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Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1910.
Southwestern Mining News
jiilM II iJ si" lifi 1 1 A LI b iiilLnlL LhiiJ
i &
Pe Oxf or
ds and P
rcw s
The Classy Sort
Capital and Surplus 600,000.00
TV. W. TURNEY, Chairman. ' ' ,
f. "' -. JOSHUA RAYXOLDS. President.
James G.iMcXary, Yice-Presidentr Walter IM. Butler, Asst. Cashier
Jno. M-'Kayolds, Vice-President. Francis B. Gallagher, Asst. Cashier
Assets $4,500,000.00
IC. R. MOREHEAD, President. GEO. D. FLORY, Cashier-
JL. J. GILCHRIST, Ass't. Cash.
A Legitimate Banking Business Transacted in All Its Branches.
I W. V7. Turney, Prest A W. E. Arnold, Cashier.
o- x. xurner, vice .rresx. x. m. Jimrchison, Asst. cash.
W. Cooley, V. P. & Mgr. H. E. Christie, Secy.
Capital, $150,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $25,000.00
U. S. Stewart , Frank Powers H. J. Simmons
A. G. Andreas E. Kohlberg B. Blumenthal
J, F. Williams J. H. May
J. H .Nations, Pres. Crawford Harvie. T- M. Goerin. Vice. Pres.
C John T. McEIroy, V. Pres. W. E. Anderson W. L. Tooley. Cash.
National Bank of Commerce
I CAPITAL STOCK $200,000.00
Promptness, Safety and Careful Attention to the Wants of Our Customers Is
the Policy of This Bank
Applicant Can Hold Prop- j
erty for Year on Option j t
and Then Buy From State.
Mining Decisions.
Under the existing mining law of
Texas, no minerals, as such, can be
bought from the state, but the land
may be purchased under its officinl
classification of the state land office as
"mineral-bearing" land. The procedure
-j to acquire a mining claim containing
non-metalic minerals, such as coal, oil,
sulphur, salt, marble, etc.. is this:
Affidavit with Surveyor.
The claimant files with the county
surveyor an affidavits stating that he
has gone upon the land for the purpose
of buying it for its minerals. This affi
davit is sent to the state land office,
and the land is not subject to be sold to
any one else until the lapse of one year.
! The claim may be an entire section in
area, with the option of an additional
j section if the applicant does S5000
worth of development work. During the
year's option, the applicant has the
right to prospect and work the claim.
Before the year's option expires, the
applicant may enter into obligation
to the state to purchase the land, pay
ing 10 percent of the price in cash and
the balance in nine equal annual in
stalments, the prices being not less
than ?15 an acre if within 10 miles of
railroad, and not less than $10 If over
10 miles from railroad.
Important Mining Decisions.
The presumption that an owner of
surface of a mining claim owns all
minerals beneath it ceases when It is
shown that a vein found beneath the
surface has its apex in a claim belong
dng to another person. But the burden
of proving ownership of such apex vein
and its dip and descent to and under
neath another claim to overcome the
presumptive ownership of the surface
owner, is on the person who asserts
ownership of such apex vein. Keely vs.
Ophir Hill, C. 31. Co., 169 Federal Re
porter, 601.
Title to Mineral.
A person claiming title to minerals as
surface owner, after a severance of sur
face ownership, must show actual,
notoriaus, exclusive, continuous, peace
able and hostile possession of the mine,
Independent of his possession of the
surface, In the same manner as a
stranger. Such actual possession may
be shown by opening and operating the
mine, and the possession is continuous
if the operation is carried on at such
seasons as the nature of the work per
mits or the custom of the community
requires, if there is some proof to pos
session during an interval to connect
the operation, when resumed, with the
prior operations. Gordon vs. Park, 117
S. TV. RepL, 1163.
Forfeiture of Claim.
"Where a forfeiture of a mining claim
Is based on the theory that the claim
ant failed to perform the necessary
representation work, th burden of
proof is on the person setting up such
forfeiture to establish the same by
clear and convincing proof. But where
a forfeiture is sought for failure to do
such representation work, and the lo
cator contends that certain work done
by him on one of a group of claims was
done in fact for the benefit of the en
tire group, the burden of proof then
shifts to the locator and he is required
to prove that the work was adapted to
and suitable for the development of all
the claims, and that it was Intended for
that purpose. This rule was applied
where it was claimed that the work of
extending a tunnel for the purpose of
Intercepting a vein appearing in a shaft
which had theretofore been sunk on a
certain claim from the top of a hill,
but such tunnel was on the opposite
side of a gulch from the other claims
ir t controversy, and it did not appear
tfcr.t tho vein sought to be intercepted
traversed in all the oJjer claims, or
even crossed the gulch in their direc
tion; and in order to render the tunnel
available to develop any of the other
claims it would be necessary to sink a
shaft or winze to a depth below the
level of the gulch, and to drift toward
such tunnel many hundred feet, and to
carry out this plan would be far more
expensive than by sinking a shaft In
the gulch in connection with the other
claims In the group.
Under such cases, the court holds that
the representation work in the way of
extending the tunnel was not reason
ably adapted to and could not in good
faith have been Intended to develop the
claims on the other side of the gulch,
and such work was not sufficient to
prevent a forfeiture of such claims.
Copper Mountain M. & S. Co. vs. Butte
Corbin, 194 Pacif. Rept. 540.
nnpT farmir it
& i &2 4a. 5 W 1 L EC I
Mh-ji diiiim. fii
First Ore Assayed $380 a
ton and Then the Rush
Was on.
"Very few know the details of the
discovery of Cripple Creek," says Col.
W. A. Murray, of El Paso, "and It may
be interesting to recall them. Bob
Womack, a cowboy prospector, found
float in Poverty gulcii. sunk a shaft and
then in 18S0 gave an option on the
claims which afterwards were called
Physleinns Say: "Don't Use Polsonoui ,
The extravagant claims recently ;
made by unscrupulous manufacturers '
of hair removeng in. sensational adver- j
ments unquestionably justify physi- ,
clans in cautioning the public against J
the use of this class of depilatories.
How many people have been enticed J
tvWh ennpniipnf Iriiiirv to themselves.lfl
cannot be estimated, but only guessed .
at. l
The preparations above i referred tot
are invariably in the form of creamy
pastes, which are to be spread upon
the skin to remain until they dry.
These contain Sulphide of Barium, an
Insoluble chemical, which cannot be I
dissolved, therefore cannot be absorbed j
by the skin. The very fact that you i :
are told to leave these pasty com
pounds on the skin until they dry and
cake and then lift off with a knife, is
proof positive that they are not ab
sorbed. If they are, why do they still
remain on the skin? The most they can
possibly do Is to remove the surface
hair, which in consequence will reap
pear stronger and thicker after each
There is only 5ne logical and scien
tific way to remove hair, and that is
by means of a liquid containing sol
uble ingredients which can be absorbed
by the skin. De Miracle, known all the
world over as the only real superfluous
hair remover. Is just such a prepara
tion. It ii- easily and quickly absorbed.
you have used It you win
the El Paso and Gold King mines.
"The purchasers showed "W. S. Strat- I and after
ton. a carnenter. of Colorado Snrine-s ! note there Is nothing left on the skin
some of the ore, and he went at once I xt leaves the skin free from-irritation,
tn PHnniA nwpk nnd iirri ,.,. J a"d "hat Is more to the point. It is
10 unppie ureeit ana loOKea over
TTomack's find. Meanwhile, a pros
pector named Dick Houghton brought
down from the'Lone Star claim on Gold
Hill samples of rock carrying a mineral
he thought was galena. Stratton ex
amined it with his glass, doubted its be
ing galena, but saw in the rocks cubes
of rusty gold. The socalled galena was
telluride of gold, but none of these men
knew it.
"But the free gold was enough to in
duce Stratton to go up and locate a
claim next to Houghton's Lone Star.
This is, now the Gold and Globe prop
erty. J3n June of the. same year, Strat
ton and Fred Troutman found rich
gold float at the head or Wilson's
Creek, but found no vein, although they
trenched for It, but the trenches paral
lel a lode which is now called the Vin
dicator and Legal Tender.
"About this time an old prospector
named Bill Fernay came along with
some float from what is now Battle
mountain, and Stratton and Troutman
then located the Black Diamond near
the find, which is now one of the Port
land holdings. Next day, Stratton
found a granite outcrop down the hill
and located it, but didn't think much of
It as it only assayed $3 to $4. Sud
denly it flashed on him that the crranite
outcrop must be a lode. It being the I
Fourth of July, he named the locations
the Independence and "Washington.
Sending samples to Colorado Springs
for assay, he got returns of S380 a ton
in gold. Then the great gold camp
was born."
absolutely non-poisonous, therefore It
will not produce eczema or blood pois
oning. Remember, no matte what
claims are made to the contrary, no
(poisonous, pasty compound or other
worthless concoction can reach the
hair root and we can prove it.
Beware of the fake free advertisers
and others. .Don't be deceived by them.
Better take a doctor's advice. De Mir-
will send you a 52 page booklet con- '
taining full information concerning this
reraarKame treatment, as wen as tes
timonials of prominent physicians, sur
geons, dermatologists, medical journals
and the principal magazines. Tou
should read this booklet before you try
anything. "Write to the De Miracle
Chemical Co.. Dept. 135, 1905 Park ave
nue, New York, simply saying you
want this booklet, and Ijt "will be
mailed, sealed, at once.
310-312 San
Pence Brothers Are "Work
ing Snowstorm Group in
Cochise County.
Chippewa and Other Prop
erties to be Worked Ore
to Orogrande.
There is considerable activity in the
Organ range of New Mexico. Old prop
erties that have lain idle for years,
owned by eastern people are now to be
started up. One of these, the Chippewa,
The Snow Storm group, consisting ot
seven gold claims, in the north end of
the Dos Caberos mining district, Co
chise county, Ariz., is owned by Pence
Bros., of this olty. The properties are
northeast of the famous Commonwealth
mine, at Pearce, separated by a narrow
valley from the latter. George Pence
and Milton Pence purchased these
properties 18 months ago, from the
cowboy discoverers, when there was
only a ten foot prospect hole on the
Snow Storm No. 1.
Cowboy Discoverers.
' "At that time," says Hr. Pence, there
was great excitement all over south-
eastern Arizona over the wonderfully
Our new home, is progressing nicely. We have rea
sonable hopes of being installed in it by the first
week in March. We have ordered a complete new
stock for the new store and we won't have room for
any of our present stock, so we must sell, and sell
rapidly, the-remainfng days of February.
Come tomorrow, come every day and
' take,advantage of Bemoval Sale prices
- on Men's Clothing, Boys Clothing,
Men's Fuxmshings, Women's Wear,
Piece Goods, Household rTecessities,
Shoes for every member of the family.
We iiave done a mammoth February business, so
far. But we must sell much, the remaining two
weeks, if we are to enter our new store with none of
our present stock.
adjoins the Excelsior or old Jay Gould
copper mine on the west, and i a pat
ented property, situated a mtle over two
miles north of Organ postoffice.
J. McBrice and Brice Cawney, who are rich out-crops, and they lost no time In
interested in the Chippewa and other
claims, are on the ground inspecting the
prope'rties with the intention of begin
ning development work at once. They are
also interested in the smelter in the
Jarllla mountains and are planning to
build a wagon road across the Organ
Pass and over to the smelter at Jarilla.
These young men are said to have abund
ance of ready money to carry on the
projected work. -
Excelsior Mine.
The Excelsior mine was successfully
operated several years ago by R. Y.
Anderson; a mining man of El Paso,
who shipped many carloads of copper
glance ore to the El Paso smelter. It
was about the same time that he and
William Hayden purchased the Torpedo
mine from Foy Bros., and made it one
of the greatest copper mines in the
ta l
1 8S
The great business secured by this bank has7 been built up
along the strictest lines of honor ima ,;,. jnnnff Tf. ia .1ip
constant aim of our management to give the depositors every
lacihtv in rhp wav of sunorinr T.,i,: . : :
,.v w-w.. co.ua.iijg privileges, jjifcyiug in
terest on deposits and furnishing absolute safety for their?
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 16. The machin
ery bought by the California & Para
dise Mining company in El Paso last
December has been installed on the
L-eadville nroperty In Paradise and
within a few days it will be ready to
begin operations. The work of retim
bering the shaft ds approaching its end
while all improvements necessary to
render the property fit to be worked
have been made.
?ms Praise That Comes From Thankful
EI Pnxo People.
One kidney remedy never fails.
El Paso people rely upon it.
That remedy is Doan's Kidney Pins
El Paso testimony proves it always
F. H. Wieland, 920 Wyoming street
El Paso, Texas, says: "I can highly
recommend Doan's Kidney Pills as I
found them to live up to the claims
.made for them. For a long time" I
suffered from a pain in the small of
my back, so severe at times that I
could scarcely get about. My kidneys
wt;ie u.isu uisoraerea ana the secre
tions became unnatural and too fre
quent n passage. Reading about Doan's
Kidney Pills, I thought that they might
help me and I begun their use, pro
curing a box at Kelly & Pollard's drug
store. They entirely rid me of all
my aches and pains and corrected the
difficulty with the kidney secretions
The fact that I have had no return of
kidney trouble since, gives me a high
opinion of Doan's Kidney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other
Sacramento Shaft To lie the Deepest In
.uiHiricr topper Queen Lays Off
Courtland lorcc.
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 16. Sinking from
the 1600-foot level has been started in
the Sacramento shaft of the Copper
Queen mining company. When the
1700-foot level will jbe reached, the
Sacramento will be the deepest mine in
the whole district. The tunnel under
employing three shif'ts of men. The
the Sacramento Hill has been started by.
work is being done on contract, which
was awarded to Messrs. Slater & An
derson. At the Holbrook shaft the Copper
Queen has made a rich strike of quart
zlte, while excavating to encounter a
big vein of copper located a short time
ago. It is expected that the station
on the 600-foot level at the Holbrook
will be soon completed so the bie-
pumps can be installed.
In contrast with the extraordinary
activity the company is showing in this
district, either in developing new
ground or in sinking operations, work
has been suspended on the property lo
cated in the Courtland district A.
force of 100 men has been laid off.
Recent strikes of large deposits of
lead-sine ore, the lead predominating, In
. if ,Ferlllos mining district, leads
to the belief that Xew Mexico is to have
a second Leadville.
i. 0liTeIn 52 feet 1vide was found at
the 400 foot level, and another varying
from six to 12 feet wide at the 100 foot
level, carrying 12 percent lead values
and S percent zinc The wide vein has
two very rich streaks averaging seven
feet wide. Close to 4000 feet of ore Is
said to be In sight, with every Indica
tion of increasing witji development.
The owners are Bostoniaus and are or
ganized as the Boston-Cerliios Mines
corporation. A small concentrating mill
of 200 ton capacity has been built on
the ground. The ore is disseminated
through a soft porphyry, and crushes
getting the properties. The record of
the Commonwealth Us that it has pro
duced $32,000,000 in gold in tlte past 10
years, the richest gold mine in Arizona
It was also discovered by cowboy pros
pectors. "There Is no question but
what we have the same vein as the
Commonwealth, which runs northeast
erly toward our mines, dipping under
the intervening narrow valley, and out
cropping on our Mils again, and It
runs over a mile through our Snow
Storm claims. The quartz is identical
and the values are the same.
Development Work.
"We have done about 250 feet of de
velopment work, sinking an 80 foot
shaft and three drifts, and ran a 105
foot tunnel or drift on the vein from
the foot of the hill. We are continuing
this drift, having arranged to run 200
feet this- year and ultimately will
reach S00 feet, giving a vertical depth
for stoping of 1000 feet. All our work
has been on pay ore, vhere being con-
i tlnual rich spots of wonderfully rich
ore. We have over 100 tons of $40free
milling gold ore on the dump, besides
a large tonnage of lower grade ore
never sorted. Our high grade runs
j 5300, $400, $800 and $3600 gold a ton.
All our ore carries values rrom & a
ton up.
Fissure Vein.
"Thfc vein is a fissure, occurring in
mfpa. schist. The vein matter is a soft
! n.iorfr Qvornsrlnp about two feet in
four feet between walls. The ore is
width, but the wider portions being
oxidized at the surface, but shows some
sulphides at the bottom of shaft. The
strike of the veSn (like the Common
wealth) is northeast and southwest.
"Assays of the croppings taken at in
tervals the entire length of the claims,
a distance of a mile, showed values of
from $5 to $18 gold per ton.
May Put up Mill.
"We' have done all this work with our
own money and have never altempted
to promote nor float stocks. Our idea
is to develop and prove oir property
up. and then we shall either put up a
mill to treat our ores or be prepared to
offer what is undoubtedly one of the
best gold mines in Arizona."
Mr. Pence exhibited a collection of
quartz samples filled in every pore
with native gold.
tons of high grade ore are on the
It lis expected that the deal which the
company has with eastern capitalists
will be consummated soon. If so, de
veloping will be done on a larger scale
and the mine will be a steady producer.
For several weeks work has been go
ing on in the Homestake mine in Eldo
rado "pass," by the owners. Brown and
Lillis. The property is south of Las
Vegas and about two miles west of the
Quo Vadis. Some very rich ore has just
been struck. The vein matter is a de
composed quartz, somewhat honeycomb
ed and sprinkled with sulphides. Free
gold is visible in the more heavily oxi
dized portions. At the present depth the
ledge shows a fin gage of pinkish cast
which horns well, while the banded por
tion has widened to about four feet, with
average across the full width running
from $12 to $38 a ton.
On the Homestake and neighboring
claims there is also a good showing
of lead carbonate, carrying gold, which
Is typical of that section. A picked sam
ple of the Homestake ore assayed $2118
per ton. Several other Important discov
eries have recently been made in the
"pass," and acflve development work
has commenced.
work will be prosecuted with, vigor dur
ing the coming summer.
Rapid progress is being made in re
constructing the placer mill just be
low the big reservoir. Practically all of
the dismantling has been completed and
the work of rebuilding is now in pro
gress. A water pipe line- has been con
nected with the reservoir and all de
tails are being taken care of prepara
tory to starting the mill at the earliest
date possible.
Orogrande, X. M., Feb. 16. The Monte
Carlo Mining company now has a force
of workmen sinking the fehaft on its
property up at the north end. This com
pany is now being reorganised and the
Bisbee, Ariz.. Fet. 16. Ihl Soledad
mine, located in the Ajo mountains,
from which several cars of ore have
been shipped to the El Paso smelters,
is to be sold to a syndicate of eastern
capitalists. The property is well de
veloped and at present a force of 40
men is at work on it. Ore Jodiea .are
said to carry large values in silver and
gold, and a vein of considerable sise
has been recently encountered.
Bisbee, Ariz.. Feb. Is. a meeting of
the directors and stockholders of the
Cochise Development company was held
In Bisbee a few days ago. This com
pany closed its property during the
panic of 190S and since then the board
of directors has been somewhat slow in
taking a decision towards the reopening
of the mine. The recent strike of rich
ore made by the-Copper Queen at the
Cochise mine has rendered the manage
ment of the Cochise Development com
pany more active and it is assured that
the company will start developing in.
the near future.
or Lame
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 16. About 900 feet
of development work has been done on
the Santa Fe mine and the property
look's well, according to Col. A. D.
Nanny, one of the owners. Two shafts,
one on the Santa Fe and another on
the Mintoyo claims have been sunk to
a depth of 350 and 205 fet respective
ly, while drifting work has proceeded
The drift on the Mintoyo, which is
being driven to cut the main ledge, has
encountered a large deposit of galena
carrying silver and lead and assays of
the ore show good returns in general
yielding 29S ounces In sliver and
about 7 percent in copper. About 1000
Weak Kidneys, Backache, Rheumatism or Lumbago it is
absolutely essential, in order to obtain satisfactory results,,
that you take a reliable preparation that acts directly on the
Kidneys. Many persons trust to luck for a cure. No remedy
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1 m '3i
EfcJkl v m
Delays are dangerous. There is no more com
mon complaint than Kidney complaint Nature
always gives due warning and failure to heed
same may result in Diabetes, Lumbago, Bright's
Disease, or some other serious affection of th
Kidneys. Pineules are readily and naturally al
sorbed and assimilated by the stomach, driving
out the poison due to disordered conditions of
the Kidneys or Bladder. They purify the blood
and invigorate the entire svstem. Th firc- ,w-
, : r J1 cvince you that Pineules will do all we
claim for them Get a bottle TO-DAY
JOHN W. KENNEDY & CO. . v Chicago, U. S. A,
Sold hj Saoblaueh Drug Company.

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