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y 1 i y y it Panama City Pilo s
Vol 1 Panama City Washington County Florida August 1st 1907 No 10
Beach Combings a a
Rev F H Poston preached at the
Baptist church in St Andrew on Sun t
Owing to the rain and wind tic
Tarpon did not give the advertised
r excursion on Friday evening but
promises to do so at a more favorable
A small party from St Andrew antt
Old Town came to Panama City 01
Monday evening and enjoyed them
selves in a pleasant little hop at the
Mr Grover Stevens who died near
Chipley was buried in the cemetery
at Millville Monday forenoon at
1030 the Rev E W Roberts conductS
I ing the services
II M Felix has painted M Jenks
launch this past week and placed I
the name Nautilus on the bow
Like all of Felixs work it is a neat
job and makes the boat one of the
prettiest on the bay
A large number of our citizens took
advantage of the schooner Blanche
being here over Sunday and had an
excursion on the boat to Hurricane is
land There was a fine breeze cloudy
and cool and very enjoyable time
was had Many secured fine collec
tion of shells at the island
Mr Moore who has for some time
been purser on the Tarpon leaves the
t boat at the completion of this trip
having accepted a position with the
Consolidated Grocery Co of Pensa i
cola His many friends wish him
much success in his new field It has
not as yet been given out who will
succeed Mr Moore on the boat
The PILOT office this week received
II ut the hands of Mrs Dobb of Cro
manton a generous supply of Celes
tial figs grJn by Mr Geddes of that
place These figs are very large of
a greenish yellow color and are not
as liable to sour as other varieties
grown here They are sweeter than
the dark skinned kinds aud in every
way a decided acquisition to the list
pf figs grown in this region
A representative of the PILOT visit
ed the farm of Mr H W Williams
adjoining our city on Wednesday to
look over his growing crops There
was a field of rice just heading out
showing most vigorous growth sugar
cane coming along in fine shape and
a field of corn that it would be hard
to equal in the most fertile portion
of the corn belt in Iowa The variety i I
is the common white dent the stalks
aro from 8 to 12 feet in heighth with
from two to five big ears to each
The ears are well filled out and the
amount of fodder that will be plucked
from the field is enormous This
field Mr Williams informs us had but
little fertilizer applied a spoonful to
each hill or about 100 pounds to the
acre With the usual application of
fertilizer the yield would have been
upwards of 100 bushels of corn to the
acre The field is on our common
fiat piney woods land just such as
there are thousands of acres in this
vicinity and it has been kept clear
of grass and weeds which with the
small application of fertilizer as stated
above has produced such an abun
dant crop
Messrs Thomas Burke and Guy
Gainer were agreeable callers at the
PILOT office this morning
Mr O C Penuel of Marinna looked I
over Panama City on Friday making
the PILOT office a pleasant call i
W T Wynne J A Wells Misses
Martha Coneley and Janey Smith of
St Andrew were callers at the PILOT I
office on Friday last
Mr Ira Hutchinson wife brother
and sisters with Mr F Bullock of
St Andrew visited the PILOT office
last Thursday afternoon
Mrs R McLellan and two boys I
arrived from Pensacola on yesterdays I
Tarpon to join her husband here
They have secured one of Mr Jenks
new houses on Magnolia avenue and
will at once begin keeping house
t x Z Washington County Cabbages I
t1 +
I < 1
Ii In no section of the country can cabbages be grown sop rofltably y and smoesjfully as in various portions of
I Washington county Further there is no crop that is so nearly an all season crop For some years Mr G M
West General Manager of the Gulf Coast Development Company has been raising many varieties of cabbage and
the picture above is of three heads of Hendersons Succesion cabbage grown by him that weighed 25 pounds each
This variety of cabbage weighed from 15 to 30 pounds each and in the whole field there was not a single poor
head They are however too large for general market purposes and for that purpose the Charleston Wakefield
and early dwarf Savoy On a pieot of land less than
Winnigstadt are grown t an eighth of an acre in extent a
hundred dollars worth of cabbages were grown occupyingthe ground only from January 1st to May 1st By
successiveplantings cabbage may be ready for the market sere from December until September of the following
year For the early crop August planting is preferred by market gardners in the lower south but for the main
I crop October and November planting is preferred
r St Andrew I
Mrs G M West dined with Mrs M I
B Jenks on Wednesday
Mr T Daniel of Marianna was an
arrival in Old Town this week
Jabe Russ from Marianna is i I
St Andrew visitor tmVweek I
Miss Martha Conely leaves for her i
home in Marianna via the Tarpon I
Attorney L Kinney of Vernon was
a visitor in our village on Thursday
Marmaduke Dixon of Marianna
is visiting friends in Old Town this
Mrs Kelly of St Andrews is visit
ing her daughter Mrs Maud Sarvice
this weekAdvertiser Carrabelle
Deputy U S Marshal J D Crews
made a trip to St Andrew this week
on official business NewsWestville
John Milton and family of Mari
anna had to return home on Satur j
day last owing to the illness of one of i
their children j
Mr Smith of Marianna accom i
punied by his daughter Janie and
sons Milton and Hentz left yester
day after a short visit to the Bay
George Rotzein of the Tarpon has j
returned from a months sojourn in II
Pensacola and other gulf ports and
will occupy his former position Fri
The Misses Blacksheer and Myrtle
I and Ruth Merritt who have been
Miltons family in
i stopping with Mr
Old Town left for their home in Mari
Little Frances Vitherill had the i >
I misfortune to pull a pitcher of hot
water over on to her arm on Wednes
day morning causing a painful and j
severe burn
Thomas Burke leaves Friday for i
New York via Mobile He intends
to visit his home in Gotham and then
spend the remainder of the summer 1
among the mountains of Vermont
Tuesday morning Capt Frank With j
erill with the Leonore took to Bay
Head on their way home to Chipley
the following party Mrs Bertha
Daniel Blake mother and children
Mrs R C11illiamsand three children j
and two lady friends
Among the summer visitors ezpect j
ed this week are the following promi
nent Marianna citizens A A Cal i
houn Jr and family Miss X E
Calhoun and Mrs E B Kellam of
Elizabeth City X C They will be
domiciled in Old Town
Some miscreants who ought to be
i serving time in the convict camps
j boarded some cf the launches lying
> on the water front on Sunday nigth
and crippled them through destroy i
ing parts of the machinery or steal
ilig the same In Charlie Brackens
launch their destructive propensities
were displayedin cutting the canvass
covering The East Bay mail boat
was delayed Monday morning over
two hours through damage thus done
to its machinery
Chats Standifer is ibiting his friend
hAn V rM 0hn t HeJ Ill tolifer
and Mrs Chandlee arrived Tuesday
evening and report having had a
serious time crossing many of the
i streams between Chipley and Bay
j Head
Mr Philip B and Grace West enter
i tamed a small party of friends at their
I home in Old Town on Tuesday even
j ing Messrs Oscar and Raymond
I Sheppard and Herbert Wynne and
I the Misses Rita Blackshear Ruth
Merritt and Maggie Alderman wore
i present enjoying a very pleasant
I evening
Three Badly Wounded
In a shooting melee at Smith
Britts turpentine camp eight miles
west of Wewahitchka on Saturday
evening one negro was killed and
three others badly shot up
It is reported that a negro under
the influence of liquor went to the
house of another with his gun intend
ing to kill the latter on sight The
negro was not at home so the drunken
brute took a shot at the mans wife
wounding her in the leg As soon as
the news of this affair reached the
husband he gathered together some
of his friends and started out with
guns after the would be murderer
Coming up with him some 25 to 30
shots were exchanged resulting in
the killing of the negro which started
the row and badly wounding the
husband by a shot through the body
and another through the thigh and
the shooting of another of the party
The coroner at Wewahitchka was
notified and presumably held an in
quest the first of this week
M E Church South Organizaii
As per announcement on Si H
last the M E Church SoutL t
Panama City was organized The
following persons were the chaiei
members of the organization Mrt
J B Gainer Mr W M Conely Mis
Juanite Conely Mrs E W Roberts
the Misses Anna Lois and Veda
Roberts and Mr J Hughes Mr W
M Coneley was elected Church Sec
retary anti J H Hughes Steward
I Owing to the o Jch 1 organization
papers failing to arrive no other busi
ness was transacted
Mr Hewlett is doing rushing busi
I ness these days
The Misses Percivals were in Cro
manton last Saturday
Wm Parker made a short call in
I Cromanton a few days ago
t Mr Hewlett was a pleasant business
caller at C W ForBess Saturday
i Miss Hallie Hodge visited at Mrs
E P Kinnies one day last week
Mrs Earnest Spicer entertained a
number of friends at dinner Satur
Messrs Walter and Robert Parker
were in our city Sunday also Chas
Messrs Fenters and Clark have put
in a gill net and will probably fish
this fall
C W oFrbes has his launch back
in the water again and running to
make up for lost time
George Kinnie has been making
some tine catches of mullet with his
cast net this past week
Bert Boutel of Parker was a
pleasant caller at the home of Mr
and Mrs F W Hoskins last Thurs
Prof Littletons party camping atI
Charlie Forbes place caught a king
mackerel this week which measured
forty inches in length
Mr Fenter came home from Mill
ville Wednesday night quite sick
1 He is feeling a little better now and
I has returned to his work again
j Mr Wineman preached here Sun
day night His sermon was full of
good helpful thoughts Text Lead
us not into temptation but deliver
us from evil
> Mr Bates being in government
i employ was called back to his work
at St Louis going on Fridays Tarpon
He seemed reluctant to exchange
his comfortable home here for the
heat and dust of St Louis Before
going away he put his boat Lavida in
Spring Lake Bayou
A pleasant little Hat home gath
ering was enjoyed by quite a company
of Cromanton and Parker people at
F W Hoskins Thursday night Ice
cream and cake was served and the
evening passed very pleasantly with
games and music Prof G H Bou
telle who is spending his vacation at
his home in Parker helped very ma
riall in the music with his deep I
jase voice
Win Geddes has growing on his
jt in Cromanton eleven trees of the
Celestial figs The trees are young
some quite small yet but the most
of them have borne as much fruit as
young trees should in spite of the
1 season being rather unfavorable One
fig measured 7 inches in diameter
I They are fine flavored and excellent
for eating fresh when full ripe Being
so large and firm for figs they are
especially nice for preserving and
I canning
L Marine I
The schooner Lucy H entered port
yesterday from St Andrew with a
cargo of 368 barrels of naval stores
aud is taking a cargo of merchandise
at Baylen street wharf Pensacola
Journal 24th
The schooner Blanche Capt Hand
has been taking on a cargo of lumber
at the dock here this week It is
from the Panama City Mill Co and
for export through Pensacola Capb
Bert Ware has been engaged in tow
ing the same with the Hugh from the
mill to the dock on barges
H The schooner Ariel owned by the
St Andrew Gulf Steamship Co
bears the distinction of being the first
vessel to be hauled out on the now
marine railway just completed for
Frank M Daniels Co at the foot
of Herrons wharf
The schooner which is a large one
was hauled out early yesterday morn
ing there being no delay or accident
and within a short time a force of
men were at work repairing the hull
of the vessel This set of ways has a
capacity for taking out vessels about
the sizeof fishing vessels
Another set of ways is being built
just west of the ones completed which
will have a capacity of taking out
vessels of about 400 net tonsPon
sacola Journal 24th
Parker Items
P F Parker has his yawl boat
Viola out on the ways this week
George Kryder and wife left on the
Tarpon Friday for their homo in
Every one in this neighborhood are
busy planting sweet potatoes this wot
Thos Spencer and sisterMiss Grace
left Tuesday last for their home in
John E Donaldson left on the Tar
pon last Wednesday for his home in
Bainbridge Ga
Joe Fraddosia of Farnulalo has
moved into W if Parkers cottage
across the bayou
Capt e J Raffield of the yawl boat
Isabelle is in harbor awaiting her
turn at the ways
Mr and Mrs Gay J V Withers of
Millville were business callers in
Parker on Saturday
Mrs Audley Spicer of Cromanton
was over and visited with her sister
Mrs A L Pratt one day last week
A IJ Colloms mother died Sunday
afternoon at Cook and was buried in
the Parker cemetery Montlay after
J N Wilson left Friday on a busi
nese trip home but will return
shortly and bring more friends back
with him
Dr Miles and wife of Wewahitchka
are down spending several days The
Dr drove down to Panama City Sun
day afternoon
Capt Horace Hasselburg was up
visiting his mother one day last week
and carried back with him Frank
Percival and Lon Davis for a trip to
the snapper banks
R E Palmer was so unfortunate as
to get his toe badly mashed while at
work on the big mill at Millville
Ray says if you dont think it hurts
to get your toes mashed just try it
and see for yourself
Card of Thanks
We desire to extend our thanks to
our many friends at Parker and about
the Bay for their kindly assistance
and heartfelt sympathy in our recent
great bereavement
Mrs S E Donaldson
and family
The County Democratic Executive
Committee will meet in Vernon on
the first Monday in September 1907
I at t two odlock p m Let every com
I mitteeman attend important busi
ness to be transacted

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