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News Of the Great Southwest 7
News Of the Great Southwest
May 30, 1910.
ilfli SlP89AP, PMiK m
iHdi iiir$QS)&7& slitz yKmm&r&4
rrogress O
n a if
tm onsxanc progress nas
& iness of the American aSTational Bank, re-
M suiting in increased deposits. Prompt,
Ji courteous service to all, whether accounts
De large or small.
Capital and Surplus 8240,000.00-
El Paso Bank & Trust
319 San Antonio St.
Solicits Your Patronage
Capital Stock $100,000
& M. TURNER, Pres.
A. F KERR, Cashier LEEH. CREVS, Asst
Many Suits on the Docket.
Heavy Fire Loss New
Amusement Park.
Globe, Ariz., May 30. Globe Is run
ning Reno, Xev., a close race In the
divorce line. On last "divorce day"
Saturday, nine divorce cases were set
for trial. Of these two were dismissed for
lack of prosecution, one was taken un
der advisement, two postponed and four
decrees "were granted. The most import
ant one was that of Mabelle Whitaker
against Wallace Whitaker, the latter a
prominent business man of Washington,
D. C. Mrs. Whitaker is a sister of Dr.
Boyd, of San Carlos, with whom she
has been living for the last IS months.
She alleged cruelty.
The new summer place of amusement, J
,tL M -pot-v ,hort ditnoe
Garden Grove Park, a short distance
fynm I10 jHTitlr Ctf fh rf'ltv. TTBS Tllaced
in commission Sunday with the baptism
of ten persons in the new natatorium j
under the auspices of the Seven Day
Alleging that Francisco Marquez, a
"saloonkeeper of Winkleman -has ab
ducted her 17yearold daughter, Mrs.
Santos Melendrez has appeared to dis
trict attorney Shute for assistance in
recovering the girl. The district at
torney is investigating the case but as
yet no warrant for Marquez's arrest ,
has been issued-
The loss by fire In the Red Springs
residence section of Miami will not
exceed $15,000 almost all of which falls
upon the Miami Copper company. Nine
teen houses were destroyed but most of
the occupants, the families of miners
employed by the company, managed to
save their .household effects.
Henry Berryman, a well known miner
of the Globe district. Is dead after a
two years' illness with tuberculosis. He
was 47 years old.
The latest development In the contro
versy over the new Martin theater is
the refusal of judge Lewis in the dis
trict court to deny the motion of Mr.
and Mrs. C. T. Martin, the owners, for a
temporary receiver and the Qulnn
Brothers are still in charge. The Mar
tins have filed suit for annulment of
the contract with the Quinns but It will
be several weeks before a determination
is reached In this case. In the meantime,
the Quinns have engaged a musical
comedy company which will xpen next
3Ionterey Manufacturers Interested. In
Proposed Cotton Seed Oil Plnnt;
Foreijnx Companies Enter
' the Field.
Torreon, Mexico, May 30. A large
company is being formed in Monterey
fcr "the purpose of establishing a big
soap factory and oil mills at San Pe
dro, located a short distance from
Torreon and in the heart of the rich- j
est cotton section of the Laguna dis- 1
trict. It is said that the men who are J
interested in the move are people who I
are now connected with one of the soap t
factories in Monterey and that a por
tion of the oil extracted in the San
Pedro factory will be shipped to that
-ity to be used in the manufacture of
The production of cotton seed in this
section has Increased to such an enor
mous extent that outside soap and gly
cerine manufacturers are entering the
field to procure oil instead of import
ing it from foreign countries.
The ranchers have annulled their long
standing contract with the Cia, Jabonera
de la Laguna.
A new creation in the food line. The combining of
Wheat Rice, Oats and Barley. No breakfast food can
compare with it. One trial will prove it.
Ask Your Grocer.
Take a Kodak wth you.
Brownie Cameras, $1 to $9.
Kodaks, $5 to $50.
oeen maue in one dus-
tOo ff&qlrt 8
I '
Bean Shipment for Eaneh-
men Realty Sales The
Herald's Auto for
Miss McKeyes.
Deming, X. M., May 30. The com
mencement exercises of the Deming
high school at the opera house com
prised the invocation by Rev. J. Rush
Goodloe; address with valedictory, Le
ona Walker; presentation of the Philo
honorary pins, James Patterson;, and
a chorus by the Cecelians.
The class play, "A Diamond In the
Rough," followed. The cast of char
acters included Arno Leupold, Lena
Bo3'd, Carrie Hubbard, Irene Myers.
Ann Watkins. George Stickler, Mll-
j dred Lurchen, Murl McMains, Louis
Randolph, Vincent Young, James Pat-
' &
terson. Florence Ament, Esther Bolich
and Miss E. Pearl Anderson.
John Hund received 1700 pounds of
b?ans today. He will plant o0 acres
111 a.iii.ui jiiu pi 11 11. uea.iis- jii. nuuu
netted over $40 per acre on his bean
crop in 1909.
Mrs. Toung, of Las Cruces, is visiting
with her sister, Mrs. James R. Wad
dill. Real estate record: C J. Laughren
and wife to the Home Plot company,
all of block AC and AO and other
property in the town of Deming: Louis J
Helberg et al to Clem Windhause, lots
7 and 8 in block 7 in town of Colum
bus; Ollie M. Nelson et al to Louis Hel
berg, northeast of northeast of
section 11 in township 29, southeast
range S west; Hondale Townsite com
pany to John S. Webb, lot 13 in block
45 of the town of Hondale; J. F. Stew
art et al to J. W. Blair, lot 11 in block
34 in town of Columbus; Chas. X. Hig
day to Z. T. Stewart, lot 11 in block 34
in town of Columbus; Hondale Town
site company to "Wesley Turner, lots
19 and 20 in block 21; Hondale Town
site company to W. L. Eversole, lot 1G
in block 21 and lot 12 in block 26;
Hondale Townsite company to Gray
Haddix, lots 17 and IS in block 21;
Hondale Townsite company to J. H.
Ewing, lot 1 and 2 In block 46 of the
town of Hondale; Robert L. Miller to
Samuel A. Cox, lots 16 and 17 in block
48 of the town of Deming; United
States of America to A. L. Frisble, pat
ent. Miss Fay McKeyes has received the
Overland touring car which she won
In the El Paso Herald's voting con
test, f
Giafiii, at Globe, Says Ten
nessee and Alabama
Will Go "Wet."
Globe, Ariz., May 30. Eugene W.
Chafin, candidate for president on -the
'' - hlbitiop ticIot jm m ia-i eW-ti'-n.
who has become an Arizonan by ac-
quiring a residence at Tucson, will not
'i ;he pehiMtifM! novTipn: to 1,rz:-"
about a "dry" state in the event of
In his address here, Mr. Chapin stat
ed that he believed that local option
and statewide prohibition had both
proved failures and that the only solu
tion of the liquor problem was the pre
vention of the manufacure by federal
legislation. He made the prediction
tVat within 12 months, Tennessee and
i vould return to the "wet"
V-Pres I
Cask'r. I
Description of Land Taken
From and Added to Lin
coln Reserve.
Albuquerque, X. M.. May 30. Details
of the rearrangement of Lincoln na- Xogales, Ariz., iuay tv. cars oi mo
tional forest by which the president I matoes and cantaloupes are arriving in
added 29.73S acres and eliminated 6S,- ; Xogales, en route to California, from the
I 34S acres have been received by the
I district forest supervisor. ,
t The principal elimination is a str p
varying from one-half mile to five
miles in width along the northern and
nnrfhopstftm hmmdarv of the Lincoln
division, from Ancho on -the El Paso
S. Southwestern railway easterly and
! southeasterly to Meek postofflce. This
I will exclude from the forest all the ter-
ritory north and east of Jack mountain,
I nnl Tt'tll olerrk nvlmlo nnotl nmziniT land
j in -the vicinity of Ranch Well and Rich- j Quita Mining company, has gone to Xew
I nrdson postoffice. Eliminations of sev- York.
I era small areas scattered along the ex- i The Xogales fire department has re
i terior boundary of the Galllnas Divl- ceived another new hose cart.
sion have also been made.
The most important of the additions
is an area lying northwest of Corona.
! a town an the El Paso & Southwestern
t railway, situated just east of the Gal-
i linn division. This area sunDOrtS a
good stand of pinon and juniper and
some western yellow pine. The cord
wood Is estimated at five cords per
acre. Other small additions were made
southwest of Gallinas, north of Church
mountain, and west of Lane mountain.
These additions will in no way affect
the grazing plans for the Lincoln for
est for the present season, as no grazing
fees will be charged for stock grazing
on these areas for the first year.
The lands which are eliminated will
be restored to settlement and entry aft
er having been duly advertised in the
local papers by the secretary of the
Supervising Engineer to
Come Here From the
Phoenix Job.
Washington, D. C, May 30. The
Roosevelt dam in the Salt River valley,
Ariz., is considered by the reclamation
service, as being about 95 percent com
pleted. Thereupon engineer L. C. Hill,
who was in charge of that great pro
ject, has been transferred to the Ele
phant Butte dam project In Xew Mex
ico, which will, when completed, be the
largest project in the United States if
not in the world.
The sum of $1,000,000 was appropri
ated by act of congress, to be expend
ed for the year ending June 30, 190S.
The act was iinnroved on .Tnlv 1. 1907:
and a provision In the bill provided that
the money was to be available on July
1, 1907; so that the work could be push
ed without delay. Owing to a certain
disagreement in regard to the value of
certain parts of the land necessary for
use in the project, which necessitated
a suit In court, the operating depart
ment of the reclamation service, has
been delayed for one whole year, but
it now looks as if work would go for
ard at once.
The grading for the railroad branch
will be pnshed first by the operating
hiirimi' no T-nntrlli- a mon onil mnno-ir '.
lhe tc?8on .To- I
iroad will ? The
iixoaa win my tne,
can ao tne wonc, and t
peka & Santa Fe rai
I ties and rails as fast as the cradinsr
Is done.
Most of the monev used on the nro- t
ject since Julv 1. 1907. has been tak- I
eji from the million dollars appropri-
taed bv congress that vfiar. And there
is about $800,000 of that fund left.
The secertary of the interior this year ;
nas auuea iuu,uuu to mat iuna, maic-
inr now auu,uuu available. And this ,
Is"as much as will likely be used to !
advantage for the ensuinj
year. If that
anuch can be used.
The secretary of the interior makes i
apportionments every three months.
After the railroad is completed it will
take considerable time to construct the
foundation for the dam. .
Senator Xew ell says that the Roose
velt project is now supplying water to
1?1.000 acres of cutlvated land under
the present cultivation there, but when
that project is in full operation it will
supplv sufficient water for the entire
260,000 acres under that enterprise.
Development Company Plnns Bcscinninjr
of Artesian Well: Improvements
for Many Homes.
Valentine. Tex., May 30. S. B. Tul
lous, R. R- Toungblood and W. H.
Cleveland have received a large ship
ment of cattle from Mexico.
L. D. Louthian has gone on a busi
ness trip to east Texas.
H. Colquitt, of Marfa, was in Valen
tine looking after cattle interests.
D. B. Mauldin has gone to Oregon
and California to attend to land In
terests he has there.
J. T. Morgan, of Xew York city, is
here to take treatment at the hot wells
near Candelarla.
The Valentine Development company
will soon' start work on its 2000 foot
artesian well, and as soon as it it is
finished and the streets are graded,
the company will start work on the
bank building, the mercantile building
and a sanitarium.
Joe McClean was thrown from the
Mercantile delivery wagon. His back
was severely wrenched and three ribs
I were broken.
I ATi- and AT-c Tnol TTMnlAT nnrl m-flo
daughter, Florence, have returned frcm
their river ranch and are occuyinr their
residence in town. "
The young people of Valentine en
joyed a dance Friday evening in "the
auditorium of the high school. The mu
music was furnished by the Fort Davis
D. 11. Pierce has resumed work af
ter a few days 'layoff on account of ill
ness. E. D. Stegal was in El Paso on busi
ness. Wiley Taylor, who went to the Val
entine country to look after his prop
ert3', has returned to Midland.
G. W. Xewton is improving his resi
dence by adding porches around the
entire house.
The home of Mts. Lou Foley is one
of the beauty spots of Valentine, the
front porch being an arbor of roses and
honeysuckle, -which are all in full
Mrs. R. B. Jones is having her porch
remodeled. The entire house, which is
an adobe, will be plastered on the out
side and the woodwork painted.
Juan Carrasco has completed his
adobe cottage near the jail.
M. E. Steel is grazing a bunch of im
ported cattle near Valentine.
TIno Acosta is adding a new porch to
his residence.
The Mexican school has closed and
Miss Maude Wood, the instructor, will
return to her home at Sanderson.
Mrs. P. M. Smith, Misses Mary Smith,
Birtie Mc A nelly and Annie Gorman and
D. R. Pierce and Frank Smith have re
turned from a week's outinrr at the Van
Neil ranch.
R. X. Everett, who is in from his
i rancu -in i-uc sj..
mountains, reports
cattle in splendid
a good range ar-
Car Lot Shipment. Pass Through Xo
gale.s Daily; School Teachers Ac
cept Positions in Bisbee;
j aqul river counuy.
Mr. and Mrs. Y S. Bonillas have gone
! to the City of Mexico where they will
resiae, jir. oumnw ""& 1U'U" V
' the corps of engineers of the geologi-
cai survey ui JiC-viv.
Harrv Kelly left for his home In Illi
nois where he will engagein business.
Miss Margaret Hughes, a member of
the school faculty, has resigned to ac
cept a position in the Bisbee schools.
George Beebe, president of the dene
f. lx tLTuv,
suffrage association at Patagonia, ith
Mr E B. Betbril as chairman and at
. b " - -
. In
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Ashby and little
son Rolla, have gone to Murphysbor
ough, lil.
Mrs. Zimmerman has -returned from
Dallas, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Theron Richardson have
' returned from Los Angeles.
Miss Georgia Tltcomb has gone to L03
Angeles for a visit.
Arizona Red Mens' Conncil Adjourns,
Electing II. E. Bcrner, Great
Sachem Personal Notes.
Tombstone, Ariz., May 30. The April
session of the district court of this
county Is expected to last until August
15. Court reporter John W. Walker is
engaged transcribing testimony in the
cases heard in the criminal court the
past week.
W. H. Harwood, who has been ser
iously ill. is recovering.
Mrs. William Hughes, of Bisbee, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. McPherson.
J. E. Bacon has returned to Tomb
stone from Denver.
The territorial board of equalization
is In session today.
The seventh annual Great Council of
the Improved Order of Red Men of Ari
zona closed a successful session here
and elected officers. H. E. Berner, of
Tombstone, was chosen as great Sach
em. The quarterly teachers' examinations
will be held In this city on June 6 and
Mrs. Perry Wildman has arrived from
Los Angeles and will live here.
The Tombstone public schools have
Xo graduation exercises -were
Ellsworth A. Crawford has been
granted a marriage licenseMio wed Mrs.
Amanda Jones, both of Whitewater, this
county. Mrs. Jones is well known in
El Paso.
Ranchman Sells Large Shipment of Cat
tle to Hereford Buyers; New Store
BiiUdlnor Planned
The i
"Vaughn N. M., May May 0
Citizens' club was 'xeorganld and of-
"vers elected as follows: J. B. Briscoe
wMi, n- nn-
president; l rank Uraxen, vice president;
-" xianKs, secretary, anu u. liar
rington. treasurer.
Je Hodges, of Silver City, X. M., vis- ! i
ited "n'Ith Is uncle, W. K. Hodges,
J- P- Williams has delivered from
his ranch here several carloads of
tie to S. M. Smith and C. P. Autherr 1
" -n "". ac..
- aubb "cu icaiuu ma new
tore on Ceda street to H. C. Frazier.
of Carlsbad, and has bought the" lot '
adjoining where he will at once put 1
up another business house
B. H. GaHaher. trnveline: freight
agent for -the Santa Fe, was here.
Professor J. D. Tinsley, of the dry
farming congress, was here on busi
ness. W. M. Joiner has disposed of his mov
ing picture show to C. H. Clark.
J. S. Russell,1 home missionary of the
Presbyterian church, of Roy, X. M.,
held services at the schoolhouse Sun
day. W. W. Bush, of El Paso, .is here.
W. R. Holt's family has arrived from
Wm. Pendley, from Texas,' is here
looking for a location.
Railway Asrent Invents Patent Match
Box and Ranchman Buys Power
Pnmp; Hamilton Ranch Sold
to ArtcMa Buyer.
Dayton, X. M., May SO.The Dayton
public school has closed and the direc
tors havj retlnwhdrl n. .ahamahaham
tors have retained the faculty. Prof.
H. G. Howard, as principal: Mrs H. G.
Howard, Misses Frankie Wailes and
Ethel Xewcomb.
The first services in the new Metho
dist churche were held with Rev. J. P.
Weeler occupying the pulpit.
Bert Mackey of Wyanett, Okla., Is
here looking after his property.
Mr. and Mrs. George Frisch
returned from Xebraska where
were called by the death of
Frisch's mother.
I. I. Slover has moved to Pecos, lex
as. where he will engage in business.
A. S. Durrum, local railway agent,
has applied for a patent on a spring
match box.
Jihe Hamilton ranch south of town
was sold to L. P. Eessen, of Artesia.
J. B. Stalllngs has purchased a gaso
line power pump to be used In one of
his wells for irrigation purposes.
May Join Hnndi in Bnildlnjr to the
West Coast of Mexico From Minaca,
According to Present Belief.
Chihuahua, Mexico, May SO. Is there
f,o- )! i: . f.v t nil ' !
the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient
Railroad company, and the Mexico
North Western Railway company, com-
T ' !: Ct iMTi'"1 - O i " i
Chihuahua, to the Pacific coast' of Mex
ico, thus building but one line through
the Sierra Mad res instead of two as now
projected by those companies?
This question's being asked here as
a result of a report that the companies
are to send their respective engineers
over the line of the Kansas City, Mex
ico and Orient survey from Minaca to
Tobolobampo, and that they will start
n the trip av once.
I)GE I.KW will "m.n
innlynlK of Mint Water Shows It To
Be J"wnr!try for City Vjirposea;
Flasr Day Speaker Named.
Globe, Ariz.. May 30. Judge Leiis
has announced he will hold the semi
tinual term of United States court for
Gila and Graham counties, although
"there are but three criminal and as
many civil cases to be tried.
The original order for the conven-
I 1. 2.. ..V. Tloii
0 -
B L- E. NT D
gf3 -
?w, JL
HrIrz M. E3
it needs no stretch of
imagination to tell you of
the flavor of Fatima Cig
arettes. Their exquisitely
mellow taste is the result
of exceptional skill in blend
ing a blend that is supreme.
An inexpensive package
makes possible ten addi
tional Cigarettes.
Pictures of popular actresses nov
packed with Farima Cigarettes
20 for 5 cents
was,, ivT
ing of the grand jury on June 6 and
the trial jury on June S will stand.
The analysis from the University of
the Old Dominion tmlne water, with
wllion Jt 'vvas nPed to replenish the In-
equate supply of the city, shows It
to ,be. unsatisfactory The chemical
analysis shows iiu water is chemically
pure, but the bacteriological analysis
shows it to be unsanitary for drinking
purposes. The city probably will con
tinue sinkiner its well.
George J. Stoneman, Norman J. John-
cat-;:""... . -'"-"-i""i' " lu-f "
1 tuiiies, iiiivt: uuuh se:eciea to aeiiver
. '.....
a 1 tb- firg or d-
by Globe lodge of Elks, on
ti 14. There rj! " - ..t- "
Cl! " T thJU at lGaSt 4
Elks will participate.
Plans July 4 Celebration In Honor of
Po-wer Plant's Completion Xctt
Foundation for Station
Water Tank.
Portales, X. M., May 30. Special
preparations were made for the Me-
morial day services in the church Sun
day. Judges W. E. Lindsey and T. J.
Mears gave special addresses in the
church and Rev. Geo. W. Dunlap ar-
j ranged for appropriate services and
special music in the Presbyterian
church. The members of the Progres
sive branch of the Christian church
have arranged for services once a
month and have engaged the Armory
Plans are being made to have a ceie
bration on July 4th over the accom- vice president; Frank Tomlinson, secre
plisliment of the irrigation project. The , taTy.
first definite suggestions for the grea
enterprise were made in speeches on
the last ,July 4 celebration, and this
anniversary will find the power plant
in working order.
Judge A. B. Seay has announced his
candidacy for the office of probate
judge of Roosevelt county. Judge Seay
h,-.q been a resident of Portales four
jultice of
- i
years ana nas servea as
the peace for three years.
Mrs. T. J. Molinari, Miss Pearl Stone J
nd Miss Sallie Bryant attended the ,
, v. i .nn,.nMnn nf tv.o Vra-
Mexico-West Texas Christian Miss'ion-
arv societv at Clovls
Portales' cemetery' has been platted
t diio,- th, T?ncTt-oi'
nffpr a manner similar to tne Kosu eu
cemeterv. The civic committee of the
Womans' club had charge of the work.
The U. D. C'. met at the residence of
Mrs. George W. Dunlap in honor of
the return of the president. Mrs. H. F.
Jones, from Texas. Arrangements were
made to begin the delaj'ed work on the
monument fund.
Ray Maxwell passed the examination
before the Xw Mexico board of phar
macy at Tucumcarl.
A new foundation has been placed
under the big water tank at the de
pot, raising it about 16 inches.
Equal Stiffrnpl.it Lecturer Speaks and
Is Entertained: Wealthy Santa
Ana Merchant Dicjy
Personal News.
Xogales. Ariz., May 30. More than
4000 head of cattle frbmthe Mexican
ranges were crossed herexne past week.
Miss Laura Gregg delivered lectures
here on equal suffrage. Mrs. A. T. Bird
entertained in her honor.
Krs. Dye, wife of American consul
Dye, of this port, has gone for a visit
at her home in Kansas City
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bowman have
gone to Los Angeles for a visit.
Pedro Faeber, a wealthy merchant, of
Santa Ann, Mexico, died at the hotel
Moderno here. His body was convey
ed on n special train to Santa Ana
for interment.
Miss Edith Mason, of the Xogales
public schoool faculty, has gone to
her home in Elgin, 111., to speudj her
vacation. j
Mrs. E. E. Noon entertained a num
ber of the young friends of her son,
Zenus, in honor of his fifth birthday.
Ha was the recipient of a ?50 check from
his mother.
Fort Stcckton, Tex., May 30. The
First National bank has (been organized
here to opeu for business about Sep
tember 1.
Fort Stockton and Alpine have ar
ranged for regular automobile service
twice a week, beginning June 10.
J. H. Downs has let the contract for
a four roc-m residence to J. X. Xor
son, of Abilene, Tex.
The big automobile garage will soon
be completed
T. Jone: & Co., are remodeling
their store building, which will soon
be ready for occupancy.
-S- halSy aUd C- W- MiddIeton' of
Haimin Tex were here preparing f or
oreilna tMsfafrPeS " "
Snowies. X. M.. May 30.-The lumber
for tne new 54500 Knowles .schoolhouse
is arriving daily and construction work
5t? ,,-.i
will begin at once. R. J. Tof f elmire, of
The Truck Growers' association was
organized with H. H. Sipes, president;
L. K. Klebold, vice pies.deiu: D. f
Bartlett, secretary,
and E.
O. Cart-
wrlght.. treasurer
Benton H. Mosley is up again after
an illness.
A literary society was organized at
the East Barber schoolhouse with J.
L. Patterson as president; H. H. Sioes,
Chihuahua. Mexico, Mav 30. 'The" Cia
Bancarie de Fomento y Bienes Raiees. !
S. A., is nreniiritir tn Koo.fr. r. .nVioU I
paving of 20.000 "square meters of this
city's principal street. Fred W. Grav,
Hip amrvnnv2 nrtt'i,-, j ,t . :
tne company's paving superintendent is
TMittftirv lm --Va .-. j a ".-.. ! . at- f
putting up the necessary pla-nl for this
work by the brewery. The principal I ence' "tvho lives Jn El Paso. The re
streets in the heart of the city to be j Prt shows membership dues aroounz
paved with asphalt are embraced be- inr to $27-5 have been collected: S34 in
.i.-uu "in street, on tne east: Avanida
111.1. .i . ..
camP. the Ocampo avenue on the
LXVT ' Udrt- street on the north, and
! Include tne streets around both the
t -dT ...,. . .. " "
; Plaza de Constitution and the Plaza Hi
Solomonville. Ariz., May 30. Sheriff
Anderson, acting under instructions
fr.rn rh? hi.ar.l of supervisor-, is bal
ing the courtroom and the different of
fices repaired and the walls kalso
anined. Mrs. I. E. Solomon, who has been ill,
is improving.
E1"- H. P. Collins has returned from
a visit to the coast.
Born, to the w ic of George Taylor,
a on.
Isaac Martinez Is tending the meat
market. Alvin Sands and Guj- Massey
have leased it.
C. F. Conlco has finished a new con
crete floor in the jail.
p:- FYcu.itr.' Kt-?nsr riw
screen bedroom added to his residence
on the south.
Chihuahua, Mexico, May 30. Chihua
1,i JwiJj a nw ird' str bv ihe t-sr-i-lish-ment
of a waterproof clothing fac
tory, the first of the kind in the re
public of Mexico. The goods, water
proofed by a secret process, are now
being put on the market. The factory
comprises four large buildings, equip
ped with specially constructed ma
chinery Imported from the United
States. The mixing and coating pro
cesses, all done by machinery, are se
cret. The capacity of the plant is 10,
000 yards of waterproofed cloth daily.
The company also makes a specialtv of
canvas belting and water proof tents.
re lyfllillllllii
yd f fj
Company Asks For City
Franchise West Texas
Eepnblicans Meet.
Sweetwater, Tex.. May 30. Com
posed of home capital, a company has
submitted a street railway proposition
to the city council asking, for a fran
chise. If the' franchise is granted the
first line will run from the packing
! house, two miles south of town, to the
i Santa Fe shoos, on on.1 a inir miion
j north of town. Bmnn!, ifT,DC -m v
- , built as the city requires
; The meeting of the West Texas Re-
! publican club at Mineral WeHs was
j weu attended. baSS2 ?el
the Gran hteI' About Too dele-
j sates were present. Hon. B. Van Tuyl,
I e?,0' WaS PresenL
T- ,' ' e?P'' 3tate organizer of tha
! lt B"tnfhoo?a of Carpenters and
I L J??"" th
; . "iW """'"; ttlsu - new mem-
I " .
G. M. Waitt3, pastor of the
b"nade Christian church, of Fort
orth Preached the commencement
I sermon for the Sweetwater high school
L "Ie unnsuan cnurch Sunday at 11
I a. m.
Water service Is beizg extended o
the southern part of the city.
Balaace In Treasnry for Repair Work
on Union Station Joe McCIala
Injured When Thrown
From Wagon.
Valentine. Tex.. May 30. Th TVn-
mans Home Mission society, organized
' laSt 5e?tember' has received the third
I l"arterly report by the local treasurer.
! W'hlcll has been Sent tn Trio .-.n
i n,cn nas D.een sent to the conference
treasurer cf the Xew Mexico confer-
n. 1, -I- '
1,li "-tJ1 e-vpenaea on parsonas- wnrV
j hIle $139.95 remains in the treasury to
K .. A l . - J
uc uauu in repair work on tho TTr.?nW
I church, making a total of $101.35 which
nas oeen collected.
Miss Ara Blanche George and W 4.
Foley are guests at the ranch home of
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Snyder.
Uncle Joe McCIain. who was thrown
from a wagon, had his back sewrMr
wrenched and three ribs broken. Ha
10 "cmS uneu tor at tne Home of Mrs.,
Lou Foley.
Torreon. Mex., May SO. An attach
ment was run on the printing plant of
the Torreon Star, a weekly paper which
was printed, in English, last week for
Indebtedness. At about the sani time
J. D. Goodrich, lessee and publisher,
was placed in jail on a charge of as
sault, preferred by one of the former
employes, who claims back salary
The Torreon Star was started here
about five years ago by Howard S. WIT
liams, who afterward left, and sirce,
it has been in various hands.
personally Mr. Goodrich the im
prisoned editor, is well thought of and
he has much sympathy. Friends are
working on his behalf and he will no
doubt be released on bond within a
short time.
Chihuahua, Mex.. May 30. Santos
Torrazas, of Marfa. Texas, has been
here the last few days in connection
with his hot springs resort project. The
owner of the Candelarla hot springs on
the Chihuahua side of the Rio Grande
above Marfa. He is planning the or
ganization of the Mexico Mineral H t
Springs company to take over those
springs and establish a health resort

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