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Friday, February 18, 1910.
Visit the Exhibition of Kodak
At Austin & Marr's Old Stand, Texas and Mesa
Feb'y-18, 19, 21, 22
THf . fiflfAl J&&.V M
Always the Best
V I1L V&t Wi WIS Alt.ll V-i m MM B IMO ww------- ,
flRt iill hi it)
MM i.-.-iMr' Bb Bb Bh Bb Bk Bft BE BM JsJv. f
We cordially invite all interested in amateur photography
to call at our store for program and invitations. N
Agents Eastman Kodak Company
llining Man Urges Careful
Study of the STew Mex
ico Law
A leading: mining engineer from Mex
ico remarks that it -will be -well for not
only the newcomers in Mexico, but the
old time mine owners as Trell, to secure
copies of the new mining code of Mex
ico and study the new law as soon as
possible. Unless they do this they are
In great danger of losing their mines.
Many of the changes In the new min
ing law, he says, are so radical that ig
norance of them may cause the unlucky
owner to be some day dispossessed un
wittingly of his property and subject to
a heavy fine and imprisonment. Ajnong
other changes lie calls attention to the
The most important article is that
providing for the registration of all
mining titles .old and new, under pen
alty of forfeiture. Titles Issued prior to
the commencement of the new law must
be registered in their respective districts
before July 1. 1910.
A cause of much litigation and con
fusion under the old law was the fail
ure of mine owners to build substantial
monuments. Under the new law no title
is issued until such monuments hare
been placed on the ground.
Properties titied under the old law
must have monuments built on the
ground before January 1, 1911 or the
right to the property will De lost should
another -person denounce it. The penalty
for destroying or removing any monu-
n, m
' Tho first symptom of Contagious Blood Poison is usually a little sore or
ulcer, so insignificant that often no attention is given it. But when the
blood beoomes more fully infected -with the virus the mouth and throat get
ze, glanos in the neck and groin swell, and sometimes ulcerate, forming
acres and ulcers, the lair comes out, copper colored spots appear on the
Cody, and where the disease is allowed to remain in the system the poison
frequently penetrate deeper and attacks the bones. S. S. S. is the true
antidote for Contagious Blood Poison the only remedy that is able to get
at the very root of the trouble and remove every particle of the virus from
tho circulation; at the same time S.'S.S. acts with upbuilding and tonic
effect on every portion of the system. As soon as the system gets under the
influence of S. S. S. the symptoms begin to disappear and soon a perfect
cure is made. S. S. S. can be used in the privacy of one's own home and a
permanent cure effected. ' To aid those who wish to cure themselves at
home we have prepared a special Home Treatment book which contains
much valuable information to Contagious Blood Poison Sufferers. With
the aid of this book and the use of S.S.S. a cure can be effected in every
case. We will eend this book, and also any medical advice desired free to
an who write. THE gwiFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA.
J.QahshsrVu-JXode Cajfesggwmrit
dds & Fnds
Begins Monday Morning
Read our advertisement tomorrow s
, ment from a mining claim is a fine of
1000 pesos and five years In the peni
tentiary. Any one removing ore rrom a mining
claim before the title to the same has
been granted suffers the same penalty
and the forfeiture or loss of the prop
erty. T-Piml niiestions Tertalnlnxr to mining
f properties will be decided by the fed
eral court, and all old cases penaing
in the state courts concerning mining
rights will soon be transferred to the
federal courts.
As the former privilege or unlimited
exploration zones was much abused, the
new law has reduced the area of the ex
ploration zone to a. radius of 500 meters
about an easily distinguishable point as
a center.
"These are only a few of the radical
changes made which it behooves inves
tors in mines in Mexico to heed," he
Dos Cabezas Mining Com
pany Opens Another Rich
Pay Streak.
Frank "vVheland, general manager of
the Lluvia de Oro mine, which is the
south extension of the South Tigre
mine in Sonora has just arrived from
camp and says that bis company is
planning to erect a mill in July and
has accumulated a large tonnage of
good milling ore on the dump pre
paratory for the proposed plant. He
is drifting on a vein which shows a
five foot face of ore, and a pay streak
runs 480 ounces silver and 5.5 ounces
gold a ton. The entire cropplngs run
$15 gold and 28 ounces silver.
He says that a party of Houston,
Texas capitalists, who are interested
in the South Tigre mining company,
consisting of judge John liovejoy. Dr.
A. D. King and Galvin Hamilton, have
No License Ticket Will Be
in Field at Spring Elec
eion Roswell Now Has
Six Saloons.
Roswell, N. M., Feb. IS. With six
saloons in Roswell paying an annual
license of $2425, the anti-saloon element
has launched its campaign for the
abolishment of the saloons in this city
and will have out a no license ticket.
The anti-saloon element has issued
the following statement signed by G.
E. Cavin, of the Cavin Lumber company
and Lee R. Case, who is identified with
an abstract company.
"Enemy to True Proirrexs."
"We beg to " call your attention to
the fact that the campaign "is on; the
spring election, at which the question
of the re-issuance of saloon licenses is
to be decided in the personnel of the
council chosen, will soon be here.
"The saloon having -no reason to
exist, does so solely because the people
so elect. We regard the saloon as an
enemy to true progress in many ways.
It is a menace to our homes, a detri
ment to our schools, a drain upon
legitimate business, a destroyer of
good morals and a poison in the social
life of our city. Qf these -things we
are firmly convinced and we believe
that a large majority of the citizens
just arrived in El Tigre camp to look
over their holdings and will probably
close a pending deal on the Cinco xie
Mayo and an adjoining property, which
lies north of Jne Tigre camp, belonging
to Col. Garcia and associates.
He also says that the Dos Cabezas
mining company tin the Moctezuma dis
trict west of Casas Grandes has just
opened a pay streak of ore in theshaft
just above the old assay office" that
runs 4000 ounces silver per ton. This
property lies about 40 miles southeast
of the Tigre country and is in the
same mineral horizon. The Dos Ca
bezas is a vein fissure running east and
west and is from 20 to 150 feet wide.
The North Star property is the east
extension of this mother lode. In Mr.
Whelen's opinion this is one of the rich
est mining districts In Sonora.
Monroe Harper, of Three Rivers, N.
M., and associates were the original
discoverers and owners of the Dos Ca
bezas mine from which they took out
several hundred thousand dollars of
high grade silved-gold ore and packed
it to Deming on mule back before the
Sierra Madre railroad was built, and
subsequently to the El Paso smelter.
Wheland had a lease on a few hund
red feet of this lode in the early part
of this decade and took out several
hundred thousand dollars, paying Har
per 50 percent royalty. Harper subse
quently sold to New York people, the
present owners, receiving $150,000 for
it. In a short time the purchasers took
1 out enough rich ore to pay pack the
purchase price.
Former El Pasoan iSow In
terested in Property
Near Benson.
Arthur C. Simkin9, mining engineer,
who formerly made El Paso his head
quarters while he was general manager
of the Detroit-Quo Yadls copper mines,
west yof Moctezunia station, in Sierra de
los Arados, state of Chihuahua, is in
terested with Denver people in the Pool
group of copper mines in the Dittle Ein
con mountains, 24 miles north of Ben
son, Ariz.
Shaft Xo. 9, on the Pool, has been
sunk 70 feet, all in high grade chrysa
colla copper ore. They have sunk 15 feet
on a new shaft which is also in ore all
the way down carrying 2 1-2 percent
copper heavily charged with iron. This
ore, while low grade, is self fluxing, and
there being a large body or it at the sur
face, can be mined and smelted at a
profit. The force of. miners has been
increased and important results are ex
pected soon. The mines are on the line
of the survey for the P. & E.
A new strike as reported :n the Flux
mine in the Patagonia district, Arizona.
This mine has been a steady producer
for 20 'years, and famous for its exceed
ingly rich lead-silver ores. The recent
strike is a body of zinc ore of high
grade. It is said also to contain one
of the largest bodies of copper ore in
the country.
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. IS. That the min
eral resources of Cochise county are
immense is being proved by the fact
Dropped n Valuable Hint About Cotlctr.
"For about eight years," writes a
Mich., woman, "I suffered from nerv
ousness part of the time down in bed
with nervous prostration.
"Sometimes I would get numb and it
would be almost impossible for me to
speak for a spell. At other times I would
have severe bilious attacks, and my
heart would flutter painfully when I
would walk fast, or sweep.
"I have taken enough medicine to
start a small drug store, without any
benefit. One evening our grocer was
asking Husband how I was and urgea
that I quit coffee and use Postum, so he
brought home a pkg. and I made it ac
cording to directions and we were both
delighted with it.
"So we quit coffee altogether and
used only Postum. I began to get bet
ter in a month's time and look like
another person, the color came bax:k to
my cheeks, I began to sleep well, my
appetite was good and I commenced
to take on flesh and become Interested
in everything about the house.
"Finally I was able to do all my own
work without the least sign of my old
trouble. I am so thankful for the Olttle
book, 'The Road to "Wellville.' It has
done me so much good. I haven't taken
medicine of any kind for six months
and don't need any.
"A friend of ours who did not like
Postum as she made it, liked mine, and
when she learned to boil it long enough,
her's was as good as mine. It's easy if
you follow directions." Read the
little book "The Road to Wellville,"
in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever rend the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
a ,
of Roswell are in accord with these
"We further believe that a majority
of the bonafide electors of this city
should and will decide this question
legally by electing councllmen pledged
to a no-IIcense policy.
"With malice towards none and with
no, stones to throw at the present
council and with due regard for every
interest of our city, we enter upon this
campaign with zeal for a better, a
cleaner and a greater Roswell.
;o License Ticket.
"In pursuance of the desire to give
notice that there will be a no-license
ticket in the field and to focus public
sentiment, we, the undersigned chair
man and secretary of a committee se
lected at a meeting of citizens, do here
by invite the active cooperation of all
men who believe in civic righteousness,
the wives and mothers, who are the
greatest sufferers from this traffic, the
churches and all organizations which
have as their aim the betterment of
society to the end that this burning
question may be settled right. Let us
work, organize and agitate until every
vpter is aroused to the needs of the
hour and the highest and best needs
of our city.
"A committee appointed to arrange
for a series of public meetings until
the day of election will' be on hand to
help in the work."
"G. E. Cavin, chairman;
"Lee R. Cass, secretary.
that almost every day strikes of ore
are made here and there not only by
mining companies, but by private indi
viduals. Specimens of ore bodies car
rying all kind of mineral values are
being brought almost daily here and
shown to the public for examination.
During January nine new companies
were -incorporated to develop claims
or to resume work in old and idle
Ed Shumate and Herman Voge have
recently located some rich gold placer
claims in the Plomosa mountains, Yuma
county, Arizona, and have purchased a
dry placer and vwill test it on their dirt-
The ground has already been proved
ivery rich. The black sands on the bed
rock run from $1.25 to Sz.-sZ a pan. These
returns are common al: over the 500
acres covered by the locations. The bed
rock is from two to 12 rset aeep. The
Mexican gamboclnos have taken out
thousands of dollars ther.
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. IS. A shortage
of laborers will be experienced if min
ers continue to leave this city at the
present rate. While it is not difficult
to secure a position in the mines at
present, a great number of men are go
ing north and more are expected to
leave later on. It Is predicted that in
a month or so there will not be a man
Idle in Bisbee, if he Is able and willing
to work.
The big musical success,
Mill," with a company of over oO peo
ple and two carloads of scenery and
electrical effects, will be the attraction
at the El Paso theater Saturday and
Sunday, with a special Saturday
The cast includes Bert O. Swor as
Con Kidder; Franker Woods as Kid
Connor; Otto Koerner, Alvin Laughlin,
Carl Hartberg, S. W. Stott, Hartt R.
McClaln, Cecil Summers, and the Misses
Agnes Major, Vernlce Martyn, Adeline
Stern, Georgia Harvey and a chorus of
40, including the six little Dutch
Kiddies. An augmented orchestra,
which is carried by the company, will
also be an important feature. Seats
are now selling. Prices, SI. 00, $1.50.
Matinee, 50c, 75c, $1.00..
The sale of scats for juarie Cahlll
and her big Broadway production of
"The Boys and Betty," will open Sat
urday morning at 9 a. m., at the
Crawford theater. ,
Teresa Carreno, whose fame as a
pianist, whose art and life are now
at their greatest, will visit El Paso
and give one grand piano recital at
the El Paso theater on Wednesday,
Fob. 23. Here is what the New York
American says of her:
"It seems impossible to have too
much of Teresa Carreno.
"She has all the qualities which
might be expected to lure one to the
concert room poetry, originality, pas
sion, charm, technique.
"When her fingers touch the key
board of her piano, the Instrument
awakes and sings."
Hal Redd's great comedy drnma,
"Human Hearts,"' will be the next of
fering by the Bailey stock company,
opening Sunday matinee at the Craw
ford. There has seldom been a play
produced that can equal "Human
Hearts" as a sermon. The play is full
of heart Interest, pathos and comedy,
and the stage production will be the
most elaborate of anything yet at
tempted by the Bailey company, it is
declared. Mr. Bailey and Miss Lock
wood were both with the original New
York production, so that patrons can
depend on a good performance. Seats
are now selling. f
BA.SICFvm.w.T. -vt .nil JITS'
Thn A X- -r n. voct-othall team
will play the undefeated Y. M. C. A.
team, north side dormitory vs. south
side dormitory, for house champion
ship, Saturday night. Louis M. Ka
halm of Chihuahua, Mex., will demon
strate the tricks and holds of the
famous Japanese wrestling jiu jitsu.
Will Grouch of the local Y. M. C. A.
will be his opponent. The admission to
all three events is 50 cents.
The program for tonight at the Em
pire Includes "The Woman From Mel
Ions," a very fine biograph; "Sensa
tional Logging," very interesting and
educational. VIctrola selections will be
given. The quartet from Rigalltto will
be sung by Caruso, Sembrich, Severina
and Scotti.
The A. & M. college basketball team
will play the' undefeated Y. M. C. A.
team on Saturday night, also' the north
side and south side dormitories will play
for the house championship. A double
header for one price, 50 cents.
"The Red
Team Goes Over Cliff Xear
Colonia Juarez; Driver
Colonfa Dublan, Mex., Feb. 18. Re
cently Prof. Wilson, of the Juarez
Stake academy made a trip to the City
of Mexico in the interest of education.
So far the government has not helped
with the local government or the
schools. The colonists have a partial
promise of self government for Colonia
Juarez and they are in hope that the
other larger colonies will be able to
get it also. At the present time the
colonists pay their own policemen, and
pay their taxes too.
The little baby of Mrs. Iverson, who
died recently, was buried in the Dublan
cemetery. Mrs. Iverson came 'In from
Utah to visit her mother. Mrs. Jarvis,
at Guadalupe, and her baby's death has
cast a gloom over her stay in Mexico.
Vern Jones has gone to Ciudad
Juarez to keep books for Arwell Pierce
at the lumber yards.
George Redd, of Colonia Juarez, was
taking his wife to Dublan, when the
team became frightened and ran away,
throwing the occupants to the ground
and breaking Mrs. Redd's arm.
While coming down the mountain
road, a team of Brigham Stowell's fell
over the cliff, and rolled down the em
bankment, breaking the leg of one of
the valuable horses and demolishing
the wagon. The accident was caused
by the breaking of the brake. The
teamster jumped just in time to save
his life.
There have been several accidents
over this steep grade, but this is the
most serious of them.
Mr. and Mrs.. John Wilson of Colonia
Juarez have a new son.
Storm Also Does Damage in
Carrizozo ISTew Home
seekers. ;
Carrizozo, N. M., Feb. IS. The recent
wind storm here blew away the house
belonging to Stoddard Johnson that
was on his homestead, west of town,
and scattered house and contents all
the way to the Mai Pals, four mHes
distant. No one was in the, house at
the time as Johnson is in TucumcarL
The storm also blew down part of the
brick front of Miller's harness shop.
F. W. Guerney, wife and family,
have arrived from El Paso.
F. C. Rolland was a visitor here from
The B. of li. F. are arranging for a
ball to be neld in the opera house
here on Feb.' 22.
Rolland Bros, will begin work in a
few daj-s on a new building Into which
they will move their drug store.
Doctor and Mrs. Dryden have gone to
Pima, Ariz., where they will residein
the future.
he excursion Thursday brought in
quite a number of homeseekers from
the east.
Placo In Closed Temporarily Daring: the
Hearing Xaco Xevrs Xoter. and
Naco, Ariz., Feb. IS. Justice of the
peace, J. M. Hall, is holding court in
a saloon building, the place, however,
being closed temporarily as a saloon.
Watching a Stomach
Digest Food
Was the 3Ieans Whereby Science MnVle
Possible the Cure of Dyspepsia.
A Trial Package of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet Sent Free.
The Abbe Spallanzan! was the first
scientist to study systematically the
chemical powers of the gastric juice,
but it was by the careful and convinc
ing experiments of Beaumont that the
foundation of our exact knowledge- of
its composition and action was laid.
Beaumont was an army surgeon, lo
cated at an obscure military post in
Michigan, while it was yet a territory,
and was called upon to treat a gun shot
wound of the stomach in a Canadian
voyageur Alexis St. Mariin. When the
wTound healed a permanent opening was
left by means of which food could be
placed in the stomach and gastric juice
taken from it.
Beaumont made scientific experiments
with his crude means and wrote a
book, which today Is recognized among
the classics of physiology.
Beaumont blazed the way for other
scientists so that today medicine knows
what the stomach does with food and
what food does to the stomach.
Science also knows what the gastric
juices are and how to make them best
for the system.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, thanks to
the poor army surgeon and Alexis St.
Martin, give man a means of digesting
food, replenishing the exhausted juices,
soothing the nerves and correcting dys
peptic conditions of the stomach.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are nat
ural fruit and vegetable essences re
duced in concentrated form and by tre
mendous power compressed into a tab
let. These wonderful little digestors
are known all over America and Can-
aa. ull meals have been dic-estPrt hv
them in glasq tubes and they are sold
by every druggist.
Physicians to the number of 40.000
use them. They are meritorious and
powerful. Go to your druggist and buy
a package today, price 50c, or send us
your name and address and we will
send you a trial package by mall free
Address F. A. S'uart Co., 150 Stuart
Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
?? Crewley Co.
331 Texas Si E! Paso. Texas
Live and Home Dressed Poultry,
, Home Made Sausages, Pickles,
Kraut, Olives & Sealshipt Oysters
Opitz Market
Phones, Bell 1S6, Auto 2345.
Manv men" came In for the hearing
of Robert T. Frazier, charged with the
theft of one twoyearold cow from John
H. Slaughton. District attorney John
S. Williams and his assistant, Edward
Flannigan, conducted the prosecution,
while attorney George Neale, mayor of
Bisbee, appeared for Robert T. Frazier.
The case was dismissed on grounds of
Insufficient evidence.
Samuel Hardwick, special officer for
the E. P. & S. W- railroad, is in Naco.
James Howell is visiting in Naco.
The pay car came in from the south
over the Southern Pacific of Mexico,
Postmaster E. A. Folsom and James
Gamble of the United States customs
service have returned from Tombstone.
John H. Slaughton has returned to
San BarJdeno ranch.
Henry Etz. catle buyer for E. A.
Tores, of Bisbee and Lowell, Is in Naco.
He Is going to Sonora. Mex., to buy.
Read This
All Who Suffer From Ca
tarrh, Sore Throat or
Millions of people throughout Amer
ica have breathed Hyomei (pronounce
it High-o-me) and now own a Hyomei
pocket inhaler made of hard hubber.
If you own a Hyomei Inhaler, no
matter where you live, you can get a
bottle of Hyomei at druggists every
where and at Kelly & Pollard's for only
50 cents.
Ask for an extra bottle of Hyomei
Inhalent; the price Is only 50c and with
it you can cure a cough or a cold In a
Tou can get relief from catarrh or
stuffed up head in two minutes and
stop hawking, and snuffing in a week.
Just pour a few drops of Hyomei Into
the inhaler and breathe it in that's all.
It's so easy and so" pleasant. Just
breathe Hyomei over the inflamed
membrane of the nc-se and throat and
its soothing, healing action will be felt
If you have not a Hyomei Inhaler,
get a complete Hyomei outfit at once.
This only costs $1.00 and with it comss
a Hyomei Inhaler that will last a lifetime.
Hear Peary tell of the
Discovery of the North Pole
Hear from his own
lips the interesting
story of his journey
to the North Pole.
H o w after twenty
three years of hard
ship and peril this
undaunted American
planted "Old Glory"
at the earth's apex
the goal toward which
the greatest nations
had been - struggling
for nearly four hun
dred years.
The Discovery
by Commander Robert E. Peary
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0. 6. Seeion &
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