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3To Matter How Bad Yonr Cane Is Or
How Jjons Von Have Had It. Pyra
mid "Mc Cure Can Cnre It.
Thursday, March 24, 1910.
PhiteSelphia, Pa-, 'March 24. While returning from a riot call in the north-
' eastern section of the city today a patrol wagon was badly damaged by dyna-
Six policemen, the driver and a
Free Package Sent To Prove It.
iti i.n .n..:MM .? 4 T
mies has never been told. wi.,tnflr I mite, which vrcs exploded under the vehicle.
your particular case of piles is almost i sergeant, were thrown to the street and badly cut and bruised.
too excruciating for any mortal to bea j j js -jjelieved the dynamit was placed on the car track bv strike sympa-
or If you are fearfully tantalized bv forithe purpose of damaging a street car and the patrol wagon only
unreachable itching and bleeding or j -IUZeli, iUA-'-"c . -a4.-r
whether you have only a moderate cat ! figured in the explosion accidentally.
of piles, there is positive relief, and It is announced a general meeting of union men will be held Sunday to
quick, too, in Pyramid Pile Cure. consider the advisability of calling off the general strike.
xuu ucu nut. .uik.c lor tjra.ni.cu an we
say about our Pile Remedy.
It to speak for Itself.
That is why we say to every person
suffering from piles or any form of
rectal disease, send us your name and
address and we will gladly send you .
a free trial package of the :narveious
"We want
i-aioi inn isn nr
ft 'I LU U
: r ih .11 t
t LallUfiaiUll I I W W "
nrqrniTQV Q
Pyramid Pile Cure. After using the
trial you will hurry to your nearest
druggist and get a 50 cent box of
P3'ramid Pile Cure, now admtted by "
thousands to be one of the most von- ! London, England, March 24. By a
derful reliefs and cures for riles t-ver ! vote of 175 to 17, the house of lords
known. ' has renounced the heredity right to
Instant relief can be gotten by usirg : legislate, which has been the carainai
the marvelous Pyramid Phe Cure. It I element of the British upper house ior
immediately reduces all conr,ost!on and re-nturies. The occasion oi t """"
Kirolllnf heals all sores, ulcere an.1 ' r?fv-iHnn was lord
Irritated parts. It renders an operation J resolution dealin
absolutely unnecessary. i the house.
Send your name and address today
H. K. Bernard Urges Coop
eration Among Business
Men of El Paso.
Rosebery's third
with the reform of
for free trial package to Pyramid Drug
Co., 13S Pyramid Bldg., Mars'ialJ, Mich.
For El Paso and vicinity Tonight
and Friday fair.
For New Mexico Tonight fair; local
fros-t north portion. Friday fair.
For west Texas Tonight fair and
cooler. Friday fair, cooler In southeast
cm portion.
The house had agreed that reform
and reconstitution was necessary. The
complementary resolution which was
passed by the lords was "that a nec
essary preliminary to such reform and
reconstitution is acceptance of the prin
ciple that possession of a peerage
should no longer of Itself give the right
to sit and vote in the house of lords.''
It is significant that fewer than 200
or the 615 members of the house of
lords shared in the fatal division. Many
cf the absentees were reluctant to sanc
tion the extinction of the heredity prin
ciple. Nevertheless they so far recog-
"The Commercial Spirit of El Paso
and F.'sewrere' was the subject briefly
but ably discussed at the noon lun
cheon today of the chamber of com
merce by H. K. Bernard, manager of the
International Electric Supply company.
Mr. Bernard, although a young man,
has traveled extensively, and is well
acquainted with existing commercial
conditions over the United States.
A spirit of cooperation was stronclv
and strenuous at 65, that he lately vol- urged by "Mr. Bernard, the absence of
untarily returned to the judicial bench j which, he stated, was one of the seri
to relieve a sick judge. These two ous drawbacks to the co'mmercial In
champions led the old guard. ! terests of the city. He deplored the fact
Lord Rosebery announced that it was j that often salesmen from EI Paso
his intention to propose after Easter j houses, in approaching out of town cus-
Tfi& Deadly Finger Nail
Every time you scratch yourself you
run a risk. To scratch your scalp, a
pimple or a scab Is dangerous. Your
finger nails carry germs of Eczema,
Tetanus (Lockjaw), Erysipelas and all
manner of skin diseases. Let one germ
'get Into the scratched place and trou
ble is sure to follow. Because you have
been lucky enough to escape so far is
no sign that you will be so lucky In j
, m. -r- !!.- .. ft '
tne IUlure. rur itny nuniug use xjil-
tell's Liquid Sulphur Compound, stops
Itching instantly, and permanently re
lieves all skin troubles Eczema. Ery
sipelas, pimples, running sores, Tetter,
Ring Worm. Chaps, Roughness, Red
ness or Skin Blotches. Sample bottle
sent postpaid for 10c. Rhuma-Sulphur
Co., St. Louis. i
Bronco Busters
and Cowboys Have
Taken Juarez
iurtner resolutions laying broad, gen
eral principles on which the reform of
the house of lords should proceed but
he would not frame a bill or a definite
plan. That ought to emanate from the
government of the day. m
Customs Collector to Make
Itfew Bond and Qualify
on April 1.
Alfred L. Sharps, reappointed col-
nized its expediency as not to oppose it. lector of customs at the El Paso port
Special deputy customs collector Harry
B. Lane is at Las Cruces today, called
there by the illness of his brother, Dr. j their votes. The resolution might have
S. Engelking, assistant United States
attorney, has returned from San Fran
cisco, where he 'took a number of de
positions in Chinese cases pending here.
Euaene Xolte, United States marshal
for this city, and Charles Boynton,
T'nited States attorney, both reappointed
to their offices, will qualify soon.
Not a few, indeed, of the majority for a second term, oas returned Irom
who supported the resolution would fain Washington. The collector will again
Isave retained tUelr heritage right but qualify for office on April 1 and will give
recognition or mat expediency ,guiaea u new oond tor $4U,UUu.
their votes. The resolution might have ! The collector said: 'It is the pur
been carried unanimously but for the I pose of congressman W- B. Smith to put
resolute pugnacity of two tenacious old j in a bill for an appropriation for a new
fighters, tne eari oi iiaisoury ana tne . postoffice site in El Paso. The general
earl of Wemyss. the latter of whom feeling in Washington is that there will j
line 1aan flptlTiilv lr?an i ? rl -frit mOTlT- 1 1 Mj: l.Tll 1 i. :i J 1 3 !
jiciij wiv.. . j -..... x, """. i ue jiu uuiming uui. uub il is imaerstuou
years with volunteer soldiering and j that the committee has agreed on a
with the national rifle association, and ! small bill ii session and "RI Iin minlif
, . ., ......4
who Is still virile despite his 92 years.
while the earl of Halsbury is so young
Thin? Pale?
All run down, easily tired, thin, pale,
nervous? And do not know what to
take ? Then go direct to your doctor.
Ask his opinion of Averts non-alcohol-
Consull uour doctor freeltt about medicalmal- ic Sarsaparilla. No alcohol, no stimu-
icrz. He knows. Trust him. Do as he says, lation. A blood purifier, a nerve tonic,
E Follow his adcice at all limes. icuTmSbb? a strong alterative., sn aid to digestion.
get in on a site.
"Congressman Morris Sheppard will
assist congressman Smith very material
ly in his work in the interests of El
tomers, advised them "that my house
Is the only one In El Paso that can buy
In carload lots." This advice, the
speaker stated, would indicate that the
city's commercial interests are small.
Buy In EI Paso.
The idea of buying supplies else-,
where, when they can be secured in El
Paso, was also discouraged by Mr. Ber
nard, he stating that the eastern mar
kets make serious Inroads on the trade
that rightfully belongs to El Paso. '
In speaking of conditions elsewhere,
Mr. Bernard referred to Paris as the
millinery' center of the world, and Lon
don as the home of English cloth. The
prestige attained by those cities as
commercial centers was stated to be dut
to the cooperation of the merchants.
"Why not El Paso as the commercial
center of the country?" he asked his
audience, which numbered 45 business
men of the city. "All that has to be
done is to cultivate a spirit of coopera
tion, for 'Inun!on there Is strength.'"
Mr Bernard also urged that the mem
bers of the chamber of commerce at
tend the regular meetings of the direc
tors, and following the speech, D. M
Payne, president, who presided, an
nounced the next meeting of the direc
tors would be held Friday night. All
were asked to attend.
Peny Robinson, a negro charged with
having opiitm in his possession, was held
to the federal grand jury this morning,
when arraigned before Unite J States
conwnissioner George B. Oliver. Robin
son's bond was placed at $500.
j '1
together with three special Records
from the May list all on sale March 25th
IS there a Phonograph, in your home? Just read
through this- list of Standard (two minute) and
Amberol (four minute) Records, to say nothing of
the three special Records, "By the Light of the Silvery
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183 Mominc. Noon sad Nij;ht in Vienna
National (London) Milit&rr Bond
Tnx Longing for the Old Days, Marguerite
Manuel Hom&in
That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
Collins and Harlan
Selection from " Babes in Torland "
Victor Herbert and His Orchestra
Sberidan's Rids Edgar L. Davenport
Old Jini's Chnstmas Hymn . Anthony & Harrison
It's a Lie ................ Edward M. Favor
Cavatina from "La Favorita" . . H. Benne Henton
Rastus Take Mr Back Mario Dressier
Down in the Littls Mossy Dell, Stanley & Gillette
The Two Happy Darkey Boys ..Golden efcHuzhes
4Ui xne inunaerer ana J.ne Uiadiator larches
Sousi's Band
405 Betsy Boss Frederick H. Potter and Chorus
406 Saved by Grace ...... Edison .Mired Quartette
407 Lady Love ........ BOly Murray and Quartette
408 Mia Cara 7a!tz . . American Symphony Orchestra
409 My Love is Greater than the World
TV. H. Thompson
410 Ludwig a Air Castle . . . Ada Jones and-Len Spencer
411 Wait for the Wacon Medley . . . Premier Quartette
412 A Day at West Point... New York Military Band
B1S3 FreischCts Grand Air d'Agathe (Weber)
Orchestra Accompaniment (Suns in French)
, . Alarsuenta Sylva
Carmen Romance de la fleur (Bizet
Orchestra Accompaniment (Sunt; in French)
r A T t- ,, ... Itoreneio Constantino
Romeo et Juliette also (Gounod) Orchestra
Accompaniment (Sung in French)
tt ix -b j- . , Blanche Arral
Hamlet Ermdisi (Thomas) Orchestra Accom-
pamment (Sung in Italian). .Ernesto Carolina
Tannhauser Buck ich umhr rw.,
10335 Dixieland Sousa's Band
10336 .I'd Rather Say "Hello "Than Say" Good-Bye"
Manuel Romain
10337 Zoo Loo. Collins and Harlan
10338 To a Wild Rose. .Victor Herbert & His Orchestra
10339 Before I Go and Marry I will Have a Word
With You. Ada Jones
10340 Bfest Be the Tie That Binds, Anthony & Harrison
10341 Cbme After Breakfast Edward Meeker
10342 Tiie Despatch. Rider Alexander Princs
10343 Tncle Josh in a Chinese Laundry. . .Cal Stewart
10344 The Belle of the Barbers' Ball
Ada Jones andBHIyMurray
10345 low Can They Tell I'm Irish? .Edward M. Favor
10346 Cloud-Chief. . .American Symphony Orchestra
10347 Jan't You See? Byron G. Harlan
10348 &. Coon Wodding in Southern Georgia
Peerless QuartetU
10349 Miss Liberty March. . .New York Military Band
Just received at Ardoln's fancy live
hens, nothing like them in town.
For the next three days Juarez -will
be turned over to the cowboys, bronco i
busters and steer riders for the big
tournament to be held at Cowboy Park f !
on Fridav. Saturday and Sunday. Ail
large crowd turned out this morning
to see the carload of wild Mexican
steers unloaded and driven to Cowboy
Park by Tom Greer and his boys In
genuine western style of 25 years ago.
Several of the big fellows with gaits
on them that would have made Maud S
in her palmiest days, green with envy,
struck their stride and got away from
the bunch, and oh, my. how the boys
did go after them. Gee. it was fun.
It took three boys over an hour to get
them and after puttlrfg them in the
corral it cost something like two pesos
gold each tofill the cravings of those
three hungry punchers at a down town
chuck house. Oh, gentle reader, you
who have read all the great stories ot
western ranch life by such writers as
Owen Wlster, B. M. Bowers and 'others
and the great Remington pictures, you
have admired, can now see the real life
that stirred the great pens and brushes
of such writers and painters. The man
agement guarantees the public true
western sport of high order, and every
thing will be done to preserve the high
reputation 4hat Mr. Greer has estab
lished In his past contests at Cowboy
Park. The contests will start at 3 p
m. sharp each day. Street cars run dl
rect to the gate from little Plaza. Come
and bring your friends. You won't re
gret it- Tickets on sale in FJ1 Paso at
A. E. Ryan & Co., Gem Cigar Co., Craw
ford theater box office, Orndorff hotel,
Prlmm's Cigar store; "Ward's pharmacyf
Lobby Cigar Co., and Happy Hour thea
ter box office.
I 1 WHi 5 sz
1 ( swUie-"u 'v-Z
L. I- Z -
I wrr
3 and Heaclwear
For the Little Folks
nPOJVIOEROW special attention
- will be given to fitting out the
little folks with their pretty
dresses and head-things for Easter.
Several specially priced items will
be featured, making it an interest
ing day from an economical viewpoint.
Two very good items selected j
at random from the many we of-
ter are:
Considerable Damage Done
on Stanton Street by
Fire originating in the cafeteria con
ducted by L. E. Wolverton just south
of the corner of St. Louis and Xortli
Stanton streets,, gutted this store and
damased the stock of the El Pasn Elec-
j trical Supply company adjoining, at 9
. ockek Wednesday night, entailing a loss
j of between $1000 and 2000 to the
j buildings and the fixtures of both
Children's Dresses
Persian lawn, swiss and Paris muslin
dresses, beautifully trimmed with laces
and embroideries; high or Dutch neck,
long or short sleevesl Sizes from two to
fourteen years. Values up to $3.75 are
included in this Easter special at
Little Girls' Headwear
Values in this lot are most remarkable.
Dainty style washable and straw hats,r'
pieounv luuuuieu, lur gins oi L to o; in
fants' caps made ot" fine embroidered
lawns and swiss and of Tuscan braids.
Eilk lined and trimmed. Regular values
up to $1.00,
48 cts.
I j-iic iiic ia viirnc; v uu. .10 nuve ueeu miv
result oi an overiieatea stove in which
the fire had been left burning when
Wolverton left his place of business
about Soclock.
All of the fixtures in the cafeteria
were destroyed as well as the foodstuffs
on hand, and the flames broke through
Scottish Bite Has Services
and Feast Tonight
Templar Services.
Holy Maunday Thursday feast "will be
observed by the Scottish" Rite. Masons
tiis evening. Beginning at 7:35, the
service of extinguishing the lights will
be observed at the Scottish Rite hall,
after which the feast "will be ob
served in the private dining room
of the St- Regis hotel. This feast will
consist of rcast lamb, and unleavened
El Paso Insurance and Business Men Expect It to Be
High, But Advance Reasons as to Why El Paso
Should Have a Low One State Board
Now Fixes theRate.
AiaberoI421 &7 tne ugat oi t&e bUrery Moon
Ada Jones and Male Quartett
An:beroI 4C2 The Cubanola Glide
Collins and Harlan with New York Military Band
Standard 20362 By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Ada Jones
There are Edison dealers everywhere. Go to
the nearest and hear the Edison Phonograph
Elay both Edison Standard and Amberol
Accords. Get complete catalogs from your
dealer or from us.
Edison Phonographs . . $12.50 to $200.00
Edison Standard Records 35
Edison AmberolRecords (play twice as long) .50
urenewtra rMnm;.. - a"'""""" j
'Sung ia GenaanVTr. w.h,. r,- Edison Grand Opera Records . .75 and 1.00
National Phosofrapk Cwnpaay, 75 Lakeside Atb., Orange, N.jJ.
the restaurant only bv a thin board
partition. Here the dry batteries on the
shelves were rendered" useless by the
heat and water, handsome shades were
tumbled to the floor by the streams of
water turned in and considerable damage
was done.
m The building, a brick front with adobe
sides, has wooden partitions separating
the two stores. The building is owned
by Joshua S. Raynolds.
Use Supreme auto oil. Cheap In price,
.best In quality. Gnir .eflnincr Co.
Key rates are being prepared and an- While the key rate which will be re
nounced by the state rating board as a j ported for this city will not be final, it
bread and the motzos and wine will be I basis upon which to fix fire insurance will be an approximate rating for the
passed before the dinner is served. At- j rates for the cIties of Texas. The key city, and while the jelty has the right
litie ior can Aiiionio, as announced us ; 19 appeal ana asic lor a hearing, it Is
the state board is to be 52 cents. Dallas, feared that the general condition of the
Fort Worth and other Texas cities have ( Texas cities in regard to fire losses will
been announced also and are equally ; have ts pffpot nn thi Mt-u- win
have a tendency to fix the kev rate
Vle-irs of Agent3.
"The rate for El Paso should be much
I lower than any of the other cities of
Texas," H. B. Stevens and C. B. Ste
vens said today. "The methods of con
struction, the efficient fire department
and the other conditions to be met
tendance at this feast is obligatory on
an ivnignts or tne Kose uroix.
Templars' Service.
Commandery. 18, Knights Templar. I "Hj 1 JkT" "E. ,.h
rSJrnc?SSI &lA mST a Insurance In this city will be based,
Z$ 2 ?J?r?e; lfc was.decid ? i will be announced within five' weeks, ac-
hold the annual Easter services, at 11 , cording. to a B. fcoulet, actuary acting
iT SndaJZ n??e.,IerI?CeSi th,s J for the insurance companies operating
the frame partition into the electrical : will he held at Trinity church, and the $n the state
supply store which was separated from general public is invited. The entire j ei Paso's"
'e? hocin o T i avnoAtari Tn
cuimnanuery 01 sir xnignts win attend in be high. This in spite of the fact that
. uuaj, attirea an tne iuii uress unuorm
rendered in connection with the ritual
is Liu service oi tne xempiars.
Right eminent grand commander of
Texas Templars, Harry A. Carpenter,
judge George W. Belt, right eminent past
grand commander of Missouri, in addi
tion to many other prominent local past
commanders, knights of hish degree, will
attend this- service-
mi I it is the most modernly constructed city ' L l"e ouxer. conamons to he met
be in the state has an efficient nald f Ire t Ith . here make lt Pible or this
01 tne oruer. special mUSIC Will t)C in tlA stat hfL? an Pffiolpnr nnirf flrft
department, and also in spite of the fact
The sale of seats will start Monday
morning at 9 oclock at the Crawford
box office for the musical event of the
season, Henry "Woodruff in "The Prince
o Tonight." The prices are: Night,
lower floor, $2.00; first four rows bal
cony, $1.50; balance of balcony, $1.00.
Matinee, lower floor, $1.50; first
four rows balcony, $1.00; balance
of balcony, $1.00; gallery, 50 cents. The
company comes for a matinee and night
There will be matinees Saturday and
night at the Crawford. Two shows are
given nightly, and "it is some vaude
ville show." Shows are given at 7:45 and
9:15 and the prices are 10c, 20c and 30c
There will be matinees Satnrdawy and
Sunday and the Saturday matinee will
be 10 cents to all, big and little, to all
parts of the house.
The Bijou will show' a film tonight of
which an advance notice says:
"A bull fight in Mexico" This is the
only moving picture of its kind In the
world the fight for life In El Toreo,
the famous bull ring of Mexico City'
between William Pickett, an Oklahoma
half breed cowboy, commonly known as
"the man without fear," and Bonito th
fiercest and most dreaded Spanish .'bull
of all the Mexican republic. The unpre
cedented encounter took place a few
weeks ago before 25.000 persons the
largest crowd ever assembled in the
great amphitheater.
The body of Clarence K. Chapln, who
c:etf in an El Paso hospl.al Tuesday,
was shipped to Peonla, Colo., and was
accompanied by his brother, Frank
Chapin, of this city.
S. B. Hll.I?;
X B. Hultiri. a sojourner from Ghl
cagj. 111., died yesterday. The boly
Wt!l be shipped to Chicago tn!s eveu'ng
by McBean, Simmons & Carr. .
The body of August li. Spahn, an
Evang-ille, Tnd., merrnant. .vho -jled in
El Paso Wednesdpy, w:il b1 sh'pped to
dv to his home. vfr. .-- f wa.s a
coi sin of Jacob Hebs.e.-, of this cMv.
Mrs. Julia A. ILove, wife of William
Love, died yesterday afternoon at her
home, 408 Campbell street. Kune al
services were held this afternoon at the
chapel of McBean, Simmons & Carr,
Rev. Henry Easter officiating. Inter
ment was made -in Evergreen cemetery.
The body of W. H. Hubert, who died
Tuesday at the St. Louis house, was
shipped yesterday to Johnstown, Pa.
bv McBean, Simmons & Carr. D. ft.
Hubert, the father, accompanied th
Charles Clark, arrested Saturday on
the complaint of district. lr!r TL-a
Buy Gulf Kenning srove gasoline for 1 Alderete on a charge of forgery, has
city to be given a low key rate. There
that El Paso's fire loss Is much less than tf , " ., . J at present, ana it wiu
one-half the total amount of premiums i ue ""puiMuie 10 ten wuai tne new Key
paid for insurance. j rate Tv;111 De until the rating board
Local Fire Loss. makes its report."
Last year; according to the report of "E1 aso should have the lowest rate
the chief of the fire department the i of an" Texas city," A. P. Coles said
total loss by fire amounted to but $95,-
799.40. There were 237 alarms, of which j
22 were false alarms, and there were but j
four really costly fires during the year, j
The value of -the buildings and contents j
which were saved from the fire loss
during the 3'ear was $1,SS5,475, and th& '
this morning. "With brick buildings
everywhere, paved streets, a fine fire
department and a water supply which
is always sufficient for all fire pur
poses, there Is no reason why we should
not bo given a low rate."
Chief W. W. Armstrong, of the fire
insurance on buildings and contents ! department, said that EI Paso was the
which were saved amounted to $974,255. i best built city he had ever seen and
The total Insurance on these buildings ; that the fire pressure is always good.
The department has been improved
and we are now able to cope with any
fires which we may have," the chief
said today.
'T think the key -rate will be much
lower than in other cities," J. B. Kll
patrick said. 'T would not be. surprised
to see it fixed at 30 cents.'
over the losses amounted to $SS1,320.60.
Large Annual Payments.
It is estimated that there is $250,000
paid annually to the insurance compa
nies by El Paso for protection. This
estimate was based upon the valuation
of the property within the city, and the
percentage of Insurcjice carried by
claim this is too high. One agent says ' mmv npmTnvr atittt? t
$200,000 Is a high estimate while another . BU f E CIG ??R f AT?
says it is even less. These premiums ! , Are fat folks enthusiastic, about per
were paid upon the old basis rate by ! forminS athletic stunts when garbed in
which each building is considered sep- heavy woolen underclothing? Xo not
erately as a risk and the actuary of the t enthusiastic Do they subscribe 'read
insurance company fixes the rate for I Hi to a diet of half a glass of butter
that particular building without any j milk and a toasted cracker? No not
basic or key rate to guide him. J readily. Are they happy, then, while
FLsed W State Board. ' reducing bs such methods, during this
The key rate is prepared by the state ! not weather? No they are not exactly
ratine: board, actinsr unon information I nappj.
furnished it by the Insurance companies
through Its actuary C. B. Roulet. The
actuary in turn Is supplied with a large
amount of data which is collected and
complied by the national board of Fire
Underwriters. Upon this data a ksy rate
is. fixed by the board for each city in the
state. Should the rate be considered too
Some fat reducers are happy though
during the process, but these neither
exercise nor diet. They lose fat as
much as a pound a day, in many in
stances but they do it without miss
ing a single, righteous meal or lifting
an unnecessary finger. These emanci
pated ones reduce either In hot weather
or cold, without bother or harm to
Edison Phoncgra-plis and Records Victor Talking Machines and Records
automobiles. It's best by test.
Fort Worth. Tex., March 24 F v
Blanton and W. F. Jones were found"
guilty this afternoon by a jury in judge
Meeks's federal court on the ch.nr 7
violating the national laws by the sale
of oleomargarine as butter. Each was
found guilty on 11 counts.
Dallas, Tex., Marcn r4 Berry G
Harding, aged 25. fired a bullet into his
hsad at his home late last night. Ill
health caused him to attempt to end hi
life. s
rvK muDREN
Trade Mart.
orpin- xcey Break an Cold
- In 24 hoars. taIlDrnV 2cto
t Sample nailed FREE. Address.
Don't accept
any cubs titate. A. S. OLMSTED. U Row n v
filed a civil suit in justice E. H. Wat
son's court against Alderete to recover
scrip valued at $8 and alleged to 'be due
A. E. Henry for four days' jury service
in the 34th district court'at the January
The plaintiff avers in his petition that
Henry had sold and assigned this scrip
to him, but that Alderete refused to
surrender it to him.
Palestine, Texas, March 24. King
Mitchell, aged 70. a Confederate vet
eran, was burned to death In a fire
which destroyed Dublin's restaurant.
Hail's sailoon, Williams's fruit store,
and Dessel's shoe store here today.
Mitchell's home was at Troupe, and lie
had charge of apartments over the
restaurant. The property loss is S0 -000.
" '
P. J. McAdams and G. A. Tacot toda-"
brought seven race horses from the
Juarez track and shipped them to
Toronto, Canada
high, the interested parties have the j themselves, by taking quietly and se
rieht of aDneal to tue board, a hearine ' cretlv. and even cunningly one little
will be arranged at which the various Marmola prescription Tablet after each
points In dispute will be consideread. meal and at bedtime.
In fixing the key rate everything per- That's all. They get their tablets
talning to the fire risks and fire pro- (made after the formula of the famous
tHnn i tflkw into .nnirirttnn Th prescription) in large, generously filled
. , . - , . , , 1 cases at a cost 01 10 cents the case
actuary had a force of men here last Jf a d store or from the j..
fall testing water mains and inspecting ers tne Marmola Co., 737 Farmer Bldg..
the fire departments and getting an es- Detroit. Mich., take one as per direc-
timate of the number of inflammable ! tions, and get as thin as they want to
buildings within the fire limits. In ad- i be just that way, without causing a
dltlon to this investigation the National j wrinkle or the least internal fuss.
Board of Underwriters also made a sup
plementary Inspection of the various
factors entering into fire protection and '
fire risks, the benefit of which will be
given the Insurance companies operat '
Ing within the state through C- B. Bou- .
let, the actuary representing the com- 1
Alloivance of Credits.
When this key rate is submitted and
accepted, all insurance rates are fixed
upon it as the basis. Credits are al
lowed for improvements In fire fight
ing, deficiencies are counted for Im
proper fire protection, overhead wires
and other conditions which tend to in
crease the fire risk. El Paso, with its
brick buildings, paid fire department
and paved streets, should be glve'n a
kev rate much below that which has
been fixed for the other cities of the
state. When the representatives of tne
state board and the underwriters were
here they spoke favorably of the fire
fighting department, and also. In gen
eral of the local conditions. These
things are all being considered by the
state rating board at the present time.
It makes no .
difference how
lnnsr von hava 4
suffered, what you have
tried, even if every part of
your body is an Itching, burn
ing sore, a permanent cure awaits
you. .
The instant "Imperial Remedy" is
applied you feel relieved. It is a
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ply you.
HoHstOH, Texas.

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