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EI Pasor Texas,
Satarday Evening,
January 29, 1910.--24Pages
All the News
Herald Prints It Hrst
While It' Fresh.
Man Is Arrested at Austin
and Federal Grand Jury
Is Probing Charges.
Austin, Texas, Jan. 29 Joseph Wil
liam Woods, justice of the peace of
Burleson county, was arrested yester
day charged -with conspiracy to hold
Ward M. Fuller In peonage.
Woods was arrested following a com
plaint filed by government agent J. W.
Vann with United States commissioner
James BT. Hart, after several months' In
vestigation by Isecret service men. The
investigation was kept from the pub
lic Wood's bond was fixed at $3000.
Others are charged with conspiring with
Woods but the names are withheld, as
arrests have not yet been made. Wood's
hearing is set for Monday.
Federal CoHrt Probe.
Thirty or so negroes and white men
who have been assembling at the fed
eral building in the last few days, has
given rise to the belief that -they are
here to give the federal grand jury evi
dence of severe treatment at the state
convict camps and perhaps lay bare
It is claimed that the witnesses are
expected to tell of horrible punishment
meted out even unto death.
It is claimed that It will be shown
that convicts are retained after they
have paid their fines, or are not per
mitted a fair trial as guaranteed by
the federal constitution, for which rea
son the government is probing the af
Sherman, Tex., Jan. 29 Fire at Howe,
15 miles south of here, early this morn
ing caused a loss of $20,000 in the bus
iness district. Six business houses, four
frame and two brick, were destroyed.
The blaze started In the Senning build
ing but the cause is unknown. The
heaviest losses are those of T. R. Odom
hardware, $4500; Goodjoin & Co., dry
goods, $4000; the postofflce, S800; Mc
Coy & McCoy, $2000.
Houston, Tex., Jan. 29. It is reliably
reported here today that G. W. Rourke
superintendent of the Harrington di
vision of the Rock Island, will be
named as the successor to J. W. Robins,
of Fort Worth, vice president of the
road in Texas.
Robins will next week become presi
dent of the Trinity and Brazoz "Valley
road, with headquarters in Houston.
Ft. Worth, Tex., Jan. 29. It is an
nounced here this afternoon that Win
field Scott, formerly of this city, .now
of St. Louis, has just sold the Worth
hotel for $350,000. The names of the
purchasers are not yet divulged. Scott
bought the property only a year ago for
$100,000 less than he received for it.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 28.: Poison a as been found in the orgaas of Col.
Thomas D. S-.vope and his nephew, Chrisrman, and upon this finding, heirs of
the dead millionaire will demaad an Investigation b the state to ascertain
the can go ef death last fall of these two men.
This definite statement -was made fa day by a representative of the Svrope
estate, following receipt of a partial report of chemists In Chicago.
An inquest probably will be begun Tuesday.
Not He bat three skeletons have been dug up in the woodyard of Ike
E. E. Neff company where the excavation is being made for a new ware
hoase. The first skeleton uncovered was that of a man and two bullet holes
were through his skall, showing that he had died in the improved fashion of
the early El .Paso days. Two more skeletons were dug up Friday afternoon
from the groHnd that is thought to have been a part of the old government
cemetery, which Inclnded the fastens McGInty hill of song and story.
WaahiHgton, D. O, Jan. i. Ixmls R. Glavis resumed the stand beforo
the coBgrcsMonal committee investigating the Ballinger-PInchot controversy
The greater part of the moraing was devoted to the Introduction of docu
mentary evidence from the printed record of the controversy
Glavis and senator Nelson had a clash during fhe morning.
The senator asked Glavis If In his talks with commissioner Dennett or
ethers there have been Hy attempt to hinder him In his work.
"Well, I weald have
"Oh, answer it directly, yes or ho," said the senator sharply.
"Yes, they did."
Glavis declared that among other things Mr. Ballinger on one occasion
Instructed him not to pursue his Investigation against representative McLach
lan, of California, who held a claim In the Green group of coal lands In
He qHOted Mr. Ballinger as saying that there had been too much of that
Witness said he once thought of resigning frpra the servce In order to give
nt the facts of the fraud cases to the nress.fsut was advised not to do .that,
as It wonld make too much of a scandal at the heartening of president Taft's
administration. '
But the Manhattan Dealers
Look for Them to Rise
Again; Shipments Cease.
New York, N. T., Jan. 29. Miles of
New York's uptown residential district
are today placarded with 50,000 post
ers appealing for a boycott on meat.
The "eat no meat" cards are nailed
to trees along Broadway, Central Park
and Riverside drive, and hung in the
windows of storehouses.
Meat prices continue to fall. Steaks
show declines of four and five cents a
pound. Pork is correspondingly cheap
er and so are eggs and butter, but the
retailers say shipments are being cut
down and predict that within a week
or ten days, the prices will be on the
old level or higher.
Jail Boycott the Latest.
Norwich, N. Y., Jan. 29. The meat
boycott has reached the Chenango
county jail here. Several prisoners
have agreed to send back their plates
after each meal with the meat un
touched, and a petition to strike meat
from the jail bill of fare will be pre
sented to sheriff Walworth.
Hare One More Than Union
ists "Without Aid of
j Other Parties.
London, Eng., Jan. 29. For the first
time since the election for parliament
began, the returns today shows the
Liberals as a party to be in the lead.
Independent of the Laborites and Irish
Nationalists they have the advantage
of one over the Unionists.
The position of the parties this aft
ernoon is: Liberals, 271; Unionists,
270; Irish Nationalists, 60; Laborites, 40.
The Nationalists and Laborites are
expected to work with the Liberals.
When Sonora M. de la Rosa saw her
husband enter the house of a Japanese
woman in Juarez last night she did not
go away and cry about it- She accosted
the oriental woman, with the result that
both were arrested.
In the Juarez police court this morning
the judge heard what had happened on
Calle de Mina. It was a sad story, and
so neither woman were fined. "My lius
band told one he went to the house to
get a drink of water," explained the
Mexican woman.
Arthur P. Davis, chief engineer of the
reclamation service, who has been here
in consultation with Louis C. Hili,
supervising engineer, and W. M. Heed,
district engineer; left Friday evening
for his headquarters in Washington, D.
C. Supervising engineer Hill will
leave tonight for Utah on an inspection
trip of the projects under his charge.
nyyyiiL-u uuiiiL. u
Guarantee Is Raised and
Subscriptions Come Fast
to Pay the Expenses.
Paulhan will fly over El Paso. This
seems assured from the liberal way the
El Paso business men and the residents
are subscribing to the fund for bring
ing the fearless French bird man to El
Paso for a three days' carnival of avia
tion. A subscription list, headed by
The Herald and the Times, each sub
scribing $500 to the proposed aviation
meeting, now contains the signatures
of 41 progressive business men and citi
zens who have subscribed a total of
S2175 to the fund for bringing the
Frenchman and his party to El Paso for
a series of aeroplane flights.
Over $2000 Secured.
The subscription list had reached
$1960 this morning when the commit
tee, having this important part of the
work in charge, added $215 to the list
after a few hours of work among the
business men. This gives a grand total
of $2175 and leaves but $1825 yet to
be raised before the contract can be
signed with Paulhan's manager. That
this remain dor can be raised before
Monday night is the belief of the com
mittee in charge. It Is expected to have
the $4000 guarantee safely in the bank
before Tuesday as an evidence of good
faith upon which will be based the con
tract for the appearance of the great
aviator In El Paso next month.
Guarantee Signed.
The 50 persons who are to guarantee
the gate receipts to total $6000 for the
three days, or meet the deficit from
their own pickets, each sharing alike,
have already signed this list and a
number of others could have been ob
tained. Many of the signers of the
guarantee list for the gate receipts are
also subscribers to the $4000 cash fund,
which shows the spirit with which the
proposed aviation meeting is being re
ceived in the city.
Bonus Subscribers.
The subscribers to the $4000 fund
which is to be the bonus for Paulhan's
appearance here, are:
Times Publishing Co $500
Herald News Co 500
G. L. Hoyt Cov 100
Chas. Zleger 100
Hotel Orndorff 100
K. Pfaff iu
Popular Dry Goods Co 50
Coney Island 50
Houck & Dieter Co 50
C. Riva Petit 50
Otto Hintermoister ". '50
'nrv L. Capell 10
W. M. Laughlln '. 10
Darbyshire & Evans . 10
". W. Reckhart 10
Fred J. Feldman f . .. 10
H. G. Ross 10
B. Blumenthal 10
E. B. Welch & Co 10
Newman Insurance Co 25
Behr & Watts '. . .i 20
Haymon Krupp 25
Kohlberg Bros 25
Jacksor Grocery Co., 25
J. H. Adams 25
The Elite Confectionery Co 25
Ochoa & Rojas "Vertlz (Juarez) 75
Stanger & Bosley 10
Felix Martinez 25
J. Calisher - Co . 50
El Paso Gas and Electric Co 25
A. Mathias company 25
H. Lesinsky Co "25
Nick Depeder 25
Latta & Happer 10
J. F. Williams 10
Turner & Davis 10
R. C. Llghtbody & Co 10
Clifford Bros 10
R. Laskin Sc Bro. 10
Model Dry Goods Co ; 10
Total $2175
Yet needed $1325
I Guarantee Subscribers.
The list of those who guarantee the
gate receipts and agree to make up the
deficit, should there be any, are:
El Paso Morning Times, Herald News
Co., Juan Hart. C. N. Bassett, Geo. D.
Flory, W. L. Tooley, G. W. Huffman,
Edward Kneezell, Percy McGhee, Max
Weber, J. H. Smith, Mark Miller. James
A. Murdoch, J. W. MeGoffin, Howell
Jordan, H. G. Ross, Joseph L. Kopf,
Houck & Dieter Co., Geo. x.ook, Henry
L. Capell, J. B. Payne, J. W. Pettus, Phil
Young, M. C. Edwards, J. W. Fisher, C.
Riva Petit, Ochoa y Rojas Vertiz, E. C
Houghton, American National bank.
Powers & Truesdell, Park W. Pitman, C.
E. Kelly, J. F. Primm. F. J. Hall, Geo.
Harper, Behr & Watts, R, C. Llghtbody
Co., W. Cooley, John B. Nigra, J. F.
Coles for A. P. Coles & Bros., B. G.
Thomas, C. A. Ivinne, Joshua Raynolds,
H. M. Andreas, Thomas O'Keefe, C
Harvie, E. Sambrano, Joseph Sweeney,
Geo. G. Sauer.
Excursion Rates.
No date has yet been set and one can
not be fixed until the $4000 guarantee
is deposited m the bank. As !t 5 im- l
portant that the dates of the aviation
meeting be decided upon In order that
the rates may be obtained from the rail
roads and the necessary advertising
done, it is being urged that subscribers
attach their names to the subscription
list as soon as possible. A delay in an
nouncing the date may mean a small
crowd here during aviation week and
every effort is being made by the pro
moters of the .meet to raise the $4000 by
Monday uighfc The railroads have prom
ised the most liberal rates into El Paso
for this meeting and the biggest crowds
in the history of the city are expected
to attend the -most modern of. amusement
enterprises, the aviation meeting.
No WordFrom Curtlss.
Nothing has yet been heard from Glen
H. Curtiss, and it is not vet knmm
i whether the American aviator enn h0
brought here at the same time as the
great Paulhan for a series of competi
tive flights. Curtiss is supposed to be
at his home in Hammondsport, N Y
buj; no replies have been received to mes
sages sent him asking if it would be
possible to bring him to El Paso for a
series of flights.
Assures Great Crowds.
G. L. Hoyt, who recently returned
from Los Angeles, was one of the specta
tors at the recent aviatidn meeting .held
there. He says that the meet was' not
only successful as an amusement enter-
Dalhart Man May Win Fame
and Some Cash Because of
a Dream He Had.
Dalhart, Tex., Jan. 29. Dreaming thaf
the sky was full of comets, Frank D.
Lea, foreman of the Evening News of
fice, was awakened last night and went
to see If his dream were true.
With h's telescope he searched the
heavens and in less than two hours had
discovered three of the comets in his
dream. None are vsible to the naked
He sent the locations of the comets
to Washington but has not heard yet as
to whether these particular comets have
been discovered before or not.
None of them, he says, will become
visible to -the naked eye.
Lea is a printer by trade, but has al
ways been interested in the study of as
tronomy and possesses his own tele
scope. He takes daily observances of
Drake's comet, now visible in the west
after sundown.
If he proves to be the first discoverer
of the three comets seen tast night, he
will be paid $200 each for them hy sci
entists, and the3' will be named for him.
Woman Is Arrested in Mon
tana on Serious Charge
by the Officers.
! Butte, Mont., Jan. 29. Having pur
chased a fourmonthsold baby in this,
i city. It is alleged for $25, and then
j taking it to Livingston, Mont., where
she bought clothes for it and then,
having buried It in six inches of sand
on an island in Yellowstone river, op
posite Livingston, Is the charge which
faces Mrs. George Thompson, now in
jail at Livingston.
Last October Mrs. Thompson took a
child from this city to Livingston,
where she carried it into a store
wrapped in a silk skirt, and where she
bought clothes for it.
Later she was seen to cross a bridge
to the island and return without the
J baby. A child's body was found short
ly afterward, burled In the sand.
Mrs. Thompson does not deny rthe
body being buried but absolutelv de
nies knowledge of how "the child died-
The fact that the child was offered
for sale In Butte for $25 has been es
Fort Worth, Tex., Jan. 29. Detective
Connelly today captured a Chinaman in
a Main street restaurant whom he be
lieves is wanted at Portland, Ore., on a
charge of embezzling $S000 there. Con
nelly noticed a strong resemblance .be
tween the oriental he captured and a
photograph of the one sought. A reward
of $1000 is out for the capture of the
right Chinaman.
Weatherford, Texas, Jan. 29. Follow
ing an investigation by a postoffice in
spector, J. D. Lone, residing near Gar
ner, was arrested today in connection
with the dynamiting and burning of -the
Garner postofflce recently. Lone's two
sons were previously arrested and bound
over to await the action of the grand
Carrizozo, N. M., Jan. 29. John E.
Bell, freight conductor on the South
western, formerly of El Paso, has pur
chased a half interest In the mercantile t
establishment of T alter Uonfield. The
firm name will be known as Cmfield &
Bell, in the future.
Dallas, Tex., Jan. 29. The jury in the
case of Tom Kent, charged with, the
murder of Dick Beall, a brother of con
gressman Beall, was completed in the
district court here at noon. The intro
duction of testimony began at 2 p. m.
"WASHINGTON. D. C, Jnn. 29. This afternoon repeated promises to report
In the statehood bill, senator Bererldge will present or have n member of the
committee prcent the emasculated bill
printed and reconsmitted to the commlte.
It Is reliably reported that It knocks out 3,000,000 acres of land for each
territory and requires that English be taught In nil schools.
The constitutions are mode fcubject to approval by the president and rejec
tion by congress.
A lively senate session Is predicted Monday over the bill.
Arizona and New Mexico statehood bills are now practically complete.
Senator BeverldRe, chairman of the scuate committee on territories, spent
half a day with the president today goInK over statehood bills.
A. nn. j.cn.. i me separation of
from the election of state officers. The constitution after being adopted
must then be submitted for approval to the president and congress. The elec
tion of state officers must take place a year after the adoption of the consti
tution. particular attention Is given to the disposition of public lands and every
safeguard has been thrown about them tomake sure they will not fall Into the
hands of Improper persons or corporations. Senator Beveridgc says the bill
will be pushed as rapidly as possible I n the senate.
President Taft has consented to efforts of the territorial representatives,
and will ask the senate to provide in the bill that if congress refuses to ac
cept the first constitutions prepared by the two states, they will have a r!Kht
io reassemble their conventions at once and enact new constitutloas, without
further act of congress, same to be returned to couRress as soon as completed
for approval or disapproval.
FranK v. xnrwjr was today nominated 'for the fourth time
justice of New Mexico.
Kobert S. Fisher was confirmed as postmaster at Fort Bayard.
uUnite a Million
and Force
MnRwr'Mf - rlBwJC,aigB8BStHB3Rtt
"Woman Starting Campaign Against High Prices.
!VIY: A A Tlvnrklrc Prnmi-
alio. -a. 15iooks, rvomi-
nent m Eight Clubs,
Outlines Her Am
bitious Career.
And, ' Just to Keep Busy,
'Mrs. Brooks "Will Ad--
vocate New Purity
Statues Over
Xew York, Jan. 29. ''Everr woman,
, i -l t .... ?? i.
at nearc loves a Dargam even ii i& is
..-,,., , -, ,
only in foodstuifs and if e can only
get a million or more of us to unite we
can force the now 'soaring necessities of
life do so .t ..ill beble to.get.
some of the best bargains extant in the
markefcs and groceries." -
"With this brief outline of a great
movement she -has in mind to remedy
the higli cost of living, Mrs. A. A. Brooks,
latelv returned trom abroad, announced,
herself as champion of the sreat cause '
to make life easier for the housewife by
giving lier a chance to "make a little
change" from the weekly appropriation
set nside for tood. j
Mrs. Brooks is perhaps the best known
member of a club in Xew York, being
-prominent 'in eight organizations and
president of one of them the Gotham
club- The other clubs that claim part
Monday with it request that It 'be J
the popular vote on the constitution J
as associate
Food Prices Down
! i ncr attention are the PJavjoers, the
Rainy clubj the West En-d ub
licon club, the X. S. D. A., the Federa
1 tion of Women's cluhs, the State Repub
lican , club and the -Birthday club. This
last isan informal cliib of 12 members,
nvho rive dinners once a- month on tie
j birthdays of the different members.
line women oi New iork, TemarKed.
Airs. Brooks, affectionately xubbinff -the
fur of Kin Edward, the Persian kitten
she Tbrqught with her from Windsor cas
tle, 'Svill do almost anything. They ore
so much quicker than the "men. to act.
Men would go ahead and pay bi? prices,
complaining the while. The" women ob
ject strenucusly. and you'll see what
will happen. The prices will eo down.
"Women used to think more of their
dresses, gadding about, calling, babbling
of custards and desserts and how to keep
the geraniums in bloom all winter. Now
they 'have delved into the affairs that
used to be considered as -belonging only
to -men and the3 are accomplishing
Mrs. Brooks herself is energetic
enough to supplv any amount of thinsrs !
' r Iva flnno Slio l-Oftrir 4'T fJnUvnm lrK
rw -" -" K- "-"-"" v-v--
, in a continuous state of excitement. 2sct
; only dces she pan a1 the tT)n?raTns for
; meetings, but slie arranges euchres and
j other entertainments for the public
S- y2'&SSZ2
. n!,Ttv jVPT, fnr fh benf-m. f rho of-riV-
"- - i.. i t ic
j f ghirtwafst girls.
I "As a start in the right direction,"
said Mrs. Brooks, "the Gotham club has
' decided that a statue of Purity is per-
rcanently to grace L.ong -Acre square.
Two models fcr the figure were made bv
Gutzon Borglan, the culptor. aid one
of them has 'been approved and decided
on bj 'the Gothamites. It is the figure
or -a womaa boinng in one arm a aieavy
book which is old onen by several lilies,
?he holds a few lilies above her head
with the other hand, for she is supposed
to be .preaching and casting abroad seeJs
of purity."
Washington. D. C. Jan. 29. Sheriff
Joseph F. Shipp, Nick Nolan and Luther
Williams, three men sentenced to 90
days in jail for contemnt of th sn.
J preme court of the United States for
their connection with the lynching of
the negro Johnson In Chattanoosra in
! 1906, finished their sentences and were
released this morning. The men leave
tonight for Chattanooga.
Port Limoa, Costa Rica, Jan. 20 I uceant and heavy rains are still fall
ing throughout the republic. There has "been no train service with the in
terior since the latter part of December.
The entire Zcnt district as well as the banana zone of the upper lands. Hear
the Reventtaxon river are under water and thousands are suffering for food.
From Santa Fe Xew lexicon.
The Estancia Daily Herald in speaking of the ev- Mexican's Xew
Year's edition places the Xew Mexican in the same class as the Los Angeles
Times and the El Paso Herald, which seems quite flattering. This is
what the Estancia Herald says:
"We have received the Xew Year's editions of the Santa Fe Xew Mexi
can, the Los Angeles Times and the El Paso Herald. All are fine produc
tions and do credit to the proprietors of those .papers. It is hard to choose
between them, for the matter in ,'all of tihem is" well arranged. Typogra
phically they are beauties, while' each shows the push and' enterprises of
the true, American. JVe are propi that thisAvestern countrv has-men who
are able, ready and willing toput before the public such 'splendid news
paper editions.'
Ail Eecords Are Broken Be
fore the Waters Begin to
Eecede in France,
Streets Overflowed or Torn
Up by Sewers and Water
From the River."
Paris, France, Jan. 29. The waters oC
the Seine after having reached an un
precedented height and causing enorm
ous destruction, began to recede today.
The crest of the flood was reached at
midnight. The waters were stationary
until 2 oclock, and then began to falL
At S oclock this morning there had
been a drop of two inches.
During the night storm clouds dis
appeared and the weather cleared. This
morning the sun shone brightly.
Situation llalsapreved.
Despite the subsidence of the waters,
the situation within the city is not Im
proved. To the contrary, surface water
has further invaded the streets, while
pressure from the underground currents
has opened new crevices In some places,
and in others have forced up pave
ments into Kreat hummocks, tearing
I down trees and-, lamp posts.
Ik .Heart ei tair ran.
The greatest damage Is in Place Del
Opera and at St- Lazare station. At- the
former, four bad cave-Ins have oc
curred, one in front of the new build
ing of -the Equitable Life Assurance so
ciety. But in front of St. Lazare star
tion the waters are racing through Rue
de la Grange and Bataliere subway.
Sewers Overflew City.
Joining the flood, overflowed sewers
have turned the Place du Havre inta
a lake and some sections of Hue de
TArcade and Boulevard Haussmann In
front of the expitori chapel erected In
memory of the decapitated Bourbons,
are veritable rivers.
Department S teres Ralsei.
All buildings in this section are
evacuated and guarded by soldiers.
Big department stores including the
Printemps and Galleries iAfayette have
been closed and some buildings are
likely to collapse.
There have been a dozen instances
where persons have disappeared in
crevices suddenly opened under their
feet or have been swept away by the
sewers flood.
Fright Drives Seme lasase.
A number have become Insane
through fear and suffering and many
pitiful stories of rescue of half starved
families are told.
Extensive preparations are being?
made for a thorough cleansing- and dis
infection of the city as soon as' the
water sibsides.
AmerIcass.AH Safe.
"Washington, D. C, Jan. 29. Ambas
sador Bacon, at Paris, wires the state
department that all Americans in that
city are safe. Many, however, have
been compeled to vacate their homes
because of flood conditions.
- : s
Toledo, O., Jan. 2S. All 14
Sicilians on trial here charged
with a Black Hand conspiracy
. jf
( ;
were found girilty today.
Salvatore Lima, the leader,
was sentenced to 16 years im
prisonment. The others were
sentenced to from two to 10
years. Three were granted new
San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 29. Jackson
Smith, former commissioner to the
Panama canal and a railroad man of
Mexico, is dead In Portland, Ore!, ac
cording to advices received here. The
body will be brought here for burial.
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