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Saturdav. March 5, 191(5.
airest Creations
Costumes, Dresses aad Silks That Tell of Fashions
Choice For Spring Authoritative Modes From the World's
st Fashion Marts, Shown in a Profusion Hitherto Unapproaehed
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Demonstration of the
"Popular'' Beaded Collar4
All next week in the Jewelry Department, a demonstrator
will tell you of the good features of the newest, most practi
cal and most artistic collar supporter- It does away with the
unsightly and uncomfortable boning, and at the same time is
Prices Range from 35c to $2.50 each
Coat Suit of Violet Serge $45.00
A beautiful model, made of fancy serge, in the new
violet. The coat is the favored 32-inch .length, with
long shawl collar, braided and inlaid with black
satin, and lined with peau de cygne. Two large fancy
buttons are used for fastening. The skirt is pleated,
with front and back panels, and braided to match
coat. An exclusive garment, and an excellent value
at 45.00.
Coat Suit of Sapphire Eolienne Silk 55.00
The coat is in the 34-ineh length, wilfli Tuxedo collar
and cuffs trimmed with black satin, piped with old
rose, and with a touch of gold braid. Two handsome
jeweled buttons are also used. A very effective
skirt, in full pleated style, untrimmed and very full,
a skirt whose beauty is its perfect hang. An exclu
sive model and 'an exceptional value at $55.00.
Coat Suit of Willow Green Serge $65.00
The material of this suit is a serge in a novelty effect
known as the "Indian weave," new and very effec
tive. The coat is the 34-inch length, semi-fitted, with
long shawl collar inlaid with black satin, embroid
ered in black and gold. The front, back and sleeves
of this coat are elaborately hand embroidered in self
colored silk. Deep tailored cuffs are used, with six
buttons of the material. The skirt is made with -graduated
overskirt, also embroidered, in silk. An unusu
ally smart style and exclusive, $65.00. 4
Coat Suit of Rose Violet French Serge
' In this handsome garment shows the coat in the 34
inch length, coliarless, and embroidered in an elabor
ate design in harmonious colors. Three large hand
made buttons are used for fastening and the coat is
lined with rich quality satin. The skirt.is in the grad
uated tunic effect, the front panel being embroidered
to match the coat. This exclusive suites a reproduc
tion of an imported model $75.00.
Tailored Suits $19.85
Values to $25.00.
A special lot of Tailored Suits, in cor
rect spring models, will be offered at
this price for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday no longer. "We include
in this lot many of our smartest style
suits, in serge, diagonals, shepherd
checks, tweeds and worsteds, worth
regularly up to $25.00
Tailored Suits $2985
Values to $37.50
Russian blouse and plain tailored
styles are offered in this splendid lot
for Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day. French serge, diagonal suitings,
English worsteds and novelties are
the materials used, some plainly
made, others elaborately embroider
ed. This group contains values up
to $37.50, for
special Pricing of
Two very special bargain are offered in one-piece
dresses, in light woolens, fancy silks, eta, in most
desirable new spring styles. iMpnday, Tuesday and
Wednesday we offer
Special lot Dresses, wirth to $25.00
Special lot Dresses, worth to $37.50 ...
Costume of Oriental Lace $52.50
One of the daintiest and most effective of the exclu
sive models shown this spring. Oriental lace in a
wonderfully rich design is used over soft silk.of deli
cate pink, with liberty satin crush belt, and cuffs, and
artificial roses. The skirt is in- the double flounce
style, and the bodice is of the allover lace to match,
making one of the most? charming costumes imagin
able $o2.50.
Costume of Baby Irish Lace $62.50
This costume, made of the Baby Irish flouncing, with
hand embroidered net panels, is one of our most at
tractive models. It is effectively designed, showing
the new graduated tunic effect to perfection. The
under-dress is of excellent quality white soft silk.
This also is an exclusive garment, a copy of a gown
designed bv one of Paris 's most famous modistes
Costume of Willow Green Rajah Crepe
This handsome garment is in the very popular "coat
dress" m6del one of the most clever of the season's
designs. Rajah crepe in the new willow green is the
material used, with pipings of emerald green, with
vestee of Persian embroidery, and gold buttons.
TTflnrI fvmTrrrnr?pvprI Ifnp-n VIIqi mnr r.n-ffc rcrf-Ti v-nl
lace edging, are also used. One of our smartest
styles $79.50.
Costume of Rose Violet Rajah Crepe
An exact copy of one of the Parisian models, em
bodying many of the season's novel features. The
long pointed overskirt the "Russian peasant effect
in waist and sleeves beautifully trimmed with hand
embroidered bands ehantilly lace yoke and under
sleeves the box pleated skirt held in below the
knees with five-inh hanr? rP "hanrl p-mlvrvvirlfnT- A
. remarkably effective exclusive model $135.00
Absolutely necessary to good dressing is a
corset moulded upon the right lines. The ef
fectiveness of many a handsome gown is lost
through careless corseting. Let us help you
make your Easter gown more satisfactory by
fitting you with a corset which is exactly sult
ry suited to your figure. Our expert fitters
will advise you and will fit the corset, making
such alterations as are required.
We are now showing correct spring styles in
Warners' Rust Proof, American Lady, Lyra,
"Nemo and Madame Irene.
Gossard's Front Laced
We are exclusive agents for Gossard's "Front
Laced Corset, the original and the only suc
cessful front laced corset made. There are
many imitations, but none have the same lines
or give the same satisfaction as does this
make. '
Oriental edging, insertion and
medallions, odd and matched,
1 1-2 to 8 inches "wide, regular
values to 50c- Monday and
Tuesday, a yard,
18 and .27-inch embroidered
flouncings of nainsook and
swiss, in unusually handsome
designs. Values up to $1.50.
Special lot or Monday and
Tuesday, a yard,
Handsome Dutch collars and
chemisettes of Point de Venice.
Baby Irish and Oriental lace, in
white, cream and ecru. Monday
and Tuesday, styles worth to
f oc
Imitation shell, large size, Bar
retter in handsome hand
carved effects. Values in this
lot are up to $1.25. Special
for Monday and Tuesday.
Dainty Lingerie, Hand Embroidered and Tailormade White Waists for S
It's a oYvnume -nleasnvp fm n el-ivn- fho
White Waists for summer. We know that the
styles are the most beautiful ever shown
that they fit p erf ectly that we've priced
them so fairly that if there's an advantage
either way it s in favor of the customer. There
are thousands of them here crisp, fresh,
dainty garments, right from the makers'
LINGERIE WAISTS Of fine lawns, enibroideied and trimmed
p" ?? EMBROIDERED Genuine hand woik on pure linens,
TAILOR-MADE WAIST Pure linen and madras, in the tailor
made styles $2.50 to $15.00.
The variety of style is great and the range of sizes is large
e"i i to PIcase and fit evry one. Early selections are ad
visable to secure just the right kinds.
91 I'M
by WS
.For the Easter Costume
Little things that help greatly in making up the satisfaction
of the Easter gown.
Tiie celebrated Fo'wnes Gloves in black, white and all prevail
ing spring colors. .
Kayser-s double finger tipped silk gloves in the wrist, or-16-button
length, plain or embroidered, in black, white and all
coloi -.
Fancy Neckwear
Daintiest styles of Jabots, Stocks and Collars in linen and
lawn, embroidered and lace trimmed.
Real Irish Crochet hand made collars. Jabots, Coat Collar
and Cuff sets and Dutch collars.
Very smart styles in natural and fancy .silks, showing many
new and noel shapes and trimming effects.
The "Onyx" brand of lisle -and &iik in plain, lace, and em
broideied effects to match all the spring shades, and in black
or white.
Jewelry Novelties
Fancy Brooches, Dutdi collar Pins, Jeweled Hat Pins. Jeweled
Braid Pins, Jeweled Combs, Gold Pin Sets, hand braided Hand
Bags, and scores of pretty novelties.
Shoes to Match the Gown
This season, Ave can match all the spring colors in stylish
low shoes.
UK magnificent stocks tell truly of our preparedness to meet all demands that are made upon
them for costumes for Easter. The enviable position that this store has attained as the undis-
nuted makers of 'El Paso's fashions is still further strengthened by the grand garments that a
come to it every day. Our endeavor to please--to win your approval, has spurred us on even
greater errorts to Dring to you mercnanaise or surpassing quality to piace oerore you garments rnar
will meet all the requirements of women of fashion. All womenkind is attracted to this store by
the brilliancy of it's splendid stocks by the assurance that here every need may be supplied by the conr
fidence, well placed, in the fairness of the prices and the genuine goodness of the merchandise we sell.
Silk and Woolen Dress Materials
Unusually handsome styles are found in this department styles suited to the taste of good
rvm-f-ifQ G Sale Monday and
tillipl 3 Tuesday In the Basement
54-in. White Diagonal, a yard .$2.00
54-in. White Serge, a yard $1.50
44-in. White Storm Serge, a yard 1.00
44-in All Wool Henriettas, a yard $1.00
Black and White Checks, 50c to $1.00
'Sliedwater" Fancy Foulards, yard $1.00
Czarina, plain and changeable, yard .". .'5c
Fancy Taffetas, new designs, vard. $1 00
19-in. All Silk Taffeta, all colors.......". .75c
Time now to put the little fellows into the comfortable garment and turn them loase.
JJiack and White Checked Silks $1.00
w bir.f.i .vjj
and pink and blue checks, neatly made of good quality gingham. fe Extra, values . !.4oC
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