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Friday, lay 13, 1910.
Your Sunday dinner can be ordered direct from us
and costs but 1-2 the usual price. The choicest and
best and note the cost:
. !25c
Ardoin's Peerless Roll Roast, de
licious, juicy and 1 22C
Gioicest Shoulder Steak 1 A
corji fed beef only J.VC
Mutton Stow, "t
per lb." iUC
Rump Roast,
per lb
Chuck Roast,
per lb w.i. . .
Legs of Mutton,
per lb
MorrelTs Fancy Family Bacon, by
"piece only.7' per lb
Home Dressed Hens "to order." Plenty of them.
New Potatoes,
10 lbs. for
Home grown Asparagus,
per bunch
Home grown Radishes,
2 bunches for
Green Peas,
per lb.
Mince Mea4,
3 lbs. for
Irish Potatoes,
15 lbs. for
Pickled Onions,
per pint
2 lbs. for
per lb
Green Table Onions,
2 bunches for
Strawberries, fine and fresh, 2 boxes 15c
Strictly fresh Eggs, 2 dozen for 45c
H-nQiiYioTTT "Rnffovv2 Arnmn'a Smmv SJiHp Jsf
Special, per lb
Takes Jump of Four Over
Wednesday Realty More
Active Daily Daily
Seven more permits were
Thursday, adding considerably
amount of building: done, and
record for the month of May.
Only a little activity is notlcec m the
real estate market, though business ,n
this line is improving-.
Candle Ignited Particles in Can Boy
Taken to Hospital Shannon Mine
Foreman Gocm io Morenci.
Metcalf, Ariz., May 13. A Mexican
water boy, -while cleaning a powder can
at the Shannon mine, was severely
burned a a result of getting- his candle
too close to some powder that had stuck
Prompt relief in all cases of throat
and lung trouble if you use Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. Pleasant to take,
soothing and healing in effect. Sold by
all dealers.
Order Your
to the sides. The powder exploded and
the boy's clothes were burned off. He
has been taken to the hospital at Clif
ton. Yew Cau Lau, a Chinaman, was ar
rested and placed in jail, charged with
Illegaly being in the United States.
J. W. McCafferty, who has been with
the Shannon mine as foreman for the
past two years has left, securing work
with the Detroit Copper company at
Deeds Filed. J
North Stanton street, between Mis- I
souri and . Wyoming streets. Campbell j
addition Mrs. Margaret McGInnis as
guardian of estate of Margaret Mc
GInnis " to Margaret, Catherine, Neil,
Frances and Herbert McGInnis, one-
half Interest in lot 8 and south 10 feet I
J of lot 9, block 247. Campbell addition;
i consideration ?6300. May 10, 1910.
Rio Grande street, between Hutton
street and Cotton avenue. Franklin
Heights J. J. Barr to C. R. Lander,
west three feet of south 22 feet of lot
19. north 98 feet of lots 19, 20, 21, block
76, Franklin Heights addition; consid
eration $2000. April 23, 1910.
Southwest corner California and
Brown streets, Franklin Heights E. E.
Love to Kate TV. Thurmond, middle 40K
leet of lots 5, 6, 7 and S, block 100,
Franklin Heights addition: considera
tion $1175. May 2, 1910.
EI Paso county Carter Oldham and
Neely to T. K. Blewett, north one-half
of section 19, block 53, El Paso coun
ty: consideration $1.00. May 7, 1910.
El Paso county V. E. Cammack and
wife to R. L. Marshall, lot 4, block 2,
Jno. F. Barlow, preemption survey 142.
Sierra Blanca, Tex.; consideration $75.
March 11, 1910.
asew medmm-bacjg
is a feature.
i i
issued M K slM5 18; j B& J
to the & m -xt 70
to the niir. i INO. L s
II j I Extraordinary Sale of Washable j
! - Skirts
I i
' i
For El Paso and vicinity:
cloudy tonight and Saturday.
For New Mexico: Partly cloudy, with
local showers east tonight; Saturday,
partly cloudy.
For west Texas: Tonight and Satur
day, generally cloudy; showers In the
panhandlle tonight or Saturday; warmer
tonight in north portion.
River at El Paso: Height or surface
this morning above fixed zero mark,
14.3 feet; this date last year, 14.1
From Us
S lbs. extra fancy new ng
Potatoes for OC
Fresh Eggs ey g
per dozen mOC
Evaporated Apples, O
2 Ids. for faiOC
Evaporated Cherries, Q ?
per pkg. J...OOC
Evaporated Peaches, "J f
per lb IUC
24 lbs. American Lady qa
Hour for 2iC
Bine Ribbon Coffee, - Qp
per lb 3DC
(Removal Sale 3ovr On).
Tomorrow only, we will sell "1847
Rogers" knives and forks, dinner, size.
worth regularly $5.55 per set, at $3.35.
Snyder Jewelry Co.,
20S Texas St.
Building Permits.
To Hoyt Furniture Co. to build an
adobe stable 20x20 feet on southeast
corner Tays and Third streets; esti
mated cost $75.
To A. Gomez to build an adobe resi
dence 12x24x14 feet on South Kansas
street, between Eighth and Ninth
streets; estimated cost $50.
To Chas. DeGroff to build a brick
sample room addition in rear of Hotel
Orndorff, 22x18 feet 6 inches by 25 feet
by 10 feet 6 Inches, on alley between
Mills and Main streets. Estimated cost
To Chas. Do Groff to erect?1 concrete
pillars and gallery floor on second
story veranda of Hotel OrndorfC. Esti
mated cost $400. i
To J. C. Greek to build a frame ad
dition to be used as kitchen in rear of
residence on Montana street between
Rosewood and Maple streets, Bassett
addition. Estimated cost $200.
To J. XT. wheeler to build a frame
shed 8xl2xS feet in rear of residence on
Portland avenue. Highland Park. Esti
mated cost $3750.
To Joseph Eyker to build a brick
tenement and store building 32x56x15
feet 9 Inches on corner Myrtle avenue
and Walnut streets, Bassett addition.
Estimated cost $1700.
xhe vacancy caused by the resignation j
of Mrs. E. C. Niccolls. j
Mrs. E. C. Rice was elected to teach
the school at Casa Pledra.
T. A. Spencer and family, of Table,
Tex. are visiting with his mother, Mrs.
VT. G. Young.
James Pool is drilling for another
deep well on the Greenlee ranch, 15
miles, east of Marfa.
Miss Eleanor Ellison Is visiting rela
tives and friends at Uvalde. Tex.
A. M. Gildea, of San Antonnio, is vis
iting in Marfa and Fort Davis.
Fred Frank was here from Terllngua
to secure supplies. He is associated
with the Chisos Mining company.
Oscar Wells Is suffering from tonsi
Iitis. Marlow Wells, who has been visiting
In Marfa, will return to Terlingua and
take a position with the' Chisos Mining
A meeting of the owners of automo
biles at the Presidio County club rooms
is called for Saturday afternoon.
Miss Jessie Woodward, stenographer
for the Humphries Realty company, has
Grocery Co.
The Cash Store
"We Carry the Stock"
H "We Carry the Stock" H
JPj Bell Phones 367 and 348
Ej Auto Phone 1901 fl j
H 208-212 ST. LOUIS ST. B
The following program will be given
Monday at 5:30 p. m. on San Jacinto
school grounds, to which, a cordial in
vitation is extended to the public:
Chorus (a) Song of Welcome; (b)
Mountain "Lake. School.
Song (a) The Boat; (b) The Bridge.
"Our Babies."
Dialog The Doll's Hospital. Fourth
and fifth grades.
Song The Neva Boatman. High fifth
Boys" Drill. High first and
low second grades.
Recitation Ehner Brown. Roland
Song Sunflower Chords. Third and
fourth grades.
Farce Snow Cap Sisters. Seventh
Chbrus Song of Summer. School.
Song Poppy Chorus. First grade.
Mother Goose Drill. Second grade.
Chorus Bells of Seville. School.
Scarf Drill. Sixthjseventh and eighth
grade girls.
May pole dance. Graduates.
Licensed to Wed.
Henry A. SchafCer and Elizabeth M
Charles E. Smith and Clara- E. L,yt:e.
If They Had Not Heen Ordered Off
Bont So Soon, All Mijtht Have
Been Saved From Death.
St. Louis, Mo., May 13. Federal in
vestigation of the sinking of the Pack
et City of Saltillo in the Mississippi riv
er at Glen Park, Mo., with a loss of
12 lives, will begin as soon as the crew
of the ill fated vessel arrives here.
That the loss of the lives was due to
the mistake of ordering the passengers
to hurry from the sinking boat when
she was near the shore was the asser
tion of captain Crane.
"It "was a bad mistake," he said.
"Had we caused the passengers to wait
a minute before trying to cross the
gang plank none would have been
"At the time the order was given,
however, no human power could tell
that the boat was not going to roll
over into the river and drown every
soul on board. It is easy to look back I
and see what Ave might have done." j
Testimony at the Inquest showed that i
the chivalry of the men. who permitted i
the "women passengers to start across j S
the gang plank first, cost the lives of
five "women and a baby. Captain Harry
N. Crane ordered the men to 3tand aside'
until the women left the boat.
Watch This Space
Sierra Blanca, Tex., May 13. Foot
Boykin has completed a residence in
West Sierra Blanca and is now occu
pying it.
D. A. Dodds & Co., of this place, have
disposed of a 150 barrel flour mill in
South Iakota; consideration $18,000.
Lanier Bros, outfit is here to receive
a f-hipment of cattle to arrive from
Mrs. J. C. Tate is ill.
(Removal Sale N'ovr On).
Tomorrow only, we will sell "1847
Rogers" knives and forks, dinner Size,
worth regularly $5.55 per set, at $3.45.
Snyder Jewelry Co.,
208 Texas St.
City Will Not Allow Use of
, Easement llagoffin
I Site Proposed.
The Pioneers association is hoo
dooed. Plans were drawn for the erec
tion of a typical adobe house in Cleve
land square for a permanent museum
where the relics of the association
might be kept. The city refused to
give the necessary ground because of
the scarcity of park space in the city.
Another plan was suggested of hav
ing the basement of the city hall ex
cavated and made into a large room
for the use of the Pioneers' associa
tion, where they might have their meet
ings and display their relics. The plans
were drawn" for this and $800 raised
by subscription at the annual picnic
Tuesday for the work. Then the city
decided that the city hall is altogether
too sman and that all the room there
was in the basement was needed for
the different departments of the city
government. Stung again was the Pio
neers' association.
Washington park was suggested as a
possible site for the erection of the
early El Paso house, but this was
thought too far out of the city and too
accessible to thieves to make It a de
sirable place for storing the valuable
relics and records of the association.
It has been suggested that a part of
the Magoffin homestead site might be
obtained from Joseph Magoffin and the
building erected there with a view of
later obtaining the entire Magoffin j
block and converting it into Pioneers-
park, with the present Magoffin home
as one of the museums and the Pio
neers house the other.
The association now has subscrip
tions for remodeling the city hall base
ment, but with no basement to re
model. In the meantime the relics are '
being cared for by the members as best
they can In their offices and homes un
til they may be permanently displayed
j in some building in El Paso.
BJever Falls to Restore j
Gray Hair to Its Nat las-a! j
Color and Beauty. ;
No matter how long- it has been gray i
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth,
of healthy hair. Stops its falling- out, ;
anfi positively removes Dan- j
drtrff . Keeps hair soft and glossy. !
Will not soil skin or linen. "Will not
injure 3-our hair. Is not a dye. I
$1 and 50c. bottles, at druggists
Esena jc lor tree DooKs "'me Uare ol the Hair and
bkin." Fhilo Hay Spec Co.. .Newark,N.J.,TJ.S.A.
Hay's Lily Wnite Cream beautifies
the complexion, prevents wrinkles, sunburn, frec
kles, pimples, blackheads. No! nrcasvor gritty,
Knoblauch Drug Go.
Bell Phone 1054 Acta Phone 196S
109 MAIN. ST.
Will be up right away.
Careful men- Reasonable prices.
LongwelFs Transfer
Shreveport, La., May 13. Henry M.
Tounree. a retired banker, and well
known former railroad builder, -who re
sided for years at Scottsville, died here
last night. A special train -will take
the body to Scottsvile Saturday for interment.
Hat Sliarp,
to Ellis Bldg.
110 S. Oregon
Ellis Bros. Printing Co.
is found only in ordinary, in
ferior vanilla aerer in Brar
cett's Vaailla.
The rich, subtle flavor of
Burnett's Vanilla is too pre
cious to ruin by adding too
much alcohol. That is why
the delicious, delicate flavor
never varies.
That is why you should al
ways insist on getting
The Great Texas Realty company -will
build two more apartment buildings on
Missouri street, the apartment ttior
oughfare of El Paso. Four lots ad
joining the Laughlln flats on West Mis
souri have been purchased by the com
pany and two modern briok -apartments,
each having six apartments will
be erected for rental purposes.
The excavation is completed for the
little Caples building and the concrete
men will soon be climbing around over
the steel skeleton framework of this
skyscraper in miniature.
v Says Mrs, Ellis
An Arkansas Lady Suffered
for Seven Years and Every
Month Was Near Death
But Now Is Stout
And Well.
Mule Buyers From Arkansas Visit Sec
tion; School Tencher Elected to Fill
Voeancy; Well Drilled.
Marfa, Tex.. May 13. The commis
sioner's court, sitting at Marfa, ap
pointed D. G. Knight to represent the
Candelarki and Ruldosa districts to fill
the vacancy made by the -resignation of
J. D. McCarn.
Members of the flre department are
arranging for a Fourth of July cele
bration at Marfa.
J. G. Haralson and. sou, John, of Au
gusta, Ark., are buying mules to ship
P. R. Smith, of Dallas, has been here.
At a meeting of the school board.
Misa Alice Lovelace was elected to fill
Foster, Ark. "I was sick for 7 years,"
writes Mrs. Fannie Ellis, "and half the
time could not s,tand on my feet. Every
month I was very near death. I took
Cardul, and in two months I was cured
and am now stout and healthy. I was
sick so long, that I won the sympathy
of my friends, and they all ask me
what cured me, for my looks are a testi-
rmonlal to Cardui. I never fail to rr.iiA
Cardui, for I can't recommend it too
highly. It is a God-send to suffering
No matter how serious or long
standing the trouble. Cardui will help
you, for it is a tonic remedy, especially
adapted to bring relief from womanly '
ailments. (
There is a reason why Cardui is so
exceptionally successful, after other
medicines fail, and that is because it
contains ingredients imported especially
from Europe, on account of their spe
cific action on the womanly organs.
As a result of the experience of over
50 years, Cardui is now recognized as
a medicine for women of real merit
that can always be depended on.
Cardui has stood the -great test of
time. '
Don't worry. Take Cardui.
Saturday Night, 7 to 9 O'clock, Values to $2.50 for $1.23 "
Two hundred washable dress skirts, made of extra quality linene, rep, mer
cerized oxford and pique, in plain tailormade styles and pleated, some styles
trimmed in the overskirt eif ect, others with extra quality embroidered in
sertion. Colors are natural linen, white and blue. Real values are up to
$2.50. We limit each customer to two at the special price
Au Q Qlz
1 to 9 o'clock, each
Toilet Articles
On Sale from 7 to 9
BORAX Genuine 20 Mule Team
Borax, regular 15c packages O
(one to each customer) OC
TOOTH POWDER Sanitol Tooth
Powder, the best kind, j A
25c box (one to customer) iTtC
TOILET WATER Piver's cele
brated Parisian toilet water, dif
ferent odors, regular ?1 r g?
bottles (One to customer) UwC
TOILET SOAP Colgate's toilet
soa-ps, pure and in a variety of
scents, regular 10c cakes j
(3 to customer) a cake OC
violet talcum powder, the best
quality, regular 25c boxes l A
(one to each customer) ... i T C
Men's Fancy Sox
Broken lines and odds and ends of men's silk
lisle fancy half hose in stripes, checks, lace ef
fects and embroidered Regular 50e
quality, 4 pairs for $1.10 or a pair K
"Women's cotton ribbed undervests. full sizes, in
a quality usually sold for 12 l-2c each. Satur
day night we will sell each customer (LJl
four at. each O4C
Dutch collar pins, sash pins, bar pins, brooches,
etc., very new styles, some plain, others set with
brilliants and a variety of different stones. Val
ues up to ipl.vv, special Saturday in
niVbt Ot
Toilet Articles
On Sale All Day Saturday
Violette Rice Powder, - A
regularly 25c JL TT O
Herpicide, 50c size n ty
bottle .3 J C
Colgate's Floating Batih A
Scap' C
Nail Brush, good quality bristles, "9
25c value JL iC
Hair Brush, extra quality bristles, A ry
solid back, worth 65c .". ft" C
Ingram's Milkweed Cream, o fj
regular 50c O C
4711 Bath SsJt, -a rj
25c bottles I C
Handsome Foulard
A very attractive Saturday offering
consists of a number of very handsome
costumes of all silk foulard. Both
plain and pleated styles are shown, also
several styles with the tunic of silk chif
fon. Values up to $39.50 (displayed in
the show" window) are ajw a &
priced for Saturday $ Zi L frD
Handkerchiefs, Itfeckwear and Hand
Small items, to be sure, but there's a
saving in each one of them. On sale all
day Saturday.
HANDKERCIUEFS Pure linen, hemstitched, ji
with neat colored border; 15c values, each JL J. C
HANDKERCHIEFS All pure Irish linen, hemstitched
with embroidered initial. 2oc values, a g
each IOC
JABOTS Dainty styles made of fine lawn. a
finished with tucks and lace, values up to 35c. . J. TT C
HAND BAGS Large size, made of imitation seal, with
gilt and gunmetal trimmings. Regular $l.o0
, Hosiery
Special lot of women's lisle finish hose in
black and colors, plain, lace and embroidered
effects. These are incomplete lines of sizes in
qualities worth regularly up to 50c a
pair; all day special ,
Special lot of misses' and children's blaci: and
tan 'hose, fancy lace effects, worth reg- Q
ularly 25c; all day special a pair. . JL J
The week's accumulation of short ends of Rib
bons Cl-2 to 5 vards) of all kinds, rlain and
! -Q oons (l-z to o yarasj 01 an innas, pj
I KemnantS fancy will be offered Saturday at
asemetit Shoe Sale
An Unparalleled Offering in Women's Shoes,
Ties and Pumps
Another one of the "Populars" famous shoe sales will be the big attraction
in the Basement Saturday. Nearly three thousand pairs of women's high
shoes, Oxford ties and pumps, made of patent leather, tan, chocolate and ox
blood vici kid and tan Russia leathers are offered at less than half. Almost
all sizes are included in this splendid lot. Real values are up to -i j r
$3.50, Saturday Special, a pair ? 1 mZ
Manufacturers9 Sample Line of Children's
and Misses9 Shoes
(On Sale on Main Floor)
Several hundred pairs of children's and misses ' shoes and oxfords, sample
lines of one of the largest manufacturers in the country will form the special
Saturday feature in the shoe department. This lot consists of neat oxfords
in black, tan, brown and oxblood vici kid, patent leather and Russia
calf. Regular values up to $2.50 are priced for Saturday, a pair. . .
Highest Quality Suits
for Boys, Underprieed
Boys' suits of the Iran Frank make, in light aixl medium colored,
summer weight woolens, the season's newest modeR The coats are
the half or full lined styles, wit?i knickerbecker trousers. Sizes. 5
to 17 years. Styles worth $10.00 to $12.50, An g g
all day Saturday p i?c3
Boys' suits of summer weight woolens, with two pairs of knicker
bocker trousers, extra good styles for boys of 6 to 15 (J?l) OP
years- Values up to $5.50, all day Saturday P3c0
Morning Sale
Until 12 O'clock Jfoon
Boys' knickerbocker trousers made
of good quality khaki cloth and
worsteds- Values up to 75c, Sat
urday until noon
i urday until noon
48c a Pair

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