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Today's News of the Great Southwest Good Things to Eat
1 ' 'l bpih miiinuino PORTALES TO. TTAVE 1 1 asm nrnrnn mm At Reasonable Prices
Eyster's C. 0. D. Grocery
Corner Kansas
Bell Phones 823 and 844.
Blue Eibbon Butter, 3 lbs.
Strictly Fresh Ranch Eggs,
Home Made Grape Jelly, r
2 glasses for OC
Home Made Grape Jelly, d 1 OP
per doz. classes PJLofaiJ
per aoz. gia
16 oz. Tea Garden. Jams, all O
kinds, each mwI
P. V. Maple Syrup,"
gallon cans
P. V. Maple Syrup,
1-2 gallon cans
10 oz. bottle Queen Olives,
14 oz- ibottle Queen Olives,
Best Bulk Queen Olives,
per pint
Heinze's Dill Pickles,
per dozen
Heinze's Jumbo Sour Pickles,
per dozen
Heinze's Sweet Mix: Pickles
per pint
Cream of W&eai,
per pkg.
Dr. Price's All Grain Break
fast Food, per pkg
Ralston's Breakfast Pood,
per pkg. ,
fs Corn
Dr. Price's Pood, Kellogg's
Flaxes, Post Toasties,
3 pkgs. for
National Oats, largest pkg.,
best quality, each
Quaker Scotch. Oats,
2 pkgs. for
Colorado Potatoes,
12 lbs. for ,
Best Dry Onions,
7 lbs. for
Mackerel, fancy large fat Shore Mackerel, each.
Comb Honey, 2 for
Strictly Eresh Eanch Eggs, 2 dozen for
Blue Ribbon Butter, none better, 3 lbs. for
Eyster's C. O. D. Grocery
, Corner Kansas and Boulevard.
We Deliver to East El Paso and Highland Park Every
Vast Sums Being Expended
in Capital Oity Federal
Government to Open Pal
ace Costing $430,000.
Chihuahua, Mex., Feb. 28. In honor
of the centennial year of Mexican in
dependence from Spain, Gtv. Enrique
C Creel and Mayor Jose Asunsolo plan
to have completed many public improve
ments in this capital for formal in
auguration on Sept. 16, the 100th birth
day of the republic Some of the5e im
provements are already well und ray,
nd others are being planned.
Public Batfat More Bridges.
These Improvemets are as follows:
Additions to tJe present water sys
tem, consisting of about 22- kilometers
of cast iron mains and now being put
Additions to the present sewer sys
tem, some 22 kiloissters, and now being
put down. ,
A znoders 15 ton srarbajye cremators?"
Public fountains; the duplication fcj J
tne capacity or tne present aquednet
f.TOza. the Chuviscar dam, and special
mains from the city well, near the Gua
delupe church, to convey. water to the
public fountains for domestic use.
The Improvements also include free
public baths; a public washing place,
near the National railways' depot, and
the doubling of the capacity of the pres
ent -washing place.
Bridges are being constructed on
Penitentiary avenue, 28th street, 11th
street and Morelos avenue, going to
ICombre de Dlos.
The opening of -La Slave, 10th, Tvias,
IrRyen, Nicolas, Bravo and Aldama
We Are
118 N.
Corner Texas & Stanton.
Where we will have one of the MOST
west. Just a. few days an3 we will he
Jenkins Piano
1-18 -N. Stanton S
and Boulevard
Ind. Phone 1691.
for . .
2 doz.
. 55c
Valley Sweet Potatoes,
8 lbs. for
New Cabbage,
per lb
Oranges (sweet and -juicy)
small size, 3 doz. for
California Grape Fruit,
large size, 3 for ,
Extra fine Apples,
4 lbs. for
4 lbs. best Bulk' Starch
Large pkg. Gold Dust,
per pkg.
Large pkg. Grandma Borax
Powder for ,
8 bars Diamond C Soap
6 bars Pearl White Soap
6 bars Crystal White Soap
for . . i ,
4 bars Fells Naptha Soap
3 lbs. extra fanoyHead Bice
for 4..:.
4 lbs. Pink Beans
3 lbs. Dry Lima Beans
3 lbs. small White Beans
5 gallons best Eupion Oil
5 gallons best Gasoline
for v.
4 large rolls Toilet Paper
feCLf C
..10c I
streets, and the elevation of the present
water deposit tanks to give greater
water pressure over the city, are fur
ther improvements. ,
A third settling tank near the filters
for the water system is planned, and the
capacity of the filters Is to be tripled.
Twenty thousand square meters of
the principal streets of the city will
be paved with asphalt.
The state is about to commence tHe
construction of a $75,000 two story
school building and will spend $5000 in
improvements on the Nombre de Dios
school building, both in this city. Both
; of these improvements will be completed
before Sept. 1C.
Federal Palace.
The federal government is just com
pleting a federal palace here,, which is
to cost $430,000. The formal opening
of this building will no doubt take
place on the centennial day also.
The plan of both Gov. Creel and May
or Asunsolo is that the centennial year
shall be commemorated as a year of
public improvements. Gov. Creel Is en
couraging the same spirit in other
townB of the state as the soundest way
of showing patriotism at the time when
-uciiw is yaaoina nit; xvviu unit: sx;i&e
as a republic
Road Between Solomoaville and Safford
Is Being: Repaired Solomon-
ville News Notes.
Solomonrille, Ariz., Feb. 28. Through
the Bishop real estate agency the Fos
ter Mercantile company, at Safford,
Ariz., was sold to J. T. Owens. This
includes real estate, building and stock
of merchandise. "
Miss Josefa Michel-ma is very sick.
Mrs. I. E. Solomon entertained at
bridge whist Mr. and Mrs. W. R- Cham
bers, sheriff and Mrs. Anderson, Mr.
and Mrs. Ph. Fruednthal, Mrs. J. H.
Lacy and her sister. Mrs. John Shennon,
Mrs. P. F. Sieglitz and Mrs. N. M.
Clark. A delightful lunch of fruit cake
and fruit punch was served. Mr. --xn-derson
and Mrs. Seiglitz were the lucky
ones in the waytof n-umber of points.
A social dance was given recently at
the courthouse.
The county road between Solomon
ville and Sarford is being repaired and
placed in good condition for driving and
Trinidad Michelma has been called
home on account of his sister's serious
Proapeclor Discover 3lica on Land In
El Paso County nd Buys It
From State at "Austin.
Austin, Texas, Feb. 28. The demand
for the school land in the , Toj-ah oil
field . in Reeves county continues to
grow. Some seven or eight sections
have already been sold there, and an
other section was sold "today at $25
per acre by the commissioner of the
general land office. Several good shal
low wells are reported" to have been
brought in there,and the indications are
for continued increased production of
a good quality of oil.
One section of mineral land in. the
neighborhood of Dalberg-," in El Paso
county, was sold by the land commis
sioner at -$15 an acre to a prospector,
who has found mica thereon. - A strata
of considerable width of "this mineral
has been found at a depth of 250 'feet.
The purchaser will, hoivever, sink his
shaft to a depth or 600 feet, at which
he is confident of striking a heavier
deposit of this mineral.
Contract Let for Two Story
Office Structure Eeal
Estate Active.
Toyah, Texas, Feb. 2S. Several new
residences have been built here during
the past few weeks. Others are under
construction at present, and many more
are needed to supply the demand for
rent houses.
Considerable real estate has changed
J hands in Toyah, and it Is reported that
a numDer or new Duumngs win De erect-
l ed at an early date.
D. F. White, one of the leading- real
estate men here, has let the contract
for a two story office building-, to be
built at once on the corner of Front and
Main streets.
The revival serrices at the Christian
church, conducted by Rev. P. G. Cross,
of San Antonio, were largely attended
bj' all denominations. At the close of
the meeting funds were raised by the
membership to build a new church.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Gray entertained
a number of friends recently.
I L. Carmichael and family have
moveO to Pecos.
G. C. Nesbitt, of Las Cruces, spent
several days here lately.
D. F. White, of Abilene, was here re
cently. Mrs. H. Kendall Is enjoying a few
weeks stay at Mineral Wells, recuper-
atintr from her recent Illness,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Young and Mr.
and Mrs. V. Van Geison have moved h:'. t, Ulivf .'"1U "
from their ranch to make their home mAdeJfnS ade ? s repertoire,
in Toyah, where both Mr. .oung and . m ! 1? ?? l ? Commercial
Mr. Van Geison have active business "Jr held March 4, at the court
tr, s. house. There will be music, refresh-interests-
i .,. j ,i i,
T-J T?00vo fnnntr Mornsvn-H (..ftm-
pany has added a millinery department
to its establishment this season.
The women of the Christian church
gave a supper Saturday night at tne
Commercial club headquarters.
The first baseball game of the sea
son was between the Toyah and Pecos
teams, the game resulting in a victory
for the Pecos team.
Monterey, N. M., Feb. 28. The post
office department ds asking for bids to
carry the mail seven days In the week
from Monterey to Roswell, leaving Mon
terey at 7:10 a. m., arriving at Roswell
daily at 7:00 p. m., and the return mail
to leave Roswell at 7 :00 a. m., arriving
at Monterey at 7:00 p. m. Blank propo
sals may be had by writing to second
assistant postmaster general at 'Wash
ington L C, or to the postmaster at
Monterey, N. M. The mail is to be car
ried from July 1, 1910, for four years.
Bids must be In "Washington, D. C; by
March 22, 1910.
"While Mr. Wetmore, of the Tularosa
improvement company was in El Paso,
Tex., he closed a deal for an $8000 hotel
to be built in Monterey, N. M. "Work will
begin In the next three months. ;
William Pitts', who has been here for
several' days, left today for his home
in Los Angeles, Cal
Miss Eloise Carrol has returned to her
home in Mescalero,
Bernett Dingwall went to El Paso last
Sierra Blanea, Tex., Feb. 28. The
team belonging to Fletcher Scaife ran
away with him Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Scaife escaped unhurt, but the
buggjr was badly damaged.
Quite a decided Improvement in the
appearance of the depot and premises
was made here recently preparatory to
the G. H. & S. A. annual inspection.
V. E. Cammack is erecting a real j
estate office on Main street and will
move his office from the Sierra Blanea
hotel when it Is completed.
Irs. Winford Trawick has been quite
ill the past few days.
Prince Love has returned from El
Paso, where he has been attending
W. J. Joihnson is here from El Paso.
Monterey, X. ZL, Feb. 26. aDs. Baile
was in town from her ranch recently.
Raney Fields has finished -unloading
the lumber for the McRae LumBer com
pany. Mr. Slate was in town from his ranch
Mrs. B. W. Bayne is visiting in Mon
terey. F. A. Briscoe made a business trip to
Alamogordo recently.
Many visitors were here to attend the
masquerade ball last night.
John Hurgz was here recently from
Los Aiigeles, Cal., on a visit to his wife
and baby.
Mr. Gilliland is in from his ranch in
the San Andreas.
The iphotographer for ihe El Paso &
Southwestern railroad companv was here
recent tasking views, of Monterey, Tu
larosa and vicinity for the company.
The Supply Comes From Food.
If we get power from food, -n-hy not
strive to get all the power we can. That
Is only possible by use of skillfully se
lected food that exactly fits the require
ments of the body.
Poor fuel makes a poor fire and a
poor fire Is not a good steam producer
"From not snowing how to select the
right food to fit my- needs. I suffered
grlevlously for a long time from stom
ach troubles," writes a lady from a
little town in Missouri.
"It seemed as if I would mever be
able to find out the sort of food that
was best for me. Hardly anything that
I could eat would stay on my stomach.
61J Uem save me heart-burn
and filled my stomach with gas. I sot
............ u cuixmer until j. literally be
came a living skeleton and in time was
co.Pelled to keep to my bed.
to Lrr a& X was Persuaded
to try Grape-Nuts food, and It had
such good- effect from the very begin
ning that I have kept up its useS-er
since I was surprised at the ease with
which I digested it. It proved tobe
just, what I needed.
iJVmy unPleasant symptoms, the
heart-burn, the inflated feeling which
gave me so much pain disappeared l?v
Yi &raduall- increased from 93 to
116 lbs my figure rounded out mv
strength came back, and I am now able
to do my housework and enjov ii
Grape-Nuts did It." U
A ten days trial will show anyone
some facts about food. one
..n01 In pks- for the little book
WlonR"at t0 Wellvi118-" "There's
Ever read the above letter? a new
one appears from time to time. They
are -genuine, true,-and full of human
Seventy Wells of Central
Plant to Be Put Down
in 60 Days.
Portales, N. M., Feb. 23. P. B. Ful
ler, of the agricultural department of
the government service, is here to su
perintend the instalati'on of the irri
gation project. Mr. Fuller outlined the
construction Tvork at a meeting of the
stockholders at the courthouse recent
ly. The farmers are to dig the several
pits, for the'' motor and pump, but the
contracts for digging the -wells are -to
be let upon specifications submitted to
the Portales Irrigation company.
There are to be 70 of these wells, and
they must be drilled in the next 60 J
days, as Mr. Fuller expects to have the
first unit of the plant for 5000 acres
ready for instalation at that time.
Robert P. Woods, of Indianapolis,
Ind., Is to be associated with Mr. Ful
ler in the handling of this work.
J. B. Priddy, B. Blankenship and W.
O. Oldham have returned from Kansas
City, where they bought the machinery
for the Portales water, sewer and light
system. The foundation of this power
house is about completed, and the ma
chinery will be shipped at once.
The first practice of the Portales
band was held at the courthouse lately.
There were Messrs. Baty, L. "W. Flseus,
Ray Maxwell, Roy Epperson, Frank
Tompkins, A. - Freeman, Langdon
Gregg, Fred Kennedy and Dr. Hough
present. The organization is hopeful
of obtaining about 20 members.
- WIHard Lorton played to a large au
dience at the Wonderland theater in
the last performance of the Lyceum
j """": JFIrsoTou' , -,-..
course. Impersonation character
JUE"la auu ou B"iwiumB piuSiui
W. H. Beck, of Mississippi, and Dr.
M. B. Jones, of Elk City, Okla., were
visitors here lately.
Miss Maude Brandon, of Canyon City,
Texas, has purchased an interest in the
Portales Herald.
""The county Democratic convention is
called to meet at Portales on March 12,
for 'reorganization of the Democratic
executive committee of Roosevelt coun
Oldest Settler In the Estnncin Valley
Has Been There 31 Years
Estancia Personals.
Estancia, X. M., Feb. 2S. The Brum
back Abstract. Realty and Insurance
company has filed articles of Incorpora
tion with the territorial secretary. The
new company is capitalized at $10,000,
Mrs. Minnie Brumback, W. E. Brum
back, of Estancia, and Chas. F. Easley,
of Santa Fe, being the incorporators.
Dr. C. J. Amble and Miss Lena R.
Booth, of this city, were married at Al
buquerque recently.
Miss Llllie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
M. Dow, who is attending school in Al
buquerque, visited home folks lately.
Wm. Mcintosh is probably the oldest j
I havintr eonif hprr om 31 vmts ar-n
The tOTrn of Mcintosh, was named in his
J honor.
Miss Ella Owen, formerly of Estancia,
but now a resident of El Paso, is here
looking after business interests.
Miss Mary Bethuram has returned
from Mountainair.
Dr. and Mrs. "W. E. Sunderland have I
been entertaining Mrs. Sunderland's !
mother, Mrs. Robert Reltz, of Moriarty
Epp Harris ras gone to southern Ari
Mrs. J. M. Carlisle, who has been in
Oklahoma, for several months, has re
turned, accompanied by her sister, Mrs.
Anna Rausin, and children.
TV. P. Comptonhas gone to Pittsburg,
J Okla
Willie Elgin, vice president of the Es
tancia Savings bank, has gone to Wash
ington. E. A. Duke has returned from a trip
through Florida, TexasLouisiana, Mis
sissippi, Alabama and Georgia.
R- D. James, of Houston, Texas, has
leased Joe Pettus's tailor shop.
Rev. H. lu Hoover left recently for
Albuquerque, where he will do evan
gelistic work.
J. S. Loughton, living near Estancia,
has purchased a potato planter. He will
plant a large acreage of potatoes this
Lakcwood Contractor to Build 3Ietho
dlst Church at Dayton Xctvs
Notes and. Personal Mention.
Dayton, N. 3L, Feb. ' 28. J. Bishop
has bought the Dayton telephone sys
tem from Messrs. VanEpps and Jorns
and has assumed the management.
W. A. Wiseman of Lakewood has been
awarded the contract lo construct the
Methodist building, and work will be
commenced at oace.
The family of W. H. .imi.? lias ar
rived from Kansas and will occupy
their new home In the-north, part of
A letter 'from J. R. Yates, from Man
son, la., announces that his father, to
whose bedside he was called, died the
day before his arrival.
Miss Ruth Kennelley, of Morrillton,
Ark., is the guest of Mrs. T. "W. Crock
ett. Mrs. J. W. Worthen left lately for her
former .hpme at Sheridan, Ark., where
she will spend several months.
I. A. Morgan has returned from a trip
to his former home in Nebraska.
Tularosa, X.' ?J., Feb. 26. Miss Min
nie Bourne, of Monterey, is working at
the central phone office, Miss Daven
port being sick.
Mrs. W. H. Cahill, of Mescalero, is
spending a few days in El Paso.
Frank Curry and Miss Marreguto
Prude have returned from Mescalero.
The young men gave an enjoyable
masquerade dance recently.
M. O. Stacks made a trip to Bent
W. E. Pitt was a recent visitor to
Johnnie Barrett is moving to the
house formerly occupied by A. J. Hall.
Martin Brown is moving down from
Bent, N. M.
Will Sanders was vlown- from the
Bent mine recently.
Miss Mae Sanders is suffering in
tense pain in her arm from vaccina
tion. Mr. Clnker is in town from Moun
tain Park w.itfh a load of Irish pota
toes. Susie Dnivenport is dangerously-ill.
Denton Slmms, of Mescalero. attended
I the recent masquerade dance.
3sFew Settlers at Soash
Howard County to "Votec
' on Liquor Question.
Big Springs, Texas, Feb. 28. Eighty
more home buyers came in on the Soash
special recently and purchased over 10,
000 acres of the Soash land.
The water tank at the foot of Bell
street Is being removed to make room
for the elegant $75,000 sandstone pas
senger " station. At least this is the
supposed location for the same. The
railway company has here 600 feet of
west frontage business property and
600 feet of1 north frontage business
property, that will quickly sell for over
$100 per front foot ir this passenger
station is located at the foot of Bell
The position of secretary of the Com
mercial club is yet open, and applica
tions addressed to president B. Reagan
will be considered.
Howard county will vote on the whis
ky or no whisky question March 8.
Three years ago the saloons were
closed here by a majority of 81 votes,
and this time it is expected the Pros
will win by a majory of 381 votes.
There has been more improvements here
the past three years, without any whis
ky saloons, than in any five years with
the saloons.
W. F. White, of Toyah, was in the
city lately.
Business has been so rushing on the
Rio Grande division tnat four new
stalls are being erected at the new
roundhouse and a carshed, that will
be 600 feet long, is now under con
struction. ROSWELL L0DSE
Ewes Bring Good Price In
creased Activity in
Farm Lands.
Roswell, N. M., Feu. 2S. -The mem
bers of the Roswell camp of the Mod
ern Woodmen of America are going
to have a grand bail as an annual
event, and the first one lis to be held
March 3. The committee in charge is
composed of O. D. Edmondson, Howard
Leland, H. B. Davis, "W. W. King, Evan
Johnson and Frank L. Smith.
DouLs Mermeke has sold and deliv
ered to W. Duke 1000 fine Marino ewes
and to John Chesser 500 ewes of the
tame- breed, borne of uicm biuu0..i
rr head, and none were sold for much
Ain'ong the recent real estate trans
fers here are the following:
J. Li. Thompson to J. E. Thompson,
half interest in 22 acres, about two
miles east of Roswell, for $1775.
W. T. "Wells o A. Bramdes, for $25,
000t 75 foot frontage on Main street, be
tween Walnut and First, with two story
building, full frontage.
G. A. Davisson, north 75 feet of lot 4,
block 2, Alameda Heights, and 34 lots
in Melrose Heights, to J. H. Mulroy,
for $8500.
W. C. Rogers to O. J. Champion, 320
acres, five miles southwest of Lake' Ar
thur, for $22,400.
T. B. Tillotson. 200 acres, close to
Elk, to B. Cleve, for $So00.
F. Large to W. 'Hunter, 162 acres,
, uuuui. xi nines nortneast or jjexter,
east of the Pecos river, for SS000.
L. L.. Shore et al. to C. A". Svoboda,
300 acres, some four miles northwest
of Dexter, for $26,500.
C. 1". Baldwin, 40 acres close to Green
field, to D. B. Hoiman, for $7500.
Artesian Valley Land company to J.
O. ilcCray, SO acres close to Lake Ar
thur, for $S000; to A. R. Grant, 20
acres adjoining above, for S2000; and
to J. "W. Chalfant, for $4000, 20 acres
adjoining ilcCray tract.
South Spring Ranch and Cattle com-
Certain Proof Will Be Made That
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Cure
Stomach Trouble.
A Trial Package Sent Free.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, are made
to give to the system, through the di-'
gestive tract and the stomach, the nec
essary chemicals not only to digest
food, but to enrich the fluids of the
body so that it may no longer suffer
from dyspepsia or other stomach trou
ble. We will &end you a quantity of these
tablets free, so that their power to
cure may be proven to you.
Thousands upon thousands of people
are using these tablets for the aid and
cure of every known stomach disease.
Know what you put Into your stomach,
and use discretion in doing so.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain
fruit and vegetable essences, the pure
concentrated tincture of Hydrastis,
Golden Seal, which tone up and
strenghen the mucous lining of the
stomach, and increase the flow of gas
tric and other digestive juices; Lactose
(extracted from milk); Nux, to
strengthen the nerves controllng- the
action of the stomach and to cure ner
vous dyspepsia; pure aseptic' Pepsin of
the highest digestive power and ap
proved by the United States Phamaco
poela. One of the" ablest professors of the
University of Michigan recently stated
that this Pepsin was the only aseptic
pepsin he had found that was abso
lutely pure free from all animal im
purities; Bismuth, to absorb gases and
prevent fermentation. They are deli
clously flavored with concentrated Ja
maica Ginger in itself a well known
stomach tonic.
Liquid medicines lose their strength
the longer they are kept, through
evaporation, fermentation and chemical
changes, hence Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets are recognized as the only true
and logical manner of preserving the
Ingredients given aoove in their fullest
If you really doubt the power of
these tablets, take this advertisement
to a druggist and ask his opinion of
the formula.
It is due your stomach to give it the
ingredients necessary to stop its trouble.
It costs nothing to try. You know what
you are taking, and the fame of these
tablets prove their value. All druggists
sell them. Price 50 cents. Send us your
name and address 'and we will send you
a trial package by mail free. Address
F. A. Stuart Co., 150 Stuart Building.
Marshall, Mich.
fa This FairP
Pure Creamery Butter, 3 for $1.00
Fresh Eanch Eggs," 2 doz. for : 55c
English Walnuts, OTfc
par lb UC
Soft Shelled Almonds, f
per lb UC
Prunes, ey jj"
3 lbs. for dtOC
Extra Large Prunes, 55
2 lbs. for &DC
Evaporated Peaches, j r
per lb 1UC
Evaporated Apricots, e p
2 lbs. for 3C
Evaporated Apples, 2 lbs. ftp
for bDC
.Fancy Seeded Rafisins, c p
2 lbs. for . ZDC
Broken Head Rice, gy p
5 lbs. for dC
3 lbs. Butter Beans, 5Ef
for .-...wDC
"3 lbs- Black Eved Peas o p"
for 25C
"Barrington Hall" Steel Cut A f
Coffee, per lb WC
Blue Ribbon Coffee, - j g
per lb 3 3 C
75c Qualitv Bulk Teas, CLt
our price, per lb. .v DUC
fof!5-.0" iSOc
5 gals. Gasoline q f
for ODC
"We are in our new store, at
one and onehalf blocks east
Transfer Station.
Standard Grocery Co.
Phones Bell 901; Auto 1901.
pany (estate' of J. J. Hagerman, de
ceased.) to J. Goodsell et al., for S4000,
10 acres in Hagerman Orchards; to H.
C. Goodsell. for $5600, 10 acres la
same; to O. Goodsell, for $4800, 10 acres
in same. ;
Links May Be EnlarRed Soon Bisbee
Doctors Fear Epidemic of
Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 2S. Steps have
been taken to start work at the Coun
try club ground in order to beautify
the place. Additional trees have been
brought to the spots where they will !
be planted, and, though not officially ,
anounced, it Is believed that the ground
will be enlarged before next summer.
The Instalation of the new electric
pump at the city well in Tombstone can
yon has been completed and the pump is
now being operated.
A creat manv children, imostlv baiiips
have been affected with bronchitis dur- I
ing the last few days. The effects of
the disease have been fatal for some
babies, and the local medical Istaff is
afraid of an epidemic 1
Steward Russell, of the Country club,
has resigned and will leave in a few
days for El Paso, Texas.
Engineers', Draughtsmen,
Instruments and Supplies
Catalog on Request
Fred J. Feidman,
&gzXnSGt&jBB rJ
Japan Head Rice, rtg
4 lbs. for " OC
4 2-lb. cans Tomatoes ftp
for OC
25c variety Canned Fruits,
for sale -at IOC
3 3 -lb. cans Monarch. d ff
Out Asparagus, for tP JL j 3
3 1-lb. cans Pink Salmon ft gj
for ............. w
2 cans Red Salmon ng
for OC
12 lbs. Irish Potatoes O g
for uOC
100 lbs. Fancy Irish
Potatoes for
100 lbs. Pink Beans
50c Brooms A
3 lbs. Brown Sugar ft g
for tfuDC
3 lbs. Powdered Sugar ft J
"3 lbs. Cut Loaf Sugar ft jg
for OC
4 oz. Bottles ilapleine CLVL
for ODC
2 pkgs. Buckwheat ftp
for faDC
Regal Syrup, OP
per qt &DC
208-210-212 St. Louis St.,
of e Postoffice and the
208-212 St Louis St.
lets. Druggists refund money if it
fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa
ture, is on each box. 25c
308 San Antonio
to Beat
lacional ,
iggffWfr 1

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