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Monday, March 21, 1910.
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Today's News of the Great Southwest
LSkI liKllLLMl f!T.nVT.RT?nP . TT2P.TW I.IIkHIIIII HnRW Concrete block manufacturer ft! A Tl i 0 A Hi ITft Di I I HJI
ufiiL u nuuLU umi lulu ini
Miss Maud Abbott ,of Mon
terey, Is Thrown Twice
and Injured.
Monterey, X. 31.. March 21. While
out riding Sunday afternpon Miss Maud
Abbott Tvas thrown from her horse
twice and seriously bruised. The first
time she was thrown her horse ran
into I. O. Wetmore's buggy. She was
thrown into the buggy, The horse be
came frightened and the buggy was
overturned and marked up consider
able. Mr. Wetmore escaped wit-bout
injury, but Mrs. Wetmore had her hip
pretty badly hurt. Miss Abbott es-,
caped with a few bruises and scratches.
She agin mounted her t horse and
started up the street. The horse got
scared at a piece of paper and jumped
from under her. Her foot caught in
the stirrup and she was dragged con
siderable distance. ,Her horse -was
finally stopped by 3Iiss Midge Bourne
who assisted her In getting nome.
By Dr. Powell of Elsberry,
Mo., Mrs. Eastin's Family
Her father, Mr. E. L.. Rogers, sick
with Consumption six months, had
been cured, and her family physician
said that she should. by all means,
take the same treatment at once,
which she did with the result that she
wrote the following letter on October
IS. 1909, after having takan our Anti
toxin twelvet weeks:
Reason for. yourself would differ
ent members of the same 'family take
our Antitoxin unless satisfactory re
sults had" been obtained in the first
case? Read Mrs. Eastin's letter:
Elsberry, 3ro.,, Oct. 18, 1909.
Wright-Duering Antitoxin Co..
St. Louis. 3Io.
Dear Doctor I can cheerfully recom
mend your Antitoxin' treatment to any
one who is a sufferer of Tuberculosis,
as I have' been I was sicx about six
months had gone to three physicians
two of thern said they could do nothing
for me one gave me medicine, but I got
no relief. My father had gone to you
and had been cured, and I decided to do
likewise. I began taking your treat
ment February 12th, and from the first
began to feel better. When I began
to "take your Antitoxin I weighed 106
pounds took the last dose May 14, 1909,
and in those twelve weeks had gained
fourteen and a half pounds.
Am now able to do all my own work,
and feel as well as I ever did. Hoping
this letter "will help those Tvho are af
flicted to a cure, I Temain your "friend. 1
Mrs. Eastln, dike all our former pa
tients, is enthusiastic over the results
of the cure effected In her case, and
wrote the above letter hoping to help
some other unfortunate sufferer to a
Tou who are sick with Consump
tion, or threatened with it, can not
afford to go on doctoring with various
remedies long since proven worthless.
Antitoxin for the cure of Diphtheria
cures! Antitoxin for the cure of Tet- Gutierrez. Maniel Sena, Jesus Ma. Cam
anus cures! Antitoxin for the cure i Ps. Nicolas Castello, Torbio Salas,
of Rabies cures! And our Antitoxin 1
for Tuberculosis cures! But we
wish to state emphatically that the
"Wright-Duerinjr Antitoxin for the cure
of Tuberculosis is the only Antitoxin
made for the cure of Tuberculosis,
and, further, that anyone who claims
he uses an Antitoxin for its cure
makes false claims as our Antitoxin
Is the only one made, not only in this
country, but In the world, and should
not be mistaken for Tuberculin or 'the
Mercury treatment, or any of the oth
er socalled cures that are being held
out to the public Our Antitoxin is a
true serum, manuiactured and con--!
trolled only by ourselves. It can be
procured only here in our office, or at
some one of our branch offices, where
you -will find it presented as the
"VTright-Duering Antitoxin. Don't de
lay, but investigate our claims at
once, then if you find them satisfac
tory, come to us.
"We have established offices for the
Wrlght-Duerlngr Antitoxin company in
El Paso, San Antonio and Dallas. Texas,
for the purpose of demonstrating- what
our Antitoxin treatment for the 'cure of
Tuberculosis will do under the most
favorable climatic conditions. The wis
dom of the move has already been
shown. The results are more appar
ent, and come In less time than in the
less favorable climate. "We have un
der treatment already many cases that
are showing most satisfactory improve
ment, and will result in cures more
readily than those effected in the north
where all our demonstrating was done
before we opened in the southwest.
For further information and full
particulars, -.consultation and examina
tion, call on or address,
The Wriskt-Dnerins Antitoxin Co.,
Suite 30. Third floor, City National
Bank Building, El Paso, Texas. Dr. T.
Marion Stotts, physician In charge.
Office hours from 10 i a. to 4 p. m.
Sundays from S s. m. to 10 a. m. for
office treatment.
There is more food value in one quart
of El Paso Pure Milk than there is in
one pound of the choicest porterhouse
steak. El Paso Pure Milk Is pure milk.
It comes from inspected, contented cows,
and is treated by the most scientific
methods. Delivered to you in sterilized
elr-tight bottles.
El Paso Dairy Co.,
Pboaes: Bell 340; Anto 1158.
Office 313 -S". Oreou
Write for Catalogue of v
Business Is Finished at Por-
tales Prohibition Ticket
in the Field.
Portales, X. 31., 3Iarch 21. Court has
adjourned here and judge Pope con
vened court at Clovis today. The prin
cipal case of interest was that of Ed.
Harwell for murder of C. A. Peck, of
Le Lande, resulutlng In acquittal. Di
vorce was granted Jessie Palmer versus
Edward Talmer. The case of the terri
tory vs. H. J. Horton was dropped with
privilege to reinstate; territory vs. S. F
Ford was continued; territory vs. John
H. Fort, continued. The case of the
territory vs. Anastacio Trujillo, on a
charge of forgery, resulted in a hung
The first ticket for town officers for
election April 5, is making the race on
the platform. "A business administra
tion and upholding ,the prohibitory
law." The ticket in full is:
For mayor T. J. MolinarL
For clerk Ben Wood.
For trustee G. W. Carr (two years).
For trustee J. B. Sledge (two years).
For trustee T. M. Laster( one year).
For trustee C. F. Anderson (one
T. 31. Haster and Nat "Wise are off
for an extended trip to old 3Iexico.
liricklayers are rapidly putting up 1
the walls of the waterworks power
plant, and they have also commenced
concreting the sewer well In the school
Portales High school won the joint
debate with the Clovis High school.
Frank Wapas, of Turner postofflce.
and 3Iiss Bertha Hawk were married
here by judge Seay.
Mr. Mitchell, a concrete worker, while
working at the pump pit was quite se
verely hurt by falling into It, three of
his ribs being broken.
J. A. Fooshee, of the Warren-Fooshee
company, was -in Portales to close the A
contract with W. H. Snell for the erec
tion of the new brick store building
for that firm. ,
A number of 3Ielrose citizens, includ
ing Eugene B. Peck, editor of the Mel
rose Enterprise; C. 31. Matheuy,- S. D.
Hamilton, C. A. Browning aicT J. 3L
Harris, visited Portales to investigate
the results of the Irrigation project
thus far. They were well pleased .and
encouraged In their own enterprise,
which is also being handled by the
"Western Construuction company.
W. W. Humble, an? old Portales resi
dent, has located on four sections of '
school land, bought from the stn'te last
Santa Rosa, X. M., March 21. The
following jurors have been drawn for
the April term of the district court
which convenes in this city April 4:
Grand jurors Ignaclo Armijo, Ce
lestino Sandoval, Epifiano Duran, Don
aciano Lucero, Juan B. Casaus, David
3Iarquez, Perfecto Sandoval, Louis N.
La Testu, Julian Duran, Juan Montoya, j
Vicente sancnez, tosenao Jiaana,
Abran Cordova, Ed Huff, Pedro Car
ter, Juan Gonzales, Xestor Baca, Be
nito Nelson, Felix R. Lucero, Onofre j
Zamora, and Pedro Martinez.
xaiesraen .a. j- xiaie, XLimiuo tru
lerrez, G. 31. "Vandiver, Manuel B:
Baca, V. B. Hill, Roman Labadie, Nes
tor Sena, Anastacio Valencia.
Petit jurors Guillermo Sierra, Em
ilio Vasquez, Tomas TJrioste, NtKter
Pedro Luna, Jesus Aguilar, James
Reynolds, Desiderio Pacheco, Jose An
gel y Nieto, Jose Ignaclo Cordova, Jose
Amado Martinez, Pablo Romero, David
Crespln, Jesus Jaramillo, Sotero 3Iar
quiz, Inez Pinon, Fidel Aragon, Doro
teo Vigil, W. W. Weddlngton, Fidel
Talesmen C. TV. Foor, Placido Baca
y Baca, A. E. Smith, 3Ianuel Chavez,
Eliceo Armijo, J. D. King, Cres. 3Iar
quez, Roman Lopez, Donaciano Gon
zales, Geo. H. Smith, jr.
John S. Taylor, of Fort Sumner, N.
3L, was a Santa Rosa visitor for sev
eral days.
M. Obert, of Vaughn, is spending a
few days in town.
Roswell, N. M-, March 21. The Easter
service of the Knights Templar on the
afternoon of Easter Sunday will be the
first meeting in the new Masonic tem
ple. Loose hay, too green to burn easily,
found In the huge woodpile in the rear
of the Star bakery, after the fire de
partment put out a fire in it, makes It
pretty certain that the blaze was of
Incendiary origin.
S. E. Allison, who bought the old
postofflce corner, 50 by 198 feet, from
tho Joyce-Pruit company, has been here
several days with G. A. Trost, an El
Paso arhcitect, preparing to have plans
drawn for the large building he is going
to erect. It will be two stories and a
Santa Fe. N. M., March 21. Census
supervisor Paul A. F. Walter was no
tified by the census bureau that 234
out of the 294 enumeration districts of
the territory are to be allowed the
highest rata of compensation for enum
erators $6 a day on account of the
prevalence of two languages and the
big distances to be covered.
The Flavor
Is Different
That is why
Burnetfs Vanilla
stands in a class by itself. For
nearly sixty years, Burnett's
Vanilla Extract has been the
recognized standard of purity and
excellence by. vhich all other
Vanilla Extracts have been judged.
Yoa may look the world over
and you will nerer find another
vanilla anywhere, quite so rich
and satisfying in strength or with
quite so rare and delicate a flavor.
Ask for It By Name accept
no other
Z D Z 0 fvl
Tailor Attempts to Extin
guish Fire Ball Team
Is Organized.
Carrizozo, N. M March 21. Fire
broke out in the tailor shop belong
ing to Fred Smith. The fire depart
ment responded promptly and soon ex
tinguished the flames. C. Reeder, a
tailor in the shop, had both hands
terribly burned trying to put out the
fire, which was caused by a gasoline
stove exploding. The rear of the store
was completely gutted by the fire and
several suits of clothes were burned.
The chemicals from the chemical en
gine slightly damaged the adjoining
barber shop.
A brother of fireman Dingwall has
arrived her from Comanche, Texas, and
will play an Infield position on the
baseball team.
The following officers have been
elected by the Baseball association:
Dr. E. B. Walker, president; H. B.
Dawson, secretary, and Waitman Jones,
manager and coach.
Walter Boehme is setting out 500
fruit trees on his ranch east of town.
F. U. Nelson Is here from Corona.
The Masons held a special meeting
at which a number of out of town
members were present.
Fireman G. M. Nelson has been trans
ferred from El Paso to Carrizozo.
F. C. Noessell. who until recently
was chief dispatcher here, has moved
with his family to San Antonio, Tex.
Engineer A- F. Blount, who was
recently transferred to this point from
El Paso, will move his family here in
a few days.
Engineer C. C. Benson is in Tucum
cari for a few days.
3Irs. Harry Chant, wife of car re
paiier Chant, will leave in a few days
for an extended visit to Dallas, Tex.
Engineer Croft and fireman Gunn are
I laying oft! for a few days.
Fireman, Sampson, who has been
working, out of El Paso, is now ,at
Carrizoso on the night switch en
gine. Flremaij 3L L. Hull is running the
switch engine during the absence of
regular switch engineer A. C. Heines.
F. W. Guerney, manager of the Car
rizozo eating house, tis visiting his
family In El Paso.
TV". C. McDonald has returned from i
the cattlemen's convention at Fort i
John Bowman was a visitor here
from Alamo.
TVm. F. A. Gierke is here from Lin
coln. Engineers John Ulery and Jimmy
3IcGowan have returned from a four
months leave of absence to points in
South Africa.
Fireman G. E. Crawford has been i
transferred from El Paso to this point
and Is assigned to service between here
and Duran.
Conductor Tiffany, engineer Ulery,
brakemen 3IcGraw and Butler and
fireman Dingwall have been assigned
to the new local run between here and
3Irs. C. S. Jones, wife of engineer ,
Jones, is visiting in Tucumcarl..
Car repairer E. E. Smith Is lh El
Carmen Cahander and West have re
turned from Temporal.
Eoswell Orders the Walks
Widened From 10 to 16
Feet on Main Street.
Roswell, ST. M., Marcn 21. In the
second debate of the question "Resolved
that it is to the best interests of the
United States to build and maintain a
larger navy," between Cecil Bonnev,
Dillard Wyatt, and Willis Anderson, of
the Roswell high school, and cadets
Murray, Blodgett and Coulson of the
Xew Mexico Military Institute, the
judges, W. C. Reid, J. M. Hervey and
Albert Henry, decided in favor of the
high school.
R. L,. Miller, proprietor of the new
thred-story reinforced concrete hotel
Mont Miller, has ordered $12,000 worth
of furndture for ihe'new house.
W. W. Gatewood and soninlaw R. L.
Graves did not like the actions of a man
they saw loitering about their resi
dences and had him arrested. Although
he insisted that he was merely waiting
for a woman who works in that neigh
borhood, the fact that he had a revolver
on his person, was sufficient to cause
justice "Welter to fine him $50 and cost's.
The city council has ordered property
owners on both sides of Main street
from Walnut to Fifth, a distance of
five blocks, to widen the 10 foot side
walks to 16 feet. Main street is 100
feet wide and this will leave the' road
way 68 feet wide.
Judge Wm. R. Pope went to Clovis
today to open the spring term of dis
trict court for Curry county.
Sierra Blanca, Texas, March 21. R.
Ii. Marshall Is erecting a neat building
on Main street and will move his racket
store from the Gan building into it
when completed.
Walter Lester, an employe of the
Brown News company, has resigned
his position with that company at this
A. "V. Oden has returned from San
Mrs. D. A. Dodds, a real estate deal
er, made a business trip to Abilene
Texas. '
Abe l,ewls is here from Mexico
spending a few days at home with his
Mr. and Mrs., Walter Mayfield ard
children are spending a few days on
the river.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gardner are In
from their ranch near here.
Mrs. W,. R. Brigs and baby are visit
Ing in El Paso this week.
Santa Fe, N. M., March 21. R. jj.
Boulware and H. B. Johnson have filed
applications in the office of territorial
engineer Vernon L.. Sullivan for a water
power project to cost $1,200,000, and
asking for 100 second feet of the Gila
river in western grant county
Concrete block manufacturers
should write our home office
concerning prices, etc. Several
inquiries made for building
material by customers who
will build at Lobo, Texas.
On the Southern Pacific
has purchased several thousand acres of land in the VA2 HORN VALLE,
iJllIUU.iii0 tiaiu juiiuuuu 0 v- ,,u
They are going- to spend several thousand dollars in developing and improving ;contemplate 'greeting residences and stores immediately. A company is or
the town of LOBO, and will .build a school churches etc, macadaimze several x, ganfefog establish a large department store at Lobo, early this summer.
ST-reuLb Ul Laic lxmwi .uiu win Jiiu.nt;
terprises that will be beneficial to
wlridi will be erected AT ONCE- This will be advertised as a health and
pleasure resort by the S. P. R. R., which insures thousands of visitors annually
for sale at from ,$40 to 225 per lot, on terms of ?5 or $10 cash, and the bal
ance in monchly payments of
We "will make a very good of
fer to a good firm who will
establish a lumber yard at
Lcbo, Texas.
Alfalfa Eaneh -Sells For
$12,500 Town May Be
Barstow, Texas, March 21. At " a
special meeting of the Barstow Com
mercial club the following officers
were elected for tho enstr.ng year: F.
P. Ingerson, president: W. S. Elkin,
vice president: P. A. Hayes, secretary;
Burch Carson, treasurer; board of di
rectors, W. A, Sewell. P. G. Benjamin,
P. A. Black, James Miller and T. B.
Anderson; committee on advertising,
P. A. Black, Jas D. Ramsey and Jno.
Miller. J. E. Storley w,as appointed a
committee of one to attend the Texas
irrigation congress to be held In Fort
Worth April 5 and 6.
E. L. Stratton, of Chicago, has ar
rived here In his private car loaded
with homeseekers.
E. E. and J. A. Hartshorne came in
a big touring car from Malaga, N. M.
H. S. Barstow has purcnased the C.
E. Nichols alfalfa farm of SO acres.
i consideration $12,500.
xne .tug vauey lmganon uuiuyaujr
has been placed In the hands of a re
ceiver. Burch Carson, of this city, is
the appointee.
The dredge machine is on the home
stretch, having about one mile more
of' canals to dig. This work has been
done during the last 10 months and is
composed of about J5 miles of drain
age canals IS feet wide and eight feet
deep on an average, and has cost the
county $50,000.
There is a move on foot to incor
porate the town of Barstow, which will
be submitted to the people as soon as
boundaries can be agreed upon.
Roswell. N. M., March 21. At the
rooms of the Commercial club 28 bank
ers and capitalists of Ohio, Pennsyl
vania and New York were entertained
and received by the representative citi
zens of Roswell. The affair was an in
formal smoker and banquet.
Charles A. Otis, owner, proprietor and
publisher of the Cleveland News, of the
banking firm of Otis & Hough, of
Cleveland, who' bought the bonds of the
Milne-Bush tract of $325,000, was one of
th visitors.
Sticking to a Habit "When It Means
Old King Coffee knocks subjects out
tolerably flat at times, and there is no
possible doubt of what did it. A Mich,
woman gives her experience:
"I used to have liver trouble nearly
all of the time and took medicine which
relieved me only for a little while. Then
every once in a while I would be sud
denly doubled up with an awful agony
in my stomach. It seemed as though
even' time I took a breath I would die.
No one could suffer any more and live.
"Finally I got down so sick with ca
tarrh, of the stomach that I could not
turn over In bed. and my stomach did
not digest even milk. The doctor finally
told me that if I did not give up drink
ing coffee I would surely die, but 1
felt I could not give it up.
'However, Husband brought home a
package of Postum and It wal? made
strictly according to directions. It was
the only thingthat would stay on my
stomach, and I soon got so I liked it
very much.
"Gradually I began to get better,
and week by week gained In strength
an dhealth. Now I am in perfect con
dition, and I am convinced that the
whole cause of my trouble was coffee
drinking and my getting better was
due to leaving off coffee and taking
"A short time ago I tasted some cof
fee and found, to my astonishment, that
I did not care anything about It. I never
have to take medicine any more. I hope
you will use this letter for the benefit
of those suffering from the paisonous
effects of coffee."
Read the little book, "The Road to
WellviHe" in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are jremilne, true, and full of human
Eailroad in the Beautiful Van
u.pyi vpi itvi; uuuauuio iui ""j ""u . ."
the town. Plans are being drawn for a
Pleasant Yallev Forms Com-
munity Association Ep-
worth League Formed.
Ooar, N. M., March 21. The settlers
in Pleasant Valley have formed a Water
Users association and will erect a wind
mill and tank at the Reagle's well, for
community use.
Thex-e are not less than six well
drilling rigs at work near Obar.
No money is being sent out of the
country this year for feed. Those who
are short can buy from their neighbors.
The feed supply is entirely a question
of good farming. Those who worked
their crops last year have feed to sell
those who did not must buy, but the
'monej stays In the country.
C. A. Burford, sales manager of the
Townslto company, who also has charge
of the local improvement here, is now
pushing the work on the company's
building program. A concrete block
factory, built of monolithic concrete 20x
40 feet will be completed this week and
work will then begin on the new bank
and mercantile building, which will
houso tho bank and real estate offices
and which will be 25x50 feet, and the
department store, 25x100 feet.
An Epworth league has been organ
ized with the following officers: Mlas
E. B. Lewis, president; John Durdon,
Freda McClain, Arleene Clark and Edna
Link, vice presidents: C W. Link,
treasurer; Berite Dibble, secretary.
Charley Heyes Is back from Kansas.
Nick Lorenson is back from- a visit
with his parents at Crete, 111.
C. L. Hershberger bought a team
from Ed. Hackesott and Henry Nelson.
A. L. Hackesott Is home from Merid
ian, Okla
E. P. Brott. of Frederick, Okla., has
located near Obar. '
Warm weather and a few rains have
started the grass. Prospects are for an
early springy
Forest Link was called to Liberal,
Kas.. to help in his uncle's restaurant.
N. C. Parker has returned to his
claim from Jopl'n, Mo.
' More trees will be planted around
Obar this spring than at any other time,
nearly everybody Is setting out trees.
County surveyor J. E. Boyett, who
was away this winter vlsicing In Greer
county, Okla., Js back again. He re
ports that Greer county has not had
any rain for 14 months, and yet people
are doing well
John Irving, of Russell, 111., is heref
visiting his son, Thomas
Fred Rapp, who works in an auto
mobile factor at Klnosha, Wls., Is here
and will take up a claim. He comes for
his health and will probably bring on a
number of aUtos and put in a garage at
Ralph Carter, late of the Clayton
Citizen, Is working in " the Progress
The new windmill to replace the one
wrecked by the wind, has arrived and
been erected over the Obar public well.
M. H. White, son of J. M. White, of
Lone Star, has gone to Tucumcarl to
attend the public school.
is not pretty nor pleasant Whether
it's caused by neuralgia, -toothache or
accident, Ballard's Snow Liniment will
reduce the swelling and relieve the pain.
The great and sure cure for rheuma
tism, cuts, burns, .bruises, scalds any
and all aches and pains.
Sold by all druggists.
f V) I Better X
IWcos" J
Eg Paso County,
Horn Valley, " where all.
S5 or $10, Without Interest; Title Absolutely Perfect
We give 30 days' grace to meet a payment; in case of sielcness we give sir
months' time, and, in the event of purchaser's death, we will give a WAR
RANTY DEED and ABSTRACT OF TITLE and cancel all further payments.
Purchaser pays no interest or taxes. Possession given immediately after first
payment is made.
We guarantee every lot to be a perfect building site and we guarantee
everv statement made m our literature
- For information concerning our reliability, write us 'for booklet and references.
Alread' several hundred lots 'have been sold to parties in East Texas, and our
Info fio atiIv lifWiTi nrt -fVio Tnorl-af Tta "AXo-i-rTi 7r,T A niim'Tirn- -v fi-rc4-smi
Send for literature and learn our offer and see what we intend to do at Lobo.
Send us $5 or $10 and let us select you a lot subject to your approval. If
you are satisfied, pay us at the rate of $5 or $10 per month.
There is just as sure to be a good Jown at Lobo within the next eighteen
months as the sun is to rise tomorrow. Get a lot now. Write us for litera
ture at once NOW. However, you had better order us'fo select one or more
lots' for you.
Cattle Looking Fairly 'Well
But Farmers Are in
jtfeed of Eain.
Mayhill. N. M., March 21. The forest
rangers are-busy making our grazing
permits for the ensuing year. ' rf
Stock is looking very well, consider
ing the dry weather. The snowfall has
been very light this winter, and there
la no snow In the mountains.
Farmers are planting the oat crop,
but the balance of the spring plowing
will be delayed to see If chances for
rain aro not better.
Peaches are reported killed by frost
In. the lower foothills, but In this vicin
ity they are not in blossom and are
still safe.
J. I. Swope left Tuesday for the Rin
con with his outfit to gather steers to
fill out a large contract.
T. C. Frazler passed through hege
with a fine bunch of beef cattle forEl
J. M. Dockery has sold his farm to
Johnny Posey.
Carrizozo, N. M., March 21. Mrs.
George L. Ulrick was hostess to the
Women's Whist club. The guests pres-.
ent were: Mesdames John Eric Bell
Frank F. Mudge and Miss LorenaSa
ger? Mrs. John Eric Bell's pretty . home
was the scene of a delightful recep
tion. The home was appropriately"
decorated. From 2 to 5 oclock the
hostess, assisted by the women of the
Home Mission society, were kept? busy
serving delicious cake and coffee to
the steady stream of visitors.
Indigestion and all other
Stomach, distress goes after
taking a little Diapepsin.
You can eat anything your stomach
craves, without fear of Indigestion or
Dyspepsia, or that your food will fer
ment or sour on your stomach if you
will take a little Dlapepstn occasion
ally. Your meais will taste good, and any
thing you eat will be digested; nothing
can ferment or turn into acid or poi
son or stomach gas. - which cause
Belching, Dizziness, a feeling of full-
ness after eating. Nausea. Indigestion
(like a lump of lead in stomach). Bil
iousness, Heartburn, Water brash,
Pain in stomadh and "Intestines or
other symptoms.
, Headaches from the stomach are ab-
Via Santa Fe, the Direct Route
in connection with the D. & R- G., the Colorado Midland or Union Pacific,
account Semi-Annual Conference of the Mormon Church, A-pril 3-6.
Tickets on sale March 26, 27, and 2S, final return limit 70 days from
date of sale. Stopovers permitted" on return trip within limit of ticket
Passengers can, be routed through Pueblo and D. & R. G., Colorado
Springs and Colorado Midland, or Denver and D. & R. G. or Union Pacific
For further information write or call' on
W. it. BROWN,
D. F. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry.
Mills Building
Carpenters and contractors of
El Paso should send their
names to us as we have in
quiries daily from parties
wanting to build at Lobo.
nature wears one universal
or refund every dollar you invest.
Xobp is just 125 -miles south
east of El Paso, on the South
ern Pacific R. R. Juat the
logical point for a good town.
.Suits Settled Over Eailroad
Bightofway Other
Noga'les. Ariz.. March 21. All suits
I which had been filed by the Tucson-
Nogales Railroad company against
land owners In the rightofway path
of the "cutoff" road now in opera
tion between Tucson and Nogales have
been compromised, leaving no further
obstruction for a cleared rightofway
for the road which expects to have
trains on by June first.
Report is current In Nogales that a
party of Sonora capitalists will estab
lish a banking and trust business in
Nogales, Sonora, with something like
$1,000,000 capitalization for the pur
pose of financing the cattle industry
in the northwestern section of Mexico.
fcCol. and Mrs. A. T. Bird and Mrs. F.
MX Doan have returned from & two
weeks pleasure and business sojourn
In the states of Sonora and Sinaloa,
' Judge and Mrs. F. M. Doan have
returned to Tombstone.
J. Bojorquez, of Hermosillo. owner
of the Monte Carlo block, ,on Morley
avenue, in Nogales, contemplates the
erection of a three story hrick. building,
a modern hotel, stores, offices, bath
rooms and cafe, where the-Monte Carxo
saloon and cafe are located.
solutely unknown where this effective
remedy is used. Diapepsin really does
all the work of a healthy stomach. It
digests your meals when your stomach
can't. A single dose will digest all
the food you eat and leave nothing to
ferment or sour and upset the stomach.
Get a large 50-cent case of Pape's
Diapepsin from your druggist and
start taking now, and in a little while
j you will actually brag about your
j healthy, strong Stomach, for. you
then can eat anything and every
thing you want without the slightest
discomfort or misery, and every par-
tide of Impurity and Gas that is in
your stonrch and Intestines is going
to be carried away without the use of
laxatives or any other assistance.
Should you at this moment he suf
fering frpm. Indigestion or any stomach
disorder, you can get relief within five
EI Paso to SALT
LAKE CITY and Riiurn
C P. A., A. T. & S. F. Sy.

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