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The Herald's Sporting Mews
The Herald s Spforting News
June 3. 1910.
Out Saturday Sales are different froni those given by
any other market. Each Saturday our special sales
include many articles and not just one or two articles
specially priced. Notice the list below.
Peerless Rolled Roast, per lb 12 c
Leg of Mutton, per lb 17c
Mutton Stew, per lb 10c
Chuck Roast or Steak, per lb . , 10c
Home Pressed Hens, g JLg
per pound & t 2 G
New Potatoes, 12 lbs. for 25c
Green Peas, per lb 5c
Rhubarb, per lb -. 7e
Okra, per lb , .12c
Texas Peaches, per basket 50c
California Apricots, 6 lb. basket 75c
Valley Plums, per lb 15c
Mince Meat, 3 lbs. for 25c
Butter, per lb 35c
300 1-2
Bully for old Jim Corbett. He says
he's groins to change the face of Jack
If Johnson wants to meet Jim in a
sparring- match he -will have his -wish
satisfied to the full. "When news of
Johnson's challenge reached Corbett's
ears he accepted it at once, and ac
cepted it with a joyful alacrity that in
dicated a profound gladness to get a '
chance at the burly black fighter whose
enmity he has aroused by adverse critl- '
cisms. After Corbett had read John- i
son s deil he turned at once to the
group surrounding- him and declared:
"I shall certainly take up this big
dinge's proposition. Nothing would
tb? m y w Gov Ea C E 'o J la Car & E ud
WHAT'S the reason El Paso can
not get in on 'some of these
baseball excursions that are
floating- around the Cactus league. Bis
bee and Douglas have had excursions
to Cananea and. Cananea has returned
the favor by bringing- more than 200
fans to Bisbee and Douglas to see the
A shakeup Is rumored for the Can
anea club. Getting away first in the
season and looking good to go through
the other clubs like water through a
minnow bucket, the Copper Diggers
have stumped their toe some place
down Bonquillo way. Dr. "Walling is
said to havexdIagnosed the ailment as
i! I. MmBSmmmm .
.;! I
Copper Diggers get trounced. Doug- j internal troubles with complications,
las and Bisbee have made frequent trips I and has decided upon an operation for
to each other's home cote and Clifton j the removal of a part of the playing
and Morenci have been excursion'ng anatomy of the club. ,In other w.ris
around the hilltop country and are he is going to attach the blue slio to
even now planning for a trip down to j some of the disgruntled one's pay
Douglas and Bisbee. El Paso, the big- checks and get a shipment in from
gest camp in the league and the logical j the states to replace them,
terminus of these joy excursions, has j
been left high and dry in all of the j oil on the troubled sands of Wash
plans for the operation of the socalled j ington park is a solution of the diffi
pleasure excursions to witness the ' culty of ankle deep silt in the inGeld
ball games. f
To follow out this suggestion a step
further, why not have Morenci and
Clifton come down and fill one of the
open dates at Washington park. The
Ciub will be out of town some more
this month and the two teams from up
the territory could be bro.ught here
for a series of games at Washington
park with an excursLon attachment
from Clifton and Morenci on the clos-
and even deeper sand In the outfield.
Oil has been used In Xew Orleans on
the Southern league gronn-ls to good
effect and It Is a 20 to 1 shot that the
local grounds could not be made any
worse by the timely appllca'lon of a
quantity of the stuff that made John
D. rich and infamous.
please me better than to put on the
gloves with him for a few rounds or for
any number of round and I have not
any doubt in the world that I shall not
be able to show him up. I have said a
lot of harsh things about him as a
fighter. I am standing by those state
ments and perfectly willing to step into I
a ring with him and demonstrate them !
at a good old game of give and take
with -the gloves. I have alwavs said that
-v.t c,i; -ri
cms xeiiutv jouuson was a yenow aog
and I am not changing my mind any
now. He has a yellow streak in him as
big as TeHowstone Park.
Says He'll Be in Trim.
"And I am- not only going to take up
his challenge, but I am going to go
ahead and make arrangements for the
match myself. He might be bluffing,
and if I left it to him would stall out
of it some way or another. I'll see that
it goes through, and I heartily agree to
give every cent of the proceeds to any
charlty that he desires. Johnson had
an agreement with me a good many
months ago to box. We had a private
w i i it st j mm sro
ntinareas 01 auns n
This--the Biggest Snt B
i lllllll wsSW'
v fctsSi1
ave oeeo
of the Y
These are summer weight, two and three piece suits skele
ton and lined. There are only one or two of a kind and sizes
range from 33 to 44.
However, our strongest argument is the suits themselves.
They are now on display in our show windows.
Twor Lets Are Offered as Follows :
Suits that sold formerly at $15.00, $20.00 and
" $22.50; on sale tomorrow and as long as they last
Suits that sold formerly at $10.00 and $13.50;
on sale tomorrow and as long as they last
Many Other Exira Specials Are Offered
QIgQgggBBBVEllillBIB,Bte Bargains
r I
Deak IeBrand has been returned to
good standing on the record book of
the Oakland club of the Coast league
insr dav of the series. Or even betler, and no longer has the trainrobber title
let Clifton and Morenci come down for ) attached to his name in organized contract, and the 'smoke' ran out on
Saturday game and let the winner play ( baseball. This does not mean that j me- H "was afraid of me and he fought
the Mavericks on Sundays This could j Deak will leave Douglas. Douglas i Kaufman and Ketchel and the other
be- arranged without conflict with the likes L,eBrand and LeBrand like-: . Allows instead,
other schedulea c&raes as El Paso now Douglas. A kind of an affinity affair , "Fl1 be in first oSass fighting trim in
has several ODen fiates at home. Clif-! and the clever catcher is due to stav ; aDOU';a week,, and after a few fast bouts
ton and Morenci are El Paso's best on through the season, the following
friends and the local fans are anxious j winter and again next season, which
to see these two teams in action.
Baseball Is just like Johnson grass.
It can't be killed off. No sooner nnd
the Douglas grandstand quit smoking,
after the recent $3000 fire, than the
boys were rigging up an Impromptu
grandstand out of beer kegs and rough
is good news for the Cactus league
for the more players of the LeBrand
type the better baseball in these parts.
Harry Mclntyre has broken into the
Christy Mathewson, Johnny Evers,
class of baseball writers. He recently
had a story on freak pitchers In the
pine boards. That Is the true spirit nt j syndicate papers. y tne way tne Dig
the TVarren district all right and the boy with the sunburst diamond clnrer
supporters of the team are now a'-- j sot away with his game against Bos
ranging for a big benefit series to bi ton Thursday with Kling as his Vack-
played at Bisbee on June 11 and 12 to stop.
raise money to build a new grand suind
at Sportsman's park in Douglas.
The Mavericks leave Fridav night
for Bisbee to play the Dalrympies Sat
urday and. Sunday. And believe Ben
jamin, they will be fast ones unless
old warhorse Dai's Reds are too (
bunged up to frolic In their accus
tomed form. The Texas pride outfit
will go over as sound as a silver dol
lar and will be readj- for the tap "f
Douglas is going to Cananea 200
strong for the Cananea-Douglas games
Saturday and Sunday. They are the
visiting kids, those Cananea and Doug
las folks. Come over and see us some
time, neighbors. TVe'll be glad to have
Douglas denies the accusation that
Baron Ozee is to weai- a gray suit fo
the Demons. They could have gone
I further and got worse than the ba-ron
the 'big bell. Those pitchers have a . when it comes to pinch hitters,
hollow ground edge on their pitching !
-UI. .. . ii.,,xiju. aitci a. xev last OOUtS
with Jeffries I guess my boxing ability
will be pretty well polished up."
heads together at Bisbee Saturday and
arrange for two games to be played
here between the Copper Diggers and
the Mavericks. This should be a strong
card, as Cananea has always been El
Paso's most feared enemy. At the same
time the managers oi these two clubs
are arranging their dates for the next
week engagement the other managers
will assemble for a friendly conference
regarding the umpire situation and
other maters of importance to the
Two out of two from Bisbee wouid
not be so poor, but ?
New Umpire For Cactus League;
Morenci Is Some Baseball Batty
DeWlgglns, the former "Western asso- hard-lucker here, when, after Harbuck
wings and are due to sen-e some
curves up to the batters from the hill
Cananea has an open date on June 11
and 12. So has El Paso. The man
agers of the two clubs will get their
f ''
B ZT "The Shop for Young Men
I Wir Men's Furnishers,
m Ki Hatters
I Bw and Tailors
I I 206 Mesa Avenue
Ben Lomond, Cal., June 3. "When Jef
fries heard that governor James X.
Gillett had called the fight a "frame
up, arranged for the white man to win."
the heavyr eight, was very disgusted
and threatened to call off the match.
"For two pins I'd pack up and take
my family bade to the ranch," declared
But when news reached camp that
"the governor had denied any such
statement, the fighter .returned to
work, finishing a day of"handball and
bj bag punching.
Before the denial came, Jeffries said:
"I quit the fight game once because
I did not care for those connected with
it, or the knockers who were continu
ally rapping It, and now this story has
come. It's enough to break a man up."
"A plain lie," is the way governor
Gillett termed the report.
ciation umpire, has caught on and his
work in the Cananea-Douglas series will
be watched Avith interest, in view of
the nice recommendations DeWiggins
has. He left Friday for Cananea, ac
cording to Walling's instructions re
ceived Thursday by wire, and will step
into the Oxfords formerly worn by Jack
Goj'henelx. He went down yesterday
and got an umpire's outfit and intends
to Tvork big league style, behind the
How are the mighty fallen, and how
do they take the trend of things. Can
anea has been a consistent winner for
as long as baseball history dates back
in this circuit. She cleaned up in the
tournament last year, four games
straight, with El Paso, Bisbee- and
Douglas as opponents. Now she's hold
ing onto a Pullman berth and finding
the cushions thereof anything but a bed
of roses. But the fans, game to the
core, aren't whimpering. They rest upon
their oars and with a knowing smile
pass out the information that the boys
are bound to round to when the real hot
weather graces their particular spot of
the universe. It may be, or it may also
happen that the Qulen Sabe bunch will
need to strengthen.
Fat Wylie, since joining Cananea, has
had a little hard luck. Thes' say he
pitched a peach of a game Monday
against Rube "Walters. One run was
all Douglas got, but it was enough to
win, errors being responsible for the
turned him loose, he wei in and held
the Mavericks scoreless after Fehrman
was disposed of in the first round. "Wy
lie, however, will stick with Cananea.
He's in good with the fans and man
agement, and the Josing of his games,
save in one Instance when Bisbee knock
ed him from the slab, has been due
rather to hard luck than to inability" to
get 'em over. "Wylie has the stuff.
Speaking of Fehrman, he has also
come in for a share of the break-wrong
kind of stuff. He got away all right
in a BIs-bee exhibition game, after Pitts
had been batted hard for four innings.
He held Douglas until the Maroons
could overcome the lead acquired off
Pitts- and pound out enough to annex
the session. Fehrman went from here
to Abilene, Kansas, where he's now
pitching good ball for Affy "Teddy
Bear" "Wilson's club in the Central Kan
sas league.
Maybe War-Horse Dal, of Bisbee,
thinks a change of name will likewise
bring a change of luck. Since his re
turn to Bisbee he has come out with
a signed preamble stating that he
wishes the club spoken of as the "War
ren District Miners, rather than the
Maroons. Maroons sounds good enough
from this angle, also it's a great deal
easier on the vocabulary. El Paso has
the Mavericks; Cananea the Quien Sa
bes; Douglas the Demons, O'Donovan
Devils, Dinny's Dervishes or whatever
way you're a mind to construe it. Bis-
scoring thereof. "Wylie pitched another beo didn't want the boys called Muck
ers any more. A suggestion was passed
out for a name and that of Maroons
was gobbled up. Now they want to
switch again. Best way to settle the
matter is to call a general election
of Bisbee bugdom and have It out by
There's another town on the circuit
feeding on nothing but baseball batty
dope these days. It's Morenci. Morenci
happens to be leading the Cactus league
right now by virtue of decisive defeats
of Clifton. Manager Tyler, however.
is figuring on strengthening before they
'start in next week to battle with the
other four. He's now in town, accom
panied by judge Andrews, a prominent
fan of the hill top town. They're go
ing to Fort "Worth, Houston and a lot
of other places. It is suspected that
their trip has to do with signing play
ers, although they won't sdy. Appar- I
ently, however, Morenci has the play
ing goods right now. Messrs. Tyler and
Andrews have been getting acquainted
with Harbuck and his Huskies.
There's a likely looking player ca
vorting about the local lot In practice.
He's Gable, a third baseman, of Chicago,
who's played with Callahan's Logan
Squares and a bunch of other semi
professional clubs there. He came out
here to get the lay of the land and
may drop into a berth with one of the
clubs of the circuit.
They're at it again. How many times
has that Cactus league standing got to
be gone over before it is finally
straightened out? j
Down at Douglas they recently stated
that, according to "Walling's instruc
tions, no Friday game was to be in
cluded, inasmuch as the schedule only
called for two games a week. This was
announced through the Bisbee papers
over a month ago. but at that timo
the Fridav
TA1Trloe 4Mnti4J
-c-io. uiaisicu me uriaav games
"1UU1U vuuuu
In El Paso, according to Art "Woods,
official dopester, the Friday games a1
ways have and always will count in the
standing and just to show their fair
ness in the matter. It mav be said that
should only Saturday and Sundav games
be figured, the Mavericks would be in
first place today, on the eve of their all
important aeries with Eisbee.
Best way to settle the whole thing s
for a four-club conference to be hell
somewhere back in Arizona while tha
teams are playing not so very far apart
El Paso will have a majority of her
hoard of directors on the ground this
week, while the balance, it should be
easy to get together.
Las Cruces, N. M.. June S. The Las
Cruces Cubs and Juniors played yester
day, resulting in a victory for the
Juniors, score 17 to it tras a return
game of the Cubs to the Juniors, th
former having won the first game bv a
score of 6 to 2. The Cubs have chal
lenged the Internationals for a game-Sunday.
Lodge Election.
The International lodge of the Fra
ternal Brotherhooi will hold its annual
election of officers and dance at Fra
ternal Brotherhood hall next Monday
The Big; Heat
is of two kinds conceit and the big
head that comes from a sick head
ache. Does your head ever feel like
a gourd and your brain feel loose and
sore? You can cure It m no time by
acting on your liver with Ballard's Her
blne. Isn't Is worth trying for the
absolute and certain relief you'll get?
Sold by all druggists.
San Francisco, Cal., June 3. There
was no "work in the Johnson camp yes
terday because Jack would try out his
new 90 horse power automobile. His
entire -staff of trainers went to San
The negro will give a big exhibition
tonight in Dreamland rink. He will
box six rounds with Jiis partners, and
devote 45 minutes to gymnasium
Johnson is scheduled to enter the
arena of Dreamland rink tomorrow night j
for his much talked of exhibition bouts
that are expected to start the betting
on the big fight In earnest.
The main feature will be three bouts
of three rounds each with his camp
sparrers. If the camp reports are to be
relied on, these exhibition mills will be
slashing affairs and Johnson will en
deavor to demonstrate his fitness for
his coming fight with Jeffries.
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