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Wednesday, Feb. 9. 1910.
Famous French Actor in Recent Flood)
t ,
in n
We never neglect our patrons on this occasion.
We have made ample preparations in advance, and
offer the most complete line of Lenten goods ever
displayed in El Paso
Kew Norway Mackerel, 10c, 15c, 20c, 40c
Smoked White Fish, per lb. Oc
Yarmouth Bloaters, per can 35c
Smoked Sturgen, per lb. 60c
Smoked Salmon, per lb. 40c
Herring in Tomato Sauce 25c
Boneless Codfish, per lb; 20e
Pickled Salmon, per lb. 25c
Uansan Smoked Sardines 15c
Imported Boneless Sardines 40c
Boneless Herring in jars 15c
Ferndell Crab Meat, cans 50c
Ferndell Lobsters, cans 40c
Asparagus is a dainty dish, highly
nice change in your vegetable diet.
r&nty brand this week, 40c cans,
Phone 151. 210-212
We do not supply this famous
dealer. You can only be sure
genuine and fresh by buying it
Feb. 1, 1910.
El Paso and vicinity: Tonight, fair;
Friday, fair and colder.
New Mexico: Fair tonight and Friday.
"West Texas: Tonight, fair; colder in
the panhandle; Friday, fair; colder.
"Weaffeer OoHdttlon
During -the last 24 hours the low cen-
25 Cents a Pound
Peanut Bar
15 Cents a Pound
206 N. Oregon St Phone 347
Spring Shirts
E. & W.
$2.00 to $3,50
$1.50 and $2.
$1.25 to $2.
Cor. Mesa and
enjoyed 'by many and will make a
We offer our War- d ff
3 for. f P JL V J
Texas St. Auto 1151.
Grocery Co,
brand of oura to any other
of receiving "SEAL BRAND"
at their store.
& SANBORN, Chicago.
ter of yesterday moved northeastward
to New iSngland, causing- precipitation in
the lake region and Ohio valley, and
along the Atlantic and east gulf coast.
Yesterday's extensive high pressure
has drifted eastward and now covers the
country tram the Gulf of Mexico north
ward to Canada.
An area of high pressure in the north
west extends 'southeastward to Wyom
ing. uhe barometric trough reaches from
North Dakota southward to the Kic
Outride of the precipitation already
mentioned fair ireutnei na p:..i..t:
except in northern Utah, Nevada, north
ern California, Oregon and Washington.
Continued fair weather is indicated
for this locality tonight and Friday,
with slightly cooler Friday.
TemierHiXiirc anil Rain.
(Observations taken ai 6 a. m.)
illn. Max. Rain
Abilene ...-38 48 0
Amarillo .- .... 3Q 46 0
Buffalo- .....; -14 34 .3b
Chicago ......... .v..-.. 16 3S T
Del Rio 46 G2 0
Denver .... 18 42 0
Detroit 20 32 .02
El Paso .... .. .. 35 56 0
Flagstaff ...10 38 0
Galveston 46 58 0
-New Orleans 16 38 .48
Kansas City 24 38 0
Los Angeles 46 64 0
Oklahoma 30 42 0
Phoenix ..."... 34 64 0
Roswell ..... 26 50 0
St. Louis 20 32 0
Salt Lake 26 38 .06
San Francisco 46 54 .14
Santa Fe . . 16 34 0
Washington 34 40 .14
Yuma ..42 74 0
R. M. Shaver, temporarily in charge.
IPs the Vital Question
I ' fqTTiriMT i . .ii ! i. iii .... . iiiii.iiIiiiimiiiiji i fc
I "i-'.'.i'""-" -" i 1 ii i nvi iii
llll I I .. -. w j.,'t r". "" '"' '. " "ij(;.-a,7'''' 'i ii ii iir ,i i in T it
Ijlll t i i I -Mj,,).yJMTfTWMMIMMMpMiMM.,j-jMfcCgOPWi
The receipts derived from the first regular performance of "Chanticleer. Edmond Rostand's new play, which
-was given in the Porte street Martin theater, Paris, amounted to $15,000. This sum has been donated to the fund for
the Paris food sufferers. M. Coquillin Is the star. He is shown avobe in the boat.
Kirn Jin n ml MH
fUiSLIiiurUsd Mil i LL. II U 1 yUll IllLUI
Agreement Beached Wdok
Officials of Railroad and
Unions Say Is Satisfac
tory. It is all settled. There will be no -walkout
of American employes of the Na
xional railways of Mexico. It has been
hanging fire for many -weeks, and yes
terday a settlement wasmiade in the City
of Mexico.
Both employers and employes declare
that a mutually satisfactory agreement
has been made, and as far as the public
is concerned the matter is ended.
To End Bitter Feeling.
Agitation based on the alleged dis
crimination between Mexican and Amer
ican employes of the National railways
has resulted in much bitter feeling, But
that, too, may be eliminated. Even be
fore the settlement a feeling of frater
nity was felt between American and
Mexican trainmen. It was said by anany
that not a few Mexican freight conduc
tors would bear out their American fel
lows if it came to a "show down."
Only in a general Tvaj' is the. agree
ment made public. The president of the
railway and the chairman of the com
mittee of conductors and engineers sign
ed the agreement Wednesday afternoon.
President's. Statement.
Here is -what E. N. Brown, president
of the company, has to say:
"A satisfactory adjustment has been,
reached between the company and the
committee of the engineers and con
ductors, the settlement beiug in lino
with tile policy set forth in the reso
lution of the board of directors, which
was published some time ago. The set
tlement is considered mutually sausiac
tory." Theodore Curtiss, of the Order of
Railroad conductors, has issued an
equa'ly brief statement. It is:
"A satisfactory settlement of the dif
ferences between the conductors and en
gineers and the management of the Na
tional railways of Mexico was effected
at a meeting -with president Brown yes
terday, and the agreement was signed
yesterday afternoon. The, committee
representing the engineers and conduc
tors has received satisfactory assurance
that the policy of the board of directors
will be carried out by the subordinate
Differences Cease.
"Wnen the agreement was signed all
differences between the imeu and the rail
road management ceased," said vice
grand chief Corrigan of the Brother
hood of Locomotive engineers, in dis
cussing the settlement.
"There are a few smaller matters to
be adjusted, but the main questions are
settled. We cannot give out the terms
of agreement."
Basis of Agreement.
It is granted that the agreement was
based on resolutions adopted by the rail
road board In January, as follows:
"That instructions be given to the
executive president of the company to
the effect that by means of circular,
bulletin or otherwise, as he may see fit.
he may advise Mexican and foreign em
ployes in the service of the company,
that, with a view of putting a
stop to any misunderstanding or er
roneous interpretation of the attitude of
the board of directors, this board sets
forth that its policy has been and will
continue to be,-that the most equitable
a"nd complete impartiality insofar as the
relation between the company and its
employes, be observed..
"That it does not propose to discon
tinue cmploj'ing foreign citizens and
much less to exclude these already serv
ing, by reason of their nationality, but
to give the Mexican citizens, for rea
sons which are obvious and publicly
known, a chance and opportunity to be
promoted to responsible positions in the
service of the railways, always when
this may be coupled with an efficient
and safe operation of the company's
"That in order to carry this into ef
fect, the instructions of the board of
directors have been and will continue
to be that "whenever a vacancy occurs it
will in all preference be filled with Mex
ican employes when they have both the
competency and qualifications required
therefor, and for this purpose the com
pany has appointed competent and im
partial committees which will continue.
to act in ordei- to examine candidates..;
or applicants tt the positions of en
gineers and conductors and one of the j
ticials from the engineers and conduc
tors in service."
Xot in the Hereafter, But
Eight Now Where Will
They Get Offices'?
Three poor, lonely derenceless ticket
offices without any homes! Sad, isn'J
it? But it will soon be true.
All of a sudden property owners
about the plaza have been smitten with
1 the remodeling fever. And the poor,
ticket offices are going to suffer
goodness, gracious me!
They have tried to get together and
form a ticket office union, but union
blood doesn't seem to flow in ticket
agents' veins. It looks very much like
"shift for yourself, Mac," ,and "paddle
your own canoe, William."
When they start doing things to the
Sheldon hotel front both the E. P. & S.
W. and the Texas & Pacific ticket
shops will have to hie away somewhere.
j And that remodeling of the Mills build
ing -will oust the Santa Fe ticket dis
pensary. But where, or where, will
they go?
It will never do to ask ticket buyers
to climb stairs, it is averred. So the
office building is out of .the question.
And then after the buildings are re
modeled, higher rents are sure to fol
low, and will Gen. Manager stand for
that? Well, if he does, that doesn't
help things now.
For many days the Santa Fe, T. & P.,
and E. P. & S. W. ticket folk have been
J holding self-condolence meetings. It
has been suggested that all city offices
be collected in one bunch and housed
in the ground floor of some central
block. But nothing has resulted so
And all the while the G. H. & S. A.
and the Southern Pacific joint offices
or rather the passenger folk contained
are smiling at the down town tur
moil. The G. H. people are in a cozy
aittle col: up by the St. Regis hotel and
they alone don't have to move.
Pipe Blows Out of Engine
Boiler; Fireman Fatally
Childress, Tex., Feb. 10. Engineer
Jack Nash and fireman Bob Ferguson,
'bothtof Ft. Worth, were seriously in
jured this morning by an explosion on
a Denver railroad passenger engine
near this city. The train was running
25 miles an hour when a blower pipe
was blown out of the boiler, and the
full force of steam and water struck
Nash, knocking him from the cab.
His hands, face, head and neck were
badly burned and he may die.
.Ferguson escaped the blow out but
was compeled to pass through a cloud
of steam to crawl through a window
from whence he jumped to the ground.
Ferguson shut the throttle before leap
ing! The passengers saw both men hit the
ground, after which the train stopped
and they rushed back to their aid. A
freight pulled the train-to Childress.
Both men were taken to a hospital.
Nash is a wealthy real estate owner.
A new departure in passenger rates
will become effective March 1 when the
G. H. & S. A. will place on sale all year
tourist rates from El Paso to eastern
points. The tickets will be good for
nine months -with regular stop over al
lowances. The rates may be taken to
French Lick Springs, Ind., Battle Creek,
Mich., Ashyllle, N. C, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Washington,,. D. C, and to New York
City, either by New Orleans and boat,
or over all rail route. ,
An E. P. & S. W. passenger engine, J
hurr3'ing to pull No. 38 out this morn- j
ing, ran amuck on the .system yard j
unK. JLt was oniy a aeraument ana me
passenger departed after a short delay.
Advocates Withdrawing of
Credit by Credit Men's
A plea for cooperation between El
Paso railroad employe organizations,
and incidentally a wallop at t.e move
ment for garnishment in the s .ate. was,
made by C. F. Goodrldge, chairman of
the joint labor legislative board at Aus
tin, before an open meeting Wednesday
afternoon oj the local Order of Rail
way Conductors. Mr. Goodridge, who
represents the O. R. C. on the joint rail
road board at the state capital, made a
strong and pernaps effective plea, for
the organization of a joint board ic
take up local affairs in El Paso.
TJrces Affiliation.
Addressing his hearers as 'you boys,"
the veteran railroader said:
"There is no reason why El Paso
should not have a duplicate organiza
tion to the state board. The labor board
at Austin has surprised all in its re
sults. It takes votes to get legisla
tion, and that takes strength at home,
not alone at the capital.
Touching on the alleged alliance with
the farmers' union, and declaring it to
be groundless of truth, he continued:
"The employers have not been harmed.
But safety appliances, on railroads as
the child labor legislation, has been
accomplished by the unions, but against
the bitter opposition of the employes.
Now the officials point with pride to
the appliances on equipment and say,
'we could not get along without that."
"Organize at home, right "here in this
city, and you can get anything you wane
that is fair and honest. But there is
a danger in power, and you can not be
too careful of whom you select to lead.
The straight honest way is the only
way. Do not hesitate to affiliate with
some other union because is weaker
than yours, or because there is some
dishonest man in it. By affiliation you
can help the honest men throw out the
dishonest men. There are- dishonest
men in every class on earth, but there
are not so many after all.
Opposes Garnishment.
. "The Retail Credit association is ad
vocating the garnishment law in Texas,
although it is against the constitution
of the state. They have a man at Aus
tin to push the measure. I don't be
lieve they will get it through but do
nqt let them. We don't believe in the
dead beat, but we believe that more
good men would suffer than dead beats.
"They make the credit system them
selves. Let them reform by abolishing
credit, their own creation. It may be
This Will interest Moihera
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Children, a Certain relief for Feverish
ness. Headache. Bnrf Stnmi. rr.v.
Disorders, move and regulate the Bow-
eis ana destroy orms. Thev break up
Colds in 24 hours. They are so pleasant
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dren like them." Over 10.000 testimonials
ui. cures, xney never fail. Sold by ail
Druggists, 25c. Ask today. Don accent
any substitute.
Who is there that has ever had
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rive anything they possessed to be
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Remedy is ?1 per bottle. Your local
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you a bottle by express, charges pree
paid. Imperial Medicine Co., HoustonT
Extra S
Silks Worth 75c for 39c Yd.
Kajah Silks, "La Tossa" Silks, Taffeta Silks, Fancy
Silks, Bengaline and Faille Silks. In short, all sorts
of Silks, worth to 75e a yard Ar,e special tomorrow
(On Sale in
(No Telephone
Basement Specials
For Friday
15c Ginghams 9c
Dress Ginghams jn the new
est spring designs, all stand
ard brands. Worth to 15c a
yd.; special tomorrow at 9c.
Friday Is Remnant Day.
25 per cent off on JRemnants.
25c Oilcloth 18c
Colored Table Oilcloth, many
good patterns to select from
Regular price is 25c a yard;
special tomorrow, 18c.
All this week we have an
exhibit of
Armour's Extract of Beef
and the lady in charge will take pleasure in
teaching you how to use this article in a hundred
ways that will save time and trouble. "We do
not sell ihe Extract.
Ask about MALTED CLAMS broth as a first
applied to them, what we have been ac-
j cused of too much fraternalism."
"I agree with what Mr. Goodridge has-
j said," declared Henry M. Walker, editor
of the El Paso Labor Advocate. "And I
will go farther and say that In my be
lief the garnishment movement is
backed by employers, who offer their
support to the movement in return for
something else they want- As for the
central labor body, we are with you,
and I Invite you to our meetings that
) the closest and most beneficial cooper-
I 5lT TQV TOCltlt"
Mr. Goodridge is making a tour of
Texas cities in the cause of the rail
road organizations. He is editor of the
Texas Railway Journal, and a former
member of the Palestine O. R. C. di
Assistant superintendent Hoover, of
the G. H. & S. A., has returned from
inspection of the ballasting operations
on that line. He says the work is
progressing rapidly without any delays.
I. U. Morris, superintendent of the
eastern division of the E. P. & S. W., at
Tucumcari, is in the city on business.
E. P. Turner, general passengeragent
for the Texas & Pacific at Dallas, ar
rived today.
C. A. Melin, district passengeiu.agent
of the Nickel Plate at Denver, isln
the city.
Assistant superintendent Gardner of,
the Pullman company is off again, this
time bound for Chihuahua.
Peter Kuntz, the Dayton (lumberman,
will arrive in El Paso In his car,
"Commonwealth" sometime today.
Ask 0 odor about Ayer's Chary Pec
mm for ihracl and lam Imables. Doctors
hcae prescribed ilfor70years. j;g.aSil
Oval Frames
fl For Sepia Photos, and Mouldings
jj suitable for most any picture.
Our stock Saddles, Harness, Eifles, Shotguns, Am
munition and Sporting G-oods are all "Al." Call
and examine same, or write us. Mail- orders given
prompt attention.
301-303 EL PASO ST.
Friday Only
a Yard
Silk Section.
Orders Accepted.)
15e Whisk Brooms, 10c.
Armour's "Hazel Cream" oc
Toilet Soap, 3c a cake.
"Sanitol" Tooth Powder, a
25c value, for 15c.
Riekscekor's Cold Cream,
the 50c size, at 35c
Bradley's Woodlland Violet
Ammonia, the 25c size, for
Sunday night, February 13 at tjie El
PasO theater. Dr. Sawyer, the noted me
dium, will give a seance for the purpose
of demonstrating spirit power in the
light. The following are among the
many demonstrations given: Sawyer's
open light seance, given by him before
the leading societies of England, Aus
tria and Tance, and will be submitted
to the most crucial test conditions. A
table rises and floats in the air, flowers
are brought to the audience by invisible
hands, questions written and retained
by the interrogators will receive full
and" intelligent answers.
Dr. Sawyer is the only mari in
the world who has .the endorsement of
the Royal Society of London, they hav
ing for three months tested him in
every conceivable manner that human
ingenuity could suggest, and at the fin
ish of these Investigations presented
him with a parchment, certifying that
the manifestations given in their pres
ence weelaeyond human aid.
The Sunset Limited, G. H. & S. A.
train No- 9r will syxive in three sections
Friday morning. Heavy travel caused
the first addition,- and a train load of
Raymond-Whitcomb sightseers, bound
for California, will bring up the rear.
The Herald has arranged to take
want a.ds by phone. Call Bell 115.
Auto 1115 up to 2 oclock daily. Your
ad will be received, inserted promptly
and collected for next day.
Have only one doctor,. just one I No
sense in running from one doctor to
another! (.Select the best one, then
stand by him. No sense in trying this
thing, that thing, for your cough. Care-
fully, deliberately select the best cough
medicine, then take it. Stick to it.

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