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Saturday, January 29, 1910.
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The next month means more to customers than any previous time at The Bazaar. As a matter of fact we haven't a full month as we must be out of
this building before March 1st. They begin tearing down our present building on March the 1st and in the meantime we want to close out all present
stock. Do not put off coming here too long. Special lots are being closed out every day and you should come and get your share.
. yss
-3 " 'j"
fci -iiiiMM--TiriirnMiTrTiTr-MriiTMTMrr-MTiimrTrwT-Mn
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V, v
Only a Month
More of Eejnoval
Sale Bargains
Look for Red
Canvas Front
Many Cement Walks Axe
Being Constructed
News Notes and
v Personals.
Obar, Is'. M., Jan. 29. The "mound
builders" have been at -work in Obar.
They liave built a row of mounds on
each side of Circle Bar avenue, the
main business street, for a distance of
six full blocks from the Rock Island
txacks south.
The "mounas" are composed of sand
and gravel for the eig-ht feet cement
sidewalks which are now being laid
through the business part of the town.
The work of laying the walks is be
ing pushed rapidly. The first walk
-was in front of M- i. Campbell's gen
eral store on the east side of the street.
Contractor Howe's brotheriniaw, M.
E. Dessem, is In charge of the work.
3Ir. Dessem located in Obar a few
-weeks ago. coming from Lehigh, la.,
where he was superintendent of a big
Mr. Howe is also working a force
of men on his concrete building to be
used for manufacturing cement blocks.
These will be used In the new depot,
and In stoneN buildings. Two of the
latter are now under contract and
work will begin as soon as the block
factory is Teady.
Meanwhile, the mound builders a-re
still building those nice, white mounds
along the business street.
Rci J vsl Services.
Mrs. G. Berlin and little son Frank
Jin are back from South Bend, Ind.
"J. J. Dihel has returned from Ros
well, 1ST. M.. where he has been visiting
his daughter. v
Rev. J. M. Shinier held a Tevival
meeting in Obar, lasting three days.
vo y
Fi '&4L
llfinrRIi HID8ic!l)5
Cheerfulness and a nright disposition during the months Defore baby comes,
are among tie greatest blessings a mother can bestow upon the little life about
to begin. Her happiness and physical comfort "will largely govern the proper
development of the health and nature of the child. Mother's Friend contributes
much to the mother's happiness and health by the relief and mental comfort it
affords! It is a liniment composed of penetrating oils and medicines -which
lubricate the muscles and tendons of the body, soothe the swollen mammary
glands, catise a gradual expansion of the skin and tissues, and aid in the relief
of nausea. Tho regular use of Mother's Friend greatly lessens the pain and
danger when baby comes, and assures a quick and natural recovery for the
mother. Mother's Friend is sold at drug stores. Write for our free book, con
taining Taluable information for expectant Mothers.
Removal Sale
This is the last call on Men 's Clothing. Nothing is reserved,
and for the remainder of the Removal Sale we offer bar
gains in Men's Suits that are the best you have ever bought.
We include the celebrated Schloss Bros. & Co. 's Suits' in
Manrmot4 Removal Sale. General reductions are asfollows:
General Ranle of Reductions
All 18.00 suits at $9.90
All 20.00 suits at 10.90
All 22.00 suits at..J 12.90
$12.50 SUITS AT $5.90
150 suits the season' best styles
made of cashmeres and "worsteds in an
endless variety of patterns- Some are
single, some double breasted, all are
-worth $12.50; Removal
Sale price is
$120 TO $15.00 SUITS $7.50
Every style'of tie season is in this lot.
These suits are made of all favored
suit materials including cashmeres and
worsteds; regular ?12.50 to $15.00 val
ues; Removal Sale
price ,
$15.00 TO $17.50 SUITS8 $8.90
There are fully 200 suits at ?S.90.
There is a great variety of patterns and
materials and both single anddouble
breasted styles. Ties1 suits are good
values, under ordinarv circumstances, at
$15.00 to $17.50; Re- (jD QA
moval Sale special at PO tJ J
Removal Sale of Underwear
Fleece Lined Shirts and Drawers, worth 50c for 35c
RibDed 3urts and Drawers, the 50c kind, for 35c
Fleece Lined Shirts and Drawers, all colors, worth "65c, for. 40c
Ribbed Shirts and Drawers, our 65c grade, for 40c
Pleeced and Ribbed Shirts and Drawers, should sell
for $1.00; Removal Sale price.
secured 14 conversions and organizea
a Methodist society with 30 members.
Frank Mears has returned from a
trip to Chicago. t
The Monroe-Griffith-Toohey people,
who own 1G00 acres southeast of Ooar,
will plant about 75 acres of forest trees
this spring.
G. D. Hammond has bought a stand
ard bred horse.
Obar Boy in ?favy.
OHis Foster an Obar boy, has en
tered the navy and has been assigned
to. thetorpedo boat Hcpkins on the
Pacific coast. He writes home that
much greater freedom Is enjoyed on a
torpedo boat than a battleship.
Mrs. C. E Teter has gone to Havi
land, Kansas, for a few weeks.
John F. Meeks and his brother
Charles have returned from Ft. Col
lins, Colo., where they worked in the
sugar factory.
It has been decided to reopen the
case of "The Dish Cloth vs. Broom,"
and the case will be tried by a new
jury. The first jury consisted entirely
of old bachelors, and it is claimed they
don't know what a dishcloth is.
Farmers are ordering their broom
corn seed early so as. to be sure and
have it next spring.
The "Show Mc" club surprised H.
I Cressey at his badielor ranch and
gave a dance and oyster supper.
Many farmers are hauling wood from
the South Canadian.
Mrs. A. A. Clark visited her husband
this week at Dalhart, where he is a
clerk-in the Rock Island office.
F. F. Toohey, of Anamosa, la., is vis
iting his son Emmett at this place.
W. C. Monroe and his daughter Mrs.
D. M. Griffith have returned from a
visit in Iowa.
W. D. Barlrum a new arrival from
Oklahoma, is looking up a location for
a tailor shop.
Forfiria Fierra, a young Mexican girl
living on South Oregon street. Tainted in
the middle of Overland street between
El Paso and Santa Fe streets at 7:40
Frida3' evening.
She was crossing the street and, see
ing a car and a heavy truck approach
ing from opposite directions, fainted.
She was helped to the sidewalk, -where
she fainted a second time and after
reaching the opposite side of the street
again swooned. The car and wagon
pas&ed on.
mm STOCK HAS BEE ordered fou t
All $22.50 suite at 13.90
Alt 25.00 suits at 15.90
All 27.50 and $30.00 suits at. . . 17.90
At $1-10 vests worth $1.50 and $1.75
all sizes, including longs and shorts.
Your choice during Re
moval Sale
At $1.50 Vests worth $2.50-many
kinds to choose from. During Removal
Sale the price
The Bib Overalls, the $1.00 7En
kind, are norr on sale at 65e and 8 $ w
Our entire stock of Boys' and Youths'
Clothing is to be sacrificed. 'We note
below one-big feature.
Boys' All Wool Knee Trousers $1.50
and $1.75 must he sold $? -f
during Removal Sale, choice ?..
New Member
Her r tta acu.
The succession to the peerage of t
IZr.gl'sIi to this popular youns man wli
in convincing the country that it Is a n
The new Cord Monkswell and his p
well from their own social talents a
to the succession of the third holder o
The father of the present L.ord Mo
British by public service of many year
ty Council from Its establishment .n 1SS
conveyancing counsel to the treasur
Prisoner Taken in Texas, Is
Wanted by the Del Rio
Authorities. -
Del Rio, Texas, Jan. 29. Advices re
ceived here tell of the" arrest of Jesus
M. Longorio, a captain in the revo
lutionary -army ihat invaded .Mexico
near here, in June, 190S, at Blooming
fon. In Victoria county, by a United
states deputy marshal. He was placed
in the Jail at Victoria and was held in
bond in the -sum of $1000 by United
States commissioner McDonald. Longo
rio Is charged with violating- the neu
trality laws of the United States and is
expected to be brought,,here to stand
General manager Clark of the Mexi
can International lines will arrive In
Del Rio today, accompanied by Sr. Don
Lorenzo Gonzalez Trevina, a wealthy
land owners of Coahuila, and. Sr. Garzo
Galan, of Saltillo, one of the most
prominent Mexicans in the northern
part of the republic The trip is being
made over the route of the new railroad
c B?i"?m;mijiTjigilr?
that is to be built from Del Rio to
Odd Lot Of
"We place on sale
Monday 200 odd-Hats,
both stiff and soft
lands. They are re
duced as follows:
Lot? No. 1
Soft and stiff hats worth up to
$1.50, Removal Sale iyC
price I OC
Lot No. 2
Soft and stiff hats worth up to
$2.00; Removal rf 1 IP
Sale price ' . 1 1 O
Of Peerage and
Young Bride a Popular CoupL
j-m n. Mit 0tAAV'
he Hon. Robert Collier as Lord Monkswell has flUractca the attention of the
o joined the dignified body at a moment when it is most actively engaged
retty and charming bride are likely to take a prominent place in London as
s the prestige of the late Lord Monkswell, whose death a fortnight ago led
f the title.
nkswell has bequeathed his eldest son a claim for consideration from the
s. He was under secretary of war at one time, a member of the London Co'in-
9 up to two years ago, .and was its chairman for two years. He had also been
y and official examiner of the high court of judicature.
Allende, in connection with the building
of the Orient line to the north from
Alpine, Tex., Jan. 29. Capt. Jason V.
James has gone to Roswell, N. M., on a
business trip.
Miss Nannie Irving left recently for a
visit to Cohoina. Tex.
Messrs. Tom and Monroe Rlgss. of
Pecos county. Aere in Alpine recently.
Mrs. B. Greenwood Is visiting rcsa
tles in Marfa.
J. T. Armstrong has returned from
a trip to east Texas. .
Birdie Mitchell, of Marfa, was a vis
itor in Alpine recently.
The Bajitist meeting which as being
conducted by Rev. Mr. Head, of El Paso,
is meeting with fine success. Every
meeting witnesses a large congregation,
and quite a number of new members
have been added to the church.
Lest ve forjret let's keep our money
at home and still get tne best. Globe
If you're from Missouri call an Jn
dependent messenger. He 11 show
Use Herald Want Ads.
Removal Sale Men's Sweaters
Men's Wool Sweaters about 650 of them in
white, gray, maroon, navy blue and black.
They are our regular $1-50 sweaters; C
Remoi al Sale price lOC
Boys' Wool Sweater Jackets worth $1.25.
Some-all gray, some with fancy bor- Q"
der; Removal Sale price 0 C
Bojs' Wool Sweater Jackets all colors
choose from regular $1.50 values, "QEI
There art- wool Sweater .jackets some are all one color, some have fancy border.
There are some white ones and some greens in the following lots, but most of them
are graj
$1.50 Sweater Jackets at 95e $3.00 Sweater Jackets at $1.85
$2.50 Sweater Jackets at $1.45 $3-50 and $4.00 Sweater Jackets at $2.4o
Removal Sale of Shirts
We have grouped over 1500 shirts into 10 special lots. These are the best
values in shirts you can possibly find in El Paso. From the following lots
any shirt need can be supplied:
AT 90c vou can buv Flannel
Shirts worth $1.25 and $1.50.
They can be had in either gray,
blue or brown.
AT 40c we offer you Work
and Dress "Jack Rabbits" that
are. easily, worth 65c.
AT 60c AND 75c you have
AT 35c you can buy Work and Dress Shirts
that should sell for 50c.
AT $1.15 we offer
Dress Shirts.
AT $1.15 Tve have a
assorted ptttems. that
AT $1.35 you can buy
3r Mr lUtJirr a, r
nm. f. Aliens big musical show
"The Alaskan," with Gus Wiueburg
Richard F. Carroll and a company of
50 people, will be the next attraction,
Sunday and Monday, Feb. 6 and 7 at
the El 'Paso theater.
TheBailey Stock company will put on
the most pretentious production ever
attempted in the city by a stock com
pany. Hall Calne's great play, "The
Eternal City." with 1G people In the
cast, and manager Rich promises the
best scenic production of the season.
"With nine changes of scenery and the"
best orchestra ever heard In the Craw
ford, which will render appropriate
music throughout the play, an enjoyable
production is promised. The sale of
seats Is the largest of any Sunday night.
There will be a matinee at 2:30. At
night the curtain rises at 8:20.
Manager Rich is giving his patrons
one of the best bills of the season for
all lovers of good, clean comedy, p-c-
cellent singing and dancing, with a
s-ell chorus. "
- wBHrrTTMmnMTiMiwiMWMiMMsrrBrTTnm ' to tTPWPBBiBBBBBWffiBBlBffWffBl MffBffMBBIIMff
Men's Sweaters in all colors some all wool,
some silk and wool mixed. There are only 100
of them and they should sell lor
$3 and $4; Removal Sale price...
Women's Wool Sweaters, double and single
breasted styles, in gray and white. We would
consider -these good value at $3.00; d Q A
Removal Sale price is P A
Women's Wool Sweaters, worth $5.00 in al
most any color you -could wish
for are onlv
from Madras and rian-
nel uJack Rabbits" that vou
can't buy elsewhere for less
than $1.00.
AT 75 c you will find nobby
Dress Shirts in light and dark
colors, with attached or de
tached cuffs- These are regu
lar $1.25 values.
$1.75 and $2.00 values in
let of Wool 'Shirts in blue and
sell regularly at $1.75.
Wool Shorts worth $2.00 and $2.25
Institute Awards Sweaters
to Football Players To
Parade at Post.
For some time the three companies
of cadets at the El Paso Military In
stitute have been contesting for a drill
medal, but Friday he drilled for
the glory of the things smd that means
more. It was visitorsVaay at the big
boys school, and fathers and mothers
galore stood along the campus and
watch td the student soldiers do things.
Graded according to height, and on
the average that means the same as
age, are the three companies of cadets.
And yet company B, whose men are not
so tall or old as company A, nor so
small and young as company C, car
ried off the honors of the day. Two
regular army men, J. J. Miller and
C. W. Tlllotson, both first lieutenants
of the 19th Infantry, who acted as
judges, said that company B was the
best. They figured It out accocrding to
points on a piece of paper, and there
Is no question about It.
After the test company drill, con
taining all the common manual of
arms, and maneuvers, the three com
panies formed in review, and the In
stitute military band showed what It
cquld do in the way of music and
marching, both at the same time. After
the martial array was formed in front
of Capt. Thomas A. Davis, command
ant of the institute, the cadets stood
In a hollow square before the assem
bled fathers and mothers. Then an
important ceremony took place, the
awarding of school sweaters to those
who had distinguished themselves on
the football field, the real battle
ground of the student soldier.
The winning company was com
manded by Capt. Clifton Elliott, as
sisted by first Lieut. Walter Jenkins,
and seebnd Lieut. Dan Kenan. 'The
members of the company were:
First sergeant. Ruskin Johnson; sec
ond sergeant. Willard White; third
sergeant, Cuthbert Baldwin; fourth
sergeant, H. E. Harris. Corporals, P.
Love, B Geiger, E. Sambrano, A. Por
ter, L. Pomeroy, J. Broyles; privates,
J. Ball, W. Taylor, W. Reed, J. Cox. R.
Brett, H. Bauwigartner, L. Hindman, C.
Mllliron, L- Milllfon. E. Alatore, E.
Fegan, J. Drew, "W. Anderson, K.
Xo Parade at Fort.
Owing to the task of packing for a
e sMiip yniyfiBQ
Ayers Hair Vigor is composed of sulphur, glycerin, quinin, sodium chlorid, capsi
cum, sage, alcohol, water, perfume. Ask your doctor aboutthis. Follow his advice.
Promptly checks falling hair. Completely destroys dandruff. An elegant dressing.
Does not Color the Hair
$i.5o ,rffl,i
Ws$4 Pill
S295 I
We Now
Offer the
in Men's
thousand mile journey, there was no
dress parade at Ft. Bliss yesterday.
Officers and men will be off Monday
for the eastern isles, and the farewell
parade was canceled by the command
ing officers? Xobody seemed to care
except a few citizens who planned on
seeing the military show.
The Valley Eesidents Vote
Bonds Prisoners Sen
tenced at Marfa.
Marfa, Tex., Jan. :.. At the recent
election at Candelaria for the purpose
of voting for the Issuance of $1S,000 for
road Improvement ia the precinct, the
bond Issue carried by a large majority.
jThe Candelaria valler Is exceedingly
I fertile, and when it il connected with
the S. P. railroad, the development in
that section will be great.
In the district court here the case of
Florentine and Eustino Tarrango,
charged with murder at Candelaria,
Jan. 18, was continued.
Francisco Rodriguez got two years in
prison on the charge of burglary. The
W. M. Harmon murder case was con
tinued. Antonio Gonzalez was convicted on
the charge of robbery at Joll Finleys
ranch near Valentine and was sen-
tenced to two years. One murder case
wa canceled on account of death of
Mitchell Bros, have so!d to Edward
Pauls, of Colorado, 500 yearling steers
at $20 per head. This Is the highest
price ever paid for yearling steers" in
Presidio county.
J. W. Merrill has returned from On
tario, Cal. where he had been visiting
his family.
Rev. J. B. Cochran, of EI Paso, pre
siding elder of this district, held quar
terly conference recently at the M. E.
P. H. Clarke, of El Paso, has been
attending district court here this week.
Miss Emma Buehler of Shatter is a
guest of her brother, Charley.
Jno. M. Wyatt of El Paso, was in
Marfa recently.
The Marfa Manufacturing company
has just completed a large addition to
its establishment which will be used
for an auto garage.
Miss Willie -Ellison of the Marfa
Millinery company. Is In St. Louis.
T. B. Thaxton, ranchman near Marfa.
ha i returned from Las Cruces. X. M. He
says that he noticed during a day's
stay in El Paso that the real estate of
fices were doing a thriving business.
Miss Lula Bunton la rapidly recov
ering from an attack of appendicitis.
Mrs. M. J. Hughes arrived from
Pearce, Ariz., and after a brief visit
here left for Shatter to visit her par
ents, judge and Mrs. G. H. Brooks.
Lett we lorjsret let's keep our mones
at home and still get the best. Glob
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