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Vol. Ill No. 176.
Price 5 cents.
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iana Sugar House Molases.
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MISS St. LEON has been employed as
I navel aid rrfiiii'l with New iiihI Improved Muclilnrr). A
Sirlrtly I'lrst ('! ami I -to-1 a t i Plant, now prepared to till
ri PI Hi.. IVHOLnOMM MMl MM; ll
OBADK tOUA WATBR, til Baon,t4 vTatlseali aaa tall,
A shsre of ihe public patraatfs' reepectlnlly solicited. Country Mer
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We guarantee all goods of our met nurture, and ui v.- prompt ten ti n
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C. C. PARSONS, Bryan, Tex.
IsJa Proprietor and HottTer ItfJLVOANlU vYBLU WATBR," Nature's own
Itemed r for Indigestion, Kspepsia. etc -lleadiiisrters for Kins Cigar.
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jsaictiAg-literin: Prices
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lust Received Ni'v I. inn Ncnr Silk Lining; m-w Stock
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Cole Bros
All the Troops Itcarh thr Land
In Trai sports Without
an .eeMaat.
All That Here at MpM Left the
Town .liter K due in;' a Por-
tioa of It to A.-he.-.
Tbej (UM ... laBMaaM t" Mam the
So I ill i-r of tn) Ippmarh of
tin IMmM M the First
Ms-lit Oat.
. morning. Lot it will be Sat-
uniajr eveui.ig before all the ammoni
lion, hotwae, btf gnat ami prorUiona cm
U ada n from the transports.
A little U-fan 9o'clark Wednesday
moniiiiK the Unnbanlment of latteriirs
of Jarayua was began by tbe ships of
lt.tr Admiral Sampson'" nWt This
was (.vulently a feint to '-o. r the real
)int of attack, Jararoa being about
half way astsjaaa Ilauiairl and Snntav
go. Tb" I'Hiibunloient lasted M min
utes. Tbs) mean quickly shifted back
.iK i'ii to the great smnli liati of the
transporta' BmI before Baniuiri. At
io the Nsw irrieans opened Ore with
her kuii and neut a shell rninbliiiK and
SaaslaTag air4inst the hilUute Tbe De
tr ' Wii-p, M.i. hias audSawaii' . f ,:
low. .1 -mt, and outi the hillsides and
ralley seemed to be ablaae aa shot tot.
low . it -hot in qui'-k succession amid the
Us BrlBs Drawlags as Iks Bj a4
lbs Farts saa Otkar Ytrj Tsi
Is Is form. I Ion.
' ' 1 1 r-fl.iM. USS. by th AssrsMalsil PlISS
In Cienerml Uarcia'i Camp. A
Denu, santtogo da Cuba, Jane !), per
Associated Press dispatch boat Wanda,
Tia Kingston, Jamaica, Jons 23. A
('ubau who left the city of Santiago
Monday night, amred at General Uar
da's camp Tuesday morning with accu
rate maps of the bar boa and tbe earth,
works rarronndinit it. The ships of Ad
miral Cerrera Fare mored from the po
sition they were in three days ago and
now Ik in almost a circle, surrounding
the small uland and light bouse about
wildest excited cheering of the soldi-rs half way up tbe 4-mile harbor,
on tbe transports. In fire minutes the 1 The cruiser Cristobal Colon, which is
e.i a, alive w ith flotillas of small boat", uninjured, lies west, commanding with
beaded by launches, speeding for Bai- j her port battery the narrow neck of tbe
on. ri dick Some Ixsits were manned harbor, while tbe Viscaya, also unin-
rnpjrrtf htl. OSJS ,y tb. A i.t.
On Brairl Assoeiattd rYcss Iipateh
Boat Wanda. Haiiuiri Harbor, Cnba,
June 21, Tia Kiuitston. Join. M At 5
o'clock yesterday afternoon 0 trained
American soldiers wen- encam)d in the
hills around lianuin, lo.noo more rest,
ed on their anus on Umrd tin- tranport
off shotv, ready to join those who had
debakred a soon as available launches
and small tnats could carry them aahore.
The time and sea were propitious for
the army of inrasion.
The nary and army cooperated splen
didly and as th' lug warships closed in on
the shore to pave tbe way for tbe ap
proach of the transports and th.-n went
back again, thru' i lm r fur tb- navy
went up from lo,iJ0 tlinats on the
troopships and three dm-r. fur the
army arone from .hip after ship as the
troopships moved in to take their share
in tbe hatardous game of war, and it
was maguini-ent.
Cuban iiuunrauts, too, bore their share
in the enterprise honorably and well.
Fire thousand of them were in the
mountain fastnesses and dark thickets
and ravines and lay all through the night
on their guns watching every rsid and
mountain path leading from Santiago to
Ouantanamo. One thousand of them
were within sight of Haiuin making
tbe approach of the Spaniards under tbe
cover of darkness lmxwsible.
At 4 o'clock this morning as the Ano
clated Press dispatch boat approached
Hauiuiri, tbe entire island of Cuba
seemed wrapped in a soft mist, like that
of dogdays in northern Utitnles. A
dull, thick cloud lay on the eastern bor
laoo and the color reflected in the gray
waters of the ocean, which are generally
undulated in a lasy breeic. Distant ob
jects loomed up dimly, but it was iM-en
that the many troopship that had been
lying several miles in tbe offing, had
drawn in toward fhie, while three or
four warships lav menacingly uear the
All around tbe transports steam
launches and small tioats bobbing about
like corks were tbe first indications of
the true object of the undertaking
ahead. An hour later the sun was ris
ing in the eastern sky, touching the
mountain tops with patches of light
green ami revealing in the great semi
circle the troopships, some close to the
cuaat line, others a mile d.stant, with
decks crowded with eager, expectant
men, impatient to begin the gn at move,
ment of destiny, to make a new i hapter
in tbe history of America, the first In
vasou by our army of a foreign country
in half a century.
As tbe dispatch lst of the Associated
Press ran sMsW m, near where the New
Orleans was lying, with her gn at Ann
strong guns trained on daiquiri, tongue
of a lurid flame and black smoke were
seen rising from the town, an inevi
table consequence of war and a urv
sign the SKimnrds had gone, lenvmg
ruin behind t hem. Th" captain of the
New Orleans shouted the news to tbe
dispatch btsst, adding : "You had bet
ter keep off a little Ymi are in range.
They have a nttu on the hill wi th cut
tern side of Bainirl ' There is a steep
rocky bill known as Punta daiquiri, ris
ing almost perpendicularly at the plaoe
indicated. It is a veritable ( libreltar in
pUMsibillties of defense
From a staff at ita summit the
Spanish flag was defiantly floating at
sunset laat night ; but it was gone this
morning and with it the Spanish guard
which bail maintained the signal stat
ion, Between nightfall and dawn the
HpainanU had taken alarm and tied
from the place, tiring the town as they
eft The flames was watched with in
terest from the ships. Two sharp es
plnatons were heard. At Oct they were
thought to be the report of gum from
I he Spanish masked batteries, but they
proved to Iw etplomons of ammunition
in the homing 1 niMing. Three hours'
waiting made the men on the transports
impatient to get ashore and inaction,
and every move of the warships wens
closely watched by the soldiers.
The laat of the troops from the trans
ports pnt fool on Cuban soil at 1 :10
by crews of sailors, while others were
rowed by soldiers themselves. Each
Net contained in men, every one In
flgbtiug trim, end carrying three days'
rations, a shelter gun and 100 cartridgea,
ready to take tbe field on touching tbe
shore, should they be called upon to do
The tiring of the warships, however,
proved to be a needless precaution, as
r -li w. r not r turned and no
Spaniards were visible. Ueneral Shaft
er boarded the Segnranca and closely
watched the landing of troojsi. Brigs
d.. r i ii neral I.iwton w ho had beea dt
tailed to rommaud the landing party,
led the way in a launch, accompanied
by hia staff, and direct.it the operation.
A detail. in-nt .if so r'gu .ir infantry
jursd, lie east Both tbe Spanish boat
destroyers are temporarily disabled, oat
ha i -mi -'to a !y fragments 'if The
shells that .unk tbe Beina Mercedes,
and the other having her boiler tubas in
course of repair
The most Important statement made
was In substance that tbe torpedo boats
had not since their arrival here made
any attempt to leave, being unable to do
vi The ships have only half their sup
plies of cmi, although some coal arrived
over tbe overland route two weeka ago.
Tbe shell that struck tbe Keina Mer
cedes was fired by tbe Massachusetts.
Beyond this loss, and quite a large lots
of life incident to it. there was little or
no damage done. The earthworks were
disturbed and one smoothbore gun was
dismounted in the west battery. Seven
" , aismouieo in ine wesi nailery, osras
soldiers was the flrst to land, followed by I new are te-ing put up facing tbe
nenil Shaffer' old regiment, tbe
m . , m . mm tm . I
nmi iniauirr. i ueu came ine iweuiy
fith, the Twenty-second, tbe Tenth, tbe
Seventh, the Twelfth -he Second Mas
sachuaetts regiment and a detachment of
cavalry. The boats rushed forward
simultaneously from every quarter; a
good-natured rivalry was in the First,
and they scrambhd over one snot her
sud leaped ashore.
OaWsaal Iiwtou threw a stroug de
'.i hmi'iit for the night about lis miles
west on the nsvl to Santiago and anoth
detachmeut was posted north of town
among the In. Is The rest of tbe troops
were quarti nil In town Oth. r troops
wi r- quartered in deserted hoes whi'
others still preferred the shelter of their
tents in adjoining fields. The morning's
fire, it was seen, destroyed tbe round
bouse, the repair shops and .vera! small
..ink's. Tbe town waa deserted when
tie- it :- ..iti ! d. but w omen an I child
ren soon ap; an d from tbe surronding
thickets and returned to their home.
Tbe un-bronsed soldiers, quickly
ii h. .; tb. 1 uil lings in the thickets
sea. tbe three on the west are from tbe
ahipa and are of the tt-tnch rapid lire vs.
variety. Automatic guns of all descrip
tions, it appears, are being dismounted
from the ships and mounted on earth
works surrounding tbs city. A new line
of trenches have been dug about a mUe
from the city.
The Spanish soldiers, known as tbe
regular troops, are on half rations, and
no rations or supplies are furnished tbe
iical Spanish forces numbering about
3000 meu. A spirit of discontent it
seems la very widespread among tbe
Spanish troops and an uprising In San
tiago is feared There are absolutely a
lack of drugs in Santiago. The crews
uu the S'h wara)-'-3f art also on half
rations " ' -
Orssisj Hsars from sIUb
Washington, June 2S. -Gen. Presley
has received a dispatch from Lieutenant
Colonel Allen of the signal service. In
charge of the cable station established
at Playa del Eate. Cuba. It did not re
late to uni tary operations, but from the
The Original Cutter,
Wants Your Order for Groceries-
Look aver this Line oh
and see it there is anything you want.
Creme de Hcnthe Cremc de Cocoa 1
Talcon Brand Holland Gin.
J Veno Vermouth Haraschino J
Pale Orange Bitters.
Mosquito Lotion. Toilet Soaps, and True
I lows. OSsn CssVsvslt , S L tf4 sf "SSssss
fact that no reference was made to lm
s ' is ' s lie - uu uiiai lis MV t MV WVstJ I a a . . , . M
, , . , , , i port ant developments, it was inferred
afti r the lauding in search of lurking v. ,. ,.v 777 . T "
tenally since last night, when the land
ing of troops was in progress
foes and marched into unknown coun
try beyond nightfall with long swinging
strides, with ebcer of their comrades
still waiting on tbe transports and
strains of Yankee Doodle from bands
on tbe trtsipabiM saluting them as they
disappeared from view over tbe bills of
Tb landing wa completed without
loss of life, lie " i i i .i-ua.l v lieiug the
wounding of an insurgent on tbe bills
by a shell from one ot the warships He
will lisie an arm.
Tbe Insurgent troops at daiquiri, com
manded by ( reneral Castillo, are esti
mated to number touo men.
Xrarljr t in r Thuusaml al l'lilrluotii(a.
I 'hicau..iug.i. .I'lin N i order of
any kind nff. ctmg the status of General
Brooke s army have been received and
the work of preparing the men for the
field is going forw ard rapidly and satis
factorily There are now at the suk
nearly i7,'i"o men, and these an l'ing
added to daily by from MI0 to Too re
cruits. The largest nutnhcr in any one
day came in yesterday, there being about
raplurs.1 All lint Maalla.
Loudon, June '.'l. Tbe Manila ILiil
road company having offices in this dty
has received a cable message saying
though the Philippine insurgents have
captured all. but the Inner city of Ma
nila, they are respecting property and
are refraining from baiting.
Oallly or VS'llhboldlag
Chicago, June :'i Ei-Bauker Ed
ward S. Dreyer was found guilty of
withholding A3III, 000 of tbe funds of the
Weet Park board of commissioners, of
which be was treasurer, from bis sue
ceasor in office. There was a discrepan
cy in tbe account as kept by tbe board
and tbe bank of E. S. Dreyer Oo.
There are 15 indictments still hanging
over Dreyer's head as a result of his
uuancirl downfall as s banker
Juilgmsnl Ag.in.l ika Stale.
Austin, June W4.--Judgment was ren
dered against the state in the district
court in a suit brought at the instance
of the railroad commission against tbe
Southern Kan-a- Hallway company. Il
was alleged by the state that the de
feiiilant was guilty of el tort ion in tbe
matter of freight rates on i ml hauled
from Panhandle to Miami Notice of
appeal was given.
Knin.rr.l ntslgnstlon.
London, June 29. It Is rumored that
Mr. Jiwph Chamberlain, secretary of
state for the colonies, will shortly re
sign from the ministry ui order to as
sume the leadership of a large number
i of Unionists in the house of commons
1 who are discontented with the foreign
policy of the government.
......... n ...... i.nt.
Whitesboro, Tes., June 28 -As Miss
Henry, who lives in the country some
miles north of town, waa coming to
town in a buggy she met a thresher eu
(lairla srrU.I Out UU fart.
Washington, June 23. A delayed du
patch from Santiago says:
General Garcia, ju-t prior to the .and-
" ' :r . ... . . i fnghtenmg her hor.
" , T 7 " causing it to run away, throwing her
prac icaby giving .m n-irtM-t -.n. t., (u o
r.r' .l"W. i".' LT.., tanysMlw, wjEm and the
" -" "-v honss kllle.1
isms wen' io aiiacK ine rearoi ine .svn
WarsklS) llrltsH Sahara.
St. Petersburg, June 23 Information
has just reached litre that during a re
cent typhoon at Port Arthur, a Chinese
torpedo boat destroyer was driven
ashore and 13 men drowned. The Kus-
Ish force at daiquiri on Wednesday
morning at tt o'clock. This, later dis
patches show, lad been erfornied
That the landing of a great army of vol
unteers was the elocution of a carefully
arranged plan is shown by distches
re, , ifd Lv ( K iirral Garcia from officials j slan warship Slasot Vellky was
at Washington Cil ler 'date of June damaired dunmr the same storm
.', vo iiaya N tori' the work was
actually accomplished a letter was re
. v . I L .. ic i.il t ..ii' i.i. in w bu n
It was sugg. b d to him that our arsity Isiat race iN-tweru ale, Cornell
forts's won i Btaf i .i.;. I'.-i.ted if lie and Harvard was rowed on the Thames
would have as large a force as possible today. The race was won by Cor
in the vicinity of the harbor of San tia- tell by a length ; tbe Yale waa second.
go. ticucral I iarcia immediately ma hi su lengins aneau oi tne iiarvani
plans to carry out this project.
(nrurll Woa Ihs
New London, June 29. Tbe gnat
Time, 2lt minutes and 40 seconds.
rrsna Mlrriir Kn.Uil III. Llfs.
Houston. June 23. - Frank Sterne, a
well known citizen of Houston, was
found dead in his -Ion' at lift Mam
stnet ye.terdav morning by the negm
porter. A ghastly w. unit in the bead
showed that the deceased had placed a
piatol to his nghl ear and Unit a bulb t
into his brain.
sidling of a Msalaaa.
San Angelo, Tet , June 23. -About
right miles southwest of here at tbe
diamark farm, Pedro Loou, a Metican,
waa killed.
I'roiulnsal l.amhsr Man Usad.
Dallas, June 29. -If. T. Jones, a pnitn
in. nt lumber dealer, whoee home waa at
Houston, died here of fever.
The best and Purest Powder on the Market.
Mas no Equal for the Cure "i in.
It Sottt-ns uinl Preservi' the Skin of Adultl and
flf Noxious Odor nt' exeatwive T-iiratif
to Drink at tbs
Cooling Drinks, Stenothenino C
Everybody treated Right.
Best Wines, Liquor and
Chocobtc Bonbons.
Rati ons and Friei
Of BrszoX Msl.teitv, i rimes, Holwrtson
ne I'onitnneti t.apital and assets or cmipanii-e rep
resented by tne amount to more than
I be capital and easels of Companies ( represent QC
writing OINN amount to more than 00.
I jinfidently believe that I enn serve vou better tnl H
than any one else in lay l ine of Klikl, he ttie'
wwn or uountrr.
have an efficient offii-e force, the affairs of which lire mill
management .f KUAN K W M. foNNIrt).
I nlsso rirssent
F.iuitahle Life Assurance Society of N
1'iieitic Mutual Life; Am. Union LL
r idehty and Casualty of New Y
for welch t ass lh only suthorltvJ srut la Brjr
!lrariaie ) our ouslusss.

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