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Friclav. March 25, 1910,
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father of Mrs. Happer.
The settlement was made by the con
veyance by Millard Patterson to Mrs.
Happer of the property on Myrtle
avenue fronting1 the city hall and
There is more food value In one quart
of El Paso Pure Milk than there is In
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account Semi-Anmial Conference of the Mormon Church, April 3-6.
Tickets on sale larch 26, 27, and 28, final return limit 60 days from
date of sale. Stopovers permitted on return trip within limit of ticket
Passengers can be routed through Pueblo and D. & R. G-, Colorado
Springs and Colorado lidland, or Denver and D. & B- G. or Union Pacific
For f urpher information write or call on
D. F. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry.
Mills Building
known as the old Christian church
The following: letter was filed among
the papers in the case and judgment
entered as suggested In same:
"March 24, 1910.
"Mr. J. F. Coles, city.
"Dear sir I could not consider the
matter of a compromise with Mrs. J. A.
Happer but I would not treat her un
kindly. "I estimate the value of the 45 feet
fronting on Myrtle avenue owned by me
In this city, located In block 39, Mills's
map, at $27,000, and I will convey this
to Mrs. Kapper in satisfaction of the
legacy left her in .her mother's will, and
In consideration of her relinquishing
to me all interest she may claim in my
home place and all Interest in the per
sonal property left to her by the will.
"I will pay the legacies left to her
children as soon as a guardian qualifies
to receive the money.
If this satisfies her, this communica
tion to you shall be signed by her and
her husband at the bottom and filed In
the case now pending on appeal in the
district court (41st district) El Paso
county, to probate her mother's will,
and said court shall enter judgment at
once probating the same.
Very respectfully,
"Millard Patterson."
John A. Happer.
Zuelma Happer.
A deed transferring the property was
presented to'Jack Happer and accepted
by him.
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Cer. Sen Fraadsca k CkJteatea Ste.
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522 San Fianclsco St. Phsne t
C. P. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry.
Catholic Church Mourns the
Crucifixion With Im
pressive Services.
Services in the Catholic churches are
held today to commemorate the day of
passion and death -of the' Savior. In
the entire, liturgy of the church there
are no more impressive features than
those of this day. The sanctuary Is
bare and unadorned. The altar is
stripped of its ornaments and the cru
cifix alone remains, veiled in black, six
vnlighted candles stand at the altar.
"When the priests make their way to
the sanctuary they prostrate themselves
In utter abasement. On Good Friday
the priest is rather the spokesman and
representative of the congregation
present. They follow and take part in
the various acts of reparation he per
forms. This is the key to right un
derstanding to the whole function. Tha
services are divided into four parts
three lessons, the solemn prayers, the
adoration of the cross, the mass of the
In the first division the ministers
approach the sanctuary in utter si
lence. The vestments are black. On
the altar there Is neither missal nor
altar cloth. When the ministers reach
the altar they prostrate themselves In
silence. Then they read the three les
sons, two from the old Testament and
one the passion according to St. John.
These lessons afe the earliest forms of
the church's service.
Antiquity of Service.
The solemn prayers which follow bear
evidence of remote antiquity. The lit
any, the eucharistic prayer and the col
lect were the early church forms. In
the prayers of Good Friday Is a good
example of the collective prayer and
the responsive "Te ragomos audlnos."
The adoration of the cross was the
third section of the day's prayers and
service. The celebrant lays aside his
chasuble, the symbol of his priest's
dignity, and Is first to humble himself.
He receives the veiled cross and stand
ing at the side f the altar he. uncov
ers a small part, raising it slightly for
the people to see and sings in a low
voice, "Behold the wood of the cross
on which hung the salvation of the
Mnss of PrCKanctified.
Candles on the altar are lighted when
the mass for the presanctlfied is said.
This Is in reverence for the coming
presence of Jesus Christ. The clergy
go in procession to the chapel of re
pose and bring back to the high altar
the blessed sacrament, which has been
reserved in a. chalice. During the pro
cession the choir sings the "Vevillo
On this day alone throughout the
year the church suspends the offering
of the holy sacrifice of the mass. When
the blessed sacrament is brought to
the altar the priest bids the people
pray and himself prays aloud; singing
the "Pater Noster." As soon as the
priest departs the altar is stripped.
The sanctuary Is empty, its light Is
gone and no lamp burns In any part of
the church. The naked cross stands
alone to proclaim the mourning of the
spouse for the crucifixion of her Lord.
Easter Service.
Saturday will be "Holy Saturday.'
For a thousand years after the foun-
' dation of the church this day was de
voted to prayer and fasting, in watch-
ing the spirit of the holy women at
I the sepulchre until the morning of the
resurrection. The service of the mass
j that is now observed on Saturday was
really held on Saturday night, extend
S ing to the resurrection morning. The
i services are divided into two sections
the blessing and the mass. The Sat
J urday service will be held at 7 oclock
a. m.
( Easter services will be the effulgent
j reawakening and renewal after the ret-
urrection. Easter will be the great
feast day of the church, following thfi
"holy week's prayer and devotioris.
Collector Sharpe Makes Sug
gestion to Prevent Opium
z Smuggling.
El Paso as one of the ports of entrv
from Mexico is interested in "Hie work
of the oniiim commission which has
been annointed bv tiho state department
to investigate the wholesale smussrlinff
of omhim across the Mexican border into
th United States-
j In spie of the activitr of fne pus
j toms officials, a qnantitv of the for-
bidden hon has ben brought into the
country alonsr the Mexican border from
Easle Pass to Xosales. It U the pur
nose of the special commission to de
termine unon some war of stopping this
illicit traffic in the poppv product and
it may bf that this cifcv will be ;n
oluded in the general investigation which
is now in progress.
Onp method which has been proposed
for putting a- stop to the illegal practice
is to make an arrangement through the
state department wita dun.'', and the
othpr opium producing countries to nro
hibit the exportation of opium to Mex
ico. As practicallv tll of the ccntra
bnnd goods are brought across the Me
Kan border into the Unit! States, it is
thnuort that this plan will be effective.
While in Washington collector A T
Shame suggestpd to the denartient that
the matter be taken up with the Mexi
can state department with a viw of
havincr a prohibition order mssp 1 bv
uie .Mexican covernmeni; "nnnT- io nu
rne now in forcp in the Unite 1 Saps.
This would eliminate the sovree of fTi
summers' supplies and it is thought
would effectually ston the smuggling of
opium into the country-
T. H. irdnnls. 'deputy customs col
lector at Columbus. N. L. died at 2
oclock this afternoon, according' to word
received at the customs house. Mcln
nis was stationed in El Paso several
years ago.
of prood health should prevent sickness
.instea'd of letting themselvps pret sick
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ach in a healthv and active condition
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relieves constipation, inactive liver and
all stomach and bowel triubles.
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Iff . fc. ms wmmm
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for reelection on his record. XThe other two are Dr. Herbert Stevenson ana Julius
The terms of trustees W. L. Gaines, J. R .Harper and Henry Welsch will
expire this year and Dr. Stevenson ana Mr. Krakauer are canaiaates to succeed
Welsch and Harper. Mr. Gaines may be a candiaate to succeea himself.
With these three men electea ana W. L. Tooley who has also stooa out
against the board's arbitrary practices still a member of the board, iheie wculd
be a majority and the men who have permittea the finances of the schools to
get into such baa shape wouia be aefeated.
If Gaines, Krakauer ana Stevenson can be electea, with Tooley they wouia
constitute a majority over Peaboay, Carpenter ana Worsham.
Dr. Worsham is a new man and as yet untriea but has generally been
looked upon as representing the views of the present majority of the boara,
which has run the schools into aebt to the tune of over $0,000, with no ap
parent relief in sight.
Twenty-one determined men, non par
tisan and with no other view than to
obtain a business administration for thp
school affairs, met in the chamber of
commerce this afternoon and named the
three men to become candidates for the
positions of school trustees, and Im
mediately began a citizens' campaign
for a clean school administration for
El Paso.
Dr. H. E. Stevenson, "W. L. Gaines and
Julius Krakauer were the three men se
lected to head the citizens' ticket for
the' school board election In April.
These men were selected by the com
mittee of 21 who had assembled to se
lect a ticket for the school election.
Names were suggested by those present
and from these names the three men
were chosen by unanimous vote to be
come the candidates of all the people
for the managers of the affair of the
city schools.
Jadge Go'gcrin Preside.
Judge J. M. Goggin presided as chair
man of the meeting and D. T. White
was appointed secretary. Judge Goggin
said: "We are here for the purpose of
devising some means of bringing be
fore the voters the names of men who
will accept positions as school trustees
who are not only able to look after the
finances of the schools but also to the
management of the school affairs which
is so essential to school government.
They ought not to be selected at hap
hazsard nor for poltical affiliation or
because they are friends of any set of
men, but because they are men who will
administer the affairs of the schools
properls. Our object here is to form a
movement of this kind, how it is to be
done it -is for you to say.
Dr. J. A. Rawlings, H. B. Stevens,
James A. Dick, Victor Moore. I. A.
Shedd. Dr. Howard Thompson, Dr. D. H.
Huffaker, A Krakauer and others spoke
in favor of the selection at one of a
list of three men who would head the
citizens's ticket for school trustees, a
mass meetin gto be held later to ratffy
the work done by the committee ol
21. The method of selection was deter
mined upon and the list of three men
selected from among the number pro
posed and a committee of five composed
of judge Goggin, H. B. Stevens, Dr. .T.
A. Rawlings, Frank Powers and 12.
Kohlberg was named by the chairman
to notify the nominees of their, selec
tion to become the candidates of m the
citizens for the school board on " the
platform of a business administraMon
for the El Paso schools.
Two Xonilnees Accept.
Julius Krakauer and Dr. Herbert
Stevenson consented to accept the nom
inations. W. L. Gaines, who has persist
ently refused to accept renominatlon,
again refused, but may be prevailed up
on yet to make the race. If not, J. H.
McBroom will be selected.
Those present at th meeting were
Judge J. 31. Goggin. Bradford Hardie.
.James A. Dick, E. E. Neff. W. H. 1,0
retz, D. T. White, Victor Moore. Jesse
Payne, D. H. Hoffaker. Frank Powers.
H. B. Stevens, P. J. Rice, I. A. Shedd
Henry Easter, Dr. J. A. Rawlings, W. H.
Shelton, J. J. Ormsbee, A. Krakauer. E.
Grades cut to
Grades cut to
Grades cut to
e2 CIS
Rraree HOT
Page One.)
Kohlberg. John H. Grant. J. B. O'Con
ner, W. H. Bryan, Dr. HpwarJ Thomp
Will Have a Show Twice a
Year, in Spring and at
the Fair.
El Paso- is going to have a real horse
show association. Already dog and
chicken fanciers are organizea, but now
the "Black Beauties" of the city are
going to have a show for their "white
It all started up in the office of Dr.
Burleson Staten. 'There were a dozen
or more horsemen represented, and a
committee of three was appointed to
draft articles of incorporation, after con
sulting with similar associations, in Tex
as and Kentucky. There will be an ad
visory 'board of honorary members to
appoint judges.
the hest part of it is that a show is
promised within 30 days. It is planned
to have at least two shows a year; one
in the spring and one in connection with
the fair association exhibitions.
El Paso has already had a number of
horse shows. But it" is considered that
only bv a permanent organization may
the affairs be pushed to glowing success.
.7 It. Unrpex Presiding.
Carlos Hernandez, burglary, ac
quitted. Luis Velarde, burglary; on trial.
A. 31. Walthall Presiding.
Estate of Lydla Patterson; jury dis
missed: negotiations for settlement
A, S. J. Eylnr Presiding-.
A. L. Reed & Co. vs. Snyder Jewelrv
Co.; suit on account; judgment for
plaintiff 224 and costs; instructed ver
E. II. AVntson Presiding:
Barron, burglary nnd
ceiving and concealing stolen property
bound over to errand inri- s 1
51000. " " um OI
E. B. lfcCIIntocIc Presrtinr.
CataLina Jara de Swain vs. Mrs. Nel
lie Black; suit for damages; jury" d"s
greed. u-
From Nevr Mexlro.
At the Sheldon Herbert W. Wolcott.
Alamogordo; T. C. Phillips, jr., Las Cru-
Ankie Straps
Tan, Calf, Chocolate Kid, Pat
ents and Dull Kid Leathers
$5.00 Grades
$4-00 Grades
$3.50 Grades cut to
Morganfield, Ky, March 25. The "Black Harid" is believed to be respoa
Klble for the fire which started In tae Green Rive department store -here talt
moruinjc and whlck destroyed property valued at ?25,000.
Besides the department store, the 31asemlc temple, opera hease, aeiv Baptist
church and the bank of Union county rere hurnecL
The managers of the Green River department store have received several
threatening: letters lately from the "Black Hand."
Judge Refuses to Discuss His Reasons For Discharging
Jury Deputy Sheriff Says He Took the Jurymen
to See the Wiley Property, But They Did Not
.Enter Wiley's Saloon.
Whether there will be any further de-
-rolrkrnflTit c in -i-Tio niTil nf.lATl r$ "Mil PIT.Y
j of ElPaso against "W- W. Wiley, as a
result of the summary dismissal by
judge Harper of the jury hearing the
testimony, is a- matter of comment in
lesral circles. The members of the panel
( were dismissed by jud'e Harper f o-
lowing the report carried to him, it is
i said, that deputy siieriff Van Haselen,
in whose custody the men were placed
while deliberating, allowed them to take
I a short stroll over the city. It was re
ported by some that the jury visited the
scene of" the propertv in dispute. It is
stated that judge Harper upbraided Van
Haselen for his" alleged negligence.
Judge Won't Discuss Case.
Judge Harper when asked today as to
the cause for the sudden dismissal of
the jurvmen. stated 'There are sev-
, eral reasons'
I will he also said, "not say a word,
as to any of the reasons. I do not care
to prejudice other men who majr hear
the case. It is'still pending in my court
for trial."
ces; J. J. McCullough, Las Cruces; J. E.
Neelley, Engle.
At the St. Regis H. Lasinski, Santa
Fe; Benjamin Titus, Deming; J. S.
San Sancon, Albuquerque.
At the Zeiger Mrs. J. M. Bowman.
Alamogordo; Mrs. F. H. Wells, Alamo
gordo; Felipe Lucero, Las Cr.uces; Wil
liam E. Beecher, Anthony; Flavio Sando
val. Albuquerque.
At the Grand CentralJ. E. Weir,
Monument; J. E. Black. Las Cruces; E.
Lawson. Las Cruces; Robert Gibson, Tu
cumcari'; William B. Hoeck and wife,
From Arizona.
At the Sheldon M. Hobson, Dauglas;
John T. Munch, Globe; M. A. Elliott.
Tucson; M. P. Perrine, Bisbee; J. R
Montgomery, Tucson.
At the Angelus H. W. Elliott. Pres
cott; W. L. Moore, Tucson; M. Murphy,
Tucson; James Ashby, Tucson
At the Zeiger W. W. Miller, Johnson.
At the Grand Central S. Brakus,
Globe; George Romadina, Globe; Ed
ward Echols, Dragoon; C. W. Jackson,
From Mexico.
At he Sheldon H. J. Mathewson,
Chihuahua: R. A. Mathewson, Chihua
hua; M. Dickinson, Cumpas, Son.; Mrs.
George V. McCausland. Chihuahua; P.
H. Luckett, Inde. Durango; Mrs. F.
Stein, Oaxaca; Miss Wolrich, Oaxaca:
Milo Grelle, Mexico City.
At the Orndorff R. J. Long. Parral;
Mrs. J. J. Qulgley, Chihuahua: Mrs. E.
S. Plumb, Chihuahua: C. H. McDonald
omi wir Snn Pedro: E. R. Phillips. San
j Pedro; Dan Armstrong, Colonia Diaz.
At Zeiger J. C Bannon, Chihuahua:
cut to
cut to
Bargain Tables
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Slippers at and
Below Wholesale
Attorney C. B. Patterson, representinn
Wiley, when asked this afternoon as to
the reasons for the sudden dismissal of
the jurymen in the case stated:
'There are several suspicious reasons,
but I'm not going to give 'em."
Van. Haselln Talka-.
H. G. -"Van aselin, who had the jury
j in charge said:
"I took the jury down to see the
Wiley place about 8 oclock Wednesdpr
morning They had asked me to take
them. None of them, objected to "going.
; I didn't think there was anything:
wrong In then- seeing- the place'.., "We
were in the middle of the street all the
time: never enterpd Wflov's salnnu nrt
I did not srjeak to anvnnp
"The first I knew there was anything
wVong was when judge Harper said I
should have phoned him. before-taking
The jurymen sitting in the case are:
W. MxLee3. S. Ravel, H. V. Nicks, a A.
House, R. B. Vanderwaier, George W.
Roberts, Qeorge P. Pickens. W. F.
Clyde, G. Q. Willis, A. G. Farrls, W. Y.
Wallace and T. Lovelady.
Colin Timraons, Mexico City.
At Grand Central J. A. Haymore and
wife, Mexico City; Peter B. Catlln and
wife, San Pedro.
Dr. W. L. Brown Is back from a
month's absence in the east, including
trips to Chicago and Rochester. Minn.
Are you frequently "hoarse? Do you
have that annoying tickling in your
throat? Does your cough annoy you at
night, and do you raise mucus in the
morning? Do you want rslief? If so,
take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
you will be pleased. Sold by all drug
gists. &fe Crewley Co.
333 Texa Si. ! Past. Texas
j, SB Suiioii Company
Embossing, Engraving, Printing
39ft Texas St. Bell Phone 680

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