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Saturday. Maxell 12, 1910
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& T
By Rene Mansfield
T took one ross to make the
winter hat. It -will take more
than a dozen to make the
smart spring and summer con
fection. A fashion that per
mitted a "woman to close her
eyes, drop a single blossom or bow or
rosette on some corner of a rakish shape,
stab the crown with a hat pin and sail
forth correctly bonneted would be neces
sarily short-lived. "Off with their un
adorned headgear 1" roared the powers
that be. Sotto voce: "It's bad for the
trade." So all signs seem to indicate
that we will stagger under cartloads of
blossoms before the end of summer. The
advance styles show moderation in their
tsse, as well as In tha4new shapes, how
ever, and though one model had pink
roses standing upright over the whole top
of the crown, surrounded by a heavy7
hedge- of white lilacs all of which sug
gested watering cans and pruning shears
the most conservative woman should be
able to find something to her liking.
New color schemes rather than new
shapes are the novelties of the season.
The Husslan turban that has been so
popular during the winter will take a new
lease of life, at least for the early spring,
appearing In straw, mallne, and some
times in silk, such as pongee, to match
the costume. These are trimmed with
flowers, sometimes in bunches at the side,
sometimes having garlands of tiny ross
festooned about them, sometimes having
the whole top of the crown made solid
of flowers. One striking turban of black
net had a crown of .this sort on which
j)!nk roses were used, the color being"!
softened by a loose veiling of net caught'1
in here and there with a tarn o shanter
The mallne turbans may have a cluster j
f flowers nestling In their perishabls
Good eatable bread,
Erencli Pastries,
Eancy Small Cakes,
Delicious Pies
Prompt Deliveries
425 iST. Oregon St.
210 B .Overland St.
The Old Eeliable
folds, or may "be given a jaunty dash by
shirred and wired maline simulating
wings. A delectable color harmony was
achieved by a bunch of ragged silk roses
in a pastel pink, crushed among the folds
of a pinkish lavender mallne turban.
The cavalier style with its wide brim
rolling gracefully on the left side, -4s per
haps the most popular shape for spring,
because of' Its particular adaptability for
flower trimming, and the larger sailor Is
much in evidence. ''Scarcely a hat of this
character is seen without a facing of
satin, velvet or taffeta. A novel feature
Is the covering of the top of the brim
with satin or velvet, the under part re
maining of the uncovered straw. When
the brim Is faced underneath often the
crown is smoothly covered with the same
material. Black maline and black net
are much used In the dress hats in the
cavalier styles, bound with velvet, satin
or cloth of gold. A bunch of roses 'and
violets formed the trimming of a moder
ate sailor shape which had the appear
ance of being made entirely from gold
braid about an inch wide, stitched flat
Leghorns, rolled easily at the side, or
turned up sharply at the back vie for
approval with the variations of the tri
corne which are used for both dress and
tailored hats. Hair and hemp shapes,
chip and Milans are greatly In demand.
For the street hats large bows of straw
or ribbon or velvet, made into the stiff
pump bow, give a perkiness to the some
times clumsy looking turbans. The long
popular mushroom brim, under which a
worfran might look like a demure mouse,
or an inquisitive squirrel, is seen no
more. It has been given a twist here
and a flare there till It has quite lost its
drooping reticence. But its off spring,
the poke bonnet is here, with huge bow3
at the back and gay roses to the front
that belie Its modest character. One of
these delightful creations was of pink
satin covered with ecru lace. A pink
Aigrette at the left and a huge bow of
brown velvet at the back formed the trim
ming. Sometimes demi-plumes are used
in the back in place of the bow. But a
note of warning should be sounded long
and loud. These fascinating chapeaux
are anything but fascinating above and
around a face that has lost the round
curves and the fresh color of youth.
Matrons and spinsters, beware!
The introduction of a touch of brilliant
scarlet on many of the newest hats
amounts almost to a craze. A band of
i ribbon velvet around the crown, a scarlet
I wing, a velvet facing the smartest hats
show these chic effects. The brilliant
poinsettia, whose velvet richness was so
striking against the fur turbans of win
ter, has blossomed into summer usage
with petals of silk and linen. Great
clusters of them are used at
the side of wide-brimmed
hats, falling over the up
turned brim and resting
on the hair. Cherries axe
the only fruit seen on the
hats as yet, but these are
used in striking ways. One
leghorn, of sailor shape,
had a fold of scarlet vel
vet around the crown, A
huge bunch of cherries was
fastened to the left side of the crown,
and through a slit in the brim a portion
of it was allowed to hang or rather
dangle over the ear.
' A Spanish turban, faced with black
velvet, was most effectively trimmed with
three black pompons from the center of
which sprang a scarlet aigrette. An
other turban of Tuscan straw was simply
decorated with a rosette of changs&bi
taffeta. These changeable effects it la
expected with be much used, especially In
the malines. Turban3 made entirely of
flowers are again being worn. Laca
flowers which are made of brussels lace
or fine maline formed into petals have the
Tegular flower centers and are used In tha
semblance of the cabbage rose, chrysan
themum or dahlia on many of the smaller
hats; The leaves are sometimes traced
with gold or silver veining to give tha
touch of metal so desirable.
The dress hats are developed In a wida
variety of net and lace. "Willow plumes
and aigrettes are used almost exclusively
in the trimming- and the Gainsborough
styles prevail. One stunning model Is ol
Milan straw, with the upper brim
covered with black velvet. It is caught
up sharply on the side with a white
heron aigrette and pink coral bead cabo
cfibn. Another charming hat that mada
one think of garden parties and Dolly
Varden, was a white silk hat In a droop
ing shape, covered entirely with black
Chantilly lace. At one side of the crown
the lace had been fashioned Into &
feathery bow, while at the other tiny
pink moss roses were snuggled into the
folds of the lace that encircled the crowH.
i 1 ,
ASA r3zS VvaafcSWH
$&Wtem l
kit - us
i- ii
i" . s a ?a
lS J3 Wr
0 gl lO
1 !&1J
and Supremacy
Our Openirij
Our display for Easter will assure
you the correct ideas as our purchases
early were light, as we did not want to ffive
the public the experimentals of inferior designers which
we wrould have to do to show lars:e assortment early, but
from now on the correct ideas will be shown as our representative will be in the
east selecting each day the new styles as they appear from only the best design- ,
ers of the country. Make
Your Headquarters.
Visitors all welcome.
223 San Antonio Street
!N"ever before, in the memory of El Paso
people, had such a display of millinery
been seen asrour Opening, which closes
this, evening, afforded. This demon
stration of authentic millinery has been 4
truly wonderful and the words of praise
and admiration heard on, all sides told
the stoiy of our supremacy. We wish
to thank El Paso women and those from
siuToimding towns who have visited us
during Opening Week for their cordial
appreciation or our efforts.
'Easter Exhibit
The coming week will be devoted to
further demonstrating that it is here,
beyond all question, that the Easter hat
can be most satisfactorily selected. An
ticipating that many of the handsomest
models would be sold during -Opening
Week, we arranged to have still newi-
styles arrive immediately. Manv of these will
next week and in coniunction with wh o ni
have and the artistic productions under IQss
sivy s supervision leave no doubt that here is
the Easter hat should be selected.
Our window displays, multiplied
hundreds, gives you some idea of
extent of our millinery offerings
to. . yOHIk
MfJ JMfe
'il 'wMjf I &-Ww Six B
iff mlfisgsM i fc - --i I
mam If
be in jJ 1 1 III
TQnrlir I. I 1 Sff II I
Gar- A mi Willi
where m hl Wfm n
111 I SI1K lnf'm n
Uy 111 ! lit t ml mm r I I
There seems to be an Idea In
some quarters that because this
is an exclusive illlijnery store
you must pay considerably more
here for a hat. This is radically
wronsr. On the other hand, be
ins an exclusive millinery store
and buying hats on a mammoth
sca'e. we are enabled to offer
better styles, better qualities, for
less money than any other store
in El Paso. Don't take our word
for it come in and see for your
self Make any comparison you
see fit we are content to rest on
your good julgment.
Bell FfeoHe 310j Auto 1S10.
! HI

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