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Panama City Pilot
Published every Thursday
By The
Panama City Pub Co
Terms One Ycar100 Six Months 50c
Rates for advertising OH application
Entered as secondclass matter May 30th
1907at tho post olIlce at Panama City Florida
under the Act of Congress of March 3 1879
Gov Glenn and Judge Pritchard
Every now and then there is a re
crudesence of the old conflict be
tween State and United States Courts
The statesmanship of a century and
a quarter the acumen of learned
judges and the common sense of an
intelligent nation have failed to
produce that coordination of powers
that might be expected between these
two important branches of the judici
ary a condition absolutely essential
to secure to the country that harmony
whicti is necessary for its present and
future welfare
Within the past week North Caro
lina with its Governor and the United
States District court through its
Judge as chief actors have suddenly
sprang into ji notoriety which has
resulted in fixing upon them the at
tention of the press and people of the
United States Ever since the pas
sage of the Inter State Commerce
Act twenty years ago followed by
vigorous and often drastic legislation
along the same lines in the various
states there have arisen questions of
jurisdiction growing out of such leg
islation which have brought to the
front under 20th century conditions
the old doctrine of State Rights
With the close of the Civil War one
phase of this subject had been settled
by force of arms From the disas
trous effects of that conflict the people
had scarcely emerged before inter
state railway building began to inject
into the body politic as an economic
and political problem a new feature
of State Rights which has now reached
an acute stage as shown in conditions
in North Carolina and to a lesser
degree in other states Unlike the
i questions of seventyfive years ago
which resulted in the formation of the
State Rights doctrine the issue today
is not a sectional one nor one upon
which even the Democratic party as
in the past are united Mr Bryans
declaration in favor of Natianal
ownership of railways going as far
to the opposite extreme of the doc
trine as it is possible to conceive
Railway building in the past fifty
years has so far changed conditions
obliterating state lines and bringing
together distant points and people
that new laws are absolutely neces
sary for the control of these gigantic
public service utilities and for the
maintaining of the rights of the peo
ple while on the other hand doctri
naires may continue to harp on State
Rights and their followers throw
obstacles in the way of inter state
commerce but the people from Maine
to Texas will demand their right to
a speedy and safe passage of person
and property across state lines to and
from their respective places of busi
ness and abode
Governor Glenn is to be commend
ed in demanding that the laws of
North Carolina be strictly upheld
He is not at fault if the laws be un
just or as is claimed by the railways
unlawful and confisicatory so long
as they remain the laws of North
Carolina he must insist upon their
being obeyed even though in doing
so he bring disaster upon his state
and cripple her railroads and there
fore her business interests The surest
way to secure the repeal of an unjust
law is to enforce it
On the other hand Judge Pritchard
is certainly within his lawful y
in securing justice to the inhabitants
of other states who hold property
interests in North Carolina or are
acting as agents for such parties
That both the Governor and the
Judge should be able to maintain
their prerogatives and uphold the
laws without a conflict would seem
to be a reasonable and just proposi
tion and one which the people of
North Carolina and of the remainder
of the United States should demand
as their right and must have secured
to them without let or hindrance
i This question is now at its crucial
point in every state in the Union
It is time that the better judgment of j
the people exemplified in Legislative I I
Executive and Judicial branches of i
the government frame and enforce I
laws that will forever put an end to i
the dangers incident to such conflicts I
between the States and the United I
States as are now being witnessed in I
North Carolina and many other states II
of the Union
Santa Rosa Dry
The election held in Santa Rosa
county last week has placed that
county in the column of Drys
adding one more to the steadily in
creasing majority for prohibition in
the state In the centers of popula
tion in that county there was a most
vigorous campaign carried on by both
sides the result being small majori
ties for the Wets but these ma
jorities were kept down by the active
participation of the women in the
campaign to that extent that the
country districts always to be count
ed on for prohibition turned the tide
and downed the Wets by over 140
majority The result in Santa Rosa
ii an illustration of our suggestion
recently made that the success of the
Prohibition cause in the South was
largely due to the influence of our
women In this campaign it was the
women who won the day Their
appeals their campaigning their
earnestness were too much for the
money and aggressiveness of the
liquor men and they may be justly
proud of the work they accomplished
West Floridas Agricultural Boom
West Florida is just on the begin
ning of an agricultural boom that is
destined to develop this section and
raise property values to an extent
seldom before if ever witnessed in
a newly discovered territory
While West Florida is not exactly
newly discovered in one sense it is I
in another sense a new and almost
unknown land to the great world of
industry commeAae and develop
ment Its resources of soil have hard
ly been scratched and its possibilities
for development could not be esti
The writeups which the Journal is
now makidg of the various counties
of West Florida will put this section
before the world in a light in which
it has never been viewed before The
Chipley and Washington county sec
tion in this edition will do more to
exploit the advantages and resources
of that county than has ever been
done before and what the Journal is
doing in this case it intends to do for
every county in West Florida
People who are looking Floridaward
will do well to look sharp and act
quickly We have thousands of acres
of very cheap lands now They are
the best lands in the world will raise
the biggest crop in the world and
are now the cheapest in the world
The people who get in on the ground
floor will be the best satisfied and the
happiest people in the world Jour
nal Pensacola
Death of U S Senator Pettus
United States Senator Pettus of
Alabama died at Asheville N C
from an attack of appolexy on the
evening of July 27th Thus within
a very few weeks Alabama has lost
both of her senators men who have
been landmarks in the Senate and
I national politics for many years We
i attach a brief review of his career
1 I
j clipped from an exchange 1
i Edmund Winston Pettus of Selma
was born in Limestone county AlaI
I July 61821 the youngest son of John
I Pettus and Alice T Pettus was edu
I cated in the common schools of Alai
i ban ga and at Clinton college Smith
county Tenn studied law in the
j office of William Cooper then the
i leader in the bar of North Alabama
was admitted to the bar in 1842 and
commenced the practice of law in
j Gainesville Ala as the partner of
i Hon Turner Reavis In 1S44 was
i elected solicitor for the seventh cir
cuit served as a lieutenant in the
Mexican war and in 1849 resigned the
office of solicitor and went on horse i
back to California Elected judge of j
the seventh circuit after his return
to Alabama in 1855 but resigned in
I 1S5S and went to Dallas county where
he resided up to the time of his death
Resumed the practice of law as a
member of the firm of Pettus Pegues j
Dawson in 1SJ1 went into the Con
federate army as major of the Twen
tieth Alabama infantry and soon
after was made a lieutenant colonel
and in October 1863 a brigadier and i
served with distinction until the close j
of the war After the war he re j
sumed the practice of law Ever since j
he became a voter he was a member i
of the democratic party In Novem
ber 1896 was elected by the legisla
ture of Alabama to the United States
senate for the term commencing
Ii March 4 1897 and was unanimously
reelected to the senate in 1903 His
I term would have expired on March 3
I 1909
Increase in Real Estate Values
The steady increase in values of all
i kinds of real estate in the lower South
is a source of wonderment even to
I those who always have been opti
mistic while to the few pessimists it
is a real shock The following clip j
ping from the Rambler of Cordele i
Ga illustrates conditions that are to
be found throughout lower Alabama
Georgia and Florida
Cordele property still goes sky
ward in value good residence lots
sell right along from 81000 to 82000
while desirable business lots cant be
bought for less than 84000 to 86000 t
We thought two years ago that these j
lots were too high but twelve months
later they had increased from forty i
to fifty per cent in selling rice and j
during the past twelve months they
have increased another fifty per cent
or more Cordele is glorions and the 1
end is not yet
And the end is not yet as our
contemporary states With the fur j
ther development of this region bring
ing in more diversified industries
and a greater population real estate
is bound to steadily increase in value I
For years it has bpen a fallow field I
untouched and unproductive Now I
the eyes of the whole world are upon i
us the immigrant seeking a genial j
clime is coming this way the lands i
under scientific methods of farming j
are yielding bountiful diversified
crops our merchants and mechanics i
are prospering and land values naturally
irtake of this universal I
urally partake pros
I perity No better investment can be
made today than purchasing real
estate in this sec hon of the South
Agricultural Florida
As an agicultural state Florida is
just beginning to find herself As
was pointed out in an editorial ex
tract quoted from the Clay County
Times Thursday the agriculture of
Florida has been largely experimental
and must continue to be for some
How many things which it was as
serted twentyfive or thirty years ago
would not grow in Florida have
since proved that they are well adapt r
ed to the Florida soil and climate
I Floridas semitropical climate pre
sented problems to the first coiners
from more northerly states which
they were forced to solve if they did
not wish to grow the crops they found
cultivated here They knew that
this is a semitropical state But they
did not perceive all that was implied
in that fact They had much to learn
much to unlearn Those native to the
state taught them what they had
learned as to the management of a
soil which yields abundantly and con
tinuously under a Florida sun but at
much of which the newcomer still
glances askance knowing that it
would have little value under a cli
mate less genial than that of the
Peninsula State Those who were
I willing to adopt new methods thrived
they who were not have proved
failures as farmers
But the agriculture of Florida was
rather limited a few decades ago
I compared with what it is today In
consequence farming has been a
matter of many experiments in this
state Floridians have learned much
that was hardly dreamed of at the
time the civil war closed about the
capabilities of Florida soil and cli
mate We believe there is much yet
to be learned
Because of the fact that something
like a new agriculture has to be prac
ticed in this state men who came
from cities in more northerly states
to Florida for their health have be
come successful farmers here Where
so much was a matter of experiment
and the methods of states with a
bleak climate for part of the year had I
to be abandoned the man new to j
agriculture but intelligent earnest j
and quick to learn had an equal i
chance with old farmers new to the
What an era of experiment set in j
after the Big Freeze in this state
The recent long drought with the <
knowledge that it may recur occa
sionally if not often in the future
has set new problems which must be i
solved sooner or later Jackson j
ville TimesUnion
Southern Railroads Have
Faith In Panama Canal
I A special dispatch from Columbus
Ga to the New York Commercial
says That southern railroads have
confidence in the completion of the
Panama canal is indicated by the
manner in which they are seeking
I outlets on the Gulf of Mexico The
Peninsula and Northeastern which
will be built at once from Pensacola
Fla to Andalusia Ala will bridge
an important gap giving the Central j
of Georgia system with 2000 miles of i
mileage direct entrance into a gulf
The work of building the Birming
ham Columbus and St Andrew Bay I
extending northward from St An
drews bay on the Gulf of Mexico is
in progress between that port and
Chipley Fla The road is to be built
first to Columbus and then to Bir
mingham i
The Apalachicola Northern the I
southern terminus of which is Apa j
lachicola Fla another gulf port has I
been completed to the Georgia line
It is expected that this road will be i
built on northward to Columbus and i
Atlanta Ga
It is acknowledged that Tampa I
Fla is to be the ultimate terminus j
I of the Georgia Florida and Alabama
now extending from Cutbert Ga to j
Carrabelle Fla The gap between 1
i Columbus and Cutbert will be filled i
in a short time TimesUnion
In addition to the above list should i
i appear tho Atlanta St Andrews Bay i
i R R giving a direct trunk line north I
i and south through western Alabama I
i with its terminus here also the sev
eral chartered lines from the north
east to this bay I
The Highest Type of Public Servant
The Manatee Record observes that
I Senator Mallory doesnt seem to be
i worried much about his scat in the
j senate Ho continues to saw wood
while the boys do the wind work
Senator Mallory is not given to
worrying and he knows that in his
I two terms as senator he has zealously
done his duty as he always has done
I in public life without any hooray or
I brass band or press agents relying
ron his work for his record and per
j I haps a little too much on the public
j knowing what he does for the ta te
l here is about him a certain re
serve that prevents him from g
out of the way to proclaim his ser
vices It has often been said of him
that this is bad polities Perhaps so
but it gives him that much more time
for his duties and in his case at
I least has made him that much more
valuable to the people whom he
trusts because he has served them i
always with an eye single to their
welfare however powerful the ene
mies he has made or may make
In the state legislature in congress
and in the United States senate he
has uniformly proved himself not only
a valuable public servant but one of
the highest type that a republic can
produce lie is equally incapable of
subterfuge or truckling to high or
low in private or public and the suc
cess that has been his in public life
has been to an extent true of very
few men due to his splendid ability
and his exceptional integrityPen
sacola Journal
The Tampa State Fair
The Tribune approves of the pro
posal to hold the annual state fair
from February 3d to 26th The month
will be a convenient one for Floridas
agriculturists manufacturers and
other producers to gather in hospi
table Tampa view the splendors of
the exhibition and enjoy a stay in our
attractive city thelargest in Florida
It will moreover and with even
more significance be the height of
the season when many thousands of
tourists will be in Florida These
people naturally will be attracted to
visit the fairi fact many of them
will at that time be enjoying the de
lightful climate and hotel accommo i
dations of Tampa To them we must i
look more than to our own people to
advertise the wonders of the slate to
the outside world and for that rea
son it is especially fortunate that
they will have the opportunity of be
holding in the aggregate the attrac
I tions the commonwealth offers They
I I will mingle with thousands of people
in other states of the Union and will
bear to them such a glowing message
of prosperity and physical attractive
I ness that they in their turn will
i come to experience them and many
will be secured as permanent set
i tiers
The main point now is for a
thorough agitation to be kept up in
all sections by the press and public
minded citizens so that the people at
large may be made to realize the im
portance of the occasion all it means
to Florida in the way of develop
ment and to the future increased
prosperity of the whole people of thw
stateTampa Tribune
Railway News
We clip the following item relative
to a possible extension of the German
American R R from Millville from
the Blountstown Democrat carried
out this would
eventually prove a
line of great value to the bay country
It is rumored that the Hillman
Sutherland Company of Jackson
ville and German American Lumber
Company of Pensacola have affected
an arrangement by which the latters
railroad will cross the Chipola river
in the neighborhood of Abe Springs >
and run east to tap the fine tract of
timber belonging to the first named
company This will put the road
within six or seven miles of Blounts
town southwest The rumor further
says that it is the ultimate intention
of the owners of this road to con
nect it with a road that is being built
from Augusta Ga In the event such
rumors materialize Blountstown bids
fair to have two railroads within a
reasonable future
We clip the following items of rail
way news regarding roads in this sec
tion of the country from the Manu
facturers Record of the 25th ti
The Pensacola Alabama Tennes
see Railroad is reported to be negoti
ating for terminals at the south end
of Pinto island for its Mobile exten
sion Hartwell Turner of Mobile
own the island Henry McLaughlin
of Pensaeola is president of the rail
i road
The Pensacola Mobile New Or
leans Railway Co already incorpo
i rated in Alabama has applied for a
charter in Florida and proposes to
build the Mobile extension of the Ion
saeola Alabama S1 Tennessee Rail
i road HenryMcLaughlin president
Rix M Robinson vicepresident W
I J Forbes treasurer C E Morritt
secretary and JV Bullock Jr are
i the stockholders
The Manufacturers Record is in
formed that finance plans are com
pleted for building the Georgia t
Florida Railway Construction con
sists of building links to connect
several small railroads bought some
time ago by Middendorf Williams
i Co of Baltimore J S Williams
I Sons of Richmond and others The
International Trust Co of Baltimore
is interested Call is made for pay
ments of the first 20 per cent of the
cost which is over S000000 A IS
Hess is chief engineer at Augusta
Ga contract to he let soon
The Gulf Line Railway Co capital
400000 has been granted a charter
for a proposed line from Hawkinn
ville through Pulaski Wilcox Worth
Turner Mitchell Brady and Decatur
counties to the Florida boundary 1iH
miles and thence through Florida to
the Gulf of Mexico It will be an en
largement of the Flint River Gulf
Railroad The incorporators are C
A Alford J S Westberry C II
Hillhouse HH Pinson of Sylvester
T R Bennett and W X Spence of
Camilla Morgan Tompkins J J
Whitfield T B Ragan T E Love
joy W C Lovejoy Henry E Rhodes
and T H Bridges of Hawkins villa
and Jus H Taylor of Macon Ga
A section of last Sundays Pensa
cola Journal was devoted to a write
up of Chipley and incidentally of
Vashington county The advantages
and prospects of Chipley were well
presented and such writ ups must
be of great benefit to all portions of
West Florida that receive fchfc atten
tion of the Journal

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