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Monday, February 14, 1910.
' ' - - ... I ! I IF I ! ' I I. 111! Illl-llll
Today's News of the Great Southwest
Giant Oil Company to De
velop Oil Field Near
That Place.
t asnrn nnrnsTinin in fiRnnrni nnn
MUiirn rn Den Nnii
Starkweather, J. Briaker and
Kern, head officials of the Pecos valley
division of the Santa Fe railway system,
were in Artesia recently in compliance
with a request from the Commercial club,
backed by a general petition from the
business men of the town, to put in a
switch to the new ice plant now being
built by C. M. Meade.
The officials could not say definitely
whether the switch would be put in or i
not, but assured the agent here, as well
as Harry Hamilton, that the road con
templated the erection of a $12,000 sta
tion here this year.
The Giant Oil company, of which H. J.
Hagerman, of Roswell, is president, and i
vinaS Mills May Be Built at Nueva
Casas Grandes and El
Paso New Mill to
Started Soon.
Madera, Mexico. Feb. 14. The future
outlook of the Madera company is the
brightest since the opening of the com
pany's mills under the Smith management-
The saw mill and box factory
is running daily to its full capacity with
an extra complement of men which the
company is breaking in for the oper
ation of its new mill, whlc his now near-
? -n-htol. uxrorol A T-tcnTi5 n r intpr- "S cuhijicuuu.
ct0 ? nnmni-Hnir orrnnjrpmpnts to Manager Ira P. Smith In speaking of
f ully 'test the oil fields near Artesia. Ex- the future of the company said: "We
... .,- . Imvo thf timnur tn -rnn nnr mills, nr t.nfi
pert on men are now putting aown a
well near the Hammond well, and ma
chinery is on the ground to test the ca
pacity of that well, which now flows 10
barrels a day, through 300 feet of water
well, is putting in a large dry goods
establishment here. Until one of the new
brick buildings is finished the firm will
occupy the house recently moved off the
lot to make way for the Sipple .block of
brick dwellings now being built.
have the timber to run our mills, at the
lowest calculation for 75 years in fact
we really don't know how much we
The company recently installed a new
logging machine, at a cosfc of several
The Jaffa-Praeger company, of Ros- thousand dollars, that readily does the
work of two of the old style machines.
The new machine delivers a log 300
feet, in less than a minute, at the same
time returning the chain and hooks
600 feet in the same length of time.
The management has lately installed
The brick building on the west side a slab saw that makes most of the
,.. . w m ! i ' n1nlo vwx ?" rrrrA liimKor on1 ff
alabs un into good lumber, and is
handling all the slabs that the two
large saws are able to supply.
Mr. Smith expressed himself as high
ly pleased with the quality of timber
being handled.
The health and sanitary conditions
of Main street is nearing completion and
Hall Bros, will at once put in a com
plete clothing establishment.
The regular monthly entertainment of
the Commercial club was given recently
at the club rooms which were appropri
ately decorated for the occasion with
hearts, cupids, etc-the affair being in
honor of St. valentine.
Miss Bess May MeLane. of Roswell, i QONTINUE WOUK ON
recently gave an entertainment at the J - -r-------r ,- ttttitt
I. O. O. F. hall in the new Reed build- BIG" SPRING'S WELL
lng, consisting of an excerpt from
'TTo Have and to Hold." Miss McLane , ,- -r-r-r- j -t- -t -
was assisted by Miss Lillian Mcllhaney, ! Condemn WOOden UlUldmgS
l7i??Z&Jh e male Trtet J t0 Make Room f or Brick
DAXCE; XEWS XOTES 1 Big Spring, Tex., Feb. 14. Messrs.
Monterey. X. M.. Feb. 14. The dance
the "Wilson hall recently was a suc-
of the camp are all that could be de
sired, and with the opening of the
new mill, will constitute one of the ,
leading manufacturing Industries in the
republic or the United States as Mr.
Smith puts it.
There are about 250 Americans and
English speaking men employed by the
company and all are drawing good
wages. There is no whisky sold on
the grounds, and the men all seem to
be saving the greater part of their
pay. .
A, general business hustle prevails and
the visitor Js early impressed with
the perfect organization and good man
agement. It seems to be the anxiety
of everyone to get the railroad exten
sion of Nueva Casas Grandes completed
thereby getting a shorter route to El
Paso, and the states. '
The company is contemplating in
staling a new mill at Nueva Casas
Grandes, and also a planing mill and
box factory at El Paso. The plant at
El Paso will employ about 200 .men.
J. A.. Carr, of the firm of Carr Bros.,
of Hattiesburg, Miss., spent Several
days this week in Madera, prospecting
and looking over the country in the
interest of his firm.
Hiram C. Smith, president and gen
eral manager of the Madera company,
left in his private car on business to
El Paso and Juarez.
The Dolores Mining company has
shipped a car of concentrates to El Paso
Since the fire that restroyed the store
house and shipping office the company
Has had to camp out along the rail
road track.
Records of Cattle Importa
tions From Sonora Are
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 14. As the result
of a shooting which followed a dispute
over a Mexican girl, J. Sanchez is In
the hospital here seriously wounded
while a Mexican named Hernandez, an
admirer of the same girl, is in jail.
Doctors state that Sanchez will recover
unless blood poisoning sets in.
That all previous records for cattle
entries are broken is the opinion of
F. Moson, of the Greene Cattle com
pany, who states that over 60,000 head
of cattle have been Imported to the
United States from Sonora to supply
the shortage of cattle throughout the
country. According to Mr. Moson the
Greene Cattle company will make no
more shipments until next spring.
A wagon load of coal overturned at
Clauson hill and began to roll down
at a considerable rate of speed, endan
gering the lives of those who happened
to be there. The driver escaped un
hurt. A company called the Southwestern
Amusement company has been incorporated-
by Messrs. Betz and Dorr for
the purpose of establishing theaters
and moving picture shows throughout
the southwest
Football games will be played this
week by local teams with the Clifton
Arrangements have been made to
have a six man team of this city shoot
in competition with the militia teams
in the National Guard matches, which
will take place at Phoenix this month.
cess: Those present were: Misses Ruby
Davenport. Margaret Prude. Elolse Car
rol. Dora Harris, Ethel and Lena Max
well. Midge Bourne. Mrs. Homes. Mrs.
Harris, Vera Carter and Lillian Win- feet or over if
dows. and Messrs. Oliver Jackson, Frank drilling, before
Sattermever and White, of Toyah, have
purchased the full Interest of J. J. Cole
in the artesian well at this place, and
they will place experienced drillers here
to continue this well to a depth of 3000
necessary. The last
the breaking of the
Maxwell. Barney Sanders, Ernest and
Amos Spillers, Homes, Dr. Calaway, Dr.
Howell, Tom Bourne and Dan Harris.
One cf the mail sacks off No. 3 was
caught under the train and completely
torn up.
The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Goslin is very ill.
The Monterey and Tularosa basket
ball teams played lately, the score being
6 to S In favor of Monterey
Bud Nelson Is here from the San An
dreas. The McRae Lumber company has re
ceived its car of Portland cement. W. H.
Bourne has the hauling of it.
Little Sophy Douglas is improving
Waldo Sibley has returned to the j
Lumbley ranch after a few days in
town. I
Dr. Calaway was down from Mescalero
X,eut vre forget let' keep our money
at homc and still get the best- Globe
cable, was in a blue shale or blue lime
stone, and it Is believed that oil or gas
lies immediately beneath this blue
strata. The well is now over 2200 feet
All the wooden buildings on Main
street will be condemned within 90 days
by the city council, to make room lor
more brick and stone structures.
The "West Texas National bank will
construct a new building on the corner
of Second and Main, by May 1.
&. a meeting of the directors of the
Commercial club, held in the county
court room, the following officers were
selected for the ensuing year: B. Rea
gan, president; S. H. Morrison, first
vice president; Wm. Fisher, second vice
I The club desire? to employ the very
best available man as secretary and
1 applications for this position, addressed
Trolley Projected to .Ros
well To Build Automo
bile Road.
Carlsbad, N. M., Feb. 14. It is gener
ally understood that a company has been
organized and application will be made
Boy Injured at Colo'nia Dub
Ian News From Mor
mon Colonies.
Colonia Dublan. Feb. 14. Winslow,
the little 4yearold son or Jameb Hurst,
was tickling the hind legs of a large colt
with a corn, stock, when it kicked him,
laying bare a part of the little fellows
head. He was picked up for dead and
carried to the house.
Dr. Cowley found that the wound was
not so serious as it appeared, though
there was an ugly gash cut between his
eyes. After closing the wound with three
stitches the little' sufferer rallied nicely-
The primary children enjoyed them
selves at a dance Saturday afternoon
and the children from 10 to 14 held
forth in the school house In the even
ing. The Pasture company is fencing the
east line of its land. "When the fence
is all up it will measure eight miles in
length. It is having some trouble t
force travel around by the county road.
Tuesday evening a fecital will be giv
en by Alice "Whiting. She will be assist
ed by her sister, Mrs. Thurber, andeMrs.
On Friday the relief society will give
a recital. A fine program will be ren
dered. A baby girl has arrived at the home
of F. D.I Stout, of Guadalupe, and a 12
pound boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Guayman, of Colonia Dublan.
Rey L. Pratt, president of the Mex
ican mission, has returned to the City of
Mexico to resume charge of the mission!
F. G. Wall, who was so seriously hurt
in an accident in Nueva Casas Grandes
in a runaway, has returned to his home
in Colonia Juarez. He is improving
David McClellan is moving from Co
lonia Juarez to Colonia Morelos, where
he expects to make his home.
Mrs. Lydia Romney, who has been
sick for some time, in Colonia Juarez,
is able to be out again.
Adelbert Taylor, who has spent near
ly three years on a mission to Germany,
is expected here soon. He will be ac
companied by his bride.
A great deal of garden stuff has been .
Obar, N. M., Feb. 14. The Obar Lit- I planted. Every available man and team
erary society has been onra.niAfl a I 1s Dusy on ine iarau vw" " ""
Show Me Club Dances All
Night To Vote School
soon for a charter for the construction meets every Friday night. The officers
of an electric interurban road to be are Chas Clouse, "president: Ivar Mat-
.., ctuums ""' vinjouuu w J.WO- i t?n r.V,pTn?r5l antnmnhnn
fire en-
son, vice president: Edna Link, secre-
Obar Breeze."
The Obar Christian culture class is
well. The company consists of several i
Roswell business men supported by east
em capitalists.
The extension of the .telephone line
frftm Affla?n n Paonc an1 -f-VioT rtn
necting with the line running east and a new organization composed of young
west, is the probable solution of a ?"plV,IdL s formed recently by
proposition which will come before the , MisJ E- -f -Lewis. Obar. , It meets
commercial clubs of both Pecos and J at tne scn0l house every Wednesday
Carlsbad at their next regular meetings. after school. There were 16 charter
The construction of an automobile road j memoers.
i spring planting.
The Mormon colonists in Sinaloa are
shipping ripe tomatoes to supply the
United States markets.
The Corralltos company is prepar-
sick and W. H. Gr'aeser editors' of the in to make a heavy P1 of cattIc
from Carlsbad south is, also, a matter
which is receiving the attention of the
committee having the matter in charge.
J. T- Rleves, of this city has recently
returned from Pecos and states that the
proposition met with the favor of busi
ness men there. "With the new county
bridge across Black river and about ?100
worth of work done on the present road
a good automobile road can easily be
The waters of the Carlsbad spring are
rapidly coming into recognition not only
oy tne local users of the waters but by
w tsZML
to the president, will be carefully con- j nonresidents and physicians over the
sidered i -" """-- xvcuwiuy a. case oi tne water
A number of our prominent citizens was shipped to Connecticut, one to Okla-
are Interested in a group of claims In Joma, one to Kansas a barrel to Nebras-
the; Chiracura range In New Mexico, , "";""" e" auipmeais are maae
and they have opened a vein of ore,
A 'f &. nrrzn V
1 S?7 INTHES0irTHWE5T. 1
S w-r j y 1
copper and silver, that is 23 feet wide,
and the values are such that it is a
; paying proposition. Jos. Patten is prjsi
i dent of the company.
A skating rink next door to the resi
dence of B. C Rix, has forced him to
move his residence- Mr. Rix will lease
the ground for a blacksmitn shop.
An application has been filed with
the city council for an electric franchise-
daily to local points up and down the
Pecos valley.
H. H. Wilson, recently of Louisville,
Ky., has commenced the erection of a
five room bungalow on his farm, seven
miles south of Carlsbad. It wHl bo fitted
with all modern conveniences and will
De, wnen completed, one of the finest
country homes in the valley.
i The busiest and mightiest little
j thing that ever was made is Chamber
i lains Stomach and Liver Tablets. They
do the work whenever you require their
aid. These tablets change weakness
into strength, listlessness Into energy,
gloominess into joyousness. Their ac
tion is so gentle one don't realize they
have taken a purgative. Sold by all
I uruggists.
Announces an exhibition of Kodak Work to be held at the
store corner Texas and Mesa Streets, February 18th, 19th,
21st and 22nd, and extends to you a cordial invitation to
be present. In the exhibit are several hundred enlarged
prints of high pictorial quality, and there will be interest
ing demonstrations "by qualified representatives of the
IJ Eastman Kodak Company every afternoon and evening.
0 Diverse
v JSt 7&I Q
Route Rates
NEW YORK rates apply via New Orleans and Steamer one way or both ways
or all Rail going and returning.
Remember the Sunset Route Operates the
From EL PASO With: T
Dining and Library Observation Cars (Second to None), First and
Second Class Sleeping Cars, Free Reclining Chair Cars, Oil Burning
Locomotives; the only line using them.
Tickets on Sale Daily After March 1st; Limit 9 Months; Stopovers Allowed
w. c. Mccormick, p. a. j. e. monroe, c. t. a.
The Show-me club gave an old-fash
ioned Dutch dance at H. L. Cressey's
recently. Everybody -wore his old
clothes and they danced until 5 a. m.,
when they had a pancake and coffee
breakfast, after which they danced un
til after sunrise and went home by
Contractor Rowe has been in Topeka,
Kan,, this week closing contracts for
several new concrete business blocks
on Circle Bar avenue.
Douglas, Ariz., Feb. 14. The Repub
lican club of Douglas was organized
here at a large and enthusiastic meet
ing. The turnout was three times as
large as expected, and more than 100
prominent workers joined the organiza
tion at the initial meeting. W. P. Mc
Nair was elected president, F. TV. Doan,
vice president; J. C. Gungil, secretary,
and C. O. Ellis, treasurer. The execu
tive committee is composed of J. V. Van
Eaton, chairman, and John Doan Dr. F.
T. Wright, A. J. King, O. O. Haanmlll,
Mllburn Hobson, Albert M. Sames. R.
G. Arthur and W. H. Worthington.
resolution was passed, urging delegate
Hamilton to use his influence to have
passed the Hamilton instead of the Dil
lingham statehood bill.
For Aged People
Old Folks Should Be Careful
In Their Selection of Kegu-
lative Medicine.
With advanced age comes Inactive
bowel movement and sluggish liver. Na
ture is unable to perform her proper
functions and requires assistance Oth
erwise, there is constant suffering from
constipation and its attendant evils Old
folks should never use physic- that is
harsh and irritating.
We have a safe, dependable and al
together ideal remedy that is particular
ly adapted to the requirements of aged
people and persons of weak constitu
tion who suffer from constipation or
other bowel disorder. We are so certain
that it will comnletelv r,n l
complaints and give absolute satisfac
tion in every particular that we offer
them with our personal guarantee that
they shall cost the user nothing If they
fail to substantiate our claims. This
remedy is called Rexall Orderlies
Rexall Orderlies are eaten like "candv
They have a soothing, healing, strength
ening, tonic and regulative action upon
the dry mucous lining and the relaxed
muscular coat of the bowel. Thev nrn
duce a natural, successive contraction
and relaxation of the muscular fibres o?
the bowel walls, generating a wavellS
motion which forces their contSta on!
ward and outward; thus simulating na
ture in perfect bowel -movement Thev
tone up and strengthen the nerves and
muscles and restore the bowels ami
sociate organs to more vteJroS ;
healthy activity. They mav ?"d
at any time without innvencedo
not cause any Errininc- t,,,. J7nce.' do
PTCPcdro lncon. J,j..., ta uiarrhoea.
excessive lcosnpic: f!.,.i '
i ,.,. :. : """-"ace or 0fhpr
uxsxeeauie euect. Try Rexall Q "'"
lies on our guarantee; 36 tabled U
cents, and 12 tablets 10 cents Remem
ber you can obtain Rexall Remedies n
El Paso only at our store The Retail
store. People's Drug store. Kelly &
typhoid fever while in Amariilo and
he also had an operation on his throat.
J. K. King, a new comer from Men
dota, III., Is getting together a fine
herd of dairy cattle. He is an exper
ienced dairyman.
Claude Durham is tuning pianos in
Dalhart and Jim Easley is doing his
work on the Obar claim.
J. J. Nippert is going into the busl-
e -rising thoroughbred Poland
China hogs.
Frank .'arker Is drilling wells for
people ov' in Texas.
Mrs. Lillian Roebuck is fencing her
claim. Chas Robey Is doing the work.
Tom Welch and Jim Garrison are
drilling a well for W. W. Long.
J. J. Dihel is putting up a new
wind mill.
James Connely has made a sub-surface
packer for his own use and It is
said to do the work well.
C. S. Church, late of Chicago, has
i moved out on his claim in Dihel val
ley. He has Just completed a good 5
roora house.
Mr. Caldwell and family have just
returned from a visit at lone, N. M.
Mrs. Alva Haley has returned from
a visit with her parents at Rocky,
Rev. H. E. Cook, formerlj'- of Rocky,
Okla., has returned with his family.
He preaches at the Lone Star school
house every two weeks.
Enough signers have heenjsecured for
a mall route from Obar southeast,
through Missouri valley to the Texas
An election will be held in March
to vote bonds for a school house in
Albert Smith and Fred Anderson
started on an overland trip west, with
a pack train of burros. '
Walter Foster is digging and fixing
up a dugout on his claim.
The foundation Is in and a 100-bar-rel
cistern completed for the new con
crete block factory.
The new 8-foot cement side walks
are showing: up in good shape- 12
blocks, aggregating two thirds of a
mile of this Ssfoot cement walk is
now under contr&pt.
Henry Nelson, ftjujier of Battling
Nelson, went to El Pasi.recently for a
visit with his friend C. L Hanly. for
merly of Obar, but now l?febuslness at
El Paso
Tovrn Is Active With Many PeopJ'' In
Surrounding Country Buying Bene
fit From Work on Dnm.
Cutter, N. M., Fee. 14. There arv
many ranchers between Rincoi and
Engle. and now that stock has been to
a largq extent shipped out, some are
giving their attention to sheep, believ
Many New Building Contemplated
Women to Build Clubhouse Arbor
Day To Celebrated.
Portales, N. M., Feb. 14. T. J. Milinari
and judge Reese have returned from
Chicago, where they went to complete
the final arrangements of the irrigation
company with the Western Construction
company and the surety company,
through whom they offered security,
and. the last details of the project are
new completed. While there they ex
amined specifications for the powerhouse
of the irrigation plant and with work
already begun on the $75,000 powerhouse
of the water, sewer and light system,
John R. Pense was taken sick with j and $350,000 to be Invested in the larger
powerhouse for irrigation, the little
town is already started for a greater
A new bank building, a new hotel and"
several fireproof business houses, are
I contemplated.
At the last meeting of the Woman's
club, a motion was made and carried
to build a clubhouse for various club
I purposes. The women were compeled to
abandon the boys' reading room in the
National bank building, because of the
dangers from fire, and the Hardy ware
room, which they were hoping to utilize
has been leased for armory purposes.
Nothing remains but to revert to their
former plan of building at once. A con
siderable sum has already been con
tributed to this and other moneys rais
ed in various entertainments. So that
work on the new building will begin
at once.
The Mothers' and teachers' club had
the best attended and most interesting
meeting yet held at the public school
recently. Several subjects of importance
were discussed by professor Smith and
the leading women of the town and it
was decided to set aside Arbor day as
a special holiday for beautifying the
school grounds. The tteachers -and pupils
will prepare a program, the women will
serve dinner and all Interested "will fur
nish whatever they have plows, horses,
harrows, tools of any kind for leveling
the campus, setting out trees etc, and a
day of general jollification, combined
with useful work is the object to be
The entertainment of the Dixie Ly
ceum, "The Peterson Sisters," was en
joyable and well attended.
Dr. and Mrs. Hough entertained at
their new home recently.
The Dramatic club gave a surprise
party lately in honor of Miss Fannie
Mrs. W. I. Linkart and family have
When It Comes Along Don't Let It Get
Away From You.
"I really feel that it is hardly possi
ble to say too much in favor of Grape
Nuts as a health food," writes a Chi
cago woman.
"For 9 or 10 years I had suffered from
indigestion and chronic constipation,
caused by the continued use of coffee
and rich, heavy, greasy foods. My ail
ments made my life so wretched that I
was eager to try anything that held out
a promise of help. And that Is how I
happened to buy a package of Grape
Nuts food last spring.
'That ended my experiments. For in
Grape-Nuts I found exactly what I want
ed and needed. From the day I began
to use It I noticed an improvement and
in a very few weeks I found my health
completely restored.
"My digestive apparatus now works
Ine: this or th loxvr nH x, perfectly and my chronic constipation
up to the South Wells, some 10 miles -bas been entirel-v relieved. I have gained
south of Cutter. -n.-ni' i, i.,, J In weight materially, and life is a very
sheep run. In fact 30 years ago, there ! P,1"'"'?1". '" t lD "A!
found by experiment that if I leave it
were thousands of sheep in this san-.e
locality, until they drifted n th to
Great activity is evidenced in the
store of the Cutter Mercantile com
pany. New goods are coming in and
more have been ordered. In fact. Cut
ter is a convenient point for the ranch
ers; all they want is the goods
at popular prices, to turn all their
trade into the homo store.
Work It; being opened up at the Ele
phant Butte, which will help out Cut
ter, Engle and Palomas materially.
off for a few days my health suffers.
"A physician in our town has great
success In treating stomach troubles, and
j tie secret of it is that he puts his pa
tients on Grape-Isut food it always
l-rmgs baok thf power of digestion."
"There's a Reason."
Read 'The Road to Wellville," in
Ever read the uliove letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are prcnulue, true, and full of human
Eyster's C. O. D. Grocery
Corner Kansas and Boulevard
Give me your orders by phone and save money. !No so
licitors, no collectors and no bills to lose. Is this not a
good reason why we should be able to save you money
on your grocery bill?
Strictly !Presh Eanch Eggs, dozen ..30c
Blue Eibbon Butter, fresh twice a week, perlb -.35c
jNbne better made. "
P. V. Maple Syrup,
gallan cans
P. V. Maple Syrup,
1-2 gallon cans ,
P. V. Maple Syrup,
quart cans
Aunt Jamima Pancake
Flour, per pkg
Ealston's Pancake Flour,
2 pkgs. for. . -
Ealston's Prepared Buck
Wheat Flour, 2 pkgs. for. . .
Home Made Grape Jelly,
2 glasses for
16 oz- jar Tea Garden Jam,
all kinds, each
Standard California canned
Fruits (all kinds) 3 ior
Sifted Early June Peas
2 cans for
Extra Sifted fancy Peas,
per can
Monsoon Peas, 1 lb. can,
extra' small, sweet peas, 2 for i
Monsoon Kidney .Beans
per can
2 lb. cans Baltimore Standard Pack
Tomatoes (quality; guaran
teed) 2 for ".'.
Iowa Corn (standard pack)
3 cans for
Extra fancy Corn,
2 cans for
Green Chili. 4 cans
5 gallons "best Eupion Oil
5 gallons best Gasoline
6 boxes Search Light
Matches for
6 boxes soft tip Matches
4 large rolls Toilet Paper
for ,
4 cans Peeled Green Chili
Best Evap. Peaches,
per lb
Best Evap. Apricots
per lb
Extra good Prunes,
3 lbs. for..-....-j-.r
Bulk Macaroni, '
3 lbs. for
Bulk Vermicella,
3 lbs. for
Globe Flour,
24 lb. sack . ,
Globe Flour,
48 lb. sack
Cream of Wheat Flour.
24 lb. sack
Cream of Wheat Flour
48 lb. sack
Sack Corn Meal,
83-4 lb. sack
Pearl Meal, white or yellow.
6 lbs. for
Old Dutch Cleaner
3 cans for v--,
Large pkg. Gold Dust,
per pkg.
Large pkg. Grandma Borax
Powder, per pkg
4 bars Fells Naptha Soap
8 bars Diamond C Soap
6 bars Pearl White Soap
Extra'iancy Mackerel,
each .
Extra fine Colorado Pota
toes, 12 lbs. for
Extra fine Colorado Po
tatoes, per 100 lbs
Eyster's C. O. D. Groceiy
Corner Kansas and Boulevard.
1 Bell Phones 823 and 844. Ind. Phone 1691.
gone to Oklahoma City, while Mr.
Liinkart gaes east for a new fall stock.
The Daughters of the Confederacy
and other social meetings have heen
postponed on account of Methodist re
vival meetings, which are being held by
the Hev. Mr. Toung and Joe Hedgepeth.
popularly known as the1 cowboy
Association Estimates Acreage at 1000
Acres THCHiBcari to Bnlld 2Vevr
Ctaicnt Walks.
v Tucumcari, N. M., Feb. 14. According
to the report of the committee appoint
ed by the Hontoya Valley Broom Corn
Growers association to ascertavt about
how many acres of broom corn will be
planted in that i'tle valley this year,
aver 1000 acres will be planted. There
are not more than 40 farmers residing
In the valley, which Is located 20 miles
west of here, and according to the com
mittee's report, the average acreage
which each farmer will plant will be
about 35 acres. The association was or-
ganized only a few days ago for the
purpose of promoting the growing of
broom corn.
The city council of this city will or
der a cement walk put down on East
Main street, commencing at the cornetf
opposite Dr. Thompson's hospital and
extending east three blocks. A majority
of the property holders along the line
of the new proposed walks have gltfen
their consent to have the work dona
and the council will make the order ac
the meeting next week.
Engineer Frank Simmons, who was
Injured in a wreck early In the fall, has
moved to EI Paso.
E. Wilson, chief dispatcher in the
Southwestern office at this place, who
was for some time confined in the nuo-.
pital at Alamogordo has returned and is
again at his duty.
Mrs. Annie E. Bourne,, territorial or
ganizer for the Maccabee lodge, is here
and will assist in instituting a lodge in,
4 4
m - m
h Offices In New Building
J ?h'3 fL00 pIans of the modern fireproof building of tie Amer-
tlv iwv owix aiciww reaay ana oiiices may now be re-
wnou ujr .uivft.Lug itpjjiicuuon ac cne Dank.
The American National Bank
Capital and Surplus $240;00G.00.
Remodeling Sale
To make room and consolidate are going to quit handling small musical
instruments and .are now closing out at cost and less, Guitars, Mandolins,
Violins, Banjos, Sheet Music Holla and all small Musical Merchandise. All
these goods must be closed out, as we have no room to keep them.
Low Prices Easy Terms
W. G. Walz Co.

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