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i i'
Thursday, April 14, 1910.
Says He Is Out of Politics
Former Secretary of Navy
For Good Talks About
His Railroad.
Declining to discuss national politics
and the" tariff, and answering "I don't
tffink." -when Questioned as to the Bal-
linger-Pinchot row. Paul Morton, secre-
tary of the navy under president Roose-
velt, spent an hour at the union station
Thursday morning. He exchanged com-
monplace remarks with a number of ac-
qualntances and rushed the inspection
of liis ba-rsa-re by custom officials so
he anight leave for New York.
Mr. Morton and a party of friends
have been in Mexico the past three
1 - J! .-I.- ,3 - llio "Vnt1nn.ll
weeks and arrived over the National
Railways of Mexico. The train was
tivo and one-half hours late, and Mr.
Morton, upon reaching Juarez, boarded
a street car and came over to El Paso,
going direct to the union station. where
he dictated telegrams for 15 minutes.
Upon the arrival of the Mexican train.
hi: baggage was hurriedly inspected
and he arid his party left over the
Southwestern for the east- The South
TTPstPrn is due to leave El Paso at 8
oclock a. m.f but was held two hours,
Discusses HIk Railroad.
On being questioned as to conditions
In Mexico "Mr. Morton stated: VI have
been in Mexico for the last three weeks
and while there went to the extreme
southwestern part of the republic, down
over the Pan American railway as far
as the Guatemala border. The railway
runs through a country the fertility
of which surprises everyone who sees
it. The country Is a hot one but very
healthy and the best (looking people
and the best looking livestock I saw
was across the border.
"Any country that can successfully
produce cattle, cotton, corn, coffee, co-
coanuts and pineapples and all other
sorts of tropical fruits, Is bound to be
in demand by settlers. Land is cheap
and extremely productive.
"I found general conditions in Mex-
iro satisfactory and was much im-
pressed with the people and the good
will that prevails there."
As to his interest in the Pan Ameri-
can railway, of which he isvice presl-
dent, he stated: A,
"My interests are nominal. I own
half of it. The other half is owned by
David E. Thompson."
'Out of Politics."
As to the cause of his visit to Mexico,
Mr. Morton announced: ''I have a num
ber of interests down there, the Equit
able Insurance company being among
"I'm out of polities for good," he said,
as he boarded his private car. "I've
got too much other business. I haven't
been interesting myself in national is
sues of lat."
After attempting to commit suicide I
by cutting his throat with a razor at j
La Tana. Tex., Wednesday morning,
Jeffe Carplick, a 29 yearold salesman,
of Kansas City. Mo., was brought to El I
Paso Wednesdav evening, docketed at J
the county jail on a charge of lunacy
later transferred to the county '
Deputy sheriff E. E. Elias brought
the man to El Paso about 7 oclock
Wednesday evening, and after he was
attended by Dr. Hugh White, the lat
ter expressed the opinion that he would
Looking toward conservation of j
county roads, -which have been con-1
structed at erreat expense, and that
they may riot be torn up Dy automo- j
biles, judge Iyiar and county road en-j
tfineer R. B. Meadows will shortly hold j
a conference with the El "Paso automo- j
bile club members and request them j
so as not to tear tip the asphalt ma
San Antonio, Tex., April 1. With
the adoption of a resolution for the
conservation of Texas's natural re
sources, especially forests, the lumber
men's association of Texas adjourned
today after selecting Houston as tho
next convention and reelecting the old
officer as follows. President. J. E
Whitselle. Cameron; vice president, W.
H. O'Neill, Dallas; secretary, Sam T.
Swinford, Houston.
Waco, Tex April 14. S. H. Scott,
aged 73. father of Sam R. Scott, for
merly district judge, died last night at
Travis, Dallas county. Scott served
through the civil -war with Jackson.
Longstreet and Hill. He participated in
the battle of.Gettysburg, Bull Run and
"Mother Thew" presented the fire
men at central station with a bouquet
of roses this morning.
Pass City Fuel , Company, Geo. C.
Wimberly, Owner.
Successors to Smith c Co., Sll Texas
street. Dealers in coal, wobd. hay. bran,
chops, oats, corn, cement, etc Phones,
Automatic 1818; Bell 1479.
Having returned to El Paso to live, I
respectfully ask for a share of the pat
ronage of my friends and the general
public, promising satisfaction as far as
it is in my power to give it.
Geo. C. Wimberly.
Having sold my fuel and feed busi
ness, at 811 Texas street, to the Pass
Cltv Fuel Company (Geo. C. Wimberly,
Owner), I respectfully request that my
friends and customers continue their
patronage with the new company. I
will continue with the new company as
off'ce manager.
Smith & Co.
Bv R. H. Smith.
3 P. M.
Beckliart Takes Out Permit
for His Structure.
Transfers Active.
Building- is the topic of conversation
on every corner of El Paso these days
and the records of the permits issued
show that it is not all talk, for Wed-
nesday the permits issued amounted to
$25,550, only $4000 behind the record
established the preceding day, so this
Tveek will be one of great activity in
this line.
I El Paso -within six months will be
j a different city, for the sky line will
. jave changed to such a remarkable de-
! -r-st -. W-l, -. -.1a.fr nlflxnn "n?.l TUn
ICC LX1CL4. 111C7 U1UCOL , .-U , ,..., .-.v. J
Van Winkle like, wonder if he slept
too long.
Deeds Filed.
SouthVirginia street, between Over
land and First streets, Campbell addi
tion Z. S. Johnson to Mary JL John
son, 120 feet on South Virginia street,
between Overland and First streets, in
block 206, Campbell addition; considera
tion $1. March 17. 1910.
Ysleta, Texa R L. Dorbandt and L.
j - Dorbandt to Sara F- Goddard, lots
209 to 213, inclusive, in Ysleta grant.
, containing 3 51-100 acres; consideration
j 1228.50 March 12. 1910.
j ei paso county Sam Koen to J. O.
j Tinnln, 4S00 acres in block 110, public
j school lands of El Paso county; consid-
eration $4000. April 12, 1910.
ei Paso county W. A. Smith to J.
E Smith, sections 17 to 24, inclusive,
block 69, public school lands of El Paso
' COunty; consideration $5120. April 9,
Nevada street, between Brown and
Newman streets, Franklin Heights
Frances B. Taylor and husband to
ciias. E. Zahn, lot 14 and west half
of Iot t,0ci S7, Franklin Heights
addition; consideration $3500. Jan. 25,
Vinevard 'tract Jno. O'Brien et als.
to chas. E. Zahn, south half of tract 20,
vineyard tract; consideration $500. Feb.
j - 1910.
j southwest corner Nevada and New-
1 man streetSt Franklin Heights E. "W.
jamaster and wife to Chas. E. Zahn,
lot 16 and east halw of lot 15, block 87,
rrnnv T4ir.t! addition: considera
tion $1100. Feb. 26, 1910.
I Bulldinc Permits.
To F. A. VInke, to build a five room
brick residence oX Alameda avenue, be
tween Luna and Grama streets. East HI
j Paso; estimated cost $1425.
To Turbeville Construction company,
o repair residence at 519 Myrtle ave
nue, damaged by fire; estimated cost
To D. "W. Reckhart, to build a brick
store and residence, two .stories and
basement, 150x158 feet, fronting on San
Francisco and Main streets, near Santa
Fe street; estimated cost $23,900.
Births. '
To Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Reyes, 115 Con-
sul street girl, Mexican. April 4. 1910.
To Mr. and Mrs. Andy Barney, 1217
East Seco'nd street, boy, negro. April
11 190-
To Mr- and Mrs- Geo- w- rr 1231
yr"Tvenue' boy' American. April
' v ., " -. .. " -
10 .Air. ana Airs. ..1. n. .tiassen. iuo
Leon street, girl, Arab. April 11. 1910.
To Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Martinez, 1106
South Stanton street, girl, Mexican.
March 14. 1910.
To Mr. and Mrs. Coucepcion Sierra, 9
Seventh street, girl, Mexican. March
31, 1910.
To Mr. and Mrs. Juan Rodriguez, 1110
First street, girl, Mexican. April 3, 1910.
Licensed to "Wed.
Juan Segobia and Maria Contreras.
Kermenejilda Ramos and Luz Torres.
JSLiiO JDiliiL-IM D -Ci-Tv. XiD
g. J. SimfflfrtlS SaVS South-
western Is 3ot Building
to Tucson.
In reference to an article appearing
in the Arizona (Tucson) Daily Star,
stating that the grading crews of the
Southwestern have a' rived at Hereforr
to begin work on he propocd exten-i
rion to Tucson, general manager Sim
mons, of the Southwestern, made a flat
denial Thursday.
"A railroad seldom begins the con
struci'on of an extension unt!l a sur
vey has been decided" upon," Mr. Sim
mons stated in closing the conversation.
Shreveport, La., April 14. Vice presi
dent John H. Archlbold, J. A Moffet and
other well known Standard Oil com
pany officials are spending the day In
the Caddo field. They came from Baton
Rouge, where they inspected a $2,000,
000 refinery.
The corporation ha a pine line ex
tending from Oklahoma to the refinery.
Twenty-four officials are in the party.
To arouse interest in the exposition
j to be held in San Diego, California, in
jfia, xyier v . .uuugn- , cnairman 01
the committee on exploitation, Is in El
Paso. He expects to remain here for
several days and during that time will
interview prominent business men of
the city. All stock for the exposition
has been subscribed for and paid and
the visit of "Mr. Loughry to El Paso is
stated to be purely social.
Tulsa, Okla., April 14. A desperate
attempt by two hlghwaj'men to rob the f
office of the Tulsa Street Railway com
pany early this morning was frustrated
by a hostler. Twenty-five shots were
exchanged and one man wounded. The
authorities are working on a clue.
Through the local port 1605 head of
cattle from Mexico were imported
Thursday. An importation of 1022 head - ,
--.-. 1.-. th,- fi T3co T.ivfn.v
was made bj the El Paso Livestock
Commission company, and the other of
583- head was made by 'J. T. Poole.
One can often get out through a hail
filled with smoTce by going on hands
and knees when. one-would fall choking
if one ran. The smoke is thickest at
the ceiling? Holding a wet towel or
anything made of wool, or even a coat
collar over the mouth greatly lessens
the danger bf injury -to -the Jung-? or
death from the carbonic acid gas in
the smoke.
. Never hesitate about giving Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy to children. It
contain: no opium or other narcotics
and can be given with implicit confi
dence. As a quick cure for coughs and
colds to which children are susceptible,
it is unsurpassed. Sold by all dealers.
-.! Ill ! 1 5P
hX N M Hh Diiciurcc Mru in
u p m 1 i m a a 8 ....& iiwe i i nil r in ri p-
Vice President McKay Says
Road Ym Build to
"Barring unfavorable weather, the
extension of the Sonora & "West Coast
of Mexico line of the Southern Pacific
from the Rio Santiago to Tepic, will be j
complete within six months," wa the I
announcement Thursday morning of A
H. Mctvay, of Mexico City, vice presi
dent In Mexico for the Southern Paci
fic's interests.
"The Grant Bros Construction com
pany Is again at work on the exten
sion," Mr. McKay also stated, "'and is
pushing the job as much as possible."
The distance from the Rio Santiago
to Tepic is about 100 miles, and unless
the rainy season seriously interferes
with the work, considerable progress
will be made within the next two
I'uild to Gusdalnjam.
Upon the completion of the road to
Tepic, the extension to Guadalajara
will be commenced. Mr. McKay also an
nounced this morning. The survey has
been decided upon.
In reference to The extension north
J from Tonlchi, in the state of Sonora.
Mex., to Nacozari, also in Sonora, Mi-
McKay stated that work was in prog
ress, but not being pushed, as the con
cession from the Mexican government
does not expire for several years.
Mr. McKay arrived in El Paso direct
from San Francisco, where he attended
a conference with president Lovett of
me aoutnern Racine. i? rom nere ce
goes toNew York, where they will re
main three weeks.
The schedule of the Southern Pacific
pay car v as postal Thursdav morning
in the local offices. It leaves El Paso
at 5:30 a. m., April 19, and runs to
Steins, X M., leaving 5:30 a. m., on
April 20 for Tucson, Ariz. Leaving
Tucson at 7 a. m., April 21. it will run
to Gila, leaving Gila at 5:30 a. m., on
April 22 for Yuma.
Trainmen employed between El Paso
and Lordsburg may receive their
creeks from the chief dispatcher at El
Paso on April 19. Trainmen who make
Benson their terminal, will receive
checks from the agent on April 18.
Paj- checks for employes on the Nogales
branch will be obtained from th road-
master from train No. 40, leaving
Benson on April 21.
Trainmen running out of Tucson may
obtain their checks at the superintend
ent's office on April IS, between 10 and
11:30 a. m.. and 1:30 and 4 p. m., and
regular office hours thereafter.
Whether W. E. McGraw, of Carrizozo.
trainmaster for the western division of
the Southwestern, Intends that train
porters shall act as guardian angels
while the baggageman sleeps. Is a con
jecture, but according to a bulletin
from the trainmaster's office, it is stat
ed that porters must see that the bag
gage car sdoors are. closed -when- the
baggageman is to sleep,
closed when the tjaggageman is to sleeo
It Is further stated that the smoking
of clgarets by porters, in the baggage
cars, must be stopped.
Observation cars and the 14 section
sleeper between Kansas City and Los
Angeles will no longer comprise part
of the equipment of trains Nos. 37 and
2 on the Southwestern-Rock Island. A
12 section drawing room sleeper, from
El Paso to Kansas City, will be sub
stituted. Sleeper service on No. 33 to
Kansas City, has also been discontinued
on the Southwestern.
Manfriet Darjde, wife and young son,
just over from Italy, and en route to
San 1'rancisco, were taken to the coun
ty farm Thursday morning on the or
ders of union station officials. The
boy has a well developed case of
measles and the family is practically
without funds. They arrlv-d on tho
Southern Pacific ThurdaS' morning ind
are unable to understand English.
Tucson, Ariz., April 14. Promoting a
townsite company ahead of a railroad,
and only a projected road, is the work
now occupying the attention of Miss
Helen Kimber and Miss Nellie Howard,
two western young women, who own
about all the land that will ever be
known as Port Lobes, Mexico. The
road, already known a; the Port Lobos
route, will run froin Red Rock. Ariz..
through Sllvprbell to which it is already
constructed. to Port Lobos. a distane
of about 200 miles. At present the pro
moters are in Tucson.
Mjami, Ariz.. April 14. Construction
wcrk on the passenger and freight sta
tion here will be commenced Friday, ac
cording to the announcement of super
intendent C. C. .Mallard of the Arizona
Eastern, which runs from RowIa tn
Globe. Immediately upon the comp.e- j
tion of the station, it is announced that
tnrougn tram service will be installed
from Bowie. Motorcar service ruay"be
established later between here and
J. F. Lang, traveling auditor for the
Pullman car company, leaves Thursday
night for Mexico Citv.
Further "passing of the gallant re1
ran" is evident by an announcement
from El Paso & Southwestern sv?tm
offices that th Indianchief trademark
"io t?,3 n,0 all.cPa,n- P -
:eT.n&. The culling will begin with
leuerneads and end with the sides of
freight cars. In plaro of the "South
western Big Chief" will be a modest de
sign enclosed in a circle, the companv
name in white letters on a black back
ground. Colonist tickets to California and the
ucrthwest are meeting with a ready sale
uns weeK, owing to the fact that the
-v,.. ..ne si-ne.uip goes out 01 eiiect on
April 15. Colonist tickets hare been on
sale since March 1st and practically all
westbound trains have been loaded.
The city officr of th Santa Fe rail
way is moving to the old quarters of the
Bihee cafe on San Francisco street
New gates on Oregon street, at Main
street, are being installed by G. H.
IT. J. Gault. engineer in th reclama
tion service, left Thursday morning fo
Las Cruces.
: w !iiy.l! i.rS SH II HS
UUU...H...I... ......
!1LP flu LL
A Eisiug Yote Taken at the
Luncheon Stevens
Starts Discussion.
That El Paso needs a new hotel was
ne unanimous expression, as mam-
fested by a standing vote, of the bus
ness men attending the Thursday noon
luncheon at the chamber of commerce.
As announced Monday by secretary
Kinne, the luncheon today was to be
marked by a discussion as to the needs
of El Paso. Horace B. Stevens was the
first to obtain the floor, and he re
marked, facetiously, it later developed, ;
that El Paso does not need a new ho
tel, giving as his reasons that It could
not be operated at a profit, and that
the summer months in West Texas were
too hot.
Start DiscuMsion.
Secretary Kinne immediately arose
and took exceptions to Mr" Stevens's
remarks, stating that the hotels in El
j Paso at present are unable to provide
iWnmmnrtiitinns for nn--icc r that
lhe City's commanding position entitles
j j 0 Detter hostelries.
Pnstniastw t a Smith t -.,t . I
, -,...... . . W....V.J ...v,,. - . n.v .
1 preciating tne joice, was tne next speak
er, and the reasons advanced by him for
a new hotel were enumerated in a burst
of oratory-
W. H. Tuttle was also "taken in" and
advanced reasons why a hotel should
be erected here at once. He stated that
traveling men were unable to obtain
suitabde sample rooms when in this city.
W. L. Tooley called Mr. Stevens's
bluff, and asked for a rising vote qa
the proposition. It carried unanim
ously. '
It developed after the luncheon that
Mr Stevens and secretary Kinney, of
the chamber of commerce, outlined the
discussion several days ago and then
memorized the speeches they delivered.
Out of Torrn Vinltors.
Out of town visitors attending the
luncheon Included J. D. Schuyler and
F. S. Hyde, of Los Angeles. Mr. Schuy
ler is a civil engineer, having represent
ed the Pearson interests In Mexico for
a number of years. He recently re
turned from Japan, where he was called
by the Japanese, government as a con
sulting engineer. Mr. Schuyler is a di
rector of the SoutXwest Portland Ce
ment company, of El Paso, and Mr.
Hyde is also a stockholder in the com
pany. GHT ilM
Body Discovered in Elevator
Shaft of the New Kra-
kauer Building.
H. W. Robbins, night watchman In the
new Krakauer building now being erect
ed on San Francisco street, was found
dead at the bottom of the elevator shaft
in, the rear of the wholesale building
Thursday morning about 7 oclock. Ac
cording to the foreman, he is supposed
to have fallen from the elevator hatch.
Dr, Unnston. who was called to ex- j
amine tne noay, says that Kobbms had
been dead several hours -when he exam
ined the body, and that death undoubt
edly' resulted from concusion of the
brain. There was a large pool of blood
near the body.
Mr. Robbins was well known here,
having lived in the city for over 20
years, and for a long time -was employed
as assistant in the city engineer's office
by Maj. George C. Wimberly and in the
county surveyor's office. Effort Is being
anade to locate his relatives. A sister
is said to live in Las Cruces, N. M. He
Victim Of Atrocious Murder
l&sn&s; ' iij'gjw
B&g-'WiM' vtst"?- ismz-wiij UP&yiicr'
h- yj- - -?-' .- i.1-...'T,cvt .v .v.Jr -t ravr ft
6fiB5BJlHJi' ''4h " "9J JRBF't9-9 ?:r,- 3m
jHBEflRKjHE9rij9KQE r7 &t BffHV8ftr!FFnw-
Rutli Wheeler. th 17jearold girl who disappeared from her home in West
134th street. New York, and found murdered m a room in East 75th street, the
house in which Albert Wolter resided. . '
The murder of the stenographer proves to be. a most atrocious crime.
The body had been placed by the murdereron a fire escape outside a window
on the fifth floor of the adjoining house. The girl had been attacked be-j
fore she was slain. Her clothing had been saturated with kerosene oil and'
the body incinerated. It was then wrapped in a burlap bag and left on the 1
fire escape. A neighbor saw the bag there, but. not knowing what it con
tained, pushed it down into the yard of the house adjoining. It was there
the body -was found.
Mexican Paper Criticizes
Him and He Says Tnere is
-a Plot to Discredit Him
and He Will .sxpose it.
Mexico City, Mex., April 14. The j
newly arrived American ambassador, j
he is going to uneaJrth and expose it.
As yet he merely says:
"In due time the exact character o.
the intrigue, which is one not only
hostile to the embassy, but to the in
terests of the American government as
well, will be known."
it was a recent speech of the new am-
1 bassaclor tnat is me oasis oi -ue i-
l- ble. According to a dispatch sent from j
here to a New York paper, Mr. Wilson
is said to have "succeeded, as no other
diplomat before him, in exciting the
Latin blood of Mexico through a histor
ical reference to the empire of Charles
V of Spain, which, he said, enslaved
the bodies and souls of the people of
two hemispheres in the name of God,
and attributing to the Aztec and Toltec
blood in large degree the rise and de
velopment of Mexico's civilization."
Even the Americans present were
said to have received his words on these
subjects with great astonishment.
The Real Criticism.
The ambassador's words were criti
cised editorially by EI Correo Espanol,
a newspaper of limited circulation
among the Spanish residents here, and
this was made the basis of the story
telegraphed from Mexico City and re
published in New York.
El Imparcial, regarded as particularly
the representative publication of Mex
ico, as well as a number of lesser Mex
ican dailies, commended the utterances
of the new ambassador. As for the
Americans present, the reference passed
almost unnoticed. The entire speech,
which was a response to a toast, was
warmly applauded.
Wilson Not Sorry.
Of hi own words on that occasion,
Mr. Wilson -says:
"Mj- speech was intended as a com
pliment to the Mexican people and I
believe was so received by them. Only
a distorted imagination of malicious
intention will be able to discover any
purpose to offend or any absence of
"Since I arrived here, the Mexican
people and the vast majority of -he
Americans have been most courteous
and kind, but there seems to exist, as
yet undefined, but none the less active,
an intrigue, furthered by high interests
which did not welcome the coming of
the present ambassador. In due time
the exact character of this intrigue.
which is one not only hostile to the
embassy but to the interests of th
American government as well, will be
I stated to several persons that he was
! originally from Missouri.
Conducted Bnini Here.
Robbins first came to El Paso in the
early SOs, coining from Santa Fe, where
he was engaged in t-onGucting a "furni
ture business with his brother, A. D.
Robbins. The firm removed to El Paso
and the business was conducted here.for
several years. After he left that busl-
j and was a patron of the gambling
houses that flourished in the old days of
the city, according to a pioneer.
It Is said that Robbins was a native
of Virginia. He was at one time the pro
prietor of an eating house on the Santa
Fe railroad and was known to postmas
ter J. A. Smith, who, at that time, was
a mail clerk on, the Santa Fe. When the
local gambling houses were outlawed
Robbins followed the carpenter trade,
but as he grew older he left his trade
and during the latter years of his life
he had been acting as night watchman
for contractors, which -was his occupa
tion at the time of his death. He was
about 60. years of age.
Justire E. B. McClintock, who con
ducted the inquest, returned the verdict
"that the deceased came to his deatlf
by an accidental fall down the eleva?
tor shaft." '
The justice also says thai a half pint
bottle containing some whisky was
found abouta foot rrom the body.
Attics and close? are the breeding
places of many fires. An attic is gen
erally the asylum for all sorts of in
flammable material, and as it never is
properly ventilated It becomes a fire In
cubator when- the summer sun strikes
the roof.
Henry Lane Wilson, declares tnere 1 fEar hospital, Stanton and Wyoming.
plot in Mexico to discredit him both in..
the United States and Mexico, and says 1 Cocoanut Cream Bar 13 Cerus
Train Bulletin.
Ail afternoon trains are reported on
Free Salad.
Every housewife in this city should
attend the free demonstration of salad
making and have some of the salad,
at this store this week. Different salad
each day made by an expert lady salad
maker direct from Durkee's.
Jnck.ton'n Sanitary Grocery
Phone 353.
Tr finriicntcr. nffiop at the Eve and
M 7
Saturday only, we will sell our de
licious, home made, 25 cents a pound
Cocoanut Cream Bar for 15 cents a
Potter Drug Co.
Dr. J. A. Iledrlclc new location room
nn1(1,. t,!1o. n,.pr whit.- .Trm;e with
-., -r -.
Dr. Cameron, dentist, reliable den
tistry, most reasonable prices. Over
Guarantee shoe store. Work guaranteed.
Free With Each Order.
During the free salad demonstration
at our store this week, a valuable re-(
cipe book and a sample bottle or
Durkee'a Challenge sauce will be given
with eaEh order.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Grebe cleans clothes, 41S N. Oregon.
Dr. Willi R. Smith, Skin genito
urinary and rectal diseases. Office rooms
201, 203, Caple's building.
When You Wast to Anto Ride
Call for the big seven passenger Stu
debaker car No. 331. Telephone 449
Bell, or 1149 Auto, and ask for car num
ber 331.
Dr. Gamer ob for reliable dentistry.
When the Aero "Wagon
Removes dirt and dust It removes it
bodily, it is conveyed en masse to the
receiver outside the house. Call Bel
phone 745.
The VacuHm CIcaniag Co.,
30S Mills St.
Use pure Lucca olive oil. Eagle Brand,
C. Triolo. 419 S. El Paso street-
All the Ladles Shonld Attend.
The free demonstration of salad mak
ing by Durkee's expert salad maker, at
our store this week.
JacksoH'K Saaitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Special, ladies' purses, shopping bags,
El Paso Trunk factory, north side plaza.
Dr. Prentiss,"-specialty diseases of
stomach and Intestines. Trust Bldg.
C. L. BilHngton, 709 Magoffin. 'Tel. 1489.
painting, paper hanging, decorating.
Call at our store this week and learn
to make all kinds of salads, free. Dem
onstration by an expert, representing
the famous Durkee salad dressing.
Jackson's Saaitary Gcocery,
Phone 353.
Dr. Cameron, dentist, over Guarantee
shoe store.- Auto phone 1744.
Cocoaunt Cream Bar 15 Cents
Saturdaj- only, we will sell our de
licious, home made, 25 cents a pound
Cocoanut Cream Bar for 15 cents a
Potter Drug Co.
To the Insurance Agents of tke City of
EI Paso.
An investigation that I have recently
made. I find a deplorable condition
among the policies of certain firms, and
I find it best for all agents to have a
meeting. I have in mv office a stand-
) ard book of law which would give the
correct Information to all agents.
H.R. Wood.
Salad Season Here.
This is the time of year when salads
taste good, and In order to show you
just how good salads should be made,
Durkee, the great salad dressing man,
has sent an expert salad maker to El
Paso, who wtU give free demonstrations
of salad making at our store all this
week, the following is the program:
Thursday, April 14 Bean salad.
Friday, April 1,5 Japan crab meat
Saturday, April 16 Potato salad.
Every lady in El Paso Is invited
call and have some salad free.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
For El Paso and vicinity: Tonight fair
and colder. Friday fair.
For New Mexico: Tonight generally
fair and colder; freezing temperature
north portion. Friday fair, colder south
For West Texas: Tonight fair,
colder: frost in the Panhandle. Friday
fair, colder in southeastern portion.
River at El Paso: Height of surface
this morning above fixed zero mark,
13.2 feet.
"A Woman's Way," which will be
presented at the El Pao theater next
Monday night, was written especially
for Grace George and. it Is said, fits this
young comedienne unusually well, al
though it is more dramatic than pieces
generally attempted by comedy aet-
resses. The wide range of Miss George's
capabilities, however, enables her fully
to rea.ize and completely exploit all the
possibilities of the role. Thework is
from tiie pen of Thomas Buchanan, a
young New York newspaper man, and
is the second piece he was attempted.
Seats are now selling at the Crawford-
"The Wizard of Oz" will be shown at
the Wigwam for tho last time tonight.
It is a spectacular production in which
the animals, the scarecrow, tin man and
other features of the opera appear. It
made an especial hit with the chil
dren last night. Two other pictures
will be shown.
The moving picture public s2ems to
like Biograph pictures rbest of al'
makes. Two splendid, Biograph come
dies in which many of the favorite act
ors appear will be shown at the Crystal,
"The House Cosy," tonight. There will
be two other pictures making four in
Will get a tenant for your house.
Amateurs to Put on Per
formances Two Nights.
Program of Events.
For two nights this week. Friday and
Saturday, the big Y. M. C. A. gymnasium
will have all the aspects of a minia
ture London hippodrome or a Ringling
circus tent. For on those nights Dinga
lirjr's indoor circus will hold forth wih
all the circus-like perfection which
months of training can bring.
There will be 150 persons and all of
local circus talent too. Walter Will
iams, for years In the circus business
as an all around ring performer, haf
been training the Ei Past athelte.
There will be some truly good bar, mat
and ring wrk, and all sorts of circuit
side dishes, clowns, dancers, and what
not. Duke C. Sonej (really D. C. Jones)
will officiate as ringlnaster. Dingallng
Bros.' World Famed "Brass Band will
give a concert each evening between
7:30 and 8 oclock, when the big show
will begin.
The Big: Event.
A partial list of the big events fol
lows: Event No. 1. Grand entry. Spectac
ular presentation of Dlngaling Bros."
gigantic aggregation of circus stars
and congress of the World's Greatest
Arenic Performers.
Event No. 2. Wand drill by tho
Juinor Family. Led by Herr Wllhelm
Heimerine of the Berlin Turnsremeide.
whose training of boys in the -use of the
single-stick has given him world-wide
Event No. 3. A Box- Car Episode, in
which the Convict, the Hobo, the
Dutchman, the Policeman and the
"Devil" get in a mix-up.
Event No. 4. Fancy Marc-tins' and
Dancing by the Paladino' Troupe. The
preclslonfskill and grace of these terp
sichoreap artists have elicited the un
precedented praise of couatlefls mnlti-
Event No. 5. Ttg-of-Wr. A team
of six men from the E. P. & S. W. Ey.
company's shops will pull agrainst a
team of six from the El Paso Smelting
Works. Best two is three deeidas the
The Highland Flixjc.
Event No. 6. The Highland 51ing. A
score of lads and lassies in the typical
Scotch. dances. Secured by Dlngaling
Bros, at great jexpense and shown for '
the first time in America.
Event No. 7. The Parallelopipodon
Sextet. In high class acrobatlsm on
parallel and horizontal bars. Just re
turned from their globe-encircling tour
This Australian troupe of unexceled
acrobats has proved to an astonished
world its right to be classed as the un
questioned champions of gyrational
Event Xo.-S. Spark and Spark in
Electric Fencing.
Event No. 9. Unique Zoological Ex
hibit. Rare, wild animals from the
jungles of Africa that Roosevelt-failed
to kill. Captured and trained for
Dlngaling Bros, circus by Monsieur
L'Dupe, of Paris.
Event No. 10. Zozo, the Trained Ele
phant has a playful time- with the
tumblers, In which the clowns butt in.
much to their sorrow.
Event No. 11. Royal Roman Hippo
drome. Chariot races the like of which
Imperial Caesar never dreamed.
Event No. 12. The Van Vooklanberg
Troupe of Dutch Dancers. Imported
from the Land of the Wooden Shoe for
thi-s special occasion. ,.
Between events the clowns will Intro
duce various stunts.
A party of j Stone-Webster southern
district officials are In El Paso making
their periodical inspection of the local
electric railway company. They are
M. Ml Phinney. of Boston, general man
ager of the southern, district; M. Lower,
construction manager, and V. W.
Berry, master mechanic, both of Hous
ton, Tex. All are guests at Hotel Shel
don. When asked about the West Mis
souri street and Mundy avenue pro
jects, Mr. Phinney said: "I think there
are no changes in the original plans.
I do not know how soon the work wl"
begin. I have just arrived anI will
know more after three days in the
In a Recent Letter, Mrs. Wil
kerson of LyncHburg Says
No One nows What She
Had to Suffer.
Lynchburg, Va. T am now feeling
better than I have, for several years."
writes Vlrs. 'Bllle Wilkerson of 4'06
Pearl St.. this city. s
"No one knows what I suffered, as
a result 01 female weakness.
"Since taking tour bottles of Cardul
.1 feel stronger and better than I have
in some time past. I shall always
praise Cardui, to all of my suffering
The strength-giving properties of
Cardui are not the result of powerful
druggery. but of its gentle, natural
building action, on the womanly
Cardui is not a stimulant, but a
mild and effective tonic remedy, that,
through fifty years of success, has
been proven to have a merit, that is
all Its own.
Cardui Is prepared principally from
the extracted medicinal principle of a
plant grown in Southern Europe, not
mentioned in the pharmacopeia, im
ported direct by the manufacturers
and combined with other ingredients,
to form a scientific medicine.- that
brings results. v
Try Cardui. z
Note. The Cardui Home Treatment
for women cqnsists of Cardui ($l)t
Thedford's Black Draught' (25c), or
Velvo (50c), for the liver, and Cardui
Antiseptic (50c). These remedies may
be taken singly, by themselves, if de
sired, or three together, a -a complete
treatment for women's ills. Write to
Ladies Advisory Dept-. Chattanooga
Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.. for
Special Instruction., and 64- page book,
"Home Treatment for Women," sent in
plain w rarper. on reque

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