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All High Class Gents' Furnishings
Will Be Sold.
U py
A .
Union Memorial Services
Observed by Protest
ant Churches.
Las Cruces. N. M.. May SO. -The union
service held Sunday at 11 a, m. in the
armory, being the occasion of the mem
orial sermon before the members of
Phil Sherridan Post No. 17 of the Grand
Army of the Republic and the women's
auxiliary, tvns enjoyed by all the prot
estant churches of Las Cruces and the
Presbyterian church of Mesilla park.
The service was opened by all sing
ing "Praise God from Whom All Bless
ings Plow," followed by invocation by
Dr. Vaughn of the Presbyterian church.
Rev. Mr. Rorex of the Baptist church and
Rev. Mr. Bloom of Mesilla park Presby
terian church assisted Rev. W. E. Foulks
of the Methodist church, who delivered
an eloquent and appropriate sermon.
Mrs. Thomas Branlgan sang a solo,
"The King of Love My Shepherd Is."
' 'They lifted up their eyes ami saw no
Robert Bruce Smith, First Baptist ch ureli.
save Jesus only." Dr.
The deadliest of all sins is a lie against the dictates of one's own con
science.' Rev. Henry Easter, Church fo St. Clement. ' I
"The church with each member a spiritual unit, magnetized by the spirit
of God, is itself a unit of irresistable power.'' Rev. II. T. Hanks, Calvary
Baptist church.
"The book of Jonah was the first great missionary book of the Bible and
J it showed to the Jews that God's love was limited to no single sect or race."
Rev. Miles Hanson, Westminster Presbyterian church.
"I -will not say that people who are not members of the church will be
lost, but I will say that all such are great losers." ReV. Perry James Rice,
Ftrt Christian church.
"If the church Is to maintain Its numerical strength and spiritual vigor,
more careful and prayerful thought must be given to the offspring of the
church, the children." Rev. C. L. Overstreet, First Presbyterian church.
Fortun&ius Questions
. Mis Daddy
Say, daddy, when do the first per
manent teeth come through?
Usually about 5 or 6 years of age,
but before any of the "baby set"
are shed a dhild cuts 4 permanent
molars called "6th year molars."
Dr. H. A. Madrtider
Our 9th year in El Paso. Plaza Block
El Paso Orders Shipment by
Wire International Traf
fic Increases.
do not believe In vaccination would
take a trip to the eruptive hospital
and look at some of the cases of
smallpox," said superintnedent John
Connors, Monday morning.
"The cases are horrible, probably
the worst case ever seen there being
that of vice consul Gourley, who died
three weeks ago."
Sunday morning at 11 oclock. El
Paso's supply of vaccine points was
exhausted and the work of vaccina
tion for smallpox came to a sudden
stop. Meanwhile the quarantine is
kept up pending the receipt of more
points and the city neaitn officer is
issuing certificates to those who can
show vaccination scars.
Two thousand persons have had their
arms scratched during the past three
days. Sunday morning 500 were vac
cinated before it was learned that not
another point could be sesjred in the
Telegraphic requests for rush order.
have been sent out and the health do-
partment anxiously awaits the receipt j las CRUCES WILL SEND LARGE
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. District
court reconvenes here "Wednesday
morning, June 1. A motion In arrest
of judgment In the case of David Gua
darama, found guilty by a jury during
the present term of a charge of murder
in the first degree, for the alleged kill
ing of Ignacio Pena on February C
last, will come up for final hearing on
the first day.
of more vaccine in order tnat Jie
quarantine so effectively begun iriy
be continued- The city of El Paso
pays about 15 cents for each -vaccine
The quarantine has so far been ef
fective, but there is a question as to
how long it may be kept up if people
applying for vaccination cannot secure
Face False Certificate Charge.
Carlos Gonzalez and Jose Carrio
were arrested at the Stanton street
bridge Sunday afternoon and taken to
tne police station, where they were
docketed on a charge of having fake
vaclnatlon certificates. They were later
released and went back to Juarez. P.
Padllla and R. Rodriguez, who refused
to submit to vacination, were also ar
rested and their trial set for 4:30 Mon
day afternoon.
Traffic between El Paso and Juarea
began picking up Sunday, and the
week promises improvement in that
regard. Many American bull fight
devotees used their vaccination certlfi
actes on the seventh day, but not
enough to make Juarez appear at all
Jwral. Besides the Juarez merchants
vho cater to the tourist trade, the
amusement and gambling promoters
are heavy losers through the quaran
tine. The average attendance at the
Juarez bull ring is one half Americans,
and the keno houses draw largely from
El Paso patronage.
Eruptive Hospital Official Talks.
"'I wish that some of the people who
i --- :
Las Cruces, X. M., May 30. The Me-
silla Yalley chamber of commerce has
a committee appointed to boost for a
delegation of 150 citizens to go to the
ISth National Irrigation congress, which
meets In Pueblo September 26th.
Tour tongue Is coated.
Tour breath is fouL
Headaches come and go.
These symptoms show that your
stomach is the trouble. To remove the
ause is the first thing, and Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will
do that. I&sy to take and' most effect
ive. Bold 1T all dealers.
Las Cruces, X. M.. May 30. H. B.
Holt, who was called to Santa Fe, re
turned Sunday night.
Mrs. Oscar C. Snow leaves Tuesday
for Long Beach.
Mrs. Englewright, wfaohas been sick,
is Improving.
Miss Edna Gill entertained the Satur
day club at her home on Mesilla road.
John J. Freeman, who has had the
mumps, is again attending his store.
W. A. Sutherland spent Saturday at
La Mesa.
W-m. Dessauer's nephew of Paris,
Gaston Rosenbaum, Is here visiting
The residence of Samuel Mannasse
on Malendres street is neariug comple
tion. Airs. Wadlington. of Albuquerque, and
Mrs. Frank Meyers, of Rincon, are
spending the day -nrith Mrs. Foulks.
Bob Roberts went down to El Paso
on the forenoon train.
C. B. Bosworth Purchases Anthony-Sna J
Miguel Telephone Line and Plans
Improvements ; New Resi
dence Planned.
Anthony, N. M., May 30. As a num
ber of the big alfalfa growers have
decided to hold their firgt cutting,
the shipment for the month of May
was not as large as estimated. About
100 carloads were shipped, however,
from La Tuna station.
The contract will soon be let for the
four room brick house to be built- at
Anthony by C. B. Bosworth. The es
timated cost will be $2500.
Mrs. C. E. Locke, who underwent an
operation five weeks ago, is improving.
She is now in El Paso at the home of
her daughter. Mrs. Stanton.
C. B. Bosworth has purchased the
telephone line connecting Anthony with
San Miguel. New Supplies have been
ordered and work will bo continued.
The building for the exchange has been
rented and will be in use soon.
Miss Lora Story, tvho had been visit
ing Mrs. W. B. Carroll in Chamberino,
has returned.
A rirl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Ab. Hunter.
Misses Clara and Yelma Pulliam of
El Paso, are visiting their aunt, Mrs.
Miss Florence North and Miss Jim
mie Brooks have returned home for
the summer.
'The power of brotherly love will .wr.l is calling:; calling will find oat
the need of the needy: and the love of Christ in the heart will seek to sup
ply the needs: it may be kind words only, and it may he loving: deedx."
Rev. A. J. HIcElviain, Houston Square Baptist church.
"As the iiar of 'Cl-'0r invalidated the dreadful heresy of state rights
and redeemed our nation from the curse of slaver?, so we who come after
must redeem her from the slavery of commercialism, the slavery of dema
gogism, the slavery of blind partisanship, the slavery of the rum traffic and
the slavery of social and ecclesiastical bigotry, that all men everywhere may
be free in body, mind nud soul to work out their divine destiny." Rev. C. O.
Bookman, First Methodist church.
to a height of 1300 feet, flew across
country until his machine was a speck
against the sky, after 22 minutes re
hiring to the aviation field and fin
ished with a glide downward of 500
Fresh shrimp, queen olives, dill
pickles in our delicatessen department.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
'Dr. Gallagher, Trust BIdg., hours 9 to
11 a. m., 2:30 to 4:30 p. m.
Ropes a Hear.
Cody, Wyo., May 3tf. When a big
brown bear paused to look at, an auto
near the ranch of G. C. Rudeson nt the
foot of the Big Horn mountains Sun
day, Rudolph Rovingno, the chauffeur,
holding the steering wheel with one
hand, lassooed bruin as the car swept
past. The captive was dragged to the
Rudeson ranch and is on exhibition
there with several bare spots on his
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. That the
farmers of the Mesilla valley are
abreast of the times is evidenced by
the number of power hay balers that
are being put into use this season.
Last year J. F. Priest bought and used
a power baler on his ranch at Dona
Aca with such success that a demand
was made for this time, labor and mon
ey saver. Theo. Rouault and son have
received their second carload of power
balers and Harry D. Miller, expert pow
er hay baler, has been here the past
10 days demonstrating the power balers.
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. John E.
Millar, vice president of the Consolidat
ed Alfalfa Milling company of Okla
homa City, was in Las Cruces Saturday
conferring with the directors of the
produce exchange with the view of es
tablishing a mill here. No definite con
clusion was taken in the matter but
the proposition is being considered.
First Christian.
Wednesday afternoon the delegates
to the territorial convention at Clovis
will make their report; Thursday
there will be a Sunday school picnic at
Washington park, a special car for the
Sunday school pupils leaving the
transfer station at 9 a. m. Friday aft
ernoon there will be a special meeting
of the Aid society of the church.
First Methodist.
The Women's Aid society will enter
tain the men and the friends of the
church at a social Tuesday evening at
the home of H. F. Durkee. 1007 Cali
fornia street. Prayer meeting at S
oclock Wednesday evening, subject of
pastor's talk, "The Sin- of the
Tongue." The Aid society of the First
Methodist church will entertain Tues
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Durkee, 1007 California street.
Calvary Baptist.
An entertainment will be held at the
home of Mr. McChesney. on the Fort
Bliss car line Monday evening and a
free car ride to and from the enter
tainment. The car leaves the transfer
station at 7:30 p. m. The Women's Aid
society will meet at the church Tues
day evening at 3:30 oclock and be en
tertained by Mrs. Palmer and Mrs.
Scott. A covenant meeting will be
held Wednesday evening at S:15 oclock.
Church of St. Clement.
The Men's Bible class will meet at
the class house Monday evening. All
other church clubs have suspended for
the summer months.
First Baptist.
A church social will ' be held at the
church Tuesday afternoon and evening
at which refreshments will be served.
The meeting is in the nature of a fare
well entertainment before the mem
bers of the church begin leaving the
city for the summer. Prayer meeting
will be held at 7:30 oclock Wednesday
evening instead of at S oclock, as here
tofore. Houston Scjnnre Baptists.
A recognition service was held at
Houston Square Baptist church Sun
day, at which the following spoke:
"The Work of a Church," Rev. R.
W. Merrill: "The Sisterhod of
Churches." Rev. E. B. Hearn; "Words
of Welcome and Hand of Fellowship,"
Rev. R. T. Hanks: Recognition prayer.
Rev. R. B. Smith: Words of Apprecia
tion, Rev. Alfred J. McElwain.
Grebe cleans clothes. 41S N. Oregon.
Street Car Strike.
Colorado Springs, Colo., May 30. A
strike of street car conductors and
motormen on local lines has been or
dered here unless the company will
agree to arbitrate disputed points. The
men demand an advance of from 23
to 30 cents an hour for emploves hav
ing served from five to eight "years.
Fruit and Vegetable Headquarters.
When you want' the very best fruit
and vegetables phone us or step into the
store. We have everything that's grown
fresh every morning.
Jackson's Sanitary- Grocery,
Phone 353.
A Presbyterian Heresy Trial
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. Mrs.
Ruff Parker died at the home of C.
M. Bruce and was burled in the local
cemetery Saturday, Rev. Mr. Fculks of
the Methodist church conducting the
funeral service. Mrs. Parker leaves a
husband and two children, a daughter
six years old and a son eight. A sister.
Mrs. Shank of Valentine, Texas, who
vas with her durng the la week of
'er Iness, also survives her.
Kir-is? t fc3&3 IMS
Established 1384
m boma &m& COUNTY
I Las Creoas fgow Mexico f
Southwestern Distributors for
Athletic Goods.
Send for Illustrated Catalog.
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention.
101-103 Si Paso Street.
El Paso, Texas.
F' m&t&i
'ftO . 5
at the doors and wnroows. p; M Chamber of Commerce B1d.
' Anything You Want in the Drner Lin.
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. The folio-wing
deeds and other papers of rec
ord have been filed with the recorder
of Dona Ana county:
Deeds Filed.
Win. Moeller et al to Theanie Craw
ford, warranty deed to lots 17, 18 and
19 in block 2 of Altura park addition
to Mesilla Park, consideration "$35;
dated May 23. 1910.
Sabina Lopez de Gill et al ico Pedro Go
mez warranty deed to a tract of land sit
uated in the southwest quarter of
the northeast qufarter of section 35,
township 26 south of range 3 east,
area 342 by 75 by 32 by 23S feet, con
sideration $94, dated September 24,
L. H. Vanderwcrf to T. A. Pettey,
warranty deed to lots 29 and 30 in block
50 of Miller's Washington park addi
tion, consideration $1 and other val
ables; dated May 5, 1910.
,T. T. Miller to Z. E. Marvin, warran
ty deed to lot 58 in black 61 of Mill
er's addition, consideration $1 and oth
er valuables; dated July G. 1909.
Sunshine Valley company to Grover
Cloud, warrantj- -deed to lots 6 and 7
in block 12 of Mesa heights addiiton,
consideration 50; dated May 20, 1910.
TV'. R. Lynch to G. W. Jlansom et ux.
warranty deed to lots 30 and 32 in block
6 of Miller's addition, consideration
$200; dated January 18. 1910.
Sunshine Valley company to Charies
Grande, warranty deed to lots 1, 2, 3,
15 and 16 in block 38 of Mesa Heights
second addition, consideration $160;
datel May 26, 1910.
Sunshine Valley company to S. J.
Gray, warranty deed to lots 9, 10, 11
and 12 in block 29 of Mesa Heights
second addition, consideration $130;
dated May 26, 1910.
G. W. Ransom et ux to G. H. Givan,
warrant' deed to lots 30 and 32 In
block 6 of MHler's addition, considera
tion $200; dated May 26, 1910.
J. T. Miller to Miss Mae Lee Rowan,
warranty deed to lots 14, 15, 16 and
17 in block 59 of Miller's addition, con
sideration $1 and other valuables; dated
July 23 1909. ,
J. T. Miller to Mrs. K. J. Barber,
warranty deed to lot 46 In block 31 of
Miller's addition, consideration $1 and
other vaiuables: dated June 4, 1909.
Articles of Incorpcrntlon.
The Bowman's Bank & Trust com
pany files articles Nof incorporation
with a capital stock sub-cribed of $100,
000. The board of directors named are
Henry D. Bowman. Vincent B. May,
William TV. Cox, Robert E. McBride
and Charles E Miller.
The Presbyterian general assembly
in session at Atlantic City, N. J., has
under consideration a complaint against
the pCew York synod and presbytery,
bringing up for official determination
the socalled Steen-Fitch-Black heresy
case, now commonly termed the "Black
heresy trial." Dr. Ethelbert Warfield,
president of Lafayette college, and the
new chairman of the committee, in
stating that a prima facie case had
been established against the synod and
presbytery, asked that the whole con
troversy be turned over to the judicial
commission for review and the assem
bly so voted. How long It will take for
that Mgh tribunal of the church to
got down to consideration of the case
is problematical, but it is expected that
it will be several days, and that while
the trial is on every effort will be
made to keep the details secret, accord
ing to the Philadelphia Record.
While known as a heresy trial and
so designated in the assembly's deliberation-.
tn rr has be ess much mis
understanding of this subject by the
laity and even by a pare of the clergy.
This is not a heresy trial. It is a com
plaint against the synod and presby
tery because those bodies sanctioned
the ordination of three theological j
students whose beliefs are charged by
the complainants with being heretic
Modified Their Replies.
Here is the status of the controversi
es it goes before the judicial com
mission: More than a year ago Steen,
Fitch and Black, then just graduated
from the Union Seminary, New York,
applied to the presbytery in their dis-
i trict of the state for licensure, which
Is the prescribed preliminary to be
coming ordained. Their examinations
we-e declared to b? unsatisfactory in
that their answers to questions up
on their beliefs in the immaculate con
ception of Christ, the resurrection and
B'blical miracles were shown to be so
skeptical as to be nothing short of her
esy. Licensure was refused and the
students appealed. A committee was
apppointed to give them a second ex
amination. That their replies to these
mooted questions were at least couch
ed In more conservative wording is
admitted, for a majority voted to license
thorn. It was only a bare majority,
however, and when the presbytery
adopted the committee's recommenda
tions and the synod later ordained
the three young men, the minority
membors of the committee. John Fox,
Walter Buchanan and Frederic E.
Shearer, protested. The protest was
not heeded and the agitators have
brought their complaint before the
As the state Synods are tho only
bodies which can ordain, and as their
actions can only be recommended or
censured by the Assembly, but never
uve.rii oy tnat convention, it can
easily be seen that the primary issue
is in the background in the present
case and that the Assembly can only
voice its approval or disapproval of
the presbytery and synod setion. Prin
cipal interest h"r.jrcF up-n th proba
bility that the Judicial Commission, in
order to render a just decision, will
have to review the entire case, inefnd
ing the examination papers. By this
means it Is possible that the full de
tails, never before made public, may at
last come out.
Special, ladies' purses, shopping bags.
El Paso Trunk factory, north side plaza.
Chinamen Burn.
New York, X. Y May 30. Three
Chinamen were killed and four of their
countryman and several Americans
were injured In a fire in a tenement
housA Sunday. Two hundred or more
celestials lived in the house, and when
aroused from their bunks, they stood
in droves in the hallways shrieking for
aid, but did nothing to save them
selves. Policemen, however, dashed
into the burning building and literally
threw the frightened Chinamen out
into the street.
Sauerkraut in Hot Weather.
Our new way of keeping sauerkraut
.eeps n just as good in Mav. June and
July as In December. Come in and see I
it or phone for a pound or two. 8 cents
a pound. New barrel just opened, I
Jnck-souV Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 3o3.
Facts About v
El Paso For
Visitors To Know
El Paso has 35 miles of street
car lines.
El Paso 'has 20 miles of asphalt
paved streets.
El Paso city has an assessed
valuation of $30,000,000.
El Paso has eight railroads and
a 5500,000 union passenger term
inal. EI Paso has 25 mail carriers,
and tthe postoffiee receipts last
year were $108,000.
El Paso has never had a sun
stroke, a panic, or a strike that
tied up any indusitry.
El Paso is one of the most im
portant ports of entry and export
in the United States.
EI Paso has the best lighted
business district of any city in
Texas; see for yourself tonight.
El Paso railroads handled 600,
000 cars in the local yarJs last
year and their navrolls aggre
gated $3,000,000.
EI Paso will invest $2,500,000
in now buildings this year aijd in
vest $2,500,000 more in improve
ments and industries.
EI Paso has eight banks, five
national and three state, with a
combined capital of over $2,000,
000 and deposits of $10,000,000.
EI Paso has $600,000 invested
in chool buildings and grounds,
and $25,000 in manual training
and domestic science equipment.
EI Paso is in the center of a
trace of 225.000 acres of land that
will be irrigated by a $10,000,000
da-m which the government is now
El Paso has three steam fire
engines, five combination hose and
chemical wagons, one automobile
combination wagon, and -extension
ladder truck.
Ao School Board Meeting.
President H. A. Carpenter, of the
school board, will not return to El
Paso until Tuesday or Wednesday so
no meeting of the school board will be
held until that time.
Alamo Inn. 314 S. EI Paso St. Finest
furnished room in city.
Drowned While Boating.
Salada. Calif., May 30. -Miss Eileen
Moonoy, of San Francisco, was drowned
Sunday when a row boat on Brighton
lake capsized, and her two companions,
Miss Nellie O'Connell and Miss Isabella
Luzen. were saved from the same fate
only through the heroic efforts of A.
J. Huntley, of Brighton Beach, and
Percy Chattock, of Alameda.
carbons ditto. There is no hydrocarbon
emission visible anywhere. The main
body of the tail is formed of unidenti
fied constituents and some reflected
Kills Sweetheart.
Sulphur, Okla.. May 30. J. S. Milton
shot and killed Mrs. Annie East, with
whom he was supposed to be in love,
and then shot himself. He died almos
instantly. Milton is from Anadarko
and has been paj-ing marked attention
to Mrs.- East since her divorce from a
local physician receutty.
Dr. Gray, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
205 Caples BIdg., 2nd floor.
Las Cruces, N. M.. May 30. The fol
lowing guests are registered at Hotel
ron Barnardo: TV. C. Gould, E. Paso;
L M. Trumbary, San Francisco; A. W
Hadley. El Paso; Ed Bitter, El Paso;
A. S. Page, Dixon. Ivy.: J. H. Wallis.
El Paso; C. A. Barnhart. El Paso; W.
W. Dehand, Boch ester, N. Y.; Horace
A Lay, El Paso; C. M. Wadley," St.
Louis; E. Langston. Tucumcari; B. P.
Gonzales, Las Vegas.
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. Miss Jes
sie Lawrence left Saturday for her old
home. Springfield, Mo., to spend her
siunnrtn- vacation. Miss Lawrence i? a
teacher in the public schools and a
niece of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Young.
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. The fol
lowing guests are registered at Hotel
Don Barnardo: L. H. Davis. El Paso, j
I. Arnold lawger, n.i .faso; jas. K.
Mauk, El Paso; A. Farah and wife, Al
buquerque; Geo. Paris, New York; .las'.
Thomas, Emporia, Kan.; II. A. Ous
ley, St. Louis; C. Hanson, Fort Worth:
Jim McCombs, El Paso; W. G. Jolley,
Kansas City; J. T. Fletcher. El Paso; ,
.lrs. v. u. Joney and aaugiiter, iil
Paso; J. E. Mundell. W. E. Campbell,
Ed Wolf, H. H. Schutz and A. B. Fite, of
Agricultural college.
R Tlews S53
8 -S&J i TT
! if- xftrevities
Fined for Bad Lane-rimr
Jose Melendez. a Mexican, was fined j by all druggists
?la in police court Monday morning on I .
a. tinarge oi using abusive language to
a Syrian woman on South El Paso
street Sunday afternoon. i
A Happy Father
is soon turned to a ad one if he has
to walk the floor every night with a
crying baby. McGee's Baby Elixir will
make the child well. soothets nerves
j Induce healthy, normal slumber. Best
i ior aisoraerea ooweis and sour stom
J ach all teething babies need it- Plea-
ant to take, sure, and safe, contains no
harmful drugs.
Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle. Soil
Increased Cost of Living.
Amoy. China, May 30. The price of !
rice lias risen 0 percent, and the poor
are unable to buy anj' food. As a con
sequence an anti-government demon
stration took, place today at Chang
Dr. Willis R. Smith, Skin genito
urinary and rectal diseases. Office room3
201, 203, Caple's building.
3 ytc SC5r3v.Pn
8asJSI-e?" sjtSsTK
is a
Train Dullcrra. ;
Ail afternoon trains are reported ob
Las Cruces, N. M., May 30. The "Wo
men's Sewing circle will hold Its regu
lar weekly meeting at the home of Mrs.
H- R. Kelly on Wednesday afternoon.
Waxahachie, Tex., May 30. Richard
Lee, a farmer 10 miles south of here,
was shot and killed by Joseph Walters
this morning. WiJters was arrested
and placed in the county jail. He
asesrts that Lee was cursing Mrs.
Walters. Walters and wife" were keep
ing house for Lee. A shotgun was the
weapon used. Lee is a widower.
El Paso people visiting in Los An
geles have found the Vaidoria Apart
ments near West Lake Park a very de
lightful stopping place. The building
is modern, and the furnishings artistic
private baths, attractaive halls, large
porches, flowers, tennis court, lawn, etc.,
on one of the most beautiful streets in
the city, only three doors from the cor
ner of Westlake Park. Furnished
housekeeping suites from $30 to $60 per
month. Letters reserving rooms should
be addressed to Mrs. N. L. Eichholt, 725
S. Alvarado St., Los Angeles.
Those fresk mackerel we have make
a nice breakfast.
Jacfoion's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Cook Hasn't Given Up.
New York, N. Y.. May 30. The mys
tery of the whereabouts of Dr. Cook,
tho American says, was solved last
night. He is in Scotland preparing for
his trip to Etah, whence he plans to
bring back his records of his discov
ery of the north pole and his instru
ments which are cached there. He also
intends to bring back the two Eskimos
who accompanied him on his dash te
the pole.
Like Cot(as:e Cheese?
We get fresh home made cottage
cheese every morning. Mighty, nice.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Longwell's Hack
Are now at the union depot at all
times. Please call for them.
Strawberries, raspberries. Logan ber
riesi just as fresh and nice as if you
picked them yourself.
Jackson' Snnitury Grocery
Phone 353.
Files at Joplin.
Joplin. Mo., May 30. J. C. Mars, the
aviator, in a thrilling flight in an
aeroplane here toda. soared upward
Had some of that home boiled ham
Jackson has. for lunch last evening and
it was delicious. Guess I'll phone 35
and get some more today, as Jackson !
has it fresh boiled every morning.
Watermelons. Jackson's.
C. L. BQlington, TO Magoffin Tel 14S9
Painting, paper hanging, decorating.
About the Comet's Tail.
Flagstaff. Ariz.. May 30. Dr. Per
ceval Lowell, head of Lowell observ- t
atory here, has issued a statement In
which he said that spectrograms made
of Halley's comet have produced con
clusive evidence against previous con
ceptions as to the composition of
comets' tails. "Cyanogen in the tail is
very weak.' said the statement, "and
extends but a short distance. Hvdro-
The Old Parlor Barber
Moved temporarily to 320 Mesa
Ave., opposite plaza.
Barbers, Sid Richards. Frazier and
E. L. ALLEN, Prop.
i ' 'I

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