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Saturday, April 2, 1910.
Digging British Bayonets
From Earth In New York
"Cadet" Stockings
Absolutely the strongest, best wearing stocking
ever made for boys and girls. In three weights;
light, medium and heavy weights with linen
heels, toes, soles and knees. All sizes
25 c a Pair
Exclusive Agency
vTe are exclusive EI Paso agents for thi famous
brand of hosiery. The new spring styles show
the new colors in plain silk lisle, lace effects, and
embroidered novelties, as -well as the plain sub
stantial black cotton and lisle.
'7fvt " 1 1
Xew York, April 2. Relics of tbe . if rfdBF
revolution 'brass butrcns, Inyonets nd v Jjl&lS fi
clasps worn by king Georjre'fe soldiers " r M J M 1
have been discovered in the upper sec- ; M MRf ' ' "" I
tion of Lanhattan. The relics were col- v if JBSr M ' 5
leeted by Messrs. R, P. Bolton anl W- f M J I -'
L. Calver,. amateur antiqu'us who " M JKp S -- I
3ive in the vicinity of the "Washington &.& pT Jf " 1
Heights battle field. pA p- J Jf
Although, it is now more than 130 f ipF ' M ' '"
years since the alien troops occupied the JF 4J - ' M
heights, all the relics found are in an , M& - " - JF
excellent state of preservation. Tno y t "
various buttons found by the excava- Mf ME&0 ? 5
tors when deaned show the coats of j? JB& Mif . -
arms and other insignia of the regi- $ A -M& JbW " -
ments to which those who wore theip 9 'Jr gg - j- g
belonged. . C"1 S&. - -?VV?
Scott White & Co.. now at 204 SL Louis. ' '
More Honors 'DnjTrD070r
for I Peso "UU 1 LHu nltC
Dr, Ira TF. Collins, the Emi
nent Osteopath, Elected
President of the National
Osteopathic Association.
"Washington. D. C.
The National Osteopathic association
yesterday elected Dr. Ira "W. Collins, of
El Paso, Texas, president-
Thls great organization is composed
of the leaders of the osteopathic pro
fession Before a member is eligible, they
must be both a graduate of some college
and a graduate of Dr. A. T. Still's great
osteopathic university of Osteopathy
at Kirksville, Mo. -
This association will divorce osteop
athy from the medical profession and
have laws passed in each state allowing
all graduates of Dr. A. T. Still's -school
to register their diplomas and prac-.
tice in any state in the union.
All practitioners "who accept a medi
cal license or give any drugs -will not
be allowed to practice osteopathy nor
be considered a member of the osteo
pathic profession from now on.
This has no connection with one
known as A. O. A.
f Yrhe assertion by Dr. Bailey, a mem
beV of the Texas Medical board, in a
paper called the Physician, In Chicago,
that the osteopaths -who took examina
tions before the board -were far in ad
vance of the medical students, has ex
cited the ire of the entire medical pro
fession, as it shows how much lower is
the professional educational standard
of the medical profession than that of
the osteopaths and most of them now
would like a divorce.
One object of the National Osteopathic
association is to elevate the standard
of osteopathic education still higher.
Friends of Contestants Are
As Enthusiastic as Bunch
of Baseball "Booters."
New Books
"White Magic, by
David" G. Phillips
A Modern Chronicle, by
Winston Churchill
Cab No. 44, )j
E. F. Foster
The Up Grade,
"Wilder Goodwin
Kingdom of Slender
Hallis E. Rives
The Fortune Hunter,
Louis Joseph. Vance
Book 8l
Stationery Co.
E! PasoBottle
& Junk Co.
Dealers in
Phone Auto 1682
This is the time of year when every
body begins to figure on the opening of
the baseball season, and speculates on
which town in the southwest will have
the best team this summer- The friends
of contestants in the rour districts are
equally busy and interested in speculat
ing as to who will win the prizes m
the race for honors and awards in eai'L
district. There are just as many ''root
ers" in the ranks of the contestants as
in the ranks of the baseball "'bugs.'
Better to many than the prospect of b
ing able to root for a team which wins
is the prospect of being able to cheer
for the contestants who win tne ele
gant car, the Apollo player, the trips to
New Tork.i the handsome piano and the
several attractive district prizes which
are to be awarded on the tenth of next
Coupons Xot Everytliinpr.
The. enthusiasm of some of the con
testants in The Herald's contest may be
directed toward securing subscriptions
whollj- and others may be devoting val
uable time trying to collect coupons ex
clusively and having their friends do
the same. The contestants who are do
ing the latter exclusively, and failing
to take advantage of the votes whit
may be secured on subscriptions, how
fever, find that their coupon vote does
not compare favorably with that of
their rival contestants who have se
cured a larger number of votes on sun
scriptions. The coupons are printed in the paper
and are worth five votes every day in
the week except one when their value is
raised to 50 votes. They aid materially
"when added to the votes obtained by
turning in subscriptions. However, it
would be Impossible to win If tl cou
pons alone were submitted. Spend no
time In simply collecting coupons. In
stead kill two birds with one stone and
wherever you get a coupon ask the
subscriber to let you have his subscrip
tion payment Instead of sending It to
The Herald, direct. You will find that
nearly everyone who Is now taking the
paper fully intends to renew the sub
scription as soon as the time for which
It is now paid 'expires and if you ap
proach subscribers properly there is no
reason why you cannot collect a full
year in advance from each one of them
and get credit for the votes. "Waste no
time buying copies of The Herald and
clipping coupons from them. This will
avail you nothing, and The Herald Is
not seeking that sort of sales. The sub
scriptions bring all the way from 100
to 5000 votes and it is the subscriptions
which will count when it comes to de
termining who are the prize winners.
Of course as you add each new subscrib
er tell him or her to save the coupon
for you and in this "way the coupon be
comes of value because it Is added to, the
greater number of votes given when the
subscriptions are turned in.
Use the Telephone.
There is a telephone service in nearly
every town from which contestants are
entered and candidates need not go to
the-trouble of personally calling on
friend's who may not happen to be In
when they go around to see them. Ue
the telephone or write. Then If a per
sonal call is necessary it can be made,
but while a whole afternoon can be
wasted going to meet a prospective
subscriber, and not seeing him or her,
the same time could be utilized In gath
ering, maybe, two or three or even
more subscribers if the telephone were
used or a postal card first sent to as
certain whether the friend would favor
you with his or her aid.
Fir6t Special Prlxe Offer.
Each contestant in The Herald's Pop
ular Voting Contest will ' be given a
beautiful et of masterpieces of the
wrold's literature, or a set of the works
of Rudyard Kipling, for the first six
new yearly subscriptions they send in.
Just think of it you only have to get
six people to take The Herald for one
year and you get, absolutely free, your
choice of a 10 volume set of Kipling or
an eight volume set of masterpieces.
Or Te will send both sets to any con
testant for the first 10 new yearly sud
scriptions sent Id-
WHICHEVER way you turn in this store you'll find a reason why it should be your shopping
place. The character"of the merchandise the fairness of the prices the endeavor of our salespeople to please all combine to
render satisfaction to all who come. We're just entering upon a new month a month from which we expect great things,
and in which we expect to do great things to make the volume-of business greater to make new customers to make our store even
more than ever before the "Popular" store of El Paso.
Summer time is rabidly drawing near and with it comes the necessity of cool, comfortable garments. Think beforehand and have these
,..,, 1 1 -f-"U T,4- Arr, -.-vwirk Hnr oIotq to volio-nf -rrrll-. -Mi a. rwo-nn"! cnirmioTU fliirrrc: f-vV9Trrnor VOlir choiCft. f
-LtTclLLV Wlieil USZ 11UU Udp UUJ-UG.
Jewelry No.velties
and Leather Goods
THAT styles are right is quite
as essential in these as in
the dress itself. Our selections
are carefully made to bring only
the right ones to our customers.
COIN PURSES Of gun metal, gilt, German
silver and oxidized.
CHATELAINES Of German silver, gilt and
gun metal, with mirror, powder puff, vinia
grette and comb.
VANITY CASES Of German silver, oxydized,
gilt nnd gun metal:
styles in plain and jeweled.
metals, .many styles, studded with jewels. The
very popular amethyst setting is quite in evi
dence. HAND "BAGS T9ie newest shapes and sizes
are shown in grain leather, seal and walrus,
in black, tan, brown and navy, with silver, gilt
and gun metal trimmings. Prices range from
$2.50 to $15.50.
SILVER MESH BAGS-Of German silver, in a
variety of sizes $1.50 to $18.50. .
White Linen Skirts
WE HAVE never oefore of
fered our customers a
more perfect line of the wash
able skirts than we show this
season. Handsome plain tailor
made effects, hand embroidered
and embroidery trimmed styles,
are .shown in every quality.
White Linen skirts $3.50 to $1 6.50
White Linene Skirts 98c to $2.50
White Mercerized Rep Skirts... $t.50 to $10-00
Summer Foot-Dress
TO DEESS the feet neatly is
quite important but not a
difficult matter in this store.
The styles shown are most gen
teel in apearanee stylish, un
common, but without even a hint
of freakishness.
Patent Leather Oxfords, two eyelet and ankle
strap pumps for women $3.00 and $3.50.
The ''Popular Special" Oxfords and Ties, in
all leatherg; black and tan, for men $4.00.
Children's Oxfords and ankle strap Pumps, in
all good stvles $1.00 to $2.50.
Oui store is radiant with the beautiful summery things, awaiting your choice.
Monday Specials
.k A I ' -
Beginning April With Marvelous
Values in the Suit Section
GOOD fortune is the portion of those who respond
to the splendid offerings which we have pre
pared for next Monday and Tuesday. "We have
chosen garments from the newest and best for this J
underpricing, garments that are the most perfect L
are worthy of consideration.
$45.0CJ Tailored Coat Suits $27.85
At this price we offer some of the best of the season's man-failored
suits, in the plain coat or novelty styles. In weight they are suited
to this climate in style they are suited to any place 'for the styles
are perfect. In planning your summer vacation out include one of these
for street or traveling. Suits worth tfj O Off
to $45.00 tpi i JU
Dresses Special Values $22.45
We have grouped nearly two hundred lingerie, linen, silk,
net and crepe de chint dresses at this one price garments
that should by Tights sell at from $30.00 to $35-00. Values
like these are rare in fact, it is only through our buyers'
alertness in securing exceptional 'bargains that we can offer
such matchless ones. Monday and
$16.50 Dress Skirts $12.65
Separate skirts in new models, perfect in tailoring,
correct in fit and hang. Very attractive styles, in
voile, novelty worsteds, diagonal and serge suitings,
are included in this lot for Monday - tf O C
and Tuesday at .". $&'
$2.75 White Waists $1.98
Very special Jot of linen and lawn waists in the
hand embroidered and fancy- lingerie styles. Per
fect fitting and with new sleeve. Real values up to $2.75,
Monday and Tuesday for r ; -. .
m. JffiaK"
At w mn m
LT & mVfpf
Ml Iv
f ' M few
I lr. I 1 ITO
it w&
cs i
Cambric, Swiss and Hamburg embroidered
edging and insertion. 2 to 6 inches wide and
worth regularly up to 20c. Monday r
pecial,a yard 0
French and German Valenciennes lace edg
ing and insertion, in matcnea designs.
Bolts of 12 yards, worth 50c,
offered as a Monday special..
Baby Irish lace edging, insertion, bands
and medallions, from 1-2. to 4 inches wide,
in cream, white and ecru. Values up to
65c a yard, offered as a Monday OO
special, a yard wOC
Remnants of embroideries and laces in all
widths and qualities, in lengths of from 1-2
to 12 vards, will be a Monday feature at
about HALF PRICE. " '
Large size hemp net shopping bags,
strong and durable; special O
value Mondav , TtOC
Girls' Washable Dresses,
Regular $1.75 Styles for
Xeatly made dresses of extra quality gingham, percale, lawn and fancy
madras. Pretty styles, in stripes, checks, plaids and small figures, in
light and dark colors. High or Dutch neck, long or short sleeves. All
sizes from 2 to 14 years. Dresses worth to $1.75. (ft aa
Special Monday P JL & J
Girls' dresses of fine quality zephyr gingham, lawn and French percale,
made in the high or Dutch neck styles, with long or short sleeves. For
girls of 2to 14 years. Special dot of dresses, worth io CjO QC
$4.00. Monday". $ZOU
Popular" Basement
THE "little less"' prices
have made this a busy,
bus- place. Qualities are al
ways kept up to the high stand
ard of excellence set by this
store, although the prices are
low. The interesting specials
for "Monday and Tuesday are
WHITE MADRAS Of weight suitable for
waists, skirts or suits. Regular value -9 r
121-2c. Monday and Tuesday -JLUC
HOMESPUN SUITIHG A cotton imitation, of
' the Ramie linen suiting a heavy rough weave
labnc Real value loc a yard. -
Monday and Tuesday JL JL t
36 INCH PERCALES The regular 121-2c
quality, in light and dark colors. -f r
Monday and Tuesday IvC
Children's Muslin
Girls' Muslin Drawers, hemmed and tucked, all
sizes, 9c.
Girls' Muslin Dranvers, hemstitched ruffle, 11c.
Drawers and Underwais-ts, 'neatly trimmed,
each 14c-
Drawers, embroidery and lace trimme&j Skirts
with tucked flounce, each 23 c
Drawers, Gowns, Skirts and Combination. Gar
ments, neat styles, 33c
Drawers, Gowns, Skirts and Combination Gar
ments, good muslin, each 48c
xirA Special
Satin finish 2sjah silks. 25 inches wide, in a
nxd range of coles, for suits or coats- Mon
day we offer our regular $i.2o quality for
79c a Yard
Imported Pongee 69c
Extra special for Monday only. Genuine
importetL pongee in natural color, 26 inches
wide and worth $1.00 a yard. We will sell
only one dress pattern to each customer at
69c a Yard
Long Cloth 95c
Yard wide, soft finish long cloth, 10 yards
in a piece, worth $1.35. Monday we will
sell fifty pieces of this (only one piece to
each customer) at our Extra Special price,
95c a Piece
Extra Special
Monday only we will sell French Una. a 45
inch cotton suiting, in exact imitation of the
French finish linens, in all colors, worth 35c a
yard, for
19c a Yard
(Continued From Page One.)
of the antl-prohobitionlsts. Poindexter
has long been the personal and political
friend of Bailey.
Bailey is not lacking in gratitude
towards the men who befriend him in
the time 'of his political needs. He
therefore picked upon Poindexter as his
choice for governor, and the word went
out to his friends to rally to his sup
port. Colquitt is known to have calculated
on the support'of the bulk of the Bailey
men. "While he took no side one way
or the othen in the Bailey controversi
al the time dt was at its height, he was
generally looked upon as being opposed
to the senator. He now says that this
is not so. He has declared recently
from the stump -that he believes Mr.
Bailpy did no moral wrong, and that he
has great admiration for him, etc, etc.
Seeing the headway that Poindexter Is
making in the matter of receiving the
endorsement and plaudits of tthe Bailey
people, Mr. Colquitt is now doing his
utmost to divide that vote.
Bailey After Davldaofa' Scalp. ,
The chief cause of Bailey's quiet ac
tivity on behalf of Poindexter's can
didacy ds his desire to see B "V. David
son, former attorney general, defeated
for the office of governor. Mr. David
son was the man who uncovered the
documentary evidence and much of the
testimony showing senator Bailey's re
lations with Mr. Pierce and the big oil
concerns. He brought these facts to
light as an incident of his work In pre
paring the case of th state of Texas
against the Waters-Pierce Oil company
for alleged violations of the anti-trust
laws and not with any original intention
of causing Bailey's political downfall.
However, Bailey looked upon him as his
personal and political enemy, for what
he had done, and it has been war to the
knife between them ever since. Bailey
declared that Davidson should never
hold another public office, but the lat
ter -was reelected attorney sreneral by
a large majority despite that threat
and the hard work that the Bailey fac
tion did against him.
Antl-BailCJ Candidates.
Davidson has beGP a consistent anti
prohibitionlst, but he favors local option,
and is not opposed c the submission
of the question of state-vide prohibition
if It Is the will of the le'SSjlature. He
has a good record for law' tVnf orcement,
and it is claimed by his chiesupport
ers that he will receive the vcttVof the
conservative business elemert tfi the
stajte. Irrespective of the prohibition
question. y
Cone Johnson, of Tyler, Is another hit
ter political' enemy of senator Ba'ley,
who is making the race for the Demo
cratic nomination of governor. John
so is running strictly on the state-wide
prohibition platform. He has v a large
following, andifthe Bailey ism issue
can be kept in the background, his
chances of success are believed to be
about as good as any of the other can
didates In the race.
It is known that Davidson invItesUne
making of Baileyism as the paramount
dssue of the campaign, although' he
thinks that then are other more im
portant and material questions, wh''ch
should receive the attention of the
people. He is willing, however, that
another test should be made of the
sentiment of the people towards the
things which Bailey Is alleged to stand
for in his public career.
' If Baileyism Is the Issue.
Poindexter is attempting to make
much political capital out of the fact
that he is the choice of Bailey for
governor, an'd this, together with Col
quitt'a activity along the same line of
endeavor, is causing a distant line-up
of the old two factions of the party,
without regard to the prohibition issue.
The anti-prohobition element welcomes
it this diverting of the issue, as it takes a
big fight off of their hands. It is being
arged on by the leaders of the anti
prohibition faction who happen also to
bo prominent in their support of Mr.
Baili y.
It Is quite generally conceded that if
Baileyfsm is to be made the chief issue,
the contest will narrow down to two
candidates, Poindexter and Davidson.
Bailey Wr:es l,etter.
' Quanah, Tex., April 2. O. B. Colquitt,
candidate for governor and supporter
of it e anti-prohibition cause, today said
he had not read senator Bailey's letter
Baby's coming "will he a time of reJicinS an not of ap
prehension and fear, if Mother's Friend- 3 used 7 the expec
tant mother in preparation of the evf11' ris is nofc a medi--
cine to oe tauen internally, hut a lin111161111 10 De applied to xne
"body, to assist nature in the necessary physical changes of the system. Moth
er's Friend is composed of oils a1 medicines which prepare the muscles and
tendons for the unusual strain, ipnd.eT the ligaments supple and elastic, aids in
the expanding of the skin and flesn fibres, and strengthens all the membranes
and tissues. It lessens the par11 and danger at the crisis, and assures future
health to the mother. Mothe s Friend is sold at drug stores. Write for our
free hook, containing valual0 ktformation for expectant Mothers.
to TV. H. Dougherty and which It is
claimed endorses JY. A. Poindexter's
candidacy. Colquitt declared that as a
friend of Bailey, he was opposed to
dragging the latter into the campaign.
Bailey Endorses Poindexter.
TVashington. It. C, April 2. Senator
Bailey was asked today whether his let
ter to "SV. H. Dougherty, read at -"he
Gainesville meeting- yesterday afternoon,
was meant to be a definite endorsement
of TV. A. Poindexter in the gubernatorial
The senator said: "The letter speaks
for Itself.; and refused to sav more re
garding the situation.
Scott TVhite & Co., now at 204 St. Louis.
We PLEASE ths People in Every Sense of the Word
$25 to $50
$50 to $100
"WHEN YOU NEED A FETV DOL.L.ABJS come to us. TVe will loan von
the amount needed on very snort notice. R2ATE and PAYMENTS to suit. J
LOA.NS on .pianos, nousenoia uoods, salary, etc. We buy notes or every
Bell Phone 094. 208 Mesa Avenue Room 2. Steveas Bids.
dgr. J
Popular Voting Contest Voting Coupon
Contest Editor, El Paso Herald.
I vote for
Town : '....-......
Dist. No State or Ter. . - ' '
Trim this coupon on the hlack line and mail it to CONTFT vm
TOR, EL PASO HERALD. The name of the person jolttLhfto
vote for must he written on each coupon. Coupons must he mailed
flat and not rolled.

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