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. **j'Va? # - "V- - *
' *. . ' " >1 '. > Jfl
*== ? ==^ - f^j-y i'-"-'
M. !ACLEA^ 1 D.TOR & FROFRIETOR r'TTI?IJAW G n TfffclYltf PUh- i -ir ' ?AIrn?n ii5aaaniaa** 1?
CllEKAYV, S. C., mfeDNfi^DAY. NOVEMBER 1, 1837. - ??t
te.- , ,, : Jj
It paid within three months, - - 3. 00
if paid within three months after the close
o* the year, . - 3. 50
If paid within twelve months after the
close of the year, - - 4. 00
? If not paid within that time, - - - 5. 00,
A company often persons taking the paper
the same Post Office, shall l>e entitled to it at ?25
provided the names be forwarded together, act
acompanicd by the money.
No paper to be discontinued but at he option
o( the Editor till arrearages are paid.
Advertisements inserted for 75 cents per squaro
o.t less the first time, and 37 J for each subsequent
Persons sending in advertisements arc required
to.specify the number of times they are to be
inse tted; otherwise they will be continued till
ordered out, and charged accordingly,
s * HjTThe Postage must be paid on all corainu
nicatious ' . a
r ~
Carpenters & Joiners PJanes j
&C; &C.
A MONG whichh are she following, viz
- Plow, Astragals, Dadoes, Fillisters, Grecian
Ovoloe, Og es and quirk Ogees, Sash, Bead
and Match Planes, Hollows and Rouuds, Snipe
Billg, Rabbet, side Rabbets and Reeding Planes,
Smooth, Jack, Fore and Jointer Planes (double
and aingle Irons) Firmer chisels, Spring Dividaft,
squares &c. Marking and Morticing Gaa.
ges, Key hole, Tenant and Hand Saws: Also
Locks, Hinges, Files, Sprigs, Nails &c. &.c.
For sale cheap by
Oct. 25th, 1837.
ALL persons are hereby warned not to trade
with or eredit spy slave or other person of '
color owned or employed by tho subscriber,
without a written order, The law will bo enforced
against those who do so whenever legal
evidence of the fact can be obtained.
Oct. 25th, 1837. 30?3t
Bacon and Lard.
LPS. Prime Bacon.
'/W Wtf 4000 LBS. Lard.
For sale by M. BUCHANAN.
Sept. G 53 .tf
Sheriff's Sales. - j
WILL be sold on the first movday in No
vember next within the legal hour* at
" " -- T,__;? '
the house of Archibald uainpocu on jumimus
Creek, Four stacks or fodder levied on as the
property of Archibald Campbell at the suit of (
Poter L. Robeson and son vs. A. Campbell. ,
ALSO, will be sold on the first tiiesdry in
Novembor next within the legal hours at the
tho house of Ma/com McLeod on Skippers Creek; ,
Twelve head of Cattle, levied n as the property I ,
of Donald Nicholson at the suits of Goodrich |
Webb & Co., and Mark Hailey vs. Donald ,
- ernis Cash. Purchasers will pay for Sheriffs
A. M. LOWRY, Shff. C. T>.
I7th October, 1837. . 29-3t
Corn & Meal. j
THE highest market prices will be paid fo
tho above articles, which are now vory .
scarco. Apply to J. MALLOY & Co.
July 10th, 1837. . ' Brick Store.
For Sale,
S? 4k 4k Sacs salt, 9 to "the ton, at the cost
I# W and charges;
100 barrels fresh Lime just landed from Schr.
- Comet, $175 by the 20 barrels.
80 bales of fresh Hay.
40 boxes leaf tobacco at 7 cts.
15 hhds- Molascss a*. 30 cts.
Gorgetown, Nor, 10, 1837.
49?3t. I
&ST. Croix, Porto Rico, Louisiana Clarified,
Ponblo Refined Loaf, and White Havana,
for sale, by the quantity or retail, by
27th Feb. 1837. 16:tf
Sales. I
BY order of the Court of Ordinary of Chesterfield
district will be sold at Chesterfield
Court House, on the first Monday in November
next, one tract of land near "Wrights Folly"
on Big Westfields Creek, (belonging to the Estate
of Wm. Flinson dec'd.) containing 202 acres
more or less, adjoining land belonging to John
Clarke, Jas. Everett, Thrashly White and Wm.
Peguee. \
Conditions. A credit until the fir*t day of
January 1830; the purchaser to give Bond or
Note and good security with interest from the
day of sale, and Mortg ago on the premises to the
Ordinary if necessary to secure the purchase
money. Purchasers will pay for Sheriff's Titles.
ARCHED Coffee is the True Doctrine,
Jl but burnt is down-right heresy."
An article can be had at the Tin Shop by
A which the process of roasting Coffee can be got
at without impairing its flivor; add with much
less trouble than by the old method.
October 18,1837, 29?2t.
For Sale.
^ set of Merchant's Palont Balances, with
* ^ will lv> aolH cheaD.
-?M. weignts conunciv. ** .....
Oct 18. 1637. 29?2t
Bank of Georgetown, S. C. )
' 12th October, 1837. )
THE Subscribers to the Stock of this Institution
are hereby notifi"d, that tho pay- j
ment of the Third Instalment of its capital, will
bo required on Monday the 6th of November
next, and that the same may bo paid at the
Bank hero?at tho Commercial Bank, Columbia
?the Merchants* Bank at Cheraw, or to Messrs.
John Fraser &, Co. Charleston.
J. CHAlWIAN.Cashics.
Oct. 14. 30?2t
FM1HE exorcises of Mrs. Green's school com-1L
menced on the ICth inst. at her residence
opposite to Mr. Stinemetz Hot?l. A few more
boarders can be accommodated.
Oct. 25th. 1837. 30 tf
3.ICS. "
5 Casks of Rice just received, and for sale
by W.& T; BAILEY & CoJune,
1837. 31 tf.
Salt, Molasses, and Rice.
^ /kik SACKS Liverpool Salt, and a few
i MF^F Casks of Molasses and Rice, for
sale cheap for cash, bv retail or wholesale.
Jan. 10th, 1837. 9:tf
Bacon & Lard.
sift we^ cure<* N.C. Dacon,;
a few hundred pounds pri
Lard. For sale cheap, for cash only, bv
Java, Laguira, & Rio ofie(
A GOOD supjHy of the above article on hi
and for sale, by
Feb. Cth, 1S37: 13:t
Blankets Negro
Cotton Bagging fyc.
THE Subscriber has on hand a good St<
of the above articles which he will sel
cheap as any in market.
51 ' D. MALLOY
IS now receiving and for sab,
50 pieces Bagging,
20 bags Laguira and Rio C ofToe,
30 cases Hats,
20doz.Caps, -* r
30 Fowling Guns,
A few sots Blacksmith's Tools, with a go
* -1 -/??? ,.i.n tt ?l.....r./tptnrv warp &
SIOCK OI O l(IUlt;r^,Uaiunun ,vivv?.-.;
all of which will be sold low for cash, or bar
for country produce. * - v
Nov. 22, 1836
THE copartnership heretofore existing unc
the firm of Scott[& Keelcr, is this day d
solved by mutual consent. All those indebted
saidfiim are requested to mako payment befc
the first of January. Those who neglect to do t
will find their accounts in tho hands of an A
torney for collection.
Cheraw, 2d Oct. 1837*
Tqe business will be continucdherenfW py
27 3tn
6 lJOZEN Silk and Cotton Umbrellas; aj
2 dozen Parasols. For salo by
f Junej, 183 .- 31 tf
Reduction of Freights.
AT a meeting of the boat owners of Cherai
helH this H.iv. it wjis resolved that tl
freights from Georgetown ought to be; reduc
and they accordingly revised the present rate
freights and made a considerable deduction
almost every article, amounting,in the general,
an average ot twenty to twenty five per cent
The present rates will be uniform and a larj
quantity of them printed and distributed throuj
the country for the satisfaction of the count
Merchants and othors who may bo disposed
ship their goods by this place. There is nc
an effort making to reduce the freights ai
charges troni New York to Georgetown and v
tiustif we arc successful that Country Merchan
generally who are in reach of this "place will fii
it to their advantage to ship thei* goods this w;
By order of the meeting,
D. S. I1ARLLEE, Chairman.
August, 14th 1837 40?
For Rent.
THAT large and commodious Store Hou
and cottrm l-rfcefj-crruupI.'driJj M-*>m
jlrcgg & M irslull ojvChurcli street, and owm
>y J. 13. Billingslv, Esq. For terms apply to
Sept. 20th, 1837. 45?4t
BBLS. Stone Lime Fresh andunslac
OlFod, can be had, if applied for, m twen
July 12, 1837. v 35:tf.
DOZ. bottles Fresh Lemon Syrup, for w
Jane 14, 1837.
FOR sale by D. MALLOY.
on?w 1M7.
JL WVOKf ?w ?
FOR sale at the DRUG S TORE
April 26 24
THE Copartnership heretofore existing of
Bennett & Co. has this day been disso'v
by mutual consent. All those indebted to se
firm will make payment, and those to whom th
are indebted will present their claims to Jo
N. Williams, who aloue is authorised to set
the business ortbe Company.
July 14, 1837. 36 3mo
THE subscribers have this day romoved ti
NEW BUILDING one door below th
Did stand, and offer for sale a large and extensi
consisting of Dry Goods, Hardware, & Gi
ceries; Also?a large stock of Domestic
Foreign Liquors & Wines ; all of which will
sold low for cash or country pioduce.
Feb. 11. 1S37.
John fcjvans <fc (Jo.
HAVE jnsl received Molasses, Sugar, C
fee, Rice, Flour, B.icon, Tallow &. Spe
handles, Spanish Seg irs and Cavendish Toba(
[best quality,] Spades, Shovels, Weeding Ho
Hollow Ware, &c which, in addition to th
former stock, comprises almost every arti
adapted to this market, and is now off-red
sale on as good terms as can be had at this pla
Cheraw. March 1st. I7:t
Copartnership Formed.
'HH1E subscribers have this day formed a
M. partnership in business, under the firm
W. & T. BAILEY & CO.
tnd have taken the Store lately occupied by 1
A. P. LaCOSTE, one door north of Kersh
street. W. J. BAILEY,
Jan. 2d. 1837. 9:tf
POLICIES will be issued upon Buildii
Merchandise in Store,-and 011 the rivui
and from Charleston and Georgetown; also
Cotton in store. Persons living in the coun
and towns adjacent by giving a description of ll
property, can have it insured against loss ord;
age by fire.
D. S. IIARLLEE, Agent at Cheraw,
Insu. Co. of Columbia, S. C.
April 10, 1836. . 2Gtl
~ isoi-igsssr
Hhd< Cuhi MoIassn<:.
20 Bu.s. Nt v/ Orlean. do.
For sale by w. T. BAILEY Sc C
12th Juno, 1837. 31
Tailoring. i
md v wisli to inf( rm my friends and the public,
nie M th^it I have opened my establishment at
the late Post Ollice; and that I am prepared
to execute all orders in my line with neateneai
and dispatch. From a long practical know?
md 'C(tee ^7 business, I feel confident that J
can give satisfaction to all those who favor
me with their custom. All kinds of cutting,
f scouring and repairing^done at the shorted
? notice. I return my thanks to the public for
? the liberal patronage heretofore given me.
Chcraw S. C. Oct. 10th, 1837. *28 tf
)ck ? las
New & cheap Good& .<
THE Subscriber has just received and open,
. ed an unusually large and extensive assort.
men t of seasonable Goods, carefully selected by
himself in. New York, in Sept. last*#.*^06?
wishing to purchase, may find it to their iraf
est to call and examine before buying, as h?
jhinks his stock will bo found to compried as
general an assortment as any in the place; and
he is confident that ho can sell as low as goods
x>d can be afforded in this market. Merchants from
n~ the eountrv will find his stock so larire as to
ter merit their attention. He cordially infitee
to call and judge for themselves. It can" at all
events, do no harm to come and see He cannot
? neglect this opportunity of expressing his gratitude
to his friends and the public, for the liberal
, share of patronage with which he has always
been favored. D. B. M'ARM.
Nov. 21st. 1836.
,,e Notice.
w w chant of this town, having assigned all
his estate and effects to the subscribers upon
trust for the benefit of his creditors.
Noticeis hereby given to said creditors that in
order to avail themselves of tho benefit of the
assignment, they must establish their claims on
or before the first day of November next, and
? agree to discharge the said Phelan from all fur.
thcr liability, upon receiving tho dividend allow,
Notice is also hereby given to all those indebted
to tho said Phelan, that immediate paymont
must bo made to the assignees.
Assignees of
-v, R. Phkla??.
fie Chcraw, Sept. 1 Ifh, 1837. 44 8t
of "Dissolution.'
*n rWIHE Copartnership in Trade at Centta
t0 _ Mnutrom?rv N. C. under tho name ana
? f) - J
stylo of Thos. Allen Sl Co. has been dissolved by
mutual consent.
'h J. M. & J. ALLEN.
^ THE firm of J. M. u J. A^en of Allenton
_ has alsojbecn dissoired. Having bought out th
tg stock intrado of the late concern, the suhecri.
^ her will oo..inun the b isinees at Centre, here.
after on his own account.
Soptombcr Oth, 1837. 27 3i
Bacon ! Bacon !
WANTED 10,000 lbs prime N. C. cored
Bacon for which the highest market price
ee will b 5 paid if delivered prior to the lOll^ Ai?-gusz..
A-tjptj 1U - * J. jr.iLHiOT OL Co.
e(l July 10th, 1837. Brick Store.
"t - ? " 11!
Wanted to mre,
AX active intelligent Negro Boy to ess
about the Stor?-, and attend to bum
generally.Good wages will be given,
k Apply to
ty ' D. MALLOY.
August 9, 1837. 39 tf
UrjlIlE Subscriber" has commenced busmen
, JL again in the New Stoec lately erected for
1 e him, four doors north of Kershaw street, being the
lirst Store on entering the town on the notth
side. As the stand is considered, by some, a* none
of the best. I have boon induced to purch tae a
bio me to sell to my friends and the Publ ic at
such prices as to compensate them lor alone
n walk.
Received early in the summer, and now in
68 Hhds Sugar, 20 Bags Coffee, 10 Hiid
20 Brls N. O. Molasses, 400 Sacks Salt
K. 5000 lbs New Bacon, 200 ps Hsinp Bagging
ed 3d Coils Bale Rope, 25 Casks Lime
tid In addition to which 1 shall shortly receive,
cy a Cheat and well selected Stock of Goods
hn purchased a few days sinco in New York, con.
Lie taining in part of the following articles.
Swccds and English Iron
Cuba, Rio, and St. Domingo Coffije, Bale
Ropo ^
Loaf and Lump Sugar, Chests and Caddies
Cheese. Sperm and Tallow Candles, Bar Soap
a Linserd, Sperm, and Train Oil
Pjr M ickerel, Salmon, and Cod Fish
jve Pepper, Spice, Ginger, N utuicgs, Cassia and
tS, Cloves
- H.ivanua Prusenrod Fruits, largo assortment,
nd ogethcr with the usual variety kept in a grocery
be slore?ALSO?
British, and Domestic, Dry Goods
Hardware, Cutlery, and Hoi ow Waro
? Ready made Clothing, H its and Caps
Shoes, Sadlcry and Leather
of. Crockery, Jugs and Jars
rn, Horn, Shell, and Ivory Combs
;co . Smiths Tools, and Mill Cranks
Rush, and Cane Soat Chairs
ejf Northern Wooden Ware
dc Writing Paper, ani Blank Books
for Window Glass 8 x 10 and 10 x 12
ce. Drugs, Dyes and M dicines
r Cotton Yirn no. 8 to 12.
Cher iw, Sept 27. 46 tf
of Druy fctoru.
THE Subscribers have removed to their New
Storo en Front Street, opposite to that o'
aw Taylor A. Punch's where they have and will continue
to k vp, a full and complete assortment o!
Drugs. Medicines. Surgical Instruments.
and Shop Furniture ; Also :
Paints, Oils, Glass, Dye Stuff's, & Perfumery
? All of which they propose selling on the tnovt
reasonable terms; and p irticulariy so, to those ma.
rto king largo purchases.
on Any article they may not hare on hand when
try applied for, will be procured on short notice.
im Majch21st. 19 tf
for Morus Multicaulus Trees.
THE subscriber has from 25,000, to 40,000
Morus Multicaulus trees now growing at
his residence, with roots of 1, 2, and 3 years o'?l
which will be ready for sale this fill, and which
he will sell on moder;.* te
Baltimore" Md.
?!.. 1 . 1
PR* \* i$sL-? .
(>eer Coats and Cloaks.
jptt/QTH, Goats bur and Petersham Ov
> Coats,
( plot and half Pilot Coat*.
: Ladies and Gentlemen Cloaks,
. ? \ tale by
1:51. ' A D. MALLOY.
I ?
V* 1ST of letters remaining in the Post Offi
JLi at Cherair.
A.?J, & L. H, Ash craft, 9.
B,?Ma.y Brooks, Wm. H, Biggelovr, Arch
bald Bradley, Rgv. Charles Btts, Robert Bevi
"^C.?Xrch. Cury, R. C. C irsou, D. G Coit
" v.? Elia. Dicky, Jno. Davis Sc )9m. Mall<
or Wm. Gait on, S. Driggcrs, E. B. Drake
* E.?H. Easterling, 2; Jno. Ellis,
\ P.^Jas.Fee ~T
r G.-?S. W. GoaFrey, Samuel Goodwin, Ja
t V. Gordon, H. P. S. Gulliver, 3; Delight G. igg
; Fred." Golledge, Catharine Gale.
' H.?H. Husbands, Sarah Hudson, H. P. H
Iatd D A, Horn.'
-F-r-H. Johnson, M. Jones.
A-?L. M. King. .
U.? D. MoNabb, S. Mitchel, Wrn. Moos, I
HeLcan, J. D. McBirjj, Jas. McMillim, Oat;
jfcihw McMilliaa, A. Mairhead. AJz. McRae,
I ?T5--McFarlim4>
O?Daniel Odam.
P.?Martha Perkins, Mahchi Pegues, Jas 1
Perry, Jas. Pasten, Jno. Perkins.
Q*?Eliza Quick.
R.?Elisha Roller, 2.
.?Shepherd, D. Stroughtenburg, Jas. Stii
emetz Jr., Solomon and Allen Creeks, D. an
Sarah Binders. Jno. M. Smith, 2.
T.?Tucker, Ogibly A Shop, Rice Thoina
G. W. Tiylor, Sarah Thomas.
W.?Eli Wallace, A. G. Ware, Goodwin Wa
ace, S. K. Wallaco, H. F. Wolatenbolm*.
1 30th Sept. 3618,
THE subscribers hare established themseln
in the shore line of business in Chera
and offer their serricos to its citizens.
Bheraw, S. C.. Jan. 26.
For sain at the Bookstore
AN Appeal to Young Men in thr Presbyteria
Church. By Professor Howe,of the The*
logical Sominary in Columbia. The proceeds 1
be devoted to the edaca uoi;c*use.
YV. H. Scarborough.
PORTRAIT painter at Darlington C. I
will be happy to attend to any cotninant
from tho neighboring districts.
- October 18, 1837. 29?3t
A FEW CaBcs, of the latest fashion, for m.
cb. 27th 16:tt
Factorage and Commissioi
npiIE Subscriber has resumed the FACTOl
AtiV ,?,! rn\IISlSTi)M RfTSIVRKS nr
JBL avu -*?? ^ -
respectfully tenders his services to his frien<
and all who may commit their interest to h
ongiion C o i I'lili T,
T. Edinondston's wharf.
Aug. 23 41 too
0"The Camden Journal, Columbia Teieseop
Georgetown Union and Cheraw Gatette, wi
publish the above until the first of Kovembs
aud orw.ird their account* >? -<bnve.
Mrs. il. ureen.
RESPECTFULLY, informs theinhabitan
of Cheraw t ita vicinity, that her Sch?
will commence, **he 16th of October, for tl
instruction of ase - numh?T of young Ladii
or girls over seven o s old. in the nouse oppsite
to Mr. Stincinut Hotel.
The course of stu^i *s will comprehend tl
following branches Orthography. Reading
Wrilin*, English Gm, Hr, with Parsing as
excrcsa-s, Compositio Aritistory of every kin
M nt.?l and practical my.hraetick, Mytholog
Pailoaophy, A-ttronotho Rhetoric, Botan
Chyini>try, Mustek onk. Piano and vo?al, o
namental N-fdle Wore There will be *n
Pianos furnished for thai accommodation of p
pits who have none, at roaeonable hire.
No deduction of price will be made for aboen<
of scholars, except in cases of real nccessity.The
price of tuition to bo paid quarterly m a
Price for fiist class $10 00 per quarter
" Second, . . 6 OU "
Musick 15 00 " "
No addition of price will be made for Need
Work. The first Class will be taught exoi
branch of instruction named, except Botany ai
Chyiniatry; there will be an addition of oi
dollar per quarter for each of theee studies.
August 30 43 tf
Mrs. O. has recently engaged a competent a
gist ant from Georg< Town, and can take chafj
of a greater number of scholars than the at fit
proposal. A class ot small children can be i
struct.'d also, on reasonable terms, and a fc
girls ncco.nmodat^d with board.
Sopt?tnhcr 13. 1837. 44 tf
American Farmer.
COMPLETE sots of this excellent pcriodici
consisting of 15 volumes each.
work of general utility, comprising all the i
formation necessary to be known in the ct
turo of the Mulberry and growth of Silk.
The above works are ottered for sale, at tl
office of the FAKMEK ^nd liAKUiNfi
North-east corner of Baltimore and Charle
ton-streets, Baltimore, Md.
April 18th, 1837.
DC. McLANE, in returning his sines
th inks to the citisens of Society H
ari'J vicinity for thfir liberal patronage reepei
f illy informs them and the puhtie that he is pi
' p r <1 to i -cut" .ill orders in his line with d<
p itch in the I it* st and most approved fashion
thith?> im ii* iw receiving a suitable and wi
*< ! cti?.l stock of Cloths and Casimtres. Vestin
Sa; in ft* A . * ith ample supply of corrcrpondi
I trininiirnrs to dispose of on pond terms.
Soci. ty Hill, Oct. 25tb, 1837. 30?ib
Buckwheat Flour,
FOR sale by
i Cheraw, March 6th. I7:tf
Durham & Ayrshire Cattl
THE subscriber is authorised to sell the f
lowing superior Cattle:
i Montezuma, an improved Durham shoi
horned bull, alight or fashionable roan. He w
I imported by Rezin D. Shepherd, Esq. in Mart
( 1835, for whom he was purchased from A
Page in the county of Durham. England, Mc
! tczuma was got by Whvrfingdale, dam
| Magnumbontm, g. d. by Priam : ho was calt
i 4 *
.. . J^r
30th March, 1833.
6. Ayrshire calves, 3 males ank and 3 female
er from 2 to 3 months old. Theso calves are a]
out of cows iinpoited by R. D. Shepherd ??
a lected by hia Agent from the beat herd in the
kingdom of Great ^Britain. The mothers o1
two of those c Ives, with their first calf, rospec
tively, gave 20 and 24 qls of milk per day, wboi
The Ayrshire breed of Cattle is justly consider
ed the best dairy cows in Scotland, they are of me
ia dium size, hardy of constitution, docile in iapc
jj sition, easily kept, and deep milkers, yielding a
much milk and butter, weight considered, as an;
' Qther variety. ,
As an evidence of his superior powers in th<
perpetuation oT his species, we would state, tha
he is the sire of Nancy Tkompeon and Hmmptin
calves now owned by Mt.:George Beltahoovcr
^ Nancy Thompson, wao.-doiYed in March last
" and now weighs 527 lbs. Hampton was calves
4th May last, and now weighs 380 lbs. ludeet
, all the calves of Montciuma, which We hav
' " seen, are remarkable for their extraordinary sizi
and fine points: ^ v A
ehorf kerned Durham bull calf, 3 month i
, old got by Neptune, be by Orpanpb? out of a ful
blooded Durham heifi r, 2 ytntfe^ld, the dam a
j wnicn was unportea dj n, i^pyiyucru, imv
with prompt attention.
Editor Farmer and Gardener, Baltimore, Md
id d!t. ?> it/.-* . iiv.N la.ye air. toirima..ious
-A. tHiiivii'ig m Ueiuioiuviite. being c<?mp .Ami,
s, ana he Ua ring mid j a?i a*ig nurnui m l tit?-d n
up tor a Hotel, under the sign of tho EAGLE;
]. respectfully miaiuis tut I nor ids a..u tau .
lie in jp'rwral, that it is now open tor L.j
accoounodat.on of ell each Travellers as
ma j give tuiu a call. Ho pledget hiraeolt, that
_ no exertion will be wanting on hit part to render
hit guests, at all timet comfortable that his
38 larder will be supplied with the best viands of
w the market, and hw stables and hostlery well
attended to.
Bcnnetlfiville, S. f*. Oct. 18. 1837, 29:tj.
" ABOUT TO bb ft*UbL,iaii?.Lt.
t> fflN HE Pojm, Providence, will be in nine -books
to Ji. regularly urranged.'and containing extubi.
_ lions ot special Divine Interpositions in human
affairs. The othor poems are a collection of fugitive
pieces, written on diflerout subjects and at
diflfei mt times. The work will contain about
ie 200 pag. s, duodecimo, and will be iasoed in the
course of this year. It is to be printed on ine
pa;>er, and published by Gaxrvan and Pvass, ma.
? con. It will appear in different styles of binding
and cost from $1,2? to $3,00, according to th
[e character of the binding.
As it ia one of the ti'rst efforts in our southern
c( untty in this kind of liberty labor, and may
_ therefore, have some tendency to awaken minds
T better karmocised by nature to song, and as the
f) author would, if tlio dars, ootcrtam tome sanl
guia" hope tuAt its perusal, will not dieappoi
expectation ; and as he always has Ik on, and ae
I. ways exacts, to be, poor?on these accounts, hi
id would humble solicit the patronage of his frien.
' ?' fr? ?Kia little noetic adventurer)
JS uu uw j>uuuvi ?? ? ~ r -
is And to thoee who may attempt to secure a eircu
lation, to the work, he promisee, if no othejrcqa
? sarz ctxcn, a; to an t to iv gfTtxtuue, ~ ~
A number oi FiaspcciuMS having been sen
during the jeer to Murent individuals, the wri
a, ter Would respectfully request each, if eeareaieat
ill to t'^nemit the reelit to hint, either by mail tc
t, Macon, or by private cenvejtac*. te Synod el
_ Aug ie?a. Ho would ol?o r< queet any otbei
friend who can procure ten subscriber* te addreec
him on the subject at Macou, by the first oi
^ middle of November
oi It is with a bluah, Mr. Editor, that a candidate
,e far tuthorahip, has thus to do, both himself and
the putdic, tie* injustice to b-g patronage for an
1* unknown library work. Bat, hew such a res
suit ie to be avoided, and publieh at aiL, ie what
ie he cannot discover. There is na greet metropalii
r among us, whore a book way oe uevoored m I
^ day?And, where to put a new work in the Book
d seder office, and in a lihreary, are nearly ideatie
h a). People beta are scattered, aad their appetitfl
f for literary food ? not very strong; especially
f* 1 presume, it domttftt. Under ail these disad?
ro vantages however end many mere I sews
a* A blushing, unknown, upstart Bard,
To meet my fate, or eoA or bant 7'"
T Sept. 30.
d' Proposed bible coinv^hua.
A Circular prepared by direction of the Charlie
ton Bible Society
CaaaLatTon, May 1817.
, Sir:?The Managers et' the Cb irteatan Bibl*
* Society, have appointed the and. rmgned, a cam
/. tnittea to prepare and aead forth a Circular, mvi
t * " * - 'i -
tirg the eereral BiMe societies in u? maw u
unite with them by their delegvtaa, in * Conren
tion, to be held at Columbia, on Tuesday the 5ti
a December 1837.
' The objecta to be encored by tuch a Cotrren
tion. are to ascertain what haa been done in thii
n State for the l*at fonr or fire yoara in (irinj
,n circulation to the Bible; what facta may be co>
iecied, which will throw light opon our yet re
maining deetitntiona; whether it in expedient, ei
? gage simultaneously in Veaupp lying the Statea
with the Word ef Lite upon 0 pun aitrilar ti
ihat which waa agreed opon in Colnmbia, serera
1' year* ago; and if ao, by what meant and by wha
ig.mciea the-plan can be mnat folly and ttior
3 oughly, anrl jcdicioualy carried into efect,
*! that oar entire reading population, hare free ac
ceaa t? copiea of the Holy Scriptures in thci
own possession. And finally to deliberate opoi
any other aubjoct connected with the diilumoi
R, 0f the Bibto, whether at home or abroad, 11
:S- Christian or *n heathen landa.Th?
general fact is known, that districts o
countr7? which hare been thoroughly r>fpplie
? , r hare contained many destitute faindic
,r *' and what ia tree of on: Jistrict is trtk
jl all e reat, as the name eaoaea operate to cr*
,t" ilt? the want, ril: the formation of now familiei
. oUMiinn of others, snd the wearing 00
If I " . . - - ?.
of th? Bible* themselves: In sanat eases whe r i
__ re-sopply Hm been aadartaken, alter as intern
B|j of four or fiva years, the destitution has bee:
e found full half as great as at the period ofth
_ original supply, ana in same cases greater, ft or
^ the causes already assigned. We allude to thi
fact because H was one of the principal met ire
which induced the Managers of the Charleetoi
Bible Society to propose a convention.
The Committee regard it as superfluous to urg
the subject upon your consideration by any fur
ther remarks, ss all the reasons for a Convention
which wc could submit, must be farmiliar to you
mind. All that wa hare sosolicit, is, that yot
would call the attention of your society to th
0 proposition, that should they deem it expedient
Jclegates may be appointed to represent your So
ol- nety in the Convention.
Wo have the honor to subscribe ourselves, ii
it- name, and by the appointment of the Manager
as jf tho "Charleston Bible Society your fellow .
;h Torers in the Bible causo.
lr! B. MANLY,
by Committer and Cor'ding Secretaries of tie Ciai
-ed 'lesion ociety Bible.
, AuttiCU LTltKAi*. '
Leached or drawn ashes posses* a high. ?|
I ly beneficial effect, particularly when applied
. to lands d.fferent n caieareous mdttert, as * ? ;
Q lime or marl. They serve to improve the .J
permanent texture of such soft* Thewsix* d
from the soapboHer&s of London yield ""DO . r||
l pounds -in 100 of caJcareotrtr matter.
They serve to free light kinds df*sdfi*l, 3
P and in swampy soils they effectually destroy j
B rushes and other aquatio weeds. They are J
t x:eosiveiy used onr the light sands upew * *
he Aliandc co ?st, and are bough up dt ooo Ja
' shiHing a busM, m the towns and
j on our navigable waters, and tranSpinHied -jy&
i thitlier. There are immense qualities oT^Pn!
; ihese ashosio^llre
w? tnviu iupn?M*agiii? > .
^ous matter, as a top" dreasirig
. kind of grass. Soap-boiler's ashea, ator. cellent
on a peal moss, strong d^fmUa
when applied in the quantity of two or mree J
cart loads an acre. In Lancashire, they
h -Te been found good and durable on dry
pasture*, and have also been successfully
used m o her parts, and various proportions
They are generally considered better for
pashms than arabte, and crops of clover
hay have been more than doubled by (hem.
The effect of this manure is. that it <?
' stroys bugs and vermio of every kind.?
Albany Cultivator. " T
We doubt not t!iat much land in the
middle and loA-er tracts of tta Carolina*
| which is now deemed of little jvahianiigtit
i by propei management and the seiMiieeW
; proper grasses, be rendered highly vaiuabls
; for grazing. .
?-?. * n ^
| i ne roiiowingmswncea vi pruHiauic g* a
. ziag farms we copy from an article in the
Tennessee Farmer.
Wok, Hardin, deceased, vOf Deridsnn
> country,.sowed a timothy meadow, about
12 or 13 years ago. He grased to ibe
| the win er, and ttooe in the summer. A
1 retpeatahle gentleman informed me that he
had -"3 many us fifty muhe upon tbui n.a*
> dow at a ime. Guessing at the amount, i
1 suppose the meadow contains pot more than i
tea or twelve acres, i am iaformecLthef
. Mr. Hardin once told hay from it, to
l amount ofillOO inoiieacoson. Imwlt
in May last, and it was as fine as when*-*
' firstaaw it about set en) ears ago.
Mr. Daaicl Safiyrans, of Galjatin, has
, ftor acres of timothy meadow, about 12
t years el i. from whieh he sold the present
' year's crop* delivered on fl*e spot to Mr.
r Lewis, for 3270.
John Gordon, of this county has a herdsi
grass meadow about til years eld, which
1 he supposes te y ield between four and five
1 tons to the acre ; sad says that he would
! net rent it fer $30 per acre..
> The following statement was written te
i me by Rev. John, W. Bo wen, Smith
' coenty. Ten. Aug. 2d, 1837.
J Jena McMioa, Esq. 5 railea south ef
' Stateville, W ikon country, hat a Timothy
Meadow, which ha sowed io l?0Q^.aad
has mowed every season since. H coo
tains about throe and* bajif acres* It has
made hay enough to feed ah his stock for
twenty-eight years, which newer consisted
1 of less than 6ve horses and fifteen cattle,
and aoaaetinies he had deoMe that pjjfcy
ef each. Squirt McMinn has 'ahtnys
grazed it in August and Sewtember with
his stock; and during the winter and
apriag, until the first of April, Ms sheep
(generally about 15 J have always fits J
constantly. He assured the writer, *si
April, that be would notnow take SfiOrent
for bis little on adow.
Respectfully, J. W. BOW EN."
J Mr. Henry Moores, who saw this
t M#ddew,incompagymuhMr. Bowemcenj
veyed his idea of H to me, by sqy+U?;
14 when 1 saw it, 1 was at once reminded
j of the best meadow g of Kentucky."
i Esq. Scwftl of Wilson Cou oty f has .a
| herds grass meadow, which yielded over
: (our tons to the acre io 1896..
i These specimens are equal to the meadows
j of Great Britain^which has heeo recently
^ a . a 9~
r> | sendirg hay to the u: states tor t?av? m
r. ! fact, Professcr Low, of Edinhurg, supposes
' their meadows to average less then two
ods per acre. But i most stop to give
room for a letnr from Mr. Hughe of Km>
' }41 Fayette County, Ky.t June 16, IB8F.
j., Dear Sir?I receh #1, a few day* since,
j from Win. P. Hume, Esq.-of Bourbon
j County, a note requesting me to iidemi
a you of the number of acre* of land in my
6 farm ; what quantity I have in pMSiyo ;
0 how many hands I work; and what hare
, been my annual profro far the bat two
a years. My farm contains btweea 14 and
1900 acres. . I cultivate about 200to ost%
6 about 20 in meadow, about 100 to wtusl
* and rye; and the balance is Jo psstuM.
r Iwotk 10 hands. My farm ia what w?
> call here grasing few*" f hay, grant*
8 and feed about 200 cattle niaMy , raiao
1 and sell ah >ot 200 hogs. My {wins on
cattle, hogs and other articfs **M off aiy
a farm in 1835, were 19,94500j ia 1886,
1 $10,478 00.
I would take pleasure in camMttcoSng
to you at any tine, any information Iig . *
in ptasession of on this subject,
Yoorv respectfoUy,
. . / iT? at* ?
, d
t "* . Vfc ? v;
: i
0 * * #

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