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Monday, February 14, 1910t
f (IP PURS are tblBflllRF
Strictly Fresh Eggs,
per dozen
Strictly Fresh Standard Creamery Butter, O K
per pound oJOi
American Lad;- Flour (best QP
for bread) 24 ib. sacks OOC
American Lcdv Flour (best for
bread) 48 lb.
sacks for
Silver Coin Flour (best for biscuit
and pastry) 24 5r
lb. sacks for .'.OOC
Silver Coin Flour (best for biscuit
and pastr) 48 d-3
lb. sacks for P vtl
8 3-4 lb. bags old fashioned
Meal for
Pink Beans (frijoles)
4 lbs. for
jyj C
12 lbs. fancy California
Potatoes for
100 lbs. fancy Cali-.
fornia Potatoes for
3 lbs. Silver Leaf Lard
5 lbs- Silver Leaf Lard
10 lbs. Silver Leaf Lard
Fancy Oranges,
per dozen
Large extra fancy Oranges Oi ?
per dozen &iOC
2 cans Petit's Pois Peas
6 big bars Velvet Soap
8 bars White Star Soap
3 cans Pioneer Milk,
large size, for
6 cans small size St. Charles
Milk, for
25c quality canned Fruits
going at
3 cans Pie Blackberries
3 cans Kidney Beans
20c size Chili Sauce
Monarch Pickled Onions
per bottle
15c size Mackerel (Lent
special) 3 for
2 lb. boxes Codfish
Cream of "Wheat,
per pkg.
2 pkgs. Grape-Xuts
3 pkgs. City Soda Crackers
for . ..
3 pkgs. Graham Crackers
Fresh Soda Crackers (per
lb. by the box)
Full quart can pure Olive
Oil (special) for
60c size pure Olive Oil
Standard Qmc&rv Co.
Bell Phone 901 ; Auto Phone 1901. 219 S. El Paso St.
Wholesale and Retail
Sheldon: George E. Farish, William
E. Hine, -New York; A. S. Dascomb.
San Antonio, Tex.; "W. Beecham, St.
Paul. Minn.; Edward L. Hade, El Oro,
Mexico; B. B. Zieber, Dallas, Tex.;
Charles B. Mllliken, Los Angeles, Cal.;
Rev. John J. Hoban, Toyah Valley,
Tex.; B. F. Duncan, Dallas, Tex.; M. A.
Menclegay, John H. Baker, San Fran
cisco; J. A. Dolan, Denver, Colo.; Geo.
S. Williams, Amarillo, Tex.; K. W. Staf
ford, New York City; R. R. Treland,
Denver, Colo.; 1L. W. Bland, Kansas
City Mo.- Mrs. I. S. .Klein, G. Pruntz,
R. N. Barber, Minneapolis Minn.; J. E.
Clow, Los Angeles, Cal.; C. A. Melin,
Frank Carroll, Denver, Colo.; James T.
Coffee, W. A. Thomas, Oakland, Cal.;
F. Von Steinwohr, Cincinnati, O.; L. W.
Boyle, H. G. Thomas, J. W. Christy,
G. H- Heisrog, Minneapolis, Minn.;
Charles E. Doll, Santa Fe, N. M.; J. S.
Dearing, Colorado Springs, Colo.; E. H.
Haynes, Paul G. Bowles, Fort Worth,
Tex.; J. A. Russell, B. B. Zuban,
Charles B. Milliken. Dallas Tex.; C. D.
Beeth, Tucumcari, N. M.; E. Haniesen,
San Antonio, X. M.; A. J .Snowdan, Ra
ton; S. L. Mitchell, J. E. Haviland, New
York; Mrs. F. Juergens, Miss Juergens,
Ash Park, Ills.; O. E. TerrySt Louis,
Mo.; O. W. Lawson, Detroit, Mich.; C.
E. Hoffman, Cincinnati, O.; Peter Mc
Carthy and wife, Troy, N. Y.; F. T.
Wagner. Chicago, 111.; F. Hamer,
Johnstown, Pa.; D. E. Bowman, Los
Angeles, Cal.; George F. Fallings, Chi
cago, 111.; Mrs. Katherine IC Cox, Los
Angeles, Cal.; L. Z. Farwell, Freeport,
Mo.; A. Buckedatlar, Canton, O.; J. L.
Terrazas and sister, Chihuahua, Mex.;
H. G. Rainford, Plymouth, Wis.; E. L.
Morrison and wife, Salt Lake; R. M.
Bell and daughter, Denver, Colo.; B.
Pratte, Louisville, Ky.; F. C. Collope,
Chicago, 111.; John G. Levas, Silver City,
X. M.; Dr. S. R. Hunter, St. Louis, Mo.;
Harlan H. Bradt, Detroit, Mich.; L. L.
Wheeler and wife, Nevada; L. L. Long,
Chihuahua, Mex.; A. A. Burney, Bon
ham, Tex;; M. H. Game, Austin, Tex.;
R. Roy Sibley, Copper Creek, Ariz.;
John N. Kleff, New York; Mrs. J. G.
Cuthbertson, Boston, Mass.; D. N". Ja
coby. Providence, R. L; M. L. Stern, S
C. Pandrif and wife, Albuquerque, N.
M; D. J. Reed, Sapulpa, Okla.; Charles
Houston and wife. New York; P. J.
Clibborn, Chicago, 111.; W. B. Mowery,
L. J. Parker, Oklahoma City; H. Woods,
DeKalb, 111.; W. Fiehe, Chicago, 111.; L.
L. Merrill and wife, Anapra, N. M.; Jose
Del Riego, Ojo Caliente, Mex.; R. Mich
ades, Ojo Caliente, Mex.; Arch Kyle,
jr., Duluth, Minn.; S. E. Gault, W. H.
Brasewell, San Antonio, Tex.; J. P.
Wrayton. J. F. Finley, New York; E. R.
Halle. St. Louis Mo.; J. T. McCreight,
Duluth. Minn.; W. L. Bleekner, Cleve
land, O.; Alejandro Ranells, Mexico D.
'F., John Hackworth, New York; W. R.
Ballard, Gila, Mexico.
Y.; R. Henderson, Albuquerque, N. M.;
F. Stewart, Albuquerque, N. M.; R.
Ainsa, Albuquerque, N. M.; W. J. Schutz
and wife, Chicago; H. H. Kiefer, At
lanta. Ga; Edward Haas, Neosho, Mo.; j
Miss Minnie Haas, Neosho, Mo.; Clyde
A. Ross and wife, Neosho, Mo.; A. J.
Galley, Ysleta, Tex.; George H. Prentls,
Detroit, Mich.; L. Daughters, Detroit,
Mich.; H. R. Bedient, Albuquerque, N.
Ar Tniin x TMovd. 1r.. and wife. Lynch
burg, Va.; W. E. Malley, New Haven, j
Conn.; F. L. Carson, Chihuala, aiex.,
Thomas K. Ferrel, Lynchburg, Va.; S.
Haynes, Dolores, Mex.; S. M. Sproul,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Burglar Alarm Sounds at
Alberta Hotel Strangers
Are Arrested.
"Come quick, we've got a couple of
When this message reached the police
station by telephone it was all over at
the Alberta hotel. The Tlfth attempt
within two weeks to ransack that
hostelry, located at San Francisco and
"Santa Fe streets, resulted but that is
the tory.
TWO young men were discovered in
the room of B. Tom Smith, veteran
railroader who runs the Alberta. This
was about two weeks ago, and the man
escaped the clutches of the household
er. Three times since they have re-
from the room came loud snores, and
snores mean sleep. One knelt down
and started to work on the lock. Then
the landlord acted.
With his new automatic shotgun he
covered the visitors. But one of the
youths drew a revolver from his pocket.
There was noise and roomers came to
the rescue- There was a fight too, and
Mr. Smith lammed each stranger on the
head with his new shot gun.
I When assistant chief of DOlice Ten-
Eyck arrived, there was great excite-
ment at the Alberta hotel. Many men
and women in night drapery told about
it and led the way up the Alberta
There crouched the two youthful
visitors under the range of a shot gun
In the hands of Mr. Smith and a full
sized revolver in the smaller hand of
Mrs. Smith. The Smiths were, victors,
and the two young men were taken
away, their heads bleeding from the
shotgun caresses.
When searched at the police station
the pockets of one young man contained
a strange implement with a saw edge.
Only one had been armed. Giving their
names as Harry Bahm and S. R.
Baughan, the roughly handled visitors
at the Alberta were locked up for the
Residence Burglarized.
St. Regis: Vere Goldwaite and wife.
Ellen Beach Yaw, M. Jay Plome. M. C.
Deming, C. A. Melin, New York; P. M.
Shaw, jr., Duluth, Minn.; F. D. Quig
ley, Chicago, 111.: A. G. Sorency and
wife, Kansas City, Mo.; W. A. Hance
and wife, Frafert; J. A. Dearing. Colo
rado Springs, Colo.; Dr. G. H.
Bacon, Mexico; M. S. Stokely. Du
buque, Iowa; J- A. Russell, Dallas,
Tex.; W. D. Prey, Denver, Colo.; W. A.
Bender. Chicago, 111.; A. L. Sumption,
Los Angeles, Cal.; James Ferguson, San
Francisco, Cal.; H. A. King, Ft. Davis,
Texas; George C. Piwonka, Denver,
Colo.; L. Freedmont, R. Lzathmary, New
York; L. L. Long, Chihuahua, Mex.; W.
J. Hamilton, Oscuro, N. M.; Ct. de Ste
Croix, J. de Montesquien, Paris, France;
Leo Weil, New York; D. N. Jacoby,
Providence, R. I.; Arthur Meyer, San
Francisco, Cal.; S. T. Orin, New York;
F. E. McFarlin, Kansas City, Mo.; Lie
Jose A. Yanes, eTm. Blankensee, Babi
cona, Mex.; S. L. Hauser, W. P. Mur
phy, St. Louis, Mo.; W. B. Lee, W. W.
Thompson, New Yorlz.
Angelus J. L. Baker, Ft. Worth,
Texas; B. B. Zuler, Dallas, Tex.; O. B.
Millikeii. Weatherford, Tex.; B. F. Dun
can, Dallas, Tex.; Warren R. Cox, Cleve
land, O.; M. W. Waumbaugh, St. Louis,
Mo.; C. W. William, Chicago, 111.; W. W.
Dixon, Richfield, Ida.; A. Heggen and
wife, Pittsburg, Pa.; C. T. Wilson, Tuc
son, Ariz.; M. J. Musgrove, Tucson,
Ariz.; C. E. Kushner, Chicago,' 111.;
Bryant M. Campbell and wife, Vancou
ver, B. C; Edward J. Burns, Long
Branch, N. J.; L. C. Rich, New York;
G. F. Meyer and wife, Atlanta, Ga.; C.
C. Walcott and wife, Detroit, Mich.;
J. J. Sud and wife, Portland, Ore.; A.
Lloyd and wife, Albuquerque, N. M.;
Harlan N. Bradt, Detroit, Mich.; M. H.
Dunn, Atlanta, Ga.; J. T. Goodrich, Chi
cago; L. B. Ely, Globe, Ariz.; A. D.
Walker. Chicago; F. A. Offerle, Chicago;
Hi. laruti, v-incagu, jauies amucjt, iuu
son, Ariz.; Mrs. L. C. BIgnell, Denver,
( Colo.; Mrs. E. Bignell, Denver, Colo.
Orndorrr -Victor Payson and wife,
Watseka, III.; J. L. Beal, jr., Lubbock.
Tex.; S. Y. Conuell and wife, Omaha,
Neb.; Gus H. Cohens and wife. Kansas
City, Mo.; R. B. Oliver, jr.; Cape'GIrar-
; deau, Mo.; W. A. Murray, Tucson, Ariz.;
t Robert Fitsmann, Chicago; L. W. HI1-
fener, Nashville, Tenn.; W. A. Thomas,
i Minneapolis, Minn.-; H. G. Thomas,
Minneapolis, Minn.; L. W. Boyce, Min
neapolis, Minn.; J. W. Christy, Minne
apolis, Minn.; George Heissing, Minne
apolis. Minn.; Fron Sterrinehr, Cincin
nati, O.: H. Leonard Wilton and fam
ily, Detroit, Mich.; M. E. Ratcliffe, New
York; E. L. Butler, San Antonio; G. E.
j Henderson, Wyath, La.; M. Fitzpatrick
and wife, ancouver, B. C; James P.
Harper, MInald; A. J. Nlsbet, Denver,
Colo.; H. V. Winch ell, Minneapolis,
Minn.; A. R. Weisz. Springfield. III.;
S. G. Warden, Denver, Colo.; Dr. S. R.
Hunter, St. Louis, Mo.; Sam Black,
Dallas, Tex.; Ed. S. Brown, Pawhuska;
J. M. Dashlell, Atlanta, Ga.; A. J. Man
ning, Albuquerque, N. M.; Leo Well,
New York; H. A. Lloyd and wife, Law
ton, 111.; C. C. Geloin. Carlsbad, N. M.;
George F. Rand and wife. Buffalo, N.
TJrn rotirtonnn nf TTiTtrnT-r! f.illriTr? TflR
appeared, Smith says, one ransacking a , Montana streeU was visitea by burglars
before midnight Saturday while the
j family was absent. A watch and $4 in
roomer's possessions and escaping with
B. -watch and a loaded pocketbook.
About 3:30 oclock Sunday morning,
Mr. Smith heard his burglar alarm
xing, one he had placed at the front
door which is left unlocked. He saw
two young men enter, but he did not
call the police or raise any other form
of disturbance.
Instead for 20 long minutes minutes
which seemed hours he watched the
early morning visitors steal up the
Covered With Guh.
Soon they stood opposite a room and
Wiv iiasop
Six Choruses flL:&
'Ireland isn't Ireland any more"
would tickle you to death even if
you'd never smiled before in your
life. It's one of the longest Am
berols ever made and there's real
fun in every inch of it February
Amberol Record No. 354 for the
Get complete list of February Records from
your dealer, or-write to National Phonograph
Company. 5 Lakeside Avenue. Orangre, N.J.
cash are reported missing. The entire
house was ransacked. Entrance was
gained by breaking a glass and rais
ing the sash.
Lose Pair of Trousers.
A burglar found his way into the
home of G. A. Lambeth, at 512 Mesa
avenue, and got away with a pair of
Several young men, who had of-en
out for the evening, were passing the
house when a man ran up to them, a
pair of trousers on his arm and said:
"There is a burglar in that house. I
am one of the roomers there; he got
into my room and I am going for the
police." He ran fast and was around
the corner and out of sight before they
realized that they had been tricked by
a second story worker.
Lambeth came rushing out with a
six shooter in his hand, but could find
no one and went back to hunt through
the house for more burglars.
Posener Robbed Again.
Was it a female burglar that broke
into Posener's millinery store last
night? It may well have been.
Four 'boxes of willow plumes the
joy iaud delight of the feminine fashion
folks are missing, netting a loss of
about $500.
This morning when the store, located
at 4 Little Plaza, was opened, It was
found that a glass had been broken
on the rear door, a bolt lifted, and a
lock sprung.
Two More Burprlaries.
Burglars recently made a haul from
the office of Dr. J. B Brady, dentist,
and Max Hezener, manufacturing jewel
er, in the Wells-Fargo building. En
trance was gained to the office of Dr.
Brady over the transom and over 4100
worth of gold stolen. From Hezener
the burglars secured about $485 worth
of stones, jewelry and tools.
Zieger. R. C. Miner, Mesilla Park, N.
M.; Charles Meyer and -wife. Gardiner,
N. M.; Mrs. I. N. Milsap, Gardiner, N.
M.; J. W. Reynolds, Denver, Colo.; G. H.
Grant, Durango, Mexico; R. J. Morgan.
Peoria. 111.; W. E. Hine, New j.ork; F.
M. McKenzie, Pecos, Texas; George B.
Landrum. Pecos, Texas; J. B. Judd.
Dajlas, Texas; Andrew Bain, Hawthorn,
New; Ben Greig, San Pedro. Chihuahua;
"A. F. Thompson, Deming, N. M.; John F.
McClimons. Sulphur Springs; M. E.
Langley. Patagonia, Ariz.; E. F. Brad
shaw. Denver, Codo.; W. H. Pelphrey,
Alamogordo, N. M.; James W. Taylor,
Casas Grandes, Mexico; Frederico Rt
vas, Cleveland, O.; F. Freedman, New
York; R. Szathmaryt New York; Mrs. J.
J. Russell, Cripple creek, Colo.; E. H.
Redding, New Orleans, La.; W. W.
Camp, Pecos, Tex.; C. H. Rice, Odessa,
Texas; E. F. Dawaon, FortWorth, Tex.;
P. M. Bell and daughter, Denver, Colo.;
E. C. Adams, Anthony, N. M. George
Dawling, New Orleans. ,W. J, Dunken.
Lima. O.; W. M. Hoffman, Dawling,
Conn; W. R. Crookes, Springfield, O.
Lest we former let's keep our money
at home nd still get the best. Globe
Full Set Teeth (best teeth).... $10.00
Reliable dentistry at reasonable
Office over Guarantee Shoe Store
Edison Phonographs and Records
Victor Talking Machines and Records
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As every one knows, C. W. Post of
Battle Creek, Michigan. Is not only a
maker of breakfast foods, but he is a
strong individualist who believes that
the trades unions are a menace to the
liberty of the country.
Believing this, and being a "natural
born" scrapper for the right, as he sees
it, Post, for several years past, has been
engaged in a ceaseless warfare against
"the Labor Trust," as he likes to call
Not being able to secure free and
untramnieled expression of his opinions
on this subject through the regular
reading pages of the newspapers he has
bought advertising space for this pur
pose, just as he is accustomed to for
the telling of his Postum "story," and he
has thus spent hundreds of thousands of
dollars in denouncing trades unionism.
As a result of Post's activities the
people now know a whole lot about these
organizations; how they are honeycomb
ed with graft, how they obstruct the
development of legitimate business, cur
tail labor's output, hold up manufactur
ers, graft upon their own -membership,
and rob the public. Naturally Post is
hated by the trades unionists, and in
tensely. He employs no union labor, so they
can not call out his men. and he defies
their efforts at boycotting his products.
The latest means of "getting" Post is
the -widespread publication of the story
that a car which was recently wrecked
in transmission was found to be loaded
with empty peanut shells, which were
being shipped from the south to Post's
establishment at Battle Creek.
This canard probably originated -with
president John Fitzgerald of the Chica
go Federation of Labor, who, it Is said,
stated it publicly, as truth.
Post comes back and gives Fitzberald
the lie direct. He donounces Fitzgerald's
statement as a deliberate falsehood, an
underhanded and cowardly attempt to
injure his business, having not the
slightest basis in fact. As such an ef
fort it must be regarded. It is signifi
cant that this statement about "the pea
nut shells" is being given wide news
paper publicity. In the "patent Inside"
of an eastern country paper I find It,
and the inference naturally is that labor
unionites are insidiously spreading this
An institution (or a man) which will
resort to moral Intimidation and to
physical force, that will destroy ma
chinery and burn buildings, that will
maim and kill if necessary to effect
its ends, naturally would not hesitate
to spread falsehood for the same pur
poses. We admire Post. While we have no
enmity toward labor unions, so long as
tney are conanetea in an nonest. "live-
Grand Central: J. JD. Jervis and
wife, Decatur, Ala.; A. T. Haugh and
wife, Newton, Kansas, E. J. Keith, Sa
keston, Mo.; H. S. Smith, D. Mora, M.
S. Short, Globe, Ariz.; C. S. Bidwell,
Monticello, Iowa; A. A. Gurtsfran, Stan
ford, Tex.; H. H. Gordon, Denver, Col.o.;
C. S. Griffith, Oklahoma City; J. W.
Goodwin, Loveland, Colo.; Victor Carl
son and wife, Rockford, Ills.; C. T. Es
cobar, J. C. i Latone, Maurice Morgan,
; Chihuahua, Mex.; Fred O. Virmer, Le
roy Eaton, Britton, S. D.; Fred Ster
ling, Pectoril, 111.; Luis E. Gowman,
Los Angeles, Cal.; V. F. Frizzell, Tuc
son, Ariz.; L. L. Wheeler and wife, Ne
vada; Tommie Marquette, Fort Worth,
Tex.; J. L. Terrazas and sister, Chi
huahua, Mex.;"C. G. Stover, Fort Worth,
Tex.; Thomas S. Hislop and wife. Globe,
Ariz.; George Bowers and wife, Chi
cago, 111.; C. H. Mattress and wife, San
Marcial, N. M.; C. M. Baker, Wash
ington, D. C; J. F. Fleming, W. F.
'Farnsworth, Silver City, N. M.; J. F.
Sawyer, Denver, Col.; C. Hamkratt,
Portland, Ore.; J. W. Morro wand wife,
Winamac, Ind.
Mining Company Has Not
Gone Out of Business to
Eaise Chickens. '
Morenci, Ariz., Feb. 12, 1910.
Editor El Paso Herald:
In The El Paso Herald of February
11, under date or uiirton. Ariz., Febru
ary 10, appears the following:
"The New York-Arizona Gold and
Copper company has discontinued active
operations on Its claims west of Morenci
and is investing large capital in chick
ens. Eggs at Morenci are 60 cents a
dozen and the company hereafter will
devote niOre attention to chickens than
to the mines, as it has plenty of range
Were this April 1, the above might be
passed over as an effort on the part
of your Clifton correspondent to make
a sorry joke.
The New York -Arizona has not ceased
active raining operations, but on the
contrary has lately increased the work
ing force, and also has plans well ma
tured for tlje early instalation of reduc
tion works.
"Very truly yours,
The New York-Arizona Gold and Cop
per companj'.
T. W. Wester, Secretary.
Globe, Ariz., Feb. 14. The big pump
ing plant of the Miami Copper com
pany will be installed on the McLelne
about four and one-half miles east of
the company property. The original
plans contemplated the instalation to
handle the Old Dominion mine water
on the Stead ranch, but the newer
project was found more feasible,
vinmi company has requested th c,i.
and-let-llve" kind of a way, we have I nerintendent of the Arizona & Eastern
had enough of the tarred end of the stick
tto sympatmze tnorougmy -with what he
is trying to do. He deserves support. A
mian like Post can not be killed, even
with lies. They are a boomerang,' every
time. Again we knoiv, for hasn't this
weapon every weapon that could be
thought of, been used (and not simply
by labor unions) to put us out of busi
ness too?
I am going to dring .tWcups of
Postum every morning 'from this time
on, and put myself on a diet of Grape
Nuts. Bully for Post! Editorial in the
American Journal of Clinical Medicine. ported to their native country,
to hnild a siding to the McLain ranoh
so pipe and machinery can be hauled
there at once. The water from the
Old Dominion mine, which has been
contracted for by the Miami company
for use at its big concentrator, is di
rected by gravity flow to the McLain
rannh. The plant there will force It
through pipes to the concentrator.
Two Chinamfen arraigned before
United States commissioner George B.
Oliver this morning were ordered de-
That Pos
Postmaster-General Hitchcock reports
that the Post-Office Department loses
$64,000,000 a year in the business of
carrying second-class mail (magazines and
There is not a deficit of $17,000,000,
as the department alleges, biit actually a
surplus of more than $10,000,000, when
the specific loss on free rural delivery is
taken into consideration, and the de
partment's figures of $64,000,000 loss on
second-class matter are wrong by more
than $60,000,000.
for February 12th devotes its- editorial
page to this subject, showing the injustice
of the recommendation to raise the rate on
all magazines and periodicals but not on
daily papers or the country weeklies.
fPIP1 One fact: In the year ended June
30th, 1908, the weight of second-class,
matter compared to 1907 creased 18,
000,000 pounds. The postal expenditures
creased $18,000,000. THere is some
thing in it besides second-class matter:
Look for a dozen more facts in this
week's (date of February 12th) number of
The Saturday Evening Post. ' j
Paid . circulation this week is
The Curtis Publishing Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -
M. S. Ackerley (it is on the Fred
Harvey payroll but just plain, simple
"Arack") is going away tonight go
ing back to Missouri where the mules
and red clay grow, to visit the old place
where he used to follow a plow and the
standing of the Missouri valley baseball
league all at the same time. Mack has
bought a new pink shirt of the same j JAILOR FRANCO IX CALIFORNIA
wi6C a.o u. riwia canyon sunset, nas
packed his alligator equlvalant of a
Missouri carpet bag and is going "back
"W. B. Thompson, a New York capit
alist, and party arrived In the city to
day, leaving for Santa Barbara, Mex
ico. His trip across the line pertains
to his Interest in large mines in Mex
ico. Charles T. Croker. son of the late
vice -president of the Southern Pa
and party, will pass through the city
this evening on a tour of Mexico.
At the local port today 301 head of
cattle were Imported by J. T. Cameron,
62 by Milton Robinson and 136 for the
J. H. Nations Meat & Supply company.
At Columbus an importation of 1223
head was made today
Juan Franco, day jailor at the county
jail, has gone to caiiiornia to appear
as a witness in a suit which Is on trial
then1. In his absence, J. D- Newton,
night jailor. Is filling Franco's place
in the shenli's, office, and Juan Asca
rate is acting as night jailor.
In the Juarez bull ring Sunday the
third bull followed Manuel Laain, the
matador, and as he was climbing the
fence he butted him from the rear,
sort of assisted him ovef the fence, as
It were.
Silver City, N. M., Feb. 14. The Che
mung Copper company has during the
past few days put quite a force of men
at work sinking one of its big wells,
a few miles from "Whitewater, with
the idea of developing sufficient water
to run a good sized mill in that locality.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy never
disappoints those who use It. for ob
stinate coughs, colds and irritations of
the throat and lungs. It stands un
rivaled as a remedy for all throat and
lung diseases. Sold by all druggists.

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