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8 The Herald's Sporting News
Hie Herald's Sporting News
May 30, 1910.
Blanked in Saturday Game
and Lost Sunday by
Score of 5 to 4.
r,,,, , ,t." ,., I tea Tveu, out .nines, uu umtiaica
for Clifton got away with one more to , sJab for E, T succeeded
iildiJen ?.if ""rt scatters the 11 hits secured off
Morenci, Ariz.. May 30. Moreno!,
5-8-1; Clifton. 4-7-2. That 'tells the
story of the Sunday game between the j
two rival teams. Morenci won tne con
test after a hard struggle from its old
time opponents by a single score after
the game had been played to the limit
hv the two clubs.
Cummings pitched for Morenci and
allowed but eight hits, while Clifford
charred ncalnst the fielding of that
club, while Clifton had two blngles.
The batteries were: Morenci, Cum
mings and Hofman; Clifton, Clifford
and Crittenden.
Morenci "Wins.
In the fastest game of the season,
Morenci defeated Clifton here Satur
day by a 1 to 0 score. It was a pitch
er's battle, pure and simple, with the
honors about even, and went for 10
The fact that three of Clifton's regu
lar men were out of the game necessi
tated a complete change of lineup, but
manager Riley plugged up the holes.
"When Baroldy arrived In town last
week Riley Immediately got In com
munication with "Vic Walling with the
result that the former Cananean is
now wearing a Clifton uniform. Bous
quet. a former Douglas player, was
also secured from Globe.
Clifton bunched two of her hits in
the second, but the pitching of Ash
ley held them safe. Outside of this
Inning not a local runner passe 1 sec
ond, and only three got that far. Clif
ton liad a chance to win in the ninth
with a runner on second and one down,
but stupid base running blanked them.
Only one Morenci man got as far as
second up till the tenth. The visitors
went down one. two, three In each
inning but the second and seventh,
only three men getting on bases until
the final round.
A single and an error srot two on
bases for the visitors in the tenth.
v7itn two down, Crittenden singled to
left, bringing in the winning run. The
play to the plate "was close. Both
teams played a fast fielding game.
The score and summary:
Morenci AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Jake "Wilson. 3b. 4 1 1 2 3 0
Yisitors "Win Ball Game But
at Bowing, Well, Ask
"El Toros," the crack aggregation
representing the Southwestern Cement
company, defeated the Chihuahua For
eign club team yesterday in Chihuahua
by a score of 12 to 3. Chihuahua bat
ted well, but Hines, who officiated on
G-ame Won in Ninth by
Earthman and Jackson's
Stick Work.
so that they had little effect.
from El Paso played an errorless game.
Bukey, otherwise known as ""Baltimore
Joe," landed on the ball for three ibags,
repeating his usual Sunday perform
ance. Finney, the nifty little catcher,
also proved his right to the title of
home run Tom by losing the ball for
a grand circle. Lelenlr an dp Fickner
of the Chihuahuans are handy boys
with the stick, each tapping out three
hits apiece.
Sherman, of the cement team, showed
up well on the coacher's line and
handled the team in good shape.
M. -. "tt'einberjr of the El Paso Herald
held the indicator. His decisions were
doped out in a way which proved sat
isfactory to both sides.
'"El Toros.''
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Gradv, 2b 4 3 1 5 2 0
EI Paso 7 12 2
Bisbee G S 4
By X. 31. "Walker.
Baseball luck was breaking for El
Paso Sunday. With the score of the
Bisbee-El Paso game 5 to G right up
to the end of the heart breaking ninth,
El Paso met the situation full In the
facp and scored two runs, winning the
game and the series from the top line
him attraction in the Cactus circuit. Kal
The boys Earthman did it with his little hickory
augmented by Jackson's timely hit
down first base way in the final ses
sion. The game had gone merrily along
up to the ninth, with Bisbee furnish
ing most of the merriment. Bisbee
scored early in the second, again thrice
in the third, made it two more in the
fifth and sixth and then retired on the
honors won. El Paso amassed thrp. in
Kelfer, If 4 1 2 1 0 0
Burkey, lb ...4 1 1 10 1 0
Finnev, c 4 1 1 2 0
Gray, ss 3 2 2 12 0
Hoover, 3b ..... ..4 1 2 3 2 0
Willet, rf 5 0 1 0 0 0
Vood, cf 4 1 1 1 0 0
Hines. p ......4 2 2 12 0
deceptive drop which caught the El
Paso batters asleep a number of times,
and for a pitcher who had as little on
the ball as Doan did. the Bisbee slab
worker got away in good style.
Both Sides Hit.
It was a hitting game on both sides
and Ketchum, of El Paso, gets the pup
in this department. The sun tanned
left fielder had it over his rival, Deak
In. of Bisbee. in that he hit at oppor
tune times, his strike in the seventh
being the one thing that broke up the
Bisbee game. Hewitt had got on. but
was forced out at the plate. Earth
man managed to get around to second
on his fly single to right and Jackson's
rap to McCarthy at short who booted
it In, throwing to second to cover.
Then Gill got on with the fielder's
choice which cost Hewitt his life, and
Ketchum scored Earthman and Jack
son with his single right back of sec
ond in right field.
Deakln, for Bisbee. had the best of
the average batting, for he was up five
times and got four hits, one a three
bagger to deep left over Ketchum's
head. Bisbee scorpd tho first ,-nn on n
12 13 27 11 0
Three base hit, Bukey, Keifer: home
run, Finney: strikeout, by Hines, 4,
base on balls, by Hines 3.
AB. R. H. PO. A. E
tl,n f.l..,T .T 4. , , . . I , . . " ""- ' ""
...c cnu ntu lwu more in xne lucsy i ragged piay by McCarty at third, who
seventh, making the score balance I dropped Dalrymple's drive down' that
show a deficit of two runs for El Paso i way. allowing Marshall to score from
after Bisbee had been to the bat the I third. He recovered, however in time
last time. to throw Dal. out at first.
L-. lWhe fntb: J El Paso. . - ABRHPOAE
.,llL, llie iii man up in trie inn- j liowan, cf 4
ing, got on by a piece of good luck, Hewitt, ss ". 5
which started the peddling of this j Earthman. 2b ........5
brand of article among the El Paso j Jackson, lb 5
folks. He hit down third base wav, ! Gill, rf 4
Plake fielded it high to Grav at first, ! Ketchum, If '..3
who failed to stab the local'leader as I McCarty, 3b 4
he went past. This put him on first J Merritt. c 4
with the pride of the batting order up. GraF. P 4
"" iinuweu wnn a siasning j
line drive down third base line which I Tota-ls 38 7 12 27 1
nit squarely inside the flair and Pnf isnee AB R H PO A E
Score of 4 to 2 Also Due to
Bisbee 's Errors Gill
Made Good.
El Paso won a pretty game from
Bisbee Saturday by the small score of
4 to 2. The victory was due to a wild
pitch by Marshall and a passed ball by
Grindle, for of the four runs which the
home team secured, only one was
earned. Both scores of the visitors
were won by good plays.
Bisbee secured seven safe hits ofr.
Gill, who showed up well in his first
performance here, while El Paso
touched up Marshall for five good ones.
Bisbee batted heavily, but good head
work on the part of the local team
prevented more scores.
Once in the sixth inning it looked
like Bisbee's game, as there were three j
men on bases and only one out. -Tal-rymple,
one of the Bisbee sluggers,
prepared to hit a safe one, but landed
on a high ball, knocking it to Hewitt
at short, who threw it home, killing
Kelly at the plate, while the delivery
of Merritt to first was so quick that
he beat Dalrymple there. There was
another double play in the last Inn
ing when there was one out.
Merritt made the sensational catch of
the day in the second Inning, when j
he ran all the way. back to the fence
around the race track and pulled down
a high one which Deakln had sent sky
ward. The fans were enthusiastic through
out the game and Gill made good, win
ning applause every time he went to
The scope and summary:
EI Paso AB. R. H. PO. A.
Gowan, cf 3 0 0 1 0
0 2 4
Large Crowd Attends Box
ing Exhibitions Negro
Eeplies to Jeffries.
Hewett. ss 4
Hewitt home to glory with the score i frlaife'b -.5
tiea and the grandstand wild. Jack- -Ti ' V SS
son followed Earthman to bat an.i rah.am; rb
scored the hnint ...i, , ' -uarsnaii. ir
--.. iau JCJ1 il3 UlCUIl it I
cut hit down the first base line as it !
is. possible to make. This srnrwi !
Parks. If 4 0 0 1 0 0
Jim Wilson, ss.. 4 0 0 2 2 0
Kelley, cf 4 0 2. 4 1 0
Hofman, c 4 0 0 6 2 1
Manes, lb 4 0 0 13 0 1
A. Crittenden, rf 4 0 1 0 1 0
O'Brien, 2b 3 0 0 1 C 0
Ashley, p 3 0 0 1 2 0
Totals 34 1 4 30 17 2
Clifton AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Xewell, ss- 2 0 0 0 3 0
Baroloy, 3b 4 0 0 2 5 0
R. Crittenden, c .4 0 0 2 0 0
Riley, If 4 0 0 5 1 1
TV. Mason, 2b... 4 0 0 3 2 0
Scanlan. cf 4 0 2 1 0 0
Bousquet. lb ... 3 0 1 13 1 0
Clifford, rf 3 0 0 3 0 1
Abbott, p '..3 0.0 1 J3 0
Score by innings:
Delenir, cf .
Spencer, ss
Newkirk, 2 b
Ferguson, lb
Solano, If .
Campbell, 3b
Fickner, c .
Aully, rf
Tanez, p
Gillis. p . . . .
, . . .
'. J Earthman and ended the agony.
1 1 Doan "Was Stronir for Tlkh
Deakln, rf 5
Gray, lb 1
Dalrymple, cf 4
31 0 3 30 15 2
123 4. 56789 10
Morenci 04)0 0 00 0 00 1 1
Clifton 000000000 0 0
Base on balls Off Ashley 2.
Struck out By Ashley 5, Abbott 2.
Stolen bases Newell, Baroldy, Scan
lan and Bousquet.
Double plays Mason to Bousquet;
Jake Wilson to O'Brien to Manes: Kel
ley to Jake Wilson.
Time of game 1 hour 30 minutes.
Umpire George Quilling.
3 11 27 12 S
Three base hits. Ferguson; strikeouts,
by Tanez. 4. by Gillis. 1; base on balls,
off Tanez, 3, off Gillis. 1; passed balls,
Fickner 1.
El Paso Beaten nt Botvliac
Following the ball game a bowling
contest was framed up, but that is a
different story as what the Chihuahua
boys did to the El Pasoaus was plenty
and then some.
When the dead were counted, there
were no El Pa?o survivors and they
didn't know exactly what happened un
.il the returns were all in. The El Paso
boys "won't tell just what the final
score was. Still a defeat by such a
bunch of royal good fellows leaves no
sting, as the El Paso bunch were h'gh
on praise of their reception and enter
tainment while in the Mexican city.
Stronir tor HKhs I
Senor Doan worked for the Maroons
and was getting away with his gpme
beautifully until Earthman and Jack
son Droice ud his UtrlP
party. Doan
e moist, :
Once his third base
on the wet spot j
ground ball by j
used a spitter which was som mMcf
with the result that many of the batted' Bisbee-
Doan, p
Totals ...
El Paso
Earthman. 2b
Jackson, lb . .
0 ! Gray, rf
Ketchum. If. . .
McCarty, 3b . .
Merritt, c
Gill, p
.. 4
Totals 29
6 8 24 11 4
.0 0300020 2
.0 1410130 2 i:
Stolen bases-
Coffroth Says Jeffries Is in
Better Shape Than Ten
Tears Ago.
Ben Lomond, Calif., May 30. Al
though boxing was not on the pro
gram Sunday at the Jeffries training
camp, the gymnasium was packed
while the ex-champion went through
his work- It was the largest and one
of the most enthusiastic crowds that
have visited the camp.
Despite the extreme heat of the day.
Jeffries shirked none of the arduous
gymnasium tasks. He worked hard for
an hour and a quarter and retired to
his dressing room dripping.
Among the sporting men in the
crowd was Jim Coffroth, the San
Francisco fight promoter, who had not
seen Jeffries in action since he watched
him box in New Tork last December.
"I didn't think that Jeffries ever
could get down so fine In weight,"
said Coffroth. "He looks to me to be
In just about the same condition as he
was when training for Monroe In Har
bin Springs. I am of the opinion that
he Is a better man today than he was
10 years ago."
Barney Oldfleld Acain Establishes
World Record Other Good Time
Made Two Men Hnrt.
Indianapolis, xnd., May 30. In des-x
perate struggles for supremacy among
drivers of the most powerful American
cars, records went down for all dis
tances between five and 200 miles at
the Indianapolis speedway 'Saturday
and in the merciless grind only two
men "were injured.
Herbert X.ytle, the driver, and hls
mechanician. William Clifton, were
hurled from their car, when a front
tire burst as they were turning into the
homestretch In the last lap of the 10
mile free-for-all handicap. Dytle's
left leg was broken and Clifton was
badly bruised.
The five mile record for cars of 451
to 600 cubic Inches piston displace
ment was broken by Barney Oldfield
in his Knox. Time, 4:03. The old
record was 4:43.
Aitken (National) broke the record
for 10 miles for cars of 301 to 450
inches displacement- His time was
8:08 against the former record of
8:17. Harroun (Marmon) and Merse
(National) were close second and third.
Burman (Buick) led off the 200 mile,
Harroun (Marmon) pressing almost
against his rear wheels, but Burman
had trouble before the 20th mile and
dropped back. From then on to the
finish Harroun kept the lead.
Harroun drew 10 miles ahead of all
rivals after the 100 miles had been
covered. Lynch (Jackson), A. Chevro
let (Buick) and Aitken (National) al
ternated in second place with the rest
of the field hopelessly behind, but
grimly hanging on.
balls went high
man supped a cabl
in trying to field a
Gray worked for El Paso. That much
overworked woid is the exact one for
ine description of the big fellow's ef- i
forts. He was up and at it in every
inning, getting better as time went
past and finishing the Bisbee end or!
the game in the ninth bv retiring -m ;
side without a man reaching first
The fielding at times -was a bit
ragged behind him and luck broke
first hirrW;;, "L ." .L01?8 EL PASOAXS TO EUROPE.
wind caught Deakin's fly and carried ! ' T" May 30- Among the
it up and In so much that Gowan i,i . rf J I8. w" saiIea on the steam-
nr,n 1 r."1' " "a 01 tne orth German
...01031100 0 G
...01031200 0 S
T. Gray-
Sacrifice hits T. Gray, Gowan.
Three base hits Deakin.
Two base hits Earthman, Ketchum,
Struck ant Gray. 8; Doan, 5.
Base on balls Off Gray 5, off Doan, 1
Left on bases El Paso 7; Bisbee, 8.
Double playj, Doan to Graham to
Time Two hours and five minutes.
Umpire Mackev.
Lamar, 2b
McCarty, ss . .
Graham. 2b -
Kelly. If
Deakin. rf . -
Gray, lb
Dalrymple, cf
Grindle, c
Marshall, p . .
H. PO.
1 2
not get under it from center, scoring
en an easy
I T J ,. . ......
hit on what would have been an eLv ! ,'7r. I "e Jf lS7or for XaPles
little Duck under ordi- iZ , "di0,1 Dra"f.r.are
chance for
nary wind
conditions. Doan used
Bessie B. Bailey and Miss Wliiio ti t1
a Crery, of El Paso.
Totals 31
El Paso 1 2
Runs 0 1
Hits 0 0
Runs 1 1
Hits 1 2
Stolen bases S. Gray.
Sacrifice hits S. Gray.
Sacrifice fly Jackson.
Three base hits Earthman,
T. Gray.
Two base hits Gill, Kells.
C 7 S 9
0 0 0
0 0 1
0 0 0 0
0 10 0
San Francisco, Cal., May 30. Jack
Johnson celebrated Saturday by knock
ing out Marty Cutler, one of his sparr
ing partners, and Sunday drew the larg
est house of spectators since he began
boxing at the beach. The pavilion Sun
day was crowded with nearly 1500 spec
tators, who cheered the big negro.
Among the visitors at the camp were
Eddie Graney the well known referee,
and Jim Neil, father of Frankle Neil,
the prize fighter, at one time bantam
weight champion. Both oerts at the
game expressed tr.emaeives as well
pleased at the showing made by the
negro and declared him to be In tip-top
condition, considering that he has so
long In which to get ready for Jeffries.
Johnson opened the program with bag
punching, tossing the medicine ball and
body exercises on the mat. The boring
onnsistpd of efcrht rounds of which five
were with George Cotton and three
! with Marty Cutler. Cotton gave the
1 cnarnpion a jjuuu uwui.
E I went at their boxing In good style, al-
0 i though Cotton retired with a bleeding
1 I mouth.
0 Because Cutler had stayed away from
n I the camp Friday" night, contrary to
i Johnson's" orders, the Chicago trainer
" received a, knockout punch in the sec
" 1 j ..a jt:-,r- t- tito a short UD-
.1 UiJU IUUHU oaiuiua... .
0 1 percut that did the work. Marty stayed
0 ' in dreamland ' for a long time- Johnson
0 j also went four rounds with George Cot-
ton Saturday, finishing on "Walter Mona-
1 I han, a local heavy weight recommended
E. I by referee Jack Welsh.
0 j Regarding what Corbett has said, the
0 negro has answered:
"Corbett tells you that I have not
got a good heart, does he? Well, you
go back to Corbett and say that 1
0 1 must have had some neari to uu-
myelf into tne cnampionsnip. -n-n
what is more, if I have not any heart.
I have enough brains and have
I saved some money- That's more than
I a lot of these champions do. O
! course, he would like to have me give
him SfiOOO to come out and box with
j I me. He would take a beating for that
j mUch money. But any time he wants to
come around for a friendly sparring ex-
0 2 hibition the door Isn't going to be
By Tim.
I .;. .;. ;. .;. . .
Experts say that Jeffries and John
son each are in the best condition of
their lives. Oh, that's going to be a
great fight.
Jack Johnson is real peeved at Jim
St. Louis. May 30. Stanislaus Zyzs
ko, the Polish wrestler, who Is 'matched
with Frank Gotch for Wednesday at
Chicago, won from Charles Olson of St.
Louis in two straight falls here Sunday J Corbett. And Jim is such a dear, kind
nifrnt. rne .foie got tne urst iun m fellow, too.
2S minutes and the second in 16 min
Old Time Local PJayers; New
Applicant For Umpire's Job;
Some Dope About Bisbee Bunch
Won the Sunday Euduranee
Contest by 15 to 2 Jones
Is Some Hitter.
Belen Is Coming- Down Soon and the
San Marclal Boys TVHI Have Xexv
Suits and a Grandstand.
San Marcial. X. M., luay 30. The San
Marclal baseball boys plaved a scrub
j nine, made up from railroad men. yes
terday arternoon. The score was 3 to
I 6 In a three inning game. The regulars
ciaim it was not even- interesting, while
the opponents say the game was called
off because of the extreme heat.
Globe. Ariz., May 30. Kemo In the a &a,me here June 12, B h ..
the local boys expect to have their new
suits and a new ampltheater may be
built. King, Kilson & Co., proprietors
of the Horny toad pool room, have or
dered the lumber and engaged a car
penter to put It up. In addition to
the small fee for a shady seat, the men
will sell soft drinks and cigars.
box for Globe on Sunday, held Copper
Hill down to six scattered hits, and
Globe won easily by hard hitting, bat
ting Weisbecker out of the box In the
first inning. The batting of Jones wa3
a feature, he getting a home run and z.
The score: R. H. E.
Globe 15 IS 1
Copper Hill 2 G 10
Batteries Globe, Remo and Burek;
Copper Hill, Weisbecker, Rigley and
(By Lee Hamilton).
Few El Pasoans will remember Joe
McCarthy, the veteran shortstop on the
Bisbee team, as having been the same
Joe who pitched and played the in
field in El Paso 15 or 16 years ago.
Joe hasn't been in the town since
then, until he came with the Bisbee
bunch Friday night, but he practically
began his ball career here when he
played on the team managed by Frank
McCarthy pitched mostly, while Capt.
Juan Hart was catcher. "Red" Sulli
van, who now wears the stripes of cap
tain in the local fire department, was
one of its infielders.
The team was only an affair of the
amateur order, but played several good
games. They were together the great
er part of -the summer, then disbanded.
Since then McCarthy has played ball
about every league from Maine to
Washington, and when it comes to
know the game from A to Z few have
It on him.
Since it's the concensus of opinion
that Jack Goyheneix, the umpire with
the flnnicky name, will not do for this
league, a candidate has already arrived
at El Paso who would He In a recep
tive mood to the appointment as his
He is Charles DeWiggins and came
In yesterday from Las Cruces, N. M.,
reporting to manager Harbuck, Art
Woods and the rest of the boys. Mr.
DeWiggins Is a big, rangy chap, with
several years' experience as a player
and a season of umpiring last year tti
the Kansas State league and Western
Regarding the enforcement of disci
pline, he should prove more equal to
got over
and came back busted of
the emergency than Goyheneix, as he
has the huskiness to back him up. De
Wiggins could handle, apparently
about any player on the circuit with
ease. Vic Walling says there must be
a change in umpires as far as Goy
heneix is concerned, apropos of com
plaints of El Paso and' Douglas, and
DeWiggins's name has gone in signed
to a letter of application.
Next time Bisbee plays here, there
will be an excursion run from the cop
per town. About 200 will make the
trip, and arrangements were today
completed with Garnett King, of the
Southwestern, whereby a rate will be
It was thought about 25 would make
the trip, this time, but business de
tained the majority. However, there
are three live ones here for the series,
all members of the board of directors
B. M. Pattison, president of the Denn
mine; Jesse Yoakum, of the Warren
Bisbee Street Railway company, and
justice Owen Murphy, of Lowell, sec
retary of the club.
Since the 1910 Inception of base
ball, Mr. Yoakum has transformed
himself from a disinterested party to
baseball's welfare to a howling bug,
and never intends to miss a game
either at home or away from home all
season. He was in a large measure
responsible for the organization of the
rooters' club, and is a booster from
way back. So are Mr. Pattison and
judge Murphy. Through their efforts
the excursion to El Paso next month
was arranged.
While here the Bisbee bunch had a
great time trying, to get over to Juarez
without being vaccinated. They tried
their best to borrow certificates from
El Pasoans, anything to avoid having
their arms scratched. A few of them
Bisbee has the giant twlrler as far
as height is concerned. Gill only meas-
ures six feet, one Inch, while "Silvers"
Marshall, the Maroon twlrler, goes' him
just half an Inch better. Maybe there
will be a battle between the giants be
fore the scries ends.
One calls the other 'skull" and he
retaliates by apply "bone" to his
partner. Marshall and left fielder Kel
ly, to better stand hot weather, have
had their pates shorn of flowing
looks, ani the ob"- done mair than
any Chinaman c"uM have it -lui-e. Te
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What Benjamin SA YS
I Omjlhn Mn a rn v CltTnav orrl .?
feated Sioux City 12 to 4. Kelley
Cornell oarsmen are meeting the
Harvard 'varsity and freshmen crews.
A close meet is promised.
It was a 13 to 4 victory fpr Detroit
over St. Louis Sunday. Cobb made a
home run.
Reinhardt. W. K. Vanderbllfs horse,
won the Prix Arc Des Princes at
Longcharaps Sunday. Bats Delight,
another Vanderbilt horse, finished
third in the Prix Lupin.
Jtm Coffroth of San Francisco says
that Jeffries is in as good condition
as ever before. -:ow Jim!
Los Angeles took a double header
Sunday. San Francisco being outnlayed
all around the rosy.
J- C. Mars made a thrilling flight in
an aeroplane at Joplin. Mo., Sunday.
He rose to the height of 13,000 feet and
made a 22-minute trip.
By hit bunchinK-. Toneka won frnm
j St. Josaph Sunday. They drove Baker
trcm the box In the seventh, Watson
stopping the walkaway.
It was bunched hits and a sacrifice
that won for Chicago over Pittsburg
Sunday, a quick double play saved a
tied score in the last inning.
They say that Al Kaufman went to
Johnson's side because Sam Berger has
been "doin' 'im dirt." Kaufman once
Knocked out Berger in a San Francisco
fight, and maybe that has something
to do with it.
Cincinnati employed four pitchers in
Sunday's game, but St. Louis won just
tho same.
There will be a lively contest on
i. M. C. A. alleys Monday night.i For
two special medals. Sukerman and
Lehman will bowl against Foster and
Brown. The play will begin at S
oclock. Brown, a recent arrival from
.New York, is said to be a strong man.
Score of 11 to 9 on Saturday
and 2 to 1 Sunday Math-
ewson Stars.
nil ? ' AnZ- May 30. Douglas
took the -second of the Cananea series
in a brilliant exhibition Sunday The
f nal score was two to ,one and neither
side scored until after the sixth inning
r-p. evnth- oucjlas got two and
l1 foIloive(1 "! one in the
eighth. In the last half of the ninth
n?aa SOt tX7 men on wIth fties
S?h , nf? fflan Up advanced them
7 bunt- The nrth man
to bat hit to deep left. Mathewson
? eJt Srand runnInff catch of the ball
Svir.!? the rUnDer 0Ut at second
saving the gam and retiring the side.
Kane pitched for Douglas and Thom
? Cananea' each allowing nine
hits. Graham of Bisbee umpired the
saaUsefac?ioPn!aCe f "
Douglas .. J
Cananea 1 g
Ti??.eneS: "-W'Kane' and Le
Brand. Cananea, Thomas and Whaling
Douglas AVIas Fast Game.
Douglas started the Cananea-Doug-las
series off Saturday by winning tha
opening game from the copper diggers.
11 to 9 s either side was brilliant as
baseball exponents and the fielding at
times was ragged. This was not as
bad as the umpiring, which was fur
nished by Goyhelneix, and was worse
than usual.
rhheTrS?,' ' brother of the mieK?
Christy Mathewson. pitched for Doug
las, and allowed Cananea 11 hits. Max
Reardon, the Mexican, was In the box
f" ?anailla' a,nd sot away rtth two
less than the big Hank boy
Jh?me draed at times, although
the hitting was brisk enousrh to t,
Interest up. Thp. tt,. t.
SllOWPr? T10 -r- -
. wu juugias was guilty
seven blngles. while Cananea was only
one behind in the final column
O Donovan protested against Goy.
heineix officiating again Sunday, pre
ferring two of the ball players Instead
or the .Naco umpire.
scor: - r.h. &
Douglas 11 9 T
Cananea 9 11
Batteries MathewVon and Lebrand;
Reardon and Whalen.
At the El Paso Rifle club's custom
ary weekly slioot Jrt .the rane on Mundy
Heights Sunday morning, weather con
ditions were fair during the earlier part
of the morning; later a shifting wind
set in.
There were nine riflemen and a num
ber of visitors present.
The Hixson 'medal event was the first
contest entered upon and the following
scores were made out of a possible 2o-
Scrxven 21, Bulwer 20. Rutledge 20
Wilburn 20, Baca 19. Prlngle 19, Hurx
thal IS, Allen IS. Haines 20.
This concluded the scoring in this
event for the present month and the
standing of the contestants Is as fol
lows: Allen 69. Haines & Mr,. r
Wllbnrn 55," Rutledge, 4S. Scriven. 4S
'Rami AT "rti- -. . .
00 jriiiiSie 10. jfau-i 41, J3euteu
3S, Capt. Jack 37, Bulwer 34. Thee
tctals are made up of Creedmore and
Standard American scores.
Allen will wear the Hixson medal for
the coming month.
The EI Paso Optical company prize
event wa next entered' upon, and the
icucwing scores made out of a possible
Actual Handl
Point's cap Total
Like poker, n hall game Is never
over until the lant card s plnyed and
0 47
3 43
1 47
0 44
4 4S
1 43
3 4t
2 41
4 40
.ttaines 47
Rutledge . ,.45
Bulwer 46
Allen m 44
Hurxthal ...41
Pringle ...44
Wilburn -... .41
Scriven ...'.'.. I39
Baca ss
The following members have hn driv
en handicaps as follows: James 3, Hop
ple 2, Capt. Jack 1, Thomas 5, Penne
baker 3. Filler 1. Miller. H. S.. 1 Batey
3. Reherd 3, Paul 1. Coles 3, Mills i,
Drake 2, Bradley 4, Meagher 1.
Some practice scores were made as
follows, 25 being possible: Allen 20-21
Bulwer 20-19. WHbum IS. Rutledge
19-20. Scriven 1S-22. Haines. 20-22,
Hurxthal 17-20. Prlngle 1S-21, Baca
New York. May 30. Two world's rec
ords were smashed today at Celtic park.
Long Island, at the games of the post
office clerks. The first was by Piatt
Adams, New York A. a, who hurled the
jaA-elin 160 feet, two inches, which
beats Martin Sheridan's eld record by
several yards. The second record, the
runninsr ttrr lmc on -. t,,w. ,. ',
the trump are often held until eeded Dan Ahearn. Irish-American a! C, who
most. 1 cleared 31 feet, ft 1-i inniiM
Commencement exercises will he held
at St. Joseph's academy on Wednesday
unoririmj at 9:30.
uUnElfJuinifU U! ml uuUuLHu
Douglas, Arias., May 30. Fire this morning destroyed the grandstand at
the ball park. The bleachers and pavilion were saved and the game -will be
played as usual this afternoon.
A new, modern stand Trill be built at once. It in believed the fire started
from a smouldering cismr or cigaret butt dropped yesterday.
One blaze wan put out at the north end of the stand, but Inter another
started at the south endj no water Ttas available.
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Saves Bxby Chicks
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