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3 if I o
jL f lj You Can SEE The I J
JFJIL Jftr Real Oak Leather In J ,
4 regal
I PR s! ill -Through the "Window 11
IIAJif of SoIe"
vTl W IW There's a little circular slip of paper II
2m " Jf! P&ted on &G so"e f every Reg3! Shoe.
!y ft, II By lifting up this "Window of the Sole " If
jtllii yu can see the white, Uve-Oak-tanned II
tEJ leather underneath the finest sole leather IjhTb
'V ucm in tht wrvAA. TTi rVan. red- Hemlock- aM&o
SH&MI tanned leather in other shoes is blackened Ipmi,
TBT over to hideits tell-tale color. Hemlock J?j!
'IIm mIB leather L brittle and stiff, but Regal r(
; llay live-Oak-tanned leather is flexible Jyj
Il and wears like iron. j s
X II If you want honest sole leather if ilWo:
11 II you want shoes that will last get Regal &7f&: 1 .
II Shoes at our exclusive. Regal agency. gvijj Jk
$350 $4-00 and $500 Khl fK&
I 215 El Paso St. fi jr x.rf ,
ISTew Tariff Being Prepared
'on jSTorth Bound Eates.
Material Reductions.
Better rates for El Paso lire an
nounced by the Santa Fe leaT depart
ment to Kufus B. Daniels, representing
lil Paso complainants before die inter-
cfnf cmnnwr commission, inese re
Also Want the Tariff Left
Alone Strong Resolu-
' tions on Forestry.
Ogden, Utah, Jan. 8. In the language
of the resolutions submitted to t'he con
vention of the National Wool Growers
association here today, nothing would
so quickly demoralize the sheep' industry
as "tariff tinkering" and the proposi
tion to amend "schedule K," of the
"Payne-Aldrieh tariff -bill" is strenuous
ly opposed.
The resolutions recite that the pro
ffvfimi ji.ffnrdft.-1 bv the tariff lias been
the salvation of the sheep industry and
will continue to be the means oi ioster
ing competition.
The resolutions say t'he regulations
of the forestry- sen ice ''which our ex
perience has taught us are established
more on theorv than knowledge, have
ductions, Mr. Daniels states, are from i worked untold hardships and annoyance j
The Formation
of Stomach Gases
Many Different Causes Are Concerned
In Gaseous Accumulation In
the Stomach.
22 to 371-2 ipercent on all classes and
On j f the bunrest reductions is on
to our industry, and we tiiink the mis
takes of tue past can be avoided if men
experience! in 'handling sheep on the
vegetables between Albuquerque, .N. M., I range are orougnt into conierenca watai
and Jl -faso, tnis 'Demg at i-z percein, u.ie wiew " .
x.i --,J- n'n n.K.nniit j.t- i i inn Tocrv nrinnc lniinnn rnnr. imni in
Clovis, X. M Jan. S. That the Santa
Fe may miss Texico with the Clovls
Coleman line ia now thought by a great
many people here to be a fact.
The surveyors are now at work mak
ing three estimates of the territory,
which upon submission to the office at
Chicago will .determine their course.
One of these surveys strikes the old line
just a few miles beyond Texico in
Parmer county, Texas, another at Tex
ico, and the last one, which as tnought
iv a large number of Clovis people to
ibe the most probable route, strikes into
the faouth of Texico and runs almost
parallel to the old line into this city.
Modern Woodmen of America had
their instalation of officers for the en
suing vear hist night. A few candidates
were also initiated into the order and
several applications were presented for
membership. The officers installed were
as follows: B. J. Kaymond, consul; .T.
T L.indsey, adviser; E. B. IcClintock,
clerk; R. G. Ansley, banker; W. E. Ful-
ton, escort; H. E. Gaughn, watchman;
H. Beutsch, sentry; J- ""- Parker, chief
forester; I. J. Ayers, G. TV. Clary. J.
W. Peak, managers; J. T. Reinsmidt,
G. B. Calnan, physicians.
As one grows
old the bowels
grow less active- Some
then take harsh cathartics,
and their bowels harden. Then
they multiply the dose. Some
take candy Cascarets. They act
fin natural ways, and one tablet a
day is sufficient
Vest-pocket feer, 10 ceats t drs-stares.
People sew sse a bHU&b bcxes moelMy.
Albu'querque, X. M., Jan. S. Fran
cisco Tarcras, 45 years old, was shot
shortly before noon today by nicer
Tonv Guivewa. The trouble was over
a torse being seized by city poundmas
ter Hunter. Vargas resisted arrest and
was about to draw a gun whsn shot
through the left shoulder. His son is
under arrest.
John McBride and 14 others, claiming
to own 47 3-4 acres of land in La
Cuadrilla of the San Elizario grant,
have filed suit against John M. Wyatt
and C. E. Kelly, In the 41st district
court, to try title to the land and for
2000 alleged damages.
Colorado Springs, Colo., Jan. S. Train
Xo. 6. southbound, on the Colorado and
Southern, was derailed last nignt by a
troken rail, but, although nearly every
car left the tracks, no one was hurt. The
damage to rolling stock, however, is
Mexican champion steer roper. Cow
boy Park. Sunday and Monday.
Amelia Aragon from Chihuahua,
where he was arrested a few days ago,
is charged with passing bogus coin. Asf
evidence the court has two half pesos
of exceptionally good workmanship,
made of some hard metal.
flwordinjr to t'he company s stipulation
just received. A reduction of 33 1-3 per
cent is made on pinones ano. a like re
daiction on box shocks. Such reduc
tions give these items a commodity rat-J
mg good tor two "ears.
As to northbound rates out of El Paso
the- legal department of the Santa Fe
"We have in preparation a new sched
ule from El Paso to Albuquerque and
practically all other towns on its line
in the territory of Xew Mexico under
which a reduction of material propor
tions will result and believe that the
new rates will be satisfactory not only
to the complainants herein, but also to
all shippers at El Paso whose ability to
distribute goods in the surrounding "ter
ritory will be greatly increased bv said
The resolutions demand that lands in
national forests not suitable for cattle
ranging, and which are new closed to
sheep, be thrown open fcr sheep graz
ing and that the secretary of agriculture
have an investigation made by experi
enced men so that thousands of dollars
worth of. summer feed now going to
waste may be made use of by the
Time Card Changed to Cut
30 Minutes in Chicago.
California Run.
It is a terrible railroad affliction,
this time card changing fever. Just as
local roads are settled, following the
instalation of the new Bock Island
train, El Paso & Southwestern officials
announce that another time change is
Effective Jan. 16, Rock Islar. 1 trains
will undergo another time change. The
Calif ornian, due now at 5:50 a. m.t will
arrive after Jan. 16 at 6:10 a. m., leav
ing ove.' tbe Southern Pacific perhaps
10 i lino to later than tht prerent de
parting time. The Golden Sa e HnrJted
for the north, instead of leaving at
1:15 p. m , as at present, v. ill depart at
1:05 p. m. This change .v:ii mean a SO
minute saving between L.-os Angeles and
Chicago. -This is done, it Is said, In or
der to hurry malls for the coast.
Rumor that the local Santa Fe trains
will undergo a change is groundless,
according to advice received in El Paso
offices yesterday. But just to show
good will, the Santa Fe people have
nh.ntrpd thfi names of their trains. The
I train ..o. 22, leaving at S:45 a. m.f will
! v.. vnm-n oo 'Vn Rifi TCVf if). Ipnvinir at
G:55 p. m., as No. S10; No. 5, arriving at
9:40 a. m as No. 809, and No. 21, ar
riving at 6:55 p. m., as No. 815.
The Santa Fe changes denote the in
stalation of the century system, long
employed on locomotives. A new Santa
Fe main line Calif ornia train Is to be
put on, it is said.
Man Claiming to Be Brake
man Is .Held on Theft
H. E. Mayhugh, claiming to be a
brakeman, was busily engaged In read
ing a leather covered, -gilt edged Bible
when arrested on the T. & P. train this
morning, by special agent Williams, on
a sharge of theft from the person.
P. E. Ragan, a locomotive engineer,
of 420 Galveston avenue, Ft. "Worth, a
passenger on the train, reported that
Mayhugh had attempted to steal his
diamond stickpin while pretending to
adjust his tie last night.
When arrested and taken to the city
jail, Mayhugh asked If he might take
the Bibie into the cell with him to read,
but tbe police declined to permit this.
A search was made of -his grip and
there were found several spools of silk
embroidery thread and several needles.
Agent. Williams stated that a quantity
of this stuff was stolen from i box car
a few days ago and this may be some
of it. '
Boys' calf riding contest.
Park. Sunday and Monday.
A. 31. Smyth, one time secretary of
tho Watts Engineering company In this
city. Is at the Sheldon from St. Louis.
, ill
Have your Electee fixtures, brass beds, -silverware
and, in fact, anything made of metal, refinishedv
and made like new at low prices. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Gold, silver, nicHe, brass ,copper and bronze
Electric and Gas Fixtures
Designed and manufactured in any finish desired
without extra cost for finish.
107 South Stanton St. Phones 19S2 and 9S2.
jfk JSik Do you Use
SfcfL Blank
UwM Books?
B lltOVWVi
We have
any ruling
quire. See
fore placin:
a special book.
blank books,
you may re
ouibooks be-
your order for
If you cannot get your office stationery here
it isn't made.
Man Can Sue in Texas, If He
Starts !Froni Here, for
New Mexico Acci
dent. San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 8. In affirm
ing the decision of. e .lower court,
which awarded J. W. L.andon ?35S5 dam
ages for personal injuries sustained on
a train on the El Paso and Rock Island
railroad, which was derailed at Toney
station, N. M., the fourth court of civil
appeals holds that the contract to carry
the passenger was made in Texas and
partly performed in Texas, and conse
quently Texas Is the right state in
which to recover. The fact that the vio
lation of the contract occurred in a
territory, which territory has a Jaw
requiring that notice of accidents must
be filed with the railroad company with
in 90 days after the accident occurred,
cannot vitiate the right to sue for dim
ages, holds the court, because of mak
ing the contract in Texas. The damages
are apportioned between the Rock Island
and the El Paso and Southwestern sys
tem. Motions in El Paso cases for rehear
ing were submitted in the lourth court
of civil appeals, as follows:
G. H. & S. A. Ry. Co. vs. J, T. Grant.
James I. Parker vs. SI Paso -and
Southwestern railway company.
Minneapolis Nurse Comes to
El'Paso to Find Brother
in Hospital.
Hearing that her brother was sick In
Mexico, Miss Sadie Dorsey, a trained
nurse in Minneapolis, took a train for
El Paso Wednesday.
She arrived in El Paso this morning
and at once took a street car for Juarez.
As an only clue the letter said that
Thomas Dorsey had been taken sick in
a Juarez saloon and was removed to a
Mexican hospital.
Miss Dorsey, called at the Juarez po
lice stataon, public infirmary, and jail,
but nobody had heard of Thomas Dor
sey. Finally at a Calle Comercio lunch
stand, the man who .sold lunches knew
Thomas Dorsey and had carried him to
the county hospital In El Paso. And
so at the poor man's infirmary the sis
ter found her brother.
A complication of disorders, contract
ed while in island service during the
Spanish-American war. has rendered
Dorey a helpless invalid.
And the trained nurse sMer from the
far north will remain to succor her
A .Trial Package of Stuart's Charcoal
' Lozenges Sent I Free.
In cases of chronic gastric catarrh
the secretion of digestive juices in the
stomach is deficient; the food Is di
gested slowly, the secretion is not nor
mal; and fermentation occurs with the
evolution of much gas.
It is evident, however, that a con
siderable time is required to allow gas
to be formed in any large quantity in
the stomach, and therefo're, flatulence
from this cause is not likely to occur
until some time after food has been
eaten. If the pylorus, or opening from
the stomach into tbe intestines does
nt- close nronorlv. eras may nass from
the duodenum into the stomach, and
distend it; and such distension may oc
cur at any time of the day or nignx, ana
is not entirely dependent upon the de
composition of food in the stomach, al
though this may be a prominent cause
in many cases.
There is stljl another cause of ex
cessive flatulence, and that Is the swal
lowing of air. There is no doubt about
air being carried down into the stomach
by the food eaten; but lt,Is also known
that liquids force a much greater quan
tity of air Into the alimentary tract
than foods do.
were especially designed for the relief
and cure of stomach and intestinal gas
formation and accumulation, no matter
-ivhat the cause may be. Over a century
ago physicians discovered that char
coal possessed wonderful powers of ab
sorption, not found in any other reme
dial agent. Charcoal Is definitely known
to lessen ard cure flatulence by oxidiz
ing and absorbing the excess of gas
from the stomach; but, in addition to
that property, it also acts as a mechan
ical stimulant and cleanser to the
stomach and intestinal walls, and it exp
erts a purifying and antiseptic effect on
the1 alimentary canal, which is similar
to the action of tooth-powder in the
Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges are high
ly recommended by all sufferers from
flatulence or gas in the stomach and
other parts of the alimentary tract, as
the one remedy which has given com
plete relief from all such disagreeable
symptoms. Many persons who had
been using various other remedies with
out relief, have given these powerful
charcoal lozenges a trial, and have ob
tained immediate relief and a perma
nent cure.
These little lozenges will absorb one
hundred times their own volume In
gases: wUI pntiseptize the stomach and
inrestlnes, destroying all poisons and
disease germs, and deodorizing, oxidiz
ing and destroying all foul odors.
Secure a box at once from your near
est druggist; and send us your name
and address for free sample. Address,
F. A. Stnart Co., 200 Stuart Bldg., Mar
shall, Mich.
Now For a Bigger Business
For 1910
We are ready to make January the banner .montftrf or
the banner year in our business career. Here are some
trices to prove we mean business. Come and get yours.
Box Seat Dining Chairs, saddle seat, genuine quarter
won naV hip-hlv -nolished. bolted back and seat witn
invisible bolt, absolutely one of the best made chairs
owr nffered: has French legs and tuli box seat; acinicu-
I Iv worth everywhere $4.50; special price 0 QC
for Monday only, each '
Arm Chair to match above, only ?&-7o
Genuine Leather Seat Diners, full box, bolted seat, , full
quarter sawed oak, rubbed and polished French legs,
banister back; ' A thing of beauty and a joy gq O C
forever;" worth $5.00; special price p.wjr
a rfnai-p tn mfl'fp.'h above, onlv $6-75
r I til VyJ-ictiJUL kv ..mw- , -- j i
Kockers wife, full roll seat, solid
golden oak, large arms, ifrell made
and finished. Begulax Ag
$6.50 value; special onlyP'v
Children's Crib Beds -with. fcgi siaea
on- side drops, made of -wood but
same style as the iron crSbs; sold
at $10.00; special rf0 Off
onlv, each PJ0J
enant service will be neld, In which the
.congregation will take part.
At the instalation service, Rev. Fred
rick F. Grim, secretary of the New
Mexico and West Texas Christian Mis
sionary society, and Dr. W. E. Garri
son, president of the Mesilla Park Agri
cultural college, will be principal
Friends of the church are invited, and
all members of the congregation urged
to be present.
Rockers in genuine golden oak, quar
ter sawed back, bolted arms, cobbler
seat, well finished; d0 O
only PJJ
High Chairs in golden oak,
cane seat, turnover table; a S3.00
I!" .., :..$2.25
We are receiving our spring stock of Bugs and !Aifc
Squares. Despite the fact that they are not all in, we
have a good assortment and can please the most fastid
ious taste as well as the economical buyer.
Granite Art Squares,
room size
Room size all wool Art Squares all
sizes, up
-o.vT,oTa Thicr reversible: the
J. 1UUI UM-io . -,
Tf wearine. medium
made; size 9x12;
luares, all
Brussels Rugs, room
size, only
Wilton Velvet Rugs in 9x12 size, in.
beautiful shades and colorings;
SS"...: $45.00
Fiber Rugs, 9x12; a good rug to
r.?!!7..: $11.00
These prices include laying and papers Give ns a call.
T. H. Rogers & Co.
Francisco ilartinez yesterday de
clared his intention of becoming a citi
zen of the United States and applied for
his first papers in the 34th district
court. He states that he Is a native
of Zacatecas, Mexico, 34 years of age,
employed as a tailor, and has been a
resident of El Paso since Se.pt. 17. 1SS1,
at which time he entered this country
from "Juarez on a mule car.
While C. B. Gaskill, night foreman at
the street car barns, was asleep in his
home, at 510 North Florence street, Fri
day afternoon, someone entered the
house, stole his overcoat and got away
before he woke up.
Upon investigating he found that en
try had been made by cutting the screen
in" the back porch and breaking the glass
in the door. Mrs. Gaskill was visiting
with neighbors across the street and
did not learn of the burglary until her
husband awoke and discovered that they
- -f-n 110W 04-n-nfnvi Cf
1 lUO-U-J.J.2 JW. Olcwiuvx w.
Botli Phones
had been robbed for the second time in
two months. The last time, the- burglars
got awav with $35 or $40 worth of jew
elry and other articles or vaiue.
Jeff BransforS as walking 'along the
streets of El Paso one night, when he
suddenly found himself an active par
ticipant In a deadly revolver battle. He
was still fighting when he lost con
sciousness. When he regained his
senses, he found himself an under
ground prisoner and the center of a
most remarkable conspiracy, and so
forth, and so on. It is all in a story
that a weekly magazine, widely read.
I prints this week, the scene laid in tfle
Pass City.
RafaelParras, charged with stealing
an overcoat from the Famous store on
San Antonio street, was arrested Fri
day and later transferred to the county
jail on a charge of theft under $50.
We Are Complete Office
The Internationa! Book &
Herald Building,
Much Grading Has Been
Completed on the Exten
sion of the Line.
Chihauhua. Mexico, Jan. 8. Good pro
gress is being made on the construction
of 'the Mexico Northwestern Railway
company's new railroad between Ma-
j dera and uerrazas .to connect up its
Grading is going on from both ends
and R. M. Dudley, the contractor, is let
ting subcontracts rapidly to any sub
stantial men.
The Mormon people have 30 kilometers
1 of grade from Torreon station on the
Rio liranae, tierra .Aiadre and Pacific,
about fhshed. and the bridge work is
progressing. The telegraph line is be
ing pushed and is said to be about half
finished betwe&n those points. The
rails and ties are beginning to arrive
for the track.
The TucumcariMemphis railway,
created by the direct junction of Tul
cumcari and Amarillo, will soon be
completed. It is understood in local "E
P. & S. W. offices that tho Rock Island
will complete the new line by the last
of this month.
'A direct line between Tucumcari and
Memphis will be created through the
completion of the new cutoff. This will
avoid the necessity of El Paso-Memphls
Rock Island traffic going by way of
Dalhart. The change will eliminate
many miles in the connection.
A. N. Brown, general traffic manager
of the E. P. & S. TV. at Chicago, with
Mrs. Brown, arrived in El Paso last
night. Mr. Brown will accompany a
party of general agents of the system
1 over the western division.
Austin. Tex., Jan. S. H. G. Askew,
statistician, was on the stand this morn
ing in judge Wilcox's court in the Gnl-veton-Houston
differential rate case H
compared the rates to sliovr how the
differentials operate" to Galveston's ad
vantage, in some Instances. The case
was continued to next week.
Washington. D. C. Jan. 8. A bill In
troduced by representative Garner, of
Texas authorizing the construction of a
railroad bridge across the Rio Grande,
connecting Laredo. Tex., wih Nuevo La
redo. Mexico, was favorably reported by
the committee in the house.
A. L.- Kleberg, chief electrician of the
G.H. & S. A., has returned from Aus
tin, where ho has been visiting his par
ents during tho holidays.
Mrs. S. C. Gardner, wife of the assist
ant superintendent of the Pullman comm
and hU sister. Miss Alice uara-
have returned
to El Paso after a
M A. Nevarre. of Morenci, Ariz., and
Sophie Miller, of New York City, were
married Friday afternoon by justice E.
H. Watson.
jjev. P. J. Rice will be formally in
stalled as pastor of the First Christian
church, of whicli he has been in charge
for two months, at services to be held
Sunday at 11 ocik. Following a cov-
the "weak stomach problem" very
quicklv and satisfactorilv if you will
nvc the Bitters a fair trialr and the
sooner you start the better it will be
has a record of cures extending back
over 56 years, so that you are not ex
perimenting when taking it. You'll
find it splendid in cases of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Colds and
Grippe- Be sure to jret a free copy of
our 1910 Almanac from our druijsist
or dealer.
Globe Flour, 24-lb. sack, ' Qfjtf
(and 1 box Magic Yeast free) &J
Globe Flour, 48-lb. sack, - 1 7C
(and 2 boxes Magicv Yeast free) ..,.. P A -
P. V.' Maple Syrup, -.C i Kf
per uart .U - "
P. V. 'Maple Syrup,- ",-. f C r
per 1-2 gal &... C
P. V. Maple Syrup, $1 25
Begat Syrup" ' , QOc
per gal SJ
P. and F. Molasses 20
per quart '"'
P. and F. Molasses,-' A.Cf
per 1-2 gal UC
P. and F, Molasses, 7 C
per gal ? UC
Cold Mornings. Buckwheat, OES
2 pkgs. for iOC
35c Royal Salad Dressing (every drop m the Of
bottle guaranteed) "Ut
2 lbs. Cottolene, , ?ff
4 lbs. Cottolene C C
for UUi,
10 lbs. 'Cottolene ' $1 Qg
for ;v--y Pl.OD
25c can Jack Frost Baking Powder OA.
for - ---; UC
12 lbs. fancy Irish Potatoes 9 T
for fcJJ v
5 lb-, fancy Onions )
2 oi bottis Mapleine ' - ?Ejtf
4 oz. bottles Mapleine A
25c bottle Blue Label Catsup !?ff
7 large bars "Velvet" Soap (special) 2 5 C
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Soap, and is better.)
8 bars "White Star Soap , 2?
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for -'....; iUC
5 lbs. -best Japan. Head Rice 2 "
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for ' rz;
4 2-lb. cans next best Tomato 25 C
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1 3-lb. can best Tomatoes' 1 O C
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3 3-lb. cans next beat Tomatoes 25 C
1 gallon very finest Peeled Peaches 35 C
203-ib."cansStandard PeVches, Apricots, eta, 95 C
for - w
4 10c rolls Toilet Paper 25 C
for ....""
3 cans Pioneer Milk 25 C
3canV St! Charles Milk, the best, , 2 5 C
ldozen criVpV fresh Sour Pickles 1 0 C
ldozen fresh," "crisp Sweet Pickles -j r
1 bottle Celery Sauce (something good) Ig
for IOC
1 bottle "Red Hot"; let's warm up; 1J-
for -- IOC3
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Bell Phone 901.
219 South El Paso St.
'!Auto Phone 1901.

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