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Friday, March 18, 191G.
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The Rea'al Buzz-Saw
A shoe is only as good as its worst part and we
are proving to a good many people by the use of the
Regal Buzz-Saw in our store windows that the
worst part of a shoe is pretty sure to be where the
eye cannot detect it and it is likely to be one of
those hidden parts which should stand for long
wear and shape-retention. -
Some of the weak spots of shoes which are merely
good-looking weak spots which cannot easily be
detected before purchase are poor innersoles, which
no consumer investigates; poor outersoles, which
are concealed beneath paint and finish; poor lasting,
which does not take the stretch out of leather ; poor
stitching, -which cuts partially through both welt and
Such shoes are made to sell, not to wear.
Direct responsibility of tanner and manufacturer
to the wearer is the only protection against such
Regals are made in the Regal factory, from leather
produced exclusively for Regal shoes, and they are
sold only from the 114 Regal shoe stores and sold
at the wholesale price.
We are thus directly responsible to you for any
hidden fault, and we therefore guard against such
faults by using the materials of $6 shoes in every
pair of Regals.
The "Window of the Sole" proves before you
buy that the particular Regal shoe that you are try
ing on is built -with genuine live oak-bark-tanned
The ccst of raw hides and leather ha3
been rapidly advancing fcr two years,
until now you have good reasons to be
suspicious of any shoe offered you at the same price as last year and
s. satisfactory explanation should be demanded. We maintained our uni
form $150 price for all Reeals as lone as possible even sacrifieine entirely
on certain Rejral styles the one small fair Regal profit, in the hope that
the cost of materials would ultimately decrease to a normal point; but
there is now no apparent likelihood of that outcome, and consequently
there has been just one of two thines for ua to do: eit-.er to stop makine
some lines of Regal chocs or else chares a price increased sufficiently to
balance their increased ccst. From the very beinnin we have consist
ently built into every pair of Regal shoes the b:st materials suited to
that particular style and. tvf shall never change that policy.
We guarantee-that in any Regal S3.53 model you will get absolutely the
best materials suited to that style.
Prisoners Lodged in Lincoln
Jail Carrizozo Plants
Carrizozo, N. M., March 18. Deputy
sheriff Balrd brought two prisoners
down from Corona and lodged them in
the county jail at Lincoln. One was i
Enrlbio Chavez, who is charged -with
staling a horse, nine miles north of
Yhite Oaks. He was bound oer to
await the action of the grand jury, his
bond being fixed at ?1500.
The other, Antonio Lente, had a hear
ing before justice of the peace Jones at
Corona, and was given six months in
the county jail, plus a fine of $100 on
che charge of wife beating.
The Carrizozo Townslte company is
setting out 600 shade trees along the
streets in Boulevard addition.
Miss Barton, of Alamogordo, has re
turned home after a brief visit with
ailss Fannie Collier.
A dance was given here in the opera
house St. Patrick's evening.
A, E. Cook has been commissioned by
the governor as special mounted police
man. A well dressed traveler with a big roll
of greenbacks and a literary hair cut. I
dropped off a freight here and tried to
pass himself off as the only and original
Jack Ixjndon. He was notified by the
officers to keep on moving.
J. C. Brokaw, rlghtofway agent for
ihe Colorado Telephone company, has
gone to Denver.
Attorney Hudspeth was a -visitor here
from "White Oaks.
The Home Missionary society met St-J
Patrick's day at the home of Mrs. M.
Sen for Style-BooK
Kail orders Promptly Filled
The larseet retell shoe business in. the -world.
114 stores in principal cities irora London to EanPraaciseo.
Lerner Shoe Co. pa5soss?
Rumored Southwestern "Will
Move Division There.
Yaughn News.
Vaughn, X. M., March IS. It is re:
snored here that the E. P, & S. W. will
shortly aicve its division point from
Duran to Vaughn, and -will move its
depot site some distance west of its
present location, and construct a more
substantial building.
C- H. Hicks has sold a cottage re
cently completed to Dr. Smith, who will
hring his family from Sance valley to
reside in Vaughn.
J. "K. Monroe has completed his gar
age and repair shop adjoining his hard
ware store.
Leonard A. Hardie is in Kansas City,
Hodges & Kobe are painting and put
ting other finishing touches to their
store building.
Mrs. E. G. McNabb, assisted by her
sister. Miss Bessie Eagan, entertained
sit cards. The house was beautifully
decorated with red and white carna
tions. A dainty three course luncheon was
served. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Dumas, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jef
fries. Dr. and Mrs, J. A. Methall,
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Eatherton, G. C Otis,
Messrs. Stone, Hardie and Hargis.
Favors were won hy Mrs. Duznas and
Mr. Hargis.
R.P. Bean Completes One Structure
and I Starting Another R. "W.
Smith Is Erecting Building.
Roswell, X. M., March IS. Fourth
street, between Main and Virginia
avenue, at the rear of the Citizens'
Xational bank, lacing the south side of
the co art house plaza, will ioon pre
sent a busy appearance.
The new building erected for the Ros
well Dally Record by R. P- Bean is one
of the best two-story houses in Ros
well. Mr. Bean will remove thelittle
building, eastof the Record office and
erect a new twp-story cement, steel re
inforced business house, 50x100. The
Record building cost $8500 and the new
building will cost Mr. Bean S14.000.
This will leave a small gap from the
new Bean building to the corner of
Fourth street and Virginia avenue,
where R. TV. Smith, owner of the Okla
homa building, on Main street, will
erect a modern two-story business house
75x100." This building, which will be
modern in every pparticular, will be
built mainly of material from the old
court house which was purchased by
Mr. Smith. This new building1 will cost
E. TV. Rhodes, a conductor for the
El Paso Electric Railway company, left
for San Antonio last evening to see his
daughter Annie, who is seriously ill at
the home of her grandmother in that
city. v
Governor Mills Issues Ee
quisition Double Wed
ding at Santa 6.
Santa Fe, X. M., March 18. Governor
Mills has issued a requisition on the
governor of California for Jackson V.
Isbetter, of Grant county, in custody
at Xrf)s Angeles, who escaped from the
penitentiary here, where he served a
two year sentence on the charge of
assault with a deadly weapon. Capt.
Fred Fornoff of the mounted police has
gone to Los Angeles to bring back the
Three suits for divorce and a double
wedding all in one day was a feature
here. The persons married were Miss
Anna A. Edwards and Dellroy Green, of
Cerrlllos, and who were attended by
Misses Ruth Green and Anna Ames.
The other wedding was that of Frank
Williams, of Glorieta, and Miss Eva I
Sherrod, of Tusucumbia. Ala- The best i
man was forest supervisor Thomas R.
Stewart and the matron of honor was
the bride's sister, Mrs. Stewart.
Adjutant general A. S. Brookes has
announced the following national guard
promotions: First lileut. Charles D.
Church promoted to captain; 2d Lieut.
Bertram H. Schwerdtfeger promoted to
first lieutenant; 2d Lieut. Elmer Marsh
promoted to first lieutenant, and first
sergeant Fernely "Wiley promoted to
second lieutenant. Capt. Frank R. Mc
Coy of the Third cavalry at Fort Win
gate has been designated by the depart
ment of war to inspect the national
guard of Xew Mexico, beginning on
March 30. Capt. E. A. Lohmnn of tho
Xew Mexico Military Institute was
designated to muster in the battery of
light artillery at Roswell on March 21.
Service has been secured upon terri
torial secretary Xathan Jaffe as agent
for the J. A. Ware Construction com
pany, building the Choctaw road in
Quay county. In the damage suit of
Felipe Ortega for $10,350, for alleged
injuries received.
Town Is Enjoying a Steady
Growth Many Improve
ments Made.4
Marfa, Tex., March 18. Although last
year the freight receipts at the G. H. &
S. A. depot at Marfa were the largest on
record, agent A. O. Hubbard states that
the freight receipts for January are 10
percent and for February 5 percent in
excess of last year. This is an indica
tion that the business interests of Marfa
and surrounding country are In a pros
peroui condition.
Marfa is enjoying a steady growth
and many improvements are being
made in the residence districts.
Mrs. Richard Shannon of San Antonio,
mother of Jas. A. Shannon, is here vis
iting her son and family.
R. E. Ii. Tyler was here from the
Alamito ranch recently.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Haw
thorne, a boy.
H. M. Daugherty made a trip to El
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Tolbert were in
Mai fa from the ranch.
C. W. Livingston came up from Al
pine to look after his Marfa interests.
Mrs- J- C. Darracott, of Shafter, has
been visiting friends in Marfa.
Rev. H. E. MIddleton will hold ser
vices at the Sanz ranch Sunday.
Attorney C. E. Spalding has been in
Austin on business.
T. B. Thaxton is home from a trip to
the Panhandle country and reports
crops in good shape In that section.
Pat McGovern, of the G. H. & S. A.
service, is home from Hotel Dleu, El
Paso, where he has been for some time
having an Injured hip treated.
The women of the Christian church
will hold prayer meeting every day next
week at 3 p. m. Percy Cross, the noted
Texas evangelist, will be here and begin
a protracted meeting, assisted by e Mrs.
Cross, singer.
TJncle Hick O'Xeal, an old time Mar
faite, was here on a visit.
Tax assessor Frank Russell, of Shaf--j
ter, has been in Marfa making tax
The improvement club of Fort Davis
will have a supper at the school xhouse
tonight, the proceeds to go toward im
proving the public school grounds.
Ernest Raeche will build a substan
tial residence in the Raeche addition to
T. B. Grace of El Paso is here.
E. H. Carlton, of Fort Davis, was tt
Gid Guthrie is here from his ranch.
Mrs. J. H. Taff and family, accom
panied by Miss A. Leverett, left this
morning for Fayetteville, Ark., for a
month's visit with relatives and friends.
H. H. Humphries has returned from
the Jordan marble quarries, east of
Marfa, and reports this industry In a
flourishing condition. v
not mi wsm ID GAS
Take a little Diapepsin now!
and your Stomach "will feel
fine five minutes later.
If your meals don't fit comfortably,
or you feel bloated after eating and
you believe it is the food which fills
you; if what little you eat lies like a
lump of lead on your stomach; if there
is difficulty in breathing after eating,
eructations of sour, undigested food and
acid, heartburn, brash or a belching of
gas, you can make up your mind that
you need something to stop food fer
mentation and cureIndigestion. t
To make every bite of food you eat
aid In the nourishment and strength
tion. Griping, etc. Your case is no
"different you are a stomach suirerer,
though you may call it by some other
name; your real and only trouble is
that which you eat does not digest, but
quickly ferments and sours, producing
almost any unhealthy condition.
A case of Rape's Diapepsin will cost
fifty cents at any Pharmacy here, and
will convince any stomach sufferer five
minutes after taking a single dose that
Fermentation and Sour Stomach is
causing the misery of Indigestion.
Xo matter if you call your trouble
Catarrh of the Stomach, Xervousness
or Gastritis, or by any other name
always remember that a certain cure Is
"waiting at any drugstore the moment
Citizens jSTame Candidates
Eoswell Win Is ot Play
Sunday Baseball.
Roswell, X, M., March 18. The candi
dates for city offices on the "Citizens'
No License" ticket, follow:
Mayor Dr. George T. "Veal.
Treasurer George M. Williams.
City Clerk Walter T!Paylor.
First Ward Councilmen, Dr. O. R.
Haymaker, J. A. Cottingham.
School Director M. S. Murray.
Second Ward Councilman, W. C.
Reld. x
School Director Frank Divers.
Third Ward Councilman, Clark D. DI1
3ey. School Director Ed S. Gibbany.
Fourth Ward Councilmen, J. H. Mul
lis, John C. Davis.
School Director W. "W. Ogle.
Fifth Ward Councilman. L. H.
School Director W. S. Murrell.
For the purpose of backing baseball
In Roswell this summer the Roswell
Amusement association has been organ
ized, with Otto Baumer president, Fred
Miller treasurer, W. P. Paylor secretary,
C. T. Leland manager of team, R. L.
Malone and Fred C. Hunt managers of
Roswell seems to be about the only
town in Xew Mexico that does not play
ball on Sunday, and the home team does
not expect to enter the Santa Fe Rail
road league, being formed by Santa Fe.
Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Clovls, Amarll
lo and other towns, which is to play on
ly on Saturdays and Sundays, but will
play the league on any other days In
the week.
.Battery A will go to the Mllne-Bush
pasture 'for its first regular mounted
drill next Wednesday in uniform, with
horses, cannons and caissons.
Tularosa, X. M., March IS. Joe Bren
non and son are here from Missouri
looking over the valley for a location.
C. Braunstien and Lonnle Johnson
passed through here from Highrolls on
their way to Oscura, looking for cat
tle. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goffroth and Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Goffroth are spending a
few days in the mountains.
A. Bailey is making some improve
ments on hi3 claim. ;
Miss Lillian Winders is visiting Miss
Morris jat Bent, X. M.
Naco, Ariz., March IS. R. D. Clancy,
D. P. Clancy, John Young and J. Evans
returned today to the Samp Rosa .gold
and sliver mine at Sojiora, Mexico, af
ter a week's visit to Xaco and vicinity.
A shipment of ore is said to be the
original cause of the visit to the United
States. Good smelter returns have been
received by the company.
V. R. Greaves justice of the peace for
several years at Xao. now at Miami.
Ariz., is visiting his "son, Vernon
Greaves and family, at Xaco.
A-v r
if' ' "" i' i -
w '. r" .a w
5: C'x'-'
til taster
and every man and boy will
want a new suit for Easter
If you will see the styles, qualities and prices that
our men's and youths' clothing carry we feel sure
we will sell you your Easter suit. Our prices begin
for highest priced suits at $27.50, $25.00, $22.50,
$20.00, $18.50, $17.50, $16.50, $13.50, $12.50 and down
to $8.50.
Beys' Clothing Specials
$10.00 strits for Toys, sizes 12 to 17,
made of fine worsted; special
$8.50 suits for boys, sizes 10 to 17,
made full, peg top pants; on sale at. .
$7.50 boys' suits, made of good class all ri g Qg
wool worsted; on sale at J50a70
$6.50 suits for boys, sizes 9 to 17,
made of "wool "worsted, for
$5.00 suits for boys, came in colored Q QC
worsted, large range of patterns, for J)020
$4.00 suits for boys, colored worsted
good, strong values; on sale at
Blue Serge Suits, pure all wool serges, for boys, in
full run of sizes, for
$3.50 $5.00 $6.50
Best 25c
and 15c
Stockings for
Ballard & Go,
Boys' Shirts
Waists .
25c to 75c
400 acres two miles west of Greenfield
for $18,000.
Judge Pope Holds That
$heep Must Be Kept
Away From Cattle Wat
ering Places Cattle Men
Roswell, X. M., March 18. Persons
who attended the hearing of the case of
C. TV. Merchant & Sons vs. Alston
Brothers, of Portales, say the latter
were granted ihe right by judge Pope's
decision, to run their sheep on the fine
range in the east part of Eddy county,
which Merchant & Sons had improved,
because they have leased watering places
tliat were developed on that range by
Christmas & Williams. But Olston, broth
ers are not to allow their sheep to go
within half a mile of ans' of the water
ing places of Merchant & Sons.
The latter have filed notice of appeal
and will carry the case to the supreme
court of the United States If they lose
in the lower court-
Capt. "Warren S. Barlow, TJ. S. A., re
tired, has by direction of the president,
been reappointed to the position of pro
fessor of military science and tactics at
the New Mexico Military institute by Maj.
Gen, J. Franklin Bell, chief of staff, for
four years from June 1 nexr.
Capt. Michael H. A. Lenihan, general
staff. U. S. A., is to inspect the New
Mexico Military institute this year and
is expected here about April 15.
J. S. Lenox, of Koswell, lost a $5000
auto in the fire that recently destroyed
the Abney garage at Big Springs, Tex.
He had Jul traded a tract of land for
the auto.
P. Engdahl paid C N. Sonnesyn $2000
for 160 aeres six miles southwest of Ros
well. J. O. Douglas bought 240 acres some
seven miles west of Lake Arthur from
J. T. Brooks for $2076, and Mr. Brook3
bought of TV. S. Mann 320 acres in the
same vicinity for $6400.
R. B. Metcalf et al. sold C. A. Chance
T Col. Charles IL. Ballard. Saeriff f
Chaves Coeaty, 3T. 31., Ready to
RellnqHisk Office.
Roswell, N. M., March IS. Col,
Charles L. Ballard, after serving two
ternjg as sheriff of Chaves county, says
he would not have the office again for
the asking. Mr. Ballard was a rough
rider and stayed with the service until
It became a matter of history.
He joined the 11th cavalry and with
the commission of lieutenant he went
to the Philippines and stayed there lor
IS months. He got to be "colonel" by
being on the staffs of governors Kager
man and Curry. Today he holds the im
portant position as president of the
Cattle Sanitary board of Xew Mexico.
He was a member of theupper house In
the New Mexico legislative assembly fi
1905, being elected from the 9th dis
trict. Mr, Mallard has been a resident
here for years. The Chaves county
sheriff Is a close personal friend o't
former president Roosevelt.
of your body, you must rid your Stom-J--you decide to begin Its use.
ach of poisons, excessive acia ana
stomach gas which sours your entire
meal interferes with digestion and
causes so many sufferers of Dyspepsia,
Sick Headache, Biliousness, Constipa-
Pape's Diapepsin will regulate any
out of order Stomach within five min
utes, and digest promptly, without any
fuss or discomfort all of any kind of
food you eat.
Carlsbad, X. M., March IS. At an ad
journed meeting of the city council the
contract for the laying of 8750 square
feet of concrete sidewalk was let to
Pockllngton Bros., at 15 cents per
square foot. The work is to begin at
At the same meeting the council
passed an ordinance placing the ban on
chickens running at large. The rights
of garden growers and flower bed own
ers aro declared to be paramount to
those of chicken fanciers, especially
when the latter neglect to "fancy."
Is printed on the outer wrapper of every bottle of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
and it is the only medicine for woman's peculiar ailments,
sold by druggists, the makers of which feel fully warranted
in thus taking the. afflicted into their full confidence
The snore Imown about the composition of
Br Pierce's Favorite Prescription the more
confidently will invalid women rely upon it
to cure their peculiar weaknesses and de
rangements. There's no secrecy about its
make-up no deceptive inducements held out
to the afflicted. It's simply a good, honest,
square deal medicine with no alcohol, or
injurious, habiuforming drugs in its compo
M"7'. mane wholly from roots. It can do no harm in any
condition of woman's organism.
Devised and put up by a physician of vast experience in the treatment of woman's
maladies Its ingredients have the indorsement of leading physicians in all
schools of practice.
x The 'Favonte Prescription7 ' is known everywhere as the standard remedy
xor -diseases ot women and has been so regarded for the past 40 years and more.
tW,W nostrum in place of ctFavorite Prescriptionn a medicine OF
KNOWN COMPOSITION, with a record of 40 years of cures behind it.
It's foolish and ofteiTdangerous to experiment with new or but slightly tested
medicines sometimes urged upon the afflicted as "just as good" or better than
Favorite Prescription." The dishonest dealer sometimes insists that he knows
wnat tne Peered substitute is made of, butow don't and it is decidedly for your
interest mat you should know what you are taking into your stomach and system ex
pecting it to act as a curative. To him its only a difference of profit. Therefore,
insist on having Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
bend 31 one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailing only on a free copy of Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Adviser, 1008 pages cloth-bound.
World s Dispensary Medical Association. Proprietors, R. V. Pierce, M. D.,
President, Buffalo, N. Y.
Naco, Ariz., ilarch 18. It. T. Prazler
brought in from ilexko 25 head of fa
beef cattle.
The dry farmers seem to have the best
of it. F. AT. Abrams, Chase Lt Puidy,
Parks and other dry farmers have re
cently sold their grain and hay at good
Attorney AL J. MoKelligon, of Bis
bee, is here.
George "W. Megrew, resident engiaesr
of the Southern Pacific of Mexico, is la
Miss Bae Soto, of "WiUcox, Ariz., is
in Naco.
Mrs. T. B. Wilcox is here from Dong
las. Eugene H. Stover, superintendent of
public schools of Cochise county, Is ia
Koswell, N M., March IS. D. Y. Tom
linson, jr., who has been local man
ager here for four years tor Swift &
company, has announced his intention
of seeking the Democratic nomination
as assessor of Chaves county. Tom
llnson. who has been a resident of Ros
well for 11 years, has never before en
tered politics.
Clifton. Ariz.. March IS. The Bald
win block on Copper avenue has been
remodeled from basement to the upper
story. .
Tom Norquay has returned from fin
ishing his assessment work in the Car
lisle district and reports mining in
terests there lively
Charley Wright has purchased the
upper Chase Creek blacksmith shop.
Clifton is putting in a sewer maia
from lower Chase Creek under the rail
road tracks.
"From the Hen to the Home"
Can supply two more regular
customers 2 to 4 dozen eggs
per week. Regular trade only
solicited, as our hens lay eggs
the year round. Phone 2567.
L. WEST, Manager

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