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E! Paso, Texas,
Monday Evening,
January 3, 1910.-10 Pages
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Ice King and Bank Wrecker
Issues Scatliing Denun
ciation of ihe Courts.
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 3. Charles W.
Morse, the convicted New York banker,
sentenced to serve 15 years in the fed
eral prison at Atlanta, arrived here this
morning from New York.
He -was met at the station by deputies
and taken to prison.
He declined to make any statement' to
At prison, Morse gave the information
necessary for his prison record. He
will be put Into a striped prison garb
this afternoon.
Before coming her Morse gave out a
statement In New York. It was bitter
and dramatic
"I am going to Atlanta to begin
penal servitude under the most brutal
sentence ever pronounced against a
citizen in a civilized country," is his
opening sentence.
"I have hoped," the statement con
tinues, "with that hope which comes
from a consciousness of my innocence,
that I will not have to close out forever
the light and liberty of this world un
der such an inhuman sentence. I had
felt that the fact that I had paid a fine
of 7,000,000 and served a year in prison
would satisfy the cry for a victim and
I have steadily "believed that the courts
would be compelled to give me a new
trial. "When I learned that the, private
detectives of the prosecution were the
keepers of the jury, that the jury drank
like men on a jaunt or a holiday, rather
than citizens engaged in serious service,
and that as a , result two of them were
rendered unfit, I naturally hoped that
I would be alowed another trial by an
other jury free of these hostile influ
ences. "A Government Gone Mad."
"It seems, however, that the courts
Intend to establish the practices -which
make rum drinking a part of a jury
service" and private detectives as the
custodians of a jury a permanent insti
tution. By this sentence and judgment
I may be brought to ruin; but the
damage done to me is not half as im
portant as the injury to the administra
tion of. justice. I am now up in years
and must, -with the passing of time pass
also; "but the record of my conviction
and the way it was brought about will
remain a lasting and dangerous example
of government gone mad in search of
a victim.
Looks to AVashlagton .for Help.
Whether I shall serve my full sen
tence I am not able to say, much de
pending upon how much the govern
ment at Washington -will look at it. I
have greait faith that all right thinking
men and women -who know of me and
my case and who realize the inhumanity
of my sentence will make known their
feelings to the president. "Whatever the
future may hold in store liberty or im
prisonment I shall endeavor to meet it
the same way I have struggled against
the misfortunes of (the past two years.
C. W. Morse." $
A few moments before the train left,
Harry and Benjamin Morse appeared
for another farewell to their father. He
gave them a fond -embrace and wept as
they left him.
SL Louis, Mo., Jan. 3. The Oklahoma
railroads today began a fight in the
federal circuit court against the two
cent fares, which are enforced in that
state as well as against freight rates.
The railroads are trying to knock out
the corporation commission of Oklaho
ma by finding an act creating it un
constitutional. Many Oklahoma attor
neys are here.
Mayor Sweeney's attention having been called to the report tliat iroker
grames were being conducted In El Paso at four different places, he called
up chief Ben F. Jenkins of the police department this morning and asked him
aljout the reports.
The chief said: "These matters were called to my attention and we have
been working on them .and' have not yet been able to get sufficient evidence
to warrant a raid, but we are working with that end In. vievr."
Globe. Arise, Jan. 3. Jack B. Newman, of this city, cleared $30,000 a day
Tor 15 days on the raise of Miami stock. He bought Miami stock before the
bond issue last Xovember, -when it was quoted at ?1S. He then doubled up
as the stock raised and is now selllag around ?-.
It is alleged he cleared $450,000. '
New Orleans, LiH., Jan. S From a palace where she presided as first wo
man of the land, to the almshouse, a refuse, is the fate of Senora Alagera
Barrios, widow of the former president of Guatamela.
Almost blind, penniless and without means to earn a livelihood, Senora
Barrios knocked for admittance at the Touro-Sbakspere almshouse here Vew
Year's day.
Her husband, Jose Maria Reno Barrios, was assassinated a short time aft
er his accession to the presidency.
Senora Bcrrlos's fortune was dissipated through mismanagement.
Appeal in Vain to President
to Let the Interstate Com
merce Law Alone.
Washington, I). C, Jan. 3. President
Taft had an extended conference today
with the presidents of six leading rail
roads of the country, who had requested
a hearing before the special message,
dealing with the interstate commerce
law amendments should be sent to con
gress. Those attending were president Mel
len, of the New York, New Haven &
Hartford; president McRea, of the Penn
sylvania; president Lovett, of the Har
riman lines; president Baer, of the
Philadelphia and Reading; president
Finley, of the Southern railway, and
president Brown of the New Tork Cen
tral. Attorney-general Wickersham was
i also present.
It is understood the rauroaa presi
dents sought to convince the president
that further legislation at this time
would upset conditions in the railway
and industrial world, which generally
have been righting themselves for the
last two years.
The railroad men seemed rather de
jected when they left the white house.
President Taft said after the con
ference that he still expected to have
his interstate commerce message ready
for congress Wednesday at noon.
It was learned today that B. F. Yoa
kum, head of the Frisco railroad, will
come to Washington soon in the in
terest of railroad legislation and will
confer with president Taft.
"Wilson to Probe for Truth
ardless of Who It
Washington, T. C., Jan. 3. "We have
already discovered that the farmer is
not getting exhorbitant profits out of
the beef he raises," said secretary of
agriculture Wilson in discussing the
high prices of food supplies today.
"I have no doubt," he continued, "the
same conditions prevail in many other
lines of farm products.
"The department of agriculture has
agents in every stae and every coun
try, and we intend to bring out the
truth, irrespective of whom it hurts
or benefits.
"1 am convinced that the public pays
a great deal more for everything it
eats than it should. There is, how
ever, ample excuse for some 'of the
Increase in the cost of living. Farming
Is not keeping pace with the demand
for foodstuff. The cities seem to have
more attraction for the laboring men
than the rural communities."
City sewer commissioner Hadlock has
encountered several hard problems re
cently while investigating causes of
sewer stoppage and in four instances
he has found" that cottonwood trees had
forced their roots in through the pipes
and had grown into them stopping them
Of ten when the concrete 'is placed about
pipe conections little particles drop
off and a slight crack is made permit
ting the water to trickle through. The
roots seek the water and finding it keep
on growing until finally they fill up
the pipe and stop the flow of water.
B. Monroe has been appointed motor
cycle policeman to take the place o
policeman L. Duke, who -was on proba
tion and who was relieved of his duties
Brother of Missing Explorer
Says the Doctor Will Be
Vindicated Finally.
New York, N. Y., Jan. 3. William I.
Cook, brother of Dr. Frederick A. Cook,
declared today that Mrs. Cook had
joined her husband and that he was in
communication with them.
Mrs. Cook is believed to have the ex
plorer's original records of his north
pole quest in her possession.
"Dr. Cook has by no means abandoned
his intention to prove conclusively,
despite the verdict of Copenhagen uni
versity, that he reached the north pole,"
said his brother, "and his detractors
will have a pretty bill to pay."
"I have positive information that Dr.
Cook and his wife will publicly appear
together and there will be a great
change of feeling. It may be only a
few weeks and it may be months be
fore they will appear publicly again.
That will depend on how long It re
quires Dr. Cook to fully substantiate
his claims."
Mr Cook declined to say whether Dr.
and Mrs. Cook are. in this country or
abroad. .
Russians Expect to -Make
the Dash to the Pole in
the Air.
Paris, France, Jan. 3 Messrs. Mat
thiessen and Voltschoek, officers of the
Russian army, today purchased two
dirigible balloons with capacities ot
1400 and 2000 cubic meters respectively
with which they will undertake an ex
pedition to the south pole.
The explorers will convey the appara
tus by ship as far south as the ice will
permit and thence proceed in balloons
They will keep in touch with their
base of supplies by wireless.
The Intruder Escapes But
Leaves Blood on the
"Window Sill.
Fort Worth, Tex., Jan. 3. Charles
Dunklin, a dry goods clerk fired 'at and
slightly wounded a robber who entered
'his home early this morning.
The burglar had secured a gold
watch, diamond ring and 20 and was
crawling through a window when Dunk-
! lin fired. He escaped, though he left
blood on the window sill.
Public and Private Schools in Session
Today-Military' Institute to
Open Tuesday.
School children, with their books un
der their arms, were seen hurrying
through the streets this morning for the
first time in two weeks. The holiday
vacation is over so the students are once
again at work and are counting tne
days until Washington's birthday,
which Is the next holiday.
All the public and private schools of
.the city onened. this morning with a
good attenoanceind the teachers, many
of whom had gone home to spend
Christmas and New Years were back in
their classrooms ready to take up the
work of the second session of the
The Military institute boys are the
only ones who are still on vacation as
that school will not open until Tues
J day morning.
The fort band is playing a concert to
day. It will also play "Wednesday and
Friday. Following are the programs:
"Wednesday, 4:00 p. m.
March, The Victorious Phalanx. Morse.
Overture, Fra Diavolo. Auber.
Mazurka de concert, Memories - of
"Vienna. Bendix.
Grand Fantasia (Piccolo solo), Auld
Lang Syne. Hartman.
Second Hungarian Rhapsody. Liiszt.
March, American Army Life. Darnell.
Friday, 4:00 p. m.
(Followed by parade).
March, Always Forward. Missud.
Overture, Fest. Latan.
"Waltz, Daughter of Love. Bennet.
Patrol, Southern. Voelker.
Selection, The Queen's Lace Handker
chief. Strauss.
March, Yankiana Rag. Gideon.
Oscar Bierman, chlefmusician.
Somebody entered the residence of the
family of Lieut. Col. G. Aleman, of ru
rales, in Juarez last night. A quantity
of women's and children's clothes was
Early this morning the'police arrest
ed Dioninsia Gomez, a domestic employ
ed at the house, and three men, D. Var
ques, F. Hernandez and F. Varquez.
The house was entered in the absence of
the family.
Juarez is infested by the American
panhandler. He stops pedestrians at ev
ery turn of the road. He Is every
where. In the Mexican police court this morn
ing five of a score of prisoners were
Americans. All were arrested on
charges of intoxication, vagrancy or
both, and all received heavy fines and
Sister H. Eailalia. director of the Lo
xetto academy at Las Cruces, who has
been the ffuest of the Loretto sisteTs at
St. Joseph's academj" on North El Paso
street, 1ms returned to Lag Gruces to re
sume her duties at the head of the Lo
retto -school for rirls.
In Making Appointments
Mayor iG-aynor Praises
Murphy, But That's All.
New York, N. Y., Jan. 3. Chill com
fort was found by Tammany Hall and
other political organizations today in
the appointments which mayor Gaynor
has made to his municipal family, and
there were writings on the wall of the
city hall which indicate that the horde
of place-seekers may expect little if
their claims for office depend only on
political backing.
Of the nine appointments yesterday,
but one went to a Tammany man.'
Rhinelander "Waldo, selected as fire
The mayor in making known part of
his slate had some kind words for
leader Murphy, which caused one dis
trict leader to remark: "We don't
want any verbal bouquets; what we
want is offices."
Herman Ridder, editor of the Staats
Zeitung, today declined the office of
park commissioner.
Mayor's Statement.
Mayor Gaynor gave out last night
through his secretary, Robert Adamson
his list of appointments en for. o i,
I has been able to make them and on ac
count ot ms relations with Charles F
Murphy, leader of Tammany Hall
His letter follows:
"When mayor Gaynor was seen last
evening he was found in hi hnm& li
brary deep in the perusal of a little '
ZZ?T isuuin or .Benjamin
Fraklln." When asked if the politi
cal headers had been consulted in mak
ing appointments he said:
"I feel that there is one great act
of justice which I should do. I was
nominated without even a suggestion
being adopted as to what I should do
as mayor. Since election C. F.
Murphy has called on me three times,
each time asking me to appoint the best
men to be found. His suggestions were
few; lie urged nothing and kept saying
to me that the responsibility was solely
with me.
Defends Boss Murphy.
I fear there are a good many people
in this town who do not know Charles
F. Murphy. Some of them seem to
think he has horns and hoofs. I can
only say of him what I have seen. He
fully realizes that a political, organiza
tion cannot survive and grow broader
on patronage alone without political
ideals and virtue but must shrivel up
and die of worse than dry rot. I would
advise some good women and clergy
men who are Triting to me about
Charles F. Murphy and what they call
the white slave traffic to go up and
see him and say a kind word to'ftiim.
They may be surprised.
" 'Thou shalt not bear false witness,'
is also one of the commandments. There
are more vices than one."
Gives Sketch of Appointees.
The mayor in naming his appointees
appends also a brief personnal and po
litical biography of each.
These comments, some of them are
waggish, some naive. Some of them
are conspicuous in a formal statement.
For instance, of Rhinelader, "Waldo,
appointed fire commissioner. it is
noted that "He is a bachelor and a great
catch for he is rich."
Of Herman Ridder. publisher of the
Staats Zeitung, who the mayor offered
the position of park commissioner for
Manhattan and Richmond, but who has
refused to accept, the statement says
that on account of RIdder's connection
with th Tirpss- "TTfk fpfl? rlpHpntf In
this matter as his work as a public of-
iiLiin nuum nave xo ue commeuiea on
by the press and should not be under
constraint. The spectacle of a news-
nnnpr nrnnripfnr mrtnlnp- fnr ntfiea rr
in office and being puffed up by his
own newspaper Is nauseous to Mr.
All Are Democrats.
Most of the mayor's appointees are
died-in -the-wool Democrats and the
statement is careful in giving the
biographes not only to mention those
that are married but also to specify
that they have children. The mayor
hmlself has seven children.
Among the appointments are:
Corporation counsel, salary $15,000,
Archibald R. Watson, about 40 years
old, married. Democrat.
City chamberlain, salary $12,000,
Charles H. Hyde, 40 years old, married,.
Commissioner of docks, salary $7500,
Calvin Tomkins, married, Democrat.
Commissioner of charities, salary
$7500, Michael J. Drummond, married,
politics not given.
Commissioner of water, gas And elec
tricity, Henry S. ThoTipson, salary
$7500, single, Democrat.
With him is appointed professor Ed
ward Bemis as first deputy, salary $5000,
who was formerly at the head "of the
water department of Cleveland. O.,
"which it is conceded he has made the
model water department of the coun
try." Commissioner of bridges, salarv $7500,
Kingley Martin, 32 years old, Demo
crat. Slated for the Ax.
The seven tax commissioners, the
statement concludes, 'Svill be ap
pointed in a day or two. The appointees
will be all high class men who will
banish graft and favoritism f rom the
"The police. street cleaning and
health department are to be dealt
with hereafter. It is not believed that
anyiof the incumbents will be retained
Austin, Tex., Jan. 3. Juan Sauceda.
a Mexican, was shot in the face- and
badly wounded ,six miles north of here
this morning. Clarence Stelfox, white,
was arrested charged with doing the
shooting. The Mexican was also ar
rested, although taken to a hospital.
Lee H. Orndorff has filed suit in the
41st district court against W. S. and
A. M. Rodgers for the specific perform
ance of a contract to sell him lots 17, 18
iind 13, in block 50. East El Paso, for
a consideration of $1950.
Son of Oil King Heads Jury
Empaneled to Probe the
" White Slave" Charges.
Xew York, N. Y., Jan. 3 John D.
Rockefeller, jr., was today sworn in
as foreman of the grand jury, the
special mission of which is the inves
tigation of "white slave traffic."
When judge O'Sullivan observed Mr.
Rockefeller's name among those drawn,
he immediately asked him to assume
the foremanshlp. Mr. Rockefeller
begged to be excused, pleading ill
health and stress of personal business
"We have a very important matter
to pursue," said judge O'Sullivan, "and
I believe you owe the community this
Mr. Rockefeller withdrew hi ex
cuse and was sworn in as foreman.
Said to Have Been a Success
IFrorn Touche Point of
It is all over the Juarez fiesta. "When
daylight broke this morning they were
still turning the wheels of the whole
sale' gambling establishment. But to
day marks the end of the 1903 fiesta.
Already gambling apparatus is be
ing loaded on wagons, and the pavilion
was fairly dismantled by noon.
Gamblers are leaving on ecry tram,
only chief promoter Touche, the Chihua
hua gambler, remaining to attend to un
finished business.
From a Touche point of view the fiesta
was a success, it Is said. But many of
the concession holders have complain
ed bitterly that high prices paid for
booth rights did not agree with the vol
ume of gambling. On -the claim that
the races would stimulate gambling,
large sums have been paid this year for
concessions in the pavilion.
Supreme Court Turns Down
Territorial Supreme
. Court Decision.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 3. The, su
preme court of the United States decided
that the supreme court of Arizona had
no right to dischaige Eduardo Ramirez,
charged with forgery against Mexico.
Roy Guild has been named postmas
ter at Red Rock, Ariz.
'The confirmation of Foraker as mar
shall in New Mexico, goes over to next
There are many candidates for judge,
vice Pope. The fight is raging here.
From the white house. Mark Smith,
delegate Andrews and delegate Cam
eron made a round of New Year calls,
Including the speaKer, vice president
and cabinet.
Man Then Commits Suicide
er Killing His Em
Pueblo, Colo., Jan. 3. Despondency
from ill health Is supposed to have
caused a murder and a possible suicide
at Peulah, 30 miles from here, this
Mrs. L.ettie Walker was shot and In
stantly killed by John Bolton, who then
shot himself through tiie head. His
wound was probably fatal.
The shooting occurred at the Walker
home, where Bolton had been employed
by Mr. "Walker. Bolton .vas a consump
tive and came from Joliet, 111., two weeks
James Daley Declares His Intention of
going to South America AA'ith
Rhodn Bebee, of Mesa.
Cupid has flown from Juarez, a cer
tain cupid at least.
Rumor had so many things about ex
tradition on the charge of kidnaping
that James Daley and Rhoda Bebee.
both of Mesa, Ariz., decided to loiter
on the border no longer. A warrant
awaits Daley at Phoenix, it is alleged,
and a wife is said to await him at Mesa.
The girl is alleged to be 16 years of
age. and that started all the trouble.
"We are going to South America,"
said Daley when he left Juarez. To
carry out ftis plan he bought tickets to
Parral, Mexico. The couple were ar
rested once by the Mexican police but
soon released, no extradition action be
ing taken.
Poll taxes are not being paid as fast
as had been expected, only 300 or 400
having been issued by the county col
lector to date. However. It is expected
that with the sheriffs fight on there
will be many more taken out during
the next week or two.
Taxpayers are crowding the office of.
the county collector and all tlto clerks
In the office of the city assessor and
collector are being kept busy, receiving
money for taxes.
T. C. Glenn was arrested this morn
ing by policeman Velo on a wairant
charging him with cruelty to animals.
According to the police he 'Is charged
with having tied a horse to a post and
then whipped him. His case has been
set for this evening.
A Chinaman was arrested by the po
lice thi morning and docketed at the
police station on a Qhrage of insanity.
He was aoting queerly on the street,
it is stated.
Man Fills Body of Ex-Convict
With Shot When
Called a Name.
Nacodoches, Ter., Jan. 3. "Will Parker
has been arrested, charged with killing
Charles McCruter, at Mayo late last
night. It is alleged that McCruter was
intoxicated and interrupted Parker
while making a speech at a church and
called him a liar. After the services
Parker went home, secured a shotgun,
returned and poured a volley into Mc
Cruter's body.
McCruter had served a term in the
Big Drop in Temperature
-All Over. Northern Part
of the State.
Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 3. A drop
of 50 degrees In six hours was recored
by the United States weatner bureau
today. The city experienced summer
weather yesterday, the thermometer
showing SO degrees.
Today the mercury stands at 30 and
a cold norther Is blowing with a prom
ise of snow.
A big drop in temperature is general
in north Texas
Sleet and Cold.
Childress, Tex., .Jan. 3. Childress
county is in the grasp of a severe
norther today, the temperature drop-
: ping at least 50 degrees since last night,
j A slight drizzle formed a coating a
quarter of an inch thick over all ob
jects and it is feared the wire service
will be crippled.
Cold "Wave General.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 3. Out of tho
northwest is coming another cold wave,
S which weather bureau officials promise
will spread over the entire country east
of the Mississippi river with the ex
ception of Florida.
Arctic-liko -waves are attended by the
coldest weather of the season In the ex
treme northwest. Forty-four below Is
reported from Saskatchewan, Prince Al
bert, early today, and zero tempera
tures from northern plains states, and
the northern Rocky mountain region.
Laredo, Texas, Jan. 3. Five hundred
head of cattle passed through today
bound to Fort Worth packing houses.
The shipments of cattle from the states
of Xuevo Leon and Chihuahua to the
United States have greatly Increased
during the past two months. Repre
sentatives of Swift and Armour are
encouraging Mexicans to raise more
live stock.
Austin, Tex., Jan. 3. Napoleon Ta
ber is under arrest here following the
killing of Melvin Teague at Creedmore
late Saturday night. Both are negroes.
?They had quarreled and Taber went
after a shotgun and on returning sent
a load of buckshot through league's
head, killing him Instantly.
Columbus, O.. Jan. 3. In a-fiiessage
to the Ohio legislature, which con
vened today, governor Harmon rec
ommended the ratification of the pro
posed income tax amendment to the
London, England, Jan. 3. Twenty thousand miners are Idle teebxy in tfc
Northumberland coal districts in consequence of a dispute over tie eight ier
net, which became effective JanHary 1.
The men nt the few collieries are still active and haT give setlce that
they will Quit.
u B s Sas Ssar
Dresden, Tenn., Jan. 3. Clarence Carney faced his 65yearoId xaotherlalaYr
In n revolver duel last night and was killed.
The ujotherlnlaw, Mrs. Sarah Griffith, hai met Carney in the front yard
of a neighbor's residence to discuss a quarrel of lonsr standing. The discus
sion became heated, revolvers flashed aad Carney fired three times at the aged
y omnn.
Althongh one bullet struck her in the hip, producing a serious woand. she
stood her ground, firing five times before her sonlalaw sank to the ground
dead. Mrs. Griffith was arrested.
About a year ago Carney's wife committed suicide by drinking carbelie
Sacrametno, CaU Jan. 3. Peace has been declared between the Oh Ylck
and Yec toners according to a notification received by the local members ef
the warring factioas.
This tong war has resulted in a dozen murders in different parts of the
country and has raged for more than tTo raonths. Special messengers have
Wen sent from the headquarters ln San Francisco -ivarning all shh mea aad
hatchet men to disarm following tho compromise.
v The preparations for the Chine,e New Year which had been dropped in view
of the tons' troubles have been resumed.
If the Public Building Bill
Passes Congress, El Paso
May G-et a Nice Slice.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 3. Represen.
tative Smith has Introduced a bill ap
propriating $500,000 for the purchase
of a lot nd the erection of a building'
for the postoffice at El Paso. The
present postoffice having been erected
when El Paso had probably less than
10,000 population, while ft has now
about 50,000t it is obvious to officials
that the present postoffice is entirely
Inadequate for the business of the cily
at the present time.
It is also stated that when, tha pres
ent office was erected, there was very
little need for accommodation for other
federal officers, while now the large
forces connected with the customs serv
ice, the revenue service, the courts, and
jits officers, the reclamation, servioe
and other federal officials should
have the present postoffice turned over
for. their sole use and benefit, and
that a large, new and properly con
structed building costing half a million
should be erected for the use alone of
the postoffice.
A postoffice agent has made a care
ful examination of the present require
ments of the Er Paso postoffice and la
accord with the suggestions of many
I persons there, has recommended thai:
a large tract of land should be obtained
at the earliest opportunity, and a large
building constructed, that will serve
j the city for the next 20 or 30 years,
leaving suincienx grouna to erect ad
ditions or a new building costing- sev
eral millions, if found necessary.
There is a lively contest raging In
the house now as to whether there
shall be a public building bill or a
river and harbor bilL It Is seldom that
both are passed at the same session,
owing to the large amount of money it
takes from the treasury for both bills.
This question will probably not be de-
elded until the last of February or the
rirst part of March. But if it Is de
cided to have a public building bill
Mr. Smith says he is confident he will
get a good slice for the new post
office building for El Paso.
Terras Commission Eefuses
to Put -Commission Or- -"" -der
Into Effect.
Austin, Tex., Jan. 3. Secretary
Haines, of the Galveston chamber of
commerce, again took the stand in judge
W?cox's district court this morning
when the Houston-Galveston differential
rate case was- resumed.
Haines declared the railroad commis
sion's failure to make orders confirming
the court's decree in rates in shipments
between points on the Brownsville road
and Galveston caused the railroads to
refuse claims for a refund of over
charges on cotton, even when threatened
with prosecution.
Haines alleged that the commissloa
refused to give a hearing to embrace
and review the entire differential dis
Pueblo, Colo., Jan. 3. The body of &
man who drowned while skating- on
Lake Minnequa Sunday, was Identified,
today as that of James L. IQug, super
intendent of the Pueblo Gas and Fuel
company. His home was at Knoxvills

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