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m. : ' " E
Packed in small kegs, each : 35c
Holland Herring, per keg ; ;$1.35
Smoked Salmon, per pound ." 40c
Cross & Blackwell's fresh Mackerel, cans 25c
Deviled Crabs, per can 35c
Pemdell Crab Meat, per can 50c
Soft Shell Crabs, per can .35c
Femdell Lobster, per can 30c and 45c
Dunbar's Shrimp, per can.
Minrfirf H1?nnR nor can
- w j j-- ---
Ferndell Olive anH Vege
table Relish .
A' delicious relish for Heats, Sandwiches, etc..
Olive Eelish. .'. .30e ' Vegetable Eelish, bottle. 35e
Fine Home Made Cakes
Fig Layer, Chocolate, Caramel, Itfut and Chocolate
Caramel. We cannot recommend these cakes too
highly; each .y ,. - $1.00
50-pound Box Choice Apples $2.00
50-pound Box Fancy Apples $2.50
Phone 151.
El Paso and vicinity: "Tonight and
"Wednesday, unsettled -weather.
New Mexico: Tonight .and Wednes
day, partly cloudy with local snow in
north portion.
"West Texas: Tonight and Wednesday
unsettled -weather.
Weather Condition.
With the exception of light rain on
the Pacific coast and snow flurries in
SPMOUlL salx
40 Cents a Pound
Glaze B;
aze oar
25 Cents a Pound
206 N. Oregon St Phone 347
Hanan Shoes
Broken Lots of
Kid, Calf and Pat
ent Leather, worth
$5.50, $6 and $6.50
" all go at
IT. M. HerveyJ
H PHONE 3400 9
r y 9 J
. . . . . 15c and 25c.
' 15c
Texas St.
Auto 1151.
Colorado and northern New York, the
weather throughout the country dur
ing the patt 24 hours has remained
generally fair.
The only barometric depression on the
chart is central over the valley of the
High pressure still covers the eastern
half of the country, the crest of the
area being apparently over Virginia.
Rises of 10 or more degrees in tem
perature are noted" in Oklahoma, central
and northwestern Texas, New Mexico,
.northern Arizona, Utah and in the vi
cinity of the Ohio valley and the upper
lakes, while similar falls are reported
from Kansas, Nevada and northern
Montana only.
Temperature and Rain.
(Observations taken at 6 a. in.)
Max., Mm. Pre.
Abilene 46
Amanillo r -...34
Buffalo 14
Chicago ...26
Xel Rio 52
Denver v1'
Detroit .'..... 16
El Paso '-?'- 43
Flagstaff 30
Galveston ....-- 50
Kansas City '. . . 36
Eos Angeles '. 46
New Orleans 40
New York .-.16
Oklahoma ,-40
Phoehix , 46
Roswell - 32
St. Louis 30
54 .00
56 .0u
20 .01
2S .00
. 56 .00
34 .00
24 . .00
61 .00
40 .00
V 54 .00
42 .00
56. .04
52 .00
25 .00
46 .00
66 .00
50 .00
35 .00
24 .00
48 .01
48 .00
28 .00
62 .00
rSalt L.ake IS
San Francisco - 40
Santa Fe r-32
Washington 14
Yuma 40
N. Z. Lane. Observer, TJ
J. s. w. B.
Berlin, Germany, Jan. 11. The "United"
States government today informed .the
German foreign office that it would re
gard the adoption by the reichstag of
the proposed potash law as discrimina
tion against American interests.
of success
The B. 31. Hyde Co. Offer a Remedy
for Catarrh The 3Iedicine Costs
Nothjn if It Falls.
"When the medicine effects a success
ful treatment in a very large majority
of cases, and when we offer xhat medi
cine on our own personal guarantee
that it will cost the user nothing if it
does not completely relieve catarrh, it
is only reasonable that people should
believe us, or at least put our claim
to a practical test when we take all
the risk. These are facts which we
want the people to substantiate. We
want them to try Rexall Mucu-Tone, a
medicine prepared from a prescription
of. a physician with whom catarrh was
a specialty, and who has a record of
thirty years of enviable success to his
record. '
"We receive more good reports about
Bexall Mucu-Tone than we do of all
other catarrh remedies sold in our
store, and If more people only knew
what aljthoroughly dependable remeaj
Bexall Mucu-Tone is, it would be the
only catarrh remedy we would have any
demand for.
Bexall Mucu-Tone is quickly absorbed
and by its therapeutic effect tends to
disinfect and cleanse the entire mucous
membraneous tract, to destroy and re
move the parasites which injure the
membraneous tissues, to soothe the irri
tation and heal the soreness, stop the
mucous discharge, build up strong,
healthy tissue and relieve the blood
and ss'stem of diseased matter. Its In
fluence is toward stimulating the muco
cells, aiding digestion and improving
nutrition until the whole body vibrates
with healths' activity. In a compara
tively short time it brings about a no
ticeable gain in weight, strength, good
color and feeling of buoyancy.
T7e urge you to try Bexall Mucu
Tone, beginning a treatment today. AX
any time you are not satisfied, simply
come and tell us, and we will quickly
return your money without question or
quibble. "We have "Bexall Mucu-Tone
in two sizes, 50 cents and $1.00. Be
member you' can obtain Bexall, Reme
dies 'In El Paso only at our store The
Bexall Store. People's Drug Store,
Kelly & Pollard.
Three Men Figure for Three
Days the Changes' for
Three Trains.
Did you ever stop and think what it
means to change a railroad time card?
Well, stop and think, just for a change, j
Up in the South western building', (
wnere tne ii .faso &. soutn western
system has Its-offices, of course, there
is a time card chart And during the
last few weeks since the RockIsiaud
people had their time card chanerlna'
fever that time chart has been doing t
all sorts of stunts.
Now, the time card chart is a some
thing nuit.A linknrvwn in fhp niihlip. in
general, and something of which the !
majority of railroad men "have the
vaguest conception. It is the most
complicated, bewildering apparatus, a
maize of strings and "pins, aid squares
and figures. Nobody but a professional
time card arranger shoul-1 attempt to
describe it. But here goes.
There are innumerable little squares
on the time card chart, a large paper
covered frame. One xcxy the s iuares
mean five inmate space.-;, and another
they mean miles, or something like
that. At the top are the hoars of the
yay. a. m. and p. m., in fact the card
is divided in night nrd uay Un ?.ud
down and across the frame are rovs
of ordinary pins, and along the pin
rows are strings. There are little
pieces of colored card board with pins
through them. Those are trains. It
is very simple, they will tell you, but
you wiill not see it that way. If you
try. to understand, they may have to
carry you away in a dog catcner's
It took three men three days to figure
out the changes on three trains, to --ay I
nothing of the freight trains. Tlure
are six passenger trains to be ac
counted, for on the card, which only
represents the northern divisions of the
local road, and 18 freight, trains that's
When the men finish pinning pins
and. stringing strings, somebody makes
out a trial time card, and then they
go all over it again. It's very simple
Indeed. All it needs is a mathematical
mind, a head like an adding machine,
and fingers like a lace worker. Yes, it's
very simple.. Try it.
Interstate Commerce Com
mission Decides la Ea
vor of Springer Estate. .
A case of no small interest to inter
state shippers has been decided in
favor of the late T. BT. Springer, of El
Paso, against the El Paso & Southwest
ern the Phlono-n "Rnnlr Tslantl Rr. Pacific
-jTir? tho flhipnffn Sr Rrftat "Wftstftrn rail
ways. A verdict has been reudered by
the -interstate commerpe commission
bearing out the socalled. "two and one"
rate' ruling, although, that rule will not
become effective as a law until Feb. 1.
Before special examiner Ai H. Lossow
in this city. Mar. 26, Jast ye"ar, two cor
poration attorneys for the railways and
claim adjustor Bufus B. Daniels ar
gued regarding a shipment of furniture
sent from Chicago to the local dealer.
It was shown that a 50 foot car was
ordered, and that the car was large
enough for th shipment. Two cars,
however, were furnished, one 40 feet,
one 36 feet, and the furniture house
charged for the additional rate.
According to the ruling of the com
mission, just received in this city,, the
railroad companies involved must 're
bate 'the difference, charging the
Springer estate with the 50 foot car
I rate. This verdict being renaerea De-
fore the legal existence of. the "two for
one" rule, which after Feb. 1 will pro
tect all shippers in similar cases where
two cars are furnished instead of one as
ordered, bears interesting legal signi
ficance. The "two for one" .rule clearly
(is considered by the commission to be
merely a matter of common sense and
The rebate with interest must be
made before Feb. 1, "as reparation for
an unreasonable rate charged," accord
ing to the words (Of the order.
Belen Cutoff To Be Used
and Line Will Be Dou
ble Tracked.
That the Santa ire railway is going
nfter that Chicago-San Francisco mail
business, as competitive with the Bock i
Island, seems certain by stilL another
phase of the affair. Not only will the
Bele'n cut off be employed for a more
direct route to the coast, but double
track soon is to be Installed at various
points in California, New Mexico and
Arizona. . .
The double track Improvement, it is
said, jvill npt only afford quicker pas
senger and freight traffic, but many
track isTjuilt. Bedding for the proposed
.new track dn "the two territories already
has been completed and the contracts
awarded. And in addition it is under
stood that the Belen cutpfC route will
be employed within 90 days.
Double track is to be laid between
Bio Puerco and Suwanee. The line be
tween Laguna and C.ubero next will be
doubled, and also the road between
McCartys and Horace. A long line will
receive two tracks between "Winslow
and Dennlson, -and a still longer run
between Flagstaff and Ash Tork. Such
are the proposed territorial improve
ments. More will be made in California.
-The Sonora railway, of the Southern
Pacific tBallrpad, company, of Mexico,
has been completed to Acaponeta, Tepic,
and now is opened for freight and pas
senger traffic. A daily mixed train,
freight and passenger train service,
operated between Mazatlan and Escuin
ana. Sinaloa, is extended to Tepic point.
Freight movements are in charge of
i j unce-a-iear
The initial day of our annual White Sale scored a wonderful success. All previous records broken jand the im
petus gained will, certainly, make this sale-the greatest that has occurred to date. It is really a colossal display
and many special features are included one of which is a display of real cotton as seen growing. . ,
' 10,000 yards of new patterns also, some" of the same high qualities which were exhausted-early yesterday morn-
ing have been added to the special lots, as follows :
Values Up to 75c at
A Yard
'"Gowns, Drawers, Chemise, Long
and Short Skirts, Corset Covers,
worth $1.00; White Sale Extra
48 Cents
George F. Jackson, assistant general
freight and passenger agent, and H.
Lawton general freight and passenger
agent, at Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Dls
'tances from Nogales, Sonora, to the
principal points on the extension are:
Mazatlan, 734 miles; Presidio, 749
miles; Rosario, 775 miles; Escumapa,
7S9 miles; Gacho, S00 miles; Palmar. S09
miles Copales, S17 miles; Concha, 821
miles; Acaponeta, S2S miles.
. o
Fifteen box cars were thrown from the
track in a freight derailment on the
El Paso Southwestern system near
Bargof 163 miles northeast of El Paso.
The accident occurred Monday evening,
and has delayed all trains from the
north from 9 to 12 hours. The cause of
the nvreck is not known by officials in
this city.
Npov Orleans. La.. Jan. 11. The Lou-
;ci-Ti nrt finnthwpstern nassenger as- 1
sociations are holding a convention here
today. There will be addresses and dis
cussions of a technical nature. Several
hundred are present.
. O
A stock train of Mexican cattle of 25
cars pulled out at noon today over the
Southern Pacific tracks.
Train BiiHetin.
All Bock Island trams from the north
are delayed from 9 to 12 hours on ac
count of a freight wreck on the -E. P.
& S "W. near Largo, N. M. Bock Island
train No. 1, due to arrive here at 10:40
p m yesterdav is expected with today s
trains some time this evening or, to
night. All trains from the west are re
ported on time.
Apples only
phone 1459.
1.50 box. Automatic
Negress Fined.
Minnie Brown, a negress. was
$50 when arraigned before judge Lea in
the police court Monday evening. She
is at present under indictment in the
district court on a charge of theft from
the person.
Sedgwick creamery buttsr is
prize butter. Jackson's. '
Br. ' Detwilcr, eSe, ear, nose
throat. 214,' 215 Trust Bldff.
Mnvicians Fined.
Amador and Toribl9 Avalos, Francisco
Flores and Pablo Reyes, four musicians
charged with disturbing the peace and
fighting on the corner of San Antonio
and El Paso streets Monday morning
at 3 oclock. were fined $1 each In police
-court this morning.
Coffee Bnd?
Don't blame the cook, next time
I Chase & Sanborn's Seal Brand,
j Jackson Sanitary Grocery
. Phone "353.
Dr. Carpenter, office at the Eye and
Ear hospital, Stanton ana "Wyoming.
Arrested Often.
Jack Reagan, familiarly known in po
lice circles as "Doc," Is again in Jail.
He was arrested yesterday at the plaza
on a charge of being drunk and using
abusive language. During the past few
months he has surpassed the record of
the famous Tim Haley as being the
"most arres'ted" man in El Paso,, the
police say.
A new lot of Kosher meats today.
Jackson's. Phone 353. jt
Dr. Prentiss, specialty diseases of
stomach and Intestines. Trust 31dg.
Poll TaxeN Paid.
Only 1000 poll taxes have been paid
by city taxpayers to date and there has
been no great rush. However, the
county collector and his force, of clerks
are anticipating a big rush during the
coming week and will be kept busy
right up to the last day. ,
You'll find everything you
eat in Jackson's delicatessen.
like to
Beadon's winesap and Geniton apples
only $1.50 a box. Phine 164.
Arretted Here. . k ,
Dalbert Qrmond. arrested here and'
confined in the county jail, left for San
More Embroideries On Sale
Values Up to $1.00 at
A Yard
J.Cakskar Dry
Antonio last night in the custody of
sheriff Ldndsey. of San Antonio, Texas.
Ormond Is said to be J. B. Johnson,
wanted in San Antonia.
Cocoanut Bar, 15 Cents.
Thursday only, we will sell our de
licious 25 cents a pound Cocoanut Bar
for 15 cents a pound.
V ' Potter Drug Co.
Drs. Magrcder and 3Iapes, dentists.
After this date the Otis Elevator
company will not be responsible for any
bills or debts contracted by one a!
Otis Elevator Company.
Two Indictments.
Jesus Perez, under indictment on a
charge- of murdering Gregorio Navar
ette, was Indicted today on a charge T
'assaulting Bita Marshal with intent to
murder. Juan Martinez was indicted
on a charge of "burglarizing a second
hand store at 602 South El Paso street.
The grand, jury adjourned till next
Apples. Apples,
box. Phone 164.
Apples only $1.50 a
Drs. Paget & Itatliff, moved to 2nd
floor Caples Bldg.
Joins Estrada's Forces.
Bluefields, Nicaragua, Jan. ' 11.
Eighteen doctors, artillerymen and en-
gineers have arrived bere from Gaute
mala to join the forces of the pro
visional government. Besides their own
equipment they brought along $50,000.
It is said that president Cabrera of
Guatemala organized the volunteers.
SedgwiQk creamery butter is first
prize butter. Jackson's.
Special. Ladles" purses, shopping bags,
fll Paso Trunk factory nortu side plaza.
Drc. Magruder and Mapes, dentists,
We don't work for negroes.
Gas 'Explodes; Three Killed.
Bloomington, 111., Jan. 11. In an ex
plosion of gas which wrecked the water
and gas plant of the Union Gas and.
Electric company, three men were
killed and three or four were seriously
injured. The city will be whhout gas
for several days.
Fresh car
Phone 164.
only 1.50 box.
A new lot of Kosher meats today.
Jackson's. Phone 353.
Drs. Mngmder and Mapes,'
References: Ask anyone.
R. B.
"Wood, ccal, :
lime, building
etreot. Phones:
Bias Fuel Co.
teeu.. cement plaster,
paper. 1014 Missouri
Bell S49; Auto. 1S49.
Coffee Bad?
Don't blame the cook, next time get
Chase & Sanborn's Seal Brand.
Jackson Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Phone 164 for a box of apples, only
May Settle Merger Suit.
"Washington, D. C, Jan. 11. For the
purpose of settling "out of court," the
government's suit for the dissolution of
the merger of the socalled Harriman
lines, negotiations have been begun.
President Taft, upon solicitation of
railroad officials, granted a conference
yesterday at the "White House. No de
cision of any sort was reached.
Cocoanut Bar, lTi Cents.
Thursday only; we will sell our de
licious 25 cents a pound Cocoanut Bar
for 15 cents a pound.
Potter Drnjr Co.
Dr. Gray, eye, ear, nose and throat,
moved 2nd floor, Caples Bldg.
H. F. Wright, i! O. D. O. chronic,
nervous diseases, specialty, 214 Texas.
Auto Wrecked; Three Killed.
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 11.- When the
automobile in which they were riding
collided with a street car on the Peach
tree road, three people were killed. The
occupants of the car were "William M.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is not
a common, e very-day cough mixture. It
is a meritorious remedy for all the trou
blesome and dangerous complications re
sulting from cold in the head, throat,
chest or lungs. Sold by all druggists.
Values Up to $1.25 at
A Yard
Good Co. Qinnrx rririr
Garner, Frank George, both 21 years of
age, and Harold E. George, aged 10.
You'll find everything you like to
eat in Jackson's delicatessen.
C.Ii. BillingtoH, 709 Magoffin. Tel. 14S9
painting, paperhanging, decorating.
Dealers Complain' Because
of Small Purchases by
Winter Visitors.
"Tourists are the shoddiest this sea
son for many years."
That is the way one Juarez curio
dealer puts it. And every other dealer
seems to agree in more or less force
ful terms.
Usually Vluring the wjinter season
there are some big purchasers of the
fussy filigree and the costly silks and
laces. But this year it is a matter of a
25 cent 'kerchief, a pressed leather
pocketbook, or a 5 cent earthenug.
The curio dealers are very- disgusted
about it "
There appears to be a great plenty
of, middlewest small town folk,, papa
j and mama and little Willie. But the
Chicago, St- Louis, New York genuine
tourist article, tailor made women and
men, seems, to be quite lacking. -
"What is Juarez coming to?" asks one
dealer. "We will have to start a 5 and
10 cent store directly," he adds with a
shrug, ihalf Latin, half semetic.
Says Six Miles An Hour Speed Limit Is
To Protect Pedestrians New Or
dinance Being Formulated.
In order that the rights of pedestrians
may be protected, mayor bweeney is en
gaged in the preparation of an ordinance
calculated to keep vehicles to the right
and force the occupants to desist from
the custom of cutting corners in making
Discussing the speed limit of six miles
for automobiles, in the city limits,
l hich SOme .cnte"i43 toolcwr. mayor
oesue siuu: wnen cne six nnie
an hour rate was made it was done for
the purpose of protecting pedestrians. If
we had put it 12 miles thev would run
20- As long as automobilists are rea
sonably careful of tne l"ves a"d prop
yl uy in. uvuci v.iij1.cii tile puui.i: iii uuu
bother them.
"I presume that the majority of auto
mobiles are run at 12 or 15 miles an
hour, yet the owners are not bothered.
The limit was placed at six miles an
hour so that policemen could go intq
court and testafv that reckless drivers
were exceeding the limit.
"The judge of the police court has nl
Vays shown a liberal disposition Jfco
treat automobilists fairly -and the police
will not persecute them. Of course a
great many machines cannot keep down
to the six mile limit, but where they
are carefully run the drivers are not
bothered." x '
um i
Our stock Saddles, Harness, Rifles, Shotguns Am
munition and Sporting Goods vare all Al.,,? Call
and examine same, or write us. Mail orders iYen
prompt attention.
301-303 EL PASO ST.
Values Up to $2.00 at
A Yard
Nainsook and Cambric Corset Cov
ers that sell regularly at 35c each;
White Sale Extra Special, for this
week, only
15 Cents
I Hats and Capes Are Stolen
From the A07 School
While the Aoy teachers 'were teacMng
the students in the Mexican school how
to get the gender of their pronouns
straight, some unfeeling pilferer slipped
into the work room of the school Mon
day afternoon and lifted tie teachers'
hats and coats. "With a thoughtfulness
that was entirelr unexpected from one
of his vocation the thief iiras consider
ate enough to leave either a. hat or coat
for each of the teachers whom he robbed.
Miss Carrie Race lost a military cape
but her hat was left. Miss Alice Wil
son lost a hat in the robbery but had a
coat to wear home from school. Miss
Mayme James lost a coat and Mis3
Leona Black a hat, making the average
a balanced one. Mra. Leila 3Ioore, the
supervisor of music in the public schools,
had her luncheon takeji from a work
room but one of the other teachers shar
ed her noonday meal with, her-
Globe Flour, Deat oy test,
and the payroll in El 'Paso.
Madrid, Spain, Jan. 11. !Tar-
quis Te Tillalobar, Spanish nrin-
ister to Washington, has been
transferred to Lisbon.
Z Z t I t ! fr ! ! 1 !
,The purpose of Beauty is to refine
the native uncouthness of human na
ture. "We all bow to its power. It is
the only autocracy that has no nihilist
shadow. Alas! this means the fat wom
an must serve Instead of rule, for
beauty in wonian is a composite of both,
line and feature.
Thousands of fatjvomen are "beautiful
of face. But they lag behind in the
race for preference because a too pon
derous outline dashes the favor their
face has gained them.
Now, pretty fat women v can reduce
that fat (not the good pure-lined flesn
in a very simple way. No exercise no
dieting is necessary. Let them take one
Marmola Prescription Tablet after each
meal and at bedtime for a month. The
fat will simply fade. No wrinkles or
pouches of skin will form, but the Joss
will be uniform. The fat will go as
steathily as it came; fade away. The
health? will improve, the eye grow more
brilliant, the wit sprightlier. Marmola
Tablets are a boon and harmless (be
ing made from the famous fashionable
prescription, 1-2 oz. Marmola, 1-2 oz.
Fl. Ex. Cascara Aromatic, 3 1-2 oz.
Peppermint "Water), and are likewise
cheap, a large case of the druggist or
the Marmola Co.. 737 Farmer Bldg., De
troit. Mich., costing only seventyflve
T?rr- .J

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