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I ,
fi '
m'f-- 3 ur Store Is Transformed Into a VIPiHk
Elin iilfii't l!Sr-li TT " nan(l of the magician has truly touched this store, transforming it into a l " vC .SPS l
$-lQ3nll " ' ' J fWy veritable Fairyland. On every hand is white white as pure as the drivdh J TV a1p" 1F!?
- snow white that heralds the coming of summer. The daintiest garments, the lA - W 'fe:v W
" ilv mmmfM j VY most delightful fabrics, exquisitely designed embroideries. filmy, daintv laces, in' a --fFv W ' M Mpf
"f mlfqFw' bewildering variety, are lavishly displayed. Of a truth, you will be amazed. . N J-X mK$f
f&milM'' This Week Full of Economies Rich and Rare - , ?
Sale of White Waists
!New, fresh Waists in the 1910 styles are offered
ax very siDecial prices in this sale.
Fine sheer lawn and batiste Waists, allover embroidery and fancy
lace trimmed effects Correct style in every detail. Regu- QQ
lor $1.35 values, are specially priced 0U
Lingerie Waists of fine' sheer, lawn and batiste, lace trimmed, all
over embroidery and hand embroidered effects, showing rt - A Q
the correct new sleeve. Values up to $2, specially priced P JL TtO
An exceptionally handsome lot of lingerie and linen rf - QQ
Waists, in 2.50 values, is shown at P tO
Advance Showing of Lingerie Dresses and. Linen Suits.
Extra Special
On Sale in the Basement
White lawn Waists, embroidered front or plain tucked
long sleeves, tucked, collar and cuffs. Values to ?L00j
specially price'd
48 c
Uiaderpriced White Goods
A little forethought as to what you need for
summer may save yon a tidy sum. Yalues like
these are uncommon.
30-inch India Linon, a 12 l-2c value, a yard 9c
32-inca India- Linon. a 20c value, a yard 14c
English -Nainsook, a beautiful 15c quality, a yard. 11c .
Ji.n!T"Sn. .AaiDsooK, our n.-Lna, aw quiuit, a, nu ioi
-Lingerie Batiste, silk finish, soft and sheer, a 25c quality, yd. .17 1-2c
"LvOc linen," sheer, linen finish fabric for .waist making, a 30c quality,
a yard 23c
Persian Lawn, (fine and sheer, 15c quality, a yard , 9c
Union Linen Suiting, yard wiae, fine finish, 35c value, a yard 23c
Shirtwaist Linen, yard wide, all linen, 50c value, a yard 29 c
Crossoar Muslin, extra 20c quality, a yard 12 1-2c
90-inch Linen Sneeting, a $1.25 quality, a yard 88c
200 pieces of Fancy Madras and Ohiff on-Cloth in neat checks, stripes,
and figures; values up to 40c; special priced 23c
English Long Cloth, 10 yd. pieces, worth $1.50 ...98c
English Long Cloth, 12 yard -pieces, worth ?2.10 !$1.29
In tKe Basement
The under-pricing in the Basement is on goods
for your every-day and household needs. "Pop
ular'' quality is in every item.
LONSDALE MUSLIN The genuine green stamp brand. We limit
each customer to 10 yards ajyard 10c
HOPE MUSLIN Yard wide, soft finish. Only 10 yards sold to each
customer at this price, a yard 9c
4-4 BLEACHED MUSLIN Good quality, yard wide muslin. An'
extra value at, a yard 7c
CAMBRIC Yard wide, soft finish cambric muslin. Extra quality,
a yaiu 9 1-2c
Bleached Cotton Huck. 18x36 incheSj 12 l-2c value 8 1-3c-
Union Linen Huck, 20x38 inches, 171-2 value 14c
Extra large bleached Bath Towel, 50c value ." 39c
Large Bath Towel, red border, 40c value -....271-2c
Sheets and Pillow Cases
72x90 Seamless Sheets, 60c value, each T. '. . . .47c
81x90 Seamless Sheets, 65c value, qach 53c
63x90 Pepperell Sheets, '65c value, each 53c
72x90 Pepperell Sheets, 70c value, each 58c
81x90 Pepperell Sheets, 75c value, each -.66c
90x90 Pepperell Sheets 80c value, each ... "72c
42x36 Pillow Coses, each '. ....9c
45x36 Piliow Cases, each ............... .9c
45x36 Pepperell Pillow cases, each ......... .... .."...."... !?15c
"Bed Spreads
Large size, extra quality, fringed Bed Spreads, our special
1.25 kind, each
Children's Muslin Underwear
In the basement Children's Muslin Undergarments will be spe
cially pricea.
Drawers, Skirts, Waists, and Xight Gown's of excellent quality
mushn, -well mane, at prices ranging from 9c a garment up to 48'c.
'Tis not only the splendid show that should bring you here 'tis the economies that
greet you wherever you turn. For months we have been preparing for this event.
Our buyers have scoured the markets to find the best at the lowest prices, espe
cially for this sale. An under-price mark is placed on the choicest Undergarments,
Outergarments, and White Fabrics an uncler-price that makes it true economy
to anticipate summer needs. Thousands upon thousands of dainty undermuslins,
fresh, crisp white waists, innumerable yards of white goods and laces and em
broideries are here for those who wisely buy in this sale.
Rich and Rare Economies in Undermuslins
Tempting, indeed, are these beautiful garments, and more tempting still are
the prices. Fortunately for you, our purchases were made prior to the sharp
advance which was recently made on the price of cotton goods. Therefore
prices are lower than they could be otherwise. Tables are piled high with the
crispest, freshest, newest white garments awaiting your choice. Select them
early select enough of them to last you through the summer select them
now while they're under-priced.
48 c
Coreet Covers, Xight Gowns, Short Chemise,
Drawers and Skirts, made of muslin and
cambric. Some are trimmed with embroideries, some
with pretty laces and others with the plain tucked
and hemstitched flounce and ruffles. Values in this
lot are exceptionally nood. t
Very pretty styles in Night Gowns, with
hirh or low neck: Ion? and shnrfc skirts -
Chemise; Combination garments; Corset Covers;
made ot plain and checked nainsook and cambrics.
Trimmed effectively with dainty laces and unusu
ally good .embroideries. You'll find many excellent
garment in this lot.
73 c
. JH $2.69
v-lssc &&lm -Jkh3 . niVtf tvT-riB IB
Chemise, Xight Gowns in all styles,
Corset Covers, Ions; and, short Skirts,
Drawers, and Combination garments. Made of plain
ana checked nainsook, long cloth and fine cambrics
and beautifully trimmed with appropriate laces and
embroideries. Ample sizes and. correct proportions
are features of these garments- -
Many beautiful styles are shown in
this unusual lot. Lone: Chemise, dain
tily trimmed, Xight Gowns, in high or low neck,
two and three piece combination garments, Corset
Covers, Drawers and Skirts. Elaborate trimming
effects in lace and embroidery on fine nainsook,
cheeked dimity and fine cambrics.
Values such as are shown in this lot
have never before been equalled. The
daintiest fabrics, nainsook and batiste are used, to
gether with beautiful laces and embroideries. Gowns
in high and low neck styles, hand
' some Skirts, Combination two and
three piece garments, Corset Cov
ers, .urawers and. unemise are
In this superb lot are
many hand embroid
ered garments and very dainty
lace and embroidery trimmed
Night Gowns, Drawers, Ghemise,
Skirts, and Combination two and
three piece garments. Only the
finest Englisn Xainsooks and Ba
tistes are used in the making of
All Garments in This Sale Are
Made under SANITARY and
HEALTHFUL conditions. No
"sweatshop" Garments.
Dollar "Wonder Tables5' Undermuslins Valued to $2
The question "how can such garments he sold at such a price?" will arise
when you see the splendid offerings on these "Dollar Wonder Tables." Mar
velous value is shown in ever' one value that even this store has never ap
proached in preceding "White Sales.
xMght Gowns, with high or low neck Drawers ,trimmed with lace or embroidery Corset Covers in daintv
styles, some hand embroideredCombination Garments in two or three piece styles Skirts, trimmed with
lace or embroidery or with deep tucked flounce Ch emise in a variety of styles. The materials are plain and
checked Xamsook, Long Cloth and fine Cambric. r
Values on the Dollar Tables Are Up to $2
Values Up To $4.00
The soiling of white garments in selling is unavoidable, and
while the quality of the garments remains the same, we find it
necessary to reduce the prices to effect sales. To clear our stock
of all garments thus soiled and mussed, we have placed them
all, regardless of former prices, on one special table. All are per
fect and many of our best styles are' in the lot Values are uo
to 4.00 p
Values Tp To $4.00
Hand Embroidered
An Extra Special Item -at $2.48.
Regularly the garments shown in this grand lot would cost you
3.00. 3.50 and 4.00 each. Most beautiful styles of Chemise,
Vight Gowns, Corset Covers and Drawers, 'hand embroidered on fine
batiste and English nainsook. While the lot lasts you may make
your choice for , ,
$2.48 Each
Fell Size Night Gown. 25c
Can you make a night gown for a quarter? Even after you have
tne material the work is worth more. "We will sell a full length,
full width gown made of good muslin, a 75c value, for
25c Each
That all may share in this bargain we limit you two.
Special Pricing of Linens
Linens for the table are given a prominent place in the Wbrld of
White" at prices that should, bring every housewife to this store.
Quantities are -ample to supply all needs.
72-inch all pure linen satin damask, regular 1.50 and 1-75 values,
a yard 1 t- $1.19..
72-inch full bleached, all linen satin damask, our special 1.25
quality, a yard .- 95c
72-inch German linen unbleached damask, strong and. .serviceable,
a 1.25 value, a yard . . .". .v.f 87c
6S-inch mercerized damask, fine, texture, good veight 4md service
able, 65c value, a yard , . J.i. 37c
Laces and Embroideries
Thousands of Yards TJnderpriced.
One Cent
5c a yard.
German and French Val. Laces, bolts of 12 yards in
a yard, for machine made Torchon Laces and
insertions, 1-2 to 1 1-2 inches w5de. Values to
matched sets and odd pieces, 'values to 75c, a bolt aJ
5 American made '''Elyria," French and German Val. laces and.
J C insertions, 1-2 to 2 inches wide- Values to 1.00 a bolt of
12 yards. Extra special, 59 a bolt.
Linen, and German Cotton Torchon Lace and Insertion, 1-2 to 4
inches wide, values to 15c, a yard. -
Linen and. cotton' Cluny Edging and Insertion, 1JL-2 to 6 in.
wide. Regular values up to 25c.
Cambric Embroidery and Insertion, widths up to 5 inches, good
patterns and quality, values to 15c, a yard, ".,
9 Hamburg Edging and Insertion in matched sets, 3 to 9 inches
C wide, well finished edge; values up to 20c.
Xainsook. Hamburg and Swiss Embroidery and Insertion, 3 to
18 in. wide, in snatched sets or odd patterns; values up to 40c. .
Hamburg, Nainsook and Swiss, edging, insertion and flounc
C ing. mntched and odd. hand loom finish; values to 60c.
Swiss, Nainsook and Hamburg .dgmg, Insertion, -Jouncing aid corset
Edging, insertions and flouncings up to 27 inches wide, hem
C stitched and scalloped, with bands to match: values un to SI.
Flouncings and corset cover embroideries in batiste, swiss and
nainsook, hand loom finished, exquisite designs; values to 2;.
Allover eniDroraenes or oatiste, namsooic ana swass in very
dainty small designs; values up to 2.00. '
cover embroideries in beautiful design sand qualities;
values t6 S5c, a yard
Extra Special
CORSET COVERS made of extra qnality
Long -. Cloth with hemstitched lawn ruffles
around top and arms. Good full sizes, well
made and a real 35c value. .On sale in the
Extra Special
CORSET COVERS Made of evtra quality
sheer nainsook, plain or checked, hand
somely trimmed with German Val or mal
tose lace, with beading and ribbon.
Extra Special -
DRAWERS Of good quality cambric, with
deep, wide flounce of lawn, with eight
hemstitched tucks. These are all full
size and correctly proportioned. ..
Extra Special
with either short sjcirt or drawers, made of
verv fine nainsook, trimmed with lace.
Perfect fitting and very well made.
Extra Special
WOMEN'S VESTS-Good quality white
ribbed cotton vests, low neck and sleeve
less, taped around neck and arms. Good
full size and length.
11 Cents
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