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Vol. Ill No. 163.
Price 5 cents.
rotKCAIT fOE TO-DAT HMWI IWaaiOlBia .ISleiBBf M.I. N4; Mm. 7H
We hove mad armngamanta
cuith onothet Baker in Houston
and tuill keep FRESH BREAD
oil the time.
College Creamery
r.l rTTER.
Our Supply mill bo equal to the demand
beginning June 4th.
Twenty TIioiiviimI I... to Saiitl-
uco i. ( ui.;i Vain om-
muiid r lien, shiili. r.
laua from ti
' The Amu
at the laat U
Continuing, i
damage i loin
Tli" Soroml Kxpealition, It I- KH-rt.
ed, Will (to to Porto Kirn and
Tak" Tnat Mathl.
MISS St. LEON'S entire
Stock of Fine Millinery must be
closed nut mi once in compliance
with legal requirements in such
caee. Everything muet go, All
and will be sold at a great Sacrifice. The stock
includes everything in the Millinery Line.
MISS St. LEON has been employed as
The BjMlat
RUM bf u
It. pot t . Id Ma.
IpuM 1 1 at
Santiago llomhard
Hunt MhimIu).
emkltM ( an Hem "i l.t.. Manila
a.i rorig. im Nawtaf i c.
n SJMn Bemeeft r, ,,i,r, (
tl .Ml
London, Juno - - .iiti ,
MBOilo dated Jane 3, says i
The Hpanianls in the .bur. I in sM
Garlte are aim holding oat, hut the ad
Jaivntlowiinflinii.il.,. . . , ,
by toe insurgent, tin-1- aa Important
prise at the Ink of Cartas piopo, sad
Ita pours, ion I y th laMl .
matter for tlx' kMaM it tha
outltt to thp tatiaaa4tag ooaatry, and
through it bbbj ... i, i i., i!.
city of Manila It ui.l , , tr .nl M
admirable base of o i i ,, fur.
ther advance t m m , t . ,t,
It has la-en found laapoadhle a) OBO.
oenl from Hal nhahit int. af Manila tho
fart that Uw lion m ,v
rat a deep bJooSS ipoo . .
dent, wbo ar.' im.n urn i- -i mi , v,.
So fat away. Fur tin- mo-t rr they
remain, but list wnaaa. and children
have been at iit to i
an' safe under Hat -t in ,.:
Tin' iiiut fn. niily raaatlom eitatbe.
twaan Admiral ! ami ibi oonaobif
rapraaantativ f iba powen and tbi
commander of Iks Kmrop an irablpj
in the lay Tba Ppaolah loldiere wba
bora been captun'd ire a sorry looking
lot. If tbry ua a fun sample, th. y ill
ba ao match fOf Iks Ami. rte in irn
Tti MaaaaM OeiatsFi i sata Paaiai
Troup la tin WiHIaalaaa
San Francisco, June . - Th,. .t,. n,. r
Balgte orWek irrlrad bota ft
ant rta BooolaJi raatenli rts
alffbtlnc iba tint flaal of t r wbieb
laft tbla rttr May '.' Sboal l , mllas
aaot of Honolulu R iB to had aalleil
from Honolulu 01 JaOl i The C
too had anivi'd nt Ronotahi two days I
bafora and wan n''Kil'l .it lbs tun.' of.
the dupnrtmv of ll B
Preparation, wan bstnj m ids .it I Ion
nlulu for the r. ,
which win i'ii'rti'd tn hi 1 1 . t .
the day the lb li' h'ft TkOSOWSI WM
laautifully ih'cornti'il ami a rn iinni
wai to bi kivcii the moil on thr eOOja
'I h ptoalpal ercnt in the local war
nttnattnii yi'.t. .fila j wi, iii. 'i. ;. ii i ii f
the monitor Monterey nml the rollier
Hrut irn for Manila. Tin' order to tfet
under w jv was lOMtad skOOl I o'. lm k,
lOttta itti rwani. tbe whanraa aii.i
' Ska water front were crowde I
itb paofkl aaonaaj to wttnrH the ii
' 'i.. ..rtnidaKe flKhttna; ma
WJ tnn whUtle on tl,.
wasar ftwos Maw a tosowoO so the taja
- OWrad il..wii ikO harUa towar!.
I " l n I .ate
: I eai.,iitoii to the Philip.
w.. Iianlly I., aide to leare hefor-
oi ii lataraay Mono, aaapkoi and oa
iniiiiitum an- l-iiit pUcvi on Uanl
The tni(i. ii r. rvu'ly for twr . .-
Ths lotas tranaporta enaafad, th
lima. Ooloo ami ZeaUndu. will con.
tltute thr Mrond eiiiedlttoii.
SAktouwossiowi ilemaudinK eitra.i
oat prtoaa for sonhssooi and tbey will
Ot bs SOM Of an war deartment Un
inx "f 'hi m make morereaonM.;.
DtllpoattUMI. it 14 M foreirniii. cAi.lr..i....
th i' i tm.t-r of teamera will he aeizi
and draft"! into arrvtee
h Later n.tMtrt
KOI Kill.. I. OM
1 lapl llrtvliin, Jiitu-
that t'olnnel Ordenei, gaptam
" w 1 ' s, LienteOSaol Yriaar, of tbe art
illery and laoan Pen and (larcla offl.
son ok as roai i nm mntnu.yi ajon
IratOlp wounded and uot killeil in
Monday', hotnhanlnient an at flrt n-
Tn SvaH i ... ii.
Wa.hniKton, June K -The -won! to
I- ptaamM to Admiral U'Wey, nmlrr
th. mi of oOafJMi providing for tin.
ll mark of dutitictlon, for hi.
i-r.wn at Manila, will be one of th..
in -t l-rtiitifnl weaion erer made Al
' ih Ika arttoos bojoooiljrof the he. t
Kwonl mak. r of the conntry, and in-
I. .'d of th.. world, haa Inniii i. lted, and
Hi. imvy deuaftnient liu. m..r iWa ta
.l-HftK for thin Dewey awonl.
ma OaOM anaMOtooj
Teiarkana, Ark , June h -Newi ha.
r. i. .1 h. r. from Mena, Ark., about pj
null - imrtl, of Te.arkana on the Uulf
road, of a terrible eiploalon that
o-eurnd in the machinery nf the
Arkaiiiia. Miinnu e.mijiniiv at
HotBaJd, rk The bofa bunt
while i. full fon-e of workmen wer..
an.uhd it Thirtmn men wen- aerlonnly
lojotol, DM mortally The orcldeut H
uttnhuled to an orenlght of the en
rfilieor. Mr. Stblaaaa i tiuiin.
Olevalaod. 0 . Ju'ie h. ..a .,,.! a.
OtearlUa, V Va,, aaya the Jury n
turiii l a v. rdict of not trinity u, the m
.Ii. tin-nt iii whu h Mr. Atkinaon, wife
of the ifovernor, wan codefendant. Thl.
i n. I. a Ioiik and noted caae In which
Mr- Vikin.oii wai. charifod with fbjBk
Waahlngton, June n.-Froni the beat
Information ohtaui.u :. h- r- jo.oot,
ttoopa are n ady to go, or havii already
left Tarn a for I Santiago de t'ubn 1 !,-
ahouid have left 'I'aiiK.i .. . nil nay.
ago, and wou.-l liav. .. ;,art-.l had it
not I., n f.,r an .... ouutabl.- delay in
irettlii(r the alei' (fun. to Tam to (ft
with the inKitui li,,... uuutl w-.ti
acheilulml to urrive Tn. -d iv uiifbl
(ieueral Shaft.r i. m . f u
tnaiM, which am iu.tly n euUrn. They
will arrive at Santiago on Saturday
mailt or Snnday, ami will ooapnoM
With Admiral Sani.. .n to. If. . i t:.. r.i
tnre of toe city of Haiitiatfo. with iti
narriwin, and then the capture of Ad oil
ral Cenrera'a fleet.
Hucretary AIR. r ..t.i .v ,,. .,... t.
aay whether nur tn.ipa had nailed
yet from Tuma fur t'uUi. He hold,
notwith.taiidwiir th DOtSlfaOJ of th
I " ..i.a ir n .. ,.,t ,
till ironl and .uftVcnt reaaon. why
every pre, auu.m uM 1.. ah.pvd to
prvvent the Spam mi. from ot tuitinin
Information aa to the dciauture of .mi
troop, to a .unt - :.,r ,.r ,i, .
barkatnm and the .tn iiiflh of the , t
pedition He wn. v rysoaok fljoi
at the .Kteiiip. f . . ,,
indicate the very i.i-it i tnl f,,rtho
kodlag of tba troorM ami i. tfe Kmn in
th.. ueighl.iriii.a ianrlafn If it
wen true the defiartmaof had soka a I
pla. e w h p. t:;. r i. a .troiitf wharf an
al which voiwola may rlaonoops the
heavy .ciife tram tn .u . ,t . n ,,f that
fact mitfht x. ry naturailv load the Span
lah to dtatroy that .u t ,..ir , ... i
tboa aerioualy haui). r tie ..;vrat...:i of
A can ful inquiry at otl . r p!aca of
the war department w h. r information
aa to tba otovement of boon iiiikm oat
arally l- ox.. t.
tliat no wonl yet haa coma of the il.irt
nre of the military eii.-dm, ..
Tamu. A tn.i arv under
go aoon, It wa deemed pmbabli
will Kot ..ff Mime time duriiic the day
and notice to that off. . t will . t. ,.
new. n-eotved I v th, .1. ;..iitm. ut
No further wonl from Admiral Samp,
aon ha. Li'ii nc y, I at the mix i...
pOSeoant A bulletin made oul.lic l.r
thedeimrtm. ut Tuomlay night conilrm-
i n if th. .r - i , ,rt. ,.f the attack ujiou
Santiago !.,. i Momlav U lli. yl to I..
merely a akol.-ton .tntoment .if s
aon'a rablegratn which it ia anrmiaed
contained a good deal more inforn ..
than it wa dot mod prudent to make
While the expedition to .aiit;ag i ia on
IU way another for Porto Ki. outotai
Blade roailv and BBtpaod Ju.t how
aoon after the laBtlaao OMnssooot Skis
MNlition i. t.. !,..,ve i. n..i t.,t. ,1, hut
It la plain that it will not ho , . . ,
nion- than a week after the d, iUi
the Santiago .:,rtv
The reduction ..f Havana ia .nil la
Iba dlatance, but the ..vuimIioii of San-
tiago ami of ',,,t,i K,,.,, will, o ,. i-
llered by the n.lmiui.tnitn til. OrtMuir.. fur
uch a cm. lung .l,-,ut unon II ...,.,
after Porto lit. i 1. in the
, ,
the rnite.1 State, I), ,i (,, , , ,i u,lM ,
Will be coillla lleil to e the futllitv ,,f
opa.ing unl. .. he dooiri - la i
bU tnioja. that would otherwise bo able
to n-turn to Spain
, n.Apantal received here from Ha
IMS .'Hin. -n -ourcea aay :
icaua won- again repulaed
'''" ' "' "' IOfl4gO "
i ..it- it that the
to the battcnea of the
town - ia animportant, or la already re
paired," adding: "The Spaniah gnnt
did uot ctaae firing an nitant dunna
an light, and all buttenr. are in condt
tion to n'ply to the enemy'a fire." Dur
ing the lecond attack Ordonej waa on
tin; llcilia Merce d, ., j.r.oiialIy aaalat
mg the working of guua. Every one
regard, i'. ....ii. I Union. and (.eneral
l-.nar.-a ca hen. -a of the Uajr,
Acording to official Spaniah dia
potehua receiv.il here, the eiact loaa of
QpaSOOItai at Sanfago Monday ia aa fob
Land for,.. One -..Idler killed, five
officer wounded, Including Colooel Or
doner., who waa .lightly wounded.
S . for- . -Second officer In com-
i'. I ..f the Heina) M. rcwl. , ', ilora
and W marinea killed and an officer and
1 1 Milora wounded.
tftlcial diapatchea al.o aay many of
SB vontvled, including Colonel Onlo
m z, won- able to attend to their dutlea.
It :i announced that the Hpanlah
' " t K. rati th- hl.K-kade at
Manxanllo, " and ha Smvid at Jamaiia.
Mur. Itolail POOOI Havana.
' ' I aklea. UN, by thai Anat.,l Prae.
" .'une - I), -a... from Span-
i.h wmrre. at Santiago received bare of
tba loaaea dnnng tbe bombardment of
th, fort, tie r.. by Ainer.i-an tl-. t Mon
thly, aay. t,. iiiann- . n.ef kiJied on
" ii tn. It. .na M.-n-ad wa. (aptam
saOso Acoata Kymoorna Kn.ign Ale
jandro Molin- , . . . f t.v I'.. .na Men
' i- al-o k.oed folotn-l Onlonex,
'.i'i..- ry, and inventor of cannon bear
lug wme name, waa .lightly wounded.
-' : .th i "i : . r ..iifBt.y
w . un ie.l i y .holla, tbe fragments of
v ' - '"' r- d by etploalon of
.lu ll, on land.
Th. in.urgi nt. batl dynaniited'a pasa-
nif, r tun, ., ar 'an.i.. provuicoof Pin
"' I; iti.ro ingone.-ar ami de
railing the tram.
Batata Baajajaa epajssd mti.a.
N. w V,,rk. June H.-A special cable
from Madrid aaya in the cour- of Mon
lav - . .innonadinir at Santuuto fantain
Philip, of the United Mutes battleship
Texas was killed by a Spanish shall.
Then; ia nothing in other distcbea to
uUtantiate thl. n i.irt.
Tr.it i. in soa apooa
vTaal , - n. June 8. Tho reporta
eon . n ax Dpaniab un. aapan ntly
,t..i in Madrid, that Captain
PhUlip. of tba T. xae had barn killed hjr
a shall shot by tbe Spanish force. Tbe
!r. -i,. nt .oy the n'j.art la undoubtedly
im'i ii-and evidently faaaeleaa, aa Ad
miral Sampson', official n-port stated
that th. n. w.-re no casualties.
At the navy department considerable
inuigiiatioti was felt at the report of
it. tain Phllln.', death, tho d.-iurtni.iii
in-, w !. it, . r f,,r it exist.
It Is calculated needlessly to alarm hla
family and friends.
an. I ruror BtaBOOM lmad.
N Vor., Juno H.--A pecial from
Kingston. Jama., a r. - rt. the Spauisb
crui r Vixcaya and torpedo Uatt de
i l uror badly damaged during the
man hard manl of Santiago' dafboon
Koadnr, A shell from tbe Brooklyn is
sanl to hay.- bursted under the Visoaya's
dismounting a gun. injur
ing th- . ruiser'. rudder and wounding
several sailors.
I ..... t-.... Caelura Tata Tawa u I an
.i... ;.. tha opaalak.
New York, June t. New baa Just
rtachel the Cuban Junta in tbli city of
a victory achieved by the Cuban forces
over a divlaion of tba Spanish army al
Jiguanl, province of Santiago, on May
ti. It wa one of the moat ds, l.i.. hat.
tie which tba patriots bare gained
against Spain. A column of Spanish
aoldlera, ISOO.trong, acting ondar riders
fnim Havana bait evacuated tha town of
La Piedra, after having destroyed tkair
foniflcatlona to prevent them fnjm fall
lng into the hand of tbe insurgents aad
camped at Jiguani, when they expected
to remain awaiting further ordera. They
were also joined there by a detachment
of 8U1 Spanish soldier from Santa Ktta,
and tbe two force were united in camp
at Jiguaol.
Tae Spaniard were surprised early la
tho morning by being attacked by a di
vision of tbe First corps, belonging to
(ioneraJ Calixto Oarcta's command, un
dor tbe leadership of Colonel Joae Jesus
The Cuban altogether numbered a
little more than 1000 men. The Cohan.
advanced in good order, being wall
equipped with arms ami ammunition,
and took the enemy completely by sur
prise. At tbe atari tba Spaniards scat
tored, but afterwards mail .n .srnn .
rally their foroea. Tbey only succeeded
In being able to retreat In regular order
to the village of Palma.
The Cnhnn. rt.tnrr.A ... Ti i
- - " , w i ... ii i
Then- ther n . ov-n d . I.n, m.
r i
arms and ammunition from thedewrted
npanisn camp, together with provuion
audaupply wagons, which the enemy
bad been compelled to leave behind.
tmm w.n- mueii n-d-l and were M-nt
to tbe heaibuartera of General OarcU'
camp at Bay am. .
The people of the town of Jiguani and
Santa Kita came out to greet the vie
loiioaa Cuban army, and there waa great
rejoicing among tbe inhabitant., who
bad before that time, bean forced to
conceal their sympathies white tha
towns were occupied by Saxnish soldiers.
Coloael Jean Kabl at onoe eat to
w ork organixing a civil government for
tha town, acting under tbe orders of
General OarcU in a pmolamation which
he Usued two day after the hattle.
sav.r.i add..l lu Ik. Llct i .,,.,
Tr... , . i. ii,. MillllaM.
vvaamngton. June AaaUUnt Sec-
retary Meikeliohn has chart, nil th.
ateam.hip. Indiana, Morgan City and
tne Wry of r"ara for trauportatlon of
troop u the Philippine and ba cloaad
a contract for tha Vlctoru, Olympu and
Aniona or tne Mirthem I'acino Steam
snip line, and secun-d the privilege of
actjuinng the Tacoma and the Colnav
bu if needed. All live will be gnVn
American register He baa also ordered
inipreaaed into the aervloe tbe Senator,
tbe tneen and the City af Pueblo of the
Pacific Cst Steamship company, if
found satisfactory
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am. nil UaAOUM nit m- 01
13XJ2VJXT dfcb
A.I. .,0. iha Hrlna Sl.rrr.lr. Bunk.
Madrid. Juno h It 1 offleially ad
oUtSad laat tha spanuh cruiser kolna
'i" sunk by the tin ..f the
in Meet at Santiago Monday, five
sailor, and marine, on board her
w. re killed.
II ay tha Ainrrlrana l ,,. n, ,,,,,.,.,,
W'lth I f i 1 1 in,,.,,
II. 01. It.. 1 BjaBs
Madrid. Jnne 8.-A .tuiofflcial not,.
Is published here (ni poilmg to give (ho
bomlianlnient nt Santiago by kg Am, r-e-an
Meet on Monday lat Ii . ,
"The Aniotican navy, under Adiuiral
Sampson, ha, fiercely attack. 1 S.inli.igo,
v uui, ami a l.looily piicouut. r . ii.ii, ,1.
The American, made iln,-, niOOkS 00
Ihe Sinili inarm,, ami hmd ,.,n, , , N
which n-plled. A. a . 1,11-. .pi- not tkS
Americans wue ntpiil.ed with lioavy
loasi'S, estilllllteil at l.-KKI me,, Tho
ITOn M.Kl.ils, 1., I .,,, Trnno.
Chickamauga, June h. - Thon is a
inov. 111. nt on f,..t p. have President'
McKiuley and such of In. cabinet orfi.
cor. a. can accouiakuy him, to Inspect
the park and army July I.
II. IBSlS "I lit. Il.onl.arilnirnt ut iha
Bans at axaajaaaj
Washington. June s. -Shortly before
: ,-i . i, mug information con-
' M I.. Ihe ....-i.,.,., Pjev, ,1,.
pat. In . concernitig the Umibardment of
the fortification, of Santiago had reached
Ihe OOpOStm, nt It came In the form
of a cablegram frmii Admiral Sampaon
W I11. I1 u .i- mad. j.ubllc in the follow
ing bulletin :
' SSI tarv of th. Navy Homhanied
ion- .11 .-Santiago at . : JO to III 111. to-
day, .lime ii Silenced works quickly
without injury of uny kind, though
w ttiiiir.iisi yorda. Samiho. '
Wliile the official of tba navy depart
ment declined to ,av definitely whether
tho bulletin contained all th informa
tion gi, ii 111 Admiral Sampson's cable-
gram, then' ; 1 11 . I. In, xhny did
not Tho official- refused to diacus tha
Mibj, ,-t 01 tn h.atc further informa
tion than wa. .ted an the board.
Only one additional pafatt was elicited
by iiiealiouiug. That was that the cable
gram contained no in format ion about
tl landing of , Hi,, r kflbj forces or ma-riiiea.
.-, , Iha SnaaUh Awaka.
Key Weat, June h -An auxiliary gnn
boat which has arrived here from Car
denas reporta all was quiet there except
the auxilury gunboat Leyden i making
things very llfely for tbe Sparuanla,
blaxing away at them whenever she sees
any movenieut or the SpanUh gunloata
or defensive work at Cardenaa
The Bntlah collier Roath a alitor to
tn. II. t. nil. !, wa. held upon June 4 by
an American gunboat Not reapotidjng
pmmptly to a bUnk ahot, a aoltd shot
wa sent acnia her bowa. Tbe next itey
sue wa nem up nv a second gunboat
and obeyed promptly The Koath art
in ballaat bound for Mobile, froto San
Joan de Porto K410, where abr discharg
ed a cargo of coal.
ERRJMEg From the Umd i
Riegers Celebrated Califoj
Ther sir made rross 1'alllonila Flawan u4 en the meat I
L tsUat ever asad. We hay
Wild Rose. Violet. Heliotrope. L.ly ot the Valley. Apsl
Se Uic dlspUr of llsnOKiin. M..1.1. U our xbarw Wlalow, 00c 01 nb
TMMM with vr oo.s.v ef i . . ,
si '7
issom. etc
Patrons and Friends
or Uriio-, Madison, lirirnea, Rn
H.I. I....... I
, .nil, lie-
The combina.1 Capital and aeeetsof cumpaniee no.
ra.. tifs. l l.i swaaaa .... a a '
.wwwmot. muj mum mmmmm 10 more ttieit
n.a mWmA mm, ot Com,ualaa I rei
.M.ii ui.ao amouni 10 more than ...
fag Collies l.i Take l,r,nn.
S.in Krancisco, .Inn,, s.-Among tho
nrnval. from ihe orient wen' Count H.
Matsii, the new Japancc consul to this
4tj ami Dr 11 Toiiialsiirt of the Jup
nii. M. navy, who has been commissioned
by the gpvcriim, nt to stutly the war lie,
'" ii Soan, ami the United Stale. Dr.
miiiatsuri will go direct
American projcil , ,,Al.Vll , '' " wu, go oin-ct ,0 Waahlng-
aku.-i-i .. .. t .n. where he will make arrangemauU
iko Hpaaub SralM lotOJ M, ,c,,u ." j , p. , of Uo.UiL.
CaartiaiarUal aat..c. (,,,,
Washington. June -Acting Sm-re-tary
Allen has approveil the prooead
ings, flndtags and sentence , ,. ix)urt,
martial which paaaad opon the charge
against Civil Kngtneer A. (J. Menocal
That ofneer wa found gni'.ty of negli
gence in connection with the construe
tion of tha big dry dock in tbe New
York tuSfSard, and was sentenced to
sosiietision from duty for three yeara al
ctirtaded pay, which is $1,V) pr 4n.
nnm, while his full pay was $oon
Ntneorteu menibars of the i-ourteaar.
tial recomm-ndetl the saassaOaa ,i ..i.S,
ency In hla caae, but thedepartmrut dis
regarded the recommendation.
ai. rani Again HIT.
HOW York, June H The auxiliary
cruiser 81 I'aul sailed at noon today
under .onlo. 1 onlera sh had taken
Bliuenl since her arrival off St. (,..,.,
011 Friday, nearly .Vs tons of coal and
yAO.ntsi gallons of water.
...... n to n.t 11.,,, 1,.
San Krancisco. June n - The .ub nt
tion books of the First National bank,
opened for tho ;.arpose of di.po.iiir ol
the new I'mtett State, government il iet
cvut bonds, show's that !th4,,VMi uf th
bonds have Ihm.ii subsi-rlbeil for.
May H,ll . Kt.rtalfht.
Loudon, Juno 8. -A dispatch to th
t uronlcle from (nbreltar aay that Ad
luiraJI'auiara. with t ho Cadix reaerra
Miiadrou will ail for Cuba 111 a fort
night. Nnw a taw.
Waahlngton, June a -Tho bill for tha
removal of all MitS&nJ 'llaabllitles arta
lug from thr civil war la now a law, the
pnia(deiit having approved It. Repre
sentative Jenkins of Wisconsin, la 111
author The law dedan s that the
abflitlea liupo-.d by section 8
teenth iiruenduicnt of the
tierotolora iiicuirvd,
moved. "
A a . a a .
.mntieimv hlievf that I can -on
than any one else in Aiy Mir of ltvkv
town or Country.
hove an efficient office fore. . tlx- aaMfl ..f wlii.
toana-eiii-iit of FRANK V. MoOiN
I als I'epri'.i ui
Rtuitahle Lifts Aaeurance 8odety of '
PaWtoV Mutual Life; Am. Union
Fidelity and Caaualty of N. w
for wklrk I aa tbsenly salkoriie.) rnl In Brr.
B I t. row I A la 1 nss ....(..-.-
1 soil
COX, Prop's.
Everybody treated B
Best Wines, Liquor and
. 11 1 1 : HANDY IlITOUKn
Ice CresLzn.
hereby re-
Chocolate Bonbons.
frniK Vat, To-
1 kin.

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