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low i 11 ?
^MHHHBH^^pP^prBcdell [ofthe
^f^HB^HHPR^Tu'itli what fidelity and tenderness
B '- the most delicate and trying duties
devolve upon the Christian pastor
"My dear Friend,?Ilad I tlits morning
received the mclannioly intelligence
of the deatlt of some near relative, it could
not prove so oppressive to mv feelings as
something which I have this morning
heard in relation to yourself, and something
which I can scarclv yet bring myself
k> believe. Can it be possible, that
you suffer yourself to be enticed to the
theatre?and is it possible that you have
permitted a ball at your house, nud or. an
evening too, when I had been accustomed
to-sec you in the house of Cod?
I did not believe these things, because
you fully knew my views on all these matters,
and as far as my recollection serves,
uhvavg agreed with me, in their being
utterly inconsistent with the true Christian
profession. Ami I was still less inclined
fo believe these things, because it was
wily lately that you voluntarily mentioned
your dislike even to the ch;iructcr that
your musical parties had assumed. It is
utterly impossible for me to tell you the
sorrow which oppresses my heart, on the
eteption of this information?sorrow on
my own account, for I am selfish in my
grief, because there is not an individual
upon whom my confidence has been more
fully placed. Sorrow on your account,
l'?r how can these things he without an
abandonment of Christ, ana the prospect
?f eternal ruin as the consequence??Sorrow
on account of religion, for oh! how
many will stumble and fall over this
" stumbling block." If I could deny tbe
trutii of tiie information I would most
wrllingly do it with tears, and even write
r. i.i . i i i r
ji hi my uvvii uiouu. i kiiow peiiecuy
well that there may be such things as family
obstacles, in the way of the pleasant
discharge ol duty. Hut it is impossible
that any thing should oiler an excuse for
the departure from the line of Christian
"lie tlKitloveth father or mother, wife or
children, more than Christ, cannot be his
disciple ; and it is a Christain's duty at
hazards to rule his household after the precepts
of the Lord.
44 Oh, let me beg of you, mv dear
friend, to retrace those wandering foot- !
steps?to repent of this departure, and in !
*he deepest humility, to seek the pardoning
oftlu* Lord, and grace to be a decided ;
Christum. If you arc not willing to be !
on the Lord's side, I pray yen, for your i
soul's sake, do not add to a worldly j
course, the great condemnation of a i
Christian nrofcssion. (jive no the one or
- . lie other. The most dangerous of all
states is an attempt to unite the tw'o. 0]i, >
that f could hear you say, *' I will arise ;
> and goto my Father.'* For this, I will I
pray ; for who in this world do I love \
better than my friend and my benefac- j
tor ?
441 hope I hare not hurt your feelings. :
As a minister of God, under whose instrumentality
you made a profession of reli- j
gion, I have only discharged my duty,;
and discharged it faithfully, because I am
more attached to you than to any other, j
If you cannot purpose to adorn the doctrine
of Christ by a constant profession, j
God give me grace to mourn as one
mourns for llie dead. i
41 Vow afllictcd fricod, i
w G. T. BEDELL." !
From 14The Touchstone" by the. Ret. J. Fluid.
]. Li t it Ik4 your great object to have a j
hohj heart, a renewed and right spirit. All
lielps and directions will not preserve you |
from delusion and ruin, unless your heart is I
sanctified. Pray, therolbrc, with David, |
' Let my heart bo sound in thy statutes,:
that I hi; not ashamed."
2. Always suspect and examine your
rnds in what you do. As your aim and do- !
sign are, so are you. The intentions of.
the heart lie deep. The same action, done (
with a holy end, may be acceptable to God,
which, done with a corrupt design, he would j
abhor. A man of God, who was com- j
mended f?r a good action, replied. " The
work indeed is good, but 1 distrust the mo- ;
fives. Selfishness is liable to insinuate itself,
into the best actions/'
3. Regard hypocrisy as the most odious
sin in the sight of God and men. To have !
no holiness is bad enough ; but to pretend
it when we have it nut, is double impiety, j
To make religion a mere step to preferment j
and a Covert to wickedness?O how vile a j
tiling is it! God made Christ a sacrifice
for sin, and the hypocrite makes him a cloak
fur sin.
4. Let it be your constant endeavor to
mortify those lusts th/il breed hypocrisy.
Pride, vain glory, self-love, a worldly heart,
till' 11 IV .">W.1J5 H UIIJ IIIIO VU1 OlfV* j'lUiJk
springs up in the souls of men. Dig but to
the root, and you shall certainly lind these
unholy passions ; and till tlie Lord help you
to mortify them, hypocrisy will spring up in
all your duties.
5. Listen to the voice of conscience in
sickness and trouble. Murk its upbraidings
at such times, whether they be that you are
indulging some secret sin, or neglecting
some known duty. These upbraidings of
conscience will designate the corruptions in
which, probably, most lies your danger.
0. Away with all temporizing in religion;
be a Christian at heart, faithful to your Master
and true to yourself. Hold fast integrity,
whatever else you lose bv it. 0 let this always
be your rejoicing, which was Paul's,
' the testimony of your conscience, that in
simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly
wisdom, but by the grace of God, you
have had your conversation in the world."
Let your daily prayer and cry to God he
that of David, "Lot integrity and uprightness
preserve rne, for I wait on thee."
7. Keep your heart always under the
aicc of God's all-seeing eye. llemcmber he
beholds all your ways, and ponders all your
thoughts ; he will bring ' very secret thing
1 into judgment. Thus did Job, and it pre!
served him. Thus did Duvid, and it pre;
served him. Thus do thou also, ?'ind it will
I |>reserve thee blameless and without guile
! to the day of Chris! 1
' ????.?????
Merchant's Bank, S. C.
i .It Che raw, June 30 th, 163G.
i FV1HE Director* of this Hank have this day
JL declared a semi-annual dividend of six dolj
lars ]>cr share on the capital stock thereof, pay'
able to the stockholders or their legal rcprescn
i tatives, at their Hanking House, on or alter the
. 7th of July proxiina.
Hy order of the boardj
" W. (iODKREV, Acting Cashier.
THE Subscribers have this da} formed a ex>partnership
for the transaction of Mereani
tilo business in this place, under the name and
{ firm of J. Mallov A: Co. They now occupy
: the Brick Store at the corner of Front and Church
! streets. J. MALLOY,
! I'ltcraw, .luJy i, jc.jo.
[Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
; Aim universally acknowledged to have totally
eclipsed t he pretensions of every other remedy;
and superceded the necessity of every other mode
' of treatment, wherever the above diseasas are
; found to exist, as well as in enlargement of the
8]>lcrtt and in Jaundice.
i Among the symptoms of Dyspepsia and Liver
; Complaints, are flatulency, sourness or burning
in the stomach, melancholy, irritability, disa.
greealdc taste in the mouth ; great irregularity of
! appetite, which is sometimes voracious, and at
1 - - . , * 1 . / .Ml 41.
! other tunes greatly deiiojeni, nursr. icuu urcam,
| nausea weakness of the stomach, acid eructations,
j palpitation, drowsiness, irregularity of the how|
els, pressure on the stomach after meals, pain in
; the head, dizziness or vorligo; confusion of mind,
j attended with loss ofmcmory, a gnawing in the
i stornaeli when empty, chillness, attention of sight
I and hearing, pain and weakness in the hack, Ianj
guor. disturlwl sleep, eold feet and hands, tremor,
i uneasiness in the throat, cough, pain in the side
| or hreast, \ e.
These medicines arc becoming known and val|
| Kacli 1h)x is accompanied with numerous Cer(
tificates from the highest sources of respectability.
The unrivaled success of the mediriues, in cu
I ring tlu* above maladies has fiven them a reput.itiou
which time only can destroy.
These Tills need but a trial to recommend j
They are purely vegetable and well calculated j
fur the removal of ail Billions complaints.
They act specially upon the Liver, when in a ;
torpid condition, carrying off a largo quantity of !
bile, through the influence of tho excerncnt func- ;
tion, which, if suffered to remain in tho system, ;
would pnnJuce either Jaundice, Liver Complaint, ;
BHlious Fever, Fever and Ague, or some other
grievous bodily affliction. In all cases of torpor i
of the bowels, they act like a charm. In recent '
cases of Dyspepsia, they arc a certain euro. Many
persons wh?? were subject to violent attacks j
of sick head ache, have Iktii much benefitted, and
several perfectly cured in a few weeks by their ;
use. They are highly recommended as a pre von- j
tivo and cure of Miliums complaints. Persons
who are subject to that distressing complaint,
sea sickness, by taking a portion or two of them !
a few days previous to embarking on board the
vessel, will be almost certain to escape it. Females
can use them at any period, without incurring
anv risk. Persons going to sea, or to a
southern climate, should by all means take some
of these Pills with them.?Their virtues will re- !
main unimpaired for years in any climate. No'
family should be without these Pills; a portion of
them, taken occasionally would be the means of '
preventing much suffering from sickness. It is I
from neglect of keeping up a regular peristaltic '
action of the stomach and bowels, thus suffering
to bo absorbed and niimrled with the blood, unag
siiuilatcd fluids, that most diseases are produced. '
Dr. 1'. feels confident that no ]>orson who fives i
these Tills a fair trial, will ever after feel willing
to bo without Uiein. The testimony of thou- j
sands speaking in the highest trrms of their efti- t
cacy, might be added, but the very high reputa- ,
tion Dr. T. has acquired as the inventor of the
"Vat cut Vegetable Medici lift StomochicM et He- j
P'itictc," for the cure of Dyspepsia and Liver '
complaints, is thought a sufficient guarantee to ,
those wishing to make .a trial of their virtues. 1
They contain not a particle of .Vereury, or any!
ingredient that dors not act in harmony with !
health and oppose disease. I
Dr. P. wishes it distinctly understood, that ;
these Tills jiossess beneficial qualities indepen- !
dent of their purgative effects ; they arc both tonic
and deobstruent, acting upon the secreting and j
exhulent functions ; thus strengthening the pa- t
tient, while they remove obstructions?Mcdi- !
cines which possess no other, excepting cathar-;
tie qualities, debilitate the patient, and their re- j
peated use lays the foundation of si long catalogue
of Chronic Diseases.
Dr. P. having been educated under the most j
eminent American and European Medical pro.
lessors, and practised his profession many years
! ill the South, where diseases of the tnost obstinate |
eharaeter prevail, considers himself well qualified
I to judge on the nature of diecases incident to
' warm climates.
Prepared by Joseph Priksti.y Peters, m. p. r.
i b. c. r. m. at his Institution for the cure of obsti!
nate diseases, by means of vegetable remedies, Xo
123 Liberty street, New York, inventor and sole
proprietor. Each bo.x contains forty l'ills. Prico
i 5U Cents.
A fresh supply of the above Medicines, just re1
ccived and for sale l?v
CheTaw, May 3,183t>, 2."> dm.
For Sale.
i Ilhds Molasses, 20 Barrels of Northern
Flour, b Tiercies of Rice, and a Pole
! Boat. Apply to
27tf* ' A. MUIRHEAD & Co.
Weeding J Iocs.
j DOZEN Weeding Hoes, just received,
! JL also on hand a few barrels Irish l'otu
i toes, for sale by
March 21, 1S3<>.
flu tier's Effervcsscnt .Tuitmsian Aperient,
RECOM ENDED by the, medical Faculty
for Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Nervous
; Dcbilitv, Aciuitv of Stomach, Ac. for sale by
! March 23, lt<3G.
Just received at the books store the following
' ftmonc others?Calvin on Romans, Hodge on
! Romans, life of Calvin, McLaurin's essays on
happiness*, Hood's better covenant, The nature of
' conviction of sin, and conversion illustrated in
i the narratives of the eon vers! n of - rninent chris
tiir:s. \>\ f >r. Il'imrhrcVs.
: To sleep, or not to sleep, ay, there's the scratch! , ~f|
! Whether 'tis nobler in man, to sutler EL
1 The sting1 anil bite of the outrageous Brd Hun; > .T2 I!
j Or to step into Her/ky's and buy a Steamer, . 28 h
| And by scalding, end them 7 -'!> '1
Afc. *^?8*1 The public arc informed that _ -j|
^1C a^ove mentioned Strum, j
JA ers can be had at the Tin Shop
! jFy y/ anJ for exterminating Bed ,
' Hugs they are superior to any j
They arc made so that, no f
accident can possibly result in
using tlieuj. Call and ser. A
ChcrawMavI, -10 7t. Pea
1 ing<
Classical & English School.
' FH11IK undersigned will commence a school of
.1 the above description in Camden on the I
' first Thursday in July next. ( j,
! Terms of Tuition per session of five months,
( Strict attention will l?c paid to the morals and
conduct of their pupils ut all times?discipline *~
will be strict and prompt, but parental. "
1. - . 1 ? tn ] <
j l urcius aim guuriuun:*, m<y .? j
; commit their children or wards to tlicir care, will - ' '
! apply as carl v as practicable, to Jno. A. Bingham. i
f May, 7 ?tf M.
! ' will
j XV* AS now completed its first fix months of I,
j JIX publication, and the publishers offer the
j following works in the testimony of the fulfilI
inent oft he promises made to the pubiie in tlie
j original prospectus.
I.ife of Sir Junes Mackintosh, by his son.
J Kincaid's Rifle Brigade. (
Characteristics of llindostan, hv Miss Roberts. cr" .
; One in a Thousand, hy CI. 1'. R. James. 1
j Rienzi, hy K. L Bulwer.
( Random Recollections ofthc House of Commons j
i The Second Volume has commenced with Se- I X t
j lections from The Dramas of Joanna Baillus, and I X
J Crimes, or Posthumous Records of a London J 10
Clergyman?a work resembling in style, and 10
i supposed to be by the same author, as the cclc- 6
bratcd Tales from the Diary of a Physician. 'I
The First Volume can be had separate, with- 1500
1 out subscribing to the work, upon the remittance Cott<
J of ?2 50 to the publishers. A go
The Library is published weekly, containing
Twenty imperial octavo pages, and tho Literary | v v.t
' Advertisr, which accompanies it, four pages, and cii
is bound up at the end of every volume:?Price Suga
i per annum, in advance, 85.. *?i
Address, E. L. CAREY & A. HART. Croc
[ Or, LOUIS A. (iODEY. Cu
Philadelphia. on C
1 n.rnBixo. New
' .1 remittance of Live Dollars will command
the first volume of the Library and tho Marrvatt Cii
Novels, complete in S numbers, containing Peter ;
Simple?Jacob Faithful?Pirate & Threo Cut- *
tcrs?King's Own?Newton Forester?Pacha of
Many Tales?and Japhct in Search of his Father
' ?or
First Yoluino of Library or Lady's Rook. f
The Silk Guitarist. I
AND FA R MER'S 51 A SUA I,. #|'
Published monthly by the Executive Commit- .. <
tco of tho Hartford County Silk Society, at 50
cents per annum. \oiumcsi. ana 11. I whe
THE object of this publication is to disscnii- i j
nato a thorough knowledge of the Silk busi j" , j,
ness. The cultivation of the Mulberry Tree in 0'n^|,
all varieties?rearing Silk Worms?the produc- ccs ^
tion of Cocoons?reeling and manufacturing
Silk, and Dyeing the same. The publication |
will contain a complete manual of the Silk Cul- |
ture from sowing the seed to preparing for mar- 1
ket?Sewing Silk and Twist?and will keep the j
Culturist advised with regard to the progress of I
the enterprise?the formation of Societies and I A '
Companies. Enactments of legislatures for the ! a*,
promotion of the object, and facts, and cxperi- j cornp
incuts of individuals. It will also contain choice , whiel
articles on new and interesting subjects connect- 1 and a
cd with agriculture. | cor.jii
The Ct'LTt'aisr was commenced in April last t possil
?and there arc now published Fire Thousand , invito
Copies monthly, with a rapidly increasing circu. j the ci
lation. Arrangements have been made to furn- j 1k? foi
ish the First volume to those who make early a p. j Fron
iplication for the Second. Earth Voluino will ; of co
contain ninety-six quarto pages. One dollar Swiss
forwarded to F. G. Comstock, Secretary, Hart- silk 1
ford, Conn, free of expense will pay for both vo- rasoh
1 nines or fifty cents for the latter. The second suinu
Volume commenced tho first of April. No sub- A[
scriplion received unless paid in advance.
Knowing tho great difiiculty of obtaining, ge- I
nuiuc Seed at a distance, tho Secretary of the . .
Society will forward White Italian Slulhcrry ! 11 ?
. i ... _ , ..t r i mom
csera jor luuu l rces, xo inosc wno are suuscn- i ..
hers to tho First Volunto and order the Second 1CC *
nnd to such as subscribe for both Volumes before R
the first of July next. !l
Newspapers copying the abore trill be entitled
to the second volume.
Hartford, Conx. April, I83G. I *
For Sale. | J
THE proprietor of that valuable Plantation, j <
known by the name of Summcrjlcld, situa- ]
ted in Hinds County, Mississippi, on Baker's <
Creek, being desirous of turning his attention to i ]
other pursuits, offers forsalc that desirable proper- ' ]
ty. The Tract of Land contains eight hundred j (
acres?tho quality of the soil is very superior? Ap
the whole tract having been entered at an curly |
period. Almost the entire tract of land is sus
ceptiblo of cultivation without any inconvenionce.
Oulv about fifty acres is thin soil, and j
that is the mast valuable part of the tract?it be. t
ing delighrfqlly situated for a building spot and |
settlement. Baker's Creek runs through this j Til) a
1 tract, and consequently a large portion of it is about
i rich Cane Bottom land, and tho remainder Cane three
: llill land. From the Hills flow forth many fine fortal
' springs. The RailIload from Yicksburg toClinton ?ng9 '
' runs within half a mile efthis place. It tsdis- can a
i tant front the former town 2j, from the latter I"> Dadli
Tiding and is in the the immediate vieinitv of sorib<
; Amsterdam. The settlement in which this land |
; is situated is considered remarably healthv. | M?
I Within one mile of the place is a Baptist church, i
I within 8 miles are two .Methodist churches and j
; within 3 miles are two Presbyterian churches. At B
! all"?!* these churches the Black population is fa. I .
( vored with the preaching of the gospel. Three an c
; Temperance Societies exist in the vicinity.
There is no grog shop within several miles, none
; sufficiently convenient to contaminate the inor- ^
j als,and injure the negroes. The improvements of
! the place consist oftwo hundred and fifty acres B
j open Land, a Gin, See. I
With this land would be sold, (to a gentleman '
! who would treat his slaves humanely) from 10 1
to 2."> working hands. Also all the stock j h
of horses, cows Sec. and the planting uten- j
! sils. There is a growing erop cf 1x10 acres cot. ?
1 ton. together with corn oats Sec. which would he i
j sold with the place ifdesired, and immediate pos!
sestiong give at any time, _ ;
j Any reasonable credit will ho g;ven, but
prompt payments would cause the price to be
much reduced. A liberal bargain will be given. F|1
Address the subscriber at JL
Amsterdam: Mississippi, ceive
12. Oons
The Publishers of the Charleston Observer, Se assor
: Ciiristian Index. Washington,Ga.,will please give Hani
J this three insertion, and forward their bill, to- Pe
! gcther with a paper containing the abovo ad- wouli
| vcrt!s_?meiit,'o mo at Amsterdam, Mississippi.
0 Bundles Northern Hay, H
20 Brls Northern 1 lour, fl
!rl* Country Flour, an
[ogs Family Loaf I/trd, \ C<
'ierecs Hi,'1, ; an
Idds Molasses, j pr
ipr. -JO Saw Cotton (Jin, ! a?
iegs Nails,
Idds Sugar, it 00 Bags CofThe,
For Sale bv
I). L. MCKAY. I mo
20, 32-3 '
Administrators Notice. ?
LL persons indebted to John H. Craig late 01
. of Chesterfield Court Houso, deceased, will ' w
se make immcdiato payment, and thoso hav- | "
:laims against the estate will present them, j
llv authenticated, without delay, to either of
Subscribers at Chesterfield Court House.
ACNES N. CRAIG, Admn'rx.
HUGH CRAIG, Admn'r. ; melt,
l*3f>. 32-4 t
For Sale. i l
hit: House and Lot in Front Street, nearly |
opposite the l'ost Office, now occupied as a f
? Store.
or particulars apply at this Office,
me 28th, " 33 tf.
? ; hi
Notice. i"
I ol
| UK subscriber has furnished himself with '
a first rate carraige and pair of Horses and jj
run them between this place and George11
wicc a week during the summer, and three j
s a weok through the winter. s
ynehosi Creek 15th .Tunc, 1836. 33?3. ^
Law Notice. ?
if ill practice in Copartnership in tholes
w Courts of i,aw and hhpiity, of the north- j lc
['ircuit. | w
iera\v, May 10, 32 tf. i I>
j W]
In htorc and r or halo. $
riECES Heavy Ilcmp RagCases
fine Drab and Black Hats, __
Ditto Drab and Black Sattin Beaver,
Ditto Wool,
Ditto Vabn Leaf, i
Prs. Sl?ocs, embracing all sizes and qualities, Jt
on Osnaburgs and Cotton Yarn,
nerul assortment of well selected Dry Goods;
A lso ?
>od Stock of Ilardwure and Cutlery, cmbralg
almost every article in that line,
ir, Co lice, Salt, Iron, Steel, Molasses, Stone
me and old Wines, ^
kery and Glass Ware.
ish paid for Cotton and lil>cratadvances made
ntton left for sliipmont to Charleston or
icraiv, S ('., Junel, 31 tf.
nmpound Chlorine Tooth W us.h,
1>R preserving the Teeth and Gums, and
cleansing the mouth, for sale bv
(reli'33,183G. *
>IIN EVANS & Co respectfully inform *
their friends and the public generully, that J[
have removed to a Store recently fitted up at,
out street, opposite Lacostk & McKay's, * ^
c, willi an enlargement of their stock of j*UJ
s, they will be prepared to suit customers tjl(
mercantile articles adapted to this niurket
e most favourable terms, and to givo fair pri- suj
)T country produce.
craw,May 31st IMG '20 tf. Jcc
Goods. S
D. II McAllN ' <rr<
XXOI'XCES to his customers tliat lie has ; hci
just received a very large and unusually
letc assortment of seasonable GOODS,
li were selected bv himself with much care j vyi!
Mention in New York. He therefore feels i Ac
iviit tllilt ho prepared to sell as low as can J sin
ilv be afforded in this market, ilo cordially the
autocall and examine. crchants from 1
ountry will rind it an object to call. He may ?
ind in about two weeks at his old stand on
t Street. Among his floods is a great variety -<w
loured print muslins, Ginghams, Calicoes- ^
?, Jaconet ?!C plaid muslins, black & colored, SCJ
ancy Hdkfs, Gloves, Stockings, Laces, l'a- j j10
?, Linens, a large assortment of Gentlemen's ; jwj
ler wear. ea
>ril 10, 1h3G. S.ltf 8tQ
IIE Subscriber wishes to purchase for cash
a few iikclv negroes. Those from eight to ahl
' years of age would be preferred. Any comcation
ou the subjoct through tiie Post Office Ea
;d to Bonnettsviilo will meet attention. 30l
nnoltsrille 5th May, 183fi, 2(5 tf.
Negroes lor Sale.
Tohn, coxwain and pilot, nia
Harry, prime boat and field liand, Sr'
KdwarJ, boat and field hand,
Hannah, his wife, good house servant and i
field hand, J jv1[Iannah,
good house servant, j J.10
?uy, prime shoemaker, :,ia
fleeter, a shoemaker, |
.'oehnin, boat hand,
Ved, field and boat hand,
Ben, prime do be;
."yrus, do ma
ply to A. M UIRIIEAD & CO. Hi
'arch 29, -20//" wl
1 Iin
Land For Sale.
1IE Subscriber offers for Sale, his planta
tion in .Marlborough Lhstrict, containing vQ.
cres prime Cotton and Corn land, having ^ j
, 250 acres under cultivation. It is situated
uniles from the Court House and has a comjle
dwelling house and necessary out buildupon
it. l'crsons desiring to purchase it, ^
sccrtain tho terms hv applying to C. W. g
cy at Marlborough C. House, or to the Sub- te*t
2r himself on the premises.
iv 23d. 29 tf. _
? ___ ___ na
HE subscribers have established themselves >c
in the above line of business in Cheraw vo
iftcr their services to its citizens.
G. BAZENCOl'RT, &i CO. ;
eraw, S. Jan. 2ti. va
(eckwithN Aliti-Dixpeplic Pills. ?*
HIS valuable medicine kept constantly on
hand, and for sale by
irch 1. 16tf
family Medicine Chests if*1
EATLY fitted up with medicine of the fU|
best quality. For Sale by au
May 3. 25 tf. oli
New Goods. c.'
HE Subscriber Respectfully informs his sai
friends and the public, that he has just re* ex
d his del
isting of a very general and well selected nci
tment of Groceries, Hats, Shoes, Crockery, he
ware, and Cutlery. Also, Paints, Drugs &.c, 21
rsons wishing to purchase in this market, 4i
i do well to call and see. ne
iv, 17th tf- 1 c,
I ?
jPOLICIKS will be issued upon Buildings, 1
Merchandise in Storo, and on the river to I
d from Charleston and (ieorgetown; also on 1
)t.tou in store. Pers' s living in tho country 1
id town? adjacent by giving a description of their '
ojKirty, can liavo it insured against loss or dam- '
;e by tire. 1
* P. S. ITARLLEE, Agent at Cheraw, for <
Insu. Co. of Columbia, S. C.
April 10,1830. 20tf.
rA.MES II. Martin, one of the firm of James i
H. 3/artin & Co. of Wadcsboro' N. C. died
i the first instant. The business oftho concern
ill for tho future bo conducted by T. & J. M
>'addill. !
SlHVrVTNO Partnf.ks. !
Wadcsboro* N. C. .Tunc If., 1836. 32-3
SlieriiKs Sales. j;
On H n't* of Fieri Facia*.
IM/* ILTj be sold on the tirst Monday and tho j,
WW day following in July next, boforo tho j ourt
House, within the legal hours, tho follow- f ]
iff property, viz: I
One Lot in 1 ho Town of Chcraw, on front (
trect, No.218, one hundred feet front and two ;
mdrcd und eighty feet deep, levied on as the ]
ropcrty of Francis Wilson deceased, at the suit ,
'John Tuylorjr. assignee of Joseph Ellcrbc, j
i. Richard Phelan administrator of F. Wilsou .,
jceascd. !i
10 head of Cattle, 30 head of hogs, 15 head of ]
icep, two t>eds and furniture levied on as the opcrtv
of Abel D. Fundcrburk at the suit of C. ,
. Jlunlv, Amos I>eason and others, vs. A. B. |
underburk. O'Tlic above property of A. B. {
underburks will be sold at his house on tho se. I i
>nd day of Sale. I i
Also will he leased for tho Taxes for a term not 1
receding1 seven years 550 acres of land more or J,
ss belonging to Thomas Johnson, lying on the
aters of Kocky Creek adjoining the lands of
unenn Campbell, J. Dinkins and others at the i
lit of the State, vs. Thos. Johnson, T#x and C ost
5 Terms Cash?purchasers will pay for (
lieritf's Titles.
ALFRED M. LOWRY, Sheriff, C. D.
Sheriff's Ollicc, June 9, tf. j
For Sale. I
LGOOI) SULKEY and first rate Ilurness. i
Apply to [!
March 8. 17tf
respectfully informs his ,
friends and customers, that ho
has received his Stock of
and is prepared to meet the '
wants of the Public in any 1
article in his line of business.
February 9th, 183S. 13tf. 1
Works on Baptism, !}
At the Book Store. ! t
)N the Baptist side, Carson and Cox ; on the t
IVdo-Baptistside, 3/iller and Fowler.
A Tutoress Wanted, 1
"S the Femalo Academy at Marlborough C.
. Mouse, to take charge of the same on the 2d c
onday in July next. A salary of $400 will be : 8
re 11 payable quarterly. Applicants required to J ^
nisli testimonials of competency to instruct iu r
; useful and ornamental branches of female 0
ication. Communications addressed to the ^
)scril>cr, Secretary, before the first Monday j ^
July will be promptly attended to. The Trus- i
stake this occasion to express their sincere I
'ret 1 hat Miss Richards is compelled from a due ' (
jard for her health to relinquish the charge of
s Institution, which she has hitherto kept with j,
?at credit to herself, and cniiro satisfaction to 4
r employers. 1
C. W.DUDLEY, Secretary. 3
P. S.?The Tutoress in addition to her salary \
11 bo allowed to reccivo the proceeds of the
udemy over and above the sum of #100, if there 7
>uld be any. The election will take place on y
! 20th of Juno. C. W. D. \
Renncttsville, May 22, 27 tf.
Mucklejohn, Jr., v
"M7" ILTi continue to stand the ensuing Sprinjj j
finrl T?all ?>nKnTTfl.it tlie tit.ihln of the sub. I ^
iber in Statcburg, where, until further notice, 1
may at all times times l>c found?his owner I
ng unwilling to have him placed beyond the
,ch and tree access, at all times, of his own ^
l'ho terms for tho Spring season aro ?30 pay0
1st October, or 23 dollars cash, sent with
1 mare, and one dollar to the groom in all cases. | s
11 season to commcnco 1st August, and end ill
November, at ?30, payable 1st of December,
?25 cash, &.c. as above. In all eases, either a
: money or a note will be expected when tho ^
ire is sent. 1
Any one individual putting and paying for four 0
res, will be entitled to tho season of a fifth
itis. ^
Mares sent from a distance will be well fed and ? '
ended to at thirty.ono and a fourth cents per <*
y, and servants boarded gratis. Every precaun
used to provent accidents or escapes ; but no ' 8
bility. Good rye and other pasture provided J
those who wish gTccn food. b
His dam was by Hugh Wileyh* Marske, the
;t son of imported Diomed, out of a Medley j,
ire; grand dam by John CraggV imported r
ghflyer, son of the great English Highflyer, ^
io was never beaten, and never paid forfeit,
iportcd Highflyer was bred by the Duke of St.
bans?dam by Svphon, out of young Cade's ^
tor?sire of Leo boo, and other good runners.
cc Tuttcrsall's certificate, &c. Turf Kcgister, c
I. 1, pago 576?vol. 2, page 375?vol. 4, page ^
. See also English Stud Book, vol. 1, pages v
5, 211 462.) His great grand dam was by
irk Jntony, dam by Br ndon, ho by Aristot,
dam by imported Janus. (See Turf Regis- 11
, vol. 5, pago 442.) His g. g, grand dam by 8
mcs'Wddair; g. g. g. grand dam by impor- J
1 Fear-naught. e
He was sired by Mucklejohn, Sen., now in 8
ntucky, who was by Sir Archy, out of Belo- ?
, she by Bell Air, he by imported Medley,
ce Turf Register, vol 3, No. 6, Fobruar v, 1832. e
o also Bell Air, best son of imported Medley, i
1. C, page 125.] The pedigree of Sir Archy, ]
io was by Dioined, out of imported Castianra, ^
! reputation and that of his stock, and all the {
rious branches oi'thc families connected with i
iicklcjohn, Jr., arc so well known to breeders
Blood Horses, that we deem it unnecessary
pursue the subject further, and shall prooecd *
give his "
Mucklejohn, Jr. was partially trained in the j n
1 of 1830, then 3 year.s old ; but only suffered p
rim sufficient to test his speed and to try hia 'I
lure promise. Fully trained tho next season,
d on the 12Gth of October, 1831, he won the _
ekcy Club purse, $80, at Pineville South Car- ,
na, two mile heats?beating Col. Richardson's
f. Lapruello, 4 years old, and. Col. Sinkler's ^
Van Buren, same age. (Time not stated? .
d to he very quick.) After this race he was P
orciscd with an unmanageable filly, who* in 11
fianco of the elForts of inir rider, constantly r'
)k the lead, by which means lie soon became s
customed to look lor a leader, and to stop when
saw nothing in advance of him?and on the
of December, 1831, on the Statcburg Course
nilc heats, purse $300, ran into tho crowd 8
ar the Judge's stand at the close of the third P
lo, while far in adanvanec oiVol Sinklcr's br.
Van Buren, Col. Mycr's s. m. Lady Dec:- ' 1'
pond, and Mr. R. Adam's gr. c. Cuffee; and
though he again got on the track and won the
beat, he was ruled out by the Judges?and on
the next day, 22d, three inile heats, purse $200,.
was again ruled out, from crossing a corner of
the track, while more than 200 yards in advance
of Mr. Adam's s. c. Sally Bailey, by Murat, and
one other not now recollected.
On the 23d, two milo heats, purse $111, he
was run with a blind bridle, and won with gre^t
ease, hand in hand. (These races never before
On the 12th of January, 1832, he won the
Jockey Club purse, $215, at Columbia, S. C.,
two mile heats, beating Col. R. Adam's Tapsalai.
by Crusader, Col. Wm: R Johnson's Annette,
by Sir Charles, Jfr. Rive's Sonrcrout, by
Rob Roy, and Mr. Woodward's Water Witch
by do. Time 3 min. 5G sec.?1 mip. 4 sec.?'
Turf Register, vol. 3, page 31G.)
On the 2Gth January, same year, he won the
Jockey Club purso. $400, at Camden, four mile
heats, over an exceeding rouh and hard frozen
course?beating Mr, Smith's Mary Frances, by
Director, 5 years old, and Dr. Ellcrbee's Jeanjtte,
by Eclipse, dam by Cock of the Rock, five
rears old. Time 8 tpim 20 sec*?8 min. 21. sec.
1 Turf Register, vol. 3. page 368d
Hm was taken to Charleston, with his foet still j
tore from his Camden race, and on the 22d of
February. 1832, on the Washington Course, 4
milo heats, carrying 1021b., purse $1000, bolted
on the last stretch of the fourth round of the first
. . . -i , .r o.i xx*. TV
ncai,ju? passed m advance 01 v/w. ?ira. K/
Johnson's Trifle, hy Sir - Charles, carrying
871b., and Mr Thurston's Red Oauntlet, by
Sumter, [See note on the same, Turf Register,'
vol. 3, page 2G6,] And 011 the next day, 23d,
on the same course, he won a sweep-stake, 2
mile heats, beating Mr. Brown's Pelham, by Kosiusko,
and distancing Mr. Allen's 7/elen Me.
Oregor by Reliance. Time 3 min. 54 scc,-^-!
miu. 6 sec?[Vol. 3. page 366.J
On the 3d of January. 1633, he icon the Jofk
cy Club purse, $300, on the. Statoburg Co&bo
i inile heats?beating Mr. J. K. Bulloch's b. m
Slasev, by Mucklejohn, and Col. J, J. moore**
h. c. Uncas, by Sir Archy, Jr. Times 7 fnin52
sec.?7 min. 54. sec. (Never before publish-*
On the 29th of Ja nary, same year be wontbo
Jockey Club purse, 558, at Columbia, S, Cn 4
mile heats, beating Col. Win, R. Johnson's cli.
h. Collier, by Sir Charles, dam by Whip. Tune
8 min 10 sec.?8 min 16 sec. (Turf Register,
vol, 4, p 421,) And on the same eourse, Jan.
31st he won the Handicap purse, $335, three
mile heats, carrying 112Ihs., and boating Col.
ti* T? T.I i . Y?_. ... I.J.
" III, IV, I>uuiltil)li S UUUWJT uiajD, ujr uvupciiuuii,
carrying 901bs- Time 6 min. 5 sec.?6 <nin I
sec. Very heavy sand turfy. (Turf Register,
vol. 4 page 421.. > On
Ibo 27th Pcbruaiy following, he won ihc
sweepstakes on theWawhingtooCourseCbarkeUm
2 mile heats, beating Dr. Boyd's gr. h. Speculator,
6 years old. lime 4 min. I sec!?4in*n. 9
jcc. {ATurf Register, vol. 4. page 424.)
He was then taken to Virginia to Mr Gari*son,
where, on the Jerusalem Course, he won
he Jockey Citib para), 500 4 mile heats,
>cnting R. N. Nicholson's b. h. Red*Rover, by
Carolinian, lune 7 min. 3ti sec. Pronounced
he quickest race ever run over ?be Jerusalem
rack. (Turf Register, vol. 4, page 539.)
At Camp field, Virginia, walked over the coarse
or the Jockey Club purse, $600. (Turf Regiscr,
vol. 5. page 123.) ~ .V
On the 24th of May following, at Norfolk,
>vcr a heavy course, niado still heavier by ezcegivc
rain, and being out of order, be wu
iy //ector Davis's Dolly Dixon, 4 mile heats, runling
1 beats in tho following order : Dolly Diln.
3 2 0 0
ilucklejofin, 2 3 28 *
). P. Mare's Prince George, by >
Contention, 13 2 die
Time 8 min. 33 sec.?8 min.?11 sec.?9 min. A
Turf Register, vol. 4, page 544.)
At Newmarket Virginia, on the 11th of Ocoberl63i,
he won the Jockey Club purse, $60tt'
mile boats, 11 horses entered, running 4 heats. *
6 miles in the following order:
lucklejohn, < 9 5
Vest's Lady Sumner, by Shaw.
nee, 2 13 3
/arripon's Tuberose, by Arab, 12 43
lare's Jfohawk, by Shawnee, 6 4 2*
Vyn's Mary Randolph by Go*
hannn, 3 3 5* *
rI\n?l?r\? t/uliiflnm. bv Ratler. 4 drawn.
Vm. K. Johnson's Calculation,
by Contention, 5 diet. ,
Joode's Row Galley, by Arab. 7 drawnIforris's
jVerab, by do 8 dist.
lector Davis's Dolly Diaon, by
Sir Charles, * dirt.
T. Bott's Douglass, by Go- ;
hanna, " diat. v
Ruled out. , ,
Timo 8 min. 6 see?8 min* 8 see?8 nutfi 'K
cc?8 min 48 sec. (Turf Register, vol. 5? pagft
09. ~
.Waving one of his legs much injured in tlx*
bove race, and being out of order, he was again
eaten on tho" Norfolk course, 1st November,
83.7,4 mile heats, by Wm. Wyn's Anvil, 4 yharv
Id, by Jfpneieur Ton eon, in the following order:.
Lnvil, 1 J
fucklejohn, t 4 2
'. T. Butt's Arianda. 3
. J. Warriron's Festival, 2 diet.
Time 7 min. 47 see?8 win. 4 sec. (Tof Reister,
vol 5, page 313)
Wo was then returned to - South Carolina, in
ad order, lame and much injured by the journey
r otherwise; and on the 14th of January, 1834,
eing still out of order, and carrying 120 lbs, her
,-.-19 beaten at Columbia 4 mile heats,by Col Paul
ii?immnnoi Tint sat. Ttira Ktr rnntpntinn. eat.
lUfllliluvuo r IT-,p ^ .
ying 109 lbs. Time 8 si in 20 sec?8 roicu 12
bo. Track 1 mile 10 feet. Soil unslastic, heay
sand, unfavorable to quick time. (Turf Roister,
vol. 5, p 388.) And on tho 17th, on the
ame course, he won the Handicap parse, $295,
arrying 102 lbs, against Col Win. H.Jfaylor** ch
Dlackstock. by Congaree carrying a feather
Von easy, time not stated. (Turf Register
ol. 5, page 388.)
Un the 27 February foil owing, over the Wash,
ngton Course at Charleston, he won the sweep,
takes, 2 mile heats, beating Col
Spann's Mary
ane, by Bolivar, and Mr. Win. G. Haun's 6ov?
rnor Hamilton, by Sir Andrew. Time 3 min. 5Q
cc?3 min 58 sec. (7\trf Register, vol. 5, page
'36.) - v V;
On tho 20th of March, 1834, he won thnj&ck- ?y
Club purse. $ pn the Lafayette Cow, .
Cugusta, Georgia, 3 mile heats, beating Nancy
lack, by Comet, Limber, br Murat, and Galte.
in, by Gallatin. Course 114 feet over a mite;
ime 6 inin. 5} sec?6 min 7 soc, (Turf Regis,
cr, vol 5, page 638.)
On the 15th of April following, he won the J
ockey Club parse, $ . , at racon, Georgia, 3 |
iile heats, beating James J. Harrison's Jane let
rand, by Bertrand ; said to be verv quick time.
To account of the Macon races, titer the two
rst days' running, liaving been famished for
ublic&tion, this race will not be found in the I
'urf Register.
His last race was on the Washington Course,
Charleston, S. C. February 13, 1835, three mile
eats, carrying 1261bs, and opposed to Rattle,
nakc 1091bs, IferCline 112!bs, Fanny Richards
91bs, Alborack 1091bs, and Eutaw 1021 b?-where
is left fore leg, which had been seriously injured
a Virginia, (and from which he had never fullv
ecovered,) gave way and let down in the. back
inew?whou he was withdrawn from the Turf.
Staleburg, Feb. 23 20 y 11, . j
0' The Columbia Telescope, Pendleton M?enger,
and Salisbury Western Carolinian, will
lease insert tho abovo advertisement through,
he season, and forward their biHs to the gubrri. 1
cr for nayinrnt. i . f A

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