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er of the Executive to effect by the possession
of this talisman (besides the bribery
of the People with their own money) may
. ^ be in part inferred from the fact slated iri
I the subjoined paragraph, which we have
' corroborative information, is substantially
true : that is, it is true that notes of the !
Bank of the United States iave^ceu released
at the Land Offices, uftenvardj* received
at a dwcoM?f,.and resold ul a
Frem the Acjc York Gazette. < i
- A- friend has informed us of the following
facts* which were communicated to
him by a gentleman just arrived in this city
from the West. They disclose the dis-r
graceful conduct of a Government agent, j
which calls for investigation bv Congress.;
At a recent sale of public lands the pur- j
hasers came prepared to pay in bills off
Jie Bank of the United States, which they j.
- wd brought with them for that purpose.' j
der the sale, these bills were tendered j i
' Davment. but thev wprp hv the I
? * j ^ J i
rent, who stated that he had received j;
Orders to that eflect from Washington. In!?
this dilemma, the purchasers accepted the
friendly offices of the agent, himself, who <
very kindly discounted their notes at the <
moderate rale of fire per cent. lie. sub- 1
sequently disposed of those same funds .
/ individuals who wished to made remittan- <
ces to the eastward, at a premium of two *
< per cent.; thus realizing by the transac- f
tion, as he himself acknowledged, the
handsome sum of sixty thousand dollars! j
Wheat Crops.?We are sorry to learn 1
, from the Wiliiamsport Banner, that the ic
wheat crop in that neighborhood is not!8
I likely to turn out so well as anticipated. I
It is stated that the ravages of the fly are '
ve*y obvious in many fields of early sown t
B wheat; and (hat from present appearances \
L uo| more than half the usual product is
K| anticipated. It should, however, be re- (
Hp membered, that the spring is late and the c
B crop9 consequently very backward ; and \
B u .1 . L.i - : u... :? J:i" 1
Iuence urai wuai now |huiuim-s uui mun- j
ferently, will yet recover itself, and yield a
productive harvest. v
Baltimore Patriot. c
| New York, April 15. r
We yesterday stated that money was at c
present bringing an intorest at the rate of n
^l'rom 30 to 40 per cent per annum. This tl
m was upon the note s of men of business, wide- r
W ly known in the community, and whose pa- a
* per was just as good as that of any banjc in
^ Wall street. In other eases the rate of d&*
count is Jar. greater. We have been in- J
formed by one of the brokers of this city f
? that the notes of good men, but who were ti
N not known as men of business, were selling i j
' at the rate of one-half per cent per day, or j j
/fifteen percent, per month. One thousand) j
dollars loaned out at this rate, with the in-1 /
terest paid evprv month aud added to the ti
principal, would in one year amount to $5,- a
300*. What an enormous interest! ?
t Mb
" a
Augusta, April 23.-?Horrible AIunite.
We leagp from a highly respectable gen
tlernan of Columbia county, that J amcs G. j s
.-1' V. -illnnn .?f (^nlnmUifi /-niintv. '
IIlUlCUiHMJlJ, tt l,tU4Wt? UI ..v, . ?
recently intermarried with a Mrs.Fetters of j1
said county,who a short time after her mar- j
riage,was brought to bed & it was supposed j ^
gave'birth to a child, which not being seen j j,
by any of their neighbors, lead to the sus- a
picion, tha: it had been murdered. Search u
was immediately made, and on Thursday c
last* it was found in Little River, near (be J
residence of Mr. Ifl&tchinson, with its t
head and breast much bruised, and other- c
y ^ wise mangled. On the evening of the t
sa(pe day. Mr. and Mrs.. II. made their J
escape, arrived in this place at a late hour (
^ bf the same night and took passage 011 t
L- ?-'l fr\r #*IKnrl,?sfOil. (
Im Ami 1I>UBU tvi V
James Cartledge, Esq. accompanied J
by another individual left here this morn- <
ing in pursuit of them. <
[The persons above mentioned arrived J
in this city on Friday night, and on Sunday
morning the female was arrested ; the
man, however, made his escape, and has ,
not yet been taken. It is supposed that <
he left here in some vessel.]
Editors Charleston Courier. j
. * :
It is?aid that a gentleman in N. V. has
offered to lend the Texians two hundred
ilk thousand dollars.?Ibid.
XJ. S, Ship Delaware.?The building i
^ - r ? .L- ?
fof Ibis sbip was commeucuu <u mu i^uv;
Yard, at this place in August, 1817. She
was launched on the 21st October 1820.
The cost of the hull was $375,735. She
one of the largest ships in the world,
and is said to spread more canvass, and
carry a greater weight of mental than any
i} ship afloat. Her mamtopsaii contains 15S7
.'.yards of canvass, and she spreads in all
15,093 yards. She carries, exclusive of
\ the bow and stern ports, 100 guns, viz :
t thirty-four long 42 pounders,-thirty-two
32 pounders, and thirty-four carronades
? 42 pounders, weight of one broadside of
round shot 1940 pounds. Her draught of
? water when completed for sea, is 28 feet
16 inches aft, and 24 4 inches forward.
She carries bread & water for five months.
Portsmouth Times.
The Buffalo papers inform us that forty
steam boats ply between that place and
Detroit, and adds, "this is a greater
number than run between Boston, Philadelphia,
New York and Albany."
A Pirate.?Capt. M'Donald, of brig!
Elizabeth, from the coast of Africa and j
the Cape deVerds, reports that at the latter
he left the brig Pearl, Blackman, of
Boston, which has been boarded by a;
Spanish Guincaman, and robbed of dry)
goods to the amount of $4,000.
Capt. M'Donald also states that an in-!
#ur?*ection broke out at the Cape do Ycrds j
on the llth of December, wh'ch v.-i rot]
suppressed until nfter they had committee
great depredations. The ringleader was
^ A Murderer named Washington "VN hitnker,
a man of wealth) was recently condemned
and sentenced to be hung ia New.
Orleans. The Governor of the State
refusing to pardon him, lie committed
suicide in prison. Whereupon the Militia
was called out and buried him with military
GEORGETOWN, S. C. April 22.
It is with great pleasure we have learnt that
Messrs. Tuttlc and Wright have a steam boat
building which is to commence running between
this place and Charlcton next Fall, forming with
the Atalanta, a regular line l'rom Cheraw.
The Atalanta, taking draught io5fv.'atcr,burden,
and speed into consideration, is believed to bo the
finest boat south of Virginia, and has fully
justified the opinion that a new era of steam
navigation had commenced among us. We hope
lier spirited owners will h(?fqually successful in
their new entcrprize.?Winyuw Intelligencer.
A freshet in the neighborhood of Belvidcrc,
N*. Jersey, destroyed property to the amount of
ibout $ It),000.
Er.Gaeernor Burton.?Wc learn that Ex-Gov;rnor
Hutgiuxs G. Burton died very suddenly,
m the 31st instant, in Irejtoll county, near Beaie's
Foru.?N. C. Standard 2d April.
A violent _ hail storm was experienced at
aoi J 1 -i--i
? v/AA *> mv^ti i,au?UU a IJUUU UCi>l
>f damage, almost entirely destroying tho wheat'
iclds. iiorno of the liail stones were said to be
ive inches in circumference.
Bank Robbery.?Tho Merchants' Bank of
'rovidence (R. I.) was entered by false keys
etween Saturday the 16th and Monday the I8th
Vpril, and bills to the amount $160,000 taken
>ff, besides a sealed package supposed to contain
l largo amount,
Joiix IIavilaxd, Esq. of Philadelphia, lias rc eived
the first premium for a plan of tho new
Merchants, Exchange, New-York, Tho cost of
he building, exclusive of tho ground, will be about
Tho Banking house of the U. S. Bank, in
7hcsnut street, Philadelphia, was sold at auction
>n Tuesday, 12th inst. for $388,000. It was
mocked down to Th. 1*. Cope. Esq. who bought
t for the 6* "*ckholdcrs of Pennsylvania U. S.
Railroad Accident.?At Frederick, Maryland,
eStcrday, as wo learn from the Examiner, a boy
iver 12 years old, attempting to enter between two
f a train of burden* cars near the depot, fell on the
ail and tho wheels of tho train passing over him
ut the body literally assunder.
Militia.?The militia of 'the United States, acording
to the last returns, comprised 1,310,450
nen. As the returns in many cases are defective,
he real number must be somewhat greater, and
robably docs not fall much short of a million and
: half.
St. Lor is, March 20.
Murder upon Murder.?Some months ago we
loticed tho murder of Mr. Woobury Masscy, at
lubuquc, M. T., bv two persons named Smith,
iithcr and son. They escaped punishment, by
he decision of tho court before which they were
acicted, on the ground of want of jurisdiction.
L few weeks since wo recorded the death of the
Idei Smith, who was shot down in Galena by
Icnry X. Massey, a brother of W. Massey.
ind now we leant from the last Galena Adverser,
that, a week or two previous, Miss Massey,
sister, shot Win. Smith, ut Dubuque, and that
... r , .?1 ?V.? U-11
ho wound wm prooaojy prov? munuj. mc
ntcred Smith's right side, just above the third rib
iid lodged.?Republican.
Important to the Ladies.?A letter from an
American lady in England, pays, that during her
tay of some months, she had not yet seen a lad)',
vith ear rings! and this is in.the very centre of
Washington National Monument Society.?Mr.
osF.ru Nourse, who was Military Secretary to
he Commanding General in the Southern Departucnt,
in the year 1770, and Secretary ofjOrdnancc
ml Paymaster to the Board of War in 1778,
indcr appointments from Congress, arrived in this
Ky, on Sat'Today last, in the steam packet from
Norfolk, as an agent for the above Society, for
he State of South Carolina. The object of the
Society is to raise a sum of money sufficient to
Tcct a Monument in the National Metropolis to
ho bolovod Father of his Country, the immortal
(Vasiiington, and it is to be hoped that the effort
vill he attended with success, and a structure
(reeled that will be worthy of the memory of
hat greatest of men, and of tho country in the
>stablishmcnt of whose indepcndancc he was
nainly instrumental. The contribution is limited
,o one dollar each, in order that all may bo allow..i
?n Mrfiomifn It will ha tnilv a Monument
/U fcW -- - ^
)f the gratitude of the American People to tho
first Citizen of the /fepiiblic.
Charleston Courier of April 13.
A porlior of the brnuch of a tree, curiously covered
with Oysters of goodly 6ize, ono or two hundred
in number?may be seen at our office.
It was taken from the creek near tho publick
Magazine on the Neck. Tho Oysters arc much
largor than those found adhering in a similar manner
to the roots of the Mangroves in the West
India Islands?and which in some ofthe Islands
arc the only Oysters to be had.
Charleston Mercury.
A gentleman of Maine on a " Moose Hunt,"
came near losing his lifo tho other day, by the
explosion of a " cast iron" musket which lie had
purchased probaly from some vender of wooden
We understand that information had been received
at the Adjutant Generals Offico from
General Brook, commanding at Green Bay, stating
that a war belt from the Seminoles is circulating
among the Winncbagocs, and that there
is reason to apprehend that these latter Indians
may bo iuduced to commit hostiiues againsi our
settlements.?Washington Globe.
We find the following organization oftiie new
independent Government of Texas, in our lasl
southern papers. A Constitution has been form,
cd, and the following Officers provisionally ap.
pointed?we presume by the Convention, viz
David G. Burnet, President,
Lorenzo de Zavala, Vice President,
Samuel P. Carson, Secretary of State,
Thomas I Rush, Secretary of War,
Baily Hardman, Secretary of tho Treasury,
Robert Potter, Secretary of theNavv,
David Thomas, Attorney General,
J. R. Jones, Post il/aster General.
The government will rcmovo from Washing
ton, where it is now, to f/iirrisburg, not in con
sequence of any apprehensions of fear, but "as ;
measure conducive to the common good.
J. Challenge.?Some years since, Judge -?
of Rhode Island, received a challenge from Gen
? -,of which he took no notice. Soon after
Ire met the challenger in a public company, am
tho following dialogue ensued between them
"Did you receive my noto sir? ""Yes sir.1
44 Well sir, do you intend to fight me? " 44 No
sir." 44 Well 6ir, I will consider you a pitifu
coward." " Right, sir; you knew that very we!
or you would never have challenged me."
Contents of the last number of the Farmci
and Gardener.
La-gft vield of com?tho season en'
I great yield ol'latc com?value of Durham
; bullocks?a present of seed from Capt.
J. J. Nicholson of the 17, S. Navy?j,
root crops, and their mode of culture and
. value?chaff as a manure for strawberries ;;
. ?importance of agricultural improvement:
, ?culture of the sugar cane?consump
tion of French silks?valuable plant for
I j live hedge?value of labor saving ma- ]
. j chines?cultivation of the Dahlia?the ,
i Hessian fly and a preventive?novel! ]
! method of raising early cucumbers?su- j
' gar lrom beets?the manufacture of silk ! <
j in Providence, R. Island?mercury pre- :
1 ventive of catterpillars?the tomato cul- j
! ture?Kentucky live stock exports?cop-!
peras soak for corn?advertisements,! 1
! prices current, &c. j t
For the Chcraw Gazette. (
C* ? 1 T'^1 4. !
i society nuiy jipru em itsiio. j
| The annual session of the Welshes eckj t
j Temperance Convention commenced at the j i
above time and place, and S. B. Wilkins j c
Esqr. by previous appointment, addressed j t
the meeting. . i ii
O . j .
The minutes of the last meeting were read, j ?:
The President called for Letters and Dele- j
gates from auxiliary Societies, when several j c
letters were read, giving statements of the t
progress of Temperance in their respective
neighborhoods,, and the Delegates were received.
The following is a list of the Societies with j m
| the names ofthe delegates present annexed: j "
Elini Scoiety.?Rev. J. M. Timmons,.J.
Courtney, W. Timmons? R. Timmons, :
Delegates. Lake Swamp . Society Hill,!
Rev. J. C.. Fur man, J. F. Wilson, J. K. j
Mclver, I. D. Wilson, R. G. Edwards. An. j _
iinr.h. T.E. Mclver. Swift Creek . Iilack ! \
Creel: ?. Mizpah, J. Lane. Willow Creel:, i
?. Mcchanicville,ltov. W.Q.Beattie, T. P. v
Lid (^Darlington, S. B. Wilkins, Dr. Dar- \ J
gan,J. K. Dargan. ' j j.
The Convention now proceeded to tlie e- j
lection of officers. Voted that they be ciio- j sen
by nomination, whereupon Rev. J.'M. js
Timmons was elected President, J. F. Wil-:
son Vice lVcsidcnt, and E. A. Law, Sec- '
j rctary. a
Alter considerable discussion, the follow- a
ing resolution was adopted:?-Resolved, 11
That a committee be appointed to collect
facts connected with the Temperance Ques- P
<nn,'aud to certain public sentimeT in re|
lation to the tendency of ardent spirits, and a
! the use of it on the moral and pecuniary con- j v
; dition of our fellow citizens, particularly ! 0
! within the precincts of the Convention. The j v
j following gentlemen compose the commit- \ s
i tec, I. D. Wilson, G. W. Dargan, fc>. B. j
Wilkins, Dr. T. J. K. Dargan. P
Resolved, That a Committee be appoint-, .
cd to inquire into the practicability of ap-'i 1
pointing an agent to visit the temperance So-:!
cieties and neighborhoods within our limits,'11
j and deliver addresses on the subject of tern- |
1 perance. The following gentlemen coin- j c
i pose the committee. Dr. J. K. Mclver, J.-:
| C. Furman, W. Timmons. ^ jv
Resolved, That the same committee be ! [
requested to wait on Mr. Wilkins and request
a copy of his address lor publication.
Resolved, That the next meeting of this j t
Body be held on Monday night during the!
next session of the Welsh Neck Associa-, (
i tion at Darlington C. II., and that E. A. I f
Law Esq. be requested to address that I
meeting. j1
.Resolved, That the thanks of this Con-' l
vention bo presented to Mr. Wilkins for his ! *
interesting and valuable address delivered i t
tli is day. 1 j
Adjourned till to-morrow evening.
Saturday evening, April 0. :
| The Convention met this evening at can- i
! f'l.> HfrhfcBnravcflAv Rev. W. Q. Beattie. i ,
o"?;--v The
minutes of yesterday were read.
The committee appointed to consider the I
practicability of appointing an agent in the j
temperance cause, submitted the following (
report. The committee appointed to inquire
into the practicability of employing an \
agent for this Convention, respectfully rc- j
port: That they believe ?pch an agency .
would greatly promote our objects. If tern,
i porance Societies were established in all our*
churches, still, the occasional visits of an~1
- Agent, would have a happy effect 011 their j ]
spirit and energy, and would be a means of I ]
preventing that relaxation of effort, which
lias been but too common in our Societies. 1
But when it is recollected that there are ]
churches and neighborhoods within our li- ]
mils, where temperance societies do not ex- 1
. ist; where the Public mind is not informed 1
* ' - 1
on this subject, they can conceive of no bet- ! j
ter means to awaken public attention, and to ]
impart information, than the employment of
an intelligent and active Agent. Did our
resources admit ofit, they would recom,
mend the employment of such an agent at
once, who should visit alt our societies and
churches, and by lectures and public addresses
on the subject of Temperance, j
. stir up the Societies to more active dili
1 genceand assist in the formation ofnewSoci- j
1 eties. This course would give a new impulse ;
! to this great work of reforming the habits and \
i morals of Society. But as we may not be j
{ prepared at present for this measure; they |
' j recommend that the Convention accept the j
-- -----? - C 1.. nrrnrifo tulnn ni n\T I">f? i
. i SCTVICUS Ol \UUinuiiy ug^mo, <.uu ? |
| disposed to devote a part of their time to this j
j important object. In conclusion, they would i
I express the hope that some of our members,!
! who possess the information and the ncces"j
sary qualifications, would make tlie experii'ment,
ancj by the next meeting ofConvenj
tion, we shall be prepared to determine
on the practicability and advantages of this j[
i measure.
j The same committee reported, that they j
. \ had discharged the duty assigned them of
.! requesting a copy of Mr. WilkinAddress
j for publication;?that they had obtained a
| j copy and placed it in the hands of the Sec- j
*, I retary.
, i Resolved, That the proceedings and ad-1
11 dress of this njecting be published in pamph11
let form, and tnat a committee be appointed !
; to attend to this object:?Committee, I. P. i
| Wilson, S. B. Wilkins, T. E. Mcfver, I)r. j
r i T. Dargan, and T. P. Lido. i
! Resolvedfurther, That copies of the pro- j
]. ccedings and address be furnished the Kdi-:
tor of the Cheraw Gazette and Southern
Baptist, with a request that they in.iert.thcm
in their papers,
Resolved, That any friends of temperance
present, not members of this Body,
be invited to a seat with us.
Resolved, That this Convention bail
with pleasure the proffer of their services
from members of this Body as voluntary agents
in the work of extending the Tempo. ^
ranee reformation. ;
They regard it as a token of good, as c- i
udcnce of increasing interest in the subject, 1
tnd of the" certainty of complete ultimate
Messrs. S. B. Wilkins and 1.1). "\\ ilson
laving offered their services to the Conven- '
ion as voluntary agents in the Temperance :
eformatioh, voted unanimously the thanks Convention
to these gentlemen for so
Resolved, That the Socit .t es composing 1
hi* Convention be requested to report at the \
icxt meeting in regard to the principles up- ,
>n which they act, whether'they have adop- J
cxJ the principle of total abstinence from all
ntoxicating drinks, or only from Ardent 1
Spirits. "
Resolved, That the Secretary be request- ]
id to communicate to the Societies the u10ve
resolution. ... -.
Adjourned with pravcr by the President. *
Tno. P. Lide, SccrctarjFro teni.
In this Town last weak:
Ther. r r
5i?ifaivw 1
_! : *
Ion. 22. 6Gj72l74 f :- I E- c
'aes.t'G. 6G 73 80 \ s- *"
IVrl. 27. 70:79!h{) 1 w.
'ifur 28. 74 80 82 " U w- |
ri. 29.72 80 82 " \* ?*. '
>ut. 30. 74 80 82 44 I
I I H . I i t
A NUMBER of individuals of this town
nd neighborhood have paid between $700
lid $800 for Sunday school books and Dligious
Tracts, and have thus established
lose Depositories which are intended to be '
These books and tracts are sold at cost "
nd charges, without any profit, to all who
,-ill buy, and the money reinvested hi books "
f the same kind, and thus the supply is always
kept up. The books are sold at the
nine prices that they are sold at the Deposijrics
by retail in New York and Philadel
bia. * ~ I
These books and tracts inculcate that
arm of truth and doctrine in which chrisians
are agreed generally; and have noth- i
ngsectarian in them ; and thus are calcula- i
ed to supply the wants of christians of every j
ivangelical denomination.
The Depositories are at the Book Store
tnd are kept and attended to free of charge
ir expense.
Op' The following Periodicals devoted to
Vgriculture arc received in exchange at this
jliice, and file^ of them kept in the bookitorc,
which Planters are invited to call and
examine with a hope that for their own increst
they may be induced to subscribe.
The Southern Agriculturist, published
nonthlv in Charleston, S. C. at five dollars
)er annum.
The Farmer .and C!ah&?neb, successor j
o the American Farmer, published weekly j
11 Baltimore at five dollars j)cr annum.
The Cultivator, published monthly iu
Vlbany, N. V. at fifty cents per annum.
The Western* Farmer, published
uonthly in Cincinnati, Ohio, at one dollar
ier annum.
The Monthly Gexessee Farmer, pubished
at Rochester New York, price fifty
zenfs per annum.
Tennessee Farmer, published monthly
n Jonosborough, Tennessee, at one dollar
>cr annum.
Beef in market lb 2 10
Bacon ?> 1300 150?
bv'retail, lb 14 15
Butter Jb 20 25
llama lb Beeswax
1" ' *?'
Ba"<nn<r y*rd
Bale rope lb 11 1~?
ColTce lb 14 lb
L-otton lOOlbs 1300 1800
[;orn bushel 00 60
flour from waggons brl ToO 8 00
Northern,. brl J00
Feathers from waggou? ?b 3o Jb
Hides green lb *>
dry lb 10
rron 1001b? -150 5o0
Indigo lb J5 250
Lime cask 3..0 _
Lard |b J3 . };'
Leather sofe lb ~?j
fiCad bar Jb 8 J
Logwood iU
Molasses ?al ?
Nails cut assorted lb 'i ^
wrought lb 20
Oats bushel -10 00
Oil curriers Kal ' *
lamp '
linseed 13iJ
Paints white lead lifi? 350
Spanish brown lb
Peas, 100 112fi
pork brl 000 0000
Kic3 lOOIbs 400 500
Shot, Bag 200 2 50
? lb 10
Sugar l'J 14
Salt ck 240 275
salt bush
Steel American blister lb ]0
English do 11> p.
German lb lb
Tallow 1J> J
Tea imperial * lb 1-^ J*>liyson
lb To 100
Tobacco-manufupturcd lb ? "U
Window glass 8 x 10 50ft 3lo 3__
b 10 x 12 350 3<->
It will lie perceived that there is an improvement
in tho price ot Cotton since our last.. o
mucli brought in, but a prime article wou we
think command 18 cants; though tiie highes pr
given to-dav was 17.75
On Wednesday the 27th Steamer Atalanta,
for Georgetown to Moecs Tuttie.
Checks on New York,
For stuns under ?200 $1.00
For sums of and over $200 ?} per ct
Chec!^ on Charleston,Columbia and Fayettcville,
For suras under $200 50 cts
44 44 of 8:200 iprct.
Charleston, April 27,
Cotton*.?On Monday and yesterday prices
have ranged from 15 to ID cents, at which latter
prices, prima qualities were disposed of, although (
n one or two instances a selection brought some- ;
what more. The reduction from former prices, 't
particularly for inferior and niiddlingqualities is ,
tVoin xj to cents. (
Fayctlcville, April 28. 1
Bacon, 12$; Coffeo, 11 a 15; Cotton, new 15$ ]
a 10; Corn, So a 90; Flour, $C$ a 7; Iron, 5 a G; j J
Molasses, 48 a 50: Sugar, brown 13$ a 14; Lump J
25; Loaf, IS a 120; Salt, 55 a 70; Cotton Bagging, 1 <
2o a 3J. 11
CincAnnatti, April, 13. '
Flour.?A considerable improvement has been [ .
realized in this staple siuce our last report, in j '
xonsequence of an increased export demand in J
M.Orleans. Holders are now f.rm in their de- j ^
stands of $G,25 per bbl. which is advance ofiul- j J
!y 75cts.
Lard.?Onr quotations for this article remain i
i U? ?/, 1, /> /.<V.rn 10 i /? ?S f)Art /lllll 1 1
.iiu auiiiu uo uciuwirwAt/y 3 w#.
Pittsburg, April, 19.
Flour 5. 25: "Wheat 90: Bacon 11 a 12$': (
Lard 12$:
Georgetown, April, 20.
Flour.?There lias been a better domand for
lour since our last report, and prices arc some- .
ivhat liettor, the sales of pood brands have been
irincipully at $G.62$. H'e alter our quotation to ;
i.GO a G7U.
Grain. IVhcat continues to sell at 1.37. Corn
s searcc and wanted at 75 ctg., for white and yclow.
Oats 45 a 4e*.
Liverpool, March 18.
Cotton Market.?The business done thi* week (
s extensive, at a further improvement of * J. per
>ound on American descriptions; other kinds v
joiug olf freely at very full prices. The market j a
doses healthy and with a decided lirm opinion. j1
To Printers. ts
Wanted at this office as Foreman, an J
:fficicnt and active printer, who when occasion
requires, can do press work or compo.
iition. A religious man would be preferred,
tnd none need apply without unquestionable .
estimonials of good character. J
Attention Cheraw Light In- '
fantry. {
?7" OU are hereby notified to appear at the usu- c
JL at parade ground on Saturday the 7th of <
Vlay, at ten o'clock A. M., armed and equipped t
La the law direfcts, and in full Summer Uniform.
By order of Capt. M.vllov,
May 3, *25 It. J
* <
THE Copartnership in businoss conducted
by the Subscribers, under tho firm of L\?osTF.
McKay, will expire on tlio first day of
lune next. All persona having demands against
die firm are requested to present them for payment
previous to that time, those* indebted will
please liquidate their accounts by cash or notes
Ku tho first of June.
D. L. McKAY.
Cheraw, May 3, 25 4t*
Family Medicine Chests
"MTEATLY *fitted up with medicino of the
1. w best quality. For Sale by
May 3, 25 tf.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
ARE universally acknowledged to 1 .ve total Iv
ecliosed the pretensions of every ot. 'y,
^ 4
and superceded the necessity of every ot. . -ncdj
of treatment, wherever the aboro diseases aro
found to exist, as well as in enlargement of tbd
Spleen and in Jaundice.
Among the symptoms of Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaints, arc flatulency, sourness or burning !
in Iho stomach, melancholy, irritability, disa- '
grecable taste in the month ; great irregularity, of
appetite, which is sometimes voracious, and at
other times greatly deficient, thirst, fetidbreath,
nausea weakness of the stomach, acid eructations,
palpitation, drowsiness, irregularity of the bowels,
pressure on the stomach alter meals, pain in
tho he*J, dizziness or vertigo; confusion of inind,
attended with loss ofinemory,a gnayring in the
stomach when'empty, dullness, uflection ofsight |
and hearing, pain and weakness in the back, lan- j
guor, disturbed sleep, coldjfectand hands, tremor, !
uneasiness in the throat, cough, pain in the side j
or breast. Ac.
These medicines arc becoming known and valued.
Each box is accompanied with numerous Cor.
tificatcs from the highest sources of respectability.
The unrivaled success of the medicines, in curing
the above maladies has given them a reputation
which time only can destroy.
Those Pills need but a irial to recommend
They aro purely vegetable and well calculated
for tho removal of all Billious complaints.
They act specially upon the Liver, when in a
torpid condition, carrying off a large quantity of
bile, through tho influence of the excerncnt function,
which, if suffered to remain in tho system,
would produce either Jaundice, Liver Complaint,
Billious Fever, Fever and Ague, or some other
grievous bodily affliction. In all cases of torpor
of the bowels, they act like a charm'. In recent
cases of Dyspepsia, they are a certain cure. A/any
persons who wero subject to violent attacks
of sick head ache, have l?ecn much benefitted, and
several perfectly cured in a few wcekB by their
use. They are highly recommended as a preventive
and cure of Billious complaints. Persons?
who are subject to that distressing complaint,
seasickness, by taking a portion or two of them
1 ^ fbw dar? previous to embarking on board the
r c>.
vessel, will bo almost certain to escape k. jtomales
can use them at any period, without incurring
any risk. Persona going to sea, or to &
southern climate, should by all means tako some
of these Pills with them.?Their virtues will remain
unimpaired for years in any climate. No j
family should be without these Tills; a portion of
them, taken occasionally would bejthe means of
preventing much suffering from sickness. It is
from neglect of keeping up a regular peristaltic
action of the stomach and bowels, thus suffering
to be absorbed and mingled with the blood, anas,
similated fluids, that most diseases are produced,
i Dr. P. fee's confident that no person whogives
' these Pills & fair trial, will ever after feel willing
to be without them. The testimony of thou
- .f "ii ggggaageBBBW
sands speaking in the highest trims of their efficacy,
iiiijrht be added, but the very high lepnU.liou
Dr. P. has acquired as the inventor of tbo .
"Patent Vegetable Medicines Stomachica at B$?
putica" for tho cure of Dyspepsia ttM) Lifer*
complaints, is thought a bUlhcicnt gtutsanwo ta*
those wishing to make a trial tof their virtue*^
They contain not a particle of .Mercury, 09 anf"
ingrodicnt that does not act in harmony with
health and oppose disease.
Dr. P. wishes it distinctly understood, that
these Pills possess beneficial qualities independent
of their purgative effects * they are both ton!
ic and deobstrucnt, acting upon the secreting and
cxhalont functions ;tbus qtrcngtheniog the patient,
while they remove obstructions ?Medicines
which possess no other/ excepting cathartic
qualities, debilitate the pafieat, and their repeated
nsc lays the foundation of a long catalogue
of Chronic Diseases.
Dr. P. having been educated! under tho most
eminent American and European JVedieal pro.
feasors, and practised his profession teeny years
111 the South, where diseases of tbcrteost obstinato
character prevail, considers hunsel? well qualified
.0 judge 011 the naturo of dieo&sed incident to
warm climates. - % r
Prepared by Josctii Priestly ft 1 ijiMf. M *> r.
). c. p. m. at his Institution for the cOrtr-of obsti3
ate diseases, by means of vegetable remedies, No
i~'!) I.ibcrtyjstreet, New York, inventor*ad sole
proprietor." "Each box contains fort/Plfls. Price
30 Cents.
A fresh supply of the above Medicines, just received
and for sale by
T/iuxt 1 u'rcrrrpvPTT
i?UilLl i IT iikJlUUVUMi) A*
Choruw, .Vaj'3,1836, 25 6m. ' )
1 ' ?r,?
H(' DSON'8 Botanic Tincture for tho Teeth, 4
cures ihc Tooth ache, removes the Tartoly*'
Scurvy, &e. for Sole by
May 3, 25 tf.
For Sale,
ON Market and Green streets, 3 lots forming
a square on the corner,of three hundred feet,
villi a comfortable dwelling House with rooms
.ml four fire places, with several out building*,
ill in good repair with excellent water; deemed
o be in a healthy part of town. The lot* have
o:nc shrubbery and young fruit trees, and will bo
told 011 accommodating terms. .11 so would be glad
o hear of a purchaser for the J/ouses and lots at
Society Hill, belonging to Mrs. k\ C. Watson and
Hr.B. G. Barker.
April 22, 836, 24 tf.
PROM tho subecriccr on the 24th Jan. last, a
small sorrel horse MULE, with the anal
nule murks, not broke, about threeyeaz* old It
vas hoard from about Chesterfield C. H., and may
ro on towards Charlotte, N. C. Any wfnmicUon
oncoming the said mule will ba thankfully ft.,
icivcd, and all trouble and expense paid to tof ||
me who will stop the same, and forwerilJnibrma- ^ ?
ion to me, or to .Vr. Brown Bryan afCheraw.
Marlborough District, S.C.
The Charlotte N. C. Journal will insert tho
lboye throe limes, and send their account to this
jfllec for collection.
.March 26, 1836, 24 4t.
A NXOUNCES to his customers that ho ha*
iB. just received a very large and niHieaaiiy
complete assortment of seasonable GOODS,
which wet8 aelefclefl ny liiuism
and attention in New York. He therefore feels
confident that he is prepared to sell as low as ran
possibly be afforded in this market. He cordially
invites allto call and cxaiuino.. Merchants from
the country will finu it an object to call. Ho may
be found in about two weeks at his old stand on
Front Street. Among his Gooda is a great variety
of coloured print Muslins, Ginghams, Calicoes,
Swiss, Jaconet & plaid Muslins, black & collored
silk Jancy Hdkfs, Gloves, Stockings, Laces, Pa.
raeols, Linens, a large assortment of Gentlemen's
summer wear.
April 19, le3G. 23tf **'
Third Notice.
I Hereby forewarn any person or persons whatever
from trespassing in any way upon tar
lands, and especially from cutting or haujingtiiu'
ber of any kind off from any ]?art of said land, or
running any carriages through said land or any
part thereof, except opoa the public road.
The said land is bounded on-tbe~East by a tract
of land granted to Joshua Front, with a line
running from the waters of Whortlobery, nearly
a South course by the snake, pond, to the North
West corner of Mrs. Elierbes* land, called tho- I
Buck Spring tract; South by the same tract, I
East and South by the lands of'Obed and Wffliant I
Gu Hedge, A.Clarke and J. Lazarus; Norm by
linds of D. oore, J. G. Kelley, J. C. Coil and
Town Company.
April 19, r 23 3t,
TIIE Undersigned take the liberty of infamL'g
their customers and the public generally,
that they still continue to keep at their old
stand 9general assortment of
Dry Goods, Hats, Shoes, Groceries, Hollow waro
Hardware and Cutlery, Waggon Boxes
Blacksmith's Tools, Axes, Spades and tfhoveu,
Soap, Candles, Cheese I
Bugging, Bale Ropo and Ttfine I
with most other Articles kept for sale in tfcia mar- I
ket, all of which tiiejr will sell low rot cash or I
country produce. { ^ I
We take this opportunity of wishing all our I
customers a lwppy- new year; but particularly I
those whojnay call -<ooa and settle their accounts,. I
as they thereby will moke the new year ploasaht I
to us. J. & C.POWELL. I
Che raw, Jan. 4,163$. I
- * ' "* ? ?2?f?g*?^
THE fcrllowinganioDgmany otfiers infy I
be had at the RookrSiorc at moderate pn-. I
Joscphus :B
Rollin'a Ancient History
(ribbon's Rome
Russel and Jones' Modern Europe
Robertson's Works I
Botta's Italy
Hume, Smollct and Miller's England
Mcintosh's Englaed
~c <vi
Marsluiu s .uuu 01 ?? vu^vw
Writings of Washington, by Sparks H
Frankfin^s Works, m two vdluhlcs H
Wcem's Life of Franklin H
John Jay'a Life and Writings - 'H
Book of U. & Constitutions
Scott's Napoleon
Rayner's Lite of Jcfterson
Sketch of the U. States hy a Russian I
Comparison of England and America
Comparison of North aiMfSontk.Aiperica I
Sketches of Turkey by on Arasrican ^
Schoolcraft's Discovery of the sources of
the Mississippi
Cohen's Four Years & Great Britain
Ship and Shore, by afchaplain of the U. S^
Navy *
Goldsmith's Animated Nature, with plates I I
Good's Book of Natiiro MH
Locke's Essay Foster
on Deciaon of Character
mi r f?i?

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