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'The. Rrp<>rt of the Committee of Forty-flee, as to j
the roxt vt the Road, estimates as follows '
Route from Charleston to Columbia, Broad river, j
KeeJv. Batch, &ei
From Charleston Miles. Cost.
To NranrhviHe, (1 Track.) 62 4,500 275,003 I
To Columbia, (2 Tracks.) 6~ 11.5(H) 111,000,
To Junction, Broad River, (o 1-2,000 ?80,000 i
To Croon liiver, 12,051) 743,000 j
To Ashrille. 10 m. 84,000 \ 7fin fl
aad 30 m. 12,000 ] <00,000 j
To Xoluchuckv, <30 30,0001,800,000 j
To Elk-Fork. " 9U30,000 2,700,000 J
To Cincinnati, 19012,0002,302,000
To Louisville, 990,000 |
Maysville, C J 729,000:
Resolutions adopted by the Knorv'illr Conrention. !
1st. ltesolxed, Tnat in tho ?pinion of this j
Convention, the Charters ef the I.ouisville, Cin- :
cinnati and Charleston Roil Road sliould bo ac- j
c.opted, and should alternations or amendments j
hereafter be found necessary, that applications 1
ho tnado therefor to the Legislatures of the |
States granting tho sauie; and this Convention i
hereby urges upon the said States the expediency '
<jf granting such application, should t lie saino bo !,
made, and can entertain no doubt of the disposi- j
rion which will befoitbvthe Legislatures of said <
States to comply with all reasonable requests j,
which mar bo made, by tho Company when the
same shali be formed. " j i
2d. Resolved, That in tho opinion of this Con- i
vention, a practicable route for a Rail Road lias ! (
been fonnd for connecting tho City of Charleston !'
and tho Cities of Cinciuuati M&ysvillr, and Lou- !
isviile, and that tho 6ame may be constructed at !
a roasonablc cost, and entirely within the means I,
of the several States interested therein.
3d. Resolved, That in the opinion of this Con I
vention, the amount of transportation and truv- !
ellin<$ on said Road will increase tbr an indefin- ! i
ite period of time, and that it will from the com- J
pletiou of the Road, be such as to render its csti- '
mated cost a profitable investment. ^ j 4
4tk. Resulted, That we consider the*Louisvillo t '
Cincinnati, and Charleston Rail-Road as a work j 1
eminently entitled to tho patronage and support f1
oftho States through which will it pass, or which i t
may be interested therein ; and as from the rta- j
tion il character great cost and magnitude 01 the 1 1
work, it could hardly bo expected that it should ' '
he carried through by private enterprise alone, j <
wo would respectfully, and do hereby most earn- '.
cstly appeal to the said States for liberal appro- j
priations towards carrying on tho great work, 1
which when completed will be an enduring mon- ] ;
ument of their wisdom and patriotism. J
3th. Resolved, That we consider the fund ' \
which will be put at the disposal of said States j ,
by tho division among them of the Surplus Rev- |
,t ? annli^'iKln to i '
enuo 01 uio umuu, putuumi,
this groat work, which passing through several
states, will open a channel to the most extensive
social and commercial intercourse between the ;
Western States bordering on the Ohio, and the j
Great Lakes, and the States on the South Atlantic,
and the Gulph of .Mexico, thereby strength- !
ening the bonds of our lrnion, and promoting the ; I
prosperity and happiness of a largo and most in- (
t r.sting portion of our common country. This '
Convention does therefore earnestly appeal to said ,
States, to appropriate and set apart the said fund ' 1
or so much thereof as may bo necessary for that ' I
purposo, and to causo tho samo to be faithfully i j
applied to tho execution of the proposed Roid. ]
It is presumed that tho States of Tonnessco Ken- J '
tucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Caroli- j
na cannot receive under the distribution" Bill, tho I
tirstyear, less than nine millions of dollars, a J
sum nearly suffic ent to rnako tho Road; and ; should
Georgia, Alabama, Virginia and Indiana j
* *1 L . 1_ I
become interested in it by lateral uoaus, uio wnoio i
amount required could be raised by the appropri- !
ation of the surplus of only a single year.
We call upon the States therefore tor the pro- I
motion of thoir own best interests, and for tho j
siko of their posterity, not to suffer the vttrx to { 1
fail. '
6fA. RestltrJ, That viewing tho proposed
Road as one of vast importance to the peoplo of
the Southern and Western States, we hold them
bound by every consideration of interest and duty,
to coir.e forward to its support, by subscribing
for Stock when Books shall be opened inOc- J
tobcr next; nor c in wc entertain a doubt, that j
should tho Roid bo completed at an early day, by
tho vigorous and united efforts of the people und ;
the States interested therein, that it will amply J
remunerate thun for the capital inveit d.
7th. Rt*olr*d, That in publishing these Reso- j
lotions and the Proceedings of this Convention, j
tho samo to be accompanied by an Address to be '
prepared and published in the uamo and behalf of .
this Convention, embodying and enforcing thes? ',
views, and urging in the strongest manner upon j
the States and the people the duty of carrying !
tho great work into effect. j1
CTo Ic continued.)- *
Mono;.?As an instance of the dilficul- j,
- -r!
It is announced abroad that the Royal
Society of Northern Antiquaries, at Co- J
peuhagen, arc about publishing by subscription
a work which is to throw new light
upon the discovery of America; it will be
entitled "Autiqtmates Americana*,'' or a
collection of the accounts extent in Icelandic
and other Scandinavian manuscrpts
relative to voyages of discovery to North
America, made by tlx? Scandinavians in
the lOtliand following centuries. It is declared
that it will comprise testimony, the
most authentic and irrefragable, that North
America was actually discovered by the
Northmen towards the close of the lQtli
century, visited by them repeatedly during f
the 11th and 12lh, (some of theci event
making settlements as colonists,) rc-dis-1
covered towards" the close of the 13lh, and j
again repeatedly resorted to in the course i
of the 14th. It is said, moreover, that what'
serves in no small degiec to enhance the
value of these documents is the great apparent
probability; amounting, indeed, almost
to certainty, that it was a knowledge of 1
these facts Hint prompted the cver-memoro j
hie expedition of Columbus himself! \\ e j
give this report as it reaches us in a i'ans j
paper, and look eagerly for further infor- j
matiou.?Xat. Intelligencer.
Hare Modesty,?In the Greensburg (In- <
diana) Repository of the 6th inst. we find i
the following right honest letter from an !
|J o
individual who had been nominated as u |
candidate to serve in the State Legislature : j
Mr. Ilditor :?Please publish the follow- j
ing : I had thought I could stand a poll for
State Representatives, but I have more)
fully discovered my inability to discharge j
the duties of the ollieu than I ever did bo-!
fore, and, as I am now of opinion that I I
could not discharge the duties appertaining J
to the office with honor to niyselt and constituents,
I feel it my duty to stand aside,
and am only sorry that I agreed (against
my own consent) to accept a nomination. I 1
am under obligation to my friends for their I
kind assurances of success. Had I con- ]
tinned to run, my prospects were truly flat-1
tering; but the more flattering, the worse 1
my feelings. I hope my friends will ex-!
cuse inc. ?
Sw'ni/ing Extraordinary.?The old Liv-1
erpool Corporntion went out of office on j
the :26th of December last, and were sue- j
ceeded by another elected under the pro-J
visions of the Municipal Reform Act.
ing tlic turn that things were likely to take,
.'lie old Corporation just before making its
final exit, borrowed on a mortgage on landed
estates belonging to the town .?105,000
f onwards ef Haifa million of dollars) and
*~r ? -- sjavc
tho proreeds to trustees for the benefit
of a number of ministers and curates
belonging to the established church* The
Keformed Corporation having come into
power, the validity of the conveyance lias
become a subject of litigation; but disgrace-'
fill as the transaction is allowed to be, the(
doctrine of vested rights will, it is supposed
be successfully set up in bar of the recovery.
" I
An estate simated near tlie Exchange in J
New York, and which previous to the late I
conflagration was valued at $400,000, has I
been lately sold for over $700,000.
In the large city of Valparaiso, in South 1
America, there is only one newspaper published,
and" that at the high price of thirty
sir dollars.
- 1 Yillian.?The Chicago American !
states, that Benjamin F. Noiris, alias Jo-1
sepli Thompson, was executed at the town j
nf Concord in the city of Iroquois, on the j
10th ult. The same paper says:?"Prob- '
1 i ? ?,>[. !
aUIV ii more narucm.'u nun mum r.i.j ** ., ^
dom been brought to tlio gallows in any
country. Before bis execution he conies-,
scd that lie had stolen ajargo number of
horses, had assisted in setting fire to a
Bank and the Pear! street house in Cincinnati,
had been confined in the Ohio Penitentiary
for rape, had shot four men in
Qhio, and knocked down and robbed a j
man in the streets of Cincinnati, and had J
been concerned in other crimes with ccr- :
tain individuals whose names it would not J
perhaps be proper to mention."
Extract of a letter from France on tho subject
of beet Sujrar :
" Three years ago there were 13 manu
factories at Valenciennes, there arc now j
04. Land which was then 500 francs an j
arpent, now brings 1200; the price of
labour is much risen, and the people arje \
? / a. I
jetting lat on tho mutton ana occi nwac i
o P
upon the cake, or caput viorlnum of the
root. What will this not do for Ainer- j
ica?" j
A correspondence between tho late Tost Master
of X. York, Mr. S. L. Gouvcrncur and the
clerks in his office has been published, Wo extract
tho following from Mr. G's letter.
" Of tho simple fact, gentleman, of my
removal from ollicc, unconnected with a
few circumstances to which I shall not at
present advert, I do not know that I
ought to complain. Never having sought
in the first instance for place, I hare had
a tolerably fair participation in the spoils; J
and as the tenure of my ofiice has never
been distinguised by a mean subserviency
to any individuals, it was as little to be ex- j
peeled that 1 could continue in its quiet j
possession, as it was rather greatly to be j
wondered how I could have held it so '
long. The loud and urgent calls, too, j
which surround the public crib, perhaps!
justly demand an occasional sacrifice,:
to appease the hungry expectants of a '
" For the deep interest you express for
my family and myself, accept our united
acknowledgments. Fear not, gentlemen,
for us; with the smiles of Providence,'
which we shall invoke, and my own exer-:
tions, we will tako care of ourselves.;
However severe at the moment, the unexpected
stro'Ve v, h:.:h fevprs official tie',
tics by which the mercantile interests 01 j
New York have been oppressed, it is sta- .
ted of one house in Pearl-street, that
during the last year, it paid more than $50,000
in extra (usurious) interest, lis capital
is orer two millions. For the accommodation
of $o0,000 for five days, it paid
At the white Snlpher Springs 200 persons
had assembled as early as the 1st ;
A party of eight ladies and gentlemen 1
were made prisoners by Major Kirby, of
< the British Army, for having raised the
American flag on the time-worn walls of j
Fort Eric, in which they were celebrating
the 4th, by a pic nic dinner. The Major j
took them all prisoners, and marched thorn |
some two ipiles, when he discharged them
on their parole of honor.
[From the Washington l?!obe,]
Surveying and Exploring Expedition
to the Pacific Octan and South Seas.?
Wo learn that the President has given orders
to have the exploring vessels fitted
out, with the least possible delay. The
' " * - 1mac o m ? I
appropriation m?nue uy vungiwi ????., ?...- ,
to ensure all the great objects content |
plated by the enpedition, and the Execu- j
tive is determined that nothing shall be j
wanting to render the expedition in every !
respect worthy the character and great
commercial resources of tho country.
The frigate Macedonia, now undergoing
thorough repairs at Norfolk, two brigs of
two hundred tons each, one or more tenders
and a store ship of competent dimensions,
is, we understand, tho force agreed
upon, and to be put in a state of immediate
Captain Thomas Ap C. Jones an officer
possessing many high qualities for such a
service, has been appointed to the command.?
*and officers for tho other vessels '
w ill be immediately selected.
Foreign Wheat.?-The Wilmington
(Del,) Journal states that about twenty
thousand bushels of foreign wheat were
recei'Vedat the Brandy wine Mills during
the season.
Counterfeit'half dollars, well executed,'
nresaid to be in circulation hi Richmond !
\ irgini i.
and far the instant withdraws the resources
on which they have taught us perhaps too
strongly to depend, I can assure you gentlemen,
it is succeeded by u sweet repose
and a buoyant reliance on one's own re- <
sources, which, if it last only for a time, '
may well excite the envy of the whole |
host of dependents on the precarious '
smiles of Executive favor. <
" Offering to every friend, whether i
amoug you or elsewhere, my most grate- <
Jul recollections?to those who are other- \
wise, a fearless defiance?and to you,
personally, gentlemen, and all in whose be- r
half you address me, an earnest reciprocation
of all your good feelings and good
I nm vour friend and servant,
" To J. Benedict, C. Goodwin, 6c others.'1 j1
Mr. Nicholas Bovec and his brothers, of i
Hanover, Chautauque county New York, |1
have recently received information which i
gives them good ground to believe that 1
they have become heirs to a snug fortune
of four millions of dollar* hv the death of I -
an old lady in Holland, and that the nio- !
ney is ready for them. One of them has i
gone to Philadelphia to investigate the j matter
with the Dutch Consul. ^
_ 11
Washington's Fancell Address.?The jr
long mooted question of the writer of i ]
Washington's Farewell address, is, we s
have reason to know on the point of bcingscttled
by the pnhlication of Mr. Madison's
manuscript writings. At the close
of the lirst Presidential term of Washington,
he wrote Mr. Madison to draw up for j
him his farewell address to the people of j
the United States. With thisreauest Mr. i
* I
Madison complied, but circumstances subsequently
occurring which induced Washington
to serve another term, it was laid j
aside at the moment and not given to the }
world till his final retirement, when the
paper first drawn up still met the approval
of Washington, and with very slight alter- ^
ation was published.
Mr. Madison's original draft, together .
with the subsequent alterations, is now ,
among his pupers. Allusion to Mr. |
Madison as the writer of the address, will
be found in Jefferson's works, in a private j1
letter to Judge Johnson of Virginia, to j J
which fact may be attributed the consent i ]
given by Mr. Madison to allow the circum- ' i
stances of his writing the address to be- j:
come known after his death. | J
N. Y. Courier dr Enquirer. [ ]
Singular Death.?Mr. "White, of the {
firm of Woodruff and White of this city, j
while examining a beehive yesterday j,
morning, was stung on the temple by a <
bee, and immediately expired. He was j
in the enjoyment of good health in tho i J
morning, and was buried in the evening.? j j
Louisville Gazlte. I:
i <
Foreign pauper?.?The following reso- |
lotion was adopted in the Senate of the J
United States, on the last day of their late ,
session? i
'* Resolved, That the Secretary of the 1
kn /li.nnlni! In nniun tn lin Pr?l. t
1 ICaauij' t/v UIH.V.IVU .w vi.uov ?w uu v?. 1
lectcd and laid before the Senate at its ;
next session, all such facts and informa- <
tioti as can be obtained through the Cus- <
torn house, or from other sources, res- ;1
pecting the deportation of paupers from j
Great Britain und other places, ascertain- ]
ing as nearly as possible to what countries 1
such persons nre sent, where landed, and '
what provision, if ony, is made for their j j
future support." !]
The Crops of Pcnsylcania.?A gentle- j j
man who was in llarrisburgh during the j
sitting of the recent convention, states :
that be inquired carefully of the delegates ,
from almost every portion of the state,
as to the prospect of grain, and learned
with great pleasure that the fears entertained
a few weeks since of a considerable
failure will not be realized.
St*i1ucof Fulton.?A committee of . the
merchants of New Orleans has been ap.
pointed to cause n statue of the late Robert
Fulton to be erected in the great hall
<if the Merchant's Exchange of that city.
A fire occurred on the night of the 14th
inst. in N. York, 011 Gold street which
destroyed properly to the value of
$100,000. Whilst it was burning another
fire broke out near the corner of Frank,
iin and Greenwich sircets which destroyed
a few buildings. A fireman fell from the
top of one of the houses and was killed.
Electoral candidates in North Carolina.
Alfred Webb, of Rutherford.
Col. Anderson Mitchell, Wilkes.
Win. J. Alexander, Mecklenburg''
John Giles, Rowan,
Hon. Thomas Settle, Rockingham,
John M, Morehead, Guilford;
Hon. Jolm D. Too me r, Cumberland,
Dr. James S, Smith. Orange, j
Charles Manly. Wake,
Dr. Willie Perry, Franklin,
Win. W. Cherry, Bertie,
John L. Bailey Pasquotank,
Gen. J. O. K. Williams Beaufort,
Blount Cleman, Lenoir,
Jeremiah Pearsall, Duplin.
George Bowers, of Ashe,
William A Morris, of Anson,
William P. Ferr&iid, of Onslow,
John Hill, of Stokes,
Nathaniel Macon, of Warren,
Abram Venable, of Granville,
Wm B. Lockhart, of Northaniton,
Louis D* Wilson, of Edgecornb,
Owen Holmes, of New Hanover,
Robert Love, of flay wood,
John Wilfong, of Lincoln,
Josiah 0, Watson. of Jhonston*
.Toiinathan Parker, of Guilford.
Archibald Henderson, of Rowan. ;
ll-mry Skipjiier. Perr.iiinntons co'trr.y.:
The Presidenf of the U. States lias left :
Washington for a visit to his residence in
Tennessee. % ,
A crazy man from Philadelphia lately ?
Jrove up to the President's house in J
Washington, and demanded possession, !
lie also called on the Secretary of the j
Treasury and demanded the iceys, and
railed on the Secretary of the Senate to ;
tiake arrangements for calling an extra '1
session of that body, lie lays claim to t <
:he Preside ncv.
! j
It is said the present number of the j
Texian army is about 9000.
Faydteville Female Institute.?A Semi- t
wry for the education of young ladies, may !; j
)C expected to open, on the first Wednesday i \
>f October next, under the supervision of: j
he Rev. Wm. McPheeters, P. D. ||
Particulars hereafter.?Ibid. . <
John P. Yates, formily of the firm of I
fates & MTntyre, died on-the 11th inst. |'
it Chittinnngo, N. York.
r? 4t.:? T ... .t.
Ill lillN IUWJ1 lilM WITH. t
j eVe ' |?H Wind j Remarks. !'
,|,,U]theSkv. | ,
; !? i ' * ** I |
Hon. J 8.) 00 [70 74 j clear j x. j
I'ucp. 19.|6H'7G 77[ " : x. i l
<Vcd. 20.} 73'80 86 j 14 i x. w. j
riiur 21. 74,84180 j cloudy { x. k' j
Fri 22. 78 82 78' 44 s. w. heavy rtin, j
sat. 23. 78 80'81! 44 ' s. r. I * J
1 1 ' i :
Just Received.
Home's Book of Health and Medicine,
Sesmondis Fall of the Roman Empire,
Wirt? Life of Patrick Henry, new Edition, !
Clialmers' Works, I vol. new EditioD,
* j.1 a n
yvuurt ssuo IV A (Alii ii, lAjr 11. MJ. ijuiij i
Combe on the Constitution of Man,
Oswalds Etymological Dictionary, j(
The Great Teacher,
Tholuck on John, t
Dicks Works in ono volume,
Ramsay's Missionary Journal,
Cotton on the Religious State ol the Country. ,
For Sale at the Book Store.
July 25th, !
Philadelphia Mirror. \
rHE aplended patronage awarded to the phil !
adelphia Saturday Courier, induces tho cdi- >
ore to commcneo tho publication, undtr the i
Lbove title, of a quarto edition of their popular
ournal, so long known as tho largest Family !
S'ewspapcr in the United States witli a list of
JCRfMRRS. The new feature recently intro. i
lucotl ot furnishing their readers with new books j
)f tho best literature of the day, having proved '
to eminently successful, the plan will be coutin- |
led. .Six volumes ot tho celebrated writings of'
Japtain Marryatt, and sixty-five of Mr. Brook's-!
raiuable Letters from Europe, have already been I
published without interfering with it's news and (
niscellanoous roading. The Courier is tho lar- }
jest and cheapest family newspaper ever issued !
n this country, containing articles in Literature .
Science, and Arts; Internal Improvomont; Agriculture;
in short every varioty of topics usually j
ntroduced into a public journal. Living full
lccounts ofsales, markets, and news of the latest
It is published at the low price of .$2. For
his small sum subscribers get valuable and en:ertaining
matter each week enough to fill a common
book of 200 pages, and equal to volumes
iyear, and which is estimated to be read, weekly
>y at least two hundred thousand people, scat- j
:erod in all parts of tho country, from Maino to ;
Florida, and from the sea board to the lakes.? '
I'lie paper has been now so long established as
:o render it too well known to require an exten- j
led prospectus, the publishers, therefore, will do j
10 more than refer to the two leading daily po- j ;
itical papers of opposite politics Tho Penn- 1
lylvanian 'says?"Tho Saturday Courier is the
urgest, and 0110 oflho best family newspapers in
iho Union;" the other, tho Inquirer and Daily !
Courier, says, "It is tho largest journal published
in Philadelphia, and one of the very best in tho j
United States." The New York Star says?we !
know nothing moro liberal ou the part of the dor- '
aunt talents of our country, than their uncxam- !
pled liberality in offering literary prizes."
The Albany Mercury of March loth, 1836
3iys, "the Saturday Courier, is decidedly the best
Family Newspaper ever published in this or any
other country, and its value is duly appreciated
[>y the pnblic, if wo may judgo Its contents ure
lgrccably varied, uud each number contains more
really valuable 'reading matter' than is published
in a week in any daily paper in the Union. Its
mammoth dimensions enable its enterprising proprietors,
Messrs. Woodward &. Clarke, of Philadelphia,
to re-publish in its eolumes in the course t
of a year, soverai 01 uie must lIliriUBllllg nun j
works that issue from the British press; which
cannot fail to givo to it u porinanent iuterest and :
render it worthy of preservation. Tu meet the
wishes,therefore,of such of their subscribers as de- i
sire to havo their numbers bound, they have de- |
tcrmincd on issuing an edition of the Courier in |
the quarto form, which will render it much more |
convenient for reading when it is bound in a vol- !
ume and thus greatly enhance its value."
Under the titlo of tho Philadelphia Mirror, ,
will commence with tho publication of the Prize
Tale, to which was awarded the prize of ?100, j
writton by Miss Leslie, editor of the splended :
Annua! the Token, and author of Pencil .Sketch- i
cs and other valuable contributions to American (
Literature, A large nurnbrr of songs poems
tales, &c. offered in competition for the ?f?U0 ;
premiums, will add value and interest to the j
6UCccoding numbers, which will also be enriched !
by a story from Miss Sedgewick author of Hoj?e
Leslie. The Linwoods, Ac., whose talents have .
i nn<4 nrfensivelv appreciated, both ,
UCCU eu juouj - _ _
at homo and a broad.
This approved FAMILY NEWSPAPER j* i
strictly neutral-in religious and political matters
aodtho uncompromising opponent ofquakcr of
every kind.
In addition to all of which the publishers intend
furnishing their patrons with a series of en- I
graved Maps, embraceing tho twenty-five States 1
oftlie Union, &c. exhibiting the situation, &c. 1
of rivers, towns, mountains, lakes, the sea board !
internal improvements, as displayed in cannals, I
rail roads, &c., with other interesting and useful j
features, roads distances, &c. forming a complete
Atlas for general use and information, hand- |
somcly executed, each distinct map on a large |
quarto sheet, at an expense whicli nothing but
the splendid patronage which for six years p ast
lias boon so generously extended to thcin, could
Tho Fhiladolphia Saturday Courier is still
continued in its large form at the same price as !
heretofore. The Philadelphia Mirror, being a
quarto edition of tho Saturday Courier, with its
increased attractions, and printed on the best
fino whito paper of the san&o size as the Now York
Albion, will oe put at prf&ttely ouahalfthe price
of that valuable journal, viz, Three Dollars per
annum payable in advance (including the Mapf.)
Philadelphia. ITTiic
paper will he sent in cxclwnge to such
newspapers as may oblige its by publishing our
a'jvcrtisentujvs. rry 11.
lMtsrioHiES. - . r !
A NUMBER of individuals of'this town i
and neighborhood have paid between $700
and $800 for Sunday school books and
religious Tracts, aniMiavc>thus established *
these Depositories which ore intended to be v
These books and tracts arc sold at cost
and charges, without any profit, to all who
ft ill buy, and the money reinvested in books
pf the same kind, and thus the supply is always
kept up. The books are sold at the
same prices that thev are sold at the Dcposi;ories
by retail in New Vofk and Philadelphia.
These hooks and tracts inculcate that
form of truth and doctrine in which cliris:ians
arc agreed generally; and have noth
ing scct;irian in them; runl thus nreculcula- j
ted to supply the wants of christians of every evangelical
The Depositories are at the Book Store
and are kept and attended to free of charge
or expense.
. ? -? . |
(?/* The following Periodicals devoted to
Agriculture arc received in exchange at this *
office, and files of them kept in the bookstore,
which Planters are invited to call and t
examine with a hope that for their own inierest
they may be inducer! to subscribe.
The Southern Agriculturist, published
monthly in Charleston, S. C. at fvc dollars
per annum.
The Farmer and Gardener, successor
to the American Farmer, published weekly |;
in Baltimore at fire dollars per annum.
The Cultivator, published monthly in \
Albany, N. Y. at fifhj cents per annum.
The Western Farmer, published f
monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio, at one dollar
per annum.
The Monthly Genesse* Farmer, pub- .
lished at Rochester Xcw York, price Jlfty |
cents per annum.
Tennessee Farmer, published monthly}
in Joncsborou^h, Tennessee, at one dollar
per annum.
Beet* in market lb G 7
Bacon from wairons, lb 12^ 13
by retail, lb 14 15 '
lb 12.} 13 i
II mis lb 24 25 | j
flutter lb % i1
Beeswax lb 10 It j 1
Baling van! 20^ 28 j
Bale rope lb 11 12} i
Coffee . lb 14 lb ,
Cotton lOOlbs 12$ 110011
Corn bushel 75 1 60 j
Hour from waggons brl t:} 7 00 j1
Northern, brl _ 900 j
Feathers from waggons lb 35 36 j
Fodder, scareo ^ 125 ^ ;
Hides green lb 5 .'
dry "> , 10!
Iron lOOlbs 450 j 550 j
Indigo lb i_5 250 i
Lime cafk 350 i
Lard lb 13 15 J
leather futo lb 25 23 J
Lead bar lb ^ j 2 j
I.nrrwiwul lb
"O" . m .
Molasses * pal j 45 55 j
Nails cut assorted lb 7$ b!
wrought lb 2<J
Oats bushel UO 00 j
Oil curriers gal 75 100 I
lamp ' 1:25 j
linseed 137$
Paints white lead keg 350
Spanish brown lb
Tear, 100 112$ '
Pork lirl ( 000 0000 i
Rice ' JGOlbs 400 500 j I
Shot, Rig 200 2 50 j
lb 10 <
Sugar lb 12$ 14 j *
Salt sack 250 275 j
salt bush 75 J
Steel Ain-'rican blister lb 10
English <lo Jb 15 18 < i
German lh lti j I
Tallow lb 10 12$ <
Tea imperial lb 125 152 j
hyson lb 75 100
Tobacco manufactured lb 8 00 J
Window glass 8 x 10 50ft 325 350 ?
10 x 12 350 375 I
exchange! " i
Checks on New York,
l or sums under $ 100 1.00 " 1
For sums of and over $100 1 per ct
Checks on Charleston,Columbia and Fayetteville 1
For sums under $200 50 cts 1
44 44 of $200 iprct
A Journeyman Printer
Is wanted immediately at this Office,
doctors powi: and mallov
HAVE associated themselves together for the
practice ot Medirine in its various branches.
Persons desiring their services will be promptly 1i
attended to. 1
They will shortly have and continue to koep on <
hand a full and complete assortment of ?
Drugs, Medicines, <? Surgical Instruments. J
A genpral supply of
Paints, Oils, Glass, *\c. &c.
July 21, 1836.
New Books.
Harmonv of Divine Truth by Williston,
Fuller's Works,
Gaston's Collections,
Mrs. Ileman's Works complete in 1 vol. !
Hookers Family Book of Devotion,
Christian Brahman,
Memoir of Mrs. Ellis, j
Netin's Thoughts on Popeiy,
Do. Practical Thoughts,
The Marthas, by Phillip,
Boston on the Covenants,
Dod ridges Rise and Progress,
Young Wife's Book,
Daughters Own Book,
The Hebrew Wife,
For Sale at the Book Store.
Cheraw, July 25th,
Maria Monk.
A new and enlarged edition, with a Supplement
and Appendix, accompanied by an engraving
showing the interior plan of the veiled
Nuns Department.
Just received at the Book Store.
July 25th, 1836,
Open Convents.
Just received and for Sale at the Book Store
Open Convents, or Nunneries and Popish Seminaries
dangerous to the Morals, and degrading
to the Character of a Republican Community.
Julv 25th.
* i
. ?Genual Jirders.
Ciierrv-Hiix, Juno 15,1836. j.
Quart e-Maaler.Gencral James J g.vf.s of E*lg<
ield, has been appointed Adjutant and Inspector*
ieneral of the Militia of South Carolina, and
uill on respected and obeyed according!/.
By orner ofCouunandor*in-Chi?f.
' Aid-de-CamrK
July 3, 1636 (C) - 36-3;
Beat,Company No. 1.
iYS hereby ordered to parado at
JL the usual muster ground in
Chcraw on the (fifth Saturday in jj
July, (being the 30th inst.j at 10
o'clock A.M.; all those liable to
perform duty in Raid company wi'l
attend artned and equipped as tho
law directs.
An Election will be held on tho i
same day for 2nd Lieutenant and
Ensign of said company. The
following persons to manage tho
Election : E. P. Ellerbe, J. C.
Wadsworth and Chas. Purvis.
July 9 133C. It
? ?
g BRLS No 1 Mackarel,
tw Otlt DO
25 " 3 do
for salo bv
inly 13, 1836. J. MALLOY & Co.
J. Malloy & Co.
HAVE received and now offer for Sale
120 pieces beat //emp & Tow Bagging,
50 Coils Bale Rope,
11000 pounds Prime Bacon,
400"Sacks Salt.
Together with Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, Rice, "i
5oap, Candles, Nails, Iron, Steel, &c. &c.
Bathing Tubs.
MADE of Double Cross Tin and warranted
For Sale by
CUeraw July 12, 35 3t.
Spanish Scgars.
4000 best quality. For Sale by ^
J. A/ALLOY & Co.
July 12, 35 tf.
Sheriffs Sale.
BY order of Turner Bryan Esq. Ordinary of
Chesterfield District, will he sold before
the Court House, on the first nionday in August next,
within the legal hours the following property
viz : The real estate of Richard Iiorne deceased,
containg one hundred and fifty six acres
more or less, lying on the waters of Clay and
Thompson's creeks, adjoining the land of A. A.
Powell, Tho. //ome, Jus. Tadlock and others. *
|Tkrus?As much ctuh as will pay the expenses
of the sale of the land; the balance in two equal
payments, the first due the first of January next,
and second on the first day of January 1838. . j
Purchasers will give a note and good security I
with interest from the day of sale and mortgage
of the premises, (if deemed necewaryj to
the Ordinary to secure *Se purchase money.
ALFRED M. LOWRY, Shceriff C. D.
Sheriff's Office )
July 6,183G. ] -j
At Retail.
mTEW YORK Mess Beef,
I M- f ShnA
JL V VUUUOVllVUIr 1 tvavuv. ,
Pickellod Salmon. . ?
For Sale by J. MALLOY <fc Co.
July 12, 35 tf.
? ,
Walkers Line
Running from Greensboro ugh, A. (7., Ay Salem,
to Wythe Couri-Hoaee, Va.t three time*
a week and back.
TIIIS line starts from Greensborugh every
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 2
/clock a. m.. and arrives at Salem same days at
i o'clock, a. m. Leaves Salem every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 9 o'clock, a. m., and
irrives at Wythe Court-House every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, at 4 o'clock, r. M., iu
iino to correspond with the great lines leading:
through me Valley of^rirgnt^vtA^KifeOixviUer
Jkc. iu Tennessee. ' ..
Leaves Wythe Court-House every monday
Wednesday and Friduy, 7 o'clock, a. m. and ar jrajj
rives at Salcin every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, by 4 o'clock, r. m., and at Greens,
jorough same evenings at 10 o'clock* . t
It is so aranged as to correspond in its arrival* # f
at Grccnsborough with the departure of the following
stages, vix: The line to Raleigh, N. C.,
lV??villn urn] Krcdericksburc. Va., and to the
Petersburg Railroad. By thin line passengers
ran be assured to arrive at Kuoxvilie, Term, in
four und a half days from (Jreensboroogh.
A stage is also run, by the subscriber, from
Salem to Lexington, N. C., three time? a weekr
to correspond with the arrivals and departures of
the great Northern, and Southern Line of Stages,
Peck & Welford contractors, at LexingtonLeaves
.Salem every Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday, at 3 o'clock a. y.-rLeavea Lexington
i very Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, after
the arrival of tho stage ixom tho South. XT Persons
travelling from the South to the Virginia
Springs, will find this Lino CO or 70 miles nearer
and less expensive than any other stage routo
to the Red Sulphur, Gray Sulpher, Salt Sulpher,
and White Sulpher Springs, Va.
XT The proprietor has made arrangements to
run a Four Horse Coach from Greensborough,
N. C., to Wythe Court-House, Va. throughout
the year.
This route passes through Salem, Bethb&ra*
Bethany, within a mile ot the Pilot Mountain
by mount Airy, crosses the Blue Ridge at Good
Spur Gap, goes by Poplar Camp Furnace, Wythe
county, Va., and affords Some interesting mountain
scenes to those who admire the sublimitys of
nature. The accommodations of diet, Slc. are
excellent and cheap.
'Pi.*. />n,/.iiM m.-irlft at Trov. N' f. are good
1 l?V VV4VUW) 0 ,
and comfortable, the drivers are careful and attentive,
the teams excellent, and the fart low?
only from Greensboroogh to Wythe c. u. :
and" froin Lexington, N. C. to Wythe c. h. $7
51); from Greensborough to Salem, 28 miles, $2 ;
from Lexington to Salem, 21 mile*, $1 50: fro?n
Salem to Wythe c. it. 92 miles, $6 00. Way
passengrrs 7 cents a mile.
The utmost attention will be paid to baggago
and other thinga entrusted to his care, but all at
the risk of the owner.
D. WALKER, Proprietor.
June 30*/;, 1836. ' 35-6
The North Carolina Standard; (Raleigh)
Carolina Watchman, (Salisbury) Knoxnllo
(Tenn) Register, Mountaineer, (Wythe c. tt.Ve.)
Columbia Hive, and Cheraw Gazcte, (S. C) will
insert the above for six weeks, and forward their
accounts to the proprieter at nit. Airy, Srnjy
county. N. C.
Bacon Hams.
J^AA LBS. Bacon Warns, for sale by
J. 9 W J. MALLOY & Co.
July 18, 183K
Sugar and Coffee,
IIHDS. St Croix for family use. .
/mf 5 Bags Java Coffee, fof sale by
July 18,1835. J. AfALLOY* A Co.
1 mr i ii

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