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nr. tan.
If Weyler wants to be rui good be ll
gtTf up the ibom.
A brief cablegram from ft. Peters
burg announce thai Count Pontiff hat
done m.
"Jark the Mugger" hat been arte.--d
In Plttaburg. He probably waa be
tiajen by a girl whom he overlooked.
It I believed that the opening of a
Motor cab line In Chicago will probablv
demoralize the sausage market for a
It majr be well for the grand opera
fmpreeaarlo to remember that $10 in
the hoi office s worth more than a
SM.000 dre in on of :be botes.
A universal crisis I looked for bv
John J Ingalls 'the most lremcncsnt
eiploslon that has ever been known In
the world's history ." Aha! Mrs. Lets
"I'm only going a Journey to meet
my baby in heaien." were th
words of s man who war hanged in
Illinois the other dsy. He had allied '
the ihlld. but hie hesrl was true.
Martha Shalt of Colorado wants tn
organise a cavalry company of ynunic
womn lo take part In the war with
Hpaln. Of lotirse every one nf the sir I .
oagbt to be ab'e to ride as veil a
Hon John I. Kulllvan espresse a
desire to go tn Cubs and whip Spain.
If there I no objection from any
sourceand we hear none Mr Sulll
Tan's request will be grants I by a
unanimous rte.
That pride which Induced a rnoh In
Lake City. South Carolina, to minder
a black man for the crime of helm a
postmaster, to kill hli liaby and to
wound his wife and other children. I
difficult to anal re It Is the offspin :
of ignorance, malice and Jealousy aid
It proclaim lo the lilark man that b
may he ambitious only si the peril of
his life
The fart that a hereditary patriotic
aoclety has Just lpenclnl fifteen thou
sand dollars In the pageantry of ,
crowning i' queen mark the folly tritl
add to the rolr'h of society What
Bra yon doing there" the old play
wright asked Harlequin 'Ittlngon bis
paper throne Oh I am reigning.
Yet even Harlequin knew lhat rltlld '
Insignia are but apectr.il. that I rue
kingship and qtieenahlp are shown by
dally deeds and iharaifr.
There are fashions in word a well
I In frocks nnd flower as the -n!-
nin- of s rec
IkioW ndvertlse-
nt were the I'asslii df I noma '
I the "Passing of lbs lied"; an
totial considered the iasing of a
sou baseball rapialn; an extract
m another newspaper noted the
Ming of Spain, while a rellgl.mi com
miration bemoaned the Passing of
Ivlnlsm. Stevenson advice to axo.d
use of hackneyed phrases, howevet
ver. Is In order: "Kind your own
sresslon for your own thougln r
rd: do not let them use von "
" - r i i i mi in no
a of an Illinois farmer. ho re-
fhtly sold aome land for f
puth Companion Distrustful I
igjkg and safely vault, he wrapped
treasure in .m rj carriage curtain
fl deposited It in an unused flue Au-
er memler of the family made a
m the Mora, and the treasure was
weed to ahes. whlrh. Ir. li-nalr.
dumped upon the ash-heap and
n scattered lo the wind A proper
appreciation or the superiority of
bank over the bet of chimney. a
depository of money, would hae pre
vented the farmer's lo; while, after
the rataatropbe. the careful gathering
of the charred remalna and their trans
mjailon to the treasury department
night have resulted tn their partial.
not entire, redemption
A young applicant for the naval sea
My was rcected :at month h) the
aamlners because, while he passed a
joofl examination on the so called
hither studle. he wa lamentably dc
fluent in plain arithmetic and spelling
III achool. is In politics and c onimen e.
It la the fundamental principle that
vount Master those, nnd the ret
laaared Prof William .lames of liar.
rd. tell In the lloston Herald how he
"eased aa examination In anatomy be
PJ I)r Oliver Wendell Holme The
gnaatloa put to him was about the
re at the baae of the brain It o
nn.n..l tl,. tl I
n nit anlila, I Bn, h.
exhaustive reply. Ob. well if vou
now that, you know everything " . . t 1
eoctor Holme, cheerfully Let n
a about tomethlng else. How
W peopl at lunue'-'
.It u
. taan B Anthony iay that
Vraocgg women uu again--
mon enemy, man. today
y a the colonUt- bad aga
rT"rw"TTi 'op i minting on--e
for the purpoie of abolishing
ftos There must he dell war i'i
the family, in society, and in the
church This new King (ieorge tin--t
hauled down from his pedestal an I
lave hi' cheek reddened and hu ar
ulled The war reeling 1 up it we
an t fight Spain or some other powei
e nml nght one another
Id i iimiUl-M ' I n e Is-
i out that It rotts three rtn'i
i 1 ',: wneat ne u.nee en i
I,tf,,d "Ine cent
, oiiiili" m a n r i
e :,irm rs may jut-
:uxunat of life
tbt bate ne-
n elections,
M't teem to
ogliah poll-
e '.nil r
a a
d r
SI -
tm tor rta. n JiMajsjE sxh
the !.. I.....II
Prom the New York Times: Th fol
lowing "episode" has no literary value
to commend it, but It will prove a very
clever putale to any assemblage a a
test nf the ability of people to pro
bounce readily and correctly mauy
common iw.nl of their native tongue.
The n(. wblrh runtalna no words of
'.Isputnl pronunciation. I ft fallow
An interesting Uuiuiry took place la
the rm-rt of cyer and terminer some
lime aro Indisputable ev.deiice uai
given to.-.arit (roving that a hthsoaM
incident had taken p!ac iiutin, a pMa
He pageant. It pjinil that s BNU"
glrl. ts her jmenile in ap-etrance.
hail: g an eiraordlr.aiy hMal of hair.
Ill . :: .no : , ri ,i:t.. Th-lla '"''
i -t on .. t-i-tb JBsl grsted on one of the
ileal-". 1 be rufftVaa waa dlrtrttag
It i ilnun the rsill when I ha a"
l:iii' n if the nnlookei. wa drawn I
the err ltd , uclil.t of one of the spec
tator, C hO had fixed her c upon 'B
tlrra k! with Jeac's In tie fotni of
a rju :, which Thali.1 oic upon h-r
litrtci as re he rat In wait seemed lo he
her onted atll ude rf n nchalaacr
and lei.-u e. This prron wa after
want i horn to be a maniacal la mflren
ro-e ,..;, , , f : ition .in I b 'I
eoua gnmarr. wars ill unnot:nl iy
'he motk yoddess. Whst ragary bad3
bit reptile tun), her ten He tranfwll
uf kplae. es the h a jtafui .nei'tn I' h
llftnl lo jv. I. it - :crt i t.r lr Te
lenae nf artJag fomenting nn the
grrunil. he produod a hiatus In the
irowd, and thu b ained p e eclenco
of all. Simt:;ai rt.i.y with hi r ap
pearance die van droet past Mi then
OUed tte air with gross i llerj and
besan I i ptc mtilgale tori.
ly't lark of probity, and general pre
dilection of pel t ( am for ratronat;c.
Then -lie i , ... uSht her gad cnc- hear
her dilate on the gun-let I If Alp',
the Itttaa nf !'iiinel . the f male fran
chise, the I'l-saae ai.J her ra'.ron
taint cine wa erli'l demented,
and the Tow of lier nablrs aipeari-d
endless. Kudilenly rite ral-ed a pea' la
r. bl. !i had fee ri hi cl n under h r shawl
ad tLrrw : l I r. . t : at the vision on
the girl's Jital Thrrsrrp n a flactl'l
lithographer, who waa curing a atsa'h
as a tribune on the fallowing tan.
grasped a telne and threw It over the
gaunt old hag, o that her efforts In
tocnga were tntil-. aad she became ag
docile as a lamb. The pathos of the
affair lay In the way the girl lic.re th
ordeal In con t the virago gave an
aliaa Inrt'ud of her own unnie Her de
fense r.as that of vacclr.e. where pret
ence i shown by a a til or arm. !o
ge'liM -a .l.i i!e uetudc in ill" miller
of person) fierdtm. had tgnaneni an
obss:on which decreed the Irrevo
rallt ilrati rf iV.e glrl. An laxen ory
of her l e'oaglnga aaa madt, and she
was then nt to an asylum as a vic
tim of i.rutr homicidal mania.
Cil.nov In I ii(UikI.
Johu Macsulay. iratllc manaier of
the Mersey T&mffHJ jimtmncea"
1 i iiiiVrffi Ini rr nf the natlonallia-
nu o! the railways of the I'nl'e I King
dom, und declare that ifie question I
revildly bteoailng one of practical roli
tle. H? a.tya that "railroads, like nil
other r a li. ahOSlM be under public
aiitlic i Uy. iiud wisely used, with busi
nesslike Injlnrant nf adtquatily sutls
fylng gangg of the nation, with the
least iMcssiblc wsU und doplli alion
of ii-t-ic-s worU. ". Mi Mauul.i) estl
muteaa that at least L'O to 21 per cent,
of the total working t nf the rail
ways would be -caved by the mre net
of consolidation Of'- of the advan
Isgea he notes would be that railway
could 1m- c-OBttlurted and worked at a
loss where advisable In those parts of
the nation where companies would not
build because it "would not pay. ' Thua
mauy lndnlr;ca and luaalltli now un
developed would ie ie new life und
It would pay the country to loat money
on the railway for year.
I ip I r .n 1 1 c r AastralUa Am.
The rMif of the Auatraliim museum
at Sydney, which had lieen destroyed
by termites, or "while ants," had to be
replarrd with a covering rump sed
largelv nf sled and copier. Recently
It was discovered that these destruct
ive Utile crcnture bad alo ruined the
underpinning of one of the most Im
portant flrors of the museum. The
work of ih let mite I pri uiiar in that
It kj ' 'rr, ec onn th Interior of the
timber and does n-l reveal Itsdf until
the rtrncture Is about to fall lo piece
A gown of pale blue cr pe de chine
ha a lace overdreat and n belt of tur
qnolse and diiitr.ondn. It I warranted
to stay f i cull fnr at least two weeks
and then must he sent to the cleaner'
A sat In fun ory ten gown Is of soft
gray liberty satin ttinkllted from n
vary dep vole which Is covered wl'h
n rrav chiffon frill nag pale veow lare
SJeew nf eriy chiffon wrinkle to the
wrist, and over tin m hanr -'eee of
lace which diop tn the hem of the
A lea gown should always he soft
and cltitrlnt. and a woman who usei
stiff I n r: -de a:nl 'tins for her lion
owns m live n big misiake. "h ffon
und Inrc. Iibrjiv satin am' crepe de
d.ine Mff, i o4! 1 "'.'i. thoil?h
'laaTst' v ' - ' 'tn b'e kiv 1m'
flec'lng one la i tea town cif rose
chiffon. i!rd w'tf: ial.' cream lncv
I inlrd oer r e n iik I Iit'v sitln
A tea g wn madt rf I r r sil.n In
a dull nirne ihl It hi- s deep yoke
coven d tfjtg eern chiffon dm ptd wi'h
lile 'ellow li.ee -ind a Inln of pale
yellow lure The sieetr are of goth
end meii ehtr'ra. nnd 'he lin k Is cut
Just a Molt rqr Muve i a gooci
color for a lei town In wlitler; It
naJaVltallj Itgfti t b beeomlag. al
ways niiiiolne von sr got vsrv fair,
and It Is KM rr"ed- of dn
Among Mrim ntn lea towns waa on
of wbDe al'n inrde with a train and
trimmed lltHtm th" button hy a bsn-1
if h'i fur. Tic - bote frmn wa
rnveied hv n snorreoi I- f -vhlK
motusetire 4 kofe frterd in in
numerable ft! "iflc. r' r vl!ow
Vftlerclcti'' 'r tft.-'e v wer
formed of "-h;,e irenesetfrt r ,-i and
Vllendennc i li etln- ' he col
lar wag an o-ar-e ctlvet nnd 'he bait
of the sonic ' r fast n- ' I , hug
buckle uf lUer at tit. t with nr
liFK IN 0.VSO riTY.
A lralla tollerllnn ,,f I,., u...
ad Teal Olrt Tlarr II... nt
I tut lo eeaiy teaeee Helow
Sen la Teal.
"The River Trip to th- Kiondlkt" is
the title of sn article la the Century,
wrllleji bjj li,hn Sliihey Webb. The
On the morning of Aug IT. at nbm
4 o'dia-k. broid daylight we came up
to ibat collection of forty large log
cabins and Ave hundred tents, sprawled
the foot of Mouse akin Mqnntsln.
named law,ujr, City. Ilelter akeiter.
In a marsh. Iie Oil e ille-t on of i d I
nnd ends of house and habitation,
th'- wnrrhnuses of the two rompanie
'lieer by jowl wit), cabin nndi tents,
a row of har-rooms nall.d F.or.t atrei;
the ,;ir. streets deep D mud. the rlver
IsirA a mast of miner' boats. Indian
eanoea. and logs; the rcrccci-lng of th
sawmill; the di'mal. tune r trrtplng
of tha violin of the dance-halm, still
wide open: the dogs everywhere, fight
Ing and si srllnt: the men elth'
"whooping K up" sr wording with th
greateat rapidity to unloid the preclou
freight we had brought- all of this
rustling and hmthng made the scene
gtntsj lire the nutelde of a c-eu-lent.
Including the smell nf the sawdu'
than anythinr else In th- world Thlv
then, is the real Kl Oorsdor On- w n
ter where ihey all live. One wprd-rs
In nmarement where tte are all co'ng
to live through the awful winter th it la
approaching. Here I tbettrue- pimh of
the sltitatinn. It la no a nsjtttlcn of
food. It I a question nf shd'er There
are no logs fit to mi' n c.ibln to he
found on th- r i r within thirty mileii
ef Dawson City. To wait fnr winter
means that It will he ton late lo huild
a cabin because th mo whi-h I
used lo nil the ehinta belwc- n in . Ine,-:
hf that time will he frozen sn i I nd
lie iiaelea unlrat thawed out over a
fire, a very wearisome Job The old
timers hare got used to 79 dt glees be
low r.ern In tents; and nn If the rnb"
nver them freeses solltl. a match I
smuggled from under the hedcloth.
n Are somehow lighted in ih- ahee lron
atove. antl there the lie un'll the tove
Is red-hot liefore they dare emerge
from under the skin tugs Hut how
are the oewrrmei to imrtlve the erue!
expoaure-the lawyers, clerk, doctor
and mei-h -nt- ' Hawnti Cy ni
like a Joke Flghteen hundred and II
ty mile from R( M ebael laland 'his
I where thev have t-o'd millions of
told and nothing bettr thin a mud
dv swamp tn lire In: gold-dust and
nugrets In profusion and vet th n
groea In the cabins of a .Southern plan
tatlon live better thin the rldi.si mm
In f be country Our arrl a at Dawson
wat at a very crltb al Cm. We had
l.i ought with iu gnarly four hundred
. ffT tsiajun .'.nd this fflt s reed
to allav the ggxlon) fear of manv -vho
were becoming panlc-strlc-ki-n at th
Igng thst ther would be a scarcity of
f.HiA during the winter. No new. had
conic to ng by way of the c cein of later
date thai- Jala in but newtrnr trs had
been received om r tbt sutiim't at Dnw
Mm of date a lat as Jgjy 2i: and sn
Ihe reMirt that irowd were awarmlnr
Into the gold-fields hail re idled tln-in
but wua new- to us The town wa
thori.uitbly scared, nnd wa imrnin
with men who had come d iwn from th
dlttlngs. often twetitv aed tntv five
miles, lo make sure of the.r outfit for
the winter and so determined were
ihev to procure them that ihey sat
themselves dnwn calmly In line. Ilk
men waiting to bag sen at a flrst
nltht rerfnrmanre determined I i wilt
until the goods were rut up ngyj ,P.
said in their name An nutfli far
a miner meana everyth'nt t hit he u-
during the winter, and thl. being re
dnced tn Its lowest terms m.m. bs
nn .ind beans Ther ere n'h-r things,
of course. In tin nnd In cum v sick
flnnr. sugar salt, pickles, dried fruits,
desiccated Bggggagl to ut the tns'e;
but the work Ir. don, and the gold is
found and cleaned up. ami miles lad
miles of the wllderpest inniurr d. end
cold weather and wintry winds with
stnod. nn bacon and baggg It Is the
easiest food In pack. Ihe quickest to
prepare, and the most lasting and 'ia
tnlnlng The miner naiiallv r eki n ng
getting his outfit In November. Dggagsa
he can c-arry on a lede. nfl-r the
snow has set In. four times as mifh a
he can pack nn his track nnd If he in
fortunate etinugh to have dogs he can
dtaw much more
lee,. tiling i mi Man it- I raaS
Awful Life.
The bishop of London hni trouble i
of hi own nnd he i-; res r- tln i.i In
etiiphatlr, everyday language, uyi
ltndon Ooodwlll Here are som of
Hie things h sayt In an Ininv ew 'I
'hall never finish the 'Hllnry of the
Papacy.' and I shall Wfite no mors It
Is Impossible In do one h ilf th'- work n'
thla stupendous dl-n e e. leav ng out the
qutmllnn of writing any honk. There
could not pnsslblv be niiylhlnR fg N
ghastly fi. to m human poin: of view
tliun being u hlsliop. Vou can ntvtr
p leant gwbo4jfi When l wa oifneci
I'lierboroiisb I wen to tt- Mori H
said; 'You are strong uml wlr mil
you'll make a good bishop, take II '
I went to a dear old bishop at Cxf rrd
He peered up ul me mil ald 'Vou
will be good at organltul'oti gad will
be a good b!i.bii;i t li e It ' I h: d b en
given caaonry at Wlndnor, where i
could have hid intellectual i i r
txfnrd and pniclleal work at Ihe m
lime. But I weal In Peterborough f
ihlnk Kngland Ihe nui't evti mr t-tin-v
rnajglfy In the worbl nnd list clergy
Ihe uiosl extra ordliiiM-v people In i
They do an immense umouii' n w rk
but they really are tin- inos' - If eefl
lered, und telgllntd and dlfflnili peonl
I ever came asrosa." Anted II he II el
them. Dr OMgfJtgaj rrp'led m t.
I am very fond of I hem. thai Is one of
ihe functions uf a bishop, to kavt h s
clergy; but. with your tru Hrl'l-h ipit
It. each man thlnka that th i re i r
ttnlaatlon uf the dioaaat it cen'ral
around his pariioular pnrlib am' i
thinks that his own part lea nf Itonb1
or grlevnnra mutt be settled by the
blsbop. and that the Mghop tiki i i
fnr the purpoee of prea.-hlus In III
hiirdi. while I do hare to r -. t n - n
ba tisld In lile-4
match box 'inoinuitv
TlU... 1 . -ft rf Them Vstn to
Make a fkaaa.
Some time ago a Ulrmlngham llrm
of matt bmakera offered prltea for the
moat striking noveltlea made out o!
aot lean than 1.000 of irur match
boita." Conanetent Judgen anhitac
chiefly - appointed. The Inatru
ment awanlsl 'at prise waa a wonder
fnl piano, ml a. W. Roberts. H
used upwarnj U ?00 ordlrnry match
boxes nnd :C boxen that contained
wall wat vestas. The enly other
thing he il-ed was fire o'intla Of g!u.
OriglnaUty ser-. to run In t-e IloSert
family, for a marvelous mcdl of the
great laxey wh-el in the I e of Mm
waa made hy Mis I.. W K
lr to the cb-algner of the plioo ' Tin
laxity wheel." wrl'es Mr lit b r:s "wa
tlx feet In length end four feet hlgV
II look n little lest tbnn six mon' hi lo
make It. and uej up abotr 0 i m iti h
boxes." In seme me more ih n n
competitor took tJie same nrlginal for
hla model. Pnr lntanre. Ihe Utgt)
wheel was alo nclopled by Mr Jainc
Shaw, of No, 5 Dlcklascn s'reet No'
tlngbam Mr. Shy-.-' mi.del which
won the seennd prize. ws no ls tint,
tlx feet aeen and oue-quir r Inch's
in height, two feet In depth nnd ilth
feet in length It enntilnc 1 U M
bnxr ind look five month to com
plete. The wheel Itself was ft I feet
six Inches In diameter and went hy
clockwork. Mr P. Martha!!, of No'
tlngbam. gained a prize In the tneoad
eompctltlnn with a faithful reprmtt'.c
tlon nf the Pmth bridge. He ul c ran
stnieted an Kiffel bltytlt, Wawfl com
plete this rindel waa !n full wnrllr.i
ntder It com lint I. Ine) match boxer
snd tand I Mit'e gagga than six ft '.
in height. The d'nmond s'ays are two
botes thick The drlv n: h lit is n n
feel long, and waa maCc f.ori tbt sldei
of the mate h box draweyi. c'ue-d on 'n
ttpe. The wheels are twentv-fnu.
Inches In diameter. Ann'hef mrtpl of
Mr Marahall' waa a r r tliietlnn of
the lighthouse near New Hrlgh"T
Thla model waa fitted with a revn'r na
lantern, and the whole contained U 'C
match boxes. Ixindon Strand.
Tlie l(rnt ami 1'ir I ..I. net.
' May I ask your attention nne mi-
ment. air Vou may no- ggag It for
yourself, air. but If you have snme
friend who I addicted to the whisky i
habit you will be Interested In know
ing that I have here a preparation
i guaranteed to remove the craving most
effectually It might be called. In fa '.
; a tubatitute for whiaky " "flah'" I
"I leg your pardon I see I hive made
a mistake, flood :.f eruonn " Ch'.cato
I I .ie
Dorothy had heard some oue sing
ing that classical i r.idti. tlnn. the "Lit
tle Alabama Coon.' on thl Ptl
ently ahe c ame to her mo. if an ' '
naked "Mamma, what does 'awat'
mean" "Whit do you think lhat it
mean"'' '".Veil. I don't know, mamma,
but I 'poe thit swat' I I'i'.otcd 'of
spauk."- Haiper a llaxnr
"My good woman.'' said the parson
l.i a Yorkshire c nun uhoce husband
Lad Juat died, "your husband ia nnw
. vlth Abraham. Isaac and Jacnb. '
"Thai" what make me feel so had,"
as the reply, "fir he wa always so
shy with strangers."
n IsnUled f l
"I don't say alt women are alike, "
remarked Mr. Meekton. with a sigh.
. "but Elizabeth hasn't changed giaaa.
Hcfore we were married she v. a what
they called a "willowy" sort nf girl. She
is now a pronoun ed -wil-owy sort of
woman "
Th pouch of a pelican I large
enough to hold seven quart of water
j laplanders are swlfl nnd graceful
I skaters. They often skate 150 miles a
A bill tn tax bachelors nne dollar a
ear has been introduced In the Vir
ginia legislature.
Krmaa apothecaries are ItgglbaMi g
; Russia; but only one cm te employes'
In one drug tnre.
In the I nlird Statei
there ate Moans odtl
MTJM Pree Masnnt.
ecu, bivir.tig the nan
t'Anad -wt
'f em p.
whn existed nver two thousand year;
ago are rtlll In dally circulation In
The "elephant betle' of Venezuela
la tbo largeat Insect in the world A
I full ci own one weighs aboii: half t
Only seventy eggs of the greit auk.
a now extinct bird, are known to be
In exlstenre. and lift v of them are in
The fliwt city hall In New York was
' erected In IMS. nt the corner of Pearl
I street and Coentlea slip. The i asl
, dty ball wa completed In III"
Cute little shoes Intendel fur dogs,
are made and sold In liiulon. They
are of chanml. with llrht leather
, soles. They are only worn Indoors
' and are to protect pnllhrd fionri
from tc-rntrlies.
1.1 f power lite on nir, water an 'J
' oil nly: all de It hurtful.
Mai rletnllnr.'s your motto, and
witch (gainst filth In both house und
Spend pgr! Ot each dty In inn gg
wnrk. part In study, and pvl In goo)
ddt in men
Tlx deeply In mind the grand truth
thdt life power rules the lindv. and ;hnl
iiloiie i un lire dieae
Deforinliy I nut akta:'!nc- oi,h-,
but danger. high t heat will i;lv
fiii-doin to bieathlnr; and digestion,
and help to cine manv dlenres.
I'i w tgrvt r.sr food. g many for
air. Bragtbt deeply a hundred times
daily. Weir noltliht b'thlng. Abav
all. lenlllate your sleeplng-ronm.
Hew are of gluttony. If the appeti:.
la dull, cat fruit only, or est nothing
rjgg no fiery inndimenls, but live ch f
Ir on natural grain, vegetable ind
ft nils. Mgfgf ask your ilnmtrh la
rhaa votir food- employ your leeth
' dcrn tour table col only with vlnnds
: ai ith niareri ynd tnilles tnd klndiy
,, . , .I .
a I ua.
Spring Medicine
These two word empbaaize n neccs
tt sad Indicate n remedy.
Si-hiso the season when the blood ia
most Impure n a mult of the win
ter's closer oinfiineuient. higher liv
ing, aliovtr action of the Uidtiey
and liv-r; trhen humor of all kinds,
bolls pimple an I eruption are
mutt liable to appear: when the
veak. liuiruid condition of the whole
bodily ntoVMtagg ilemaml nud vel
corue help.
aliniciSK that to nbidi tha milltoat
turn at this ncaton Hcmm)' Sana
rilla. Tim is fjftsff and only prep
aration especially adapted to tin
present need of tin- human family;
that v liii h make the . I pur- nnd
clean, a shown by It thou-etni !
ivonderfnl care of dreailful ir...i
diseaars. create an appetite and
cure dypepitin. a tlnvn ty It
"mafric touch" in all stomach trou
ble; steadies and atreiicthens tits
nerve, as proved by people for
meriy nert-m. now calm and tclf
poeai'd, I hunk to
America's tireatet Mcdi
When iini considers the Industry nf
Charlotte It. Smith who wants bache
lors taxed fl'i a year fur th itipport
of old maids It become a duty to In
i.lt that the '! nf b. I t.c b I : I
bg ten times larger.
on. what rt i Rfataj cusrrr.
Mr. Uuodman, WUUggM III.,
writes: "Krrru one package Salzer'a
Herman Cnfn- llcrry costing lie 1
grew 300 lbs isf btMgf enfftp Ihtn I
tan buy In stores at 20 cents a lb."
A pa kage nf Ibis and big seed cata
logue it sent you by Juhn A. Salztf
S ! Vo . I.a Cr. -e. Wis upyn rtcdjl
of lie ttatnpt aud thai notice. w.n.L
p.rery man like lo loaf n round, and
idl waa! im-nt latggi I ia fha n d
bow ens it I f .ir bliii
Scleral luiortnm ehaugca will Im
BaMb) In the Ira tic ileparttiirul f tit
Baltimore ami OhVo RnllfiNtil rami ngj)
mi Miirdi lt.
J. A. Murray, tin- pffttBl rag) ami
enke ggjggjt, will l- glrcu lite title Of
geiierul i-oiil ami i-okc- nscni of tl It
lire system, with lieiiibiuurii r nt Ita"
ill, c-l l.
Wiliiaiii I.. Andrew will i-- ali.tat
nml und "oka ngrut fur tbo Pill bltf
di-iri' t. with headsnarters tl rim
K. I, Afflacki now coal ami ike
sgciit for the Htu nest of the I Mag)
river. tilti ln'lilctiurteis at Columbtta,
will lii-riiinc al-liinl ' -a I an I k
cent for that territnry
Mr. Andrewi I well knowu n- prl
vale ati reiary of llt-ci Iver HWai tl.
Murrii nasi rame to Ihe It. an1 it
when Mr. Murray wan tppolutril Ite
eelrer. Mr. Affleik b i- belli III pIVt
cut potltloa for ii anmbrr of yeai afgd
Mr .1 a Murray waa formerly private
ecrrtary "f i K-TltsTk Maaager Prauk
The appointments an in the uatage
of iiiiaailhian nud n i balteved m
very iiuitcrutlly sir. iiilieu that b in Pit
nf the H nnd Q tialtb- ib partllli'llt. J
Our idt-n of n btigW man I one w lio
lia ii trouble and rag talk abaat any
thing t'No.
Plsei-r -canel'iisx J Is a bold iisai i -if
kJaatya btfata yaa realise that iaytaaaj
seri'ius i- ihe mailer Often thes ..r. an
re i. , nt. til that awful itialn.lv,
llright BaaaaagJ lb Kidny. h fae
tenni upon you aud death await It vio
tint. Many miraculous cures have issen
wrniicbt bv a emir id Ireatinent tth
Hr I'm I.' Kidney Tablets Tl. tabtetl
re pal up in the - ' i i of a Kidntv iti-an,
and the fortuula has tsscn tiroiiouneed by
lb l.et physic-iaus of in.
the most direc t in action
leru tune tn be
ill the kldiiet - of
ant n-mcdy krowu le nn-.li.-isl -. i. ,
Kn'iv i-uud Isue regular oils ..III
I e ut ptalpald for each fin silver i or
fnl. c ourse ft battel SI 00 Thh i.it r I
for thirty day only AddrvM Dr. K C
lavi, Krankfort, 1ml.
The only men in the milmad Imal
lie who will tnlk. lire the item nil
inniincer nml the lirakcmen.
Ilrjul) la III. .o.l IsSep.
I Iran tib. ni-ans risvu skin M laan
aliheel It I as-irsii tsn tv l alhsri c-i Iran,
year lilutst and ker.t it i-leaa, liy -i.rnn .
(ke lesy liver tad cirivlag u lansarttit teem I
IB IsmIi It- i n hVdnf It lnih iimpla. ;
hnils Mattgati lilac kkraU, aa-t lhat sieklv
Mima c.tu.l..in by taking ' aseaid. '
benny lur ten cent All drngglsu. satlsiata j
Hu giiaiamep.1. lur. V. Bl
If all the giMxl bad imt died young
than woaM ba lot of crank old
patpbl on tartl imlny.
Htar Tnbai'co Is tin- b u liiik, nrand of
th world, because It i th liet
(Hove mndi' from frng kln are the
Inteal HOVftly.
Kdnrale gnat Hsiwels IV It h I as. irel.
t aadi atharile. .-are rnnoinaOnn Inrever
Or Sir IH I .1.1'!. li sf'sis it. und u ,
Tin- gggaM Mioa, in n CQglgajg city
an- lllose clrvciliul lo the Hub of lodlll.
for no days more you
Swn,.n Hhetiaiallsf'iiri'Cii. CI.i,,. IcoSIri Ii la just ale in one vesr am agg 1
tint i-iii'inu-iieci atlng gene ' PROPS lor Ntrrvta Raaaawiatnv (asaerk It iii- ktag tag
BruBi-liillH. I aatesgaa Ua lei ui.l ii..l ioI ot ll. I'i Ih-I nr siiishcri-el-i in) ne aero
all laaanlttr, n.i at) i.irer sag KMati - vest iiran rsftstaSr; in im i i aaaaaBeg that i kM
strtlatag BiaaiMaigreattarrt tiun iu ua ui,-t i o , i, .n, ,i t,, kr,.p (rnm
hul In il I am l.i aftti r at, I in l..i,r Itr.ltl, i,., r i r r tti a.l on y
leas. Other are ustaw It hi re lib woattrful re-.un. aasl still more eiillln (or It.
Veer. 1 1 in j UKORUK VKAHKIt. 1'i.rilaatJ. Incl . Keh. IT iva.
Iiaiii, IlS.iimal
rhaaks. I sni sun lak ins les lilin
yests. 1 i - - 1, ii'srti nt imilliaa
"'.ci "A I'll-; has.
- (Nils, ti i he rtilaha tru rr it an rt,
ItScMMaiisin . b has tfiiy acshl t rf meat i
let... snb'Hii attlltia J.'ii . mi ml. i n
"I Maaja tetaj llhrmii.lt, cn.s,
tetrr. t ulsrrli Mn plea ' re.
I tin! tlrt l.r lltjil Vt , uLni-s, t , ,, ,
iitril iii nrer tsrrlluts.
Onlythoae who have beet relieve)
of ircnt sufTrring ran fully appreciate
the gratitude with which the tenti
moniala overflow written In favor of
Honda Snraainrilln. Just read thla:
C. I. Hocsl A to. laswell. Maa
'lientlemtn " Mv frt evperieoce with
Hand's Saraiarllla wa wht-n I ned it as
a tonic arei priag tmla ne It did me m
mac li good in v fwit'j ia it merit been me
ne, because it cure v.hcn all other fall.
The expgrsgc
tci itiet'tcl i
scale The outer harbt
lag upon the Chine i
'Id upon It Roman pi
uawarlik civillialion la succumbing to
.eaatlxnt whom It desplsss. but whom
li i anno' rcslt And tt at lesst four
It 'll! . I! i t'liure could be cut out of
China, the collapse that we are wit
neslng it one whose like the world
has never nag before.
If a Spanish v.nr should result not
only in the freedom of Cuba, but la
g freedom of the Philippine! .li welt I
I'ncle Sim could congratulate himsell
on having done a.r.rtnt stroke of bud-
wetie iSsiiseiae 1 e isl'eiss t ee
' '4 PcrlK-r Tip of th Highttt OrJtrof
Cfvlltnct in Hanjfacturt. "
Pivc-rcnger gtenne,
No. .
Although the "Kxtcy" name
is fifty years old it is vet
younj;. l'hiis manifested
m frequently added new
The t:tcy Phoiioi ium
is the latest development.
A pijK- orin tone at
little more than cabinet
origin pliers.
Our tire pr.imctl cliacc.uraa
with ratalogae ssrut (rcc.
Est, v t hftm Co.,
JitMtl.'thio, Vt.
in.at.r ,
' 1 1 l.Sla.
a. b. r ah tunc nt.. mt-Atiit.
mill t .gj rnmt
Ml MNatt nlliiisin i.iti. lMk
nf . ifi i nwn tfi
r siltn
l. It.
tl.1l. -. I llh I
1 Thompson's Ey Water
can try it for 23 cents.
r th- b"
ion."". II H
; ' 'Ml visuilultlv Pure, sflgtj-, Jl 17 .M
'i -as "MUil
Cosis Less Tnan QUE cekt a Cup.. ', n H I
i- 1 gajgajj I D BHal Hgaaf
p. ki u & co. i. ij mmm tmm Hl fM
) HI BM I m
111 V '
V. I A 1 oung .airs anas
1 ewe. iwtaatratr,
I atv. t s Ca.
Rheumatism, La Grippe.
In Better Health Than for the
Bet C!Xi. Vsas.
ir.l Hi
r.ler all rislii tat wtiirh I aaat
nml a li y i li
t" lue lr".n
Ilka "A I
will tier lac
clcnr r,.r us .-
. l-tlB. it very
i a li t"f
tn't karri ta kit
t,. eircnT ..I rai,,i.Stb It. IMS
' i kaeha, Asthma, h . -
Nauralaii llaacSaslicsa, Karaahct,
r- " .I..I. I .rrl.liia S Iu
a trial. a win a.... .
1 I Matstt k" III. ru..
...IJ kl .IcnttMU ..nf (y at
very strung A boot two year Inter 1 had
a running sore ua my foot. It dvlo(rd
into erysipelas and affrttf the aatira
linib. At that time I wa
Vary Much Run Down,
( 1 bad been troubled with dyrp!.
Th drain on mv syt m wa o agver and
ni T stomndi was so weak 1 berwnaa a ready
victim nf malaria I feared I -oald never
regain mv health. My stoma, h reliellwl
at the simple,! fii and tbo medlrinea
ITracrila-d for m ga Imt little tHf I
sent fnr a baUln of iluod s inrsaparilk.
and I bed taken this Medicine gut threa
day wbn I lgaa to improva 'Continu
ing with it, I am now better and -Hung r
than I ever axvtd to be It tins purified
my ll.iod ami gneii g"il rtn-nUtinn. I
havn had no return of my old tronblaa
sin e." Mas. W Ksia, Madia, Pa.
Hood's Sunapanlbi is
Tho Motlicino For Vou
ll.-canseof w hat it but dune for others;
because you ought this spring to tako
that which will do you the moat good.
lie sum to g't llil'a.
1 fsa bbM m
easy us BSsir
bis to caua
' .t they sett
Cure Constipation.
booJ'l, sasnpl. (rs for th asking, of
eabuy a bo Sir loc, tyx, cjk, at yoeir aru
stoifc BMabct. , sranlced t
oi!Faf K-yfa
arnniegNl tn mm To
til Ltjr all slriftulkl
n I'. 4
t. Us
' -r. S
ttiirs, Is.
Bgj Me
it mi
hU i.
iiiclcie'iiilc ntte la
i nr.--I if yon lake
np your home In
Western t'auatla,
t lie .hi. i of iilent
I'laatrattd paaiphlata, airing eiperl-
farmart aha bare become
wealth In growing wheat, rafrUal
'I'l'-iMlc. eto. unci f information a
to n-ilticcl ruilway rate, can be bad
"ii r . 1 i. ii 1 1 . i i i..,,..rtii,eiil Interior,
minna, Canada, or to ir. llu-harrlon.
Ronston, Tegaa, Agent for t nuadlnn
ioTrrnnienV "V
lsl IIhI Pom SSIM
I Tt V . zr ,,,r i issisw, ssait.it
lor. Tin Is l ll.lll i K.H.II.n l , f.l,.....
riiri tcltrihsrsirat ItiSiMt
W W 1
Ther art loci ot cathartics, son liaulst,
onif p.li-(or m, wmi Raod, son ,
but you wn; nevtr u say ot I'icm sfltr
yu c- tier
HB it
awn. i
r - ts
ncaciiiii i in I tpcr.
M . I in. m
m m m " I't a aa t.t. arata as
m a -ak a. sa x j i v siiasi waaaia
I til. ( t
Itl-tttl I. , at, chh-auo. ILU

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