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Monday, February 7, 1910.
Today's News of the Great Southwest
Lackof Transportation Fa
cilities to be- Overcome.
" Marfa jSTews.
Marfa, Tex., Feb. 7. Manager Chas.
Llndenbarn was here recently from the
marble quarries near Marfa, and re
ports this industry i a flourishing
condition. The marble taken from
these quarries is as good and retains
as high polish as the famous Vermont
stone. Lack of transportation facili
ties, however, has retarded the rapid
development of the quarries, but these
obstacles will soon be overcome.
Geo. R. Shannon spent several days
in Shafter lately.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Lenord are at
the home of Mrs. G. A- Yates. The
couple were married in El Paso recent
ly. The bride "was Miss Riley, of Cali
fornia. R. B. Jordan is home from a few
days' visit at Shafter.
Mrs. H. A. Thomas, state deputy, of
Fort "Worth, was here recently and de
livered a lecture at the hall of the
"Woodmen Circle.
Rev. A. S. Carver, of El Paso, was
here and held services at the Episcopal
church Sunday morning and evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Crosson are in
from the Crosson ranch for a week's
The postoftlce at Lajltas has been
discontinued by the department. The
nearest postoffice to that point is
Tetlingua, by way of Marfa.
Capt. H. L. Kelly, who has been in
Marfa for some time, will return to
Presidio to reside permanently.
Miss Eliza Gilmer, daughter of the
late Alexander Gilmer of San An
tonio, who formerly resided in Marfa,
a number of years, was recently mar
ried to Lieut. George H. Terrell, in
Denver, Colo. They will reside in
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
O. H. Nlcblls is very ill with pneu
monia. J
Mrs. J. S. Felix, of Lawrenceburg,
Ky., is visiting her son, Rev. A- G.
Felix. ,
The Marfa Lumber company Is
erecting an office building.
The Misses Midkiff entertained re
cently in honor of their guest. Miss
Carr, of Alpine. Forty-two was the
feature of the evening.
Mrs. J. T. Shields entertained the
High Five club lately.
Mrs. R. A- Kyle who has been visit
ing relatives for some time has re
turned to Marfa.
Clifton, Ariz., Feb. 7. Lee Hobbs has
accepted a position at the Dick-Lakeman
camp as hoist man and engineer.
Rufus Nephew, "China Jim." ha pur
chased a half interest in the Chase Creek
butcher shop.
10,000 shares of Gold Belt stock
brought 9 cents a share at auction.
Jake Abraham, for many years pro
prietor of the Clifton hotel, who several
years ago left here, Is back on a visit
to his brother Sam.
John Granwood, a moulder, whose
home is at Helena, Mont., is confined
In the branch jail in an Insane condition.
He is quite violent and will be removed
o the asylum at Phoenix.
2Tot only its proven ability to cure, but its absolute safety as a remedy
lias made S. S. S. tiio most desirable of all medicines for the treatment of
Contagious Blood Poison. S. S. S. is made entirely of roots, herbs and
barks of the forests and fields. It does not contain a particle of mercury,
potash or any other harmful mineral to injure the delicate parts of the
system, impair the digestion, corrode and irritate the lining of the stomach,
or in any other way injure the health. It is Nature's blood purifier,
harmless in its action and certain in its good results. S. S. S. removes the
poison from the circulation, enriches the blood, and safely and surely cures
Contagious Blood Poison. It builds up and strengthens the system by its
fine tonic effects and leaves the patient not only cured of the disease, but
stronger and in better health in every way. If you are suffering with
Contagious Blood Poison S. S. S. is your most certain reliance ; an honest
medicine, and because of its vegetable purity, a safe treatment for any one.
"We nave a special book on home treatment which explains fully the differ
ent stages of the disease, also suggestions that will be helpful to you in the
treatment of your case. "We will be glad to send this booktogether with
any medical advice desired, free to all who write.
Offices InJNew Building
The floor plans of the modern fireproof building of the Amer
ican National Bank axe now ready and offices may now be re
served by making application at the bank.
The American National Bank
Capital and Surplus 240,000.00.
Make That
Look Like New
the same with silverware, electric fixtures, or in
fact anytTring in metal refrnished. Low. prices and
work guaranteed.
electric and gas fixtures without any extra charge
for finish. If you want good work at honest prices,
it will pay you to see us before placing your orders.
The Standard Electric Co.
107 S. Stanton St. Phones 1982, 982.
Toney Summers, Living
Near Plainview, Held in
Roswell Jail.
Roswell, N. M., Feb. 7. Charged
with the murder of Tom Harbisonpear
Plainview, N. M., 108 miles southeast
of Roswell, Toney Summers has been
brought to Roswell and placed in jail.
Summers claims Harbison attacked him
in his own (Summer's) dugout, while
he lay in bed ill, in a quarrel over some
mesquite roots, Summers says , he
pushed Harbison outside with his shot
gun, and when Harbison attacked him
with an axe, shot him, tearing one side
of his face and head to pieces.
The members of the Roswell Com
mercial club are taking steps to make
an immediate and forcible protest against
the proposed abandonment by the United
States government of the Urton Lake ir
rigation scheme which it is planned to
develop under the provisions of the Ca
rey act. Expovernor M. A. Otero, presi
dent of the Urton Lake Land and "Water
company, was here recently conferring
with prominent citizens about the mat
ter. A number of coftonwood trees around
the old courthouse are being cut down
by order of the county commissioners
and bids are being called for by them
for the razing of the old buildings, all
to make room for the new $130,000
courthouse that is to be .built this
M. C. Harvey, junior member of the
banking firm of Otis & Hough, of Cleve
land, O., after spending a week here,
left for Pasadena, Cal. It was his firm
that financed the recent purchase of the
Milne-Bush ranch adjoining Roswell on
the north.
F. J. Brooks and T. 'F. Roberts, of
i Artesia, are endeavoring to make ar
rangements for a course meet races be
tween grayhounds at Roswell. A ken
nel of fine blooded grayhounds is owned
by citizens of Artesia and hounds from
Oklahoma will be brought here to com
pete if the race is arranged.
Territorial engineer Vernon L. Sul
livan, who spent one day in Roswell, af
ter inspecting the work done on the
Roswell-Carrizozo road, said the only
difficult problem was the Picacho hill
35- miles west of Roswell, but that it has
been put in good shape wrtk the surface
(macadamized, snaking it a permanent
Calls Tip on Douglas Liquor Men
Live Up to Promises Made In
Prohibition Campaign.
Douglas Ariz., Feb. 7. During the
recent campaign of the wets and the
drys for the retention pr abolition of
the open saloon in Douglas, father Ju-
I iius Gheldof, pastor of the Immaculate
Conception Catholic church of this city,
was Influential in getting the saloon
keepers to endorse a series of reforms
and curtailments in the liquor traffic,
as proposed and published by the wet
committee of the campaign. The wets
carried the city, and now father Gheldof
has issued an open letter calling upon
the saloon keepers to make good, and
urging the city council to consider the
promises at the next meeting.
Brass Bed
Pormer Manager and "Wife
Come to El Paso Mag-
dalena Personals.
Magdalena, N. M, Feb. 7. The firm
of J. P. Worrll has been sold to a new
stock company, incorporating under the
name of The Kelly Mercantile company.
For several years the J. P ."Worrell
general merchandise store was the only
store of its kind in the camp, It hav
ing been doing business there for about
15 years. L. R. Babcock has been the
active manager during the period of its
existence, while a large part of the
success has been due to his wife, Mrs.
Li. R. Babcock, who has had the imme
diate management of the store under
her supervision. The owner, J. P. "Wor
rell, is a resident of Terre Haute, Ind.,
and has used the mercantile business
only as an Investment.
The new company assumes manage
ment under the leadership of F. Li.
Hammond. Mr. Hammond contem
plates enlarging the store as soon as
possible; he contemplates enlarging the
stock until Kelly "will have one of the
largest and most complete general
merchandise stores in this section.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Babcock1, of Kelly,
came through Magdalena en route for
El Paso, where they will take a month's
vacation, after disposing of the gen
eral merchandise store in Kelly.
J. Frank Romero Is spending a week
in Albuquerque; looking after his sheep
M. Luna, of the "W. M. Borrowdale
Drug company, left for a few days visit
to home folks at San Antonio, N. M.
Donald Gordon has returned from an
extended trip to friends and relatives
in the east. -.
Mr. and Mrs. R. "W. Bull have re
turned from Colorado. Mr. Bull is the
superintendent of the Tribullion Mining
and Milling company, and it is re
ported that he purchased a new 45 horse 1
power automobile to replace his run
about. The sixteenmonthsold baby ot
Charles Gardiner, who lives on his
ranch near town, is sick.
"Wm. Kendall, sheriff of Sierra
county, was in Magdalena looking after
the interests of the sheriff's depart
ment. Mr. Kendall's home is in HIlls
boro. August Johnson, of Granada, Colo., Is
here buying horses.
Through the Plain Dealer of 'Cleve
land, O., it was learned that Ernest Al
len Clemmens is to be united in mar
riage with one of the most popular
young women of that city. Miss Ruth j
"Withington, during the early part of
March. Mr. Clemmens is one of the most
successful business men in Magdalena
and is probably the largest owner of
city property.
Fred H. Richards, proprietor and
manager of the Hotel Richards, of So
corro, was a recent visitor to Magda
lena. F. M. Miera left Tutsday for San An
tonio, where he .will visit for a while
with his mother and other relatives. Mr.
Miera is with the Becker-MacTavish Co.
Miss Fannie Adams, who has been vis
iting relatives and friends in Albuquer
que, has returned and resumed her
work as cashier of the Becker-Mactav-ish
John Gatlin was a passenger to So
corro to look after his cattle interests.
Mrs. Geo. H. Brown has been sick for
the past few days but Is improving.
J- P. "Worrell, of Terre Haute, Ind.,
Is spending the week at Kelly, where
he is transferring his stock of general
merchandise to the Kelly Mercantile Co.
Mrs. Harry Edwards is sick at her
home south of town.
E. L. Fortune and family have re
turned from a prolonged visit to So- '
corro .where they have been visiting
relatives and friends.
"William Gardiner, a prominent cat
tleman ,is in the city from his ranch
north of town, looking after business I
George O. Owsley, a cattleman from
Burley, N. M., is In the city this week,
work as cashier of the Becker-Mactav-fering
from a severe attack of grip but
is improving.
Mrs. Joe "Winchester has been suffer
ing from a severe attack of grip but is
Langtry. Tex., Feb. 7. Miss Era
Thomas of Pumpville was a visitor in
Langtry recently. Miss Thomas is
teaching the Pumnville public school.
Miss Kate Clark, who is visiting her
sister at Osman, accompanied by her
sister Mrs. L. J. Williams, was here
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Billings have re
turned to their ranch home near Lang
try. Mrs. Lucy Babb is visiting her sls
der in Alpine, Tex.
You'll be surprised at the results you
will get from a small want, rent or
for sale ad in The Herald. Will not
cost more than 25c to 50c. Phone Bell
115, Auto 1115 and tell the girl.
Kidney Troubles Attack EI Paso Mea
and Women, Old and Yonny.
Kidney ills seize young and old.
Come quickly with little warning.
Children suffer in their early years
Can't control the kidney secretions.
Girls are languid, nervous, suffer
Women worry, can't do daily work.
Men have lame and aching backs.
The cure for man, woman or child
Is to cure the cause the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills cure sick kid
neys. Cure all forms of kidney suffering.
El Paso testimony proves it.
Mrs. T. A. Jones, 1126 Texas street,
El Paso, Texas, says: "Reading ac
counts in the local papers of people
who had used Doan's Kidney Pills with
great benefit, Induced me to procure a
box at Kelly & Pollard's drug store
for a member of our household who
was troubled by disordered kidneys.
The complaint came on after an at
tack of scarlet fever. The person re
ferred to complained a great deal of
backache and a weakness of the kid
neys. Doan's Kidney Pills proved very
satisfactory and the use of one box
Drought great relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-MIlburn Co., Buffalo
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. ,
Eanges Well Supplied With
Water Stock in Pine
Marfa, Tex., Feb. 7. Two inches of
snow fell here Sunday morning and
melted before noon. Stockmen report
an ample supply of water on the
ranges, and indications are that grass
will be plentiful this spring. Cattle
are in much better condition than they
were at this time last year, and very
few are being shipped. Farmers in
the lower portion of the counts' are
jubilant over the prospects for good
Mrs. Tom Crosson and sister, Miss
Minnie Campbell, are visiting in El
Mrs. R, A. Kyle is in El Paso.
Lacy Duncan has returned to Las
Cruces, N. M.
D. D. Kilpatrick was in Marfa from
the river country recently and reported
fine wheat crops and general prosper
ity in that section.
Mrs. "Willie Ballard left for Ft. "Worth
this morning in response to a message
from her husband, who is seriously 111.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Potts are newcom
ers to Marfa. Mr. Potts relieved N.
Lucero, night shift operator at G. H.
& S. A. depot, who is now in the
postal service at El Paso.
Passenger conductor Antrim Jenkins,
of the Milwaukee road, is here from
Sioux City, Iowa, on a month's vaca
tion visiting his sister, Mrs. A. O. Hub
bard. Conductor Stockwell, of El Paso, J
spent Sunday here and will go to Fort
Davis today on business.
Mrs. V. Hogan recently entertained
the Forty-Nine club, Mrs. A. O. Hub
bard, president. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. "W. "W. Bogel, Mr. and
Mrs. H. M Fennell, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Porter, Mr.
and Mrs. G. C. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Kilpatrick, Mrs. George Crosson
and Mrs. A. O. Hubbard. Misses "Winnie
May Hagan and Kitty Porter served re
freshments. P. C. "Williams, of the Marfa Realty
and Investment Co. left- for San Antonio
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs
Paso recently.
Richmond tvere in El
Mrs. M R. Mahon entertained -the
pupils of the Baptist Sunday school
at her home lately.
I. J. Pierce, of Hamlin, Tex., was a
visitor to Marfa recently.
Mrs. M R. Mahon left today for Aus
tin to visit her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Chllders are mov
ing into their new home re'centlyerected
by G. C. Robinson
A. B. Main, of Delaware, Ohio, is
here looking af ter his business Inter
ests. Miss Lorena Shannon has returned
from a visit to Shafter.
Miss Genevieve Bogel entertained a
number of her friends recently at high
five. Those present were: Misses Kll
gore, Shannon, Greenwood, Bogel,
Brown, Nurolls and Cline; Messrs.
"Ward, Claunch, Baldwin, CUne. Kar
stendick, Bcgel, Barnes. J. Claunch and
Mr. anl Mrs. Dick. Mr. Cracken and
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Hubbard.
Manx Home.seekers Are Settling In the
Dayton District Personals and
Vicinity New.
Dayton, N. M., Feb. 7. E.y E. Gillett
has just completed an underflow well, 68
feet deep with 40 feet of water standing
in the casing, on the Garrett ranch, one
and a half miles east of town.
Steve Waif'es, of Pecos, passed several
days in Dayton, the guest of his niece,
Mrs. M. B. "Culpepper.
W. H. Thomas, of Clearwater, Kans.,
has purchased 13 acres of land lying just
north of town, from R. M. Gardner. Mr.
Thomas will move his family here in a
few weeks.
George Frisk, county artesian well
inspector, was in Dayton lately.
X. W. Morgan, pastor of the Christian
church, is building a small residence
on the south fide of town. t
Mrs. F. A. Berry entertained the
Pioneer club, at her home recently.
Mrs. G. Pinnell and two children of
Erick, Okla., are visiting with her par
ents, Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Heck.
Mrs. P. C. Hann and two children,
of North Dakota, are the guests of Mrs.
F. W. Jorns.
Mrs.- Edwin Chase and two children, of
Deming. N. M., have returned to their,
home after a short visit with Capt. and
Mrs. J. M. Chase.
I. A. Morgan left recently for a visit
at his old home in Nebraska.
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Etter, of Waynes
boro. Pa., hare come to Dayton to make
their home. Mr. Etter is a nephew oof
Mrs. J. M. Chase, of the Pioneer store.
J. F. Woodruff, of Roswell, brought
an auto party of three into Dayton. W.
F. Griffin, of New York city; J. F Hor
ner, of Washington, D. C, and Quine
Cummins, of Roswell were the other
members of the party.
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 7. Word has been
received that N. Gorman, a well known
mining man of Cochise county, Ariz
connected with the Middle March Cop
per company, died at the hospital of
Pasadena, California, after an opera
tion of removing a -tumor near his
brain was performed on him.
Gus Swanson, a miner at the Oliver
shaft, was injured by the fall of a rock
while working. '
C. T. Connel, inspector of immigra
tion, is in Bisbee. He is connected with
some cases of "white slave" traffic
A large map of Cochise county cor
rect In every detail. Isvbeing drawn by
county surveyor McNeis. Every ranch
road, hill, river and mountain will be lo
cated. Such a map has long been
needed, as thosr previously drawn were
not very accurate.
After a hard contest the high school
girls of Tucson won the basket ball
game played by them with the high
school girls of this city at the Y M
Tularosa. N. M.. Feb. 7. Denton Sims
and Miss Elsie Carroll, of Mescalero at
tended the dance here Saturday night
Mrs. Phillips, of Mescalero. has gone
to El Paso where she will undergo an
Mrs. Neff has returned to Mescalero
from El Paso, Texas.
Dan Shoemaker was down from Mes
calero recently.
M. O. Stacks is laid up with a severe
George Hyde 'is moving' his family to
the place he just purchased from w r.
Tipton. .
Teamster Is Shot During a
Brawl at Nogales, So-"
nora Nbgales Notes.
Nogales, Ariz., Feb. 1. The 2 year
old chilid of Mr. and Mrs. "W. H. Smith
was dangerously burned by having
clothing Ignited from a wash fire.
Antonio RIvero, ateamster In No
gales, Sonora, was shot in the abdo
men and seriously injured. Drinking
and a quarrel led to the shooting. A
man named Heredla is accused of hav
ing shot RIvero.
Herr M. Sevillo and wife, of Berlin,
Germany, are registered at the National
The Sonora News company has pur
chased and installed a fireproof safe
In its store here.
At the meeting of the stockholders
k of the Nogales Building and Loan as
sociation the rtiring directors, Eb. "Wil
liams, H. M. Claggett and Bracey Cur
tis were elected to succeed themselves.
Monsieur L. Horvilleur, having con
cluded the investigation of the affairs
of his chain of mercantile establish
ments in Sonora, has left for his home
in Paris, France.
The home of A. M. Conard, on West'
street, has been completed.
Chas. Kerr, of Lexington, Ky., was
a recent visitor to Nogales- en route
to his home from points in Sonora.
"W. "W. Bailey, United States customs
officer at this place, and Mrs. May
Gustetter, also of Nogales, were mar
ried by probate judge Cooper at Tuc
son, and will reside at ArivacI, where
the groom Is at present stationed.
J. F. Mclntyre has returned from a
visit to his home in London, Canada.
Extensive improvements and addi
tions have been begun -on the Cath
olic churchiere. These will be about
25 feet extension on the rear, a ca
pacious new dome, a new front and an
entire new roofing and ceiling of metal.
J3. F. Saxon Heads Q,nay County Or
ganization cm Notei and Tn
cumcarl Pergonals.
Tucumcarl, N. M., Feb. 7. Tucum
carl's attorneys, 19 in all, met Saturday
afternoon in the office of Holloniau &.
McElroy and organized the Quay Coun
ty Bar association. A number of new at
torneys located here during the past
year and the need of such an organiza
tion has been keenly felt for some time.
Judge E. F. Saxon was elected president
of the association;" Harry H. McElroy,
vice president; Walter W. "Mayes, secre
tary and treasurer. The associates will
aneet again Tuesday afternoon to make
further plans of its work.
Messrs Marr & Finley have leased
the Glenrock cafe which was vacated a
short time ago by H- W. Lamben. and
j will open a first class restaurant in a
iew aays.
Mrs. James Conwell and ilttie son.
George, have returned from Oneida,
Kans., where they have been visiting
Mrs. Conwell's parents.
H. M. Bandon, of Obar, is here on
business at Ihe land office. He has just
returned from a visir to Hot Springs,
Ark., where he has been for his health. I
Mrs. J. B. McLeod, of Jackson, Tenn ,
i3 here visiting her sister, Mrs. C. M.
Stan f II.
C. T. Adair has returned from Tex
arkana, Tex., where he has been for the
past two months.
Harry Leonard, of Denver, Colo., spe-
J cial agent for the Hartford Insurance
company was here Saturday calling on
the local agency.
L. P. Upton, a ranchman, residing near
Solona was here Saturday transacting
business. ,
Mrs. Clarence Parsons Entertains Fire
In Ronndliouse Is Soon Extin
guished Tucnnicari Personal.
Tucumcarl. N. M., Feb. 7. At the an
nual election of officers for the Tu
cumcarl Library association. Dr. H. D.
Nichols was elected president; C. H.
HIttson vice president; Mrs. James E.
Whitmore, secretary, and Wade H. Bry
mer. treasurer. Mrs. J. C. Elkins was
elected librarian. The librarian re
ported a large number of books donated
during the past month, and the names
of 15 new members were added.
Walter W. Mayes will leave in a few
days for an extended business trip in
central Texas.
Mrs. Clarence Parsons was hostess at
a whist party. Mrs. Edwin Cadj- made
the highest score. A three course lunch
eon was served. Miss Pauline Thomp
son, of Lexington, Ky., was the guest
of honor.
County superintendent ( of schools C.
S. Cramer made a trip to Montoya and
Nara Visa to visit schools.
A. E. Lindsay, of El Paso, owner of
Tucumcarl pnoperty, was here looking I
after his interests.
Fire broke out In the E. P. & S. W.
roundhouse but by rapid work of em
ployes, it "was quickly extinguished, do
ing but little damage.
Mrs. Nora Flanagan has announced
the marriage of her daughter, Ruth Re
getta, to Matthew Francis McNamee, on
Tuesday, February S, at 9 a. m., at the
Catholic church.
Irrigation Ditch Breaks and Several
Houses Are Flooded News From
the Lower Valley.
Ysleta Tex., Feb. 7. Farmers are busy
plowing and irrigating their lands
getting them ready for spring planting.
Many citizens are In and there is a
general air of thrift and prosperity.
,One of the ditches running through
Ysleta broke recently and water ran
into several houses.
J. Milton Clark has returned from a
business trip to Alexandria, La. ,
Misses Florence Hughes, Carrie Cole
man and Mrs. A. L. PQterman were in
El Paso recently. V
Capt. A. J. Galley, J. M. Clark and
W. D. Lansden are in El Paso.
M. A. Weinberg, of The El Paso Her
ald was down the valley recently and
did a fine business In the way of new
B. A. Odon has gone to Lanier's ranch
to oversee the repairs on the pumps.
Miss Martha Albinos Is the guest of
Miss Hughes at falley Inn.
Measels has broken out In the school
here. However, it is in a mild form and
there has been no serious Illness.
A part of Capt. Ross's company of
rangers went to Fort Hancock Sunday.
A Perfect Breakfast Food
No lack of building up elements in this food. It will be relisbed
and enjoyed. The best food for growing children. Not a single
element contained in the blood of the human body, but i3 found in
this food. 98 of it is digestible and a source of energy; often better
than meat; certainly more delicious and economical. Quickly and
conveniently prepared. Every child will like it Ask your Grocer.
Hurt in Runaway Texas
Mormon Missionaries Re
leased Indians Steal
Colonia Dublan, Mexico, Fez. 7. F.
G. Wall, of Colonia Juarez, met with
quite a serious accident in Nueva Casas
Grandes. His team ran away and
hurled him to the" ground, cutting an
ugly gash in his head. He was picked
up and carried to a roorning housej
where the doctor dressed his wounds.
Mrs. Wall is with him and will care
for him in ueva Casas until he is able
to be taken to his home.
Sam Brown, of Chuichupa. is in El
Paso on business. He and BrighamJ
Stoivell, of Colonia Juarez, are contract
ing to buy all the yearling stters they
can get for $17 Mexican money, each.
The calves are not to be delivered until
next April. Mr. Brown says some of
the Chuichupa cattle were driven off
by indians a short time ago.
Timothy Jones, who has been doing
missionary work in Texas for the last
two years, has been released and his
wife went to El Paso to meet him. For
the last few months he has been la
boringat Kelsey, where there is a small
colony of Mormors. Elder B. F. Le
Baron has been released also. He, too,
has been laboring in Texas, but he has
gone to Mesa. Arizona, because his "wife
was there and they have a very sick
baby. It is expected that he and his
wife will return home as soon as the
baby can be moved.
Mrs. Nancy Durffee has been quite
sick for some time. She seems to have
The Dublan Relief society is prepar
ing to give an entertainment oa tnt
Elders Ivins, Bentley. and Wilson, of
Colonia Juarez, spent the day here Sat
urday. Professor Wilson spent his time
visiting the schools, while Messrs.
Ivins and Bentley attended a board
meeting of the Union Mercantile.
Next Friday evening the Mutual Im
provement association will give a vaI-
entine party.
The dance tendered the eignth grade
last evening for their good punctuality
and attendance was a pronounced suc
cess. Four boys went out to the lake look
ing after their stock, and .while there,
amused themselves by sailing In a
boat. One of the boys accidentally fell
into the lake, then partly in fun and
partly to help himself out of the water,
he grabbed the side of the boat, cap
sizing it and throwing the other three
Into the lake. All were drenched and
in that condition they had to ride home,
about six miles, In a stiff east wind. Be-
iore. tney reached home the ardor for
mischief had been materially cooled off.
New Officers Are Elected by the Board
of Trade Business Block Is
Completed and Occupied.
Willcox, Ariz., Feb. 7. A lodge of
Odd Fellows is to be organized at
Willcox and a large number have
agreed to become charter members.
About 100 Odd Fellows are among the
new settlers In this vicinity.
The Willcox Board of Trade has
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year.
President, J. W. Angle; vice presi
dent, H. A. Morgan; secretary. J. P.
Cummings; treasurer, A. A. Nicholson.
F. Young and family, with a carload
of stock and household effects, have
arrived, from King City, Cal.
A baby girl was born recently to Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Duffy. ANbaby boy
was born to Rev. and Mrs.Hunt.
The Page block has been completed
and is now occupied.
Mrs. A. Morales, a pioneer resident of
Willcox, died recently of cancer. In
terment was made here.
Douglas, Ariz., Feb. 7. A san
atorium is to be erected at Can
anea for the treatment of gen
4. I
eral diseases. No tubercular pa-
tients "will be received into the 4. 1
l-H,iHnn Kilt- T,-lfl,ln . ll,, i
institution, but within its walls
will be manufactured a prepara- 4-
tlon for the treatment of tuber-
cular patients. The serum will 4.
be administered at the homes of A
those afflicted. The sanitorium 4
company is headed by Dr. Den- 4.,
nis, of Philadelphia. 4.
4.4.44' 4 4
Fully nine out of every ten cases of
rheumatism is simply rheumatism of
the muscles due to cold or damp, or
chronic rheumatism, neither of which
require any internal treatment. All
that is needed to afford relief is the
ree application of Chamberlain's Lini
ment, uive it a trial, iou are certain
to bo pleased with the quick relief
which it affords. Sold by all druggists
Company Incorporated for
This Purpose Sacra
mento Irrigation Co.
. - , Elects.
' Santa Fe, N. M.. Feb. 7. Incorporation
papers were filed by the Alamogordo
Gas company, of Alamogordo, capltrxl
Izprf at sinn nnn tiz ;nnnnnMn. .
directors are: Walter Harpster, F; A.
ivuehen, E. K. Zimmerman and George
Palda, of Cleveland, Ohio, and A. F.
Menger, of Alamogordo, the last named
being named New Mexico agent.
The Sacramento "Valley Irrigation
company, a million dollar enterprise,
held Its annual meeting in Sana. Fe
and elected the following directors: J.
P. Wagner of Santa Fe; Dr. W. L. Bul
Hs, of Allerton, Iowa; A. G. Widmer, of
Centerville. Iowa; A. C. Palmer, of Sa
betha, Kansas; F. D. Pelltier, Joseph
E. Campbell, of Kansas City, Mo.; and
A. J. Johnson, of Wahoo, Nebraska. The
directors elected John P. Wagner presi
dent; W. L. Bullis, vice president; A.
G. Widmer, secretary, and F. D. Pelle
tier, treasurer.
Town to Hare Irrigation,
"Water Works, Light and
Sewer Systems.
Portales, N. M., Feb. 7. With work;
starting at once on irrigation -nrtoT-
works, electric light and sewer 'systems,
there Is certainly something doing in
Work has commenced on the founda
tion for the power house for the Por
tales water, light and sewer plant, and
judge Reese and Mr. Molinari left re
cently for Chicago to close the transac
tion in the irrigation project. Mr. Rit
tenhouse, president of the Western Con
struction company, has gone to Roswell,
where a projecr. similar to the Portales
one is under consideration..
The Hardy wareroom is tve-oon vert
ed Into an armory and public entertain
ment hall. A military company, as the
Portales zouaves, has been formed, un
der the direction of Rev. George W.
M. C. Vaughan, brought in 16 men,
prospective buyers of land, in the vi
cinity of Virginia City, recently.
Coe and Bascom Howard conducted aa
automobile party of 10 across country
to the mountains recently. They crossed
the Pecos at Johnson ranch and then
through the Gramma valley and upthe
Roswell-Torrance automobile line.
Mrs. W. I. Linkert entertained, recent
ly at "42."
Miss Alberta Shay and W. Frank
Shaw, of the Macy neighborhood, -wota
married at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Linkart. Miss Shay was one of the most
popular teachers in the district, and Mr.
Shaw a successful farmer.
Canaaea Braach Only Rhhs Freiickt
Train Every Other Day Grecm
Company Farming: Extensively.
Xaco. Ariz., Feb. 7. A party of hunt
ers consisting ot the following well
known Bisbee andLowell sportsmen. W.
H. Brophy, M. J.' Cunningham. Blonde
Davidson, spent several hour? in So
nora. Mexico, hunting quail, the season,
being closed in Cochise county. How
ever, - Davidson states that they killed
very little but time. The birds are very
wild on account of being hunted so
much of late and an automobile Is not
a good pointer though it has some of
the qualities of a retriever as to flush
ing. The S. P. of Mexico, formerly the a.
Y. R. & p. railroad, has annulled one
freight train a day and now the time
card calls for one every other day.
James Dodsop. probably one of the
oldest and. best known- prospectors of
the southwest. Is visiting Naco. Jim,
as he Is familiarly known to evervone
is at present located at Del Rio So
nora, Mexico, and has a good contmot
with the Green Cattle company, being in
charge of its farms, which have been
and are now raising most of the feed
for the cattle for the market. He states
the outlook is favorable for a much
j larger crop than ever before, as the
company is planting and cultivatinn-
1 , A. . wuilUttUllj,
a larger scale this year.
Solomonville, Ariz., Feb. 7. -In a
building used only as a wareroom, fira
was discovered, but it was extin
guished before much damage was done
Chas. W. Parks has returned from a
business trip to Globe.
A number of ranchmen are very
busy loading hay at the station.
Appropriate exercises were held In
the schools for "Arbor Day."
Torreon. Mox..- Feb. 7. Word has
just been received here from Durango
announcing the death of Mrs A
Gregory wife of the proprietor of the
Hotel Richelieu and one of the bes
known and most popular American
women of Mexico.

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