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Thursday, March 24, 1910.
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Ej&aeys and Bladder and
make lame backs feel fine.
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The moment you suspect any kidney
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A. I don't know that. "
Q. Then you don't know whether there
was a proportion of one to 40 between
that place and this place or not, do
A. No, I don't; bnt I know this, we
had a similar question pending there
and I had all the figures in regard to
the matter; I think I could find those
figures at home.
Q. Tou are as accurate about that as
you are about this matter here, are you7
A. I don't quite catch your meaning;
I have no desire to He to anybody, or to
evade the truth. I am here to tell the
Did Xot Estimate.
Q. "Who made that statement in regard
to the price of $500,000 in this article
A. I made it-
Q. From who else did you get that j
i, i.
A. Well, I did not go into the details
of it all, only in a general way.
Q. How many wells did you estimate?
I am trying to get a conservative es
timate, A. I did not estimate that.
Q. How many pipe lines into the city
did you consider in your estimate?
Juxt Guessed at It.
A. I did not estimate that at all; I
iust guessed at it.
Q. Then it was not a conservative es
timate, was it?
A. I considered it a conservative es
timate; now, I will tell you something
I based that estimate largely by the re
port made by the Hunt people when
they estimated the value of this entire
plant, including all their holdings at
Q. Do you think they did that? That
they estimated all the holdings of the
International Water company at ?713F
000. A. Tcs. sir; that is my understanding.
Q. Is that as accurate as the rest of
your Information?
A. I suppose it is.
I Did Xetw ?
Q. How may pipe lines did you bring
in from the mesa?
A. I did not bring in any.
Q. Hew many pipe lines, did you take
into consideration in making your es
timate? A. "What am I to understand by pipe
lines; do you mean water mains?
.Q. Tes.
A. I did not figure out definitely how
many there would be.
Q. Well, in making a conservative es
timate, how many did you allow for?
A. I am not a waterworks expert, and
Q. How many lines did you allow
A. I did not consider the number of
Q. How much did you consider the
cost of each well?
Mr.-Hagfces Said
A- Let me explain in regard to that,
Mr. Hughes told me that according to
his estimate, these wells are from-40 to
0 feet deep, and there is a supply of
water there that is inexhaustible; he es
itimated that the cost of pumping would
be light.
Q. How many of the wells of Mr.
Hughes entered into this estimate? How
xmany wells were you going to use?
A. I don't know.
Q. What was each well going to cost
in your conservative estimate?
A. I had no idea, but it would not
cost much, as they were shallow wells.
Does Not Khow.
Q. Tou don't "know one thing on
earth about how many of these wells
it would take to supply the city of
El Paso wifh "water, do you?
A. No sir, I do not.
Q. Or what it would cost?
A. Xo sir.
Q. Xor how many pipe lines you
would have to have?
A. Xo sir.
Q. Xor the length of the pipe lines?
A. Xo sir, I don't.
Q. Xor the cost of your meters?
A. Xo sir.
Q. Xor how many you would need?!
A. I do noL
Merely Gncsses for Editorials.
Q. And yet you think you made aj
conservative estimate?
A. Tes sir, I do; if the present plant!
was estimated by the experts of the
Hunt company to be worth $713,000,! -A. I have no Idea. ,
and the city of Alexandria secured its! Q. Who was putting it through'
electric light and waterworks, and sew- J A. I do not know.
erage plants all for less than S300.000. j Q. Who do you "mean was getting
I estimated that with shallow wells ' that stock?
and the water available as it is said A. I don't know,
to be, a plant for this city would notj Does Xot Khow.
cost to exceed ?500.000. Xow. I am not Q. Do you know that anybody was
an expert, as I told you, and this esti- I receiving water company stock for in
mate is merely a matter of opinion ant fluence?
opinion of mine. It was not intended 1 A. Xo sir.
for anything but a guess. Q ow d'id you get that informa-
Q. How could you say how much it' tlon?
was worth without estimating the num. i a. It was told me as common re
ber of lines you were going to have? j port; it was my impression
A. I don't know, but I,, think this; Q. And vou believed common re
lf I wee a man of means, I would i port did vou?
undertake for $500,000 to put a water! A.' Well you understand thait in
TKS& a
of "Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, etc., impart their deli
cate fresh fruit flavor.
there Is no other medicine, at any
price, made anywhere else in the
world, which will effect so thorough
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ment of Pape's Diuretic, which anjT
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Tour physician, pharmacist, banker
J on any mercantile agency will tell you
that Pape, Thompson & Pape, of Cin
cinnati, is a large and responsible
medicine concern, thoroughly worthy
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' Don't be miserable or worried an
other moment with a lame back or
clogged, inactive kidneys or bladder
misery. All this goes after you start
taking Pape's Diuretic, and in a few
days you feel and know that your kid
neysf liver and urinary system are
healthy, clean and normal, and all
danger passed.
Accept only Pape's Diuretic fifty
cent treatment from any drug store
anywhere in the world.
plant in here.
Q. Tou would?
A, Tes sir.
Q. "Where would you put it? Out
on the mesa?
A. No sir. I would put it down in
East El Paso, or down here in the
Chamizal zone.
"City Water as Good' as Mesa "Water."
Q. Tou think one water is the same
as another, do you?
A. No sir, but there is a subterra
nean stream of water that extends all
across under this city mat is just as
good here as it Is out on the mesa.
Q. Tou don't pay any attention to
the chemical Analysis of this water, do
A. Sure.
Q. Well, then, you know there is as
much difference between the waters as
rhDfftp rmf-TTrooTi rrmn nn TnM-iriiiii.
there"is between mud and marble.
A. Xo sir. I don't know that; if
there is any difference in the water up
there on the mesa and this underlying
water, I don't know It.
Q. Tou don't know that there is a
difference between the water on the
mesa and the Hadlock gardens, do you?
A. Xo sir.
May Have Read It, But
Q. Tou did not read that in the
Hunt company's report, did you?
A. Well, I may have read It, but
Q. Well, did it show there that one
was the best water in this country,
and the other next to the worst?
A. Xo sir.
Q. Tou look at that and see if it Is
not so.
A. All right, I will do so.
Q. Tou say that below the city lies
an inexhaustible supply of pure water.
What Is your authority for that?
A. I judge so from reports.
Q. Reports of whom?
A. From reports I have read and
from my own idea; if I am not mis
taken Q. Do you think the Hunt experts
reported that It was the same water
down here in town as It Is out on the
A. Here Is my impression of It;
that the Hunt experts reported that
there was an Immense subterranean
stream underflowing the mesa, the city
of El Paso and the Rio Grande.
Didn't Look Into Analysis.
Q. Why is it then that they get en
tirely different water down here fiyjm
what they get up there, In analysis?
A. I don't know.
Q. Tou did not look into that, did
you? Tou just wrote it up as being the
same "water.
A. Well, that was my opinion
Q. Was that your opinion based
upon an examination of the two waters?
A. Xo sir.
Q. Based on what, then?
A. Based on the reports I had read
and conversations that I had with dif
ferent people.
Q. - With whom?
Forgets His Authority.
A. I don't know as I remember now.
It is impossible for me to recall right
off hand.
Q. . Tou cannot remember that any
one ever told you it was the same wa
ter, can you?
A. Xo sir, but I had that impres
sion, gained from conversation with
different people and I read it in these
Q. In this morning's paper, there
is a statement to the effect that a
large amount of the stock of the In
ternational Water company had been
distributed for influence. j
A. Xo sir. That was the report
Q. Who reported it? v
-A. I don't know, but. it was re
ported to me
Q. By whom?
"Merely a Rnmor."
A. If I did remember who told me,
I think it would be a privileged com-
! munication, but this- was merely ru-
Whose influence does that refer
I have no idea.
"Who was buying the stock of the j
International Water comnanv?
writing an editorial, It is just an ex
pression of opinion .
Q. Was that an expression of your
opinion? j
A. For two or three years I have
been given to understand
Q. By whom?
A. That large blocks of this stock
had been given for promotion purposes.
Q. By whom had you been given to
understand that?
Heard It In Xeivs Oftce.
A. I don't remember who it was
told me that, but I remember that I
heard it at the Xews office. -
Q. At the Xewsoffice?
A. Tes sir.
Q. Would you believe anything that
you ever heard in ,the Xews office?
A. Well I happened to. see a few
things myself that I would" believe.
Q. Then you are expressing It as
your opinion that blocks of this stock
had been issued for Influence?
A. Xo, sir; I
Q. That is what you say here that
large blocks of stock have been issued
for influence.
A. Xo, sir; I stated that it was re
ported Q. Then this was intended as a news!
Item, was it?
A. Well, I had heard it reported
Q. Was that intended as a news .item,
or was it intended as your opinion?
A. That is merely an editorial and
was written as my opinion.
Doesn't Even Believe It.
Q. So, it is your opinion that blocks
of stock in the International Water
company have been given out for In
fluence dn this town, is it?
A. I would .not say that it was my
opinion, although I had nothing but
heresay evidence to make me think that
it was.
Q. And that is the kind of stuff that
you are prfntlng as editorials, making
statements about other men having been
Influenced by receiving stock?
A. Xo, sir. Let me explain
Q. What are you doing then?
A. I am trying to do the best I can
by my employer and the community
and advocating what I believe to bo
right and just and for the best interests
of the people, under the direction of
my employers.
What He Was Trying to Do.
Q. What was the impression you were
trying to create here by your article
this morning?
Ai The impression I was trying to
create by that article and every other
antlcle on the water question, was that
the people of EI Paso were entitled to
pure water and good service; and if
these reports were true, the people
were entitled to know that; and if they
were not true, in justice to El Paso,
the reports ought to be disproved.
Q. Tou published a lot of this stuff
on Information given you by certain
people here in regard to city officials
A. Xo, sir.
Q. Why did you do it then?
A. Because these reports were going
about and I believed we were entitled
to know the truth in the matter; that
the court was entitled to know it, and
that the citizens were entitled to know
Can't Xante Authority.
Q. Is there anj'body you could name
that told you that?
A. Xo, sir; but I will tell you this
no, I cannot name anyone. I was go
ing to ask you if you had not heard -It
Q. Tes. Through the Times and the
A. From nobody else?
Q. Xo. I am trying to get at the
truth in the matter right now.
A. "Well, I am sorry I cannot enlight
en you.
Q- Did you mean by that article t
morning to bring before the master, or
before the couvt, or before the public,
that there had been stock of the Inter
national Water company Issued for in
fluence? Was that your purpose?
"Reported, Rumored."
A. Xo, sir. I meant to bring out the
fact that it had been reported that it
wag rumored.
Q. What was the importance of the
report, If you were not sure of it? Tou
did not verify the information, did you?
A. Xo, sir.
Q. Well, you were informed then. Can
you name anyone who told you that?
A. Xo, sir, I cannot; but this man
has heard dt and he can probably give
you some information.
Q. Do you know anyone else who
could give us any information with re
gard to this report.
A. Xo, sir.
Q. Do you" know anyone can you re
member anyone you ever heard make
that charge?
A. Xo, I do not remember now.
Never Spoke Much to Morehead.
Q. Do you think that a man by the
nama of C. R. Morehead could give any
Information on that subject?
A. I don t know. I never spoke two I
uuzen woras to jur. Jdorehead in my
Q. I will ask you if you did not stand
down there on Oregon street, between
the State Xational bank and the
Brunschwig building, on the street, and
talk to him for some little length of
A. I stood there for a minute or so.
Q. But you said you never talked to
him more than a dozen words in vom
A. Well, I would not be ashamefl to
talk to Mr. Morehead.
Q. Is it a fact that you never spoke
half a dozen words to him in your life!
A. Oh, probably a dozen
Q. Well, a dozen, then?
Talked to Morehead and Stanton.
A. That was the second time I had
ever met him, and he Introduced me to
judge Stanton; we stood there maybe
for three or four minutes tniiri,, j
tne,u I went on about my business.
ny" Uian t you stand there talking &r
j.u jimmies watn xur. .Morehead arer i
.Stanton left?
A. Xo, sir; I did not.
Q. Are you sure about that? I have
half a dozen witnesses to prove that
you did. l
A.. Tes, sir, I am sure.
Q. Is this statement true, "So gen
erally and widely known became the
fact some years ago that El Paso had
as ine and pure artesian water as anv
city on. earth, that the beneficial re
sults were at once apparent." is thn
true? l
A. Tes, sir.
Q. Don't you know that El Paso has
spent nearly $25,000 in trying to trt
artesian water?
A. Xo. sir, I don't know anything
about that. , "ng
Q. Tou know they never got a dron
of artesian water in this town. nnnK
you? ' l
A. Xo, sir. "
Q. Where did they get any?
A. On -tho mesa.
HijjJTdea of Artesian "Water.
Q. What kind of water was if "Was
it flowing water?
A. The kind of water the Interna
tional Water company is supposed to
furnish the people of El Faso is arte
sian water; it comes from 500 or finn
foot wells. u
Q. Tou don't mean to convey the idei
that they they have rot artesian wa
ter in- the sense in which that word
used in this part of the country, do you1
A. It has the same meaning every
where. Hfii Definition of Artesian "Water.
Q. Lm't artesian water flowing water
in the commonly accepted sense of the
word? "
A. Xo, sir, it is not. In my Idea, any
water is artesian water that Is brought
from subterranean sources brought to
the surface from a considerable depth.
Q. "Another interesting fact disclosed
was that the cost of pumping water
was 6.2 cents per 1000 gallon?, and the
averago price received was IS cens pei
1000 gallons a net profit of 300 per-
sent." Did you think that was so?
A. Tes, sir; I judged so from the
statements ol the general manager and
The Cost of "Water.
Q. Well, did you make any allowance
for distribution?
A. Xo, sir.
Q. Then all the costs you allowed foj
is the cost of pumping, is it?
A. That is the first cost of the wator
Q. That Is the first cost of the water?
That Is what you think, it is?
A. Tes, sir. Having all the pipes and
mains; we wil3 let that go In for what
It is worth I am net an expert but hav
ing all the pipes and mains. It seems
to me that the cost would be very
slight and you would have 300 percent
to go on.
Cost of Delivering "Water.
Q. Tou just estimate then, that it
is just a small matter that the distri
bution of water through a big system
does not cost anything. Is that your
A. Well, It seems to me that it would
not cost much.
Q. What do you mean by much? How
many cents?
A. It does not cost anything like 300
Q. I am asking how much in cents;
what would it amount to in cents?
A. I have no idea.
Sees Bis Profits.
Q. Well, what do you mean by that?
Do you think that because you have got
the water out that there is a 300 per
cent profit?
A. Tes. sir; approximately
Q. In other words, when it costs 6
cents to raise it alone, and you seli it
for IS cents, there Is 300 percent profit
is that right?
A. Approximately, yes sir.
Q. Do you stick to that? Think that
over and see if you are right.
A. Tes, sir; I stick to that. It is
only a question in mathematics.
Q. So IS cents is 300 percent profit
on, 6 cents, is it?
A. Tes, sir; approximately.
"A Typographical Error."
Q. "The commission does not doubt
that unlimited capital could be found
for investment in a water plant here, as,
the known fact that pure water can be
obtained at one-fourth of a cent per
gallon and sold for 20 cents per 1000
gallons with a properly and modernlv
equipped plant proves a bonanza," At
a quarter of a cent a gallon, what
'would a thousand gallons cost?
A. That is a typographical error; it
Q. What would that amount to at a
quarter of a cent a gallon?
A. Xo. sir; that is an error. It was
six and a quarter cents a gallon.
Q. What do you mean to say it was?
A. It should be six and a quarter
Q. But it Is written out; the one
fourth Is written out in letters.
"Printer Left Ont Something."
A. That is an error there. The
printer left out something.
Q. What did you mean to put in
there, then?
A. I meant to say that it was six and
a quarter cents for a thousand gallons.
Q. So that it what you think you
means. Is it?
A That is what I meant. Tes, sir.
Q. Tou know that it can be produced
for that, do you?"
A. I do not know that, but I basea
my opinion on what they say.
Q. Because of the known fact that
pure water can be obtained at six and
a quarter cents r thousand gallons-
is mat a Known fact?
A. Tes. sir. It is a known fact.
Q. By whom is it known?
A. Why. it Is demonstrated by the
International Water company.
Q. Xo it Is not.
"The Cost of Pumping
A. Well, they say they pump their
water from the Mesa wells at a cost of
six and a quarter cents per" thousand
Q. Xo. they do not say that.
A. That is a question of detail
Q. It is a question of being true or
not being true. '
A. I took it that the Water company
themselves said so.
Q. So you mean to say that that
quarter of a cent per gallon was a typo
graphical error?
A. Tes, sir. - j
Did Xot Correct Error.
Q. Was that typographical error cor
rected the next day?
A. Xo. sir.
Q. Why wasn't it?
A. I suppose it was overlooked. I
did not have the matter called to my
attention, but it is manifestly an error
on the face of it.
Q. And in itself, it is manlfestlv false
Did not Mr. Hughes tell you he could
produce water at one quarter of a cent?
A. Xo, sir. He never did; he has
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"The Road to Wellville," in
Is worth readng.
"There's a Reason"
never said a word personally to me, al
though he has written a number of,
communications to the Times.
Accepted Statements as True.
Q. And you acted on them without
finding whether they were true or not?
A. I accepted them as true; he .stated
the wells produced
Q. But you don't know whether there
are any wells there or not yourself, do
A. Xo, sir; I do not.
Q. Tou do know that they will not
produce ten million gallons though,
don't you?
A. Xo, sir; because I have his state
ment that they will.
Q. Do I understand that It is your
opinion that It wiH be just as well to
leave the Mesa and come down here
where they can get water cheaper?
A. If my opinion is worth anything,
yes sir.
,Q. Is that your opinion individually,
or as the editor of the El Paso Morn
ing Times?
A. Both. v
Q. That is the opinion of the El Paso
Morning Times, then. Is It?
This Editor Can't Express Opinion.
A. Tou must understand that the
opinion of the editor cannot be ex
pressed as he pleases. '
Q. Tes, we have known that for some
time. That is one of the known facts
here. "What we want to know is,
whether that is your individual opinion,
or the opinion of the paper?
A. It is my Individual opinion. I am
not' the Times I am simply an employe.
Kuoutm Xothlng of Facts.
Q. Then you slmplj write anything
you are told to write?
A. I write anything I think if right,
subject to the approval of the general
manager. I merely want to explain
that I know absolutelj' nothing of the
essential facts of this matter of my own
knowledge, and all my information was
entirely heresay; every expression I
ever used was a matter of opinion and
was not written for the purpose of in
juring anyone, and I cannot understand
why it is that I should be summoned
as a witness merely for the purpose of
being badgered by an attorney.
Q. That is all right. Have you writ
ten all of these editorials? -
A. Tes sir.
Q. Ever-,' one?
A. So far as I remember, yes, sir.
Q. On data furnished by whom?
A. Xobody furnished me the data; 1
got it up myself.
Thomas on Stand.
Upon the conclusion of Mr. Tipton's
testimony, B. G. Thomas, manager of
the Times, was called by attorney Bur
ges to testify. i
Mr. Thomas stated 'that he had not
written any of the editorials appear
ing In the Times for the past two
months; that he did not know of any
blocks of International Water company
stock having been placed to carry in
fluence, and that he was not in favor
of abandoning the mesa as-a source of
water supply for El Paso, until a ieter
field was found.
Anderson On Stand Again.
The testimony of superintendent W.
E. Anderson of the watef company, in
reference to relative water conditions
and the- conditions of operating expenses
in El Paso and other Texas cities, was
continued this morning.
,A comparison between Fort Worth
and El Paso was first made, during
which it was stated that at Fort "Worth
the net earning per year, dating from
Jan. 1, 1905, has been $34.86 per million
gallons. In 1909. 1.425 million gallons
of water was pumpe;, mamng the net
earnings of the plant $49,305.
The Fort "Worth Plant.
I The investment at Fort Worth,
which is municipally owneG, is valued
at $l,S0O,O00, and the earnings of $34. SG
was stated by Mr. Anderson zo Oe 2.68
percent, which he estimated to be about
sufficient to care for the sinking fund
and for repairs at 'the plant. At Fort
Worth, "it was also stated, about one
third of the water pumped is accounted
for, and that the meter rate is 30 cents
per 1000 gallons.
TIic Austin Rate.
At Austin, the water is obtained from
a supply tunnel and Mr. Anderson
stated that the pumping of water at El
Paso Involves 5 1-4 times more work.
During the cross examination con
ducted by city attorney Coldwell, Mr.
Anderson reviewed the statements rela
tive to conditions at Austin and Fort
Rate Is High Here.
He also testified that the water rate
in El Paso was greater, per inhabitant,
than in any other city in Texas, with
the exception of Fort Worth, and ex
cluding Fort Worth, that the price paid
by the average consumer in El Pnso
was $1.21 compared with $1 in other
Texas cities.
On the redirect examination of snnw-
Intendent Anderson, by attorney Burges
for the water company stockholders,
he stated that, excluding the service
supplied to runway companies and large
manufacturing establishments in El
Paso, the rate per inhabitant would be
less than in other cities in Texas.
"Water Is Good.
In answer to a question by governor
Sayers as to the quality of mesa water
compared with water supplied in other
Texas cities. Mr. Anderson stated that
it was better, excepting Fort WorJ
and San Antonio, where, he said, water
conditions are almost perfect.
During his testimony this morning
Mr. Anderson also, stated that the fuel
cost for pumping water at Austin,', as
shown by his figures relative to condi
tions in Texas cities, was"$l per 1,000,
000 gallons, compared wtfi $8.98 in El
Paso. The actual operating expenses
at Austin were also staged by Mr. An
derson to be SS.46 per 1,000.000 gallons,
as compared with $41.02 in El Paso. The
net earnings of the water company at
Austin last year wero stated to amount
to $72,482, on an Investment of $507,7S5,
or a return of 14 percent.
Joe Peyton On Stand.
J. C. Peyton, auditor for the citizens'
committee appointed in 1909 by niayor
Sweeney to investigate the value of the
water company plant, and also ilts phy
sical condition, was called as a witness
for the water company this mornjng
by attorney Burges. r
Mr. Peyton testified, In conformity
with the report of the Investigating
committee, that the expenditures of the
water company, as to investment, to
Feb. 28, 1909, was $892,847.73.
Last Xiffht'M Hearing.
At the hearing last night Mr. Ander
son testified that the water pumped
at Austin during the year is 900.000,000
gallons; that the minimum rate to con
sumers is $1.50 for th.e use of 45TT0 gal
lons of water.
The value of the water plant at Waco
was stated last night to be $5701000;
gross receipts $07,350; yearly operating
expenses $CG,414
At Dallas the water plant is valued
at $3,000,000, according to Mr. Ander
son's statement; annual gross receipts,
$214.46S; annual operating expenses,
The San Antonio plant is valued at
$1,S00.000, but Mr. Anderson was unable
to give the gross- receipts or operating
The water rates in all Texas cities
vary, different conditions and problems
presenting themselves.
Gov. Sayers announced today that
the water hearing would close Saturday
and he would leave El Paso Saturday
I1I&I1L 1
liiib m
Business Men to Eefuse
Credit to Keno Players
Who Are " Short.
Another step has been made against
keno and debt dodging. And it will be
an effective one, it is assured.
Soon the Business Men's Protective
association will cause the circulation of
a paper to be signed by merchants. It
will be a protest against "dead beats"
and will carry assurance that the cus
tom will not be tolerated among em
ployes. Coppies of the petition with the at
tached names, will be posted in the
stores of the signers. So every employe
may see the extent of the feeling
against the game of 'hide and seek with
collectors. "
Investigations of the keno houses by
detectives will result in a report within
a few weeks. Xames of those who fre
quent the Juarez gambling houses will
be furnished all merchants. If the em
ploye plays keno and. still pays hi3
debts, actiony will be up to the in-
rKx'irliml nrrmlnver. Tnip investigation
j will merely cause the comparing of the
keno player lists and. the records of
iiaDituai aeot aoagers.
The Possible Personnel of
the jNew House Com
mittee. Washington, D. C, March 24. The
new rules committee of the house wllL
if last night's Republican caucus se
lections are ratified and the expecta
tions of minority leaders as to tonight's
Democratic caucus are fulfilled, coasist
of the following:
Republicans, Dalzell, of Pennsylvania,
chairman; Smith, of Iowa; Uowrence, of
Massachusetts; Fassett, of New York;
Smith, of California; Boutell, of Illi
nois. Democrats, Clark, of Missouri; Under
wood, of Alabama; Fitzgerald, of New
York; Dixon, of Indiana.
The leaders of both 3ldes expect great
things of the new committee. Even some
regular Republicans concede that the
enlargement of the committee is a step"
in the right direction.
Numerous Democrats continued to
day their expressions of opposition to
the election of Mr. Fitzgerald as one
of the Democratic members ql ,the com
mittee. It is predicted that a contest
will be waged Qver his election.
Mr. Fitzgerald led the Democrats who
voted for the adoption of the present
rules when congress -was organized, but
has voted with his party since.
Som are urging the selection of rep
resentative Sulzer, of New York, tn his
A fight will be precipitated in the
Democratic caucus tonight to put repre
sentative Slayden, of Texas, in the place
of representative Fitzgerald.
Representative Smith, of Texas, Is
leading the movement to appoint Slay
den and, opposes Fitzgerald because he
was appointed by Cannon over the pro
tests of the Democrats.
Train Bulletin.
Rock Island train No. S. the Golden
( State limited, due at 3:50 p. m.t is re
ported ten minutes late. All other aft
ernoon and night trains are reported
on tnme.
Fresh string beans. 15 cents pound.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
Phone 353.
Dr. Prppts, specialty diseases of
stomach and intestines. Trust Bids.
Fresh vegetables, all. 'kinds..
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Special, ladles purses, shopping Dags.
El Paso Trunk factory, north" side plaza.
Dr. Willis R. Smith, Skin genito
urinary and rectal diseases. Office rooms
201. 203, Caple's. building.
Fresh green peas, 15 cents pound.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone '353.
Sliced Cocoaput Bar, 15 Cents.
Saturday only, we will have on sale
our own make, of 25. cents a pound
sliced cocoauut bar for 15 cents a pousicL
Potter Drug- Co.
C. L. ESUInjjton. TOG Magoffin. TaL 1485
painting, paperhangiug, decorating:
Dr. Carpenter, office st the Eye and
Ear hospital, Stanton and Wyoming;
R. B. Bias Fuel Co.
Wood, coal, feed. cenent, plaster,
lime, building paper. 1014 Missouri
street Phones: Bell S49; Auto, 1849.
Grebe cleans clothes. 41S N. Oregon.
Fresh gree npeas, 15 cents pound.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Dr. W. H. Pickel's office removed to
Turner & Davis Bldg., 325 San Antonio
Dr. Cameron, Dentist, for reliable den
tistry, reasonable prices. Office over
Guarantee shoe store. Work guaranteed.
Fresh okra, 15 cents pound.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Dr. Burleson Staten has removed his
office to suite 3, Coles Block, over "The
White House," corner San Antonio and
Oregon streets.
Use Gulf Refining
coal oil for Incubators.
Co.'s ILusturlite
Sliced Cocoanut Bar. 15 Cents.
Saturday only, we will have on sale
our own make, of 25 cents a pound
sliced cocoanut' bar for 15 cents a pound.
Potter Drug Co.
Our delicatessen whets the appetite.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Dr. Wip Robinson, dentist, office
moved to Turner & Davis Bldg., 325 San
Antonio street.
Sunflower eggs 25c dozen.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Dr. J. A. Hedrlck will occupy offices
In the Coles Bldg., after March 21.
g FA i I
ill 1 i
Or luiu
There's only one way to cure
Varicocele without the knife. That
way is to "help nature cure it- You
can do this by applying Dr. Mc
Laughlin's Electric Belt,' together
with special Varicocele attachment,
for a few hours every night- The
powerful but soothing current drives
out the stagnant blood and strength
ens the swollen veins. If you are a
victim of this blighting scourge you
must not fail to investigate my
method of electric treatment.
FRPP u: out ns Coupon and
rflCC bring or mail it to me for
my free 80 page book about Dr.
McLaughlin's Electric Belt. This
book contains pictures of perfect
men, showing iust how Dr. Mc
Laughlin's Electric Belt is applied,
and explains many things you should
know regarding the diseases of mejj
and women.
The Dr. M. L. McLaughlin Co
239it So. Spring St.,
Please send me your free book
Name ....-......,......
Street or Bos...M,.Mw..,
City ........
A Good Mandolin, for. $T.40
A Good Violin for $2.65
$350.00 Schiller Oak Uprigkt Piaao
for $100.00
$275.00 Bishop Piano, Mahogany
Case, used, for $125.00
$375.00 Sttiyvesant Piano, Mission
Case, new, for $225.00
$500.00 Crown Piano, Walnut Case,
nsea, for ' $140.00
$475.00 Pianola Player Piano, new,
for . . $375-0G
$800.00 Steck Baby Grand Piano,
new, fsr $485.00
Piano Prices Include. Stool and Scarf ec
101-103 El Pas St.
Herald Building
Palace Cafe, H. B. Thoaspsoa,
El Paso Herald Office.
A. H. Richards. Jewelw,
International Book "Ca.
Wm. Mceller, Real Bctsta.
Lobby Cigar Staad.
SEturO) KLOQlt
H. L. Howell. Ra Zstst
agent Herald Bids:.
T. W. C. A. Lunch tad TLmt
John Brunner. Tailor.
J. F. Milner. a E. E. K., repre
senting he White Sands C.
Miss Pauline Hilpert, DrM
making Parlors.
Standard Home Co.
R. L. Nichols. Attorney at Law.
J. E. Dutcher, Attorney at Law.
Colorado National "Life Assur
ance Co., E. McMillan, Gen. Agent.
Southwestern Portland Cement
The Public Stenographers Ce..
.4rs. Jessie E- M. Howe and Miss
Ruth "Williams. Proprietor.
The Wsb. Jeanlsffs Ce., Xnsl
neers and Machinery merchant.
First Church of Christ. Scien
tist. Reading Rooms.
Mrs. A. P. Thompson. Mra. "V7a.
Noble, China Decorations.
Drs! Satterlee & Satterlee. Os
teopaths. Dr. Flora Satterlee and
Dr. xviettle Sctterlee.
Carter & Robertson. Mill, Mine
and Smelter Supnlies.
Public Stenographers Co. Ruth
"Williams, Mngr.
Mrs. J. B. Cass and Miss Garra,
aiie Ludlow-Saylor Wire Co
J. E. Robertson. Mngr.
Royal Jacknian, Upper Valley
A. Courchesce.
Lee & Woodyard. contraf.tir.c-
- engineers.
R. E. Huthstelner, Mechanical
Electrical Engineer. '
, LPaso Prnting Co., Herald
building, facing G. H. & S. A.
U tracks
tracKs and Main street.
Write for Catakgse of
Slits SrnrH
i I
1 1

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