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Saturday. January 22, 1910.
If Loek For Tits Reef Canvas Front
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Honor Roll of Pupils, in the
Grades, Who Have Not
Been Absent Mor Tardy
Public School Notes.
Las Cruces, N. M., Jan. 22. The Las
Cruces public schools have entered on
the second lap of.theipresent session in
fine style and are making a good show
ing in all grades. The following Is a
'list of pupils neither absent nor tardy
during the fourth month of school,
which closed Friday.
Central Baildln&r.
Seventh and eighth grades. Mis.
Dusenberry, teacher: Blanche Brown
lee, Anita Candelaria, Anna Bell Lane,
Elenor Lyon, Soledad Lucero, Juanlta
Lucero,- Maryal Papen, Annie Quesen
herry, Corinne "Woodson, Madge Pinney,
Park Birdwell, Frank Bowman, Henson
Farrls, Dale Lane, Robert Schonborn,
and Charles Cormany.
Sixth grade. Miss Papen teacher:
Hester Day, Barbara Lucero, Marguer
ite O'Brien, Clarence Adair, Boy Bean,
David Duran, Harry lies, Olnie Keese,
Cyril Kennedy, Ira. Pixley. Archie Satt
iey. Charles Schenk, John Schenk,
Agricultural College, X. M., Jan. 22.
righting like tigers, the local basket
ball team went down to defeat at -the
hands of a picked team from the two
Y. M. C, A teams of El Paso. The vis
itors carried away the big end of a 40
to 2C score. It was the first game of
the season for the college boys and three
new men -were playing or the result
might have been different.
The Y. M. C. A. boys got the tossun
and chose the south goal, and at S:22
the whistle blew and the game was off.
Haggart made the first score on a
goal from a foul in the-first-minute of
play. The college followed upthis wtf b
a field goal In another minute, and
things looked as If everything was to
be college. However, 'the luckf spop left 1
liie local -squaa, and een though the
farmer boys played all around the visi
tors. the lacked the -team -work, and
the score for first half was.19 to S.
After a 10 minute rest the college
made a shift in their line that came
Next week we specially feature shoes. "We now have about one month in which to close out present stock. They begin tearing down our
present building on March 1st and before that date we must be out. "We haye just closed another successful week. Removal Sale, like all
successful sales, grows in favor a&it grows older. People come, find out what splendid bargains they get, go home, and tell the neighbors.
So it makes
Sale of Men's Shoes
We sell, and recommend, "Maan's" Shoes. In addition, we
carry manj other good makes. The following reductions give
you an idea of what good values you can now buy in men's shoes
$1.75 and $2.00 shoes satin $3.50 and $4.00 shoes hand
calf , Blueher style 1' 9Q welt, in vici kid, box calf and
at lili fcO patent leather ft Qfl
$2.50 and $3.00 shoes Blueher
style, in vici kid, box calf and ' $5.50 and $6.00, shoes same
patent leather & JK leathers as above &M R
umww at WM010
Many other lots at the same radical price reductions.
Men's Hs
Ten special lots of Men's Hose are offered during
Removal Sale. Prices range from 4c to 33 l-3c per
Mammoth Removal Sale of Men's Clothing
continues to give customers "the best values
that are now being offered in El Paso. Not
a suit is reserved. From the ordinary grades
up to our superior Schloss Bros- & Co. line
all are now on sale at Removal Sale prices
Look for the Red Canvas Front
Corner San Antonio and Mesa
Blanchard Tucker, Joseph Turney, and
Ralph Will.
Fifth grade, Mrs. "Woodson, teacher:
Cornelius Britton, Francis Burke, "Louis
Cowen, Lyman Hoagland, Ollle Isaacks,
Lawrence Kelly, Jose Lucero, Arthur
Ruiz, Jose Pedragon, Malaquias Rodre
quese, Edgar Rhodes, Laland Sampson,
Robert Robert, Helen Bruce, Mamye
Farrls, Marie Kelly, Maxine Lane,
Marie Stewart, Alma Stellard, and Ala
rla Travis.
Fourth grade, Mrs. Reeves teacher:
Maria Lucero, Ethel Summerford, Pat
Garrett, Pablo Sanchez, Henry Fitch,
Lawrence Cowan, Lloyd Cowan, Leon
Holt, Florencio Lopez, Conuto Perea,
Frank Relnhart, Jose Ontiveros, Doro
teo Alderete and Fernando Angel.
Third grade, Miss Pinney teacher:
Aurllla Alvarez, Pablo .Angel, Fred
Hoagland, Ernesto Lucero, RIcardo
Lucero, Sabina Lopez,. Ben "Williams,
Lonedre Jalleguos, Abigail Madrid, Pe
tronita Madrid, and Enedina Mestas.
First and second grades, Miss Foster
teacher: Allejandro Bemal, Benito
Herrera, Clara Lucero, Refugio Lucero,
Xovertita Mestes and Pauline "Varela.
Second grade. Miss Lawrence teacher:
Manuel Olgnsin, Isaac Rhodes, Gustav
Sellgman, Kenneth Pixley, Jose Galle
gos, Alice Cowan, Grace Stewart and
Francisco Soto.
First grade, Miss French teacher:
near proving fatal Kirkpatrick was
taken out. Thomas shifted to his posi
tion, and Beckwith put in at center. In
this half the college more than ever
lacked the (team work, and the scoring
was on individual star plays. Snyder
was knocked out, but soon recovered
his wind, and was again in the game.
Haggart was the local star, while
nyder did most of the scoring for the
pass City boys. The playing of Mayer,
a new man at guard, nras surprising.
Following is the lineup:
Y. M. C.' A. Snyder, fprward; Black,
forward; Jones. center; Atkinson,
guard; Andrews, guard.
College Haggart (captain), forward;
Eede. forward; Thomas, Beckwith. cen
ter; Kirkpatrick, Thomas, guard; May
er; gtiard.
Referee H. L. Mitchell.
Umpire Lane. j
Timers Powell, Blaine.
The Y. M. C. A aggregation left on I
this morning's train for El Paso. I
an endless chain of customers
cause like the present. Keep in mind the fact that we must move. Also, that we must sell goods before we do move.
The big feature for next week is shoe bargains. It is a well known fact that we carry the' best line of shoes in El
. Paso and at present prices they are unquestioned bargains.
e Pair
Fnufc JL. Hairier, Aemt, opposite
Bally Heralg ea aale by Lxa Cnaesn
Dths Co., Camozxe'a Newi 9taa4
leaite yoatefficc
Regina Alderete, Mariano Aqquirre,
Fred Gallegos, Arturo Lucero, Fred
"Wagner, and Raymond Speare.
South Building:.
Fourth and fifth grades. Mr. Evans
teacher: Frank "Will, Xleves Mestos,
and Grace Monty.
Third grade, Miss Xesbiit teacher:
Albino Apodaca, Salmon Brown, Bennie
Davis, Harold "Will, and Mamie Dossey.
Second grade. Miss Blickenstaff
teacher: May Armijo, Petrita Apodaca,
Luis Erez, and Bennie Chavez.
Xorth Building-.
Mrs. Buell teacher: Augustine Ala
millo, Filaberto Alamlllo, Nicanor Ar
mijo, Julian Bernal, Oscar Garrett,
Vicente Mestes, Lojlo Montoyo, Alcadio
Sarario, Tomas Sarario, Juan Chavez,
Elena Lucero and Carolina: Herrera.
Carol McCash and Neil McCash have
entered the Las Cruces school, the for
mer In the second grade and the latter
in the seventh grade. They recently
came here with their parents from Cin
cinnati, O. The eighth grade students
took their final examination in the
United States history Friday and now
have taken up the study of Civics un
der the direction of Miss Papen. In
literature, this grade has begun Evan
geline and the fifth grade the Legend
of Sleepy Hollow.
Frank Frenger, one of the first grade
boys, was thrown from his horse while
riding to school about a week ago, and
.has been detained at home from the In
juries he received from the fall.
Purchase Xevr Maps.
The school board recently purchased
a full set of maps for the upper grades
and the equipment thus provided Is ap
preciated verymuch by both the pupils
and teachers.
Professor J. H. Wagner, the energetic
principal, is busy advising with his 13
lieutenants, and notwithstanding the
odd and much avoided number the
school is progressing under his quiet,
but firm discipline.
Las Cruces, X. M., Jan. 22. L. IC
"Williams returned to El Paso Friday
evening after a two days' visit with
Las Cruces friends.
Dr. Bailey, of -the La Union country,
was visiting his Las Cruces friends
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. r.rn:er were pas
sengers for El Piso Friday evening.
M. TtlnnmoTi'lrnaritz' SUDerviSOr Of . the
street work, went down to El Paso las
evening. . ' Vfl
Dr. I. c. Cfden, of El Paso, spent
Friday in Las Cruces, returning to El
Paso in the evening.
Miss Eloise Faulkner, a niece of Mr.
andMrs. R. L. Faulkner, arrived, yes
terday from San Antonio and will spend
some time a guest at their home.
Frank Kropp expects to make the
start with his family about the middle
of next week for Germany, where they
will make their future home.
Ir. and Mrs. R. M. Loper, of Manila,
who recently arrived from an extended
trip in Europe, will also make an ex
tended visit in the United States before
returning to Manila. They are the
coming to our store to secure
of S
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Suther
land. Attorney R. L- Young was on the
street yesterday for the first time in
two weeks, having been confined to his
home by sickness.
Las Cruces, N. M., Jan. 22. The fol
lowing deeds and other papers of rec
ord have been filed with the recorder
of Dona Ana county:
Deeds Filed.
David Maranda et ux to Sociedad
Zaragoza, warranty deed to a part of
lot 2 In block 21 of the town of Colo
rado, X. M., area 4S feet by 27 yards;
consideration ?200. Dated Jan. 8, 1910.
James F. Sattley et ux to E. HMor
rill, warranty deed to lots 4 and 5 and 8
In the Las Cruces Realty company's
Alameda Place addition; consideration
$425. Dated Jan. 15, 1910.
Howell Jordan to E. E. Mclntyre, quit
claim deed t an undivided one-eighth
Interest in 150.14 acres of placer ground
situate and being the northwest three
quarters of the northeast quarter and
lots 2 and 3 of section 17 fractional
township 29 south range 4 east; con
sideration $275. Dated May 14, 1908.
D. "W Rickhart to El E. Mclntyre,
quit claim de'ed to an undivided one
eighth interest in 150.14 acres of placer
ground situate and being the northwest
three-quarters of the northeast quarter
and lots 2 and 3 of section 17 fractional
township 29 south range 4 east; con
sideration ?300. Dated May 9, 1908.
United States of America to Jose Mar
ques, patent title to the south half of
the northeast Quarter "the southeast
quarter of the northwest quarter and j
the lot No. 5 of section 6 township 2b
south range 3 east, N. M. P. M., dated
August 15, 1906.
Ramon DeLaO, probate judge, to
Jose Cordova, deed confirming title to
lots 3, 4, 5, and In block 5 of the Berino
townsito and being ap art of the south
half of the southeast quarter of section
20 township 3 south range 3 east; dated
Jan. 8, 1910.
Ramon DeLaO, probate judge, l to
Ignaclo Griego, deed confirming title to
lots 7 and 8 in block 16 of the Berino
townsite and being a part of the south
half of the southeast quarter of section
3 township 20 south range 3 east; dated
Jan. 8, 1910.
Ramon DeLaO. probate judge, to
Alejandro Acebes, deed confirming title j
to lot 4 in block 17 of the Berino town- J
site and being apart of the south half
of the southeast quarter of section 3
township 20 south range 3 east; dated
Jan. 8 1910.
Ramon DeLaO, probate judge, to
Pablo Acebes, deed confirming title to
lots 3, 4, 5 and 6 in block 5 of the Berino
townsite and being a part of the south
half of the southeast quarter of section
3 township 20 south range 3 east; dated
Jan. 8, 1910.
.Ramon DeLaO, probate judge, to
Panceano Romero, deed confirming title
to lots 11 and 12 in block 2 and lots
2'and 7 in block 6 of the Berino town
site and being a part of the south half
of the southeast quarter of section 3
township 20 south range '3 east; dated
Jan. 8, 1910.
Ramon DeLaO, probate judge, to
Homobono Acebes, deed confirming title
to lots 5 and 6 In block 17 in the
Berino townsite and being a nart of t
the south half of the, southeast quarter
ui secuon i townsmp zu soutn range
3 east; dated Jan. S. 1910.
Ramon DeLaO, probate judge,'1- to
Octabiano Herrera, deed confirming
title to lots 9 and 10 in block 2 and i
lots 9, 10, 11, and '12 in block 36 of
the Berino townsite and being a part of
bargains such as are offered
hoes Now Reserved
Sale of Women's Shoes
"Women's and children's shoes form a big feature of our Mam
moth Removal Sale. The four following specials in women's
shoes are well worthy of your attention, so do not overlook them
Women's shoes worth $1.75 Women's shoes, worth $3.00;
and $2.00; Removal ftl IQ buv"themnow ' M OC
Sale price
.. . WM
Women's shoes "worth $2.25 Women's shoes, that should
and $2.50 per pair; Removal sell for "$3".50; .Removal Sale
bale price next week fgi
Reduced prices on Children's Shoes range from 40c to $1.45
Women's Hose
On Women's Hose the reductions range from 6e
for 10c hose to 35c for 65c hose. Don't overlook
Children 's Hose !
Our Mammoth Removal Sale of Men's Shirts
offers values that you cannot .possibly du
plicate. Prices begin at 35c for work and
dress shirts wortlr-50e and range up to
$1.65 for broadcloth and flannel shirts worth
$2.50 and $3.00. Buy shirts here next week.
Look for the Red Canvas Front
Corner San Antonio and Mesa
the south half of the southeast quar
ter of section 3 township -20 south range
3 east; dated Jan. S, 1910.
Ramon DeLau, probate judge, to
C. A. Thompson, deed confirming title
to lots 9, 10, 11 and 12 in block 17 of
the Berino townsite and being a part of
the south half of the southeast Quarter
of section 3 township 20 south range 3
east; dated Jan. 8, laiO.
J. T. Miller to C.E. Caldwell, war
ranty deed to lots 21, 23, 25 and 27 in
block 74 of Miller's addition; considera
tion $1.00 and other valuables? dated
May 17, 1909.
J. T. Miller to D. Xewton, warranty
deed to lots 7. 8, ?, 10, 11 and 12 In
block 35 of Miller's "Washington Park
This Will C
"What would you not sacrifice to feel as you did a few years ago: to have the same
snap and energy, the same gladsome, joyous, light-hearted spirit and the physi
cal strength you used to have? You know you are not the same man, and you
know you would like to be. You might as well be. It's easy. We are bringing
strength to many wrecks every day and we can make you as good as you were
with our Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt, which makes vigorous, muscular men
of the puniest, weakest specimens; it expan and develops every muscle and or
gan m the body; it warms the heart, increases the'eourage and gives a man power
of mind and body such as any man can be proiid of. It makes the eye bright and
the step elastic; it makes an athlete of a sluggard. Jt" cures disease by restoring
strength. It is a quick and lasting cure for Nervous Weakness, Eheumatism,
Pains in the Back and Hips (Sciatica), Lumbago, Constipation, Indigestion,
Weak Kidneys, Loss of Memory, and all evidence of breaking down. It has cur
ed when all else has failed.
You ought to read the stories of hundreds of
men who followed this plan. They ,are happy
now, and we would like to send you their testi
monials. Ask us to. Brkcevup, face the world
hke a winner and be one of the men who do
things. Call or write now and we will tell you
what we can do.for you. Send coupon for beau
tiful illustrated FBEE BOOK for men and women.
only for some
tf at
gC price next week?
addition; consideration $1.00 and ether
valuables; dated Dec 24, 1909.
Special License Recorded.
Maud C Baker, physician's license,
Las Cruces.
Lorenzo Telles, retail merchant,
R. V. Bonar, retail merchant, Rincon.
Kilorso Morlno. retail merchant, La
Births Recorded.
Panlita Jopola and Ema Costales. A
Las Cruces, N. M., Jan. 22. The fol
lowing are registered at Hotel Don
Barnardo: J. JI. Kiogh, St. Louis; J.
C. Lacey, Chicago; Geo. Gray, Los An
geles; M. D. Lineman, Denver; O. T.
Orr, Denver; J. D. Petus. Jefferson
City, Mo.; H. M. Hams, San Francisco.
Park: James J. Drakeford, Denver;
H. M. Carter, Denver; Miss May- Carlson,
Orange, X. J.; D. D. Draper, Albuquer
que; "W. B. "Warner, Denver.
Las Cruces, X. M., Jan. 22. Xo long
er is Las Cruces mayorless. Mayor
Martin Lohman has returned from the
east accompanied by his niece, 2ilss
Mary Carson, of Orange, X. X
Rodney Fry, town clerk, met mayor
Lohman in El Paso and accompanied
him hoine-
239 s. Sprins"St., Los Angeles:
Gentlemen Please send m& one of
vour'Free Books, as advertised in El
Paso Herald, 1-22-10.
afe re
Street or Bojc .,. J
Address .Si &! I i
- If! - W. I j

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