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I I I 3 o to ii t Y t
9 1 k e b 41 b 1V X >
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j < < t i C t fi f fft
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1 j 4 4 n aiii a c i t I 1 S 1 ot 0 t I
r M
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c y l 1 e
1 < t r Panama City Washington County Florida Jtlrie 13th 1907 J No 3
r t r f y J F
7 y4i Ii u i
y J 1 I
3 e rIF i L < HI P C each Combings
E 1
ti f
g Mr G W IVard ot the Manama
il iV Mill J06 came in on Wednesdays
r r 1 It c H Tarpon
< i
< 1 I Mrs McMillan land children Cary
T g yule gPla are visiting Mr W Prows
j t
L ltlii11jill
r1 5hi Tarpon arrived from Pensacola
c r
i atJOamyeterdaYwith a full cargo
f 1 j 1 oifjiniscellaneous freight
r 0 6
> J Mr W A Rogers of West Bay
1 the Gladys brought Mr J
I > i IJaIIO Freeport to Panama City
t yesterday morning
7 t Born to Mr and Mrs Brooks of
i i h t MiiltiUe Mi Monday morning twin
i > boyi Dr Lee was in attendance
o t > i All are reported doing well
A colored man named WilliamS
1 Brown Wai killed at Millville on
J < Thursday Ia tby a car running over
ll him which he was trying to stop
Owing to the breaking of the man
i r drel ott theQig saw at the mill here I
l fj Tuesday evening that portion of the
< t mill will have toshutdWllfora
< week or so The planing mill will
jh however be run
str i r Mr F M Boufjelle having accepted
I 1f r H position in the Parker postoffice
4 < hio1W1Jtake his entire time ha
I g r given up the painting business Mr
< J BJoutelle was an expert with the brush
< and we dislike to lose him from that
s J profession
0 < t cKenzie Bros have received their
c full equipment of machinery syrup
< c and before our next issue will be
putting but the choicest purest drinks
> f X < that
h are manufactured anywhere
fY JI Send in your orders for a sample
I fr > > 1 i Porthebenefitof many enquiriers
f l t f Wish to state that No 1 of the
tt J r SILOT can no longer be obtained
i 0 this officej the issue having been ex
y f hausted Those having copies wouldfi
1 t dowel to preserve them so that
F brwi11hg to keep files can
obtain this first number
I The tug SID B rlvith a large barge
4 f 16aded With more machinery for the
+ o A L Ob Millville came in yesterday
I f 4 terday noon The barge Thomas
° Clooney loaded with the scrap from
j r the burned mill was in readiness
be towed to Pensacola on tho 19 tUrn I
i 1 fl 0 trip of the S Simpson Which Was began
yesterday aft rnot n
r i
Ajartyifrom Eufaula Ala con
I itt r of Opl A H Merrill Presi
i i entofthe East Alabama National
S K < 13Ink and a prominent attorney of
east Alabama accompanied by his I
wife Dr W P Oopeland and Mr Will
McOormiolc of the Eufaula Grocery
Co were guests at the Panama City
I hotel from Saturday until Monday
1 t k Mr J A Elder Panama Citys suc
T k cessful gardner brought to McKenzie
fc 4 Bios i store this week such a dis
play vegetables as are seldom seen
I I < anywhere They consisted of summer
r squashes Qucumbers turnips cab
b q > bage and red and white radishes
Jt and no choicer vegetables in size or
tJ quality are raised by the market
1 gardhers oj our large cities
> t
1 c The presiding elder of this district
f Rev J A Peterson of Dothan Ala
accompanied by his wife and child
I I n T will axrive on the north bay m boat
V i Ifriday night to participate in the
Me Quarterly Conference whicS is to be
1 held here Saturday and Sunday The
u ladies of the society here have plan
ned a dinner for those in attend
c4 nnc6vjlch will be served on the
tY ablin Magnolia Park immediately
fC < fteth 11a in service
ixf Ain tliis week our community
hav b hamper6d in business and
J subjected to otiier inconveniences
f through the non arrival of the mail
Itrom h railway Tuesday evening
S l th e mail did not Teach St Andrew
I < R mtn ltpm toqJatto be handled
< t t offioe u > t Bay points
I Parties bereh
a A mportant letters
tr > f I > i ha1mil triedkget the post
f master at St Andrew to allow the
oontrMtor on fchis xoute to bring
4 f pouch here from there Wednesaay
5 fosnoon at their xpense but the
> j r < P M did not se hijs way clear under
t rla ti allowvtjhisl
Between the l
> v f 1nmJ4y and tQ red tape of th
< i 0 Dsparthient he inhant c
0 l 1F Byooiny a3e rnOfti MS l1 redl > Y
1j t j flthe d vilaith
ff J yu illIJle 0 4oe1
> > irth OilitiM t 0 <
Y tf < I l y i
t r Ii 4 1i7
k it t
= i <
I Atlanta aint Andrews Bay Rail Road
Panama City arid Its Future L
THE PILOT herewith places before
its readers an outline map copied
from the Century Atlas showing as
clearlYand correctly as possible on f
Bucha large scale the tactical advantage
vantage possessed by St Andrews Ar
Bay as a gateway for the future com s
merce of the most Important extent lV1
of territory in the United States L
The 85th meridian of longitude bi
sects the wealthiest agricultural
I b
mineral and timber portion of our s
country and this meridian runs but
a few miles east of Panama City and
St Andrews Bay A section of coun
try bounded by lines one hundred
miles each side of this meridian ex
tending from the Canadian border to
the Gulf will include many of the
m ost important inland cities not
equalled by any others in volume or
value of business transacted G cJ 1
Starting at the Soo there is in M op C 0 1
cluded In this territory such centres I
of population and Business activity I
as Milwaukee Chicago Detroit In XEV
dianapolis Evansville Cincinnatti I I
Louisville Nashville Chattanooga N
Atlanta Birmingham Macon Colum
bus Montgomery and numerous I
smal1ercit esthe marvelous mineral
districts of Alabama the now only
remaining valuable timbered portion
of the country east of the Rocky
mountains and agricultural region
that has no equal as to the fertility or
diversification of its products
Poiloving this meridian of longitude
southward from St Andrews Bay we
fi nd it p ssing just to the westward
of Cuba being the shortest course to
and from Colon It also makes our WI
bay the nearest port on the north
Gulf coast for the Atlantic trade
through the Florida straits
Pensacola bay the only other
natural deep water harbor on the
north Gulf coast lies over one hun i u >
dred and thirty miles west of this meridian and commerce from the district
outlined taking a gulf route through that port would have to suffer the
added cost of this additional distance With the present trimming in the
cost of all transportation charges not only for the benefit of the producer
and consumer but that our commerce may compete with other nations the
matter of the cost of a hundred miles of additional railway or steamship
transportation is a vital item in the business
With the increase of manufacturing and mining which have made a
most Wonderful record in the lower portion of the territory mentioned came
the extension of railways to the Gulf and the growth of an import and ex
port trade that though now large is nothing in comparison to what it will
be in a very short time
Until very recently the Illinois Central was the only system having a
line from north to south connecting the great lakes with the Gulf The
prosperity of thatand other joint lines together with the trend of shipments
of all kinds through gulf ports have made railway managers everywhere
recognize the importance of extending their roads in this direction and
securing terminals at available ports on the Mexican gulf That this is the
natural minumum grade route for export freight must be admitted by any
one who will study the grades of those roads running east and west over
the Alleghany mountains which formerly handled the entire Atlantic
It is an inevitable law of the transportation business that grades in
crease the cost of haul consequently the lines with the least grades have
the advantage making profit at rates that the older and possibly stronger
lines cannot operate on Again it is only within the pnst few years that
science coupled With the indomnitable energy of the American merchant
has made it possible to ship through the gulf ports everything that may be
shipped through the northern
seaports 9 <
It is also within this same period that the lower South has achieved such
prominence through the demand for its untouched forest products In con
nection with the lumbermans operations came the building of log roads
soon to be transformed into standard railroads and as has always been the
case with the extension of such roads they carried with them the settlement
of the contiguous country in the lower South by those homeseekers who
find in this genial climate cheap lands and relief from thec ldand the
costly living of the more rigorous North
Railroads are and always have been the great pioneers striking out
through undeveloped forests and plains making a region for twenty miles
each side of their line accessible to all the world and all the world accessi
ble to the settlers therein building up villages and cities where none existed
before and increasing the value and taxable propertyof of the country they
pass through as no other factor can or ever has don
With the extension of these railways toward Ihe shores of tnegulfcamfe
renewed interest in St Andrews Bay a grand body bf deep water having a
five fathom and upward anchorage of over thirteen mileS n length twice
the capacity of Pensacola bay and Which though charted by the Govern
ment as far back as 1855 has never received any Attention at its hands r
A few far sighted railway men however hav forseen he possibilities and
probabilities of tlns body of water as the future port for the vast territory
outlined above and for the business that is rapidly tiorBiT olfward with
the enormous increase in traffic that must come With thlTopeniiig of the
Pnma Canal and closer trade connectionsith Ccntial and South America
Ada i ant the islands ot the Pacific and many lines Jg v e been proposed
tllf terminal at Panama City That tlieyfl erentwdly be built
f iit Rrta 11 u i ai tt tfmolrow1 come j J
1 n1it railway bodies xnov slow and now Iicn < a d tvaffic tt D1 5
a propiIgns fa thee GltffliOfl of 11iitothiz point
an tip opiflg 1
t > i ft4
o of t r
oTc i f < <
0 > i
i 4
of this harbor to the ctffterce of the world the stringency in the money c j
market precludes the are required to do the
borrowing df such sums as y ±
work therefore som plans must be held in abeyance until there comes a
change in that direction Yet even in such stringent times as these there
are found men of sterling integrity and indomitable perseverance who will
not be brooked in their schemes and in spite of a close money market and
discouragements that would down less strenuous men keep pressing on
with their plans working while others are idle and ticcomplisHng results
that spell success while those who have adopted a waiting policy stand bYto
lamenting the unfavorable conditions and burying their talents in the
It was fortunate for this section of tho country that at such a critical
time the Atlanta St Andrews Bay R R the Panama City line had at its
head one of those self made indomitable men who stand as beacon lights
amid the vacilliatiug masses leading their followers to success t giving to
all with whom they come in contact some portion of their own enthusiasm
bringing order out of chaos and doing a work in pioneering and develop
ing the country that ranks them as public benefactors and leaders in the
New South
Such a man is Mr A B Steele President of the A St AB R R and
of the Enterprise Lumber Co a resident of Atlanta Gaj a man who has
passed through all the vicissitudes that have been It the portion of those who J
have been prominent in railroad building and developing the lumber busi
ness in the lower south and who has succeeded where others have failed
He is credited with the building of three successful short railways all of
which are now portions of trunk lines of being at the head of one of the
largest lumber companys of Alabama and with a perseverance under all
difficulties that has caused his friends
and acquaintances to
accept as ac
complished facts any proposed enterprise that he might engage in
He was one of those who foresaw that an air line from Atlanta and tho
wealthy country of western Georgia and eastern Alabama to a gulf port
would soon be a necessity and in connection with his lumber interests in
South Alabama and West Florida began to plan for such a line The possi
bilities of an air line route through this territory soon eclipsed his lumber I
interests and his energies Were turned toward the more important object if 5 t
of giving the territory referred to a short and direct outlet to the gulf Ap
glance at the map of the A St A B4 R R and connections therewith
as printed on our third page will show how nearly this has been accom
plishecl v J
Running almost due north and south this road will becomea trunk line
of no mean importance Its connections at junction points are such as will
give it a very prominent position and of business
interchange wiuh those S
roads seeking the most direct route to a gulf port At Oottondale it con
nects with the east and west line of the L N at Dothan with the Oentral
of Georgia from the northeast and southwest and with the Atlantic Coast
Line from Montgomery while its northern extension from Dothan to
Opelika will cross a branch of the A C L three branches of the Central
of Georgia and at Opelikjl will connect with the Atlanta West Point R r
R for Atlanta and with the Central of Georgia for Birmingham Such aro
the railroad connections assured Panama
City upon the completion of tho
Atlanta St Andrews Bay R R and to tlieet various roads and their
numerous connections will be secured a gulf port that fo export and im
port trade by the shortest possible route cannot be equalled
No more prosperous or richer agricultural and timbered country with
numerous cotton and other manufactories exists than that lying within
fifty miles each side of the A StA B R R in lower Alabama and Geor
gia Within that district are to be found such cities as Geneva Florala
Dothan Troy Columbia Eufaula Montgomery and Opelika Alabama and
Oolquitt Blakely Fort Gaines Cussett and Columbus Ga together with a
host of smaller but thriving villages The short line to Panama City offers
to this large and prosperous section in the way of aft outlet for their pro
ducts principally cotton such a route as Will give it the advantage over
other less favorably situated portions of the cotton growing and manufac
turing section of the south it will increase the value of all kinds of
erty tending to bring under cultivation
much valuable land now idiej thus
largely and rapidly increasing the value of this entire region
Panama City recognizes that the
building of this road means that our
city located most favorably directly in front of the harbor entrance with
its railroad owning an abundance of suitable land for terminal yards anrf a <
water front of over a quarter of a mile in length from which wharfs can be
built must be such a city as will fulfill all the requirernents of a gateway
for such a country and its many railroads as has been described and care
for a traffic that is solely and rightfully all its own And those who have
the interest of this city in charge through carrying out a well devised plan
of promotion and upbuilding are striving to not disappoint the many who <
a re looking toward this place as the f t
metropolis the northeastr
gulf coast r
Henry Bovis Dead
The citizens of this section of the
bay country were greatly shocked
yesterday afternoon to hear that Mr
Henry Bovis of Millville had met
death at his own hands while tem
porarily insane
Mr Bovis was one of the pioneers
in the mill business at Millville and
after selling out his interests therein
took up the mercantile business in
which and as postmaster at Millville
he was engaged at the time of his
death He had been very successful
in a business way accumulating quite
an amount of property He leaves a
widow and eight children one son
and seven daughters four of which
are married Justice Sturrock held
an inquest late yesterday afternoon
while Undertaker A H Brake em i
y v
balmed the remains to await the
funeral the date of which has not
been set
i y u
Quite a number bfNhe bay people
have expressed desire that sOme
arrangementbe made for 1L general
picnic and gathering in Magn oliaPark
at this place on July 4th As before
stated bur citizens are Willing to make
suitable preparations for such a cele
bration It l > ethe wiles of any
at number that we c1Q i lo Le
there be a quickand < concerted acikm
lit this matter as the time J s iqw
i gett figs 1WII1CII epie1 mIR t
gZ t il fJJ
1t is ftttt k i tffi
tUt < < l cct 1
r jjjjjjjjj
1 4
A gang of men in charge of rr Sam < I J
Welch have this week cQ1ppleJil tbtf r i
opening of 5th street from the bayou
to the bay shore where it intersects
the grade of the railway One can
now see how Panama City along this
street will look from the railway ter
minus The crew are now at work
clearing out Grace Avenue between iJ
4th J and 5th street
Wednesday morning our people re
ceived quite an amount of mail which J
had been missent by the distributing
office at St Andrew to Parker re
turning here Tuesday night Mixing >
mails is as prodvctive of pofanitysr co <
mixing drinks and in behalf of thoe 1 t
of our citizens who are trying tokftptj icf
from swearing wewoulcl aVfc atMjp tfrf
post office authorities at St Andrei
to be more careful in the tlitur JI r
Mr R McKenxi ift aitd iH Good p 01
son on Friday Jitf pent a sho4
time fishing on iJlct i neiw
where the railway gradings o t
on capturing trout Or LmMni Hil r i
black bass and o water
fish the mulOS 1 itr1ng oi fth
thtWjuJdn 1iiv11 Issack Walton r
wild wifcJi nYi They atatethere axe fij
1arg mouth l th e 4 ItWJWf woJ
weigh from 8 to 10 PQ Li
tbepxtordi4not reQhG o
fish caught th1s Ah 8tort iiist W A J
taken af the unbti14 truth
< j
Mr g uH 0 yi Miilvt
wuaPJir m Q4y 9IIOU
ri1 I > 1 I
Q yc = r i
lW t r A 1 I
pj f
f Ii
JI J 11 > i t firJ Jt If r
c > h 4
q 1fi JArL r VdK 9 i PAti V1 < >
vS rV w r v VVH >
I Ai

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