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Saturday. April 23, '19J.0.
Low Cuts of the Better Sort
At $3.00 and $3.50
It's our business to supply you with
footwear of the better sort at $3.00
li and $3.50. We show special values at
these prices. If you want the "best of
values come to us.
A pretty 3-button pat
ent colt Oxford, light turn
at T
This fine street Oxford, all patent A pretty button Welt
co!t. 2-hoie tie? tfQ ff Oxford i:lain toe and
high heel,
welt sole, at
Tl. onnn tflfl "RrfSl A f
make, at VJwU at
Lerner Shoe Company
36 Ft.
To o
52 Ft. )
To o
72 Ft. )
To o Rock.
75 Ft. )
Dirt and clay.
Caliche rock.
Clay and caliche.
l Something New !
94 Ft.
To o
OS Ft )
To o
128 Fti )
Soft gumbo.
"Water bearing sand.
Gumbo, slightly harder.
Boulders and water.
To o
135 Ft )
To o
172 Ft )
To o
17S Ft )
To o
225 Ft. )
To o Boulders, quicksand.
231 Ft ) '
To ) Gucabo.
27G Ft )
To o Sand rock.
279.5 Ft )
To o "Water and quicksand.
2S5.5 Ft.
To o Gumbo
598 Ft )
To o Sand rock and water.
S00 Ft )
(Continued From Page One.)
the drillers term oil sand; since the
drill stuck, pumping ias resorted tof
and when this sand was reached again,
oily Tater was pumped for two days.
There is no question of the oil indica
tions. It is nonsense, he says, to call
it lubricating oil from the maciiinery
Pccnington staked off his own claims
Thursday night.
EI Paso parties are staking claims to
day. It is a mistake about oil or water
flowing over the casing. Nothing is'rais
ed without pumping.
Hovi the "Rank" ..Happened.
The boring for artesian -water -was
commenced January 35 and was given
up Thursday morning at 10 oclock by
E A. Mayo, who announced that the
drill -which became "sand locked" a
month ago at a depth of 1230 feet, was
hopelessly fastened..
Believing, however, he stated Friday
afternoon, that oil indications were
good, he and his father and six others
on Thursday night began staking oil
claims. Associated -with the Mayos are
! Sheeley Stark, H., Gus and Elby Pen
j nington, J. H. Smith, all of Dog Canyon,
J and George "Warnock, of Alamogordo.
They staked 400 acres m all. A quar
ter section .lies immediately north of
the well, a second 160 acnes is directly
west of the well, SO acres lies a short
distance south.
TJnnn their return from placing the
corutr posts on the claims, H- Penning
ton called to H. Whitmore, night watch
man at the well, and informed him of
their action, and stated he believed there
was oil in the -well. "Whetmore ran to
Camp's house, nearby, and informed him
I of the 'find," and soon all settlers in
the valley ivho were also aroused, were
1 staking their claims for oil.
"Whole . Country Staked Out.
By daylight 5000 acres had been
staked, and Friday night -the total -count
was 10,080 acres. On Saturday morning
the only available nearby " oil claims"
left, -were embraced in the Soutlrwest-
To o
900 Ft )
900 JL
Hardest blue
ft stratum,
with oil.
gumbo. 300
llSSFt )
To o
1199 Ft. )
To o Harder gumbo running
1265 Ft ) into blue shale.
To o
1270 Ft. )
Gumbo very greasy as if
kneaded with oil.
Not only is Mother's Friend a safe and simple remedy, hut
the comfort and liealthfnl condition its use produces makes it
of inestimable value to every expectant mother. Mother's
Priend relieves the pain and discomfort caused hy the strain
on the different ligaments, overcomes nausea "by counteraction, prevents hack
ache and numbness of limhs, soothes the inflammation of the "breast; glands, and
in every -way aids in preserving the health and comfort of prospective mothers.
Mother's Priend is a liniment for external massage, -which hy luhricating and
expanding the different muscles and membranes, thoroughly prepares the system
for Tjahy's coming without danger to the mother. Mother's Priend is sold at
drug stores. Write for our free hook for expectant mothers.
ern railway's right of way and inroads
have been made on that
The staking of claims by the Mayos
and their party, was commenced Thurs
day night and was completed at 2 oclock
Friday morning. The claims were named
the "Mesquite." "Shamrock," and "Gush
er," and comprise 400 acres.
Upon Mr. Camp learning early Friday
morning that claims were being staked
he organized a party who staked 20
quarter sections of land "before day
break. In his psfrty were himself and
wife, I- E. Camp, Jlr. and Mrs. M. A.
Boyd, Mr.and Mrs. J R. Hunter, John
Bennett and mother, Mr. and Mrs. "Will
Boyd, Li. I, and A. L. Beeman, J. F.
Lulu, "W. M. and T. R. George, H. and M.
"Wlutmore The rapidity with which the
claims ere staked is due to the fact
that the claim notices were prepared
i -several weeks ago in order that the
persons interested might post them upon
the first announcement that oil had been
The news spread over the valley Fri
day, and all the settlers Immediately
filed notices on their respective claims,
until Friday night the grand total of
acres under placer mining claims was
In every direction in the valley posts
with tin can attachments are seen. In
the cans are notices of the staking of
lands, and cans are almost at a pr
mium, size and style not considered.
Story of the "Well.
For the purpose, of boring for artesian
water at Dog canyon, the postoffice at
which is Camp City, the Sacramento
Valley Deep "Well association was
formed early in January, 1910, by TV.
L. Garrison, Dog Canyon, president; S.
S. Camp, vice president; H. Whitmore,
Dog Canyon, secretary; George "War
nock, Alamogordo, treasurer, and M. A.
Boyd, Dog Canyon. Land for well drill-
Opalite lining in refrigerators is something new.
This lining is opal glass one half inch thick and snow
white, it looks like marble. The walls and bottoms
are solid slabs of this opal glass which makes it much
better than the white tile, leaving no joints to fill
with gemis. They are the niosfsanitary refrigerators
made and will last a life time. They have nickeled
wire shelves, niekle trimming, locks and hinges. All
wood work has round corners and they are elegantly
If you want a high class goocl refrigerator you
will find we have the best line shown in the citv.
Sitka Refrigerators, Opal Glass lined, 110 pound ice
capacity for &&A fill
onlv ? dOiyU
All Opal Glass refrigerators, inside and out, nickeled
comers, large family size,
lor ipiiii
Sitka refrigerators 45 lb ice capacity, wire shelving,
metal ice rack, special y ijjf
price Hi
Stare Refrigerators, 35 lb. ice capacity, a good cheap
refrigerator CQ flfl
only OiUlJ
Ice boxes 50 lb. ice capacity, natural wood finish,
zme lined, special price tor T GK
next weeK wLv r I
T H RnfAvei&
108-110-112 N. Stanton.
Both Phones.
We will trade for your old refrigerator.
The Only Way to
During An EI Paso Summer
!1 af JL?
i LoHtiort
The gas range days are here Already, that coal stove makes your kitchen too
warm for comfort. Think what it's going to be like in June.
Get a gas range and.be' comfortable this summer. A gas range doesn't make
the kitchen hot it can't When you have a gas range there's no dirty coal to-handle.
Come and see the "New Process" Gas Ranges. They do everything that
your coal range does and do it better. They have everything that it has
even to the warming closet.
EI Paso Gas & Electric Co.
Bassett Building
Bell 98-Auto 1098
ing purposes was deeded to the asso
ciation by Mr. Camp. It Is the northeast
quarter of the northeast quarter of sec
tion 14, township IS, range 9 east.
E. P. & S. W. Interested.
The expenses of the wel so far have
been light. The actual drilling cost was
stated Friday afternoon by Mr. War
nock, of Alamogordo, who was the only
citizen from that place in attendance,
to be about $800. The material for the
drill stem, was stated to be about $1100
The coal for the drilling work, three
cars, has been donated by the South
western railway, which has also sup
plied 7S0 feet of casing.
Experience of -the Drillers.
Drilling work was first commenced
on Jan. 15, and proceeded, with but few
interruptions, until March 24, when the
1270 foot level was reached. Encoun
tering the hard "blue shale rock, it was
decided to pull the drill point up for
sharpening, and it was raised 40 feet.
At that juncture, the stay bolts, holding
the crown sheets in the boiler, blew
out, and the operations were necessar
ily suspended. The boiler was repaired
on March 28, and on March 29 an at
tempt was made to pull the drill stem
and point from the well. ,
By this time the quick sand had drift
ed to the 600 foot level, in around the
drill stem, aud the engine was not equal
to the task, the sand having formed
what is termed a "sand lock." Real
izing that the weight of the sand around
the drill stem wag too great to permit
Its being drawn out of the well, the
drilllers then installed a one and one
quarter inch pipe in the well outside
of the drill stem and began forcing the
sand packed up, using 200 pound wa
ter pressure.
By April 14 the smd was reduced to
a 985 foot level, and a second attempt
was then made to pull the drill stem
and point from the well, but the stem
was pulled In two. 140 feet from the,
surface. It was joined by a fishing
spear and another attempt was made to
lift the point. The engine, however,
was not equal to the task.
By this time, the sand had again fill
ed the drill hole proper to the 5S6 level
and again the water pressure system
was installed to force the sand up on
the outside of the drill stem to the
surface. On Friday afternoon the un
obstructed passage down the drill hole
measured the same, 586 feet. "Work
was again commenced this morning.
The well to a depth of 650 feet, orig
inally measured nine incnes In diame
ter. For the first 150 feet the hole
was cased with eight inch pipe. From
the 650 foot level, the balance of the
hole was originally seven and one-half
The drill used was of the rotary style,
and this is also true of the inch and
one-quarter pipe down though which
the water Is forced by pressure to was
the sand out.
Some Conjectures.
That the sand which has caused trou
ble in the well, drifted in "from a 560
foot level, is the opinion of E. A. Mayo,
notwithstanding the fact that the log
of the well, between the 2S5A and 598
feet levels, records gumbo only. Mr.
Mayo, however, asserts he was In
(Continued on Page 7).
No Cure--No Pay
We will not give you a lecture on the
wonderful curative powers of electricity,
but if you have Rheumatism, nervous
headaches or other nervous ailments or
anything wrong with stomach, liver or
kidneys, go at once to your druggist and
get apair. of ELECTROPODES.
We don't simply guarantee they will
cure you, .e still do better than that.
To insure you against any uncertainty,
we have arranged with your druggist to
sign a, legal, binding contract with you,
agreeing to return the money if they
fail to cure. You know your druggist,
you know his name on a contract makes
you safe then WHY don't vou trv a
pair of ELECTROPODES. If they cure,
they cost one dollar; if they fail to cure,
not one cent.
If your druggist cannot supply you,
send $l-00 direct to the WESTERN
Angeles Street, Los Angeles. California,
and they will see that you are supplied.
Mention your Druggists's name.
iz iz Hz iz iz iz iz iz iz 'Iz iz iz iz iz
Entire Stock Millinery
12 Price
95c Turbans ....... 15c
I $5.95, 36-inch Coronet Braids . $2,95
$3.50 Egyptian Jet Ear Rings
'rr: .
not talk
Our complete stock of millinery will be pnt on
sale, commencing Monday morning nothing
Lot 1 Turbans, tailored and semi-dress; yai
ues up to $10.00; . d Q
sale price .. -i.m.j.P&9 &
Lot 2 Black, white and colors, botb dress and
tailored bats ; values up 1fc7 QE
to $15.00; sale price P &&
Lot 3 In black, white and colors, dress and
semi-dress ; values up to If J O QS
$25.00; sale price &AO UO
Millinery Co.
323 San Antonio St.
flings In the Shops JtZlLn
Take home a.poundof Ardoin's "Sun
ny Side" butter. Sweet and fresh.
Smith's ice cream is pure. Demand it.
Both phones.
The finest ice cream in El Paso is the
Wood's make.
Make It a point to attend Ardoin's
ale tonight.
The palate, at your house, which has
to be tempted Js sometimes a sore care.
Delicacies that will ilure back the con
valescent's appetite may be found here.
Always good, fresh, sweet and pure
milk at the El Paso "Dairy Co. Demand
this milk. Both phones.
Smith's ice cream is delicious. De
mand it. Both phones and at fountains.
3 lb. pail of pure lard only 55c at
Schneider's tonight.
The table on which no second quality
foods are ever served is always "ready
for a guest. Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
New spuds, 4 lbs. only 25c, at Ar
doin's market. .
Drink plenty of pure milk El Paso
dairy kind both phones.
Get Smith's caramel ice cream at the
Palace of Sweets.
Schneider's market maintains its own:
cold storage plant. It's the most sani
tary market in El Paso.
A real breakfast delicacy is one of
those nice fresh salt mackerel w.e have.
Jackson's. Phone 353.
Order,a strip of Morrell's fancy bacon
On sale at Ardoin's market oaly.
"Wood's confectionery delivers cream
and sherbets to all parts of the city.
The money saving eent is at Schnei-.
der's market tonight.
"We fit (trusses and elastic stockings,
J. A. Robertson, the prescription drug-
gist, 407 N. Oregon street.
liOHgTrelPs City- Hack StasA
At Union fiepot. Patrons please call.
Be sure to afttend the Schneider meat
sale tonight.
Tou get home made candies at "Wood
The Paragon handles Smith's ic
cream. Try it Sunday.
Smith's ice cream delivered io ail parta;
of the cl$y. Order some for Sunday
Both phones.
Gifts of all kinds for the bride at bis
reductions. Removal sale is the reason.
Snyder Jewelry Co., 205 Texas.
Our Milk Cows Have Been Inspected by the El
Paso Board of Health, and All of Them Pound To Be in
Perfect Health. We sell only Healthful, Pure Milk and
0. 1 LITTLE PLAZA. -O-CrivlJ
iz ijz ijz iz iz iz iz iz iz iz iz iz iz iz
Afflicted with tuberculosis, I went to El Paso in 1908, supposing that the
climate, alone, would cure me. It proved acostiy supposition. It was only
after making mahy costly mistakes, that I learned the way to health. That
others may profit by and avoid my experiences, I have endeavored, in this
book, to show YOU how you can carry into practice wherever you are the
methods that the cure depends on. Read it; your physician will endorse it.
Sent postpaid on receipt of 50 cents (silver or money order.) Address today
Will M. Ross, 202 Herald Bldg., Stevens Point, Wise.
Popular Voting Boniest Voting Coupon
Contest Editor, El Paso Herald.
I vote for
u IHrvvrm
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