment, amid the i.ruk of a rapaixed
rall lraln, proving by elaborate argu
ment that aomethlr.g la out of order.
Adam tumbled over the embankment
aUty eeuturlea a.o, and the whole
rare, In one long '.rain, haa gone on
tumbling in the aame direction. Craah!
rraah! The only queatlon now la, by
what leverage ran the truahed thing
lie lifted? Ily what hammer may the
fragment, be reconatructed? I want
to ahow you how we may turn many
to rlghteouaneaa, and what will be our
future pay for ao doing.
Klrat. We may turn tbem by the
charm of a right eiample. A child
coming from a filthy home waa taught
at echool to waah Ita fare. It went
home ao murh Improved In appearance
that Ita mother wnahed her fai-e. And
when the father of the hoiiaehold came
home and aaw the Improvement In
domeatlc appearance, be w allied hla
faie. The n-ighboit, happening In.
aaw the change, and tried the a.ime e
pertinent, until all that at reel waa puri
fied, and the next atr'et rop'.el It. ex
ample, and the whole dty felt the re
mit of one rrboollHiy wanhlng bla fare.
That la a fable, by whiih we aet forth
that the lift way to g t the world
waalied ef Ita alna and pollution I to
luve our ow n heart and life i lene,
Ri.l purified. A man with grace in hla
heart and Christian rheirfulniaa in hla
f.ne and holy roiiaUtrni y In hla .e
havtor la a perpetual M-rmon; and the
f mum J.fTVra from othera In that It
l.r.a but one head, un I the longer it
ru;i the l.e'ter.
Again: We may turn many to rlcht
foiuneaa by prayer. There la no am h
detMtlve aa prayer, for no one an
bide away fiom it. It put. It. band
on the ah. milter of a man tin thouaand
mllca i ff. It alight on a ablp ml.l
Atlantlp. The little child cannot i,
diratand the luw of elcctrlrlty, or how
the trb graph operator, by touching the
instrument here, may dart a meanagc
under the aea to another mutlnent;
nor i an we, wllh our amall intellect,
utideretan l bow the loin h of a I'hrla
tlan'a prayer ahall Inat.intly atrlke a
aoul on the other aide of the earth. Vou
take ahlp and r,) to eotue other country
and get there al eleven o'clock In the
morning. Vou telegraph to America
and the meaaage get a here at alx
o'rloek the aame m irnlng. In other
woida It lectin lo arrive here fl v
liouri before il ttartcd. Like that la
player, (iod aaya: "llefore they rail,
I will hear." To overtake a loved one
on the road, you may apur up a lather
ed ateed until he ahall outinie the one
that brought the new to Chenl; but
a prayer ahall catch ll at one gallop.
A hoy running away from home may
take the midnight train fiom the rou-.i-
, try village and reach the aeaport In
time to gain the ahlp that aaila on the
J morrow ; but a niolher'a prayer will
oe r.n ine ue( a o meet him,
the bamtmxk before he awlnga Into It,
and at the rnpatnn before he wind the
rope around, and on the aeg, agalnat
the aky, a the veaael plougha an
toward it. There la n mlghtlneai In
prayer. Ceorge Muller prayed a com
pany of poor boy together, and then
he prayed up an aaylum In which they
might be ahellered. He tunn el hla face
toward Kdlnliuigh and prayed and
there came a thouaand pound.. He
turned bla fare toward Dublin and
prayed, and there dime a thouaand
pound. The breath of KHJub'a prayer
Mew all the ilouda off the aky, and It
waa dry weather. The breath of Kll
Jah'a prayer blew all the ilouda to
gether, and It waa wet weather. Pray
er. In Daniel time, walked the cave
aa a llnn-tamer. It reached up. and
took the aun by Ita golden bit. and
etopped It, and the moon by Ita allver
Mt. and Rtopped It.
We have all yet to try the full power
of prayer. The time win r(ine when
the American Church will pray with
Ita face toward the Weat and all the
pralrlea and Inland cltlea will aurrend
er to (Iod; and will pray with fare
toward the ae, and all the lalanda
and ihlp will become ('brlatlan. Pa
rent who have wayward mm will get
down on their kneea and ay: "Iird,
aend my hoy home," and the boy In
Canton ahall get right up from the
gaming-table, and go down to find out
which ahlp etarta Aral for America.
Not one of u yet know how to
pray. All we have done aa yet haa only
been pottering. A boy get hold of hla
father'! aaw and hammer, and trlea to
make aomethlng, but It I a poor affair
that he make. The father cornea and
take the aame aaw and hammer, and
build the houaa or the ahlp. In the
childhood of our Chrlitlan faith, we
maka but poor work with thee weap
ona of prayer, but when we rome to
tha atatura of men In Chiiit Jean,
then, under theae Implement, tha
temple of Ood will rlae, and the world'
redemption will t launched. God
rarr not for the length
or the number c.t our
ayera. .r r- .
Uiuty of otir pnyeri or the plae of
our prayer.; bm nV, the faith In
them lhat tella. Illarlng prayer
oar higher than lb lark ever ang;
plurgea deeper than diving-bell eve.
ank; dart qiibkee than lightning
eier flaaheil. Thourh ye have uiwd
only the back of thai weapon Instead
"f the edge, what f iiarvele have been
wrought! If aave j we are all the rap-
tlveg of aome earneat prayer. Would
Cod that. In dialle for the rerne of
out. w night In prajer lay hold of
the rei iit -ia of fia lril Ox.nlpolen'!
W'e may lurn nwiy to rig!i.ei,une4
hy Chrlatlan admonlt'on. IK) not wait
until yoti ran make a fotmal peech.
Addreaa the one next to you. Vou will
go home alone to-day. Iletween
thla and your place of atopplng yon
may decide the eternal deitlny of an
Immortal plrlt. J tint one aentenee
may do the work. J md one queatlon.
Juat ona look. The formal talk that
beglne with a algb. and mda with a
anting aiiurrie. I. not what la wanted,
hut the heart throb of a i.mn In dead
earneat. There la not a aoul on earth
that you may not bring to Cod If you
rightly ,-o at It. Tbey raid Clhraltar
rnuld not be taken. It ta a rock, fif
teen hundred feet high, and three
nilleg ,,r.g. ijt the Knglbdi and Dutch
did take It. Artillery, and rapper rd
minora, and fleet pouring out volbvi
of de:h, anil thouxunda of men reck
lc of daiinr. ran d i anything. The
atouteat l.aart of aln. though It U roi k.
and anrroiindid by nn mean of tran.
rreaxlon. under Christian bombard
Dint may h ilat the flag of redemption.
Again: Chrlalian worker ahall lie
III e the fctura In the fart that Ib.-y have
a l.ght Independent of eai h other. Ijxik
up at the night, and ee ea. h .orld
ahow Ita diati.-ict glory. It la not llko
the eoriflae;ra'!on. In which von rannot
te where one flame atop and another '
begin. Neptune, Herachel. and Mer- !
rury are a dhtlnrt aa If aih one of j
mem were the only tar; i our In-
dlvlduallam will not ba loat In haa van
A great multitude-yet each one aa ob- ''r',hln: "Tength that .hall
enable. dlatlnrtly re.ognlxed p, I 'v"lhlng; glory that ahall circum
gre.tly celebrated, a if In all" lb ! 'rril" " r'r,uln! We .hall not lie like
enace. from eat. In a.t. .nn iinm km ' n'o'a window, or
to hill, he were the oe.1 'lnh.hli.ni - !
mixing upno mob- no tndlat rlmlnate
ruah; each Chrlatlan worker Handing
out llliwtr'o'tr -all the atory of earthly
achievement adhering to each one; hi
elf-denial and pain and a'rvlre. and
vlctorle publlrhed. llefore men went
nut to the laat war. the oritora told
them that they would all be remember
ed by their country, and their name
le commemorated In poetry and In
ong; but go to the graveyard In Kirn
mond. and you will And there alt thou
aud gravea. over ea h of which I the
Inarrlptlon, "Cnknown." The world
iloea not remember Ita hrne; but
there w ill be no unrecognized Chrlatlan
worker in heaven. Kach one known by
all; grandly known; known by accla
mations n'l the paet atory of work for
Cod gleaming Iu iheek an I hrnw and
foot and p.itm. They aliall ahlne with
dietlnrt light a the atait. i-jrevrr and
Again; CI rii-tlan worker ahall
ahlne lil:e tl.e !Mr In cluaier. In
looking up. you find the world In faml
ly fin-lea. Hi ot hern and aNter tiny
take h'l'.d of each nther'a hand and
danra In group. Orion In a group
i Th- I'lelade. In a group. The aolar
avati m l only a lompany of chlMran I
with bright fao-e. gathered arniind one 1
great fin place. The world do not !
atrngult off They K't In aouadruti, and .
fleeta. aalllng thi-igh Immenaity. So '
Chrlatlan woiker n ( nen wilt .i..n I
In m Ighl orhooiU and rlimter
I am fine tome penple I will like
In heaven a grrat deal better than oth
er. Yonder Is a conat citation of
lately Christiana. They live,) on
earth by rigid rule. They never laugh
ed. They walked every hour anxlou
leat tbey ahould lore their dignity.
They loved Cod, at ml midr they .blue
In brilliant constellation. Yet I hould
not long to gel into that particular
group bonder la a constellation of i
maii-hi-ai ted Chrlatlan aaterolda In
the eternal astronomy. While some
aoul go up from Chrlatlan battle,
and btate like Mart these aaterolda dart
a feeble ray like Vcata. Yonder I u
conatellutlon of martyr, of apoatlea, of
patriarch. Our ,-ioiila, a they go up to
heaven, will aeek out the meat con
Iiiiinl loclety.
bonder I a conatellutlon almost nn r
rr with th play of llgln. On earth
they were full of aympathle and onga
and tear nnd raptures and congratula
tion. When they prayed their Word
tuok fire; when they aang. the tunc !
otild not bold them; when they wept j
over a world woea. they aolibed a If :
beait broken; whrn Ihey worked for ,
Chiirt, ll. -y ria;;ii-d with enthiikiaam. j
I Yonder tbey are circle of light! cm
! eteilatlon of ?oy! galaxy of fire! Oh, i
j that you nnd I. by (bat mice wiilrh can I
I tranaform the worst Into tbe bra;. I
j mlglit at laat rail In the wnke of tint ,
fleet, and wheel In tb.it glorloua group, ;
a the atai for rer a:d ever! '
Again: Christian worker will ahlne '
like the at nr. in rwlftnc. cf m ' .on. i
The world do not top to ahlne. There '
are no flxtd tar .ive a to relative I
position. The star apparently moat
llxed file tbiilieiil'.d of III lie a minute
The astronnmrr, using hi telec pe for
an alpenatock, eaa from world-crng
lo world-crag, and finds no star aland
Ing Kill. The rhamni hunter linn to
fly to latch hi prey, but not ao wifi
la hi game a lhat which tbe sciential
trie, to about through the tower of ob
servatory. Uk petrel mld-Allanllr,
thai aeeift lo etine from no hore, and
he bouiid lo no lauding place -flying,
flying so thene great flock of world
rest not as they go -wing and wing
age after age- for ever and ever. The
eagle haste In ll prey, but we shall
In speed beat the eagles. You have no
ticed the velocity of the swift hone
under whoa feet the mile llp like
a moo!h ribbon, and. a he paea, (he
four boofa atrlke the earth In auch
quick beat, your pulse lake the fame
vibration. Hut all theae thing are not
awtft In comparison with the motion
of which I apeak. Tha moon move
64.000 mile In a day. Yonder, Nep
tune flaahea on 11.000 mltea In an hour.
Yonder. Mercury goe 109,000 mllea In
an hour. 80 Ilka the atara the Chrla
tlan ahall hln In ewlftnca of motion.
Yoti hear now of father or mother or
rhlld alck 1,000 mile away, and It take
yon two day to get to them. You hear
of aoma caee of aufforlng that demand
your Immediate attention, hut It take
yon an hour to get there. Oh, tha Joy
when you ihall.ln fulfilment of tha teit,
take atarry apeed.and ba equal to 100.000
mllea aa hour! Having on earth got
lured to Cbrlttiaa arr, yea will ,v
Bu:i t ?.e0 death trlVe, vou. Yon w .li '
otly Uke on more velocity. There It
a dying ei.ll'l In Iondon and Ita rp.r..
muat le taken up to (iod; yi,u are tber
In an Lialant to do It. There la
young man In New York to be arrrjteil ;
from going Into that gate of aln; you i
are there In an Inatant to arrert blm '
Whether with ajrlrg of foot, or atrokr I
of wing, or by the for.-e hi aome r; w .
law that ahall hurl you to the o
where yi.J would go, I kr.owr tot; bu I
my text utiggeat. velixity. All apa-i j
o,en before )ou with l.olhli.g It) hm:!e i
)ju In r.ilarlon of li?ht and ! t and '
Joy, you i!nH thine In awlftneaa 'if mo
tion aa trie a!ar for ever aid evr. 1
Again: fhrlMlan worker, like ll:
itara, thine In magnll.nlo. The mot
Illiterate man know tliat there tMr.ga
In the iky. looking like gilt buttor.. !
are great maki of matter. To weigh
them, one would Ihink that It would re
quire tcaiea with a pillar hundred of
thouaand of mile ,lrh, and rhaln
hundred of ihourand of mile long,
and at the bottom the chain lua.r.t on
either alio hundred of thouaanda of
mltea wide, and that then omnipotence j
; oione roiii-i pm tne mountain into the ,
lealea and the bill Into the bilnme. J
Hut ptiny man ba been equal to the :
j undertaking, and baa et a little bai- I
J ance on hla geometry, and weighed i
I world agalnat world. Yea, he ha pull. '
d out bla meamirlng line, and nn- !
' uouneed that H'-reebel i SC.'hii mller
! In diameter. Haturn i1S mj u,,e u
j diameter, and Jupltir h'j.Wi tinie tr. j
; diameter, and that the amallut pearl I
. on the be ah of lieaven la lmm-..rc le
! yond all Imagination. So all they who
have toiled for Chrlat on eaith ahall
rlae up iu a magnitude of privilege, and
a nagnltii-ie of strength, and a magnl
j tude of liol!ne. and a magnitude of
! Joy; and the weakeat aalnt iu glory be
! ome gieu'er than all that we. ran itn-
aslne of an archangel.
Hntlinn. "It dotii not yit appear
what we ahall le." Wladom that ihalt
know everything; wealth tha; ahall
b,"l,ll " kindled on the beach
to warm a ahlverlng rrew; but you
tnuit take the diameter and the ilr
tumferenre of the world if you would
set any Idea of tha areatneaa of our
a.1.1. when ahall ahlna a. lh. .,.e.
for ever ind ever.
Ijiatly and coming to thla point my
mind almost break dnwn under the
contemplation like the atari, all
Chrlatlan worker ahall ahlne In dura
tion. Tha aame tar that look down
upon u looked down upon the Cbrl-
tlan shepherd.
The meteor that I aaw
fla-hitis airoaa the aky the other night,
I wond-r if it wa not the tame one
that pointed down to where Jeiu lay
I In the mang-r, and if, having pointed
out hi birthplace. It ba ever alr.c
i been wandering through the heaver.,
' watihing to ee ho the world would
' (rent h;m! When Adam awoke In the
! gnri'en In the cool of the day, he taw
I coming rut throurh the d-.iak of the
, ennlng the aame world that greeted
I ii lat bli-bt.
j In IndeperJ l-nre hail jl an o'd rrncked
bc'l tliat rounded the .lgr.atu.-e of the
; Dt. lar.it Ion of Independence. Vou ran-
tmt ring I' !io; lint tloa grc.i'. iblme
of a.h.r bell. hnt atrlke In tbe dome
of night, ring out In aa awiet a true aa
when Cod swims tin ni at the Cr'iilnn.
I.ook up nt built and know that the
white lili ' that bloom In all tbe hang
ing ganl-n of our Klrg are century
plants-not blooming once in a hundred
ye.ii. bi t through all the irnturir.
Tbe star at whbb tbe mariner look
tonight wa the light by which the
ahlp of TarfhiMh were guided jcroaa
the Mediterranean, ami the Venetian
flotilla found It way Into l-cpanto.
Their armor I aa brl.iii tonight a
when, in ancient battle, the star In
their oure fought agnlnet Slacra.
To the ancient the ktara were m-
but of eternity. Hut lure the figure of
n,y text break down-not In defeat. lint
in ma)e!lt of the ludgnient. The
tar ahall not ahlne for ever. The
1111,1.. aays tbey shall fall ike autumnal
ltavra. Aa, when the connecting fac
tory baud kll at nightfall from the
main wheel, all the smaller wheel
slacken their speed, and w ith slower
and alowr motion they turn until they
come 10 a full stop, go thla great ma
chinery of the universe, wheel within
wheel, making revolution of tppnlllng
sliced, shall, by the touch of (iod
ban. I. slip tbe band of preaent law, and
slacken and stop. That i what will
le the matter with the mountain. The
ciartot in whiih they tide .ball bnlt
o suddenly that the king shall be
thrown out. Star after :nr will be
carried out to burial amid funeral
loiibea of burning world. Constella
tlot, ahall throw aahe. on their head,
nrd all up and down tbe highway of
aiif" there ahall Ic mourning, mourn
ing, mourning, because tbe worl.ia are
(lend Hut the Cbrlrtlun worker shall
nevir r,lt their throne-they ahall
rr-lgn for-vr and ever.
Hull, ling Hut, ni. rln Wallk
A revoluilon In the holloing of ub
merged wiill and plet In promhed
from an Invuitlon on exlilbltlon la
New York. The present method ia to
dump stone Into the water until a suf
fliient pile I made on whiih to bulbj
tbe masonry. Thl new scheme ar
range for tlie building of a oliiv wall
from the river bottom. A raft la
placed between two arovv and (up
ported by rope. A olld waj a then
built on the raft, which sink gradu
ally a the weight Imrcnues. n this
way the Inventor claim, that he can
build a atone wait weighing three thou
aand Um and float ft to tiny part of
the bay or beach, and lower it In p.'ace
where directed .
. . Corked Hot Haa al .
Nitfnben of experiment have been
made to teat the apeed and destination
of corked bottle thrown Into the art,
al 'biu portlona of the world. The
moat remarkable example ever heard ot
waa that In which bottle traveled
(.000 mllea In about two year and a
half, roughly, at tha rate of tx and a
halt mllea a day. It traveled from 63
deg. aouth latitude and (0 deg. weat
longtltude to Weatern Australia,
flarna Krapp'a llaalnaa. Card,
llaron Krupp, the great German Iron
matter, use for visiting card, vary t DD
heeta ot rolled Iron.
Tha rich fool frown on one halt th
world, and envlci th oilier halt
' Vll ntrfu
' ,J ui"'
"' One,- a ainry far lha Utile
e.e.-A Kharl nhaiaa (ram R.iaral
MUlaty A raaaa aa C.raadretlier'e
Jr.aartaer- Materia.
e.r ler
Ufa la
at II an
W vii ii lha aama old
l.aln.ra paaa.n',
ior hoiy
a. aar nay;
ir a-in an aha-Mar.
rama ola r.ail a
laailin' down
Croat ina craaa an'
by ir.a maalara,
en anl to Ilia lll-
IIa I k n
Beama baa ever' I una lha brook elnga la
)! Ilka Hi on ll u.(
Mh a raniury aan, wnan ivaa grand-
aira yet wu i.ui,:
An' I d awear-i.r m.rhty near 11 'at Ibe
t aama old l.l.t,i il
At I hoard hn, l,ui a at rl til In, arumblt
In tha thh keia a'lll!
Il la lon-aoma I .it it a worarr when a
laliar laai., Kniilwa,
Ma haa U-an a ,rl. cr falli"a, a I'm
run.ar laallO liww. j ,
Ouaa. may , lima. Jyal f STl'S,iTVT
.,., .nn ri uiuwim,
t.l Wa,i had aoinan. chanca-had
aoma hafll. r II. km ...1 in
! Ar.' a-woiMlrlo why o a.l'folka oppor
I l-Jiijtiea ib.i't coma
; Llk ,VoMilyun . m n,rr, othera 'at have
i ,, "' llie kfe.l .,,M hum!
Jiui lhar'a .iiiaihiu- -,i . cunaolin' In
I t coiial.iarln' s!,
I A'""ih Uo-l lha liiinil,l-.f toiler, thouch
j ba fail., wiU liata a ahow.
j'Tlma. . hra Mlt thouahta fa t,lii'y"
'' " ' eumatima. H.li.k,
;wnan I go lo ailrmr airly whlla lha lit-
Ha .iaa yet t.tli.k ;
n i aland tiiKiri lha ai.llew i-
ltu e uf tha uiura,
JOi.km' on lb nei,i
gturlaa Is a-
An" lha pom urn in th 'barn-lot
, n r.n.ii.i ll. a
... ,wu., ma iiar.
i r.1 , m"m 1,1 -corner glow
Tin1. lwly-la.in' aiara.
rl"-!' 'rn" . ' tir,' I h.v. v,r
Bnow t .n Intel,
AO lb arenas W hall lhay Wll. llvln'. Ja.t
beyoi.a my h.ii.l gt..p move.
!.Ml.";!:;,y,!,,ei!Lr'v',,', n"
iVumf.'rl0" "Vlr,'-'"X catbird
IhV.'.iT. h'r'' '"" '"'' 'mongal
u-i l'pl-trea a-.ilr.
han l.unnily n ma sua younger an'
.lh. Illtle Ui wu. hare ' '
.roium,Tr', '-" hl" ""ahtiown. hi
"in i.niin.iy nun' breakfast,
helpui' har along:
Mil ll . alral. aa i.i.a l.li.
i "n u,a eaiMnla alna al
bout '
I i i!,-.''r '" a.
lo auinmers uead and gone.
ttlalr.e (in .bnva lha blll-luna a. . ll
King- of ol.l-
ena.i.iany aarvania nmldm'
hi. t-harlnl r.r ...
round b m In
on lha aun pirn, nngae. down arda.
, ,''".nin' hnllyhi- ka .".land
,n I'urr'r.u'CT 'r,n ,,h h" -n
lT1" ;dk mm. .i-.ihia., mn i.
i aaiiaTiei in I r as rlnvaa i.i
g.m - - ---I I'MJIIltl,
I aVtfiie-r In lh -le
iapariad hov.r
i Vrurr'.i'; , m ru:h-
A a el.ulch l give, bo, k a.-h., whan
no preacher a v.,.,a i. h,ur,(i ""'n
All lh. wri. e,ern. full m.m-ri
wi,..r,n- , h like one afea,i '
flue., they-. ,, re... a. . f, ,'M7;.,ke
!ff a;V'e a"' "' "
I crn.,;,b,:":;.l!"I,'
1 A,he'i-.'i.""l! '"."""''I"' '"Her. though
j ne faila, n:ay hava ahew
-Will T Hate.
i ' far On.
1 "I ahould admire." sighed Aut Cam.
! I rhould admire to have another cat
, like Tom! He y aa J. at the sniartejt cat
,-nd tbe heat cat. and the h-.ndeome.t
iat I ever aot eyea on-clear Malte-e
Ithoiit a white hair on him. the l.eat
, hunter you ever saw and the knowin'
i eat cat It did bet all!"
1 "To bnd be ahould pbened!"
ald Mr. Smlih. ympa!!.igng'y. .11nt
. Nabby Green haa a est that ih per
j feet mntal of him. a far aa look
and she aaya he good a gold, but
ihe art ui h atore by him don t
! ahe'd part with him. aSiow."
1 lienny riince and Nan olUwv
who iat on Aunt Cam doe1, map play.
li'g rhe.kera and eatlna hhui-k ....i.
j heard th converatlon. and lit
1 wished they could And a rat lo cr,nf..rf
I Ann Cum. All the children Invert ih
;dear old lady who wa o we-t to
ithetn. ilwav hail a plate of apple, on
.the light aland from which vou were
.to help yourself, and apparency never
i ,"l''rd ,0 '"v P:;,m ln her y.Kk
ci. me nei morniug .van iame In
hugging a bag that squirmed and tome-
lime mewed a bit. ofily,
"Oh, Aunt Cam!" she rrled. "here
two little Maltese kitten. I told our
hired man laat night about youf lo.
ing Tom. and be went home and got
theae for you. Ain't they beautlea!
And two kitten di play bj cuto in.
I get her,"
"You Oar child!" aalif Aunl Cam.
fondling the kitten. "Just like Tim!
lor an ir.o worui not a whlt. hair
on 'em. Thank you. a tlioj.aml
wiin a m ami a n.indi;yllf
g.auies. .an nurne.i on to aiool.
iictore uve m:nutea. ibjefi,.. ,.itll.
along witn a gtni; o:uyMa!te.,a
purring In hi arm.
"Orandma say tlie,' )rfl , j
nnrA vnii nlil Tali t .
' r -ne 11,19
Ik... ..t V. ... . 1 M - I . .
thne other iat,-
Itun In, Tab! I'm.
late to echoJf.'
And lictfny tan off. without Tv.ili'r.ii
to ben Aunt Cam' "Thank you, lien
ny. uVnr!"
That afternoon Aunt Cam put the
kitten down ifllnr. ahttt old Tab in
lb woodshed, put on li-r thimble and
Went to the tewing circle.
When she iame home at dunk, the
found a squirming bag on her front
porch, and a note from Mr. Smith
tucked under the door. It re.-d: "unt
Nobby my she wouldn't pnro Tim
othy to anybody but you, but the hn
iwo kitten most aa big. ao you may
lave him."
She carried In the bag and emptied
out Timothy. He waa. Indeed, the
very mo-al of Tom. and her henrt
warmed to him at onre, In aplte of the
two kltti ns down teller and the old u,t
In the woodshed.
doing on to the bach porch later. he
found there a hn. wiik .1.1.
aioia unilC'l
over tne top, and peering In. 'm two
half grown Maltese cate. A roughly
crawled paper lay on the box.
"I'm proper oiry your cnt got killed
hy my rat plgcn. o l'y. brought ron
two more Malllew. 1 hoi thla will
make It all right.-John Wllaon "
Mattle W. Baker In Youth. Couipan
ton. "A Itiaek Hot." la flagl...
Tha atory of tha Dlack Hole of Cab
eulta la familiar to all the world
write, Walter He,nt. I wonder how
many peopia have heatd of B'.-
- ri-.t- er
Hole, aln eat li.l ,
Ita dreadful part a .;
home. Il waa la the y n
rertaln mliltla regime')'.
Hornet aet KeRciblia, thei.
Jiraay, was d:i'l.,.;jf;
raturally, were till. l i
on a pwal'jie. 11."
therefore, among e ir
agreed with tba gaipper
craft of Si Ion. n'n'l '.'
EliZalietb, to convey I -i ) '
SoiitbaUipton. The 0 ii. V! re
peal to have m u- iol
aa to the fltr.e of ft) a
carry o many fansr' ,
poaalbie rontln.er c!, ft.-.
etowding or bad weather
itltuialed that tha boat ci
board a itpr!y of water u
the voyage, which. In Jbcs
ailing veiaela, o-'-''
aeveral diya. ThA.
paaaenger. To am.'
wre put on d,?rk for tbeir
wrre naturally flolabed In a
long before the veeael reacbe!. r
ey. Tbere they took la a lltti
water, and et tall to cnx tb
net. But a gale ariaie. ll wa
ary, at leait th (kipper
order to n irate the hip. U
narrow deck ahould be kept fr
sjjjeforredhe whole of t ;
tiny h-ild. dark, and witriw.
tion. Tbey then nailed down the 1
way. Thla done, they paid no he
the atlfled crlea and the knot-kin,,
tbetr mla-rable pasaenger but
thm down below. In that crowde '
without air. llsht or water tb
of that night. In th morning.
the storm aba'ed, tbey opened
hatchway and let out all who aurf
Out of the i:o men who went I '
al e l .t i tbe boid, there were
aaven ueaci. VI the rent, aome
ijelirlou rnd raring, tome were dy -Of
tlii awful tragedy, thla night
differing unapeakable, not much
tire -a taken; tbe captain was t
for taurder beranae one body o.
bruliK. hut tbe rase broke down; '
)uartermaa r, who wa. a far aa
Can understand the atcry, wholly
por.tbte for the calamity, eecap
without 10 muib a an Inquiry or t
cinaure of the Jury, or a court martl
It waa a noble time that of the lot.,
war for the common aoldier, the etr,
men (allor. the common workman.
rythlng Mifit wa common, mean, un
protected, or poor. Buffalo BUT
fjaita Maaaiet.
A tortoise weighing S60 pound la &:
most large enough to satisfy gey one In
circh of rurloeities).
Thla ia the weight of the d.--ruber
tortoiae which tbe Hon. Walter r" rha
child ha Imported from Maurlt' 11 and
pla'ed In the Ixndon "Zoo." Tl.e nute
arrival I i:ppoaed to tie a bo , -trJ.
year old. though lis h at iry ran be
traced for only year, during wtlt .
period it w.im ownrd by branrhei of
the me family. The tortoise ! about
five feet aln Inciter, from head to tail,
over the curve of It shell. It el
tab! age nnd roame ' --Tables a '
very fi,nd t.f ea r- t , u n
J'W ia T) (tr..
II' J .-e-
w. .'. . -1
till ilze. Thi la by no meant the
heaviest o( these cra'.ure known. Mr.
lii'thichlld Imported one 80 year o'
wtilch welched R70 pound and wa
nlll grow.ng when It dlrd. Th-'
Treat tortoiae were at one tlm ve.
niimerr.ua around the A'dablan groubv
but the number la now greatly rc
dm ed.
l-auip aa, Their Vnlna.
Kven young eyea auffer by the use,
for reading or working, of fl.c.r -'tg
Raf. The lamp-flame I Bteady, f.
In color and grateful to the e; .
r'rrmerly the ilumy tudent-lamp t..: i
the only really reliable one for rr.id-'
Ing. but the "lamp craie ' haa evolver"
a nultlrnl of new patent bura-f
all of them good, and all of
tttvionable In ptbe. For a couple
dohara one cin buy an excellent laf
rc inplete with green porcelain ah
for three tr fo.ir dollar a really h. .
one ore may lie had. WhaUvet tn..
p 1 1 ity. In shape the readlrg-lamp
ihi nld h? low, with a gcl broad base
r.) that it Manila riiurely.
There la no one article In th house
rweptlng. perhaps. ,i,od beds, that
11 el - m mil I. m ild ccTifort aa
I.miiij for trading and worklug by
erv ir;in member of tbe fumllv
si,,,,,',! l()i.,. ,. There should t
' one of ev
extta likiif'K I'owrr on the rbll-
ilirn'a :' u.l v-ti t'e. the library and siit-tlt.y-nc:)
Wc uil do without r.i ny thing thai
v. on!,! add to tur comf(.r In life, nol
i I
.aue we err ol llged to u. ao.
t (.inn 'a k rf knowlerte or thotuV
; le 1:01 v in- to ri.ildlp ones,-:, to '
for i.r- wiinf. to rv.akc new nn,
in n.ui nr.chir im lo ire p';.
,i;, i.e we tani.ot le romfi rtr Yi
i.i '
1 1
v.iicie. Hnt e peiKcnnl lamp t n . .
I.le Ibxiity or Induikeiiio, and th. 1.1 r.
e. it biiunira a ni e -salty, ti e 1 tr
I our iroiirrt 0." umtlnucd goud eye
tight, not to mettUm the eplendlil
j revenue of comfort enjoyed through all
(the evennr. t.f our tife.-Klla Morria
t Kietsihmaru Wo.nan'i llu:e Com'
. ..... . un; oancr a oia-1
lAive I a Jewel, ond life 1 a au.tn
Summer la here an) the mominj
Let ua lie bahle together todav
"rr,,w m"n' ",u' trouble, but
The pnt I an
eho. the fulu;
Plenty of morning to worry and PUn N
rntty-rake. patiyake. baker' mnn'
rntty-rake. patty-cake, bakers in'
"loll It and prick It aa taut aa you can
Rosea and llllea tor baby and mo.
Roll It and prick It and mark It with T
Roaea and llllea and dulalea that coma
Down from the garden that dlmpte, .to
I-ct ua ba bablea aa long a we euuf
Patty-eake, patiy-.ake, baker' man'
Albert Illgelow I'alne. In the li.J
t a
.... -

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