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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, June 30, 1898, Image 2

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fGF!il 'ivuo MAKKTH A'LL" ' I'!:,;; ;;imU;lTrr;; prksjmnt ofTtu? ".XLZl ' for boys and iiu.sj;i!f .3?
I ' . ' ..-. . ... - : tar iral&. Teut whs he lid loua i I ad as t am BSouga b d,Ojgen t T vlM)
U2 tptintflt MI 1 .. . i . a - ' . . - - . - n 1 anmiah I . hiva tritKn blunt tjf aneech. . . . I i. - M gOf a.
m ibbbbbbbb - - i bbubttt nnan mi ho wnini u la iiui iieni:hai mahsu .kl tu i u - - - -e Burnt uuum k h i h nun ue on. in
n F.ngllsh
r.- sans uui ruftf
merer nnnn 1l nnil wink
bu rtudy betor bU ' of mra hec,n,. ,
writing table, but I PUM lllt0 mlnili ,nJ
ABffiwi girl ran t
r that thla I tni.
:r told by the Naahvlll Amer
lat the Ideally beautiful woman
be did not write. II
leant hla cUx w on
tha table and hi
head on hla hand.
ard ha waa think- 1
tag ot Phytlla far
away la Hal l'lndi
With bar husband.
Tha table waa piled
with. booVi several atood open Invli-lngly-and
a fair white iheat of paper
lay on hla blotting-pad- but be did not
Presently Jake open' i ibe door and
aatd: "Tliere'a voting woman. !'.
doesn't ahe get
so a ahe cm?
Wait. now. thatt aak.g to ae you; shall I y you're
"A young woman. Jake?" queried
tha acbolar. "What aort of a young
woman, and from whence?"
'Wall, air." and Jakes (loaed th door
aid a pact haa been formed
th eaar and aultan. the latter
drerl tig
ot to M hi Influence behind him. "I do think ib' from tha
in central Aala and th
to uphold Turklih right
Blaatarrk. according to th
la very careful what li
ika tod how b amokea. H re
al cigars. Ml amoke a big pipe.
,l nothing will Induce him to drink
arei; aw conunes mm -it rigorousi
i boor, obampagne. bock, wblaky and
randy. We auppoaa thla muat lie un-
!r thi 11 ot the famous phyl-
compela the prlnc to tak
In car of hlmaelf.
Mr. Haveroeyer announced that
HMklg 0(0000 wa likely to
result In an Incroaao In the prlc- of
It might he well for him to ei
hiaueh haa been th rue wheu
lbs te 4 haa now and baa had mil- I plainly aa possible
oWHgVpomda of the finUhed prodiu t
ready for distribution, and which tin
rjr mi condition would
by Inrreaalng the sup
's' "Ppoalio aide
tt may be
bTbTbTb. national Qjiaucl
he !i : '
If rafu.erf i,,
fmf "''"'
mux i
BM -
fgoBB m "ri"1
mmm Wwlu
chemlat aay he baa dl
kyMftd which I o power- ; another
Mtlc that a tittle of It ei
b enemy will put an en
fgoaf. One of theae day.:
poaalhl. whenever lnt-r-
a arlae, for two rcp-
i oppoalng fore to
ary of tb neareat
r and aettla tb mat
and thoroughly act-
ylou. Long filand,
hcraua the con-
Ion ioi(. aSgaolna In th"
I'M Mtaeca a nmm ,..iip Th ulrl atan-d at him with wide
l"r(J(fy e,r'n""' for do- hlud tyoa, thrn ald abruptly "I aay.
trrhiB- 'r"5 lhm w"r mnrl rou'r a knowln' old cove, aren't you?"
ir"L!l. hM or. Tka acholar .tart-d a llttla at thla
miu miT-.. r"r- rU'tftafaftwthiuaelf. and waved hu
11" '."'r w" VfVT In a hand, m , ...
I pea wa ok V
' ewed la lb., vlllaac na
-'".Id,,- 0id i,(l1k.
elrcua aa la on the village green.
"From the clrciel" repeated th
achrlar. "What can h want?"
"8h won't give no name nor yet no
meaaage. air. Shall I aay that you're
engaged, air?'
Jake conaldered It the "height of
Impudence" that a huaay from the clr
cua thould dare luk lu aee hi mailer,
aid longed to tend her about her bual
00. Fine dolnga Indeed for ucb a
ah to be aaklng for gentrmen. aa bold
a braaat
The acholar pondered, then he said,
half to hlmaelf: "Phyllla would like
me to fie her-he wa alway kind.
Jakea. you ran ihuw her In."
Jakea departed, much dirpleaaed, and
preaently inhered a young woman Into
tb room and but the door after her
carefully, and In a faahlun that Mid aa
Well. I waah my
band of thla foolhardy proceeding."
The young woman advanced Into the
middle of the room and then atood
awkwardly and ald nothing. Hbe waa
a tall, illgbt girl, at'lred la a variety
ot garmenta. atartllng In hue. and hav
ing apparently no oonaoctloa with one
liar hair waa bruahed about
her forehead and it tick out In a lerlea
of large "rolla" behind The hair waa
crowned by a hat of portentoua le
adorned by aevtral rather dejected
looking featberi Hut under the furxe
buh of hair tb far wa oral and al
most beautiful la Ita regularity of fea
ture and pure color.
The acholar roae and bowed, then
with old-faahlonrd courteay he act a
chair for her, and having aeen her
aeated. murmured aomethlng abyly aa
"to what he wa Indebted fur the pleaa
ure of thl villi?"
of the que
to abeui-flty,
'a eerrant to
log fur I,
loir nor
went on:
rou ars alway.
- uuw. an aorfa
Iloao; aow to rou know 'w
" poaliln :
r . J'aV'.'.aaafflaaaTraiftlii mi mm tSm e- . " -
r , &
1 m
I of
thla poor etrcua girl waa very real to
him. Bhe wiped her ey with a geyly
bordtred pocket-handkerchief an I
eald: I
"What would a lldy dor f
The Mholar pondered for a moment,
then aald diffidently, and with extrem
I ahyneoa: "I think that ahe would not
i how that ahe minded. That ba
I would try to lie alwaya aweet and good
1 tempered and grarlona. above all to
Mad.im Wht'-hrr-name. Don't let
blm think hlmeelf ao precloua. my
I child. We all value what la hard to
obtain, ile'a too aure of you or he
wouldn't teaae you. If you are wlie,
and If he la worth luting if be'
worthy of you and of your good father,
you'll find that all thla noneenae will ,
come to an end at a tale that la told."
It waa a long apeech for the acholar
to make; he fluahed a Utile aa be made
It. and the elrcua girl gated ut him ad
miringly, eirlalmlng:
"You are a knowln' old core!"
The acholar ahook hla head and laid
humbly: "1 fear 1 am Ignorant In theae
matter. I have only known three
womm Intimately In my life my
mother, my wife, and my daughter."
"I that what your daughter did the
young lldy aa la juat married?" ah
aakrd eagerly .
"I don't know what ahe did," an
wered the acholar gently; and Indeed
It wae true, for the engagement had
ome upon him a a bolt from the blue
while be waa thinking of 1'hyllla aa atlll
in ptiiafore.
"Waa ahe very 'ard to pleae?" per
; alated the girl.
Had 1'hyllla been hard to pleaae? the
cbolar naked himself. He did not
kcow. It had not taken long to plea.e
her, anyhow; ao he aald: "I don't
' know If ahe waa hard to pleaae, but I
know that whatever ahe did waa right
and aweet and womanly, and you tan
do all that youraelf my dear."
"I wlah I wa a lldy!" algbed the elr
cua girl; "but f.-ther aya aa one ran
he aa good a girl In n troupe a If on
waa a acrtpture reader, 'e do. I aee
aa you're a aky pilot by yer choker.
What do you aay?"
I quite agree with your father; he
muat be a moat aenalble man, and I
wlah I knew Mm. Ilelleve me. a elr
cua lady can be Juat aa uaeful a lady
aa any other If ah will only try, and
I am aure you'l! try. '
Ibe girl roae from her aeat, ao did
tho acholar; ahe held out her hand to
him and he took It, and the old man
and the girl looked Into eac b other
"Oood-bye," aald the girl; "I'm glad
I came, though you are ao Ignorant
about love poablna!"
"I'm very glad you came," aald the
acholar heartily; "and, believe me, you
need no 'love poahln,' you are quite
charming enough without!" The girl
fluahed up to th roota of the time
JaTUh. Then th 'holar aald: "Would
lie Haa All Itto l.lf Bare a Mule? of
Bpale a.U liar r..u. u f a
HoteJ rair.- HU Mulb.r m opga
prealdrbt.di oltlie
the newly e acttd
prldent of the
Cuban Republic,
ha all bt. III long
been a defender of
Cuban Indepeinl
i nee. and hla cuun
tiyme.i are heard
frequently to aay
that no better flt
tod man for th"
oul l If f iund, and
that iio man ha arcompltalied aervliee
to the lalund ohtea i-ould belter entitle
him to the honor, cianeroe I aald to
have admired Maaao ao mm h that he
offered to realgn In hla favor when
h hoard that Maaao waa apoken of for
he Office.
Maaao la one of three brother who
learned from their own father undy
ing haired to Spain, and who got their
flrat leaaon In warfare In their father'a
company during the ten yeara' war that
ended in I NT 4 . The father wa a half
Hpnnlard and the mother a CkNgp
negrea. Deaplte the partial Spanlab
descent (here la not a drop of bloo.l in
Maaao'a vein that flow In aympathy
With the gfUtsh cause. So bitterly
lid lie light during the former war,
when Ihj ihnmea for Cuban iiic-eaa
were not a thousandth part as Rood as
they are now. that he rose to the rink
of major general. Af:cr the restoration
of peace the Manaoi reconciled Cum
aelvea. aa fur aa the tnme of the (hltli;
went, wl(h Hpain and took the oith
of allegiance, thua eacaplng punish
ment. They loon, however. Joined
Oarcln, the bandit, In hla "road" move
ment and were somewhere In hiding
In the Hautlagu de Cuba Moun'a'na
when the preaeut revolution broke out.
i nerol Mnasii I a naturallird merl
an citizen. He aeciired hi paper
while working for Colonel KlKU'Tido
at Tampa some year ago: Although
poBeaaed of little edueallon. and un
able to rend Kngllah. Mnaao la a mrn
of ronalderable Intellect, and be haa
picked up a vast amount of Informa
tion on nil aubjert through convcraa
tlon. While able to talk well m many
topics he la deficient In arithmetic, and
la said to be compelled to uae hi
t m'uT" Wag aahad of a
whose veins flow the beet of the ("aval-
',. . . a '.. !.. !' "I,S
enough to have grown blunt of apeech.
". hlaky." she replied without hesi
tation ( r qualification.
Th gentleman of the old chool
abok hi head regretfully aa he added
I fear the mint Julep I too popular In
Wlill Vtrglnl womanhood I a
glorlou aa ever, Virginia manhood l
to a degre diaappolntlng. Rut the ex
planation I not altogether Juat. One
need not lie long a traveler In tbl land
to dlacover that, go where be will.
North. West, gf South, he will And the
male Virginian filling positions o'
mark In the rommunlty. rrhap do
other itiite In the I'ulon ha aualalned
men a drain of Ita best blood In th
1 th'rty yeara slnre the war. Certainly
I no alalt haa ao widely scattered tb
1 flower of ita male youth to grow up In
: other part of th country. In builuesa,
In lb profession. In the management
of transportation In'ereata. Virginian
i are prominent from New York to San
i Kranrlsco, from Duluih to Oalveston.
I Fly thla drain th state haa gained In
f..- .. abroad, but Buffered at home.
"Jeaels'e l.aneh Party" Aa Taw Sail
Iha Voyage of l.lf.. Never rail la
Aa.war a signal af UUIreaa tTnau
eter Vim e Una.
la Iba
OUU) the empty
Through the loaf
Thl. la what I
think iwuuld aay
In Ita desolation:
"Oh, dear met
wli.ro can th.v
All the feet that
went a-irlpptng
In and out. an I out
and In.
be ought."
Janule waa vfr a lad ah b id take!
Jlmmie'i advlread did not wind
all haa br Hebwn. a girl be Wen
to iehool with, p
b id takek
t mind alt
ahe wenr
thiiuv contemptuoi
liter, "How queer
pick up stub cvm;
and looked at &
y, laying to ur
Jennie RrlgHt toa
I jhan't speak
The Nrenery Waa Chiefly ll.niarkabla
fur lu
A flag waa holatrd In front of the
Iiullillug to Indhatp to the public that
! here waa l he playhouse, says the Nine
teenth Century. Inside, the stage
was Illuminated with branch torch
llghtH. aa iu c-hmcliee. and a hand of
I rauali lana armed with trumpets, cor
neta, hautboya and other Inatrumenta,
I played three flourlahes lo annoume the
ceimmencernent of the ciforinanc i,
1 tween the iiris. too, they would play
lively airs to while away the time.
I The curtain was drawn, not upward,
aa now, but aldewaya; uml In HgOJ of
M enery carda were hung up. whereon
I waa writ, In n big, bold baud, we may
be ure. the place or acene the aperta-
tor waa to conjure up In his mind, aa
I "Thla Is a Harden." a "Palace," a
I "Wood," or "This I Rome," and ao
forth, a occaaloti mli(ht require. Judg
ing from the light raillery of Sir rbll
lp Sidney, It I very doubtful whether
I there waa a change of aeenea at the
peiliid when dramatic ph- - were Juat
'omlng Into vogue and aupplantlng
tin- mediaeval mstery and morality
playB. Ilefore the play begun the au
dience amused ihemaehia with read
Irg. playing at curd. Indulging In lus
ty banter, amoklng and drinking ale
--"ale at huffcap. or dragon' milk,"
Round and round me akliplngf
Where to-day th mice at play
Are the only uiiiids I hear.
"Where ar. all th llttla men.
Where each Utile lady?
Horn, are In the aweet green fl.lda,
Home In wiMKllanda anady.
gome afloat In painted boat
Slid along with y motion.
Hume are building aandy toWera
My th. hla. blue ocean
Far away ahnula al play
Are the only aounda I hear.
"Yellow leaves are falling now.
Hummer tlm. la over.
They will soon return to me,
Every llttla rover,
fllrla and boys, with pl.a.ant iml.e,
Happy little volcea humming.
They will nuthrr round luy door-
l.lit.n! they sr. coming'
Laughter awert and hurrying feet
Are th merry Bounds I hear."
-. M
em m.
- -
. r-f" The rl aall
r. . . . i- -
Omoral Van O
rr denarlment haa
Acting Secretary Ryan
a decision which will be
e Interest to the public
Section 6 of th act of
BUthorlied I hoa who
trelaed their homeatead
ak an additional entry
go aa to make a full
Here! of or tbl
at rood a applying
lad partially eger
id privilege before
t, hut this new de
former opinions,
urtlon equally np
less than ISO arrea
Jr'i,he d'Clalon
' I -.Hi' uas.
'he ah OOBtaoioua TL.
tie ehatl hav
wit Then ha 1.
the ball and through
r. He took hla nrnn-
c ket and he cut
rosea that were
county, ihen he
Ita her. and
ier good-bye.
nnd then
till atund
the l
.inie and
I of land
"CAN Vol MVK1C A l.ovi: I'OSHIN?
tro- ledge of hi writing-table for support
Ight arqulr and atammered: "Do I under .-.land you
to aik me If I know anything ibOSI
love pblltera?"
"Yea, that' Ihc ticket!" aald the girl
genially. "I want a love poahln to give
my young maa. 'K's been and took up
with Mad'selle l.eonore, wlmt does the
Irlala of atrength. and I wauta lo bring
'lm back fo me. You give me the per-
rill In the air. It la quite, cer-
- 1 1 1 . i -
funieiiiiua win iimii. in to.
arlon In France and Algeria
( a trani-Saharan railroad
le. Dolltlcal and rummer-
We know that the
gad Algeria on of the iklptlun and I'll aak tb galipot to
aria ut th world, thai I make It up. I waa aure aa you'J
It 1.7WI mites at railroad know."
flflnt that Algeria I look- The scholar fell quite sorry for her
desert lo th rich centred when he realised ihe disappointment
Soudan aa a source of ha waa about to inflict, ahe aralled ao
gT ggtonnoua espanalon j prettily and looked so pleaaed He
drawn lo her mart. Th 1 hook hi head, then be aald gently
"'ao I to build a narrow- "I'm afraid 1 am quit unable to help
from southern Algerl ru In thU nutter. I know nothing
Voice, and
open for h
lowed her n
the open front
ing-knlfe from
her u great hunvh nil
famed throughout
walked down the d
at the lodge gate he 1
She started down tin
looking hark and seeing
ing at i lie gate, die ran
breathlessly: ' I wlah you'd
ace in rid. I ran Jump
'oopa beautiful. can 1 ahoi
how yer '
The icholar'i eye were vcr
he ahook hla heal, saying
Kitting an old man, my dear; 1 bar
ever go out at night."
Hut 'li r-', a matinee m aft.-n,,,,
how" bTM explained, "thla after
noon." The acholar wavered, then the be
aeechlng blue eyea caught hU and held
them. "I'bylll would Uk- me to," he
murmured, then "1 will come and ee
you ride thl afternoon."
"I -hall look out for you. mind." aald
the girl; "don't you forget!"
The scholar did not forget he went!
- Windsor Magnzlne.
I thl point by rail with
the southwest, and ou
'the fertile reglona of thi
aj tar a Lake Trhad
Wk tor thl railroad hav
order of the French
he proposed rotitea
for a shorter line, hav
lltlta at Cape Nun. art
aaan which haa been
Huaalaus hBV proved i he wua
sla that doaert railroad
charged with the Light
klava and came through
from a atii k lu th
ifo. That soldier little
hat he waa
than Ho
, tJ Kui ipe meet one
4Blg lav "The peace of
"then tier all return
to plan raOrr warship
i iiiggat g"ii" i" "
ot uch Ihlnga, neither do I believe
that they can have the amallest effect."
"Rut I thought you waa alwaya
a-atudyln' ancient days," aald the girl
In an argumentative voice, leaning for
ward In her chair "Do think In aome
of them old hooka" (waving her hand
In the direction of the book-lined
walla). "Ain't tTfJ at ov think in me
ot them old hook?"
"I fear not," aald the acholar almoat
o eager, o much In
earnest. The girl drew herself up lu
her rhalr nnd aald abruptly:
"I'm a honest girl. I am."
"That I am aure rou are, and there
fore you need no love philter. Relieve
me, you are quite pretty and good
enough to Inaplre love, an honeat love,
without recourse to msgle." The
cbolar Bpoke perauaalvely. hi voice
waa very gentle anil his manner court
ly. The girl winked her wide blue eyea
end made a little swallowing motion
Taale fur Apple..
Meehan'a Monthly The anpei
abundance of the apple crop laat year
has huil one good result for the fu
ture of the orchardln It rendered
applea so i hen p thai the consumption
waa greater than ever laefore. A taste
of thU kind once Htlmuluted generally
.ontlnues: conaequenlly the demand
will be larger In eeaaona to come than
It haa baOl hitherto. Thla year apple,
have been In Philadelphia markets the
whole year through. ..st year's sup
ply of late varieties, such aa the llald
wln. had scarcely disappeared before
the Hualan variety, Tetuffaky, came In
from Virginia. Theae, of couric, will
he followed by better kind.
A Negrea. Attorney.
AJSnTaaTaaTaaTaaTaaTaaTaaraarar gJsV ObTbbTbbT X. sTataii... ... w
A iIUTaTBW - hJf faii. .
a v .jmmmmmw a. t . r -mm i ..a-
ir. VVgIgmTgTfW'B.l. v TeTflV Shww mmmW Mih-tH "a,
iv Jmmmmw- i I v aaa mmrnw m raaaa..
V la J Z. SilJ:'
X" am.v jw flm. v k. "
: 'a
" ' wgnTBTaTai
Hi. I
Jennie' l.unrb I'.ity.
Jlmmle uud Jennie were on the Co
ney Island boat. Their Unci Jack had
taken them fur a treat. Uncle Jask al
ways took Jlmmle ami Jennie to lots
of placeg when he came from a voyage
He wa brown and bright-eyed nnd Jol
ly, and waa always giving somebody
nomething. "Second male of the ,ady
Qoy," sounded very One to Jlmmle. and
be alwaya hoped to be a Bailor hlmaelf
one day
"You must get ruga nrboollng, of
eourae," Unci Ja k aald, "but now nnd
then you'll have n holiday nnd you
shall go to aafl with me." .Inn ml was
lure he would like It all the time, but
Unci Jack said no on know bow his
Ideas might change aa he grew up.
Well, aa I aald, Jec and the chil
dren were on their way to Coney la
land, and so were a lot more people
I'ncle Jack had carried three seals well
forwarded up Into the aharp point of
the boat where flat water seems so
rinse, an I Mien he had gone to get a
nice chair with arms for a poor look
ing woman with a sick baby In her
arms and a Utile boy holding lo her
dress. Then he act to work lo make
the children what he called comfort
able. He called the boy with a basket
of tarta and bought a doi.cn. Then un
old man with a tray full of package, of
randy, each warranted to contain a
prlxe, went around the boat, and Jim
mle had lemon d.opa und Jennie had
gum drops, and they were wondering
what the prlzea wot id be when the
orange and lanaiin hoy came up, and
I'm I" Jack bought fruit for them. Wr.
there any thing I'ncle Jack did not
buy? They asked him If he was not
afraid he would spend all hia money
and he answered thai that was what he
came ashore for.
"A allor does not get a chance to buy
anything while he la on board Ml
ship." he anld. "and he doesn't care to
lake his pay out with him. Why, aup-
e he wai to go down to the bottom
tormy night, think of ibe nags
would be wasted." Jennie
.'er the 1 1 1 1 . ,,f I 'u
f Boo ut .
Spongg, Shoo
" "I nitt Hota and
Aff, Cholera and
ii er the life iTra,
Then the man
up. and Joik bought
ami sent tor -urn. kI.ij
' and Ihen he went away toil,
ala , r wl.n... it.. .
" men- were not tm
dlcB. "For ladles are apt not to llh
. ne sniu, ami it a not polite to
puff It where the wind may blow it in U
to ber. Why. thoseyolka ar almost
When I'nrle Jack fm and took th
children away, he aald a ' Iwtl word to
Ihe woman, told her her boy waa a
pretty little chap, and hoped the baby
would get well aoon. MoWOveT, be i
sent the waltr to her with a cup of f
coffe and a plat of clam "Th aort
of victual aho need," be said to Jn- I
nle. f
When Jennie told Cnd J ab..u
Sara Hrown. lie ahook hU bead. "SSa'B
a silly piece." he eald. "and remember,
my dear, a you sail on tb voyaj at
lit, always anawer a lgnl of dlstr
whenever you :o ooe." New York"
Tbl Hag amp. Kuualsg Horses.
A gentleman who makes bis bom at
th Hotel Rerkley I th possessor of
a On St. Hernard which leeervea a gold
medal. Th dog hu developed ft
atrong penchant for topping runaway
horse h. and the laat time the stop waa
accomplished juat In tlm to sar a)i
party of ldles from .erloii injury and
porttt ftfl worn. HI matr wai driv
ing down Portland venu laat Satur
day when he waa startled by a cry utj
"Look out!" He turned and waa Jut
In tlm to wheel hit hor out of tStf
way of a runaway, which wa tear
ing down the avenue J not ahead thatw 1
wa a party of ladles who could not
poailhly escape 'ht emd certain
death to ion of ''.hem. when the dog,
who bad been following nd who seem
ed by Instinct to eomprebena me im
pending tragedy, gave a ! mWW
. aught lb line of the runaway b
twsen his teeth, hit ftreat weight
bringing th frightened animal to hla
haunrhea juat aa he w m about to alrlka
one of the ladle, who seemed too ter
rified to move. moneapolls Times.
What a Wuaaan Bar Ahaml a Teaah.
"When a woman tell you a trunk I
light, look out for It." These are th
word of a baggage eapresanian and h j
ought to know He bad gone to
house In the aubutln In response to ft
hurry call and found the uouae In a
great bust la. Thl lady waa going tw
leave town in an hour and her trunk
was upstairs and bad la lie brought
down and loaded Into the wagon. "Ifo
ot very heavy," ahe aald to the maa.
whereat he ipat on hla hands and call
ed lu hi helper II- bad all he could
do to lift one end.
"I'v found It alway th case." aald
he, "that when a woman aaya a trunk
Is light If daad ure to he heavy. au4
when ahe says It's heaiy I can usualtw
bandl It with one hand. I don't know
why a woman Is tbl way ualsa aba
thinks I chargs her more for a hoary
trunk, and will never find out how
much It weigh unts ahe telle flea.
Rut If that la ao. why doe h tall aw
that a light trunk I o heavy? 10
give It up." - -Nebraska State JnilrSfgl
1. lit We Tab. a I alar! las
TtWiaw -I .'aW-ra W
anOnUs! a . mmmmmmr
Ctgan. Cigartttet,
flngera lu ntlng. Ma. so I ft ( - I which. Ilairlson aaya, peoul ronauav
mopolltan. phyaleully as well n other , ed so ggftrtlt that never did Romolus
ways. He haa kinky hair, teeth like an and Kemua am k their she wolf with
Irish bulldog, and a white wife w.iom auch eager and sharp devotion aa theae
he round at K. . eat l ndylng hatred men nle u huffcap. till they i,e as rod I WaUIr," J-nnle said
of everything Spanlsa I the fool at. I
drink of hi evaryday life
I Irglol. Ilniii.nli I 1. I iii baiiged,
liul Hi. Men rr lie saber. I Ing.
From the St liula (iloba-lieiuocrat
On a nlghl the past week the annual
hall, the season event, w.k. given at
White Sulphur Spring. Virginia j
womanhood waa on exhibition, tatid u
I magnificent display It waa. I'.ivrgered.
rcurt-plaatered garbed In the style of i
,-iiliillt.l il.VS these .UiiitlilupM . .!
I.nlle A Little, a 2J-ye.r-old n.gr... i ,roHpa' , flm . HM till
with bright, round fare and Intelligent
ye. entered the criminal court at Mem
phis Ten n , one day laat week, with all
the aplomb ol an old practitioner and
presented her duly authenticated
lultua to the privilege of practicing
law in the courts of Tennessee. She
wai admitted without a question. She
la the first representative of her aei of
, any color to be admitted (o the bar of
! Tenneaaee She la the only colored
they fllleil the spa. Ion ballroom. I be
floor was clsard, and the high-bred
damsels moved through the stately
nieaauree of a minuet. The sight wis
one to warm the blood of a Puritan
There is nod.gener.ic) in the Vlrgluli
woman. On ihe feminine able th F.
F. V. b a living reality.
"Our girls, said an old Virginian,
titling in a ' orner of the room and
following with kindling eye the inde
with her throat, then ahe roughed and w"nln ,n ""' ,on,n ll'nd to practice rerlbably gra. eful sweep of the long
dressmaker down to
ated Mra. Wright.
"sat." "Oh,
dollar t o
u plac
"My father's brought ua up strict. '
'hare. 'K tloan'i 'old with awearln' for
women: and If we waa light 'd lay
the 'orae w'lp about our houldrr.
would. '' tdown In our ihow. 'e la"
There wa llene for a minute In th
big library, then the scholar aald gent
ly: "Why do you wgnt a love philter
la th man yon are engaged to fickle?"
"Well, runs after Mad'aelle Leon
or, and I ran't (land It, nnd I rates
and 'o laugh at me. nnd I'm
beastly ml.rrahle I am' "
ea glrt'a voice broke, and great
'affiled down her cheek. The
a milch .lli.li eased. He was
, and Intruded la
law. She I the only living colored
woman In the United Stales probably
lu ibe world, a member of the bar.
Mutual ftngajfaw,
"Dld your huahand'a wheel (rip do
him good?"
"Ye, and It did me food, loo. I
didn't have to help him rtenn his wheel
for thre, we-eks " Detroit Free Fresi.
The Hod of Iron.
Inexperienced Maiden- Hut tell us
who, really rules the household you
hualiniui: Ciperli'lircil M.iir.m
ier, dear -mamma Uvea with ua.
line over Hie floor, "are bred and
trained Juat ua carefully as they were
when Virginia waa at the lenltb of her
glory. Their phyalcal health, their ed
ucation, (heir manners, are developed
with that sum. a.-rupuloua attention of
detail their great -grandmothere re
ceived. The system ha been handed
down from toother to daughter. It ha
uiioi rgoui no change. It Is preserved
In all of Ita purity. We ar very proud
of our women. I think If tho whob
I'ounlr) could view this acene to-night
H would be conceded that we have o.'-
caalon lo be. Hut our men "
Once more the long line formed and
swept down Hie room. The gentletiu:.
of the obi iitiipol forgot to fli:lh hi
s heijolned In th tigonu
aa rocks and Hide wiser than their
comb. " If It lie the Intention of thi
Klliahei linn Stage society to revive
the primitive playhiioaf. with all Ita
early traditions atrlctly adhered to, II
may be hoped that the minor detail
will not be wholly overlooked. Th
novelty and charm nf the lllualon
would be heightened were gaslight e
eluded and the atage floor strewn with
ruahe. und If were added a spruce,
hldslgo-llke playgoer stretched there
on at ease, hla elbows reatlng on
stool, gluing with rapt attention a
the play unfolda lo hla wondering
Imagination new phases In life's drums.
tuning a l'rnfelon.
Noble in tha extreme the pro
fesslon of nursing In fad, of all thi
profession, that have been chosen by
intelligent women of late year, that
of a trained nurse teems lo be one of
the most useful at well as successful
In no way. perhaps, la a woman teen
to suoh an advantage aa when ahe min
ister to the need of others. Aa a
well-known physician haa Bald: "The
profeaslon of a trained nurae demnnds
kill, courage, extreme tranquility, llm
Itleta patience, faithfulness t J .
umed obligation, and aa much aeJf
eff.trenienl a It . onalatenl with her
own safely and health The law that
eiacts auch quallllcBtlona should be
rigidly applied lo every nurae by the
ft who commits hla patients to
her care."
their fues
Aa aoon aa Uncle Jack was gone thei
children put all the thing he
brought Upon the. hair thev weee eep
Ing for him What a pile of ..urnwl I
tert. c ake, candy, f-ilil He had
told them iu eal evei vtyfng up for he
wa going to have mimr coffee and
bb h lie ua., : ip.
I.. fgf can
ought to
Keen Hlgtn f in,, i.
1 he organ of Bight Is anore highly de-
reloped In bird than In any nnlinala.
alurallala dei lare thai Ihe kestrel la
pfVaaeaaeu oi am n woiiuenui powers of
to are u mouse
Itself at such a height In
the air that it (s Invlalible lo Hie naked
mm mm m if r. rr a voire oroKe aim ere.it .,r vrwii nuananu r KiDsrienreu v.itr m
V. ' ' eidker. dear mamma u losg Ilntw toflftad and h
r,,n ..,,1 , i .'.Villi' II IB llhle
bmV lnd ut he an, la open to roav.tlon
T votl rsllBMHHlim Utl with v.iu tf
, m- flWfBtt undar-1 mnt,. "What U ihA ma.t-wl-h t.. . :ynm era.
e it them all ouraelvea, we
have company."
Just nt ihut moment the pale little
boy who wus with the poor woman lm
whom Jack had brought the chair be
gan to cry ' Mamma, bay me ., rake "
he said. "Ate your bit of bread, , ,
ey," ld the woman. "I don't like
bread, buy me cake, buy me pie, buv
me bananas," sobbed th- boy l m hun
gry, mummy. I don't llkn dry bread "
"Hold your tongue. Pataey." gej the
woman in a loud whlaper. "Mammy
haa no money, but car fares, sure It's
for the say air to do us good, I brought
ye; be alay; look at Ihe ahlpa; aee the
big waves."
"I want a rake," aobhad I'atsey. "I
wnni bananaa. See. they've got some."
"Ilehave youraelf ,n,d ute your
bread." aald the mother
"Jenula, you can have your company
to lunch If you want it," whlapered
Jim ml.
"Suah poor, shabby folks." whlaper
ed Jennie
"Rich folka don'l need II." said Jlm
mle. "we've gut enough for all."
Then Jennie put foWl he ,id,
turned to the woman: "Meigs," he
aald, "we've got mmh for our
aelvea. Uncle la so generous Won't
you help us ent It upt"
The woman hesltnted; her face turn
ed reiL at first she seemed about to r
fn. tVn ahe altered her mind. "You
are verV kind. Mlaa." she aald. Tat-'
ey Ii a little pig, und I never though'
to hi Ing mure than n bit of bread. He'll
be glad of a nke, bleea you." Then
Jennie amlled, and taking some paper
divided ull the nice thing Into four
P'irtloiis. and turned the chair ao that
they could all ua p for a The
boy ale as only a hungry boy could
At 1 si the poor womnn would not take
blng, but Jennie was so polite thai
a while, and
r lieabtusnl. little
John lleckwltb, the waichouacoian,
. received a letter the nth day ad
dressed In a round business band and
bearing the Oakland postmark. Ho
glanced at It. rubbed hi forehead to
ne lively a' moment anil then, without
opening the envelope, tore It Into hit.
Why did you do that?" asked hU
partner. "That might have contained
something of Importance."
' No it didn't I wrot It mvaelf."
"Are you In Ihe habit of writing let
ters to yourself?"
"Ye, I bar to. Now, If I hadn't
wrlti. ii that yesterday and mailed l I
would have forgotten that hunch of
braid, two doien pearl button ami five
yards of Bait cloth thai I've gut to go
up town and buy right now. Once,
hough. I wrote i letter to myself about
something I wanted to remember and
forgot to mall It for '.wo weeks. "San
Franrlaco Post
nk her sbnr after
"It Is really a
III H the Sue. -
At I'rinceion TeoIoalaaJ anmlaary
ie. i-iiii ii violin iii-wii.ur persuaded rr
..II . . . . . ... ... . f
ie,mw luuiieni io listen t nn, while h'
rehearsed sermon The preacher In
tsferyn began. Ills subject vfaa
Light " With a vlolena gealure with
the right arm he said, "Riot out the
ann." With a fllmilar frantic move
ment of the left arm he roared, "Rlut
out the moon'" Then with a combined
gesture made up 0f doth arma. he be
lowe.1. iilot otat the atars"' Rut it
waa enough The auditor arose to leave
with a hoarse, cruel whisper. "Turn off
t he gnat" 7
s, A Parados Kaplalned.
, "1 hate thai girl." said the ailtnw
voting ladv with the .H u.,.. ,.i .i.
m --- i niHaMW I'l'n. BW
herself, as she gaged with Jealous eyea
ut the prettiest girl In tier room. "I
bate her hecaua I have a fellow-feeling
for her."
What n atraage. and IncompreheSal-
ble iiiitradNtvn la w 'man
aa .a at-- LII.JI..IJ. J
nut me mm. 1 01.0 1 young man t.
whom th" -allow young lady was ,..
gaged beard her not. and th game of
blind mn burr wont on until he !
caught I.11 pretty girl and she
acreaad real loud Troth.

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