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I Call Up Your
One Third
Big League
NATIONAL league.
At Cincinnati
St. Louis-Cincinnati game postponed;
wet grounds.
At Chicago '
Pittsurg-Chicago game postponed; rain.
At New Tork B. H. E.
Brooklyn 0 : 8 9 3
Nerr York 9 I4 5
Batteries; Brooklyn, Bell, Wilhelm,
Dessau and Erwm; New York, Crandall,
Ames and Meyers.
"Cmpires Klem and Kane.
At Philadelphia B. H. E.
Philadelphia 5 J
Boston 4 2
Batteries Boston, Curtis and Smith;
Philadelphia, Ewing and Dooin.
Umpires Rigler and Emslie.
At Detroit
St. Louis-Detroit game postponed; rain.
At Boston
jame postponed;
At Cleveland
game -postponed;
At Washington B. H. E.
New York 7 9
Washington 9 12 3
Batteries New York, Manning. Prill,
Warhop and Sweeney; Washington,
Walker and Street. t
Umpires Egan and Evans.
At Kansas City -
Si. Paul r
Kansas City -..:..
.tt 15
At . Indianapolis Columbus-Indianapolis
game postponed; rain.
At Louisville Toledo-Louisville
game postponed; cold.
Ai Milwaukee Milwaukee-Minneapolis
fame postponed; rain.
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Sporting NeWS
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At Montgomery
First game (7 innings)
Montgomery 4
Birmingham -
Second game (7 innings)
Montgomery 0
Birmingham 5
At Mobile
First game (7 innings)
Mobile 5
New Orleans 7
Second game (7 innings)
Mobile "- 1
New Orleans - 5
At Atlanta
Atlanta 4
Nashville - 1
. 9
At Memphis Chattanooga game
postponed; rain.
Denver ' R. H. E
Omaha - 1 4 3
Denver 4 7 3
Batteries Keeley and Gondlng;
Schreiber and Weaver. '
At Wichita " R. H. E-
Lincoln 4 S 2
Wichita 10 4 1
Batteries -Murray and Clark; Hos
sler and Shaw.
At St. Joseph IL H E.
Sioux City 3 16 5
St. Joseph 5 7 7
Batteries Clark, Alderman, Chabek
and Miller; Watson, Baker and Shea.
At Topeka R. H. E.
Des Moines , 7 10 2
Topeka S 10 4
Batteries Burnam, Owen and Mc
Manus; Jackson, Fugate and Kerns.
At Los Angeles R. H. 3.
Sacramento 2 6 0
Los Angeles 4 13 1
Batteries Whalen and La Longe;
Briswalter, Criger and Orendorft.
At Portland R- H. L
San Francisco 2 5 j:
Portland 0 9 2
Batteries Henley and Berry; Guyn,
Krapp and Armbruster.
At San Francisco R- H. E.
Vernon 11 2
Oaklond 1 7 0
Batteries Hill and Hogan; Nelson
Wednesday EX
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Ycu Are Dissatisfied With Your
er the
, At Houston R. H. E.
TJallas 5 11 1
Houston 4 9 2
Batteries Dallas, -Woodburn, Shindel
and Onslow; Houston, 3Ialloy, Rose and
At Galveston R.
Shreveport '. 2
Galveston 1 1
Batteries Shreveport, Howell
Henninger; Galveston, Brown
H. E
6 0
2 3
arid i
At San Antonio R. H- E.
Oklahoma City 6 10 0
San Antonio 1 7 2
j Batteries Oklahoma City, Drohan
and Noyes; San Antonio, Blanding and
At Waco R. 3L E.
Fort Worth . 5 10 6
Waco 9 6 2
Batteries Fort Worth, Burk and
Green; Waco, Hooks and White.
First race, rivy and a half furlongs,
selling Combury won, Sir Barry second,
Herives third, lime 1:07 2-5. ,
Second race, four furlongs, selling
Wiltrudes Tvon, Dacia second, Einerj'
K." third. Time. 0:49.
Third ,race, five .and a half furlongs,
selling Father Stafford -won, E. A. Fry
second, Cheston Boy third. Time,
1:07 3-5.
Fourth race, mile and 70 yards
Follie L. -won, Edwin T. Fryer second,
Steel third. Time, 1:44 4-5.
Fifth race, mile and a quarter, sell
ing J. R. Laughrey won, Morlinge sac
ond. Col. Bert third. Time, 2:07 2-5.
Sixth race, seven furlongs, selling
Lena Lech won. Airs second, Eddie Gra
ney third. Time, 1:25 3-5.
Aiueact. ,
First race, selling, six furlongs
Follie Levy won, O Em second, Curling
Locks third. Time, 1:15 4-5.
Second race, handicap, six and a half
Xurlongs Fayette won, Tony Bonero
second, Everett third. Time, 1:20 4-5.
Third race, four and half furlongs
Onager won, Golden second. Buy iliss
third. Time, 0:56 4-5.
Fourth race, Freeport handicap, seven
furlongs Magazine won, Firestone sec
ond. Far "West third. Time. 1:27 4-5. 1
Fifth race, mile Font won, Banbury
second, The Peer third. Time, 1:42.
Sixth race, four and a half furlongs
Madcap won, Eastern Star second, Xuca
third. Time, 0:57.
First race, six furlongs Dr. Barkley
won, . oolcasta second, Kyrat third.
Time, 1:25.
Second race, four and a half furlongs
Minta won, Lescar second, Muskmelon
third. Time, 1:03 2-5.
Third race, six furlongs Trudo won,
Amy jj. second, (jlopper third. Time, j
Xl'Zo 2-o.
Fourth race, steeplechase, two miles
Slectus Tvon, Duke of Roanoke. second,
?.Ierryman third. Time. 4:43. j
ruin race, mne uay Deceiver won, i
Country Fair second. Juggler third.
Time. 1:54 3-5.
Sixth race, mile and 60 yards High
Private won, G. M. lliller second. Time,
2:00. (Two starters.)
: : : .
The Sixth Mesa team defeated tho
Tigers in an exciting game at the Oc
tavla grounds. The lineup was as fol
lows: Sixth Mesa Sam Liso, c: Albert
Frangle, p; Verman Curie, lb; Ceasel
.Tones 2b; John Oneal, 3b; Wade Cun
cham, ss; Ramond Long, cf: Richard
Oliver, rf; Roy Armstrong, If.
Tigers Eston Philips, c; Robert
NI 20th JgP
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ope About
Crediting the tale to old man "Good
Authority," the Los Angeles Examiner
recently printed a story of how Wingo
Anderson, "our own Wingo," was the
only baseball player in the business
who ever sold himself. The yarn rav
els out to this effect:
"Wingo Anderson, the Texas boy, who
was the property of Cincinnati, is the
only ball player who ever sold himself.
Wingo Anderson Started last year with
Shreveport, Texas, but he wasn't im
pre&siie and he was released. Ht join
ed the Longview Cannibals, and when
Longview played Shreveport an exhibi
tion game Anderson beat the Texas
leaguers. Last year he participated in
the El Paso baseball tournament and
made a rep'utation among big leaguers
by beating Rube Waddell. Scott, of the
White Sox, and other stars.
"His right arm or hand is paralyzed,
yet he is said to be a wonderful pitcher
for all that. When the Cincinnati scout
approached him Anderson declined to
sign unless he was paid $500, and he
got the money. His contract calls for
$2500, whether he makes good or sits
on the bench the whole year."
This is part fiction and part fact.
Anderson did get S50Q cash for signing
with Cincinnati, and in so doing Is per
haps the only player in the game who
swung the deal for his own services.
As for the $2500 clause, Chas. Ehler,
who swung the deal for Anderson, says
that is a bit of pure fiction. Ehler,
who hails from Cincinnati, and is a per
sonal friend of Garry Herrmann's, was
the middle man in the negotiations for
Anderson, and he is in position to know.
According to Ehler, who is "Dad" to the
smelter crowd where he works, he call
ed Herrmann's attention to Wmgo's
prowess early In the fall. A bulky cor
respondence resulted and Wingo was
finally signed through Ehler's efforts.
While he does not care to violate any
Johnson, p; Floyd Armstrong, lb; James
Bowen, 2b; Billie Agiriea, 3b; Isador
Crosbat, ss; Herspher McMills, cf;
Charles Pollock, rf ; Mike Ztfickerson.
The score resulted: Sixth lesa, 13;
Tigers, 11.
The E. B. Welch team and the Second
ward team had an exciting game at the
car barn grounds yesterday, in which
the E. B. Welch team was favored by
the score of 5 to 4.
The Newports and the Durangos had
an exciting game at the car barns lot,
in which the Newports were favored by
the score of 6 to 5.
The New Mexicans and the Western
Union teams played an exciting game
of baseball at the car barns. The New
Mexicans were favored by the score of
4 to 2. The NeAv Mexicans are known
as a hard playing tam.
On Y. M. C. A. alleys Tuesday night
team No. S (the kindergarten) won
from team No. 12 (the Smelter) by a
55 pin margin. Kline made high game
at 214, and Bateman high total at 52S.
Lucky No. 7 team won from team
No. 2 by a 43 pin differe.nce. Barela
made high game at 191 and a total of
530. Score' sheets looked like this:
Team No. S 1 2 3 T.
Kline 12S 144 214 4S6
Fruit 163 1GS 157 4SS
liace- 147 171 197 513
Totals 43S 4S3 56S 14Si)
Team No. 12 1 2 3 T.
H. S. Bateman.. 202 15S 16S 523
Wilkinson 123 179 146 443
Byles 15S 143 157 158
Totals 4S3 4S0 471 1431
Team No. 7 1 2 3 T.
Fuentes 134 1C7 175 470 (
Zozaya 137 1 6S 173 47S.
Barela ,. 170 191 169 530
Totals 441 52C- 517 14S I
Team No. 2 1 2 3 T.
Roberson ... . 15 142 153 454'
Woodbury lt2 118 ISC 406 j
Houck ISO 177 1C4 521
HERALD 27 191-
Brands In the West and
of Hogiess
By N.M.
I business confidences, Ehler says that
there was no $2500 clause in Ander
son's contract, whether he played or
was on the bench. The dope is a little
j twisted as to Anderson's career on the
El Paso club. Anderson came Qut of
the west Texas brush on Sept. 3, and
appeared in a dingy old uniform at a
practice game betwen the Regulars and
Yannigans the same day. He went in
to pitch for the Yannigans and worked
five innings, being relieved by Wylie,
v. o was playing short, Anderson taking
that position in the sixth. He then
finished the season with El Paso, play
ing through the fair tournament and
meeting Waddell and Jimmy Scott.
During this tournament the deal was
on for his services with Cincinnati this
season, and the announcement was
made later that the left handed lad
was signed with the Reds.
After he was signed with Cincinnati,
the report that he had but one good
hand caused quite a bit of excitement
around the red leg camp, and Jack Ry
der .the Enquirer's baseball man. wrote
to Pop Edmunds for a correct version
of the boy's disability. Pop immediate
ly enlightened him to the extent of a
column of solid reading matter about
the bum wing, telling him how the
Texan fielded his position and batted
with that one good hand plus the
dwarfed member on the right arm.
1 Anderson has a diagonal scar across
his right wrist, which was caused by a
cut he received when a kid, and It was
this cutfthat caused his right hand to
be partially paralyzed, but he is able
to use it in catching flys and in bat
ting, althongh he swings his bat
around almost entirely with his power
ful left hand.
Frank Truesdale. the athletic young
chap who was with Cananea last sea
son, is now utility fielder for the St.
For El Paso and vicinity: Tonight and
Thursday fair.
For New Mexico: Tonight fair, warm
er southeast portion: Thursday fair.
For West Texas: Tonight fair, warm
er in eastern portion: ThursCay rair.
River at El Paso: Height of surface
this morning above fixed zero mark,
14.1 feet.
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Lard On The Market
Louis Browns. Frank was trying out
for Second, but Griggs, a man with
more experience, has the place cinched
now and Frank is being worked as
change man In the outer fields. In the
thinning down process which always
takes place after the season warms up,
Truesdale was the only one of the squad
of fielders O'Connor was carrying who
was retained aside from the men as
signed to the. positions regularly. This
means that Frank will have an oppor
tunity of getting a lot of baseball
knowledge at first hand, and also con
siderable experience In actual play, a
thing a new recruit in the fast game
needs more than anything else.
What Benjamin
I nosiinate Harbuck for niayor.. He'd
make JScu Jenkinn pitch out all ihe
croolcK, and utake Louis Hear catch all
the coin. But ivhat ronId he do to the
outfleW.. Oh, Maud!
Removal sale Snyder Jewelry Co.
You have probably learned from the
papers of a number of void policies
written by insurance agents of El Paso.
It would be advisable to see H. R.
Wood, as he will give you 'intelligent
H. R. Wood.
The Herald's Sporting News
Stanley Gray Arrives to Join
the Harbuck .tmskies.
To Pitch Sunday.
Stanley Gray, the new El Paso pitch
er. arrived Wednesday morning from
Yvaco, and is no-p- working out to get
in condition for the series at Cananea
Saturday and Sunday. Gray has not
been in ihe game this season, but has
been coaching the DanieT Baker college
at Brownwood, Tex., and Is looking1
husky enough to get away with a
Booles, the other east Texas pitcher, is
not expected until Saturday and -will
not be here in time for the Cananea
games. Rumsej", another pitcher, Is
expected Thursday morning and wilt
be taken to Sonora if he arrives in
Determined to get a. battery of good
pitchers at any price, manager Har
buck. has wired for W. A. Brady, of
Shreveport, who will be loaned to him
for the season If he Is wanted here.
Brady was with Fort Worth last year.
Alpine, Texas, April 27. The. Sander
son high school baseball team Is sched
uled tc play the Alpine high school
here on May 5.
Deming. N. M., April 27. Hon. H. R.
Pattengill will deliver a. lecture in the
interest of education at the Clark opera
house on May 3.
Stenson & Son have let the contract
for their -new business building on
Gold avenue. It wTTl be a one story
structure 29xS0 and of concrete.
Irvin L. Wofford was acquitted in
the justice court of the charge brought
against him by Atkins Bros., of hold
ing money collected for them while in
their employ.
J. G. Harris ts setting trees for a
distance of one and one-half miles at
his farm four miles west of Deming.
C. J. Laughren is In El Paso.
The splendid work of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets is dally
coming to light. No such grand rem
edy for liver and bowel troubles was
ever known before. Thousands bless
them for curing constipation, sick head
ache, biliousness, jaundice and indiges
tion. Sold by all dealers.
y -i
503 1411

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