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Slaee tier
Y4 l.tnobooo' She III
Uke a Tlgreae That
e II rr Heart? Helix r. I
Ml king of the Spaniards.
TINA, queeu re
gent of Spain, wat
thrust Into ber po
Itlon by tbe dfstb
u( her bufbuod. To
bave strenuous du
ties, huge caret,
t r e n d uua re
spoBSlbllltles heaped upon on.
rltb no question or
fiiHn I Apt to h loo Mark ior tfeo
II i .r. ....
Unwelcome Intelligence for tta Sel-
borne society and others who concern
themselves with the protection of birds
comet from Parti, sari the London
Olobe. Tbe laat word of ftar.icB there
la tbe feather blouse. This Is usually
composed of tbe green and blue plum
age of tbe lopbopbore bird, but the
flamingo and tbe peacock are also re
quisitioned, and tbe undeniable beauty
of the body plumage of many other
birds will drag them. too. Into tbe net,
of ruthless fashion. Tbe hope la ex
pressed, indeed, tbat because feather
blouses "are expeaslva and easly got
out of order." the fash loo will not last
long; but human nature Is so consti
tuted tbat these manifest defects In
a material for clothes are often ac
counted Its greatest merits. Tbe main
reason why the popularity of tbe silk
Tbe Oroalrtt flchter of Then Ali M
on tbe losloe of a Masai Sratleasy
Dyer of lb llallloiure aaeoaal lo
training or natural ability would be a nfJ, raDDUt .taken Is that It Is ei
fata from which any woman migm
shrink. Perhaps today she Is the met
wretched and harassed woman In all
Europe Danger tbraatena her on all
aides. No matter what happens thers
Is menace to her and hers.
lb Is fighting aa the lioness fights
for her cub. More tbar her own aafety
and Ufa are at stake. Tbe daughter of
an Austrian arcbduka. born In tbs
faith of royalty, educated In traditions
of tba dlvlae right of kings, wedded
to a monarch who believed all this.
ptnalve compared with other bats snd
eaally gets out of order. It haa, too,
i tola fascinating fault. In addition to
i those which It shares with tbe feather
i blouse, tbat comparatively alight
i changes alter Its character so com
! pletely that no man who asplrea to be
fashionably dressed can wear tbe same
I hat two years running, no matter bow
Utile It may have been uaed. What Is
tbe subtle charm In these obvious de
fecta of an artcle of clothing, qua
clothing Simply this: that the fasb-
and mother of a boy proclaimed a king lonably dressed person Is thereby dls-
from tbe Instant of bis birth -bow
could she look on and sea tbe throne
totter under the weight of tba boy
king, her boy. flesh of her flesh and
soul of btr soul, and not light?
For nearly twelve years the queen
regent baa lived, stndled. worked,
ruled, thought snd prayed for her son.
Americans may feel that the time for
doing away with royal symbols has
tlnguishable at sight from tha cheap
Imitation, and when a fashion has
been Inaugurated which defies color
able Imitation on a cheap scale, and
yet appears taateful. It has generally
come to stay. Tbts Is too likely to be
tbe caae with tbe featbrr blouse, what
ever our humanitarians may say.
cone, but to btr, nurtured as she has
been, and with the blood of kings IB
bar vtlna, she cannot see this, but only
the bltterneaa and necessity of her po
sition, tba rigors snd bardsbVorc.iia
the great and awful ne of struggle
to keap for her ho that which the
mother and tbe qneen both believe to
be bis by all rights human and divine
Tha qtieeq wanted Mm called after
bla father, (kut msny prophesied that
an Alfonso XIII. would be unlucky (to
which Irffldent some of them probably
point now, after the wont of croakers).
'But tbe pope said that he himself was
thirteenth, and so the queen had her
way, and the tiny king wai baptized
Alfonso lon Fernando Santiago Ma
ria Isldro Psscuil Antonio. At first
the queen recent was not much liked,
because to the hot-blooded .Spaniard
I bar Austrian ways seemed mid ami
bard. Undoubtedly she Is an Immenre.
proud woman. A well-known writ
er thus describes the queen regent:
"Neither tall nor short, nor stout
sor I bin. Queen Maria Christina looked
to be a woman who had had her full
tbs re of trouble In this world, and had
been obliged to fight for her own band
Tbat, Indeed, has been her history.
A foreigner in a nation of people
proud by nature and suspicious by ren
ts of tba events of their history, the
naw queen could seek In her troubles
but little consolation or guidance from
bar husband, but she net herself reso
lotely to the taak of gaining the re
aped and confidence of the people snd
tbe affection of the brilliant but un
steady Alfonso XII. In Mu
drld Itself there Is very little real
fervor for royalty, but tbe Irreconcil
able republicans are few. The oppor
tunists and the moderate republicans
re In the ascendant, and they recog
nlae that perhaps the best form of
government of Spain Is a liberal regime
during tbe minority of a king, and with
queen as regent who bas made her
aelf respected for her private char
acter, and who does not unduly Inter
fere with matters of state."
r ' This Is the mother who Is fighting
for tbe rights of her boy aa a tigress
fights for her cub.
The Mrn.llng llaMI.
TsM a man once (all Into the habit
of pottering, or tinkering at his house
bis body, h'.s character, and always
there Is danger that he will become
a confirmed robbler," writes Robert J
Burdetto, of "The Mending Basket,"
ta tbe April Home Journal. ' Where
bo should il off a rotting roof from i
ridge to corn it- he will stick a shing'c
g piece of slate, u strap of tin. amid
ever Increasing leaks, dry rol nnd gen
gfw! decay He bracts snd bolsters and
pat' ties walls and fences until his fsrm
looks as though It hail a combination
of Saint Vitus dance und delirium
tremens. He tinkers at his poor, p r
lahlng frame with i ura-alla gad lotions,
pills snd plssters. He braces up hit I
decaying virtues with good resolutions, I
and poultices his vices with good In
tentions He fences his foil Ion with
certain or rather, uncvrtulti limita
tions. And, after all. he Is the name
old man Decayed anil decaying, wink
here and warped there; out of lumh
disjointed and covered with pstches
that do not renew hltu nor mend htm
at all, but merely emphasise hit de- '
Ilniibear ateeeltet Three lllg
I'olar Heart.
Moat of tbe incidents of Internation
al civility which the Parisian papers re
lated during tbe recent trip uf Presi
dent Kaure to Russia snd the previous
visit of the cxar and tarlna to France
were rather too effusive In matter and
florid In manner to please our severer
taste Hut they have recently recalled
one Franco-Russian anecdote, says tbe
Youth's Companion, which we can appreciate-all
the more, perhaps, be
cause diplomatically It wis not of Im
portance. During tbe last visit of tbe
Grand Duke Michael to the gay capital
there was placed next to htm at a
grand dinner given In his honor not, aa
usual, a French statesman or great so
cial celebrity but s Httls, bright-eyed,
white-haired strong-featured woman
wearing tbe red ribbon of tbe
Legion of Honor on bsr breast.
She was Mdllv Roaa Bonheur. tbs fa
mous artist. They became, during the
progress of the elaborate meal, tbe beat
of ."rVbus; the duke declared It waa
long since be hail so enjoyed any wo
man's conversation, and mademoiselle,
on her part, found him a most appre
ciative and Intelligent listener. When
dessert was served a double nut was
found on the duke's plate, and they
ate a phllopena together, wblcb the la
dy won. "What can I give you. made
moiselle, which will really give you
pleasure?" asked the grand duke, po
litely. "I cannot deny my weakness."
was the reply. "Any little animal
wblcb I can use as a model will be
welcome." Sevt ral months passed and
she supposed th duke's promise for
gotten, when a few weeks ago the phll-
j opens arm. -I There w. .. 'Iim- of
tbe little "animals" -and they were.
I mighty, white bagffg, shaggy, huge and
ferocious' Few lndltn would tare for
sui h a trio of pets, but Mdlle. Uonheiir.
who has tamed as well as painted wild
beasts before now. was delighted, and
will no doubt do proper Justice with
both her heart and her brush to tba
characteristics of tbe oft-maligned Rut
stun bear.
The magnificent victory won by
Commodore Dewey over the Spsntsb
fleet st Msslls will go down ss one
of the quickest sad most dsrlng
schlevements In the naval history, not
only of he United States, but of tbe
entire world. Thst he dsred nsvlgate
tbe harbor In tbe dead of night, know
log It waa mined, so ss to be In a
position ss soon as dsy broke to at
tack tbe enemy, wss sn exhibition of
pluck that baa amazed tbe world. Hla
success In annihilating tba Spsnish
fleet haa been recognised by tbe United
Ststes government by a resolution of
cungrstulstlon, snd hs will also be
promoted to resr admiral From nsvy
officers In sll psrts of the world bis
achievement hst called forth words of
admiration While much bss already
teen written sbout Commodors Dewey
we must not overlook the gallant com
manders who so nobly stood by their
ships In the battle of Msnlls, and upon
eseb of whom s share of the honor
of the great victory must be given.
Of Commodore Dewey much can be
written. His christening of fire wss
shosrd the old ttesm sloop Mississippi,
under Fsrrsgut, In tbe early dsyt of
the civil war. Commodore Dewey it
now about 61 years old. Hs belongs
In Vermont, snd be wss sppolnted to
the Nsvsl Academy from thst state In
September. 114. Four years Ister,
when he wss graduated he was sent
aboard ths attsm frigate Wabash, for
s cruise In tbe Mediterranean Dewey
got his commission as lleuteasnt on
April 1. ll ' eight dsys sfter Fort
Sumter wss fired upon, snd he was
Immedlstely assigned) Join tbe Mis
slsslppi snd do duty 4lth the West
Oulf squsdron He wss on ths Mis
sissippi when she took part with Fsr-
J aad attached to tbe stesmthlp Oneida
cf the West Cult squadron, from 183 '
I to IK Ha waa on hoard bis sblp
In tbe battle of Mobile bay. oa August
J 1. 184. At tbe close of tbs war. hav
ing served la a Bomber of engsge
' uents, bs was sttsched to ths stesm
1 sloop Brooklyn, of the Brsilllan squad
I ron, and later wsgjgua board tbe Kear-
sarge. He waa pn oted to lieutenant
on February 21, 1M7, and to lieutenant-commander
one year later, and as
signed to tbe Mlchlgsn snd sfterwsrd
to the Monongahela. He wss executive
officer of the flsgshlp Trenton of tbe
Europesn squsdron. snd wss msde
commsnder oa March 10. 1S82. Ha
was for a time assigned to the torpedo
station and also to the Boston nsvy
yard. He was msde commsnder of the
Jsme town In 184 snd wss Inspector of
llghth uses at Buffalo. N Y . when as
signed to tbe Aslstlc squadron.
Captain N. Mayo Dyer, of the cruis
er Baltimore, baa had a diversified ca
reer, aad bas fought bis wsy up to a
captaincy, without ever having attend
ed a naval academy. No man In the
navy haa a better record for bravery
and daring than the gallant captala
of the Baltimore. He entered the vol
unteer navy at tbe outbreak of the
civil war as a mastsr's mste, and serv
ed la the engagements of tbe West Oulf
squsdron. For gallant snd meritorious
conduct be wss promoted to acting
ensign on May i:i. I W8; and later to
ensign and assigned to ths Olssgow.
Afterwsrd bs wss msds msster snd
plsced In commsnd of tbe Randolph, la
1U4, wblcb operated la Mobile bay.
His vessel wss sunk by s torpedo on
April 1. IMS. After tha surrender bs
wss promoted to sctlng volunteer lieu
tenant snd put In command of two of
tbe surrendered ships, the Rlsck Dia
mond and the Morgan. He then serv
ed on the Elk. snd Ister on ths Stock
dale, snd subsequently did shore duty
st the buresu of navigation Hs wss
msde commsnder In ths regulsr nsvy
on March 12, ISO. Whlls command
ing the Osslppee. going from the Mexl
can coast to the north, an Incident hap
pened which showed his brsvery snd
the regsrd hs hsd for his men. A
sailor, In adjusting s Ball, accidentally
great, then on special service. He
dity on the Portsmouth, also m
clal service. From lStl to ISM hs wss
ssslgned to duty st tbe Naval academy,
snd then served on the Monongshela
oa apeclal service. He was with ths
North Atlantic squsdron In ISM. snd
was promoted to commands' in thst
Csptsln Frsnk Wildes, ol the Bos
ton, comes from Massachusetts. He
Is a graduate of Annapolla sad served
with gallsntry through ths war.
A Warhlae far I leaalas Mef.lt
lag Marklag !' " Urlafclag
Hea.n.lal aiatpolbelU lk- Uleeirlc
It.. ii. i Vtagnos.
float la tadare Sleep.
Sleep ensues when tbe brain it Isrge
ly denuded of blood According to tbs
"Spectator," to partly empty the brain
of Its blood supply, to keep the hesd
cool, the blood sufficiently wsrm and to ;
send tbe blood rsther to tbe lower ex
tremities this Is tbe physical problem
of ths sleepless. It Is Interesting to i
note thst during sleep a great number '
of ths bodily functions continue quite
normally without interfering with sl'tp (
Itself, snd therefore sleep Is not so I
like death as some of the potts bsve
Imagined. Man aaleep Is not so pro- '
foundly different from msn swske. ths
two chief points of difference, how
svsr. being these- a greater IndrawUg 1
of oxygen snd exhslstlon of carbonic
acid and a complete nervs rest Ths .
bedroom snd ths stats of oc.-upsnt 'as
suming the sbsence of sxternsl nolge)
are tbe chief fsctors In the problem.
Tbe sleeping room should bs siry and
cool, never, for adult person, reach
ing a higher temperature than CO de
grees, though yuung chlldisn need
grsster wsrmth. The bead should
never be under tbe sheets, but exposed
snd cool. Tbs feet should be kept
wsrm by a llttls extra clothing at ths
foot. With a heavy sleeper there
should be no thick curtsln. but with s
light sleeper rurtslns are essential, aa
sunlight plays upon the optic ncive and
rouses thst sttentlon which il Is ths
OBS object of tbe sleeper to k'e p la sus
pended animation Ths bed should
never be between fireplace snd door, ss
It cstches the draughts, and li is more
dsngerous snd more easy to contract s
chill In bed thsn In the dsytlme. ths
Water llrluklag HeneSrlal.
When It Is considered that the body
Is msde up very Isrgely of wster R
readily be understood bow Important
to health Is a constant supply of this
fluid. Many people bave a uotlon that
drinking of water la any amount be
yond tbat actually necessary to quencn
thirst Is Injurious, snd. sctlng on this
belief, they endesvor to drink as little
ss possible. The notion, however, H
wide of the truth Drinking freely of
pure water It a moat efficacious means
not only of preserving health, but often
of restoring It when falling A" ,h
tissues of the body need wster. sod
wster In sbundame is necessary also
for the proper performsnre of every
vital function. Cleanliness of the tit
sues within the body is ss necessary
to heslth and comfort as clesnllness of
ths skin, snd wster tends to Insure tbe
one as truly ss It does tbe other. It
dissolves the wsste material, which
would otherwise collect in the body,
snd removes It In the vsrlous exer
tions. These waste material' are often
sctusl poisons, snd msny a hesdaehe
msny rheumatic pains and arhes. many
sleepless nights and llstbss days and
man allaeka of the "blues" Sre due
do not obstruct tbe free ptsrsg- of tha
' frsms over tbe supports on the poles.
j On tbs lower wlrs a similar device u
used, and both sets of trolley wheels
! ire coonecteg by sn Insulsted panto
graph srrsngemeat, which effectively
I provides for uoequsl tension n ths
i trolley wires. Connection betwi iu the
; trolleys snd the wsgon Is sde by ca
bles, which run on an a.." .matte reel
on tbe wagon. This peitn.ts ths cs
bles to run out a few hundred feet. If
necessary, or winds them up to a short
length, snd the wsgon thus has con
slderable freedom in direction of tra
vel, enabling it to readily turn out of
the way of obstacles, aad to fallow
twists sad turns of ihe road without
difficulty, even though the pole line
may take a somewhat different and
possibly more oinvinleBt cowrwe. A
two-horse power motor cn the vsgow
Is geared to the rear axle for protetllng
Do Negrttet Itlath.
Blushing bas often been considered
ss s peculisrity of tba while man. snd
hss been denied to other rsces, and gs
peclally to tbe aegro; bu seveial trust
worthy observers astur.d Dai win tbat
they had seen oa the faces of negroes
sn sppesrsnce resembling s blush un
der circumstances which would have
excited one In us. sltbougb their skins
were uf sn eUiny bla' k tint Home de
scribe It ss blushing brown, but most
say that tbe blackness becomes more
Intense. An Incressed supply of blood
In the skin seems In some manner to
Intensify tbe, blackness Scars remain
for a long tlms wblte in ths negro,
and Dr Burgess, who had frequent op-
Over in England a new violinist bas
Just made his appeurancc Muaier Ver
non Warner, aged lo.
He seems to lie a unique cresturs
among youthful musicians, because bit
Hfm7 sag" " i ' ' " " sjBjJJ"
solelv lo Ihe rlr. illation In the Moon poriunnies 01 oi.servmg one on ine race
or deposit In the tissues i f these waste I of s negress noticed that It Invariably
matters, which csnnot te got rid ot
because of an Insufficient supply m
wster. Wster Is accused of making
fat. and people with a tendency to cor
pulence avoid It for that reason But
I this Is not strictly true. It does un
! douhtedly often Incresse the weight,
, but It does so becsuse It Improves the
digestion snd therefore more of the
food esten it utilized and turnrd Into
i tat and fleth. But excessive fst. which
! ws call corpulence, It not a tlgn g
health, but of faulty digestion and at
tlmilatlon, and systematic wster drink,
j Ing Is often employed ss s means of
reducing the superfluous fat which It
sometimes does with astonishing rapid
1 Ity.
sjrsxasBoMais tab.
Perhaps the most dsngerous of Its
kind l one that was described In s
French sclentinV journal st the begin
ning i f IHI at lesst. It might prove so
In unscrupulous hsndt. It consists of
an aqueous solution of Iodide ami
starch. In four weeks characters writ
ten with It dlsappesr. preventing all
use or sbuse of letters, and doing away
with sll documentary evidence gf any
kind In the bands of the recipient. But
a recent discovery by Prof Braylants,
of the University of Ixmvaln, surpasses
all. Inasmuch as no ink st sll Is re
quired In order to convey s secret mes
ssge. He Isys several sheets ot uote
psper on esch oher, snd writes on ths
uppermost with a enrll; then selects
one of the under sheets on which no
tnsrks of the writing sre visible. Oa
expoxlng the sheet to the vapor of Io
dine for a few minutes it turns yellow
ish, snd the writing appears of a violet-brown
color. On further moisten
ing the paper It turns blue, snd the let
ters show In vlobt linrs The explan
ation is that notepaper contains starch,
which, under pressure, becomes hydra
mlde, and turns blue In the Iodine
fumes It Is lest to write on a bard
desk, say, a pane of glass. Sulphurous
setd gas can make the writing dlsip
pear again, and it can be revived a sec
ond time Invention.
Iiocame red whenever she waa abiupt
ly spoken to or charged with sny triv
ial offense The I huh could be teen
proceeding from the circumference of
tbe scsr towards the middle. Mulst
toes sre often great blusher. From
these facta there can be no doubt thst
negroes blush, though no reddening of
their skins Is vlslbls
Iter. titles Warkla j-lttt.
A new msrklng aad stenciling pot
contains s revolving slid perforsted
cylinder The perforations on tbe roll
er serve the double urposc of ag. fat
ing the ink and conveying It to the
brush Motion it gitce to tbe roller
by a quick m tw ment of the btuth Just
enough uf the ink It transferred to ths
brush to do the work In a neat and
satisfactory manner, without overload
Ing the brush or waating ink. Not on
ly la the brush prevented from being
overloaded, but tbe t perstor's fingers
can be kept clean
genius, which seams to be undoubted,
Is attributed rather to hard work than
to a freakish sift of nature
The little fellow Is the son of Mr
Harry K W.irner. the mganlst gf the
royal church, al Kew. The boy has
been trained by a very exacting syt
teni. and the result tbe critics declare
to be wonderful.
ragut't other vessels In forcing sn en
trsnc to tbs Mississippi river, snd
sgsln when the fleet ran the gsuntlet
of Are from the forts below New Or
lesns. In April. ISM, and forced ths
surrender of thst city. The ship he
was la belonged to Captain Bailey's
division of ths fleet which sttscksd
Fort 81. I billp.
The hottest fight that the Mississippi
sver eagsged in wss her Isst one. snd
this wss perhaps ss hot st sny of the
war. la March, 1N63. ths fleet tried
to run by tbe Confederate bslterlss st
Port Hudson. Some of the ships got
as fsr ss s nsrrow part of the chan
nel. There they met land batteries al
most muxxle to muzzle snd then they
were forced to retreat The Missis
sippi did not get ss fsr as tbls. A
foggy dsy bsd been chosen for the at
tempt, and thlt was toon msde mors
obtiurs by the smoke of battle, snd
smld this the Mississippi lost her besr
Ings snd rsn ashore. Her officers
found she bad struck Just under the
guns of a battery In the middle of the
line of fortifications, snd one of the
strongett of ihe lot. In hslf sn hour
I i" sho's struck the vessel snd she
wsa riddled from end to end. There
whs no
slipped and fell overboard. Csptsln
Dyer, who was on deck snd ssw tbs
ssllor fall. Immsdlstely Jumped In snd
ssved the msn from drowning snd
from tbe shsrks. He hst done duty at
tbs Boston nsvy-yard. and hss been
ssslgned respectively to the Pointer,
tbe New Hampshire, the Wsbssh and
ths Tennessee. He bst been light
house Inspector, snd wss In commsnd
of the Msrlon. of the Asiatic squad
ron. In 1NS7 and again in ISM.
Captain Joseph B. Coghlan, of ths
cruiser Raleigh, was born In Kentucky,
but was sppolnted to the Nsvsl scsd
emy from Illinois on September 1. 1863.
Ills first sea duty was on tbe Sacra
mento In special service. He was msde
master, nnd afterward, on May 10.
lNiiA, was promoted to lleutensnt, and
wns executive officer of the pawnee.
chance to bold her. nnd her He wns then transferred to the (!uer-
speclsily chilly period being about i
a. m.
The Ijngrti Stttig-lllrtl.
Ths Lyra bird of Australia It Ihe
largett of atl song birds. lit name
grlses from the fact that In tall it in
tha thtpe of a lyre. Besides its loud
full call, which may bs heard at a gn a'
distance. It bss au Inward nnd varied
song, the lowsr notes of which rsn on
ly bs beard whan you bave stealthily
1 approached to within a few yards of
taa bird whlls It Is sluging. In slss
. v. - i ... v.i .a i. .t.,.,,1 u.i ...
. w.t w ta ".uui nil nj mi-
aHaasafi st tags
There Is ii rumor In Berlin that Count
Herbert Bismarck may return to public
life, probably as ambassador to St Pe
tersburg. It appear j that the emperor
offered the count an appointment, but
(ic declined because he did not desire
to hold public office In (lermauy whlls
bis father was living.
I (tearing.
An English authority Insist that the
right gear for tandems Is half the sum
of tbe gears used by the riders separ
ately. This might be wise If one or
both of the riders was very green or
very inefficient; but If they are both
fairly good It would not do
Tbe up-to-date war correspond!
never falls to make use of tbe word
I "Imbroglio. "
crew took to law BBBIS anu isnueu on
the opposite tide of the river, after
setting her on Are Soon, lightened by
tbe lots of the crew snd by the Are.
the drifted off. und. blazing and salut
ing with bursting shell., shs drifted
down the river, until flnslly the fire
reached her magazine, and her career
was ended In one great explosion.
Dewey wns next attached to tbs
steam gunboat Agawan, of the North
Atlantb blockading squadron, and he
took part in the two attsrkt made,
on Port Fisher In Dei ember s4. and
JniiuaM It"..'. In Mar. b ti'. he got
hit commission at lieutenant-commander,
snd ss such served on ths
famous old Keurssrge snd on tns Col
orado, ihs flsgshlp of Ihs European
tqusdrnn. until IMS. when he wst sent
for service to the Nsvsl academy. He
wns commissioned commodors on Feb
ruary 18, ltC.
Of ths e.tptilns serving under Com
modore Dewey, Chsrlss V. Orldley, of
ths flsgshlp Olvmpla. wai born In In
diana, but wst sppolntsd n csdet from
Mlchlgsn on September 2S. I860. He
remained la ths Nsvsl scsdemy until
Hal, when hs wss msds an soslgn
rlere nnd msde lleuteiisnt-commandf r
mi Man h l'J lst He served on the
Richmond snd then on the Iron, lad
Saugus. of the North Atlantic tqusd
rnn and Ister on the Monongahela and
the Indiana. He was promuted to
commander In February, ISM.
Csptsln Asa Walker, of the cruiser
Concord. It s native of New Hamp
shire, and entered the Naval academy
on November IT, 1112 graduating four
yssrt later. He wai first assigned lo
ths North Atlantic squadron, snd msde
ensign in IStiN, snd sfterwsrd did ord
nance duty in the Portsmouth navy
ysrd. Remaining there n short time,
be went sboard the Jamestown, wbsre
he served until 1871. He hss served
on the Essex, the practice ship Dsle,
ths Trenton of the Atlstlc squadron,
nnd on two different occasions has
been assigned to duty at the Naval
Csptsln E P. Wood, of tbs dispatch
host Hugh Mcculloch. Is from Ohio,
nnd entered the Navnl acsdsmy on
September 23, 1803. grsdustlng In 1887.
He wst then ssslgned to ths Minne
sota oa special tervlre snd mads en
sign. In 1871 he wst promoted to
Iteutenaat and placed sboard tba Coa-
DastfBMStaa -t Clly Trees.
Sclentlflc gardeners hsvs hen giving
, sttentlon to the csuses of the dettruc-
tlon of city trees, snd find thst ths
presence of a large amount t Illumin
ating gas In the noli It tbe i suae of
the dssth of most of thess shsde-glv-
era. A row of beautiful trees In s city
street It one of the most charming of
1 pictures, but It It ons thst ws will
' not long enjoy unlets some meaturni
sre taken to prevent the saturation of
ths soil with gss It is the custom la
' Europe, when n tree is klllsd hy gas.
to exact from ths company thai thy
replsce the tree an nearly ss piirtlbls,
removing the contaminated earth and
filling in the sparo with thst whbh Is
; perfectly adapted to the bent heslth
and growth OS the tree. At thlt Is a
considerable Item of exuense, ths gss
companies are extremely carefm about
leakage and the management f their
plpet. In view of the fact that .he toll
of our city street, whenever It la tinn
ed up, seemt laden with the odor of
gas. It becomes necessary to tako r,mo
extreme measures lest sll of tbs itudt
treet be destroyed.
Trarke.1 lit Hit Tliat.ih-W.rk.
An extraordinary example of the effl
cat of tin- thumb i in i r- ..on method
of Identification has happened in B n
gal. Some months ago the manager
of s tes garden In the Dooars was bru
tally murdered, the murderer getting
clean away, ss the crime was not dis
covered until some time after its com
mission. For some time ihe police
were at fault until It was discovered
thai Ihe murderer. In ruroaglng among
some pspers of Ihe deceased, had
smudged a lltngall atl is . , his
lb mill The atlas was forwsrded g
the buresu. where the thumb Impres
sions of criminals are kept, wh.n it
was discovered that the impression on
the atlas corresponded with the thumb
recorded of a uoted crlmlnsl then ut
large. The man was arrested on this
evidence, and other evidence gggjggt
quently sccumulstetl to connect him
with the crime.
This ( leant Hnltrt.
In the kitchen of tbe Urge restaur
ant the labor-saving devices sre every
dsy becoming more common. Ons of
the most recent pstlerns of knife and
fork cleaning machines is shown here.
Ths rollers, which sre revolved by
hsnd, are made of a special compoil-
llsagers of .Ifnraa Travel.
Traveling In Afrl i Is doubtless be
set with more dsng. . thsn in any other
part of tbe world Wild beasts, wild
men, poisonous plants, storms, fevers,
snd other sickness inmbine to make
a formidable artsy A recent traveler
In Owullah. a district in northeast Af
rica, encountered a new danger. Vege
tation Is very luxuriant snd when be
pitched . amp he not bed that a num
ber of dead blrdt lay on the ground
Before be hid t rr toiomrcent on tbU
fact four of the dogt. which bad iteen
smelling around keeled over and died
within Ave minutes It was supplied
that they hsd eaten tome poisonous
plsot; but this Idea wss dispelled when
three of the ostites, who bsd slept on
ths ground we c found ilea l next
morning. Then It was discovered that
there was a stratum of deadly gas
covering the ground, to the depth of
three or four Inches The traveler,
with hit troupe, lo't no lime iu getting
out of thst viclnliy
N ..... .1 II . hi Ihe .
In the Andes, in South Americs, are
some fine examples of natural bridges.
Nature bss thrown two bridges of her
own over a fearful hasm of Icononxo
The torrent which they span fallt down
a beautiful catatnet into a murky crev
ice. At a height of list feet abovs tbe
foaming waters the two bridges htng
In mid air. bolh of litem apparently,
though in different wayt, ths work of
an earthquake. The upper one Is a
fragment of the original ssndttone.
which must have resisted the thock
thst formed the rent, while ths lower,
probably the most singular srch In the
world, consist i of three enormous
masses of detached rock, so fsllen ss
to support esch other, the center one
forming the key of the srch
I nilt.ul.leU lit . mil It or.
Wllkins T Just tsll you tbsre Is
something In thlt hypnotttm It's a
true bill snd no mlstske. You know
Jinks Well, tbst msn Is n hypnotlxer
a wonderful one. I stand aghast
when I think of thst man .- power."
Bllklns T never heard of his hyp
notizing any one."
Wllkins lie hss done It. though.
He has hypnotized hit wife."
Bllklns How do you know?"
Wllkins Easily enough. I was
at hit hoime the other evening when
be had a little dispute about something
and she let him have the last word."
rmerprlse for T.ta.
An snonymuus letter recently sent
to Count de Waldeck, who reside. In
Hungary, Informed him that he might
sxpsct s visit from two burglurs. who
would call upon him under pre'.snss of
being Insurance sgentt. Ths callers
arrived, and were arrested; but It turn
ed out that they were ths bons-fids
agents of a New York company, and
that the telegram hsd been sent hy a
rival company In Vienna. Legal pro
ceedings have been Instituted sfalust
ths Istter New York Trlbunt.
tlon rubber nnd are ssld to put the fin
ish polish on a silver plaled knife
without scratching II In the least. The
attachment st the end with the grooves
in It Is for the purpose of rendily
cleaning forks and i pernios In the sumo
lie Hail Ihe Shakes.!
"How does Ii come thst you didn't
volunteer with your regiment?"
"Couldn't I had an attack of ague."
I l.. i.i. Trnller Wagim.
An electric trolley wsgon for coun
try roads has been designed and sue
cetnfnlly operated by w (I. Onffery.
of Reno, Nov., says Cassicr's Maga
zine. The system Involves the use of a
double trolley urmngemenl. und the
two wlret are run aliout 18 Inches
apart, and 17 feet above ihe ground.
The trolley device proper consists of a
metnl frame with two overrunning
trolley wheels, having locking wheels
underneath, which prevent the top
wheelt from leaving ths wire and still
telling ....
Peddler -"Madam, I am introducing
a new kind of toap "
Madam T don't want It."
Peddler "It costs but halt at much
at the old "
Madam "I don't want It, I tell you."
Peddler And doet twice Ihe work
of "
Madam- Don't want It. Oct out."
I'eddlei Of any other kind, and It
excellent for the complexion."
Madam How much It It?"
taw Mure In Hear.
flreat Chemist- "My stars!
menus that bow ling mob IB front of lbs
Servant "Oh. sh, hide hide, for y'r
Ufa! Didn't you print In the Science
Magazine that cheap cuts of beef at
eights cents were us nutritious as por
terhouse?" Orent Chemist "Of course; but",
Servant "Theui rlolurt board.4'
gfl '

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